Klaire Goes On Holiday

Part 6

Sunday was a day of rest.  We didn’t get up until early afternoon, Klaire being exhausted from the previous night’s activities, while I was just exhausted from putting Klaire through her paces for the previous week.  My depression over her impending departure, as well as any frustration I had from not being able to play with Klaire were safely hidden under the fog of fatigue.  We finally cleaned the apartment mid-afternoon, and then sat to watch an old movie.  Klaire’s holdered Virginia Slim, her first of the day, made me erect, but I managed to keep my promise of letting her recover, and did not put her under to satisfy me.  After the movie, we were both feeling a little more rested and Klaire reached for another cigarette.  I started to thicken even before she lit it, and decided that maybe it would be a good thing if I left the apartment.  “Klaire, I’m going out to get some groceries,” I announced to her, making sure that I was out of eyeshot.  “I feel like cooking something out-of-the-ordinary tonight.”  Well, it was somewhat true: I figured that being involved in the kitchen would use any extra energy I had, and keep me sufficiently distracted.  She asked if she could just stay at the apartment, and I acquiesced.

I was gone for a little more than an hour, deciding on stuffed salmon and braised vegetables.  My libido was once again firmly under control, and I had started to get psyched about cooking tonight.  It would be a wonderful meal, albeit late.  “Klaire, I’m back,” I called as I came through the back door with the groceries.  I sat the bag on the kitchen counter, moved the fish to the frig, and paused, realizing that I hadn’t received an answer.  “Klaire?”  Still no reply.  Had she fallen asleep on the sofa?  I walked towards the living room, and was not prepared for what I saw.  She was sitting on the sofa, eyes open, a long cigarette holder in her hand with a burning More in it.  She exhaled leisurely, and my libido escaped again.  “Klaire, what are you doing—”  Her eyes were dreamy, yet blank, and it was quite obvious that she was entranced.

“So you finally made it home,” said a familiar female voice from the corner to my bedroom.

“Carlotta?  What—”  She made a hand signal and shook her head, cutting me off.  I figured out what she wanted.  “Oh.  Serenity.”  She smiled.  “What are you doing here, and why did you put Klaire under again?”

“The answer is in front of you, straining to get free,” she throatily said, looking directly at the bulge in my pants.  Before I could get angry, she pulled out her first-ever cigarette holder, the first one I had bought her, put a More in it, and then handed me a lighter.  I lit it, and despite myself, watched with hunger as she took her first deep drag.  I watched her exhale, standing in my hallway, getting harder.  “Actually, Robin, I felt really bad about last night, and you not getting anything.”  She moved closer, close enough for me to hear the soft “ffff” of her next exhale.  “Besides, you’re kinda sexy when you dom.”  I looked into her caramel-brown eyes for the first time in months, and remembered everything that we had shared, and I was awful horny.  Serenity didn’t resist the kiss at all, responding with a surprising ardor, given our status as former lovers.  “I missed that,” she smiled, taking a posed drag from the holder and my breath.  “Let’s go to the living room,” she suggested.  Klaire was still dressed, finishing her own cigarette.  “She can’t hear us yet,” Serenity said, kneeling on the couch next to her mindless hypno-slave.

She squeezed one of Klaire’s nipples through her shirt.  “When you finish the cigarette, you will put it out and go into a deep hypnotic sleep for your mistress,” she breathed into Klaire’s ear.  “Do you understand?”

“Yes…  Mistress,” was Klaire’s, faint, accented reply.  I was ready to jump somebody, even if I was miffed at Serenity taking control and advantage of my slave without permission for the second time in less than twenty-four hours.

