Night Music

Chapter 8: Revenge Is Sweet...

The weekend arrived. Sex with Victoria had erased any questions from my mind, and we spent a very nice Friday evening. For an entire evening, we were a mortal couple. We went out to dinner at a five-star restaurant, and ate our meal with a fabulously expensive bottle of wine. Victoria looked fantastic in her blue cocktail dress. Many of the men (and women) watched her each time she would move. "David, I like this place. You should propose to me here," she said as we waited for dinner.

"I thought we were already married," I kidded, aware of the role reversal.

"Noooo, is not official. We are vampire married. I want to be mortal married, in church," she whimpered. "I can go in church now, as long as you love me. Of course, if you do not love me, I shall have to kill you." There was a lilt in her voice to let me know that she was teasing. Or was she?

"The only question I have is how long I should wait before proposing. If I do it too soon, everybody is going to ask if I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to deal with that hassle, because I am sure about you. Even if we weren’t already married, I’d be thinking about when to propose right now." My wife blushed, mouthing the words "I love you." Her brown eyes danced and she smiled warmly. Yeah, I was definitely in love with this woman.

We went dancing after dinner. I was impressed by Victoria. She was a fast learner, and only did the Charleston twice. We went home, and as I went to get a glass of water, Victoria leaned sexily against the kitchen counter. I forgot all about water. We made love on the kitchen counter. And in the dining room. And in the living room, finally making it to the bedroom after daybreak, where we made love a couple more times. I was mortal for those two, though, and couldn’t get it up any more if my life depended on it. We went to sleep around eleven.

We woke just an hour before sundown. I got ready quickly, eager to sample the women I had lusted after for so long. Victoria noted my enthusiasm with unease. "You want these women more than you want me," she said petulantly. I sat down next to her, as she lay on the bed, still naked, still awesomely beautiful. I stroked her body lightly, and I felt her tremble at my touch. Those brown eyes were speaking volumes about her feelings right now.

"Victoria... baby. I’m sorry, but I can’t make you understand." I paused, gathering my thoughts. "I’ve wanted to be with women before I met you, and some of these women have treated me extremely poorly. This is my revenge, and I also get to fulfill a fantasy. You are the woman I love, but you’re not the only woman I’ve ever dreamed about. You have given me a chance to have, for a little while, the women I couldn’t. You don’t know what that means to me, and it makes me love you all the more." I paused again. "I’d like you to stay and participate in my revenge. Remember the video camera I bought last week? I need somebody to operate it tonight."

I didn’t mention that I had planned more for Victoria than just being the camera operator. She looked into my eyes, searching my soul for deception. She closed her eyes and was silent for a minute. "Will it make you happy if I take pictures?" she queried, eyes still closed.

"Yes. Very happy, love," I whispered.

The eyes opened and sparkled as she said, "Then I will do it for you." There was a pause, and then she said, "But you will suck my pussy a lot the next week." She smiled at me, and we kissed.

Less than a minute after the sun went down, I summoned Kelly and Michelle, and the plan was set in motion. The two women appeared at our front door in about forty-five minutes. Both had blondish hair, and similar pretty faces. Kelly was slender, with sharper features, whereas Michelle was rounder, softer in both body and face.

"I am both your master and your dream lover. Neither of you can resist doing what I ask, and you will do it with complete abandon and desire." I took a deep breath. This was it! "Michelle, I want to start with a kiss from you. Kelly, you may react however you see fit." Michelle attacked me, kissing me as if her life was at stake. Victoria started the camcorder, and I noted that Kelly was waiting impatiently. I pulled away from Michelle with a bit of reluctance.

Kelly cleared her throat. I turned to see her eyes overflowing with lust. "I can do better than that. Michelle’s just my little sister," she said, and proceeded to prove her point. This kiss brought tears to my eyes and I was definitely having problems breathing afterwards.

Michelle didn’t take the insult idly. She knelt in front of me and removed my rigid cock from my pants. She opened her mouth and absolutely devoured my dick. I watched her blonde hair fly around haphazardly as she aggressively sucked. Not wanting to be left out, Kelly joined her sister in fellating me. Slowly, but steadily, Kelly forced Michelle’s head away from my cock. Kelly then moved in front of me, cutting her sister off completely. She bobbed her head slowly, using the deep suction I had found so incredible a week earlier.

