Klaire Goes on Holiday

Part 1

My heart started racing as I picked up the phone.  I had spent a lot of money over the past six months to get to this point.  And the hours—programming, messaging, e-mailing… and plotting.  Tonight, I would find out the power of hypnosis and the depths of submission.  If I succeeded, it would cost me more money still.  If I failed, I might never get another chance at this.  But what good would waiting do?  I had the time and money to finally indulge some long-standing fantasies.  Most important, I had a willing (in spirit, if not in mind) accomplice.  That, despite the distance between us, was worth more than I had, would, or could spend on this.

I think it was the hair.  That was what finally pushed me to cross the line from fantasy to action.  Sure there were pictures of her half-naked, being led by a chain, kneeling obediently at someone’s feet—all that was easy material, the stuff that fantasies were made of.  I’d had them, too, of being the one who held the crystal, or the star that held her entire world.  Those wonderful almond-shaped eyes, closed, or so blankly staring ahead…  Yeah, that had made me hot more than a few times.  But this photo, obviously entranced, arms raised and spread, hands cuffed to the doorframe—that was it.  Klaire, what would it take for you to do the same for me, in person, far away from heart and home, in another country no less?  I wanted to find out.  Kinky Klaire was my fantasy.


I discovered Klaire through the hypnosis/sleepy web ring.  Entrancement Video and her Yahoo clubs definitely caught my fancy.  It started with club messages, which progressed to e-mail in short order.  Then we began to get more detailed about hypnotic fantasies in general, which turned to discussions of realizing them, and in-depth plotting of those as-yet-unfulfilled ones.  I sent her a home-brew hypnotic avi.  She went into trance without any hint of difficulty.  I began to test my ability to trance her through instant messages.  I had no real way of knowing, but it seemed as if she was going deeper.  I sent her a script through e-mail with the instructions, “Read this aloud while thinking of my voice saying it to you.”  Klaire apparently went into trance quite nicely, and her husband took great advantage of the situation, as I had intended, if the resulting public (and private!) JPG’s I received were any indication.

We had built enough trust that I got permission to telephone her.  The first phone call was tentative, very shy on my part.  Klaire was gorgeous over the phone, her accent, openness, and giggling over my reluctance to say much of what I’d been typing to her.  She finally drew me out by asking, “How would you like to see me?  Without getting vulgar, tell me in as much detail as you can imagine…”

I took a deep breath and began, calling on one of the more frequent scenes that had come to my mind.  “You are kneeling at my feet, collared and leashed, clad in a wonderfully feminine dress which shows off your ample cleavage.  You are fully awake, with no idea or memory of how you came to be there.  You are facing a group of people in a club setting.  You also know that I can trance you deeply with a word or phrase, so that escape is impossible.  From behind you, beyond your immediate field of vision comes my soft leather riding crop, gently caressing your face, and your neck… as I slowly… slowly move it to your breasts…”  Klaire’s breathing had quickened slightly.  “I use the crop to stroke your shoulders lovingly, tease your hair and ears, occasionally giving your cleavage the touch of well-cared for, aged leather as the crop slides along the exposed areas of both breasts.  My gentle caresses are designed to sensitize the skin, slowly giving rise to a low arousal.  You purr as I wield my crop with a practiced hand, and move languidly to show me the areas you wish to receive my attentions, growing increasingly relaxed as I yield to your desires.

“I move to your cleavage again, using my crop in brushstrokes with an artist’s touch.  Left, then right, sliding along the exposed surface, right return to left.  Left, then right, the contact on your skin eliciting deeper and deeper purrs, sooo soothing, even as the stem crosses your vision.  Right to left, a quicker movement, another flickering as you gaze downward into our wonderful cleavage, left to right, your eyes tracking the soft brown end of the crop as its touch continues to relax you, right to left, as you breathe slowly, the movement a tracing across your vision, left to right, as each stroke sends a relaxing, pleasant warmth through your body.  Right to left, your eyes finding the crop, its stem, and the soft brown end which is relaxing you with its caress, left to right your eyes locking onto the movement, following the warm, gentle, relaxing touch, then right to left following becoming anticipation as the crop moves back and forth… from one breast to the other… back and forth you watch, growing more relaxed… back and forth… the warm caress… back and forth, tracking… losing sense of all else… the crop moves back and forth… your eyes locked… getting blurry… back and forth… your eyes begin to close… back and forth the warmth constant as you try to keep them open… back and forth the relaxing warmth encompassing your entire being… back and forth… heavy, heavy eyes… back and forth…  Then you hear me say your special words…  ‘Submit—and sleep!’

