Hypnotic Eye Beams


Now I know what you’re thinking; this is one of those stories about something weird that happens to a normal guy and he suddenly gets this power to enslave women with beams from his eyes.  And then he goes on to enslave woman after woman, turning them all into sex-crazed sluts.  Am I right?  Well, if that’s the story you’re looking for, go somewhere else.  This is the story of a mostly normal guy (me, with my kinks) my wife Susan, and her best friend from college, Carrie.  I wouldn’t say that the two women are particularly sex-crazed, although they do have quite healthy sex drives.  I definitely do not have mysterious hypnotic rays coming out of my eyes.  Nonetheless, I can assure you that this story is accurately titled.  It started about six years ago, a few months after we all graduated from school...

Susan, Carrie, and I had been friends since freshman year, when the fates put us next to each other in the co-ed dorms.  We got along great, and there wasn’t anything remotely sexual between any of us.  Not that I hadn’t fantasized about Carrie.  I’m sure that put me in the company of at least half the male population at our school.  Carrie’s got long auburn hair, blue eyes and she is very pretty.  Her body is awesome.  She’s slender, but her waist and ass are slightly out-of-proportion, being a little larger than you would think to look at her from the breasts on up.  It gives her a nice wiggle to her walk and it’s fun to... but I digress.  She was a playgirl, never lacking for suitors, and I didn’t even register on that scale as far as looks went.  Still, with that firmly established, she was a real sweetheart.

Susan is a lot less spectacular looking, although she is pretty, and her brown eyes are always bright (except when she’s hypnotized.)  Average breasts for a five foot-eight woman, enough curves to easily notice, thick, curly, brown hair that she usually keeps cut above her shoulders (except for... well, maybe I’ll get to that particular episode later, too.)  All in all, she’s not the type of girl that has guys constantly surrounding her, even though her personality is completely disarming and sweet.  The two of them threw me a birthday party to cheer me up when I got homesick, and I sent them flowers at the end of each semester.  Susan and I had some classes together, and we studied together, which gave Carrie enough willpower to stop partying when midterms and finals rolled around.  We all did well enough academically.  The friendship we built was pretty strong; it survived having the three of us split up.

Sophomore year, we all went to different dorms, but we still studied together and looked each other up at campus gatherings.  Junior year, Carrie and Susan moved into an apartment together, leaving me on campus.  That didn’t matter; my annual birthday party was held at their apartment, but campus events would invariably find the three of us together.  Carrie left us in the first semester senior year for a study-abroad program, but she and Susan had agreed to keep their apartment together, and Carrie would move back in when she returned to school for second semester.  Susan and I no longer had common classes, but we still studied together—I had moved out of the dorms into an apartment not too far from them.  The graduate student who had sublet Carrie’s half of the apartment for the first semester wasn’t much fun, so Susan and I found ourselves together almost as much as we had been freshman year.

After almost four years, it finally happened.  It was right after midterms, at a blow-off steam party at somebody else’s place.  Susan had heard about it, managed to get an invitation, and brought me along, too.  We’d each had a few at the party and we didn’t know many of the people there.  Those that we did, we didn’t know very well, so we sat by ourselves a lot, talking about everything and looking into each others’ eyes and talking and looking and holding hands and looking and talking and kissing...  Suddenly, we were beyond the innocent teasing and flirting that had been a constant in our relationship.  Later that night, in my apartment, they went even farther than that.

Waking up next to each other in the morning wasn’t bad.  We went from study buddies to fuck buddies to a serious relationship pretty quickly after that.  When Carrie came back and we helped her move back into the apartment, her initial surprise at the fact that I was staying there for the night immediately gave way to, “It’s about damn time, you two.  Took you long enough to figure it out.”  Parents met at graduation, we all got jobs in town.  Carrie’s job periodically required a lot of travel, so she and Susan kept an apartment together.  I moved just down the street, in my own place.  Susie and I were, well, involved.  It looked like it was going to be a case of, “boy marries college sweetheart after getting established in the world, they have kids, and live happily ever after.”  That sort of got rerouted the weekend before Halloween.  I discovered my girlfriend’s fetish.

We had gone looking for a Halloween costume for her.  I’d already gotten mine, a Musketeer outfit from the drama department’s used costume and props sale.  After three stores, I convinced her to settle for a flapper’s outfit.  After a little persuasion on my part—I really wanted to see her smoking with a cigarette holder (part of my kink)—she accepted the idea, and even had fun with it.  She had cooked dinner that night; neither one of us was feeling particularly enthusiastic about going out, and we had the place to ourselves because Carrie was off in Australia on business.  We checked what was on the tube before heading to the movie rental store.  One of the local channels was running a Hammer Films Dracula-fest.  “Can we?” she asked.  I missed the eager note in her voice at the time, but looking back, I’m pretty sure it was there.

So we watched Christopher Lee ensorcel several fetching young British women with his eyes.  Susie had been playing with the cigarette holder all night, using it for the two or three cigarettes she had.  This turned me on, and sometime during the second flick, I had started lightly stroking the small of her back.  She knows what that means, and ol’ Chris was forgotten as Susie and I retired to the bedroom for some incredible sex.  So incredible that I remember gasping a few times immediately afterwards and then promptly went to sleep on her.  She still kids me about falling asleep on her that once.

At any rate, I woke up about four-thirty that morning.  Susie wasn’t in bed.  The bathroom light wasn’t on.  I softly got out of bed, wondering what the hell was going on, and as I got to the hall, I heard the unmistakable sounds of Susie in heat.  She was very wet, too, because I could even hear that.  As softly as I could, I peeked into the office.  She’s sitting at the computer, looking at something on the screen, and masturbating furiously.  Now, if that doesn’t make a guy feel inadequate.  I didn’t know what to do, so after watching for a minute, and getting pretty aroused by the scene, I decided to go back to bed as quietly as I could.

