“Adam?”  The familiar, but long-unheard voice startled me, as it came from the middle of a crowd on a busy street in New York.  I turned to see a collegiate friend, Maria, standing almost right next to me, regarding me expectantly.  I yelped her name in recognition, and we were hugging on the street.  “How have you been?”

“Fine!  Just fine!” I enthused, looking at the light brown-skinned Pacific Islander I had partied and studied with throughout my entire collegiate career.  “You look great!  I see you’ve lost some weight, dear.”

She grinned, “Well, I’ve just been working on it since before we first met.  I am glad you noticed.”  She gave me the once-over.  “You’re still a little stud muffin.  Anybody caught you yet?”

I nodded, “I’m—engaged.  We met while she was serving on a medical mission in Africa, and she’ll be back in about twenty months.”

“Lucky girl,” Maria replied.  Her face showed… something, but I couldn’t quite figure it out in all the hubbub, and honestly, I was too happy to see her after such a long time to pay it much mind.  “Do you live here?  I moved here about three years ago for work.”  I replied negatively, that I was just here on business for another few days.  “Well, we all have to get together for dinner one night!  Did I tell you that Katherine is my roommate?  The prices are so high here that it’s almost impossible to find a decent apartment, let alone afford it!”

That was amazing.  They had been roommates in college, and now, to find that they were still roommates five years and half a country away…  “You’re kidding.  No way!”

She nodded eagerly.  “I was here first and she came for a visit; two months later she found a job here and moved in!  It was the perfect solution.  How about—Thursday night?  We’re both—free.” Maria asked.

That gave me a perfect excuse to avoid dining with the same boring old men for the fourth night in a row.  It also let me avoid the questions about sexual orientation, since each night we had been in New York, they’d gone out to “Gentlemen’s Clubs.”  I had demurred, choosing instead to write my fiancée, watch a sporting event, or just do something else other than have unattainable (or very expensive) sex thrown in my face for hours while spending a fortune (even if it was the company’s.)  “Sure!” I readily agreed.  Maria gave me the address, and told me to meet her there at six-thirty on Thursday.


I was escorted into a tall, old, and grand-looking, residential building by a uniformed doorman who looked as if he had come here after his day job as the defensive line for the Giants.  He rode up to the 17th floor, and showed me to the door of apartment 1725.  Maria opened the door a few seconds later, dressed in a little black dress that—revealed everything without showing anything.  I immediately felt underdressed.  Bubbling, she pulled me in as she brightly thanked the doorman and quickly shut the door.  “Let me get you a drink!” she gaily said with me on her arm, without any hint of disapproval.  “You still like the same thing?”

I answered yes, and then asked, “Where are we going to dinner?”  She shot a grin over her shoulder.  “You look great, and I feel underdressed,” I honestly said as she fixed me a rum and orange juice.

“Just down to the restaurant on the third floor of the building,” she replied.  “I got all dressed up just for you.  So you like?”  Maria knew the answer from my grin.  “Thought I’d show off the new bod a little.”  Before I could get uncomfortable with that, she continued, “Kathy’s going to meet us in the restaurant.  She’s working a little late.  Come on out to the balcony.”

Wow.  A balcony apartment in a swank-enough New York high-rise.  I admired the view as I stepped outside, and turned to ask her about what she did for a living, but stopped short.  Maria was lighting an extra-long, slim, all-black cigarette in a long, all-black cigarette holder.  The Maria I knew didn’t smoke.  Wouldn’t smoke.  Wouldn’t even consider it.  She smiled as she took the first drag, her face alight with sinful pleasure.  “Have a seat,” she happily said, indicating the one next to her.  Maria reclined easily into her lounge chair, brought the holder to her lips, drew, and opened her mouth, letting a smoke ball escape briefly before sucking it back in.  She raised her chin and pushed her breasts at me as she narrowed her eyes and slowly exhaled.  I guess I was gaping, because she smiled, “Surprised?”  I nodded, speechless, as she drew again, this time allowing the smoke to flow in creamy rivulets into her nose before leisurely craning her neck, accentuating the curve of her throat, and once again, slowly exhaled, this time with sultry eyes.  “Small town girl in the big bad city,” she began.  “Some of the wickedness of this town had to rub off.”  Maria repeated the slow drag, half-reclined, and checked to make sure that I was still watching before sultrily releasing another exhale into the sunset.  She was trying to seduce me.

“Maria—I can’t believe this,” I said, choosing to ignore her flirtation.  “What does Kathy think?”

