Klaire Goes On Holiday

Part 3

Two days before her departure, I was starting to lose my nerve, and Klaire’s husband was getting frustrated.  “You’ve come all this way, have my wife dropping in and out of trance and arousal at a few words, and now you say you’re not sure that you can go through with this???!!!”  That was essentially my newfound position.  “Look, mate, there’s something you should know about her.  She makes her own decisions.  Once she agrees to trance, she’s there, and anyone with any talent at all can get her under.  You, on the other hand, have been taking her progressively deeper, and making her increasingly submissive.  That doesn’t always happen.  She’ll kill you if you don’t go through with this; she wants to be in your thrall from close range.  You can’t back out now.”  I waffled some more.  “Listen, talk to her.  You owe her that much.”

“Hello, Klaire.”  My voice was soft, and shy, much like our very first conversation, where she had been the aggressor.

“Hallo, Rob.  Are you ready to have me?  I’ll be there in a little less than three days,” she cooed, evoking the fantasies that were within my grasp, but rapidly falling out of my reach.  “You’re terribly quiet.  Thinking of devilish things to do to me while I’m in trance to you, are we?”  Her voice was so soft, so sexy with its British accent.  She was begging me to take her.  I didn’t have the courage.  “Think of me, eyes vacant, focused on what you’re holding in front of them, mind empty, awaiting your command.  Any command.”  Her voice was almost a whisper now.  “I’ll do whatever you tell me to do, Rob.  I have given you that much control now, and I’ll prove it in less than seventy-two hours.”  My courage to finish what I had begun may have been flagging, but Klaire’s seductive, unprompted recital of the fantasies in my head were making an impassioned appeal to less—intellectual parts of me, and she had their complete attention.  ”Say something.  Anything.  I’ll go into trance for you.  Just my name would be enough.  Rob?”

“Yes, Klaire?” I breathed, under her spell.  Silence reigned on the other end of the line, except for shallow breathing.  True to her word, she had sent herself into trance.  The sense of power was so incredibly arousing!  She had put herself at my command, but she was half a world away.  In less than seventy-two hours, the very same thing could be happening, in the room where I now sat.  The plans had been laid well, calculated to the most meticulous detail, constructed to exacting specifications, and now the non-rational part of my mind shoved the delicately balanced mechanism into its unstoppable motion.  “When the alarm clock rings, you will go into your special waking trance, Klaire, and these are your instructions…”  After I had confirmed my resolve to her husband’s satisfaction, I hung up and sat, contemplating.

There was still a lot left to do.  Klaire was on autopilot, where, if all went as planned, she would remain until she climbed into the limo at my local airport.  Her waking trance would be transparent to anybody she encountered, and she would follow her orders at the designated times.  That would get her onto the plane under her false pretense, allow her to enjoy the trip, and she wouldn’t be fully cognizant until she saw me.  That wouldn’t last long as I had a laundry list of Klaire fantasies to be realized, many of which involved her falling in and out of trance at a word, a phrase, or an action.  She’d be my incredibly attractive hypno-toy, and I’d be able to put her on display at the annual BDSM event, where there were going to be a few surprises in store for her.  I’d talked to one of my favorite dommes—she was gentle enough, bisexual, and definitely interested in Klaire.  It was time to go shopping for props, toys, and clothes.  I also had notes to myself to confirm the limo and our dinner reservations for the second night of her stay.  Klaire, the fantasies she represented, and the fact that she would let me realize them by her hypnotically complete submission made her incredibly precious.  I wanted her to be fully aware of that—while she was awake.


Two days later, I got a short email at work.  “Klaire called from London on time.  No other word.”  The day dragged, and I finally gave up trying to concentrate at about noon, and began my vacation a few hours early.  Her flight would arrive at six p.m.  The limo driver would meet her just outside baggage claim, while I waited in the car, with roses, the first few of my props, and her newest induction jewel.  It would take her a while to get through customs, so she wouldn’t actually see me for at least an hour; she’d most likely be hungry, but she would have to wait.  The driver had instructions to drive around the city for an hour before heading towards home.  Klaire and I had some private matters to attend first.