Michelle tried to get at my cock, but Kelly would not even let her sister get close. "Let meee have some!" Michelle complained. I stopped Kelly so I could undress completely and lay down. As soon as I was on my back, she resumed her determined blowjob, still leaving Michelle with nothing to do. I made a kissing noise, and Michelle pounced on me, her tongue searching my mouth. My fingers played with her boobs, teasing them. Michelle stopped kissing me and stuck a breast in my mouth. She grabbed at my head as my tongue played across her nipple. "Oooooh, baby," she sighed happily.

My cock twitched in Kelly’s mouth. She worked to swallow my come, purring and humming around my dick. Michelle moaned in ecstasy as I pinched her nipples and kissed her. Kelly pulled away from me, come seeping around her lips. "Kiss your sister, Kelly, share with her our intimacy," I directed. Kelly kissed Michelle deeply, and Michelle responded by wrapping her arms around her sister. Victoria gasped, the first sound I’d heard from her since the women walked in.

"Now it’s your turn, Michelle. You have me all to yourself. Kelly, play with yourself and make yourself good and hot." My slaves quickly obeyed. Kelly began to gently caress herself. Michelle gave me a perfunctory kiss, then began to give me another blowjob. I got hard almost instantly.

Michelle looked up at me with a big smile. "Master, here’s something my big sister can’t do." She bobbed her head, taking me deeper with each stroke. I felt the head of my dick enter her throat.

Kelly moaned loudly, "Ohhh -- Miii-chelle!" I turned to see Kelly masturbating furiously. Her back arched as she watched her sister’s talented mouth completely engulf my cock.

Kelly wasn’t the only one who seemed fascinated by Michelle’s oral proficiency. Victoria was watching intently, filming it as closely as possible. "Mount me, Michelle, I am ready for you, my dear slave. Kelly, let me help you play with yourself." The women moved as commanded.

Michelle moaned loudly as her soft, silken pussy wrapped itself tightly around my cock. She pumped at me enthusiastically, bouncing up and down along my pole. My eyes were closed, and I was savoring the feeling of power. Then I felt something wet hit me, and I opened my eyes to find out what it was. Michelle’s eyes were closed, her head was thrown back, and a look of complete ecstasy was on her face. Victoria was next to her, whispering in her ear. I saw the light reflect off one of her fangs and there were small red stains on it.

Immediately Michelle’s hip motion changed to circular. Victoria had just told Michelle how to drive me wild. My wife had stopped filming, and was just watching now; I noticed a faint pink flush appear above Victoria’s collar. My attention was pulled back to Michelle as her orgasm began. "Ohh - Ohhhh! Ohhh - Ohhhh!!! Fuck meee!!! F-f-fuuucck m-meeeee mas-terr!!!" she cried. Her pussy went wild around my cock and she jerked wildly, snapping her head back and forth.

My hand was pulled roughly, causing me to remember that I was supposed to be fingering Kelly, too, but Kelly was doing just fine on her own. "Make herr coooome, master! I want to see my little sis-sis-sis-SSS-UNNNNGGHHH!" Kelly bucked wildly, fucking herself against my fingers, using my hand to stimulate her clit.

This was sensory overload. My eyes burned with the images and the air was thick with the smell of sex. I heard constant panting and moaning. I felt the sisters’ juices, wet and warm; Michelle’s in my crotch, Kelly’s on my hand. Of course, Michelle was still fucking me to death. This added up to one hell of an orgasm. I bucked mightily, arching my back off the floor, lifting Michelle with me. The most intense strobe lights I’d ever experienced were going off in my brain. Every muscle locked for a second, including my heart and lungs. Searing jets tore down the ridge of my cock to flood Michelle’s steaming wet pussy. Michelle moaned some more while I continued to empty my nuts into her, "Yesss, masss-t-t-terr, cooooommme... coooommme... ohhhhhh!!!!" She milked me with her cunt and I kept coming.

I spasmed inside of Michelle for what seemed like an eternity. She wouldn’t climb off and her pussy never stopped kneading my cock for an instant, even after our mixed juices started flowing out of her. It was definitely the biggest wad of my life. Michelle finally released me, relaxing her pussy. She gave me the sexiest look I’d ever received from a woman, including Victoria. "Kelly, clean your sister with your tongue," I commanded. Victoria gasped very loudly, as Kelly buried her face in Michelle’s still overflowing muff. My wife’s face was also bright red and I could hear her panting."Come sit on my face, Victoria? Would -- MMMFFF!!" Victoria landed her cunt squarely on my mouth with a grunt of abject lust.

