Hypnotic Eye Beams

The Accident

After consulting with both our families, it was decided that we would wait for a little more than a year before the wedding.  Susie’s mom wanted to give her the grand wedding of her dreams.  Mom’s wedding, not Susie’s.  One sure way to being the ideal son-in-law is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.  So, we decided to keep our façade of separate residences for another fourteen months or so.  Her parents were none the wiser, and mine...  Well, my folks just knew that I’d been having sex with Susie.  They expected it, so it was not discussed beyond knowing glances and a single, privately-asked question about contraception.  They knew how important the façade was to Susie’s parents, and they knew how much Susie and I loved each other.

What they didn’t know was how Susie and I loved each other.  “Susan, hypnotic eye beams.”  Her eyes fluttered up into their sockets, then the lids closed.  I was using this every so often to expand Susie’s sexual horizons.  The first time I used it, I’d gotten her to lay on her side, one leg in the air while I straddled her other leg on the bed and thrust away, playing with her clit.  She doesn’t like that one too much; her orgasms are so powerful when I play with her clit during intercourse that her muscles hurt from the spasms for a good little while, lasting into days.  It was not a position she volunteered for.

Nonetheless, it was fun enough for me to experience that I’d hypnotized her into the position a few times since and she’d just had to suffer the consequences.  The next day, she’d complain, and I’d point out that part of her hypno-fetish was being unable to resist my commands.  That would cause her to blush, flush, and we would usually wind up having sex again, her aches and pains be damned.

Tonight, Susie was going to have intercourse with me without being able to see my face.  “Susie, when we go into the bedroom tonight, you are going to climb onto the bed like a kitty cat, on all fours.  You will stretch a little, then you will find that your hands and knees and anything else that is touching the sheets are stuck.  You will not be able to change your position unless I say, ‘unstuck.’”


When my hands are touching you, I can slide you back and forth, but your hands, knees, and legs will remain stuck to the bed.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Very good.  You will now awaken at the count of three, and remain unaware that you have been hypnotized, and you will not consciously remember your commands, but you will follow them at the designated time and designated place.”

“Yes...  I obey... master.”  I liked giving her post-hypnotic commands a while before sex because that made it seem to come from out of nowhere.  One time, I gave Susie a post-hypnotic command, but something serious happened at her work, and she had to run out on our Friday night date.  I didn’t get to see her for a week, and had almost forgotten about the post-hypnotic command until she sat on the designated chair in my apartment.  It really came from out of nowhere that time.

However, on this particular night, when we got back home from dinner, Susie grabbed a beer, turned on the TV, and plopped onto the sofa.  We were going to hang out on my sofa with a satellite movie for a while.  She’d switched from Mores to Virginia Slims 120’s, and wasn’t using a holder, which meant that she was content to cuddle for now.  After the movie, we necked a little, her eyes got all dewy and were half-lidded, which meant that she was in the mood.  She clambered onto the bed on all fours, stretched, arching her back and… couldn’t move.  “What the—?”  I began to caress her butt.

“Time for something different tonight, Susie,” I snickered.

“What?  Oh!!  Oh no!!!  Not that!!!  No, Terry, please!!!  Don’t do that,” she protested as I pulled her pants down.  “I don’t want to do this, Terry, please!  Stop!!!  Not there, not like that!!!  No!!!”  She was begging, and was definitely serious.  The fact that she knew she’d been hypnotized into this, which was always something that turned her on even more, hardly mattered now.  Her dewy eyes were replaced by panic and fear.  She wiggled as much as she could, making it difficult for me to enter her.  “Terry, if you don’t stop, I’ll scream!  This isn’t fun.  I don’t want to do this!!!”  My fingers went to work between her legs; she moaned involuntarily, but started to protest again.  I slid her back to the edge of the bed, held her hips firmly, and entered her from behind in one smooth stroke.  All of her breath went out of her in a huff and she moaned, sweetly, sighing, “Ohhhh... goddddd...  Terrrr-reeeeeeeee...”  Her body relaxed, now that she realized that I was only doing her doggy-style.  And she loved it when I would enter her.

Given the resistance she showed to being positioned, it was probably a good thing I hadn’t tried anal sex with her.  I could live without it—“conventional” sex and its variations would keep the two of us entertained for a long time.  Having Susie at the edge of the bed while being on my feet positioned her perfectly.  I began to fuck her much harder than usual, able to add some leverage to my slightly upward thrusts.  The slurping sounds became very loud, along with Susie, who couldn’t move her hips too much to match me as she usually did.  Her moaning changed to grunts and suddenly her hips snapped downward, with me buried to the hilt inside her.  She growled for several seconds, and I saw the flush break out all over her upper back.  Susie quivered for several seconds, finally snapping out of it after a pleasurable eternity.  She was gasping for breath and huffing with each vigorous thrust I made.