“You look ready to play now,” Serenity bemusedly said, dragging again, letting me watch, fully intending for me to watch.  I gave her a look that said, “What do you think?”  She patted my bulge gently, “Be patient.  It’ll be worth it.”  Just then, Klaire’s head flopped to her chest.  “Oh good, she’s ready.  Promise you won’t peek, and we’ll be right back,” Serenity said, giving me a peck on the cheek, and leading Klaire into the bedroom.  Time stood still.  Eventually, Serenity made her reappearance, leading a naked Klaire by the short chain attached to the collar around her neck.  I blinked.  They had only been gone for a few minutes.  Klaire walked with perfect pace; she was still under, and I could see the handcuffs attached to her wrists.  Serenity sat on the sofa, while Klaire faced her, still standing.  “Robin, fetch my cigarettes and holder, please.  I left them in the bedroom,” she said, not taking her eyes off Klaire.  When I came back, she patted the cushion next to her, indicating that I should sit.  Not looking at me, she began to prepare another smoke.  “Thank you.”  I lit her More in its five-inch holder, the purple one with gold flecks and black stem that I had gotten her after our third date.  “I want you to do me a favor,” she began, her voice very soft.  “I’m going to wake her up, so she’ll see and hear everything.  Then I want to watch you put her under, and from there… use your…”  Serenity put my hand between her legs under her dress.  She was wet.  “…Imagination.”  She looked at me, eyes dewy and announcing her readiness.

“Wake her up,” I hoarsely said.

“Uno… dos… tres… quattro.”  Serenity clapped her hands, and Klaire blinked.  “Hello, Klaire, darling,” she smiled.

“Serenity!!!” Klaire gasped.  “You… you…”

“That’s right, I did.”  She took a drag from the holder, causing Klaire to quiet as Klaire’s post-hypnotic programming began to kick in.

“Klaire, this is the voice of your master,” I began, not allowing either of the women a chance to continue what was starting between them.  “Look at me, not her.”  She spun, the spell temporarily broken.  I could see the fire in her eyes, the protest forming itself.  “Klaire, look into my eyes, focus on my eyes, and remember… remember the counting… remember the crystal… remember my voice, guiding you into trance, Klaire.  Yes, Klaire, my eyes and my voice… you cannot look away from my eyes any more than you can look away from the crystal.  My eyes are my crystal, and I am your hypnotic master, my voice and my eyes are becoming your world, Klaire.  Your world is narrowing… further… and further… to my eyes and voice.  Listen, Klaire, as you begin to feel your descent into hypnotic trance, looking deeply into my eyes.  You cannot look away; you must listen as I guide you deeper… and deeper into trance.  You are going into trance for your hypnotic master as you look into his eyes… you cannot fight it… you do not want to fight it as you remember the pleasure of hypnotic trance for your hypnotic master and you want to go deeper into that trance for me, Klaire.  Deeper… and deeper, Klaire, past ten… almost to fifteen now… remember the pleasure of submission to your hypnotic master… as you go to—”

“Eight—teeeeen,” Klaire moaned, her eyes almost completely closed.  “N-n-nine…  Teen…”

“Excellent, Klaire.” I said, hard as all hell, Serenity temporarily forgotten.  “At twenty-five you will sleep, and be ready to obey me.  At twenty five you will sleep and obey… twenty-five, sleep and be my slave…”  I repeated this as she slowly continued her count.  Some part of her did not want to go under.

“Twen-ty… thr-threee…  Twen… twen… twent-ty fourrrr…”  Klaire licked her lips.  “Twen-ty…”  She took a loud, deep, breath.  “Fi-i-i-ve,” she crooned and her legs collapsed from underneath her.  I caught her, her eyes closed, body limp, and gently laid her to the floor.  I heard a quiet, smacking sound, and turned to see Serenity playing with herself, cigarette forgotten.

“That was so fucking hot,” Serenity said, eyes ablaze.

“Klaire, when you open your eyes, you will regard your mistress from the depths of your hypnotic trance.  You will be on your knees, before her and I.  You will have an overwhelming desire to please her, to serve her, to obey her.  But you shall always obey me, do you understand?”

“Yesssss, mass-terrr,” Klaire breathed, smiling.  I knew then that she had recovered from the previous night, and was ready for more.

