Hypnotic Eye Beams

Descent Into Depravity

So there I was, resisting temptation with all my might.  My fiancée was under my hypnotic control, but her extremely hot best friend and roommate was, quite unintentionally, also under my control.  Fevered dreams that I thought I’d left behind in freshman year during the last stages of puberty began to revisit me with frightening intensity and detail.  The only difference was that instead of Carrie purring, “It’s been a great night.  Wanna come in and make it even better?”, it was Carrie, eyes blank, arms outstretched, saying, “Yes, Master.  I will obey.  My body is yours to command.”  I’d lost my load, untouched, during a couple of restless nights the following week.  Susie, unfortunately, was not available because of a major work project.  My resolve was battered and weakened, but still holding.  At least until Susie gave me the opportunity.  Have you heard of putting the fox in charge of the hen house?

One Saturday, about a month later, we were lying in bed after a very satisfying round of non-hypnotic sexual hijinks, the day before she was scheduled to leave for Boston for two weeks.  “Ummm…  Terry,” she began.  “I need to talk to you about Carrie.”  Any fog created by afterglow vanished instantly, and I was beginning to worry about what she was going to say.  Did Carrie somehow reveal her hypnotic link to me?  Had Susie noticed…?  “I’m worried about her, Terry,” Susie said.  “She hasn’t been herself ever since she came back from England, and the whole Walter thing. “  My own panic subsided, and I was able to focus on what she was saying.  It was evident by the tone of her voice that she was very worried about our friend.  “She hasn’t wanted to go out, she hasn’t done much other than futz at the computer, doing work stuff.”  She sighed.  “I asked if she wanted to go out with us tonight, but she said no, that she wanted to stay home alone.  She didn’t even say anything about us needing some alone time together.  She’s just seemed so down lately, and I’m gonna be gone for a couple of weeks.”

I knew where this was leading.  “You want me to keep an eye on her?  Maybe see if I can take her out and get her out of her rut?”  She gave me a peck on the cheek, eyes sparkling in the darkness.  “She’s my friend too, Susie.  I’m sure I can get her to go out.  Once she’s out, she shouldn’t have any problem with men.”

Susie giggled, despite the seriousness of the situation.  “Thanks, Terry.”  She reached over to the nightstand and picked up a cigarette holder and Capri 120, deliberately making a show of fitting it.  She handed me a lighter as she sat up, posing.  “Sir?”  I gaped at her, lust growing.  “If you think I’m going away from you for two weeks without wearing both of us out first, you’ve got another think coming,” she smiled coyly.  “I’ve got a flight where I can recover.  In first class.”  The lighter flicked on immediately.


Carrie declined to come with us to the airport.  “I’m not engaged to her,” she said, face firmly set.  I went back to their apartment after dropping Susie off at security.  “What brings you here?  Did Susie forget something?” Carrie said after letting me in.

“No, I wanted to talk to you.  Susie and I are worried about you,” I declared.

“That’s really sweet, but I’m fine, Terry.  Really.  I haven’t felt like going out, and I’m trying to get acclimated to my stateside transfer.  Had lots of work stuff to do.  It’s almost like learning a new position.”

I frowned.  “Are you sure?”

“You guys!” she spouted in exasperation, turning away, and striding across the room.  She lit a cigarette, and then spun to face me.  “I don’t need a set of parents, OK?  I’m a big girl.  I can take care of myself.  I am fine.  Walter isn’t even a blip on my radar screen, if that’s what you’re worried about.”  She huffed, and lost some of the tension in her body.  “Look, Terry.  You’re a great guy, and Susie’s been the best friend.  And I do appreciate what you’re trying to do, but… it’s not a problem.  Trust me.  OK?  We’ve known each other long enough that I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to judging my own state of mind.”

“You’re mostly right, Carrie, but frequently, the worst person to judge mental state is the person in it,” I answered.

“Touché,” she sighed, admitting defeat.  “I’ll keep in close touch, ‘cause I know Susie’s gonna worry about me whenever she gets the chance.  You can report that back to her.”  She sighed again after a few seconds.  “I have been kind of a bitch, lately, huh?”  I nodded.  “Listen, I’ve got so much work to deal with, I’ve been going kind of crazy.  Maybe you can have me over for dinner later this week?”  I agreed, she gave me a chaste hug and I said goodnight.  I didn’t feel bad about the dreams, the memories I’d had—they hadn’t even entered the equation.  Of course, in retrospect, Susie had worn me out as promised, so I wasn’t vulnerable—on Sunday.