I shot into her, unable to move because of the almost-painful pleasure of cumming, and she began to quiver, turning red again, but everything vocal was trapped in her throat until I finished cumming and began to move again, urging the last sense out of myself.  “Gnnnn-AUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!”  It sounded as if the sound had been torn out of her, as her body vibrated wildly, then went through one final, great, massive convulsion.

I managed to gasp, “Unstuck,” when I pulled out of her.  Susie’s arms and legs turned to water and she collapsed onto the bed, gasping for breath, unable to speak for at least a minute.  I wasn’t in much better shape.  “Warn me next time that you’re not going to... well... you know,” she said, voice hoarse.  “Or did I change your mind?  We you going to—?”

“No...  Susie,” I returned, panting.  “It hadn’t crossed my mind until you started complaining.  That’s when I—figured out that my actions could have been misinterpreted.”

“Promise me that you won’t do that.  Promise you won’t ever hypnotize me into doing that.  It’s just...  well, I don’t even like to think about it.  OK?”

“I promise,” I said, sincerely.  “And this?” I asked.

“I’ve never been fucked that hard,” she truthfully answered.  “You—ummm—went as far as you could go a few times.”  I asked if I had hurt her.  Her eyes rolled back up into her head and she drew a loud hissing breath, her body quivering again, untouched.  “That was the hardest I’ve ever come.  I hurt inside and out.”  She quickly added, “From the orgasm, not the sex.”  The room was quiet for a few moments; getting Susie to talk about sex was easier now, most likely a byproduct of the sexual hypnosis we shared with each other.  “I don’t think I want to do that too often.  Kinda like the other way.  It’s almost too good.”

“‘Kay.  I love you,” I slurred, drowsiness beginning to set in.

“Love you too,” she whispered.


But let me tell you about the accident.  It happened the day that Susie switched to Capri 120’s.  She called me from her place to tell me that she had dinner all ready for me.  “I changed brands today,” she purred over the phone.  “I feel so... tingly, because I know that you made me do this with hypnosis.  And...  Well...  I made a special dinner and I want to eat early.  I can’t use a holder because these cigarettes are so skinny.  I’ll figure out how to make it work, because I’m a damn good engineer, but I can’t wait that long, so you’re gonna have to reward me for dinner.”

I laughed and told her that her evil hypnotic master would arrive presently.  “You know what it does to me when you talk to me like that,” was her signoff.

After dinner, it was just me and Susie, holding hands with soft lighting in the living room, both of us feeling the sexual charge throughout the room.  We were both very quiet, having talked about the pending wedding business and all about our respective work weeks during a quick dinner.  It was early on a Saturday evening, usually the time we’d be thinking about where to go for the night, but neither of us was in the mood to spend the evening in the company of anybody else.

I thought she might be in the mood to do some hypno-play.  That led to the accident.  “Susan, look into my eyes.”  She smiled brightly as she turned; I hadn’t misread her mood.  Her smile faded as she began to gaze adoringly into my eyes.  “Susan, hypnotic eye—”  The lock turned in the door and the handle turned.  “—Beams.”  It had been too late to stop.

Carrie popped into the room, suitcase in tow.  “Hi ki—”  Her cheerful voice died as she watched Susie slump to the side, deep in trance.  “What the hell is going on here?”  I wasn’t sure what to do or say.  The first thing that ran through my mind was to keep Susie in trance; she’d die of embarrassment.  I looked at Carrie, who had dropped the handle to her suitcase, and was staring at us in shock, mouth wide open.  I stammered incomprehensibly for a few seconds, caught completely off guard.

Carrie shook her head in exasperation and stormed over to us.  I held my hand out, trying to keep her from disturbing Susie, shaking my head and gesturing frantically.  She stopped a few feet away, then leaned forward to inspect her roommate carefully.  “What did you do to her?” Carrie whispered.

“Ummm... well, she’s hypnotized,” I finally admitted, keeping my voice low, seeing no way out of this.

Taking my cue, she continued in a whisper.  “Really?  Like as in zombie sleepwalking, ‘yes, master’ and all that jazz?” Carrie asked, sounding amazed.  She took off her coat, dropping it on the floor at her feet, and asked, “So can I talk normal and she won’t hear a thing?”

“I have to fix it that way, but yes.”  She waved at me to go ahead.  “Susie, relax even more, go even deeper into your trance for me, going deeper, more relaxed, more and more relaxed, there is nothing different, there is only you and I in your apartment.  You did not hear any noises, or anything that sounded like Carrie, so you may relax completely, and relax with me and we’re relaxing and you are going into a deeper and deeper relaxation, deeper into your trance, all the way down into your deep, deeply relaxed sleep and when you hear my voice tell you ‘completely blank, Susan’, you will hear nothing and see nothing until you feel my fingers—massage your neck, then you will resume hearing only my voice.  Do you understand?”