Susie eventually returned, stopping in the bathroom first, before trying to slip into bed without waking me.  “Oh!!!  You’re awake!”  I said yes.  “I had to go to the LGR,” she continued blithely as if nothing had happened.  Well, I could still smell her, and it was arousing and it became obvious.  “Oh, my!!!  Again...  I—I—don’t think I’m awake enough for you...”  I grunted, figuring that if she could masturbate, I could too.  Susie kissed me, wet, and slow.  As we broke our first kiss, her hand reached down, and she took care of me as we kissed slowly and hungrily.  I went to sleep almost instantly again, far too awash in sexual satiation to pay any attention to the conflict in my mind or to my damaged self-confidence.

I didn’t bring it up all week, not having any idea of what I was dealing with, and I purposely did not spend a lot of time with her to avoid dwelling on it.  For her part, Susie thought I was just busy at work.  We went to the Halloween party on Saturday as planned.  By the time we returned to her place after I’d spent all night watching my flapper walk around with the cigarette holder, this Musketeer’s sword was raised.  However, as concerned as I was about—performance—issues, my sword went unsheathed for a good little while.  I gave her head.  Lots of head.  Enough to make her come once and get her ready to be fucked.  She was panting and moaning and cooing at me and I could smell her readiness and see her lower lips glisten in the dimly lit room.

I entered her, gently.  I moved with slow, long, deep strokes, coming almost all the way out before sliding forward into her, concentrating on her pleasure, ignoring the tingle in my own loins, fighting ejaculation, and feeling extremely pleased with myself when the flush blossomed around her breasts and her neck and her cheeks...  She screamed, softly, her back arching while she clenched around me, arms holding me, her nails slowly furrowing my back.  Susie’s eyes rolled around loosely in their sockets, coming into focus only to roll some more as I resumed my slow, grinding ways.  Her next orgasm was quiet, her mouth frozen open, but emitting no sound, torso and face red once again.  Still, I determinedly continued, my own ejaculation imminent.  I held it off as long as I could by thrusting slowly, and then I saw the look of shock on Susie’s very red face and...  I came.  My orgasm was a pleasure so intense that I could barely see, but I registered her convulsions, inner and outer, a wail of glory coming from her lips.  We both collapsed onto the bed with a huff.  “OhgodTerry... ohgodTerry... ohgodTerry,” she babbled repeatedly, clinging to me for dear life, it seemed.

But I remembered what had happened seven days ago, and forced myself out of my own afterglow.  I shifted position and began to lap at her again.  “Ohgod Ter-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Susie squealed.  After the first futile attempts at pushing me away, she gave in to her body’s greedy demand for what I was giving it.  Her final orgasm of the night started with a jerk as she exclaimed, “OH!” followed by a hiss that turned into a guttural growl that ended in a grunt.  Then she passed out.  I sat up on my knees, lips and tongue numb, neck sore, regarding my handiwork with a not-entirely-small sense of satisfaction.  I had sexed her brains out.

After making sure that I had indeed put her to sleep, I silently padded to her “office” room and fired up the computer.  Not feeling guilty in the least about what I was about to do, I looked at her chat software.  She didn’t have anybody in any of the buddy lists for the various messengers, and didn’t even have mIRC installed.  I felt a small measure of relief at that.  At least she wasn’t actively “involved” with anyone on line.  Next came the browser.  Bingo.  There were a couple of bookmarks for hypnosis sites.  Opening up her history file, I went to see where she had been the previous Sunday early morning.  She had been to those sites that day, but when I clicked on one of the other items, a whole lot of things with “hypno” were in them.  I went to the site and got asked for a password; her user ID was already in there.

Fortunately, Susie keeps her ID’s and passwords on post-it notes, and I was able to get in.  My girlfriend was a hypno-freak!  I scanned for an hour, seeing a few of her posts in various groups and reading about some of her fantasies.  She had even looked at some of the pictures in the groups.  I turned off the computer as the first faint rays of dawn illuminated the sky, returning to the bed next to my still-sleeping girlfriend.  She wanted to be hypnotized, made to do things against her will, enslaved.  I fell asleep before I could give the matter much thought.


Sunday was the first day of the rest of my life.  I woke up feeling crappy; I had slept for maybe four hours before Susie woke me up.  She had slept for a solid seven hours, and other than the fact that her body hurt, she was feeling great, and very appreciative.  She chirped around me, kissing me whenever she got the chance, and told me to take a nap while she made breakfast.  I awoke to breakfast in bed.  She was very kissy and coo-ish all morning, and it was kind of fun to watch her eyes do that roll-up thing whenever we touched on the subject of the previous night’s activities.  She was still feeling the aftereffects of the greatest sex of her life (to that point, anyway.)  That afternoon, as she was cuddled against me while I watched a football game, I got the feeling that she was in as good a mood as she’d ever be.  “Susie, can I ask you a question?”

She smiled brightly, eyes sparkling, “Sure!”

“How come you never told me about this... hypnosis thing of yours?”

She blinked, and for an instant, I thought she was going to deny it.  After a long pause, she said, half to herself, “That wasn’t the question I was expecting.”  She cleared her throat and looked at me with an expression I couldn’t read.  “Probably for the same reason you didn’t tell me about your cigarette holder thing.”  I opened my mouth to say something, but she continued, “Don’t try to deny it...  I mean, it was kinda noticeable last week, but it was pretty obvious last night.”  Her eyes fluttered and she inhaled loudly.  “You were great last night,” she throatily intoned.  She sat back against the sofa, increasing the distance between us.  “How did you find out—I mean—about me?”

“I caught you last week,” I mumbled, ashamed.  I wasn’t going to tell her about my snooping on her computer.

Susie turned bright red.  “Oh...  I’m... I’m... sorry.  I mean, I didn’t... don’t want you to take any offense.  I mean, it wasn’t that you weren’t good... but... but...”  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  “Well, those Dracula flicks with Chris Lee get me going, and you were asleep, and—it wasn’t that I wasn’t satisfied, but I wasn’t finished.  If that makes any sense.”  It sort of did.  “Do you think I’m weird?”

“No.”  Time to air a little bit of my own dirty laundry.  “I mean, you figured out my thing, and bless your heart, you didn’t tell me that you had.”  She hadn’t quite figured out everything about that, but now was not the time to go into details.  “It doesn’t freak me out, although I was worried that I’d—lost my touch.”