She began to babble immediately as I went to work at my wife’s favorite activity. "David!!! -- Ohhh! -- Ohh! -- IS sooo -- DIRTY!! OHHH! S-s-suck my pussy! S-s-suck meee!!! Hnnfff!!!" She ground her hips ferociously against my face, pushing my tongue deep inside her. My nose bumped her engorged clit. "Ohhhh!!! Yee-esss!! Yee-esss! I-I I -- a-a-ammm ... COM -- HNNH-UHHH! HNN-UHHH! OHHHH!!!!" My wife screamed her joys to the neighborhood again, reminding me of our first nights together. The evening’s events had definitely affected Victoria.

She continued to push her hips into my face frantically; my jaw was cramping, and I stopped being so enthusiastic with my tongue. "Ooohhh... Ooooh... Ooohhh... My bayy-beee... I loveyou... Iloveyou... Ohhhh..." Victoria purred as her orgasm ebbed. She climbed off my face, but the room smelled of pussy, too. Victoria kissed me, but I was distracted by Michelle’s cries of delight as her sister ate her to yet another orgasm. I rolled over to see Michelle holding Kelly’s head, thrusting her cunt against her sister’s face.

"Ohhh! Sweet Kelllll! Baby lickme!!! Liiick... Lii-i-ick... Lickmeee!! Ohhhh... Myyyyy... Goddd!!! I’m co-o-ommming bayyybeeeee!!" Michelle humped madly at her sister’s tongue. I got the still camera and clicked off a couple of shots. "Stop and kiss your sister, Kelly, she wants to thank you, and make love with you." Michelle was in high gear now, and she and Kelly kissed passionately, deeply. It was a very wet, very long kiss, tongues frequently visible. Click! Another Kodak moment. Victoria regarded me curiously. "What are you going to do with pictures? You have video for memory?"

"In a couple of weeks, I’ll send them copies," I calmly said. Victoria and I watched the sisters in a thoroughly unabandoned display of lesbian desire for a little longer. I took an occasional picture. I wished I could be there when Kelly or Michelle opened the pictures. I smiled at the anticipated reaction.

"Is terrible. I love you," Victoria said, her eyes smiling. She finally understood what I meant by revenge. "But now what are you going to do? It will not be daylight for six hours," Victoria asked with trepidation. It was clear to her that I still had more diseased ideas in my mind. I looked at Kelly and Michelle, who were holding and stroking each other tenderly.

"Oh Kelly, come here please."

"Yes, master." She knelt next to me. I kissed her tenderly. She again presented her throat for the bite. It was tempting, but I wasn’t about to trade a bed for a coffin.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Kelly?" I asked softly. My hands caressed her thighs and rear, touching to tease. I could smell Kelly’s pussy and her juices were slick on her thighs.

"N-n-nooo, m-m-mas-terr," she moaned, rocking back and forth rhythmically against my hand, making me do more than just tease her. I started to think about how to set up the camera for maximum embarrassment.

"Your master desires your virgin ass, then. Get on your hands and knees, and I shall take what is mine," I commanded.

"NOOOO, pleease not there, master!" she protested. Kelly’s reaction was unexpected, interrupting my cold calculations. Well, I can make Kelly do anything for my special kiss.

"Do this, and I’ll kiss you as only I can, Kelly," I lied. Victoria’s eyebrows shot up, but she remained quiet. Michelle broke the momentary silence by saying, "Fuck meee in the ass, master! I love it!! I’ll let you do anything if you kiss m-"

"Michelle, sleep!" came Victoria’s direct command. Michelle immediately collapsed unconscious on the floor, her plea cut off in mid-word. I was impressed by Victoria’s power.

"Kiss me first, master." Kelly again. "I’ve thought about you so much this week. I neeeed your kiss, I wake up in the morning thinking about it. Pleease kiss meeee," she begged. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She looked so vulnerable when she did that. The wrong lust pushed at my brain. My fangs came out.

"Her will is strong on this, David," Victoria spoke, breaking the spell that Kelly’s pretty throat had started to weave. I drew a ragged breath, and the blood lust crawled back into its cage with a mild protest. A sharp hunger pang made my stomach growl. Kelly began begging again, but Victoria continued speaking in a quiet voice that somehow drowned out Kelly’s whining. "Do you really want to fuck her in ass, love? For revenge?" I nodded. "Then I do this for you," my wife said, and walked over to Kelly. Kelly watched Victoria, then the two women’s eyes locked. Victoria knelt, bit Kelly, and drank deeply. My wife stood after a minute and looked down at Kelly. Victoria’s eyes were two red-hot embers set in her face. It gave her a supernatural appearance. I was fascinated by her abrupt transition into a "Vampyre". She told Kelly, "I command you to let my husband fuck you in the ass." Kelly looked into Victoria’s eyes. Instead of the familiar dreamy, vacant, enthralled look, I saw total attention in Kelly’s eyes.