I thought time crawled at work.  Sitting in the limo was almost like doing jail time for a month.  The driver would bring her to me, stating that he had no knowledge of his employer, just that he was to pick her up and drive her to a local hotel.  He told her that an envelope was waiting in the car, and he would give it to her as per his instructions.  She really had no choice but to accept his story—her return ticket was nonrefundable, unchangeable, and dated for nine days from today.  Even if the waking trance had worn off during the trip, she was stuck in the States.  But I cursed customs at least a hundred times as I sat in the quiet, hot car, and then another hundred as I waited outside in the hot, sunny air.  Finally, I saw the familiar face of our driver.  My heart stopped because I did not see Klaire with him.  He came to the car and opened the door.  “She’s here,” he said, starting the car.  “I told her to wait and I was going to bring the car to collect her and her luggage.”  He saw the expression on my face.  “That’s what we’re supposed to do, sir, and you didn’t tell me otherwise.”

Oh well.  That was glitch number one in the well-laid plan.  As we pulled out of the limo waiting area, the driver took the route out of the airport.  He told me it was to cool the car off, but it was glitch number two, and an additional delay separating me from my fantasy.  I tried to use the time to calm my nerves; after all, I was supposed to take complete control.  I didn’t feel very much in control of anything at that moment.  We rolled back into the airport a few minutes later.  Klaire was standing at the pick-up area, looking apprehensive.  And gorgeous.  The fantasies raced back into my head, all of them, going at light speed.  When the rush subsided, I was cool, calm, and the glitches weren’t even a memory.  The car stopped, and I hid behind the roses, although the tinting of the windows made it impossible to see inside.  I felt the trunk open and her bags were set inside.  The door opened and I heard her gasp as she saw the roses.  I moved the roses towards her.  “What the dev—”  Her mouth popped wide open as she saw my face.  “Rob!!!  You darling!!!  But how did you—?”  She was awake now.  “What about my jo—!”  She didn’t quite get the “b” out before she put everything together.  Throwing roses aside, she threw herself at me.  “You did it!   It was you all along!  There is no secret business, is there?”  I merely smiled, getting hotter all the time by her perfume, the feel of her body and proximity of her being.  “I wasn’t even—I mean—”  She stopped.  “Was I?”

“Oh yes, Klaire, you were.  Your waking trance was programmed to end when you saw me.”

“But… I remember everything, the trip, the marvelous seat in first class, even the nap I took during the flight!  I was in trance the whole time?”

“Yes, Klaire, you were.  And it’s time to go back now.”  Her expression became puzzled, but not for long.  “Silent night, deeply tranced, you are calm, you’re relaxed.”  Her eyes fluttered for a brief instant, and then quickly closed.  I wasn’t aware that the car was on the highway.  Klaire was in trance, her body sagged against mine.  It wasn’t a fantasy now.  The moment I had been dreaming of ever since finding her on the Internet had arrived.  “Sit up, Klaire, and listen to my voice count.  With each number, you will let yourself go deeper.  Just like you did when we were on the phone.  You cannot resist, you do not want to resist.  You trust me, awake and asleep.  I will keep you safe, and you will let me guide you deeper with my voice.”

“Yes.”  Even hypnotized, the confidence spoke volumes about her continuing trust in me.

“One… two… three… four… five.  Now Klaire, open your eyes, remaining deeply entranced.  You are safe with me.”  I got to see that wonderful, powerfully erotic, blank stare in person for the first time.  “How do you feel?”

“Extremely randy.  I was under your power enough to travel to another country for a week.  That much submission—”  She took a deep breath.  “—Is very arousing.”

“That arousal will be taken care of later, Klaire,” I replied, needing all the self-control I could muster.  It was difficult enough not to jump her in the limo without knowing that she wanted to be jumped.  “You can push it away until you hear me say, ‘very hot now, Klaire.’  Do you understand?”

“Yes.”  She stopped squirming.