Susie reached over, grabbed my head, and rammed her tongue into my mouth.  “How could you even think about such a thing?  I’ve had guys on the Internet ask me, but I’ve been really clear about saying no.  It’s just a fantasy thing, Terry.”  And that was the end of that, or so she thought.  Susie wasn’t very sexually sophisticated; responsive and enthusiastic, most definitely, but the missionary position was her only one.  She’d never given me head.  In fact, the first time I gave her head, she had protested—albeit briefly.  It was obvious that the concept of bringing her fantasy into the bedroom was beyond her.

A few days later, I rented a couple of vampire flicks for us to watch.  Susie thought it was very sweet, said I didn’t have to, but she started squirming as soon as the vampire started looking into his (always attractive and female) victims’ eyes.  Of course, since the vampire’s evil scheme is pretty much ruined in the end without a lot of mesmerizing, she had calmed down by the end of each flick.  She thanked me in the best way possible.

At that point, I’m thinking that it really turns her on, and wondered if I could hypnotize her, and be part of her fantasy.  I started nosing around the Internet and the library, trying to learn all I could.  Carrie was back in town, and the three of us hung out like we used to—her current beau was European, and she wasn’t looking for anybody local in between trips overseas.  As far as Susie was concerned, the hypnosis thing was done with, and our sex life had cooled a little because of Carrie’s return.  By no means were we celibate, but the weekends full of sex had been scaled back.  My study continued unabated, and when Susie had to go out of town for business, I began to practice my induction for her.  Since she wanted to be hypnotized, that was more than half the battle.  Carrie left for Europe, and Susie came back the next day.  She called me after work on Thursday to tell me that she had Friday off, and asked if I could take a long weekend.  I called and left a message at the front office immediately, then headed for her place.  The stage was set.

We necked for a few minutes; Susie had missed me terribly.  While I had missed her, too, I’d had something to occupy my time with other than boring business dinners with managers.  She told me all about her trip to Memphis, and thought we could spend a weekend there together—she thought it might be fun.  Finally, she stopped talking long enough to look at me and say, “You’ve been awful quiet.”

“You were talking,” I pointed out, “but I have a surprise for you, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”  I could see the anticipation and excitement on her face.  “No, it’s not that...yet.”  Her face fell, but she quickly regained her good-natured aura; we both knew that it was just a matter of time before she got the question she had every right to expect.  “Susie, look into my eyes.”  I said it quietly, with no hesitation.  Confidence was everything here.  My girlfriend wanted to be hypnotized.  All I had to do was to convince her that I could and she would do the rest.  She leaned forward, to hear me, but looked at my eyes.  “Just like that, Susie, look deeply into my eyes.”

She giggled.  “Who do you think you are, Dracula?”

“No, I’m not Dracula,” I replied, voice even and steady, “I’m your boyfriend Susie, the one you know is special... that’s right, just keep looking...  I have no vampire powers, just our trust and relationship and my eyes...  look deeply into my eyes, my pretty eyes, you like looking into my eyes, don’t you, Susie?”

“Y-yes...  I—I—think they’re... pretty.”  Her voice had gotten softer, and the smile was beginning to fade from her face.

“This is your surprise, Susie... you want to be hypnotized... you like the idea of being hypnotized... and we’re going to do it by having you look into my eyes, because they are pretty and it’s what you want.  As you look into my eyes... my pretty eyes... relaxing with my voice because you like to relax with me, and relax, looking into my eyes because you want to be hypnotized and my eyes will help you be hypnotized as you look into my eyes and listen to my voice and relax starting towards hypnosis while you keep looking into my eyes as you relax and listen to my voice as you relax and get closer to being hypnotized because you want to be hypnotized and I am going to hypnotize you with my pretty eyes and you will be hypnotized where you can only hear my voice because you want to be hypnotized and I will be the person who you will obey while you are hypnotized and you can feel yourself beginning to relax even more getting closer to hypnosis with my voice and continuing to look into my eyes which are going to hypnotize you because you want me to hypnotize you and my pretty eyes make it easy for you to imagine being hypnotized and the thought makes you relax even more into the sound of my voice as you see the sparkle in my eyes and you feel so relaxed now even closer to hypnosis because you want to relax even more and be hypnotized by me and you are looking into my eyes to be hypnotized because you want to obey me and be hypnotized by my eyes and you can feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed even closer to being hypnotized by my eyes and you want to obey my voice and it is relaxing you into hypnosis and you want to be hypnotized by my eyes looking at my pretty hypnotic eyes relaxing to my voice because you want to obey and be hypnotized by my eyes and obey my voice and now you can feel all the way relaxed by my voice and look into my eyes and feel your eyes begin to close and you fight it but keep looking into my hypnotic eyes and you want to fall into a hypnotic sleep and you feel your eyes closing and your mind slipping into hypnosis and you focus as much as you can on my eyes because you want to be hypnotized by my eyes and be under my power in a deep hypnotic trance and be hypnotized by my eyes that you cannot look away from because you want to obey my voice and my eyes are making your eyes become heavier and you don’t fight it because you want to be hypnotized as you can barely see my eyes and you want to be hypnotized and you want to be in a deep hypnotic trance and when you close your eyes you will be hypnotized very deeply and will obey my voice because you want to be hypnotized by my eyes and now you cannot keep your eyes open and you are falling into hypnosis as your eyes close and you hear my voice say deep hypnotic sleep now.”

Susie melted into the sofa, her muscles losing coherence, head flopping loosely to the side, eyes shut.  I didn’t know for sure if she was just going along with the gag, or if she was really in a hypnotic trance.  “Susie, you feel your arms becoming very light now, as if they have a hundred helium balloons attached to them and the balloons are pulling your arms upwards as they try to float away arms lighter, and lighter, raising up to the sky.”  I watched her arms slowly rise until they were pointed straight up at the ceiling.  “Very good Susie, and as you hear my voice your arms are becoming more and more rigid, locked tighter and tighter becoming like steel bars, yes, steel bars, so that you can not move them and I can not move them, no one can move them because they are steel bars locked in place now.”  Susie’s not that strong—if she was joking, I’d be able to move her arms.  I tentatively reached out, watching carefully for any signs of laughter.  As soon as I felt how rigid she maintained her left arm, I knew that I had successfully hypnotized my girlfriend.