“Oh, she smokes now, too.  We both like being bad girls in the wicked city,” Maria explained, as she came close to me, leaning so that her slightly-concealed breasts were at my face.  “Tell me, Adam, did you ever—think about me in college?”  I hadn’t, but this wasn’t the same girl I knew, and she was beginning to be awful tempting.  I stood as well, temporarily removing the distraction.  She pouted, but then a gamine smile played across her face.  She knew that she was getting to me, and this battle had only served to advance her purpose.  “Well, now that we’ve had our drinks, shall we go to dinner?”

We rode the elevator to the third floor, where we were seated right away in a decent-looking restaurant, although there were no external windows in the dining room.  Maria and I had been shown to a corner booth, awaiting Kathy’s arrival.  She sat right next to me, without any polite pretense of personal space.  She ordered a bloody Mary, extra hot, and lit another of her distinctive black cigarettes, albeit without the holder this time.  “Maria!” I urgently hissed, “There’s no smoking in New York restaurants!”

Her bemused reply was delivered after a slow french-inhale, and silent, deliberate exhale.  “This is a private club, residents, members and guests, only.  Were you worried that the goody-goody Maria was breaking the law?”  None of this was right.  She wasn’t right.  I began to get an irritating tickling sensation in the back of my head.  Maria continued smoking demonstratively, and her sultry air was beginning to get to me—I had the first stirrings of an erection.  I tried to feign interest in the menu, but her wolfish smile told me that she wasn’t buying my cool act.  I ordered a drink, and Maria lit another cigarette; this time, I noticed… an aroma.  Not-quite-unpleasant, and faintly familiar… as if of an old, old memory…  I was distracted by her sparkling eyes and long, flowing exhale as she handled the long black cigarette with an apparently well-practiced grace.  Damn, she was sexy at it.  My erection grew.  I had been chaste since meeting Angélique in Africa, and Maria was working that urge very well.  The irritating sensation grew stronger, but I was rapidly becoming enraptured by my college friend.  If things kept going in the same direction, Maria was going to be able to make me break my vow of chastity for my fiancée.  Maybe Kathy’s arrival would cool her long-time roommate.

Or maybe not.  When Kathy, only slightly taller than Maria, but fair-skinned, slender, and blonde-haired walked quickly into the restaurant, my companion instantly perked up and waved.  Had I not known that this was the same Kansas farm girl I’d known in college, I wouldn’t have recognized her at all.  Looking like she’d just stepped out of the glamour pages, impeccably dressed and fully made-up, her blonde hair grown long and coiffed to be flowing, Kathy, arrived at the table and greeted me with a kiss on the lips.  As I pulled back, now definitely not sure that I was happy to see either of them, she looked disappointed that I did not return her tongue’s brief attempt at exploration.

The first thing Kathy did was to remove a cigarette just like Maria’s from a hard, all-black cigarette case.  Maria quickly lit it for her, and just like her roommate, Kathy’s face took on an expression of profane delight at the first deep, leisurely drag.  I tentatively sniffed the air; same quasi-familiar, slightly-sweet aroma.  “Oh, you didn’t tell him how wicked we were now that we’re living in the big city?” she mock-pouted.

“Yes, dear, I did.  Poor Adam still thinks we’re the virgins he knew five years ago,” Maria returned, grinning lewdly.

I cleared my throat, completely uncomfortable in the presence of two women who I thought knew well, albeit not in the biblical sense.  I knew their hopes, their dreams, and their desires, and had shared intimacies with them that were too dear for lovers, but that only could be revealed to friends.  “I’ve—never—seen cigarettes—like those,” I managed, trying to find something innocuous to talk about.  My thoughts were racing, and I was getting hornier by the second.

  “Oh, these are custom-made.  There’s a tobacco shop downstairs that sells them,” Maria husked, looking into my eyes.  “It’s the only place you can find them.  They sell all kinds of neat—accessories, too.”  She lit yet another of the black cigarettes, pulled from a case identical to her roommate’s.  And the tickling sensation grew more intense; it was as if… as if…  I was distracted from my thoughts by the smoke wafting past my eyes.  This time, it was Kathy who regarded me, looking all dressed-up and high-class “fuck me”, leaning back provocatively with the black cigarette held high, in a good approximation of a pin-up pose from the 1940’s.  The black cigarettes around me filled the air with their semi-sweet smoke.  The two vixens were looking at me hungrily, conversation forgotten, and I was equally mute, my cock now completely rigid and uncomfortable in my pants.

“You look—distressed, Adam.”  Kathy’s voice was quiet and throaty.  “Is there something we can—do—for you?”  She ran a finger down my chest, and dragging suggestively on her still-long cigarette, openly gazed at me with lust.