Kelly slowly turned to me. "Come - and - fuck - me - in - the - ass," she said, sounding like a robot. I positioned Kelly and had Victoria set up the camera so that only Kelly’s face and my body were visible.

I hissed, "You’ve wanted this for a long time, my slave," and pounced on Kelly. Her sphincter muscles, unaccustomed to the intrusion, tried to lock her rear door shut. They proved little obstacle for my lust-crazed, vampire-strengthened thrusts. Kelly cried sharply in pain as I entered her fully with the first violent stroke. Flash! Victoria dispassionately took the picture. I pulled all the way out of Kelly as she sobbed, only to impale her again. Her cries signaled my wife to take another shot. I did this to Kelly a few more times, then grabbed her hips and started pumping. Somewhere along the way, we must have passed Kelly’s pain/pleasure threshold. Slowly, Kelly’s sobs diminished, to be replaced by little grunts as she rocked back and forth on her knees, counter to my thrusts.

Soon Kelly was fiercely fucking back at me, grunting and talking DIRTY. "Ohhh Goddd! -- Yeahh! -- Oh that’s it baby! -- Fuck myass! Nnnggghhh!!! Ohhh, yess!!! Mmasssterrr!! YESS!! Godimgonnacome! Ohh godimgonnacome! Ohh godimgonnacome! OHHHH SH-I-I-I-IITTT!!!" Kelly bucked wildly. She clawed at the carpet, screaming loudly. Victoria took lots of pictures of this. Kelly’s tight ass and surprising enthusiasm for anal sex had sent me into orbit. I came with incredible force, filling Kelly’s ass beyond capacity. Come oozed out around my cock and I pulled out, still spurting come over Kelly’s back, some landing in her hair near her shoulder. She moaned and rocked steadily, searching for the stimulus that was no longer there. An intense shudder accompanied each gush of my fountaining come. Now I knew the real meaning of the term "massive ejaculation". This one made the earlier one I had with Michelle look like a dribble. I collapsed, panting. Kelly crawled over to me on her hands and knees, like a cat. She purred contentedly and cuddled against me.

Victoria asked, "Should I have her clean you off, like she did her sister? -- Then I will take pictures?" I looked at my cock, covered in drying come. I was about to happily agree when I actually thought about it.

"No, sweetheart. That’s not safe for her. I don’t want to make her real sick." I kissed Kelly lightly on the forehead, and told her to get some soap and water and clean my dick. She smiled brightly and went off to the bathroom. As she walked, the light reflected off the insides of her thighs where my come had spilled. Yes, Kelly was everything I had dreamed she would be.

Kelly returned, and lovingly cleansed my lower body. She looked at me with something akin to worship. My dick stirred, then began to grow, as Kelly gently, then more firmly wiped it clean. She saw the effect she was having on me. "Is there anything else I can do, master?" she smiled, with a lascivious gleam in her eyes.

Victoria noticed, too. My wife leaned over and whispered, "She deserves the bite now. I bit her, so it is as if you have only bitten her once." Victoria paused. "She wants it, and you do, too. You may trust me, I am your wife, and I would mourn your transformation."

I addressed Kelly. "Give me your throat, my sweet slave. You have earned your reward."

Kelly tilted her head back as far as it would go. "Ye-esss, mass-terr. I crave your embrace. Please give me the kiss," she moaned, sounding perilously close to orgasm. I brushed her hair back gently, and looked deep into her swooning eyes.

"Yes, my lovely slave, you will serve me as long as I wish..." The bite was slow and deep. Kelly relaxed, sighing. She wrapped her arms around me and drowned herself in the flood of sensation my fangs released in her.

I drank slowly, battling continuously to control my twin lusts, as Kelly moaned, "Ohhhhh, massssterrrrr... Yessss..." into my ear. Kelly’s life spark, normally a floodlight, was a 50-watt bulb when I decided to stop drinking. My blood-lust howled at me in frustration, but I kept its chain securely fastened so that no outward sign of my inner conflict would appear. Victoria looked at me strangely, so maybe I didn’t do such a good job of hiding what I was feeling. Kelly hung limply around me for support. If she had lost that much blood in an accident, she’d be in shock, but vampires don’t play by those rules. "Th-thank... you," Kelly whispered. Her eyes fluttered, and she formed a word as they closed. "Masss-terrrrr..."