Carrie called on Thursday.  “OK, I’m tired of Healthy Choice.  Can I come over tomorrow?  It’s awful quiet here.”  I said it was the same at my place, and that I’d welcome the company.

I cooked one of her favorite meals.  When she saw the fish, she smiled, “Is this a ‘cheer-up Carrie’ meal?  I remember the first time you made the Cajun snapper for me; I’d tanked my first advanced management exam my last semester, and I was pretty depressed.”

“It helped enormously,” I pointed out.  “Between that and the wine, you were ready for the project evaluation on the following day.”  Carrie laughed, and we reminisced through dinner.  After dinner, she went to the video case while I was finishing kitchen clean up.

“Wow.  You like vampires or something?” she called from the living room.  I called back that Susie liked the movies.  I preferred hilarious Japanese monster movies with bad dubbing and terrible special effects.  “I’ll take vampires, thank you,” she returned.  When I got into the living room, “Once Bitten” had started.  She patted the sofa.  “I’m not up to going out tonight, OK, Terry?  You were right, but I think I’d rather spend the evening with a friend instead of in a bar with guys hitting on me.  Watch the movie with me.  I love Jim Carrey.”

She couldn’t have picked a worse movie.  Hypnosis and Lauren Hutton with a cigarette holder.  By the middle of the movie, I was cursing myself for not having suggested renting something innocuous like a chick flick.  I had shifted several times, trying to be discreet, while avoiding looking at Carrie.  When they got to the coffin scene, Carrie had lit another long cream-colored cigarette, and I was missing Susie terribly.  “Hypnotic eye beams,” I whispered.  She slumped onto me, entranced.  “Carrie, relax, relaxed and calm, listening to my voice, relaxed and calm, forget about Walter, you are beautiful and sexy, you are very beautiful and very sexy.  Carrie, you are smart, desirable, and a wonderful woman.”

“Beautiful… mmmm… sexy… mmmm… horny.  Want to be… hypnotized… by Terry.”

OK, I was drunk.  I had been dreaming about this exact thing.  But I was engaged.  And it didn’t matter at that moment.  “You are hypnotized by Terry,” I said.

“Yesss… feel so… horny...”  What was it about me and women with hypno-fascinations, even one that I’d created, albeit accidentally?

“Carrie, I want you to take a deep breath on the count of three.  At the count of three, you will become relaxed, and not feel horny.  Your eyes will open, and you will be relaxed and comfortable, remaining deeply asleep, deeply hypnotized.  We will have a talk, and you will be completely honest and open, allowing your feelings to have free rein.  Do you understand?”

“Yes.  So horny…  Want to be hypnotized… by Terry.  Trust…  Terry.  Feels good,” she babbled.  I made her take her breath so I could calm down.  “Carrie, what is it about me that makes you trust me so much?”

“I’ve known you for almost six years, and you’ve been too shy to chase me,” she replied with a bright smile.  “I know you don’t put up with me for my body, like most guys.”  She lit a cigarette.  “Of course I know you wanted my body.  But you weren’t ready for it in college.”  I asked her what she meant by that.  “I liked my guys bold back then.  If you’d have been brave enough, I probably would have, y’know.  At least until it got obvious that you and Susie were gonna happen—sophomore year.”  She smiled at me.  “I still wonder what it would be like—occasionally.”

Carrie french-inhaled slowly, and exhaled just as deliberately.  I was being flirted with.  She was vulnerable, an emotionally wounded, beautiful young woman with a formidable sexual appetite that had been locked down.  “It was good that you finally got with her,” she continued.  “It’s nice to see her get laid on a—”  She paused with a wicked grin.  “—Very regular basis.”  She took one last drag and re-crossed her legs slowly, which made me feel like I was in Basic Instinct.  “She says you’re real good, too.”  Noting my reaction, she gave me a patronizing smile.  “We talk.  Girlfriends n’ all that.”  Her next look was distinctly predatory.  “And maybe I think I’ve missed something.”