“It is time to begin your programming, Klaire.  You will take yourself even deeper until you can listen to my voice and understand what you are to do.  You will hear certain words and see certain things.  You will remember what to do for each of these as I tell you, although you will not remember having been told.  Is that clear?”


“Then begin taking yourself deeper, as deep as you must go to learn what you are to be taught.  You are being taught to be my perfect slave, and it will make me very happy.  If you want to make me happy, and you wish to be my perfect slave, you will take yourself deep enough to listen and obey.”

“Listen… and obey…” she breathed.  “Six… seven… eight…”  Her voice woodenly recited numbers.  I figured that she’d count to at least fifty, taking her as deep as we ever had over the phone, where I’d gotten amazing responsiveness to hypnotic suggestion.  “…Twenty-five.”  She stopped.  I waited, but she didn’t count any higher.  She was ready at twenty-five!  She was ready to accept my programming and become my perfect slave.  It appeared that she wanted this as much as I did.

“Klaire, you are now ready to be programmed for the duration of your trip.  When you pass through airport security in nine days, these commands will dissolve into nothingness, as if they were never there.  Until then, these commands, and the actions they cause are the most natural thing in the world to you.  You will feel as if it has always been this way.  Do you understand?”

“Yesssss… Rob.”

“When we are alone, I am your master and am to be referred to as such.  You will obey me because you feel that you want to, that it makes you happy.  You love to refer to me as your master, and will go deeply into hypnosis whenever I command you with the term, ‘Sleepy slave.’  You will then allow me to guide you as deeply as I wish, because it will make me happy, and you know that I will keep you safe.”

“Yessss… my master,” Klaire breathed.  I had to fight to keep my mind on the programming.

“Next, you will only choose to smoke the following brands while you are here: Virginia Slims 120s, and Capri 120s.  When you smoke the Capri 120’s, you will use this cigarette holder.”  I handed her one of the specially prepared props.  The image of femininity that comes to your mind will make you feel very, very, very sexy and seductive when you use the holder.  It will also arouse you greatly, so much that you are close enough to an orgasm that you need and want to be touched, to be pushed over that edge.  When you are this excited, I will be able to merely brush your arm, and tell you that you are ‘such a sexy smoker.’ to cause you to have the orgasm that is building.  If, however, I say, ‘Not yet,’ you will not be able to have that orgasm unless I command it explicitly.  Now you are to place this into your purse, in a place where you can easily find it when you wish to smoke.  Do you understand the commands that I have given thus far and the actions that they are to cause, Klaire?”

“Yes, my master.”

“Excellent.  Next, with the Virginia Slims, you will grow to like the image of yourself with a cigarette holder.  Using a holder is natural and comfortable for you.  You will use this holder with the Virginia Slims 120s.  You will like using a cigarette holder.  Using a holder is natural and comfortable for you.  You will not feel pretentious, nor will you feel self-conscious.  You will not use it for the first few times, but with each cigarette, the desire to use it will grow more and more until you will use it, in private and in public.  You will also place this in your purse, in a location where you can easily find it when you wish to smoke.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, my master.”  Were her responses repetitive?  Yes.  Exciting as all hell?  You bet!  Now to prepare her for her part in the community “show.”

“There is one remaining smoking trigger for you, Klaire, and this one is very, very important.  When you see a woman smoking a brown cigarette in a holder, you will become very, very submissive to her.  Submissive to the point of going into a trance, and obeying her commands as if they were mine.  Brown cigarettes also make you feel submissive, and horny, Klaire.  If someone offers you one, you must smoke it.  This is the only time that you will smoke any cigarettes other than the Virginia Slims or Capri 120s.  With each drag you become increasingly submissive.  You will obey any command that I give at when you are this submissive, you are in a state that we call ‘more submissive.’  If I speak the words ‘more submissive’, with emphasis on the word ‘more’, you will feel compelled to seek out the woman who is smoking a brown cigarette in a holder.  Nod your head if you fully understand what I am asking you to do.”  She slowly, eyes open, not seeing anything, nodded, completely stripped of will.  “Now that you can see me as well as hear me Klaire, the word ‘sleep’, accompanied by my hand passing from above your eyes to your chin will send you into a hypnotic sleep, as deeply tranced as you are now.  You know that I will not allow any harm to come to you, and will quickly fall into the trance where you will accept my programming.”  I paused.  I still had a crystal, and a very pretty pendant as fixation and trancing objects, but my limousine time was running out.  I could do that after dinner, when we got home.  “Now that you have heard and learned all the commands I have given you, it is time to take them to heart.  When you wake up, you will not remember having learned them, they are things that you have always done, and are completely natural.  As I count from ten to one, you will slowly awake, completely refreshed and aware that you have been in trance, but unable to consciously remember any of it, except that I have made you less randy for the nonce.  Ten…”