Smoke filled the air from my right.  “Surely you must have had some thoughts about us in college?” Maria seductively cooed, moving even closer.

“Would you like to see how—evil—we’ve become in New York?” Kathy purred, her lips mere inches from my ear and throat.

Quickly, I turned my head away, about to say something, but Maria’s aggressively questing tongue filled my open mouth before any sound could escape.  My rock-hard cock surged again, and suddenly, Kathy and Maria were all over me in the middle of a restaurant, kissing me passionately, forcefully.  Hands reached for my pants, frantically undoing my zipper, and my underwear came off.  My erection’s freedom was short-lived as Kathy adjusted herself to suck it, with the black cigarette still between her fingers.  I moaned in delicious pleasure as she engulfed it, my vow to Angelique reduced to ashes in milliseconds.  Maria kissed me again, hot and deep, before sliding under the table to join her roommate.  On alternate sides, they licked from the base to the tip, Maria’s hand gently encircling and stroking me.  My two best female friends from college looked at each other, and then they kissed, deeply, my cock suddenly forgotten, yet surging strongly at the unabashed display of lesbian passion.

Their kiss continued, and I began to get distracted.  The tickling sensation at the back of my head was very strong now, and it made me regain my senses for a few instants.  I suddenly I remembered that I was in the middle of a pretty full restaurant.  Any panic that I was going to feel at my conduct died as I looked around; the couple at the table to our left were hastily stripping and the three businessmen in the booth next to ours had shed their suits and ties, and were frantically arranging themselves into a daisy chain.  Dishes crashed as they were swept off tables—now everyone in the room seemed to be consumed by uncontrollable lust.  A loud noise came from my table as Kathy recklessly cleared it.  Maria had wriggled out of her clothes during my distraction, revealing a familiar, yet brand-new body with much smaller, more perfect curves, her black pubic hair glistening with anticipation.  She rolled onto the table, placed both hands behind my hips, and stared at my penis, pointing directly at her entrance.  I rammed into her, and then Kathy filled my vision and my mouth.  Her circled fingers kept me from entering her roommate all the way while adding incredible stimulation to my sensitive cock as I thrust.  The rest of the room vanished.

I began to grunt into Kathy’s mouth, feeling as if shot to the ejaculatory precipice with a space-faring rocket, faster than I could ever remember.  She broke the kiss, nibbled on my ear, sucked at my neck and commanded, “Fill her up.  Do it!  Now!” in a harsh, guttural whisper that sounded nothing like the Kathy I knew.  I obeyed, now pounding forcefully at a loudly hiccupping Maria, whose eyes had completely rolled up into her head, and everything flashed white.  My cock burned for ages, and finally, spent, I slumped back into the chair.

Sense and convention had been consigned to oblivion as I watched Maria light yet another of the black cigarettes with a satisfied, amoral, gleeful expression on her face.  Her first full drag looked as if it was causing her to orgasm.  Suddenly, Kathy was in my lap with her back to me, and she was leaning forward.  Maria’s eyes glowed more brightly than the tip of her cigarette, and she pushed her roommate’s face into her overflowing muff with a happily degenerate sigh.  I was hard within minutes, and Kathy climbed onto the table with her ass pointing up.  I plunged into her pussy.  Suddenly, I felt a wetness on the underside of my cock.  Maria had managed to arrange herself so that her head was between Kathy’s legs, and she was lapping at both her roommate and me.

My cock had never felt this hard.  My hips pistoned at Kathy, and my dick sizzled when Maria’s tongue met the ridge underneath as I moved.  I popped out during one stroke and felt a hand around my cock.  Maria grasped me tightly, making me pause, and adjusted the position.  My next thrust was not gentle, and Kathy screamed in pain as I violated her asshole without preface.  She was crying out in pleasure soon enough however, humping at the dual stimulation of Maria’s mouth and hands around her pussy, while I continued pounding at her ass.  Time was immaterial, space only slightly less so, as I was only aware of the two bodies working in concert with mine and the pure physical pleasure that filled the three of us.  The pressure began to build from deep within, and I could not keep the noises from coming out.