“Carrie, you can’t be serious.  I’m engaged to your best friend,” I protested.  It even sounded hollow to me.

She smiled at me, becoming more enticing.  I’d never seen her smile like that.  “Well…yes, but… that makes you safe.  I know you won’t dick me over.”  Her tongue peeked between her teeth.  “Although you might dick me.  I know that I do things that Susie wouldn’t.”

“Carrie!  I can’t believe that you’re doing this!!!”

“I haven’t done a thing,” she pointed out.  “We’re just… talking.  And you look extremely interested.”  She played with her hair, well aware that I was watching her with lust.  “I’ve known you for six years, Terry.  I know you have the hots for me.  Have had them since O-day in the dorm.  You missed an opportunity back then.  I’m just letting you know that if your conscience could handle it…”  She lit another cigarette, letting the phrase drop.

“You’re trying to seduce me.”

She posed with her cigarette.  “Am I succeeding?”

“Hypnotic eye beams,” I finally managed to breathe.  Carrie blinked a couple of times, and focused on my eyes, looking slightly confused.  I realized that she was already under hypnosis, so the trigger wasn’t as effective; however, it did give me an opening.  “That’s right, Carrie, focus on my eyes and my voice and relax, relax into sleep as your eyes get heavy and your body relaxes and you go into a nice, relaxing, hypnotic sleep, because you trust me and you want to be hypnotized by me.  Sleep, Carrie, sleep deeply, sleep… sleep…”

It worked, allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief and adjust my pants.  I had no idea why she was hitting on me; I had commanded her not to be horny, but I had also commanded her to be completely honest and open.  Therefore, what I was seeing was exactly what Carrie wanted in her heart of hearts.  Somewhere that flattered me, but I was still determined to remain faithful to Susie.  I wasn’t sure I could last the week without giving into temptation, especially if Carrie was going to be firing on me with all cylinders, but tonight wasn’t going to be the night.  “Carrie, why are you tempting me?  Don’t you care about your best friend?”

“Yes…  But…  I’ve been so… horny.  You’re… safe.  Nice… cute.  Susie… wouldn’t know.”

I put her back to sleep, and went upstairs to Susie’s toy drawer, where I removed her favorite dildo.  I figured that given the choice between sharing a toy or me with Carrie, Susie would prefer that it be the toy.  “Carrie, listen to me,” I said, “You are with me, and you will hear my voice, and feel all that I tell you.  When you see the dildo, you will think that it is my cock, and you will see me doing what you imagine it would be.  Undress for me, as we get ready for sex.  I am kissing your body as each piece of clothing falls away.  I am gentle, teasing, working on your senses to increase your pleasure.”  She began to sigh as she undressed, pausing to allow me, or at least the hypnotic image of me, work on her skin.  It was erotic as all hell, and despite my best intentions, I began to thicken.  She settled on the sofa, writhing at my imagined ministrations, moaning.  “Imagine me removing my clothes, you see me as you’ve always imagined me, as you’ve heard Susie describe me.”

“It’s… beautiful!” Carrie gasped.  “I want it in me.”  That made me harder, and I undressed, because it was beginning to be too painful to keep it in my pants.  I approached her, still encouraging her fantasy with verbal imagery, wielding the dildo and a bobbing erection.  I knew which one I wanted to put inside her, but I also knew which one I had to put in.  I began to rub the dildo around her fleshy folds, and Carrie began to hump gently, moaning loudly.  As I began to penetrate her, she groaned, and then began to wiggle.  “Noooo… not there… not there,” she gasped.

“Where do you want me to put it?” I returned, panting myself, puzzled.  Did she want to give me head?

“You… you know… the other place,” she purred, her eyes inviting.  “The place where Susie would never think of.  I like it there,” she cooed.  I moved the dildo uncertainly.  “Mmmmmm, therrrrre…”  She bucked her hips in an undeniable invitation.  I knew about lubrication and asked her to wait a moment while I found some.  “My room, the top drawer in my dresser,” she eagerly said.  “Don’t take too long, Terry.”  She began to probe gently around her outer folds with a wicked smile.  I took a few extra moments in the seclusion of her bedroom to regain my composure.  “Ohhh Terr-eeee,” came a singsong voice, “I’m waiiiiiii-ting!”  I sighed unhappily, and went to feed her fire.