“Your body slumps to the side as you go into a deep, deep trance, but I catch you, and whisper your instructions.  Your eyes open, I release your chain leash, and you rise, walking slowly into the crowd, still entranced, obeying my previous command.  You stop in front of a taller brunette, a woman the crowd believes has been chosen at random.  In fact, her choice is one your trance has dictated, per my specific instructions.  Presenting her with your chain, you follow her, powerless to resist, as she leads you to the stage—to a dungeon scene waiting its players.  From trance, your first orgasm begins to build as you are latched into place, and intensifies when your new mistress removes all your clothing, revealing you to all in the crowd.  You cry out in crisis as her crop gives you its own caress, one much less gentle than mine.  She teases your body with a soft cat, accentuating the sensations with a well-timed strike of her crop.  She soon tires of this game, and presents you with a phallus.  As your trance continues, you eagerly accept it with your mouth, fellating it enthusiastically while your mistress holds it.  Suddenly, she pushes it into your mouth holding it there, and you feel a penetration inside you.  As your next crisis begins, suddenly you hear, “Klaire, awake!”

“You realize that you are bound and naked, mouth stuffed with a large, realistic dildo, under a spotlight in a room full of strangers save for me.  Your master.  Our eyes meet, and you know that there will be many more nights like this with me.  Nights of sleeping… forgetting….  Waking… and remembering.”  There was mostly silence, except for soft panting on the other end of the line.  Klaire and I had connected through a mutual fantasy, one that paved the way for the development of my bold plan, and the fulfillment of my ultimate fantasy.

The next step was to see if I could put her under over the phone.  This was a big part of being able to pull off the plan; without it, everything would stop here.  We chose a day and time where Klaire would have ample opportunity to relax; I hadn’t actually proposed my fantasy to them yet.  “Hallo?  This is Klaire,” said a voice with a smile.  “I remember our last conversation quite vividly, Rob.  What evil things are you going to do to me tonight?” she giggled.

“Are you sitting down, Klaire?”  She answered yes, knowing what was going to happen to her over the next hour or so.  “Then I want you to make sure you hold the phone to your ear, and listen to my voice.  You’re going to relax… that’s right, get very comfortable.  The only thing that is tense is your arm and the hand holding the phone so that you can listen to my voice.  Everything else is relaxing, slowly, deep breath in…  and out…  deep breath in… and ouuut.  Each deep breath brings you more relaxation, Klaire, as you hear my voice…  you don’t feel your arm and the hand holding the phone… they are automatically doing what they should do… don’t worry… breathe… and relax.  Relaxing more as you hear my voice, relaxing very fast with each deep, relaxing breath…  My voice is so soothing and relaxing now, Klaire…  Take another deeeeep, deeeeep, relaxing breath.  You feel all the tension from the day flow out, carried away with your breathing.  And you hear my voice.  Only my voice now, Klaire…  Only my voice… as you relax.  You are feeling warm now Klaire… peaceful… almost completely relaxed… nothing to worry about… no cares… there is only my voice.  Only my voice, Klaire…  Warm and relaxed… getting sleepy…  Your hand and your arm holding the phone are locked in place so you can hear my relaxing, hypnotic voice, Klaire.  They will stay there so that you can hear my hypnotizing voice, Klaire.  My hypnotizing voice will put you into trance, Klaire.  Hypnotizing voice sends you into trance, Klaire.  Slowly hypnotizing you into trance, Klaire.  Almost ready to go into trance for my hypnotizing voice, Klaire.  Are you ready to go into trance for my hypnotizing voice, Klaire?”

I heard a very groggy-sounding, “Yesssssss.”