I lay her down gently and let her sleep. Victoria’s voice interrupted my contemplation of Kelly’s fresh-faced simple beauty. "Michelle, come here. I want you to show me how to swallow my husband." I turned in amazement at my wife, and then my eyes blissfully closed as Michelle took my cock in her hand and said, "The most important thing is to breathe through your nose..."

I stiffened immediately, and Michelle wrapped her mouth around my dick. Her tongue rolled around the head and rim. I sighed in complete joy. The sensation of cooling air made me open my eyes. Michelle was staring blankly at me. Suddenly, my wife’s head was in my lap, imitating Michelle’s earlier movements. Victoria looked me in the eye, a BIG smile on her face, and her tongue danced all over my groin. The touch of Victoria’s tongue on any part of my anatomy is enough to send a sizzle through me. When she flicked it over my dick, my entire body jerked. She paused. "Is vampire’s tongue. Sensation is good, yes?"

I groaned in approval, moaning loudly while my wife gave me head for a few minutes. Victoria stopped and handed me back to Michelle, who came back to life at the touch of my pulsing member. Michelle slowly worked her way down my cock, and I felt the head hit the back of her mouth. Kelly’s little sister looked at me with a wicked smile after pulling my dick out of her mouth with a smacking noise. "Now, this is the hard part. Just keep breathing," she counseled a very studious Victoria.

GULP! That’s the only way I can describe it. Michelle swallowed me with one single, effortless stroke. She swirled her head in my lap for emphasis, and I wriggled in glee. "Stop, Michelle. That is enough." Victoria commanded Michelle, who removed her head slowly from around my dick. I watched as she settled back on her knees, eyes vacant and staring. She was a living statue. Any reaction I had to that was cut off by Victoria’s mouth, trying to duplicate Michelle’s feat.

My wife bobbed her head and I could see her nostrils flare. She took me in, in, in... and coughed once, pulling back instinctively. Victoria looked up at me apologetically, and I smiled tenderly at her. She resumed, but each time my cock would breach her throat, she’d gag, tears would come to her eyes, and she’d pause and try again. She tried like a woman obsessed with deep throating. Before she could succeed, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and came one more time. Victoria sucked some more and swallowed. I could feel her tongue curling to collect my sperm in her mouth, and she pulled away. "Michelle, come and finish," she commanded, and Michelle immediately began to eat the rest of my come as it oozed out of my cock.

Victoria made a face. "Is -- different taste. But not blood." She brushed my neck with a faint kiss. I kissed her lightly in return. Her eyes turned red and her fangs flashed. "Kelly, Michelle, I command you both leave and go home. You will forget everything that has passed here. You will forget being here. Go, and do my bidding," Victoria growled. As soon as the door closed, Victoria and I made vampire love, with more ardor than usual. I figured that Victoria was turned on by the varied sex I had demonstrated to her that night. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As we basked in the afterglow, Victoria put her head on my chest. "I do not want you to see them again. Kelly will make you forget, and you will become full vampire."

"What if," I interjected, "you were with me? I mean, we never got around to the next part of my plan, which was to have them serve you as well as each other. You sent them away-"

"NO! Is one thing to watch. But they are women. Is -- unnatural," my wife complained. I was surprised. I mean, didn’t she bite both Kelly and Michelle during the night?

"You bit them, too," I said, turning my memories into words.

"Is different. I bite women for female slaves, not lovers. My bite is not orgasmic," she explained. I could hear the frustration growing in her voice. "I do not want sex with women. Is not normal." She spat the words out.

"Are you telling me that being a vampire is a normal thing, too?" I shot back. We were on our way to our first marital disagreement. I couldn’t believe I was listening to a 100-year old vampire talk about natural and unnatural.

"Would you let one of my male slaves service you?" she retorted. I hadn’t even remotely considered the possibility. She saw the expression on my face. "There, you see? Is not problem until you are asked same thing. Now you know how I feel," she said, eyes brown, but blazing nonetheless.

I capitulated and tried to make amends. "You’re right. I’m sorry. If you don’t want me to see them again, I won’t. You are my wife, and I love you. I’d hate to do anything that would destroy our relationship." My tone was pleading, conciliatory.

Victoria was noticeably colder to me the rest of the night. I left our bed as she lay unresponsive to my touch. I wound up spending the night on the futon, contemplating the utility of my revenge. It was incomplete, and it had pissed my wife off. I didn’t sleep at all that night.

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