“Sss... mssst’r,” she mumbled, almost completely slack, held up by the friction of the fabric on the sofa.

“Completely blank, Susan,” I said, and pushed her into a more comfortable lying position.

Carrie gasped, “Is she really—?”  I nodded.  She clapped her hands and shouted, “Susie!!!”  She turned back to me.  “Are you guys just playing with me?  Come on, admit it.  Wake up, Susie.  Susie?  Susie!!!”  Of course there was no response.  “Susie, come on, open your eyes.”  After a few attempts at using loud noises to rouse her, Carrie gave up, saying, “Holy shit!  She’s really hypnotized!”

I nodded again, still wondering how the hell Susie and I were going to get out of this one.  Carrie paced back and forth for a minute or so, not saying anything.  I got tired of watching her, so I moved to the dining room.  I had to wait to see what Carrie was going to do before figuring out how to get out of this with the least amount of damage to Susan’s psyche and our relationship.  “Did you hypnotize her into marrying you?” Carrie asked, sitting at the table with me.  She took her cigarettes out of her purse, and removed a long, cream-colored cigarette from a blue pack.

“Absolutely not,” I said, trying to sound offended, but getting lost in the freshman fantasies I had had of Carrie.

“So how did you do it?” she asked, snap-inhaling a large ball of smoke.  She looked around.  “I don’t remember seeing any watch.  Or did you hypnotize me?”

I put my head in my hands.  The last thing I wanted to do was explain everything to Carrie.  She was our close friend, but even friends shouldn’t know everything.  “No, I didn’t hypnotize you, and I don’t use a watch or pendant to hypnotize Susie.”  Carrie cocked her head and casually exhaled.  It was too sexy.  “Anyway, the short version is that I hypnotize her with my eyes.  She wants to be hypnotized, I give her an object to fix on, and she’s pretty much able to send herself into trance with a few guiding images.  And that’s it.”

“Beams... beams... I remember hearing you say ‘beams.’” Carrie said, exhaling one last time, crushing out her cigarette.

“‘Hypnotic eye beams,’ to be exact.  That’s her magic phrase.  It only works for me, though.  I don’t think anybody else can hypnotize her.  She let me do it; I don’t know if she’ll let anybody else.”  I left out the part about conditioning her against being hypnotized by anybody else; not that I knew it would work against an experienced hypnotist.

“Too weird.  Are you going to wake her up?” Carrie asked.

“Ummm... no.  Not until I figure out how to get you out of the way and plant some false memories.  If she wakes up to find you here, she’ll be mortified.  This was supposed to be a private evening,” I noted.  “You weren’t supposed to be back for two weeks, anyway.  If we’d known, we would have been at my place.  What happened?”

“I decided I needed a vacation away from London,” Carrie said, neutrally.  I crossed my arms and asked if that was all.  She sighed, and said, “OK, that’s not it.  I needed a vacation away from Walter.”  She expanded even without noting my blank look.  “My ex-boyfriend.  I thought the semi-permanent assignment in London was going to be perfect.  Turns out, he’s just a male chauvinist pig.  He wanted to get married, and have me quit my job.  Raise lots of babies.  It got to the point where I told him I never wanted to marry him.  Then he wouldn’t leave me alone, so I took some of the personal leave I’ve accumulated.  I’m thinking of transferring stateside.”  She began to massage her temples.  “Just thinking about him gives me a head—mmmmmmmm...”  I started kneading her neck.  “You haven’t done this in like, forever.  That was the second best thing about you when I was a freshman.  You give great neck and back rubs.  Before you ask, the best thing was that you were smart and helped me out in Calculus.”  I finished her massage, and then she gave me a peck on the cheek, just like our school days.  “So what do we do about Susie?  I mean, it’s too weird.  I can’t see how you can hypnotize anybody with just the phrase, ‘hypnotic eye beams.’  How does that work?”

I sighed.  “It’s like this, regular hypnotists use fixation objects, something to make the person’s rational thought processes go on automatic.  For example, Susie thinks I have pretty eyes, so I told her to look into my eyes like she usually did, and just to relax and listen to my voice.  As she kept looking, I kept telling her that she would be more and more relaxed, and that she wanted to keep looking into my eyes because she thought they were pretty, and she just relaxed and relaxed right into hypnotic trance.”  Carrie’s eyes closed and she slumped into the chair.  “Carrie?”

“Yes?”  The answer was distant and faraway.