“Then you are now hypnotized by my voice, Klaire.  Go into trance for my hypnotizing voice.  NOW.”  I held my breath, wondering what was happening in Manchester at that moment.  “Can you hear me, Klaire?” I softly said.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Are you in hypnotic trance, Klaire?”


“My hypnotizing voice put you into trance, Klaire, correct?”


“Then let my voice guide you even deeper into hypnotic trance, Klaire.  Follow my voice as it takes you down into hypnotic trance… you know the way… just follow my voice deeper… and deeper…  and deeper… until the only thing you hear is my hypnotic voice.  My hypnotic voice has you under my spell, Klaire.  You can only hear me.  You can only do what I tell you to do.  Because you have taken yourself to a place where there is only my hypnotic voice.  Tell me where you are.”

“I am in a deep… transsss.  I only hear your voisss…”

“Open your eyes from this trance, Klaire.  You see nothing, and only hear my voice.  Part your legs, and point to it with a finger from your free hand.  Then say, ‘take my picture for the hypnotic voice.’  I heard her say the magic words.  “Caress your breast with your free hand, and say, ‘take my picture for the hypnotic voice.’“  Again she spoke, slowly, sounding hypnotized.  One last thing to do.  “Klaire, work your free hand into your panties and play with yourself.  Your touch is extremely arousing because you are now extra-sensitive there… the barest touch is sheer pleasure.  You can’t stand it… your release is coming quickly upon you.”  She whimpered into the phone.  Yes, touch yourself some more…  pleasure yourself more.”  I could hear Klaire’s breathing become ragged and higher-pitched.  “When you release you will say, ‘take my picture for the hypnotic voice.’  Your orgasm will peak sharply when you hear yourself say ‘the hypnotic voice!’“

She moaned for a few seconds, then all of a sudden screamed, “Take my picture for the hypnotic voice--auuuggggghhhhhhh!!!!!”  After her cry, there was a lot of heavy breathing over the line--on both ends.  My pants felt incredibly uncomfortable.  I shook myself from my daze.  She was still under.  “Klaire, I’m going to count from ten to one.  When you hear the hypnotic voice say one, you will awake, fully and completely.  You will still be unable to move your arm and hand holding the phone until you say, ‘Take my picture for the hypnotic voice.’  You will be unaware of this until after we’ve said goodbye.  Then I will say two words, and you will remember how to move your hand and arm again.  Do you understand, Klaire?”

“Yes.  I understand,” she breathed, her body still feeling the aftereffects of her climax.

“All right then, here we go Klaire.  As I count from ten to one, you will slowly follow my voice to wakefulness.  At one, you will be completely awake.  10… 9… 8,” I began, with lengthening pauses in between the numbers.  “7… 6… 5… 4… 3, almost awake now, Klaire… 2… almost there… almost…  One.”

She gasped loudly, and purred into the phone.  “That was marvelous, Rob.  I do believe you have a talent.”

“Only for you, Klaire.  I need the inspiration you provide,” I answered, and I thought I could hear her blush.

“Well, erm-- it’s been fun.  We’ll have to do this again, sometime.  But your telephone bill is going to get quite out of hand.”

“Yes, Klaire you’re right about the bill.  We’ll do this again--but not too soon.  Goodbye and goodnight,” I said, waiting.

“Goodnight,” Klaire replied, and there was a pause as the line stayed open.

I waited about fifteen seconds, then said, “Say it.”

“Take my picture for the hypnotic voice!” Klaire almost shouted into the phone.  Almost immediately, she said, “You bastard!” with a laugh before hanging up.  I sank back into my chair, my pants becoming less uncomfortable by the minute, at least until I started to fantasize about sitting in the same chair, facing Klaire, her eyes open and vacant, awaiting her master’s next instructions…  When the pictures arrived via e-mail, I lost all semblance of civilization and in privacy, immediately revisited my fantasy in excruciatingly pleasant detail.