Klaire blinked, eyeing me suspiciously.  “What did you do to me, other than keep me from wanting to rip our clothing off here in the limousine?”  I smiled, less-than-innocent.  “I suppose I’ll find out later,” she sighed, grinning despite her wanting to know.  “By the way, could you stop the car at a store?  I’d like to purchase some American cigarettes.  I do favor them, but they’re nearly impossible or horribly expensive to get in Britain.”  I smiled, pleased that she had let me program her for my particular fetish, and quite in lust with her as she sat next to me.  We stopped and she got out, ignoring the curious looks as she walked into the drugstore.  All eyes were on Klaire a few minutes later as she returned to the limo, driver standing at the ready to open the door.  My time was nearly up; I’d have to pay for another hour if we didn’t conclude our ride soon.  Given the amount of money I’d spent to realize the fantasy now unfolding, the thought was somewhat irrational, but Klaire gave me an excellent reason why we needed to go back to my place.  “Erm…  Just a minor detail, R—master.”  She looked at me with a not-quite-peeved expression.  “Why did I just call you ‘master?’  At any rate, your slave is hungry.  It’s been a while since the last meal on the plane.”  I told the driver to head for my home.  The games were about to begin.

I had spent two hours fixing something that heated well in the microwave.  It wasn’t quite up to the standards of the steak house that was on the schedule for the following night, but Klaire’s approval of my culinary skills meant a lot to me.  “And so, R—master,” she began, lighting one of the Virginia Slims, “where do you wish to begin?  I am after all, a submissive at heart.  This has been your idea, and quite a deliciously-well executed one, I might add.”  She smiled.  “I can’t say that I’m upset that this has nothing to do with my job.  I am very happy to be able to spend all my holiday time with you.  Just let me remember some of it.”

“You’ll remember most of it, Klaire,” I said.  Just because you’re going to be triggered by the oddest things and sliding into trance at the oddest times…”  I passed my hand in front of her eyes with a soft, “sleep.”  Her head dropped towards her chest, but she remained standing.  I guided her to a chair, and put her cigarette in an ashtray, letting it burn.  “Now that you are sleep, in a trance, my voice is clearer than most things, and I want you to relax even more, Klaire, go even deeper for me.  Relaxing, going deeper into trance...  Relaxing, going deeper into trance...  Relaxing, going deeper into trance...  Now you may remember your earlier feelings, the feelings that you had when you first realized that you had been hypnotized into flying while believing you were awake.  You know that it was my hypnotic skill that caused you to do this, and that hypnotic skill is very attractive to you, and you enjoy it, it excites you, it arouses you.  You will love being hypnotized by me while you are here, and you will want me to hypnotize you as much as I can.  You will find that when you ask me to hypnotize you, I may not.  Instead of being disappointed, this will arouse you even more, because you know that I will be hypnotizing you later.  For now, remember what you felt when you saw me in the limousine.  When I count to three, you will awaken, but your conscious mind will not remember what has happened while you have been hypnotized.  Your subconscious mind will insure that you will follow your instructions, and it will still feel natural to your conscious mind.  One...  Two...  Three.”  As she was coming out of it, I very softly said, “very hot now, Klaire.”