I’ll be damned if Carrie didn’t go into trance!  Or was she playing with me?  I did the balloon arm test, arm of steel, followed by a progressive relaxation cycle, and within ten minutes, I had her in a fairly deep trance, too.  Two hypnotized babes at my command!  Well, not really.  Carrie wasn’t at my command, and I wasn’t interested—well, I was interested, but there was no way Carrie held more charm for me than Susie.  It wasn’t worth it, but I was curious why Carrie had gone under so easily.  “Carrie, you are so relaxed and warm.  You feel so very safe with me.  When you open your eyes, you will be able to see me and hear my questions.  You will answer them as candidly as you possibly can, because you are relaxed, warm, and safe.  When I count to three, you will open your eyes, remaining relaxed, warm, safe, and asleep.”  Her eyes opened, and it was powerfully erotic to see her beautiful eyes dull and vacant.  “Why did you go into hypnotic trance?  Did Walter hypnotize you?”

“No.  Must allow... hypnotized.  Want to be... hypnotized.  Easy to hypnotize... me.”

I blinked.  Something about that sounded frighteningly familiar.  “Carrie, have you been listening to any of Susie’s CD’s?”

“Yes.  She loaned me her relaxing CD.  The one with the nice soft music and wave sounds.  Helps me sleep... on transatlantic and transpacific flights.  Also helps me sleep for jet lag.”

Shit!  Susie had loaned her the warpmymind.com subliminal disk I had made!  And if Carrie had been listening to that CD for all of her flights...  I knew how it had worked on Susie, but why hadn’t Carrie given someone else the keys to her mind as Susie had for me?  Susie was dying to be zapped after about a week.  Carrie had six months plus of more intensive listening.  “Have you been hypnotized by anybody else before?”

“No.  Never been hypnotized.  Didn’t... trust enough.  Trust... you.  Want to be hypnotized.”

I was flattered.  “Very good, Carrie.  Now you can relax even more, close your eyes, and go back into your trance.”  She sighed, her eyes closed slowly, and she melted back into the chair.  “Can you relax even more for me?  You trust me.  Will you take yourself even deeper for me?  Just like Susie.  Deeper like Susie.  I’ll help you forget about Walter, and keep you so relaxed, safe, and warm.  Would you like that?”  Where did that come from?  I was setting myself up for BIG trouble.

“Mmmmm-hmmmmm,” Carrie purred throatily, and I realized that I was harder than hell.

I could have stopped everything right there.  I could have awakened Carrie and wiped out her memory of being hypnotized, maybe even reverse the effects of the mind warp.  Some part of me wanted to.  “Then take yourself deeper into hypnosis for me... deeper and deeper for me... only me...  No one else will be able to hypnotize you because you trust me, Carrie.”

“Trust... you...” she happily sighed.  “Deeper... and deeper...  Eye... beams...”

“Yes, Carrie,” my voice full of frightening conviction.  “Hypnotic eye beams.  You will take yourself deep for my hypnotic eye beams.  Deeply, deeply asleep, deeply hypnotized.”

“Yesssss...”  She sounded positively orgasmic, and I was on the verge of cheating on Susie with her roommate.  All those freshman fantasies begged to be fulfilled.

“Carrie, when I count to three, this is what I want you to do,” I said, speaking slowly, clearly, fighting my every instinct to take her on the spot.  “You will hang up everything you have brought in like you usually do when you return home.  You will then go upstairs to your bedroom, and upon realizing that Susie is not alone, you will be very, very quiet.  There you will go to bed, fall asleep naturally, a good, comforting, restful, and natural sleep.  When you wake up in the morning, you will not remember anything that you have seen, or anything that I have told you about hypnotizing Susie.  You will not remember having been hypnotized, but the next time I say, ‘hypnotic eye beams,’ you will go back to the relaxed, warm, safe place where you are now, deeply asleep, deeply tranced, deeply hypnotized.  You will slide into this trance easily for me the next time.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she purred.  At that point, I ran over to Susie, putting more space between Carrie’s hypnotized body and me.  After making Susie orgasm verbally, I erased her memory of our abbreviated after dinner in the living room, telling her that we had gone directly to the bedroom and had sex.  I left her wanting more sex, because my dick was ready to tear through my pants.  Susie went upstairs, I counted to three in Carrie’s ear, and ran for Susie’s bedroom.  My fiancée was more than ready for me, a post-hypnotic command having her stroking herself when I stepped through the door.  We heard a thump in the hall.

“Oops.  I guess Carrie’s home,” Susie giggled.  I shushed her, and put her to sleep.  I lay next to her, sated, but thinking, yes, Carrie was indeed home.  And she was under my spell.  Maybe not as deeply as Susie was, but that was something that I could fix in time.  I went to sleep dreaming of the ways that I could exploit this.  This evil hypnotic master thing now had control of me.  And I liked it.

This story copyright © 2003, 2004, The Flying Pen

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