The next few phone calls all focused on developing triggers for her.  I was careful to reward her with an orgasm each time she successfully accepted a trigger.  There was the trance trigger, the submission trigger, and the programming trigger.  I didn’t do any programming, just created the triggers, and reinforced my suggestion that she would be unable to resist going into trance for me.  She eagerly complied, seeming curious as to where all this was leading, especially when I put her into a waking trance and had her spend a regular work day in trance, with only a couple of post-hypnotic commands.  One was to call me at a different phone number than the one I had already given her after her day was finished, the other was to write a note on a piece of paper every hour with the time, and the words, “I am hypnotized as I write this.”  She completed the assignment, seemingly amazed that she would stay entranced all day, yet act completely normal.  In fact, she reported that she had had a stellar day in terms of productivity.  My phone bill was enormous, but I paid it without caring.  My fantasy about Klaire was becoming very real to me.  But how real could I make it to her?

It was obvious that she was extremely willing to cooperate with me; there was no way I could have hypnotized her so much, so deeply, and so completely without her active participation.  I worried about my fantasy though, after all, she was married.  Her husband had been quite willing to this point, but I was contemplating taking his wife away from him for a little more than a week.  And not just a little bit away, but across the Atlantic and half a continent.  My fantasy also involved sex.  Even though I knew she was into swinging, still… she was married.  But I couldn’t just stop here; everything I had done to this point was towards the realization of this fantasy.  I at least owed it to myself to try to explain the whole thing to them.  The worst they could do was to say no, right?

The silence that greeted me on the line was frightening.  Neither of them spoke for a good minute, and I was afraid that I’d breached their faith in my sanity.  “Let me get this straight, you want to hypnotize me so deeply that I’d come to the United States for a week to visit you, and be your hypnotic slave,” Klaire finally said.  “We can’t afford that.”

“I didn’t say anything about you paying a cent,” I replied.  “First Class ticket for one from Leeds to the US, on me.”

“That’s quite the generous offer… but that’s far too expensive--”

“Frequent Flyer miles, Klaire.  I’ve got a bunch.  And I think you are worth it.”

“That would be an interesting study in the power of hypnotic submission, mate, I agree.  We would have to document it, though.”  Her husband spoke, carefully, thoughtfully.  “I know she’s willing to attempt it, but what if it doesn’t work out?”

“What do you mean by that?  How do you know that I’m willing to--”  Klaire’s voice died.  There was something being said away from the phone, and then her husband returned.

“Sorry about that, but Klaire’s busy right now.  She’s looking at her crystal.”  The image, one I’d seen on many photos, sent me on another flight of fantasy.  “It’s extremely submissive.  The thought that she could go to another country and serve somebody for a week…”  He was quiet, obviously thinking.

“I could show her a good time, even if she wasn’t in trance.  I could take her to a few clubs, museums, historical stuff,” I began.

“Are there any BDSM happenings where you are?  I’d think she’d take a fancy to that.  Would you have a problem being a dom?

“Yes, there are several BDSM opportunities, one of which I was definitely planning to take her to as my sub.  I’m sure we could manage another,” I said, not entirely believing what I was saying.

“As I said earlier, we’d need to be able to document this.  Photos, avi’s, things like that.”  I had a digital camcorder.  “She’d be in one state of trance or another for a great deal of time, so we would have to be careful.  And I’m curious… would you have sex with her?”

“I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t extremely interested in that, but I’ll respect your wishes—both of your wishes.”  After bringing Klaire out of trance, we decided that it would be an interesting exercise in hypnotic domination, and worth a shot; if she didn’t get on the first plane to London, I could reclaim the frequent flier miles.  If she didn’t make it past London, it was a nice try.  I got some measurements for her; she’d be getting some new clothes while she was with me, and we finalized the formal part of the arrangement, including the dates.  In a fit of excitement and without really thinking, I checked the BDSM calendar for a suitable event, made her flight reservations, and even reserved a limousine to pick her up at the airport.  That night, the enormity of what I was doing hit me.  I was going to spend a fortune in an attempt to realize a fantasy with someone else’s wife.  I opened up my collection of Klaire’s photos, and it no longer mattered as I got hotter and hotter looking at picture after picture of an entranced Klaire.  I had to possess her, even if it was just for just a week.

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