“Open your eyes, slave Klaire,” I whispered.  She opened her eyes, looking perfectly awake.  Serenity lit a fresh More in the holder and Klaire’s eyes grew wide.  I pushed her head towards my ex-girlfriend’s parted legs and commanded, “Serve us.”  Serenity gasped loudly in pleasure and another cigarette was soon forgotten as Klaire served her mistress, while her master hastily positioned himself to take pleasure of his own from his slave.  The three of us had a brief, but very intense encounter which ended with Serenity squeaking, thrusting sharply, and ejaculating onto Klaire a split-second before I was consumed with the ultimate bliss.  Klaire actually grunted before collapsing onto her side next to me.  The living room was filled with gasps for several minutes.  “Sleep, my slave,” I finally managed.  Klaire’s body relaxed and I idly began to stroke her soft, round form.

“God, what a power trip,” Serenity said after a few more minutes.  “Awesome, Robin, just awesome.”  She lit another More, coyly smiling, “I will have more than three puffs from this one.”  I remained sitting next to Klaire, tenderly stroking my unconscious slave’s body while watching Serenity smoke.  She was smoking with a purpose and succeeding.  I was getting horny again.  She finished the cigarette, got some water for the two of us, and then drove her tongue into my mouth with passion.  “Wake her up, Robin,” she urgently whispered.  “I want…  I want to command her right now.”  I did as she asked, and she told Klaire to freshen herself and return with a Capri 120.  Any questions I had were stilled by Serenity’s questing tongue until our slave stood over the two of us, cigarette in holder, ready to light, awaiting her next instructions.  “Slave Klaire, sit and smoke to excite your master.  When you finish smoking, you may show how hot your master and mistress make you, but you will not orgasm unless I command you to.”  I was barely able to make a peep before Serenity mounted me, most gracefully, and I was most grateful.  “Watch our slave for a little while, baby,” she panted.  I think I saw two of Klaire’s exhales before Serenity became my entire world.

After we had finished, Serenity brought a gently masturbating Klaire out of trance and ordered pizza.  “My treat,” she said.  “I don’t think you want to cook—food anymore tonight.  It can wait for tomorrow.”  We dressed enough to make ourselves presentable to the delivery person.  The dinner conversation was quiet, but I could see Klaire looking hungrily at the two of us.  While she may have been hypnotized while she was masturbating, the frustration of not being able to finish carried perfectly well to her conscious state.  After dinner, I made Klaire clean up the kitchen while Serenity and I returned to the sofa.

“This has been a lot of fun, Serenity,” I said.  “Thank you.”  I knew I was looking at her all infatuated and in love, but I couldn’t help it.

“What makes you think we’re finished?”  The grin on her face was surprising and exciting.  “Klaire, dear, come over here.”  Klaire appeared, still looking frustrated.  “Slave, prepare a More with the long holder.”  I couldn’t get over how Serenity gave commands to Klaire, and more impressively, that Klaire dutifully obeyed without some sort of protest.  Although Klaire was submissive, she wasn’t entranced, and could be quite willful at times.  Not with Serenity.  Klaire did so without comment, and tried to give Serenity the long holder.  “No, dear, from your knees.  Hand it to me from your knees, without looking at me.  You know how it works.”  I have to admit, I felt a decent surge of blood down below as Klaire knelt, bowed her head, and presented the holder again, held as an offering to her mistress.  “Thank you, darling, much better,” Serenity regally said.  She turned to me.  “This is domination, and this excites me, Robin.  Do you have a light for me?”  Wondering where all this was going, I obliged her.  She took a long, long pull, then exhaled directly into Klaire’s face.  Klaire blinked, and Serenity said, “Now you are beginning to go into trance for your mistress.  As you must when she engulfs you with her smoke.  Serenity dragged, exhaling again into Klaire’s face.  “Yes, Klaire, you are going into trance for me, you can not resist, you will obey...  I command you to finish smoking the More in this holder, because you must obey even though you know that with each puff you take, you fall deeper and deeper under our control, more and more entranced, more submissive, more hypnotized.”  Klaire, still kneeling, began to smoke the cigarette as my ex-girlfriend continued her hypnotic seduction.  “That’s it Klaire, exhale slowly... leisurely... so relaxed...  so warm... so good that you feel yourself slipping into trance... and as you take your next puff, you fall deeper and deeper into trance for us.  Such a good, hypnotized slave, going deeper into trance for master and mistress, deeper for your master Rob, you love to obey him, take another puff so you can go deeper for him, where you cannot resist his command, deeper and deeper into trance, slave.”  Klaire was smoking without any of the seductive flair she usually displayed for me, but her eyes became more unfocused, her expression increasingly blank with each draw.  “When you have finished this hypnotic cigarette and put it out in the ashtray, your eyes will close as you take one deep breath, and let it out, which will send you into a very, very deep hypnotic sleep.  So deep that you will remain frozen, kneeling until you hear us command you by your title of Slave, ready to obey our slightest whim.  Puff and go deeper into trance, slave Klaire...”