She blinked, and looked in the ashtray for her cigarette, which had burned down.  “You just hypnotized me, didn’t you, Ro—master,” Klaire said in a throaty voice.  I nodded with a stupid grin on my face.  “You know how hot being submissive makes me, correct?”  I nodded again.  “And you know it makes me even hotter when I think about being submissive beyond my conscious control.”  Another nod.  She stood up and stretched, teasing me, slowly turning the corner towards the bedroom.  She threw a look at me over her shoulder, body half-turned, again, teasing me.  “Then what are you waiting for?”  I quickly followed her into my bedroom.


The next morning, I was awakened by a gentle brush of lips across my cheek.  “Good morning, master.”  The light British accent, scent, and beautiful face that greeted me insured that I knew I had not just had another fantasy dream.  “What is on my secret agenda for today?”  I suggested that she unpack after breakfast.  Klaire blushed.  “I—erm—had something rather more—pressing in mind last night.”  I asked her if her pressing matters had been attended to.  She blushed furiously, retorting, “I should think you’d know—master.”  Now it was my turn to blush.  She announced that I could cook breakfast while she cleaned herself up.  “Then you may have your evil, hypnotic way with me.”  I could see the small shudder of pleasure the thought created in her, but I had no way of knowing whether it was due to my post-hypnotic suggestion or her daydream.  “I can hardly believe that I’m here, in the States, through hypnosis, master,” she called from the bathroom.  I could hear a small moan.  “Oh, heavens, that very thought makes me randy.  What are we to do today?”

“Today, we see the sights of my fair city.  This evening, we are going to dinner at a steak house.  Tonight will most likely be more of the same as last night.”  I felt a tiny jump in my pants at the thought—after the previous night’s ravishing, it would take most of the day before I could even seriously think about ravishment.  I set about preparing breakfast as I heard the shower start.  The need for food overrode any desires that I may have thought I’d have.  After Klaire dressed, we ate, and then she set about unpacking while I watched television.

“Master!!!” she suddenly exclaimed.  “This is a lovely black dress!  It’s quite elegant, but I don’t remember owning anything like this, let alone packing it!  And the sexy new bra I bought while you had me in waking trance is also in here!!!”  I walked to the bedroom door.  “You are very creative, you know,” she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.  “I’m wondering if there are any more—surprises in store for me, as if this entire thing hasn’t been enough of one.”

“There is a BDSM event Saturday, which you will be attending as my sub, not a guest.  I’m not telling you anything else, but there are some plans in place.”

“Oooohhh, you devil!” she smiled, making me a little more ready.  I told her that we needed to leave my apartment as quickly as possible, so that I wouldn’t forget all the other things I wanted her to experience during her visit.  She smiled again.  “Trance or no, you are going to be rewarded for your creativity, and your sensitivity.”  The day passed quite nicely, just a leisurely stroll through our downtown and visits to a couple of museums.  It was actually refreshing to hear her call me by name and not by title, and we were like very good friends.  It was all very natural, and fun.  After we returned home, she asked me if we could do the something similar the following day; she wanted to spend it between the local history museum and the local art museum.

“Of course.  Keeping you hypnotized and in the bedroom would—be a waste, and I suspect that it would get a little repetitive—too much of a good thing, sleepy slave.”  Klaire’s eyes closed and her body slumped over on the sofa where she sat.  “Listen carefully, Klaire,” I said as I sat next to her.  “This is the voice of your master, and you want to please me.  Go deeper, Klaire, where you will accept and obey the commands you are about to receive without hesitation or pause.  You will obey my commands because it makes you happy to obey, and you know that I will keep you safe.”

“Yes… master…  I… will obey,” she slowly said, eyes still closed, body still slack and half-toppled.

“First, tonight you will need to be elegant.  We are going to dinner at a very nice restaurant, and class and elegance is the standard for the clientele.  I want you to be as well dressed, as highly bred as the richest customer they have ever seen.  You may decide how that is to be portrayed.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, my master,” she said.  She smiled.  The suggestion agreed with her.