My lustful grunts turned into a sharp howl of release when Maria pushed a finger into my asshole.  My cock burned more intensely, and longer than the last one as ugly squishing sounds came from Kathy’s ass, overflowing with my semen, counterpoint to her guttural moans of ecstasy.  I was abruptly pulled out of her, but the burning continued, and then Maria engulfed my cock and started making lewd, exaggerated sucking noises.  I looked down at her, thinking about how perverse this was.  Maria continued bobbing her head and sucking frantically, causing me to fire another torrent of cum into her greedy mouth.  She swallowed it and, with an expression of depraved delight, deliberately opened her mouth to show me that it was empty.  Cum spewed over her face in response as I shot again, untouched.  Kathy rolled over and began to lick it off her roommate’s face, and then they passionately kissed and impossibly, my cock responded, rising rapidly—

Then I saw their eyes.  All four of my college friends’ pupils were bright red.  Even though that discovery failed to stop my cock’s physical response, it jolted me into action as I grabbed my pants and shirt, heading for the door.  Now I knew what that irritating sensation had been, and why it had gotten stronger over the course of the evening.  The sun had set outside, allowing for the manifestation of demonic possession in the restaurant.  All of the pieces fell into place.

I was in a demon den that was tied to the entire building.  It was a very old one as well, given that it had hidden itself so well, even from me.  That also explained the tobacconist and the black cigarettes, and their vaguely familiar smell—my father smoked the same blend in his pipe and cigars, much to my mother’s literally eternal annoyance.  My cock pointed straight out in front of me.  While the arcane enchantment may have affected me physically, no one was going to possess me tonight or any other.

Sometimes if a person’s force of will allowed them to escape the initial attempt at temptation and possession without succumbing, the demon wouldn’t have enough strength to complete the deed.  It took a lot of energy to create a temptation lair, especially one this big.  I hoped that I would be able to get out without further incident.  I made it as far as the front table, where the hostess who had seated us was standing guard at the door by herself.  She reached out to stop me with the red fire in her eyes as well.  She knelt and engulfed my still-hard cock with her soft, wet, warm mouth.  Sighing inwardly, I turned her over and plowed into her, our lips crashing in libidinous need.


Physically spent, I dressed as unobtrusively as I could, not wanting to draw any attention to myself, hoping to be able to leave this time.  My most recent partner’s eyes lolled about in their sockets, the pupils still a bright blood-red, and she was no longer in any condition to stop me.  I shot a regretful glance back at the orgiastic melee.  I could see my collegiate friends, who were still engaged where we had been sitting, only now with the three businessmen who had been in the next booth.  My cock was still annoyingly erect, but that wouldn’t change until I escaped the temptation lair.  I pulled at the door, but it would not budge.  I saw the enormous doorman approaching purposefully, the red in his eyes indicating his possession as well, with his erection fully developed and lecherous determination in his bearing.  I took a deep breath, drew on all of my strength, and tried again.  The door fought, but yielded with a splintering sound, and I fell out of the room into—blackness.

Ahhh shit, I thought, it’s a pretty powerful demon, and it’s not going to give me up without a fight.  Nothingness.  No floor, no ceiling, no light at all, yet visible.  It was designed to disorient an exhausted victim, whose memories and guilt at having given over to temptation so fully, so happily, would then come flooding back causing panic and allowing the demon to—

“You fucked her!  You fucked your best friend!  Both of them!”  The eerie, high-pitched voice came from everywhere and nowhere at once.  “You betrayed your betrothal vows to your virginal fiancée!” it accused.  I knew that it would soon take a physical form, instantaneously popping in and out of existence just out of my sight, and it would soon sound like an accusatory chorus of thousands behind me.  The constant, screeching repetition of guilty self-recriminations would eventually wear down a person’s sense of being moral and force them to conclude that they were irredeemably evil.  Once that happened, the demon would be able to possess them completely.  Normally, it was just a matter of time in a place where time had no meaning.

But I wasn’t your average victim, primed for possession.  “—How could you let Maria take your cock out of Kathy’s ass and—ACK!”  The voice was cut off as my left arm shot out slightly behind me and my hand closed securely around a neck.  I could feel the body attached to that neck squirm.  “Demonslayer!” my captive managed to choke in fear.

“No, I’m not a demon slayer,” I said as I let go of my victim, who warily circled in front of me.  Female demon.

“You have the sight,” she defiantly accused, her every movement full of fear.

“Let’s just call it—a family trait,” I sighed.  In truth, it was more of a pain than anything else.  Almost every other being on the planet got to go along through life blissfully ignorant of the world beyond their limited physical sight, except for me.  “You cannot corrupt me to possess, for I have been corrupt from the first in the womb.”

The female demon blinked and leaned forward, peering more closely at me.  Suddenly, recognition dawned on her face, and she knelt at my feet.  “Forgive me, Adam, birthed of Cassiel, spawn of Hor’va’an.  I did not recognize demonangelspawn.”

I sighed.  Always the same routine.  “Get up,” I irritably said, annoyed at myself for not having recognized everything sooner.  One of my best friends had, by sheer bad luck, moved into a demon den.  Predictably, she’d been corrupted, and then it had spread to her best friend during a weekend visit.  Annoyingly, my cock gave a little jump at the thought of how that had probably first happened.