It quickly became apparent that not only was Carrie interested in anal sex, but she was also quite experienced with it.  Her hips bucked, her eyes rolled up into her head, and she had a very obvious orgasm with very little prompting.  “Play with yourself, Carrie!” I urgently hissed, one hand on the fake cock and one on my very real, aching cock.  Her fingers flew over her clit and around her pussy, masturbating furiously as I pumped at her with the dildo in one hand, while my other flew along my burning cock.  Her second orgasm preceded mine by a few seconds.  I shot, hard, indescribably hot, and with a howl.  There was a lot of panting afterwards, until Carrie finally spoke after an eternity.  “Did you like that?” she said, invitation still in her voice.  “I’ve got more…”

I put her back to sleep immediately, filling her head with image of intense sex, giving her fuel for masturbatory fantasies to be played out later, alone, in the privacy of her bedroom.  Frankly, I couldn’t have gotten it up for at least an hour anyway.  Carrie and I slept in our respective homes that night; she had gotten what she had wanted, at least as far as she was concerned.  As for myself, I was relieved, but oddly frustrated.  I had kept my faithfulness to Susie, at least in body, and given myself a chance to survive the following week without her.  I had no clue that I’d only managed to sabotage myself.


I spoke to Susie the next day.  I wasn’t going to tell her about Carrie’s advances; I didn’t want to be the one responsible for destroying their friendship.  Besides, Carrie wasn’t in her right mind.  Walter was still affecting her.  “So, did you take my suggestion?  Did you have dinner last weekend?” Susie brightly asked.

“Yes, we had dinner on Saturday and Sunday, dear.  It wasn’t exactly a suggestion you gave me.”

“I have a brand-new holder on its way from EBay.  It’s nice and long, black, and you’ll love it,” she said.  I could almost see the mischievous grin.  “If I didn’t have a group dinner tonight, I’d stay here at the hotel and we could—talk—over the phone.”  I didn’t need this; I was already horny enough.  “About how I would look with a Capri and the ten-inch black holder, all nice and reclined in the bed…”

“Stop!!!  I already miss you terribly!” I cried at her.  “This is no fair!”

She giggled.  “Well, OK.  If you say so.  Why don’t you meet Carrie for a happy hour and get her out of her rut?  You know she’s a social animal.  Take her to Grillo’s Pad or someplace like that.  The exposure will do her good.  She’ll probably get picked up.  It wouldn’t hurt her to get laid again by somebody other than Walter.”

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea… she told me she had lost her confidence.”  And she came firing at me with all cylinders.  She thinks that I’m a great candidate for “somebody other than Walter,” I thought.  “She said that she wasn’t really interested in meeting anybody new right now.”

“And the last time I was like that, she pushed me out the door, right into the arms of… well, never mind.  He wasn’t you.  Not by a long shot.”  I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but she immediately resumed, “We’ve known her for a long time.  She needs our help, Terry.”  I sighed and acquiesced, gearing myself up to resist that recurrent fantasy that had been dangled in the flesh in front of me.  “You’re a doll.  I’ll… make it worth your while when I get back on Sunday.”  I wondered if I’d be worth her while by then.

Susie had apparently called her roommate beforehand and badgered her into going to a happy hour with me, because when I called, Carrie said, “If we don’t go, we’ll never hear the end of it.  And you know she’ll ask Grillo if we were there.”  That’s why I walked into Grillo’s Pad after work on Tuesday.  Carrie was already there, sitting at a table, and she was trying to get rid of a guy.  Big surprise there.  “Sweetheart!” she exclaimed as she saw me.  The guy’s face fell and went a little dark.  I recognized the sizing up look, but he hadn’t yet had enough to drink to want to fight.  Carrie grabbed me and gave me a close, tight hug, which I returned, for effect.