“Susie, now you are trying to lower your arms, but they are still rigid and stuck up high, the harder you try the more rigid they become that’s right try to lower your arms as they become stronger and stronger and stronger until you feel my hands press down on them.  When my hands press down on them you will take a deep breath and relax completely, your arms will lose all their tension, your legs will lose all their tension and your mind will drop deeper into your hypnotic trance because you want to go deeper into hypnosis for me.”  I waited a few seconds until the strain became evident on her face; her arms were still pointing straight up.  I pushed on them as I softly said, “Relax completely and go deeper for me, Susie.”  Her arms instantly flopped straight down and she collapsed into the sofa even more.  This had promise.  “Susie, open your eyes and remain deeply, deeply asleep, in your deep hypnotic trance for me.  I want you to sit up in your trance for me, and you will answer my questions, but remain completely relaxed, deeply hypnotized.”  She sat up, eyes glazed.  “Tell me, Susie, how do you feel?”

“Warrmmm.”  I asked her if that was all.  “Horny... so horny... hypnotized by you...”

“Do you like the way it feels when I hypnotize you?”


“Would you like me to hypnotize you more often?”

“Yesss...  fantasy... getting so horny.”

“Would you like to go deeper into hypnosis for me?”

“Deeper?  How?”

“By relaxing even more... being under my hypnotic control... allowing yourself to lose your will to me... getting more submissive.”

“Ohhhh...”  She gulped.  “Yesss, Terry.”

“Will you let me hypnotize you easier next time?”


“Then this is what I want you to do, Susie.  Right now, you can only hear my voice as a part of you... you are watching yourself be hypnotized on the computer, by me... watching all alone in your office upstairs... and you can feel what the idea of being enslaved does to you.”  She moaned, squirming in the seat, still with that glazed look in her eyes.  “You’re all alone, there is no Carrie, there is no me, there is only a little voice in your head that is saying do what you want to... do it... as you watch yourself begin to fall into trance... going into sleep... do what you want as you watch me hypnotize you... going deeper into sleep... and do what you want...”  Susie shed her pants and panties and began to masturbate.  “Yes, Susie you’re all alone no one will know as you are watching yourself be hypnotized by me going into trance, going into submission, obeying my every word.”  Her hips shot upwards without warning.  As her right hand furiously jiggled at her clit, her face turned red, and she began to buck, making nonsense sounds.  I watched, more than a little turned on.  I waited for her to finish.  As soon as her eyes closed, I resumed, “And now the show is over and you are back here on the sofa with me and your eyes are closed now so you can go back into a deep, deep trance for me.  You love being hypnotized by me.”

“Love... being... hypnotized... by you.”

“You want to go into trance for me.”

“Trance... for you.”

“You want to go deeper and deeper into trance, where you will only hear my voice.  Deeper and deeper into obedience to my voice.”

“Deeper... and deeper... and deeper... obeyyyyyy,” she sighed.  “Obey... Terrryyyy.”

“You will always go into trance for me, Susie, as you learn how to take yourself deeper for me.  Deep into trance for me, Susie...  So deep that you will realize your fantasies...”

“Ohhhhh... yesss... so... so... horny.”

By then, she was going nuts, even in trance, and so was I.  “When I count to three and snap my fingers, you will awaken, feeling completely refreshed and alert.”  I wanted her to remember this experience—after all, it was a part of her fantasies.  When I snapped my fingers, she blinked, and regained her normal demeanor for about five seconds.

“That was so hot.  Fuck me.  Now,” was all Susie said, moving to the floor.  She spread her legs wide and I pounced on her with great enthusiasm.  It was our shortest, but hottest sex ever.  As turned on as I had been, I couldn’t last very long.  That was fine, because Susie came within a few seconds of being entered, and then again and then we both came.  “Jeesus, Terry.  That was awesome.  The whole... whole... umm... hypnosis thing and all,” she finally managed.  “I guess it really turns me on when I think about you... well... mmmmm...”  Her eyes rolled up in her head.  “I’m so hot I could do it again right now.  Just the thought of being your hypnotic slave...”  They abruptly came back into focus.

She stood up, held her hand out, and was almost able to pull me to my feet.  Tugging on my arm, she led me towards the steps upstairs.  “I want to do it again... now.”  This time, I didn’t need to lick her into orgasmic unconsciousness.  Unlike last time, I had no desire to look at her computer, which was good, because I barely had the energy to pull a cover over us.  My last thought before I went to sleep was about how I’d unleashed Susie’s inner sexual animal, and something about the possibilities of taming it to suit me...


A week later, Susie and I were alone in my apartment, after having spent the day together at a social event for her job.  “Will you hypnotize me again?”  I looked at her strangely.  “It’s been a whole week since we’ve been together, and I have had such a hard time keeping last week out of my head and my hands out of my panties, to be honest.”  She was looking at me with hopeful anticipation.  “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I suppose I could,” I said.  “I don’t want it to be the only thing we do for foreplay, though.”

“It won’t,” she immediately replied.  “It’s just that… well… it does something for me.  Kinda like your cigarette holder thing, only… more intense.  Please?”

“I don’t know… it’s kind of early.”

“I liked the eye thing.  You know I’ve always liked your eyes.  I can get so lost in them now that you’ve shown me how,” she purred.

“Why don’t we try something else this time, Susie?  You know, like a watch or a jewel or something?”  She nodded eagerly.  I retrieved a small pendant that I had bought for the express purpose of putting her into trance.  Twenty minutes later, my arm was getting tired from trying to swing the pendant correctly, and Susie was wide awake.  “What happened?”

“I don’t know, I was listening to your voice like last time and looking at the pendant and… nothing,” Susie said with an edge of frustration in her voice.  “I mean, it didn’t come close to feeling like the last time.”  She sighed loudly in exasperation.  “I really want you to hypnotize me, I tried to let it happen, but I couldn’t make it happen.”