I was barely breathing, caught in Serenity’s spell, watching Klaire obey helplessly, as she had been trained.  “This is hypnotic domination, Rob,” Serenity’s voice said.  “Which excites you almost as much as your other—weakness.  And you have a talent for it.”  I wasn’t sure where she was going with all of this, but Klaire was almost finished with her cigarette, and I wanted to watch that moment when her head would slump, and she would be… asleep.  Serenity was right.  Klaire put her cigarette out, lay the holder next to her, and her head flopped onto her chin, eyes closed, unaware of the world around her.  “I’ll be back in a moment, Robin.”  So I sat there with Klaire at my feet on her knees, unsure if I should do anything.  I didn’t do a thing.  When Serenity came back out, she had a flogger.  “It’s not for you, dear,” she grinned, tossing me the flogger.  “I want you to do something for me,” she began, very softly as if pleading.  “When I bring her out of trance, I want you to flog her for me.  Can you do that?  It’s a beginner’s toy, and you won’t hurt her as long as you don’t do a full arm swing or anything like that.  Just—hit her, lightly, after I’ve positioned her.”  She could see the doubt on my face—I’m the most gentle person I know.  “Please… for me?”

I took a loud, deep breath.  I was sure that I wouldn’t hurt Klaire; I suspected that she’d been through much worse than Serenity gave her at the show, and I was not going to hit her anywhere near that hard.  I was ambivalent about the act itself, no matter how gentle.  Then I saw the look in Carlotta’s eyes.  It was something she definitely wanted.  As obliging as she had been about indulging my smoking fetish when we were together, I figured that I at least owed her enough to try.  “All right, Serenity.”

A warm smile came to her face.  She commanded Klaire into position, still on her knees, but her head completely bowed in a slave’s kowtow, arms stretched forward.  That gave me access to her back and her lovely ass.  I raised the flogger.  “Not on her lower back.  Klaire, awaken now, but frozen in place as you are.”  Klaire’s eyes snapped into focus, fear in her eyes, knowing that she couldn’t move.  Adjusting my aim, I brought the flogger down on her back, squarely between her shoulders, landing with a dull thud.  Klaire jerked and moaned.  “Not bad for a beginner,” Serenity noted.  The next one landed against that sweet pear-shaped ass, drawing another moan.  She arched her back as much as she could, indicating where she wanted to be hit.  I swatted her against her back, making her huff and groan in frustration.  I hit her again, quickly, same general location.  I remembered how Serenity had used the flogger at the party, and began to stroke Klaire’s back very gently with its ends.  She responded by swaying, cooing and purring, and yelped in surprise when I swatted her on the ass.  I caressed her ass with my free hand, drawing a sigh from Klaire, and when my hand slid below her ass and between her legs, she moaned with heat.  There was some more gentle stroking with the flogger; Klaire cooed but suddenly issued a grunt with the next blow.  The flogger landed on the backs of her thighs, causing them to go taut, her eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched.  A different moaning sound made me stop my contemplation of my next target.  Serenity was watching us, one hand between her legs, awash in the living fantasy she had created for herself using us.  Our eyes met.  In that instant, she realized that I had finally come to understand what she craved, and I could appreciate it, in much the same way she was able to appreciate and understand my smoking fetish.  I hit Klaire again, looking at Serenity, who had resumed her masturbation, sexual pleasure in her eyes, and I began to feel a responding tingle in my own loins.  Klaire’s gentle flogging continued for Serenity’s benefit and pleasure until Serenity climaxed.