“Thinking of me?” the she-demon purred with a sly smile.  “I would be honored to be the consort of demonangelspawn.”  She stretched, displaying her form for me.  Contrary to popular belief, demons do not all look alike, and they aren’t all irresistible parodies of attractiveness.  That having been said, this particular one was not bad-looking.  “My name is—”

“Save it,” I interrupted.  “I have no need for a demon familiar at this point in my life.”  She’d tried to give me control over her, leaving me with a very big temptation to use it at some point in the future.  Once used, the barrier to summoning her would diminish with each successive use, and soon I would have a demon as my constant, familiar, companion.  Hence the term.

“Demonangelspawn will breed two: one by light; one by fire; and the twain shall protect each other,” she sang.  I rolled my eyes at hearing that damn prophecy again; it seemed to follow me everywhere.  There was a pause, and then she boldly declared, “I am fire.”

Now that was something I hadn’t heard before.  Nonetheless…  “Light has to come before fire,” I shot back.  “And light will not be—available—for a while.”  As far as I knew, Angélique was still a virgin, and still committed to me, while still obviously committed to the promise she’d made for her African mission.  I had no pretense of virginity, and as for my commitment—well, I had no delusions of being an angel, nor had I left my fiancée with that impression.

“Summon me and I will change that for you, demonangelspawn,” she breathed, regarding me hungrily.

“No thanks,” I countered.  “You know I can’t do that.  However, now that you know who I am, what I want you to do right now is to get your friends to release my two friends from possession.  It shouldn’t be hard for them to find someone else to possess in New York City.”

“Home this is, temptresses they be, Adam, they draw,” she cackled.

Yeah, they had been pretty much been specifically targeted at corrupting me, hadn’t they? I felt bad, because that explained how Maria could afford such a swank apartment. It had probably been offered to her for less than ten percent of what it would cost in a regular building. Once she moved in, her innocence was eroded by the corrupting influence of the den, and she was possessed. Then, when Kathy had come to visit, Maria acted as an agent, using their friendship to intensify the den's influence. Kathy’s corruption had occurred over that first weekend, spurring her to move to New York to join her friend, and from there, it was only a short time before she had a demon of her own to host. It was scant comfort that, if it hadn't been me, they eventually would have snared some other soul or three. “Release them nonetheless,” I demanded, adding, “You have no right of price.  Demonangelspawn has spoken.”  She pouted, her anger barely hidden.  “Or do you choose to lose any favor with me?  I have yet to join with fire—”  I made it obvious that I was ogling her entire body.  She was cute—if you could ignore the horns and the tail and the red skin thing.  “—but I may have met her.”

She blinked, and her tongue peeked out from between her teeth.  “Then in exchange, this one requests a kiss from Adam, birthed of Cassiel, spawn of Hor’va’an, his true intent to reveal,” she bargained.  That was fair enough.  I leaned to her.  Suddenly, I firmly grabbed her and turned her so that my kiss landed on her cheek.  I could see the anger play across her face, and then, finally, amusement and resignation.  “Very well played, demonangelspawn,” she relented in a surprisingly sweet voice, and hung her head.  “Possess them no more we shall.”  I made a noise of approval, and she looked at me with mischievous amusement in her eyes.  “But temptresses they shall remain, and Adam, they shall draw.”


“MMPHHH!  UMMMM!” I smacked, licking feverishly at Maria, who balanced herself with her hands on my chest while she knelt with her pussy squarely on my face, thighs on either side of my head.  The Polynesian’s cries of pleasure covered her roommate’s continual soft moaning, in the apartment that the three of us now shared.  Kathy slowly ground her hips against my pelvis with me all the way inside of her.  I had requested to be relocated to the company’s New York office the day after my encounter with Kathy and Maria.  Strangely, the company had just had a position open up that morning, and my request hit the line before the opening had even hit the internal web site, so I got it before anybody else had even had a chance to apply.  Funny how that worked.

Later that evening, I lay on the bed watching Kathy and Maria smoke their custom-made, extra-long black cigarettes with rising lust and open fascination.  We would be changing positions soon, as we did most nights.  Angélique was eighteen-and-a-half months away.  In the meantime, I could revisit an incredibly fond fantasy as often as I wished with two women who had been demonically enchanted to attract me in the extreme.  And, on the rare occasion when I’m engaged with just one of them, I can look up with my other sight to see an attractive lady demon perched on the headboard, joyously masturbating with abandon.

This story copyright © 2009, The Flying Pen

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