My girlfriend was upset and out of the mood, which meant that my being in the mood did neither of us any good.  “Well, we could try like last time,” I suggested, drawing a quizzical look.  “Susie, I want you to look into my pretty eyes again, just like last time.  Look into them, not at them, I know you like looking into my eyes because they’re pretty and you can see the sparkle in them, just a tiny sparkle now so you have to look deeper to see it and now you can see the sparkle, and you’re listening to my voice but the sparkle is getting brighter and now you can’t look away because it’s so pretty and you want to see it because you like it and the sparkle is becoming even brighter and you’re focused on it now as it’s the only thing you can see and you realize that it’s going into you now sending you into the beginning of a hypnotic state and you want it to hypnotize you because you like being hypnotized and it gets easier each time you look into my eyes and listen to my voice hypnotizing you and you feel sleepy as the sparkle in my eyes is now a set of beams you can’t resist or look away from going into your eyes hypnotizing you deeper as you look, deeper as you look, hypnotizing you and you don’t want to resist you want to be hypnotized by the beams and surrender to me and go into hypnotic trance hypnotized by my eyes, hypnotized by my voice, hypnotized by the beams from my pretty eyes and you go into a hypnotic sleep easier than last time, deeper than last time hypnotized by the beams from my pretty eyes and you surrender to a deep hypnotic sleep going deep into submissive trance now.”  It was pretty impressive.  I watched the frustration fade from her face, replaced by a blank, adoring look, and suddenly her eyes rolled upwards into her head and her eyelids closed in a second.  Susie slumped against me, looking like she was hypnotized.

I tested the depths of her trance again with the floating arms of steel, and then used the relaxation to deepen this trance.  She was under, deeper than the last time.  “Susie, remain deeply hypnotized, in this deep hypnotic trance and open your eyes.  You will answer my questions completely and truthfully, you have no secrets, because you are deeply relaxed and hypnotized, and cannot resist answering what I ask.  Do you understand?”

“Yes…”  Her voice was softer, far away to match the vacant gaze in her brown eyes.

“Why do you like being hypnotized?”

“Because… it makes me submissive.  I must obey whatever you say.  It excites me to be in your control.”  That was interesting.  She’d given control over to me.  Not some fantasy or Internet person, but me.  I asked if anyone else could hypnotize her.  “I… don’t know.  Some guy on the Internet tried with a spiral, but it didn’t work.”

“What do you fantasize about now when you go onto the Internet?”

“Being your hypnotized slave.”  Susie’s hand moved over her jeans.  “Being so hypnotized that I can’t resist your command.”  She began to massage herself gently, so I told her to tell me more about her fantasy.  “I like being hypnotized by your eyes.  Only your eyes can hypnotize me and I must do everything you say.  You hypnotize me… with your hypnotic eye beams, and I am your deeply hypnotized slave… staring straight ahead… seeing nothing…”  Her massage was less gentle now.  “Total obedience... hypnotized by your eyes… hearing only your voice… so deeply hypnotized…”  Her monologue was seriously affecting me, so I made her stop.

“Relax into your deep hypnotic trance now, Susie, your arms become so heavy they can’t move as all the energy drains from them and you become completely relaxed, deeply hypnotized.”  This had potential.  I could put her under and have her do things she’d never done before, fulfilling her fantasy of being hypnotically controlled.  I thought about it while she remained unconscious.  What was the harm in taking advantage of her fantasy, after all, deep down, it’s what she wanted.  “Susie, can you still hear my voice?”


“You will remember everything to now, you will remember having been hypnotized by my hypnotic eye beams.  What I tell you now, you will only remember in your deepest thoughts, you will not be able to tell anybody, you will not feel as if you remember, but you will act as you are told.  Each time you are hypnotized by my magical eyes, you will go deeper into hypnosis.  Soon, you will be so deep that you cannot resist anything I say.  This is what you want, and I will give to you.  When you are deeply, deeply asleep at this point, you will say, ‘I obey, master.’  I will tell you things when you are this deep that you will not remember; you will only act as you have been commanded.  Do you understand?”


“Each time I tell you to look into my eyes for the hypnotic eye beams, you will find it easier and easier to go into this deep hypnotic trance.  Each time you go into trance you will allow yourself to go deeper than the last time until you have no will.  You will obey my commands; you will be a hypnotized slave to my voice and desires.  This is what you want, Susie, and I will allow you to have it.” 

“Yes…  I want to be your slave…” she sighed.

“Now Susie, I am going to awaken you, bring you out of trance.  You will remember having been hypnotized, but you will not remember having been given the command to go deeper or the command to become hypnotized easier.  Those commands are secret, locked away, and you will obey them when the time is right because this is what you want.”  I snapped my fingers.  Susie blinked, shook her head, and looked at me.

“God it makes me so horny when you do that!” she said before jumping me.  Our lovemaking was extremely intense, enough so that I had rug burn on my knees and nail marks in my back.  That was round one.  Round two started gently, much slower, with me lapping at her while I continued to recuperate.  As she moaned and sighed and told me what a great lover I was and how good I was at giving her head… the thought struck me that she’d never given me head.  And I wanted her to.  And… hypnotized… she wouldn’t be able to resist my commands… my wants… my desires.  I was ready a lot sooner than I would have thought possible, and enthusiastically pounded at Susie.  There wasn’t any technique or any restraint on my part.  I was lost in my own fantasy of having a hypnotic slave.


Our sex life reverted to normal after that.  Well, pretty much normal.  Susie was perceptibly less—enthusiastic, but still willing without hypnosis.  She didn’t bring up hypnosis, or being hypnotized once.  I thought she might have liked it too much and was afraid to mention it, so I suggested it one night, and she politely declined, but did spread her legs for me.  While this was going on, I plotted my course carefully; I thought of the perfect Susie, and listed all of the things she’d have to learn or change to become the perfect slave.  I went to www.warpmymind.com and downloaded a few files.  I made a note to send him a big donation if they worked on Susie.  One evening, while I was musing by myself, I realized that my girlfriend had given me her fetish.  Did that stop me?  Hell no!  I continued planning how I would use the subliminals, and waited for Susie to ask for it.