The dude’s barely audible, “H’lo,” accompanied by a glare and his immediate departure was the effect we were going for, but the hug also caused a completely unintentional, and as far as I was concerned, unwelcome, surge of interest down south.  She noticed.  “I’m happy to see you, too… tiger,” Carrie throatily whispered in my ear.  She gave it a little nip, and pulled away with a knowing look.  This immediately put things in the wrong context.  She still remembered me having balled her all night Saturday, even if I didn’t really touch her.  Carrie’s hand landed squarely in my lap when I sat, and she immediately called a waitress over to take my order, so I couldn’t get away under the pretense of getting a drink.  She cuddled against me, sweetly intoning, “I’m glad Susie suggested this.”  My inability to get away from Carrie’s gentle, discreet ministrations ate away at my resistance.

The majority of my conversation was stammered.  However, judging by the envious looks I was getting from the rest of the men who wandered by, it would not have been a good idea to drop the façade, since it would expose Carrie to something she said she wasn’t ready for.  That much I believed.  Besides, she smelled very nice, and her body was soft… and… and… it was Carrie.  “Wanna order something to eat before we leave, Terry?  My treat.”

I agreed, mostly because it forced her to let go of me in order to eat, but there was a part of me that didn’t want to cook after getting home; it had other, more important things on its mind.  Since Carrie didn’t own a car, I drove the two of us back, and pulled up in front of their place.  She turned the key in the ignition off, leaned forward, and gave me a very aggressive good night kiss.  “We’ve already done it once,” she purred as I was catching my breath, having responded.  “Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.  Susie doesn’t know, she won’t know from me, and I’m still horny, and you’re really, really good in bed.”  Her hand returned to my lap.  “I know what you want.”  I opened my mouth to interrupt, only to receive another aggressive kiss from her.  “I’m a little more… cosmopolitan than you and Susie,” she resumed, still lightly massaging the lump in my pants.  “I’ve done it with married men—and women.  This doesn’t mean that I want to be with you forever, like Susie.  This means that I trust you more than any man in the world right now, and that I find you sexually attractive.  It’s not making love between us, Terry.  It’s two friends satisfying a physical need.  There’s a big difference.  Come in tonight.”

I was so horny, so hot, so ready, that it all made sense to me.  I spent that night taking what Carrie so eagerly gave, living out a six-year old fantasy, which rendered in flesh, was beyond anything my feeble pubescent imagination had scripted.  Carrie was the sexual opposite of Susie: eager, unconventional, experienced beyond my knowledge.  “C’mon… fuck me… in my ass… again… c’mon…  I want it,” she panted on her hands and knees, waving her wonderfully round, slightly-out-of-proportion ass around enticingly.  It was so tight, yet I could move, and move I did.  When I began to moan loudly, uncontrollably, it was Carrie who urged me on.  “Come in my asshole… come in my ass, Terry.  Ohhh, shit… that’ll make me come too… come in—”

I did not know if she came.  I was too lost in my orgasm and ejaculation to notice.  Or even to care.  At some point afterwards, she caringly cleaned my cock off with a wet cloth, and then returned to the bedroom with a cigarette.  “That was fantastic.  Susie doesn’t know how good she’s got it.”  I made no comment; I just lay there and watched Carrie smoke.  She was unaware that she was speeding my recovery and exciting me all over again; but she took my silence for discomfort, and so silently finished her cigarette.  With a little hesitation she asked, “Are you going home now?”

I’d just lived one of my longstanding fantasies, and it made me want more.  “No, Carrie, I’m not,” I said, leaning to her face as if for a kiss, only to add, “Hypnotic eye beams.”  She fell backwards, her torso and head hitting the bed with a soft thump.  “Carrie, you are now deeply hypnotized and deeply relaxed.  You are hypnotized so deeply that you will do everything I say.  You cannot resist my commands.  You are like a vampire’s victim, helpless.  You cannot resist.  You will obey.”

“I,” she swallowed loudly, trying to keep the words from coming out.  “Can… not… resist.  I will… o-o-obey.”  I began to thicken again.

“Again,” I sternly repeated.

“I… cannot… resist.  I will… obey.”  I made her repeat her oath of hypnotic submission until there was no hesitation on her part, that it was as real to her as I wanted it to be.  “I cannot resist.  I will obey.”