Klaire looked a little frustrated.  “Silent night, deeply tranced, you are calm, you’re relaxed.  As you listen to my voice, you are relaxing even more Klaire, body free, muscles relaxing, tension all gone… now.”  She collapsed against me, limp as a rag doll, unconscious once again.  Serenity’s orgasm had affected me, and I was horny again, but a little wary of abusing Klaire’s trust by continuing to use her as a mindless sex toy.  This was threatening to undo everything that had passed between us before this night.

“Robin,” Serenity whispered.  “Give her to me, one last time.”  She saw the expression on my face.  “Forever, not just tonight.  I will not interfere with your—relationship—with her, ever again if you grant me this last favor.”

“Serenity, you’ve already overridden my better judgment of what is appropriate.  On multiple occasions with Klaire.  I can’t think straight around you.  You affect me in ways I can’t even begin to describe, let alone compensate.”  I looked at her and sighed, “Like right now.  Were I thinking straight, the answer would be no.”  Her face fell.  “Let me discuss it with her, first.  But I need you to leave the room while we talk.”  She nodded, turned and headed to the bedroom, leaving Klaire and I alone in the living room.  I heard her close the door, then woke Klaire up.  “How are you feeling?”

“A little sore from the flogging, but otherwise unharmed.  It was quite a surprise to have you flogging me.  I didn’t think you fancied that.”

“I don’t, really.”

“Ah.  I see.  Serenity did that.”  I nodded.  “She’s a very good domme, Rob, but I don’t think she commanded you into it,” Klaire said with a teasing smile.  I don’t know what my face did, but she added, “It’s obvious that you care for her a lot.  There’s a history that I’ve become a part of, obviously.”

“Yes, and I’m going to ask for your active participation in our present.  She said it would be the last time.”  I was quiet.  “I wanted to ask you if you wanted to participate.  I don’t know what she has planned for us, and I don’t want to abuse our trust any more than I already have.”

“You are so sweet,” Klaire said.  “I haven’t really been opposed to anything that’s happened, at least as I can remember.  As I said, Serenity is a very good domme, and she’s experienced enough to know about consent issues.  She really hasn’t harmed me… physically.  I don’t exactly know what she may have done to me hypnotically.  It’s somewhat scary, but so deliciously…”  Klaire sighed, and her eyes got that dreamy, far-away look.  “Exciting.”  She shook her head to bring herself back to earth.  “If you are asking whether I want to participate in whatever she has planned, the answer is yes, as long as you are in final control, and I am semi-cognizant.”

“Triggered, not tranced, is it?”

Klaire nodded.  “You’ve been most delicious to be with, Rob, and I must say that I am most flattered by the—erm—personal—nature of your lust.  You’ve had me as your sex toy, and I admit to enjoying it.  I knew that was a large part of why you wanted me.  To be considered so sexy that you had to possess me…  It’s flattering.”  She kissed me on the cheek.  “Let her know that I’ll agree to be triggered, not tranced, and that you do the induction and programming.  Right now, I could use a break.”

I went into the bedroom, where Serenity sat looking anxious.  “She’s agreed, but on her terms.”  Serenity wondered what that meant.  “It means that she doesn’t want to be a hypnotized dummy.  She wants to be triggered, not tranced while we are—engaged.  She also wants me to be the person to trance and program her.”  Serenity said that she could live with that, even if that would spoil the surprise.  I cocked my head to look at her, then sighed.  She pulled me to the bed to sit next to her and began to describe what she wanted in a conspiratorial whisper.  By the time she finished, I was turned on.  I returned to the living room.

“Well?’ Klaire asked.

“Sleep,” I said, passing my hand in front of her face.  Klaire’s eyes closed and she slumped to the side.  “Klaire, you are now listening to the hypnotic voice.  The hypnotic voice you cannot resist.  The hypnotic voice has something to teach you, and you want to learn it as perfectly as you can.  You must allow the hypnotic voice to take you deeper, and deeper so that you will learn from the hypnotic voice.  You cannot resist the hypnotic voice.”