About a month elapsed without any sign that she was interested in revisiting her fantasy in real life.  By that point, I was dying to put my plan into motion.  I gave her another week—I was beginning to miss my wildcat in bed.  Finally, I broke down.  One weeknight, we were alone at my place, because Carrie’s latest had moved in for a while; it wasn’t a problem because Susie had my place, and we both knew it wouldn’t last more than a month or until her next business trip.  Susie wasn’t interested in sex that night; she had something going on at work.

Normally, I would have understood and we would have spent the night together, without sex.  But that nice guy was now consumed with a hypno-domination fetish.  It was quiet, it was calm, Susie was relaxed, and I struck.  “Susie,” I began, arranging myself so that I was looking closely at her, “do you still see the cute sparkle in my eyes?”

She looked and opened her mouth to say, “Yes,” but eye contact had been established.  “That sparkle that can send you into hypnotic trance because it’s the start of hypnotic eye beams, Susie, and you know what happens when you see the hypnotic eye beams and you can not resist it or stop it from happening—”

“T-T-Terry… no… please…”  Her protest was weak; she had given me too much control earlier, and was now rapidly losing the power to resist.

“But you are now trapped by the sparkle in my eyes Susie, you are looking deeply into my eyes and listening to my voice and as the sparkle grows brighter and stronger you feel the hypnotic trance begin to capture you as the sparkle is now a light that is the only thing you see and you are going into hypnotic trance as the light becomes a powerful beam and now you are caught by my hypnotic eye beams because you want to be hypnotized and you know that you must be hypnotized by my hypnotic eye beams and you can not resist and you are now in hypnotic trance and your eyes close now.”  She slumped to the side.  “Now you will remember that you are to go even deeper… deeper… into hypnotic trance now that you have been hypnotized by my hypnotic eye beams.  Deeper, Susie, deeper… you hear only my special voice, and you feel yourself becoming more and more hypnotized.  Deeper into trance…”

Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was extremely regular.  She had gone under quite well, even though she hadn’t wanted to.  I gave her instructions for the mind warp files; it was deepening and subliminal trance reinforcement mostly on this go-round.  She was going to want to be hypnotized even more, so I wouldn’t have this six-week pause between sessions, and she would go under even easier.  The time for programming my girlfriend loomed larger; it wasn’t a fantasy to either of us now.


It was immediately evident that Susie had been listening to the tapes during the week.  On Saturday afternoon, with us having no plans for the evening, she asked, “Can you hypnotize me?”  I saw her give me her “shy, sexy” smile.  “I mean, we have all afternoon and all evening.  It might be fun to be hypnotized for more than a few minutes.  Please, Terry?”

I thought about it—for about a second.  “Sure, Susie,” I replied.  “But I may be tempted to make you my slave for the night if you’re going to be hypnotized that long.”

“That would be fine with me,” she purred, eyes fluttering.  “You can go ahead and do that if you want to.”

“What if I made you do something you didn’t want to?  You’ve been pretty deep, and you may not be able to resist.  I’d hate to have you resent me for that.”

“It’s my fantasy, Terry.  I can’t resent you for that.”  That surprised me.  Susie had never been forthcoming when it came to matters of her fantasies; I only knew as much as I did because I’d asked her when she was deep in trance, and unable to hide her innermost desires.  This was tantamount to giving me carte blanche with her body and her mind, which was everything I wanted.  I didn’t need the mind warp files now.

“Susie, look into my eyes.”  She moved slightly and locked her gaze with mine.  “Can you see the light in my eyes?”


“Very good, Susie.  Now keep looking at the sparkle, that pretty sparkle you’ve always liked and now you can se it getting brighter and brighter, it’s becoming very clear and beginning to fill your vision and you know that it’s a beam now going into your eyes and you know that it’s my hypnotic eye beams going into your eyes, hypnotic eye beams opening your mind, hypnotic eye beams sending you into trance, my hypnotic eye beams which you love, and that are sending you into hypnotic trance and you know you can’t resist going into trance when you see my hypnotic eye beams and my voice telling you to go into trance.  My hypnotic eye beams have sent you into trance and you feel them sending you deeper and deeper as your mind goes blank and your will drains away as your body relaxes and the last thing you see before your eyes close and you are deep in hypnotic trance are my hypnotic eye beams as you are now… asleep.  Deeply asleep, deeply hypnotized by my voice and my hypnotic eye beams.”  She was under.  I didn’t even bother to test her trance this time, confident that the sum of her desire, the mind warp files, and her previous programming had her in a very deep trance.

“Susie, you are now in a very deep hypnotic trance.  You can hear only my voice, and now you will relax even more and allow yourself to go deeper into that hypnotic trance as I count to five.  It is time for you to remember that you are no learning to take yourself deep enough to accept my command.  You will let me know when you are deep enough by the special words you are to speak.  You want to take yourself this deep because it is a part of your fantasy, and I am the only person who will be able to take you this deeply, and the only person for whom you will allow yourself to go this deeply.  Do you understand?”

“Yes… Terry…  I understand.”

“Very good, Susie.  On the count of five, you will be deeper in hypnosis than ever before.  Your eyes will open, but you will see nothing.  One… two… three… four… five.”  Her eyes opened, but her face was devoid of expression.  Completely blank.  I felt a surge of blood to my groin.  “Very, very good Susie.  You hear only my voice now.”

“I hear… only… your voice.”

“My hypnotic eye beams have taken you here.  You will remember that my hypnotic eye beams are so very powerful that you cannot resist going deeply into trance.  You do not want to resist going into trance because you love being hypnotized by me.  The next time you are hypnotized by my eye beams, you will find it easy to go this deep for me.  It is what you want.”

“Yes… what I want,” she sighed, licking her lips involuntarily.  I knew that as soon as she was awake, we’d be having incredible sex.

“What will you do next time you are caught by my hypnotic eye beams?”

“Go into… deep trance.  This deep.”