I was very hard now.  After I had made sure that I’d cemented her image of her submission to me, I gave her a post-hypnotic command.  “When I count to three, you will awaken, realizing that you are still powerless to resist me and that you must obey me.  I am your master, I control your body and your mind, and that excites you.  It excites you to realize that I have the same power over Susie.  When the sun comes up tomorrow, you will no longer be enslaved, but the next time that you are hypnotized by me, you will again become my willing slave, unable to resist any command.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.  I will not be able to resist your command.”

With that response, I almost didn’t make it to three before jumping her again, all thoughts of pre-marital fidelity gone, and the seed of an evil idea germinating in my head.  I thrust at her mercilessly, aided by the hypnotically induced thrill of her sexual submission, sending her into another series of orgasms.  It was almost three in the morning before I finally ran out of gas, having used everything at my disposal to keep Carrie in a state of sexual bliss.  She melted against me, unconscious.  The next morning, Carrie and I called in sick to our respective jobs.  Now that I was awake, the seed that was in my mind had time to blossom into a full-fledged evil idea.  Carrie and I were going to be alone, together, for the whole day.  I could work on the details at my leisure.


“Hypnotic eye beams, Carrie.”  She moaned, sounding on the verge of an orgasm as she melted onto the bed after a very late breakfast.  “Do you remember that you are now my willing slave, unable to resist any command?”

“Yes… master.  I am your willing slave,” she smiled, eyes closed, deep in trance.

“Very good, Carrie.  Open your eyes, remaining deeply asleep.  I am going to ask you some questions and you will be completely open and honest with me. No matter how much you want to keep it hidden, you cannot.”  After getting her assent, I asked, “Have you been with women before—of your own volition?”  She’d said as much in the car, but I wanted to make sure.  This was something I could use to further my plot.

“Yes, master.”

“Does it excite you to be with another woman?”  She enthusiastically purred in response.  “Have you ever thought about being with Susie?”

“No… master.  She wouldn’t be… interested,” Carrie replied.  “It would make things easier for you, but she’s too… sexually conservative.”

“Is she attractive enough for you?”

“Yes, master.  That’s not the problem.”

“I have control of her.  I can make her available to you, Carrie.  Does that thought excite you?”  Of course it did.  I had planted the idea in her head.  Time to lead her where I wanted this to go.  “You like having sex with me, don’t you, my slave?”

“Oh… god… yes… master…  Terry,” she gasped, “it makes me so hot when you call me that.”  She wasn’t lying.  The flush was apparent.

“If having sex with Susie were the only way you could continue to be my slave, would you—”

“YES!!!”  I wasn’t prepared for the enthusiasm in her response.  It was flattering, regardless of its genesis.  “I want you to fuck me in the ass again, T—master.  I want to be your slave.  I want to be hypnotized by you…  I want…  I want…”

“You want to be my slave.  My sex toy,” I panted, undressing.

Carrie slid two fingers into herself, and the slurp resonated in my ears.  “Ohhhh… shit… yesssss… masss-terrrr.”

“On your hands and knees, slave.”  She eagerly complied, and we were quickly joined.  It was intense, brief, but both of us were seeing stars afterwards.  I brought her out of trance, and she immediately hugged me, and then nestled comfortably against my body.  “I like fucking you when you’re hypnotized, Carrie.”

“I like being your hypnotized slave.  It’s a total lack of responsibility for the act.  It’s a lot less painful than bondage.”  She looked up at me, feeling the little jerk of surprise I gave.  “I’ve had… experiences, OK, Terry?  It’s not something I care for.  But… being hypnotized by you?  Anytime.  Will you hypnotize her for me?  For us?”

“Yes, Carrie.  I want to see the two of you, the two sexiest women on Earth, making passionate lesbian love—”

“—While I am mindless.  I hope she doesn’t mind if I get to be the mindless one,” she giggled, interrupting my fantasy.

“You’ll take turns.  I am your master.  Both of you.”

“Yes… master.  I… obey,” she mimicked, feeling me thicken.  “You like having a hypnotic harem, don’t you?  What other evil fantasies and fetishes are going on in that All-American head of yours?” Carrie smiled.  “As long as it doesn’t involve bondage or pain…” she coyly started.

“I know you’ll play along.  Willingly…”  I smiled wickedly.  “Hypnotic eye beams.”  Carrie sighed softly and went slack against me.  “…Or not.”

This story copyright © 2003, 2004, The Flying Pen

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