“Cannnn’t resist…  hypnotic voice,” she mumbled in response.  “Mussss… learn…”

“Count with me, Klaire, all the way to fifty, your deepest, most powerful trance, where you will learn everything perfectly, and remember it when you must.  One…  Two… three… four…”


“I’m not sure that I want those particular pictures going anywhere,” Klaire said, clearly exhausted.  “Everything Serenity did was connected to my sexual ‘on’ switch.  That was one of the most interesting post-hypnotic scenarios I’ve participated in.”  She turned to face me after lighting a Capri 120 in a holder.  “I know you’ve got to be as exhausted as I am, so it’s safe for me to smoke, right?”  I laughed weakly and nodded.  She smiled and continued, “I knew it was your doing, but I couldn’t stop myself from being extremely sexually predatory, albeit in a submissive fashion.  I wanted to do anything she said, as long as I got to—touch—her.”  Her eyes grew distant for a moment.  “She’s very skilled with that... toy.  Almost...”  Klaire shuddered slightly as an echo of her experience with Serenity and the strap-on resonated.  “—as good as you.”  She kissed me, sweetly, wet, and brief.  “I almost died of ecstasy from the two of you.  I couldn’t stop wanting it, and I didn’t care.  You got my mind to give you absolutely unfettered access to my body, and I knew it.  In some ways, that’s more exciting than being a pure hypno-slave.”  She paused, smoking, but looked as if there was something else on her mind.  Finally, she resumed, “I like her, and you certainly could have chosen much worse.”  I was about to say something but she continued, “Given that you really like her, and that she really likes you, I’m surprised that you haven’t gotten together like this sooner.”

“We thought we didn’t have enough in common,” I said, with a tone that indicated it was more true than not, and a somewhat tender subject with me.

“Or so you thought until I arrived,” Klaire said gently.  “You two make a good team.”  She stood immediately after making the statement, and headed for the bedroom.  “It’s early now.  Come to bed.”  I was too tired to argue, or to discuss the difficult subject of Serenity any more; it had been a lot of fun, and I had some fantastic video and pictures for my private stash of the two women in the world I found the most arousing, playing with each other for my benefit.  It was something extra special to remember this fantastic week by.  Klaire snuggled close against me when I climbed into the bed.  “Good night...  master.”  It was a very peaceful night, with no haunting dreams.

Monday, absolutely nothing happened between us.  We mostly slept, going out for an informal meal in the early evening, returning to the apartment where Klaire spent the remainder of the evening catching up on her e-mail.  “Being a hypnobabe has its price,” she chirped.  “I’m immensely popular, more so than I ever thought possible.”

I closed the book I was reading.  This was an opening to bring up the subject that was on my mind.  “Then why did you allow it to happen with me?  There’s certainly no shortage of people who would give you an experience like thi—”

No, Rob, not like this,” she interrupted.  “You had a well-thought out plan, are quite attractive to me and well-spoken.  You were also very up front with us about what you wanted, and frankly, seemed level-headed enough that we trusted you to accomplish everything.”  Klaire pushed away from the computer to join me on the sofa.  “You went to great lengths to find out what we wanted, and the concept of getting me here under hypnosis was one... we couldn’t resist.”  She grinned impishly.  “Besides that, I’ve always wanted to take a long trip in first class.”  We both laughed.  “On the other hand, there’s that sense of danger... the risk of being in thrall to a stranger.  I’ve had scary experiences with that,” she noted, “and yet... those situations rank as the most highly erotic when I revisit them, or at least as much as I can recall of them.”  I pointed out that she’d remember most of what happened here.  “But it’s the part I don’t know that makes it all so... wicked and delicious.”  She looked off into the ceiling.  “I admit, I also enjoy the celebrity.  Being desired by so many…”  She sighed.  “Enough daydreaming.  I have more fan mail to answer.”  I told her that I was going to bed.  “Alone?” she smiled, more than a hint of mischief in her eyes.

“As much as it pains me to say, yes, Klaire.  I am admitting that I cannot keep up with the hypnobabe supreme.”

“It’ll cost you.”

“How much?”

“Shopping tomorrow.  I want to pick up some souvenirs of my trip.”


“Good night, Rob.  I promise, no devilishness.”

“Promises,” I chirped.


This story copyright © 2002-2005, The Flying Pen

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