“Excellent, Susie.”  Now it was time for me to do something on the boundary of ethics.  “You will not remember having been told what I am about to tell you.  In your mind, nothing will be different.  You will be able to justify your actions to me without knowing that you were hypnotized into acting this way.  Do you understand me, sweetheart?”

“Yes… I understand…  Terr-ry.”  Her tone of voice was the seductive one she’d unintentionally use while we were having sex.

“I want you to do something for me, Susie, and you will want to do it for me because you love me, and you have allowed me to control you with my hypnotic eye beams.  When you awaken from this trance, you will go home, and find the cigarette holder from the Halloween party.  You will return here with it, and you will use it until Sunday evening at six p.m.  You will not remember being told to do this.  You will feel that you are doing this on your own, because you want to.  In your mind, you will be able to justify this should anyone ask and not think anything of it.  You will not smoke any more or any less than you would, but each time you smoke, you will choose to use the holder.  You will follow this command, even though you do not remember me having given it to you.  Nod if you understand and agree.”

Susie’s head bobbed twice, very slowly.  She was really going to do it!.  “When I kiss you, you will awaken, remembering only that my hypnotic eye beams have hypnotized you, and that you were in a deep trance.  You will remember that the next time, you will be hypnotized easier, and go this deep into hypnosis for my hypnotic eye beams.  You will not consciously remember any other commands given to you, but you will act on them.”  I kissed her.  “How do you feel, Susie?”

“Wow!  That was so neat!  It’s like everything’s… foggy, but I feel like… so rested and relaxed!  I love it when you hypnotize me.”  She was smiling, but making no overtly sexual moves.  “Ummm…  I need to go home for a little bit.  Is that OK with you?  I mean, I know what usually happens when you ummm… hypnotize me, and it’s not that I don’t want to—but I forgot something at home.  I’ll be right back, I promise.”

I told her to go ahead, and permitted myself a slightly evil, self-satisfied smile as she closed the door behind her.  When she came back, I asked her what was going on.  “Oh… nothing,” she smiled.  “I picked up some beer while I was out.  You were cooking, right?”

I was puzzled.  Something wasn’t right here.  “I was just going to heat the lasagna I made last night,” I said.

“In the oven, right?”

“Uhhh… yeah.  Slow heat instead of nuking.”  I had no clue where all this was going.

“Good.  Then I’m gonna have a beer while you put it on.”  Still confused, I went to the kitchen.  I guessed she was anticipating being hungry in about an hour.  When I came back, she was reclined on the sofa with a couple of beers open and…  “I figured that a cigarette would go great with the beer.  What do you think?”  Her holder raised high, she took a very demonstrative puff.  I was hot and bothered in an instant.  “Come join me,” she throatily purred.  We did it on the sofa, both of us very turned on.

As I put my clothes back on so I could take care of the lasagna, I asked, “That was a surprise.  I’m not complaining, but what possessed you to use the holder?”

She appeared in the kitchen with another lit cigarette in the holder.  “Because you’ve been really nice about hypnotizing me to turn me on more, I thought it would be nice if I could do—”  She took a puff and posed for a chin-raised exhale.  “—The same for you.”  It was awful hard to think about lasagna right then, but I managed to get dinner served without further sexual incident; however, I had Susie for dessert in the bedroom immediately following her post-meal cigarette.  She managed to hold off on her post-sex cigarette, and waited long enough so that I could get it up for the third and final time later that night.  As she cuddled against me afterwards, she said, “You are such an awesome boyfriend.”

“You’re beyond awesome, Susie,” I whispered before falling asleep.


Not much happened that week; considering the fact that Susie and I had worn each other out over the weekend, it wasn’t surprising that neither of us wanted to start anything remotely sexual.  It helped that Carrie had left for a month’s business in Europe, leaving her Australian boyfriend out-of-sorts, and out of a place to live, so Susie had her place back.  Carrie apologized; apparently she hadn’t expected him to have moved in, but once he was there, none of us had the heart (myself included) to kick him out.  When she left, he had no alternative but to leave.  Susie and I slept in separate beds for the week, choosing to communicate by phone.  On Saturday, we had tickets for a concert.  When I stopped by to pick her up, which was the first time we’d seen each other in a week, she hesitated a moment before leaving.  “What’s wrong?”

“Ummmm… you didn’t do something like give me a post-hypnotic command to use the cigarette holder or anything, did you?” she asked.  “I mean, part of me feels so bad for asking because that implies that I don’t trust you, but I don’t want to be walking around in public with a long cigarette holder, either.”

“Susie, I understand.  The holder… is something you do for me, in private.  No, I would not do anything like that to you.”

Susie smiled and gave me a brief, wet kiss.  “Maybe on special occasions, I’ll consider it,” she said.  Winking, she continued, “Halloween is a definite.  Now we can go.”

We had a good time that evening, having a late dinner at a quiet, cozy place that specialized in the after-show crowd.  Susie began, “Y’know, I’ve had to fight this hypnosis thing a little this week.”  I raised my eyebrows at that.  “Sometimes, I kind of feel like I want it all the time.  That scares me a little.  At the same time, the thoughts I’ve been having of you…”  Her voice trailed off and her eyes fluttered.

“Wow,” I said in a small voice. 

“But I’ve been good.  I haven’t—well, you know.  All week.  I wanted to save it all for you.  I wanted… to be natural tonight.  I don’t want that to be the only thing about you that sets me off, Terry.  I appreciate your willingness to play… but I want it to be… special.  Like your thing.”

I kissed her hand.  “Everything I do with you is special, Susan,” I truthfully said, hypnotism, slavery, and fetishes forgotten for the moment.  She almost melted into a puddle.  We were “engaged to be engaged” that night.  The sex was more gentle, slower, less… charged.  That didn’t make it any less intense of an encounter.  Sunday was more of the same.  Her fantasies and mine faded to insignificance against the backdrop of our flourishing relationship.  My thoughts turned to popping the question instead of controlling the girlfriend.  Unfortunately, as happy as I was that our relationship had deepened and seemed ready to proceed to the next level, I had already set events in motion.