“Next, you will stop referring to me as ‘master’ when we are alone, unless I command you to by saying ‘call me master,’ or you are in trance.  You may also elect to call me ‘master’ of your own volition, should you feel that it is appropriate.  If you understand completely this last command, and agree, allow your right hand to become lighter than air and float towards the ceiling, taking your arm with it.”  As her arm went skyward, I took a few pictures of her, before telling her that she would forget having been hypnotized and commanded, but that she would obey my commands because they were her own idea.  “We have to dress for dinner tonight, and our reservations are for seven-thirty.”

“All right, Rob.”  She paused.  “Did ‘master’ get old?”  I shrugged, with a goofy smile on my face.  “I’ll still call you ‘master’ when it’s—appropriate.  But I like calling you Rob, too.  After all, you were Rob long before you were my master.”  She gave me a look over her shoulder that made me—warm.  “I’m going to shower and change for dinner at seven-thirty.  Please don’t interrupt me.  I can tell by the expression on your face that it’s going through your head, you naughty man,” she grinned.  “But if you start, we’ll never make dinner… and I promise, I’ll make it worth your while.”  Now I knew that I could call out for pizza, and hypnotize her into thinking that she was at the fancy restaurant after we’d finished, but I wanted to be out with her.  I wanted to see people reacting to her, and how she’d choose to be elegant for me.  While trance had its place, there were times when Klaire unleashed could be even just as entertaining, and even more satisfying.  I waved her to go on.  “No peeking, Rob,” she sternly warned.  She stopped at the bedroom door.  “Please,” she added.

An hour later, a soft, sultry, “Rob, your date is ready,” came from the bedroom.  She stepped out.  “May I have a light?”  The Virginia Slim 120 was in its holder, and a lovely hand extended it towards me.  “Oh, don’t look so shocked,” she smiled, mischief in her eyes.  “We discussed your fetish several times, as I recall.  And I’m British, so I’m supposed to do things like this.  I’ll be using this all night.”

“I’ll get ready right away,” I managed to say.  She was awesomely gorgeous, and I was completely enamored.  I started for the bedroom, but she touched my arm lightly with a finger.

“My light, sir?” she coyly asked.  The expression on her face said that she knew exactly what effect she was having on me.  The dress that she had bought accented all of her assets.  I found a lighter, and performed the requested service.  She gave me a kiss on the cheek.  “Such a gentleman.  I hope you won’t be quite so—gentle—later.”  I fled to the safety of the bedroom, trying to keep my raging hormones in check.

It was easy to forget that she had been entranced into being the well-bred British holder user, because there was no sign that anything was amiss.  She used the holder with each cigarette she had at the restaurant.  One at the bar immediately upon arriving, showing off that she wasn’t going to be shy about using it in public.  She ignored the curious looks, and there were more than a few, but told the bartender that the holder had been a gift from her aunt, the Duchess of Worthington.  “That ought to keep him busy the rest of the night,” she grinned, walking through the restaurant with her holder between her fingers.  “He noticed the accent, and I’m quite sure that he has no concept that the Duchess is a figment of my imagination.”  Throughout the night, everything she did was calculated to heat me up.  She made it perfectly clear that she knew how much she was teasing me, and how effective it was.  One of the coat check girls asked her about the holder as we were preparing to leave.  Klaire took a puff in a very fetching manner, and graciously spoke with the young woman, beginning with, “It’s a gift from my aunt…”  Once we got into the limo, Klaire took my arm and snuggled close.  “This entire escapade has cost you a pretty penny.  This is my third limousine ride in two days.”  She pulled out the holder.  “Has it been worth it?”

I gaped at her.  “You’re joking, right?”

She made a show of fitting a cigarette into the holder.  “Just to make… sure.”  She fiddled with it for a few more moments.  “May I have a light?” she asked with mock innocence.  The ride home seemed to take forever, and passed in silence.  Klaire smoked leisurely, without obviously looking at me.  She knew that I was watching her hungrily.  When we finally got back to my place, she wiggled a few steps in front of me.  As soon as the door closed, I grabbed her around the waist.  “Is it trance time yet?” she gasped, her eyes becoming smoky.

“Tomorrow,” I panted quickly as I locked the door behind me with one hand.  “Tonight… I want it all natural.”

“Yes… master,” she returned, her hands undoing my shirt.

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