Wednesday night, she cooked dinner for us at her place.  Immediately afterwards, she blurted, “Hypnotize me.  I want you to hypnotize me.  Tonight.”  I looked at her strangely.  “I’ve been thinking about this all through dinner, no, ever since we made plans for tonight.  Please, Terry.  I—I—I’ve been craving it.”  I opened my mouth to say something, but she resumed, “I don’t want you to think I’m a freak… but… but…  I just want you to put me into trance.”  That was when it dawned on me that she’d been listening to the mind warp files that had fanned her fantasy into just shy of an obsession.  I had to fix that, so I agreed, kicking myself for even entertaining the idea of warping somebody else’s mind, let alone Susie’s.

I led her to the living room, despite her suggesting that we use the bedroom.  “Susie, look into my eyes.”  She focused almost instantly.  “Look for the sparkle that will become the light that will become the hypnotic eye beams that—”  Susie flopped like a marionette whose strings had been cut.  She was under, her eyes open, dull, unseeing.  I remembered that she was in the deeper trance I had engineered two weeks prior.  “Susie?”

“I obey, master,” she said, still with a blank expression.

Frantically, I tried to think when or how I had triggered that response and what it meant or was it the mind warp or—!  I realized what had happened.  This was the fallout from my evil hypnotic master plotting.  I felt ashamed of myself.  At the same time, I knew she was waiting for instruction, and that was an awful hot realization.  “Susie, when you awake, and we are in the bedroom, you will feel very different… very… daring.  You will straddle me and guide my penis into you.  Being this daring drives you sexually crazy, and you will realize that you have been commanded to do this when we are having intercourse tonight.  In all other things, you will act and react naturally.  When I kiss you, you will awaken, remembering that you have been made my slave for one thing, but you will not be able to recall any details until we are in your bedroom.  Do you understand?”

“I obey… master,” Susie whispered from her trance.  I kissed her, making her wake up.  “Oh jeez I am so horny right now, Terry.  Help?”  We headed upstairs in a big hurry.  Susie damn near ripped her clothes off, and immediately started to help with mine.  Then she did something she had never done.  She pushed me down to the bed.  “I wanna try something—different—tonight,” she panted.  “That OK?”  It was a purely rhetorical question; had I protested, it would have landed on deaf ears.  “I’ve—pant—been thinking—gasp—about—mmmfff—notdoing—missionary,” she huffed, rubbing me to readiness.  “I hope this isn’t as clumsy as I feel,” she managed to say, calming for a few seconds.

Susie tentatively settled over me, gently grabbing my penis, and carefully positioning herself to land on top.  She eased her way down, letting go a very loud groan of pleasure, complete with rolling eyes; it was almost as if she had never had me inside of her before.  Her eyes came back into focus, and she yelped, “Oh-my-god!  You hypnotized me into doing this!”  She bounced, rolled, churned, yelped, screamed, moaned, pumped, and had what appeared to be the time of her life.  I was almost too wrapped up in her unchained fucking to remember that I was having sex, too.  Almost.  After her third orgasm, I grabbed her hips, thrust a few times, and came—which promptly sent Susie to nirvana.  She collapsed on top of me with a guttural grunt, chest heaving, but her body still.  I was still lodged inside her, although shrinking rapidly.  I moved and she began having a series of tremors.  Impressive aftershock.  It was a good thing that it was impossible for us to stay joined, because we would have remained that way for the rest of the night.  My dear fiancée-to-be had passed out once again.

The next time she said anything was the following morning.  “My legs are too sore to walk,” she complained.

I clucked sympathetically.  “Now you know what it’s like to be on top,” I kidded.

“I liked it—hypnotized or not.  I can see I’m going to need a little more—”  She gave me a kiss.  “—Practice.”  The look in her eyes said, “now.”  The little “sensible-thing-to-do” switch in my mind said, “Shower, get dressed and go to work now.”  My switch spoke a little louder than her eyes, so I made the first move towards doing the responsible thing.  After a brief whining protest, she did the same.  “Meet me for dinner here tonight?” she asked as we were leaving.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I said.


Susie asked me a question about dinner as we set our things down and she was looking at me.  “Hypnotic eye beams,” I said in response, curious to see if she would go under as quickly and as completely as before.  She collapsed onto her sofa.  “Susie?”

“I obey, master.”  Damn, that made me hard!

“You have been listening to a particular CD a lot lately, even playing it as you’ve slept alone.  Is this correct?  When you are this deep, you must tell me the truth, Susie.”

“Yes.  I have been listening to it.”

“You will stop listening to it, no matter what it says.  You must obey me, because I am your hypnotic master, and you are in trance because of my hypnotic eye beams.  You cannot resist my commands in your hypnotic trance.  My commands are stronger than any other commands when you are hypnotized.  You know this is true because you have allowed me, and me alone, to have the hypnotic power in my eyes that sends you into this very, very deep trance, where you cannot resist my commands.”

“I obey… master,” was all she said.

“You will forget having been hypnotized just now; later tonight, in your bedroom, I will hypnotize you again.  You will go this deep for me every time I say, ‘Susan, hypnotic eye beams.’  You will not be able to resist it, you will not want to resist it because you love being hypnotized by my hypnotic eye beams.  You love being hypnotized by my hypnotic eye beams.”

“I… love… being… hypnotized…  By your hypnotic eye beams.  I obey, master.”

“What makes you go this deeply, Susie?”

“When… you say… Susan, hypnotic eye beams.  I will go into deep, deep trance for you.  I obey, master.”  I woke her up so that we could have some fuel for our impending activities.  I was getting hungry.  If she had kept saying, “I obey, master,” in that faraway voice, I would have taken her right there in the living room, dinner be damned.  But there was more for Susie to “learn” tonight.  I was back on my original evil path, and it hadn’t taken much to send me there.  I still loved her with all my heart and soul; the challenge of my morality lay not in resisting the impulse to change her, but in making sure that I would not hurt her, or use it indiscriminately.  Once changed, Susie would never be fit for anyone else.  She would be mine, forever.

This story copyright © 2003, 2004, The Flying Pen

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