Klaire Goes On Holiday

Part 5

“So tonight’s the big party?” Klaire asked as we climbed out of bed the next morning.  I nodded.  “Will I be in trance all night… and all day?”  She couldn’t keep the excitement out of her voice. “Would you hypnotize me today?  Please… master?”

“No, Klaire, I’m afraid that won’t be happening.  I want you to be as fresh as possible for tonight.  You are the guest—or, rather, the submissive of honor.  You’ve become quite popular with our group since they found out that you were coming.  There are quite a few who would like to get to know you much more—personally.  You have a long and interesting night ahead of you, dear.”

“Oooohhhhh!!!  I like the sound of that!  Do I get any hints?”  I told her no, and she pouted at me, whined a bit, then disappeared into the bedroom.  “Well, in that case, I’m going to have a cigarette,” she pointedly said, appearing with the long black holder.  She walked into the living room and demonstratively raised the lighter towards the end of the cigarette while looking at me purposefully.

But she was looking at me.  “Power-dive into trance American-style and sleep,” I said, lowering my hand. The holder and lighter fell onto the floor as Klaire crumpled to the sofa.  I held the trump card, not her.  “Klaire,” I said, kneeling next to her, “If you try to seduce me, you will suddenly find yourself feeling like a slave girl who must kneel and be silent in the presence of her master.  The weight on your knees will grow and push you down to the floor, and you will bow from your knees in the presence of your master.  Your tongue will grow heavy and you will be unable to speak until you decide to stop trying to seduce me.  This command will stop when we are seated at the party tonight.  You may resume any seduction at that time.  Do you understand?  Now forget this command in your conscious mind, but obey it awake or asleep.”

“Y-yesssss… mass-terrr,” she moaned.  I woke her up, and she looked around at the fallen cigarette and holder.  “It’s just a delay, Rob.  You know that.  Picking up the items, she looked at me and said, “I haff vays uff getting vat I vant,” in her best Mata Hari imitation.  We both laughed, but the Klaire gave me that look again and… sank to her knees, bowing.

“Problems, slave girl of mine?” I chuckled.

After a minute or so, she huffed a sigh.  “Can you at least allow me to stand up?”

“Arise,” I said with mock imperiousness.  She wound up on the floor a couple of more times before she stopped trying, telling me that I was being most difficult, and that she would be terribly cross with me for the next thirty seconds.  Thirty seconds later, she laughed and gave me a quick hug.  I knew that her intentions were pure—I had made sure of that.  Klaire became more and more animated; she was truly looking forward to the party.  Mid-morning, I gave her a little tease of what was to come.  “I would like you to wear your elegant dress to the party, dear.”  She looked at me with a hint of disappointment.  “I’m sorry, but an elegant Klaire does more for my libido than you can imagine—and you are my submissive this week.”  She pouted.  “However,” I added with an evil grin, “there will probably be a costume change or two in store over the course of the evening.”  She smiled, eyes shining, looking very—exciting.  I knew what my intentions were regarding her energy level for the party, and I knew what I was feeling down below.  Putting my arm around her in a gentle hug, I said, “Sleepy slave.”  She immediately relaxed into my embrace with a sigh.  “You may now forget the command of forbidden seduction, Klaire.  I am instead commanding you to seduce me with your smoke, my slave.  The thought of seducing me makes you very, very randy, and very, very willing.  When you awaken, you will seduce me and we will pleasure each other.  Do you—”

Yes, master,” she interrupted from trance, still supported by my arms.  I snapped her out of trance, and she immediately gave me a short wet, kiss.  Klaire disappeared into the bedroom for a moment, bringing out the long black holder and her wonderful eyes turned on full “I-want-you.”  She asked me for a light and posed until I could give her one.  After the second drag and exhale, the rest of the cigarette and our clothes were dispensed with.  She’d left a few nail marks in my back, but I didn’t care, as we lay there panting and gasping.  Klaire gave me a very self-satisfied smile; she was quite pleased with herself.  “Is my master pleased?” she purred, idly running a finger around my torso.

“Ohhh, yeah.  Awesome, slave.  Just awesome.”  I looked at the clock; it wasn’t even one in the afternoon, and she was working on making me hot again.  It was good to know that she still had some energy left.  I watched her stand up and sway out of my bedroom, putting a little extra wiggle in her walk.  When she returned a few minutes later, she stood, fetchingly poised in the doorframe, with the long, black holder, and a freshly-lit Virginia Slim 120, putting on a display of smoking elegance.  I was ready again, but now genuinely worried about leaving the both of us out of gas for tonight.  Klaire sauntered over to the bed, sat down and put her arms around my neck, looking very purposefully at my eyes.  I did the only thing that I could.  “Power-dive into trance American-style.”  Her eyes showed surprise, disappointment, and defiance—all in an instant before closing.  I lightened her trance, basically commanding her to take a nap and rest.  As a dull ache began, I questioned the wisdom of having made promises about Klaire’s attendance at the party.  It was too late now, though, we were both in this to stay.


I wound up taking a brief nap on the sofa, away from the temptation that was a naked, tranced Klaire.  It made me feel much less horny.  It also gave me a chance to pack the small suitcase with the evening’s toys (including the long cigarette holder—just in case she felt like using it) and put it in the car.  “You put me to sleep,” she complained after I woke her.  As she brushed past me, she pointedly said, “and you didn’t do anything to me while I was asleep,” with mock indignation.

“There’s going to be plenty of that later, Klaire,” I said before she disappeared into the bathroom.

She stuck her head out the door and chirped, “Promises.”

We had a light dinner at about seven p.m. at another of the neighborhood restaurants, with Klaire again drawing the attention of most with her accent and cigarette holder.  I did not let her use the long one, which was safely locked in the car, although she wanted to in the worst way.  Her elegant dress and demeanor had me wishing yet again that I would have her to myself, but there would have been hell to pay if we missed this event.  After dinner, I let Klaire have the holder so that she could make the grand entrance I had envisioned, but left everything else in the trunk and made it quite clear that I wasn’t going to reveal any more than that.

“I could refuse to play along,” she said as I drove to the party.

“Please don’t make me trance you before we go in, dear.”

“Promises,” she said, with a gleam in her eye.  She was going to be difficult about this.  A few more seconds elapsed, and then she spoke, thoughtfully, quietly.  “Rob, I’m supposed to be Kinky Klaire, hypnobabe.  I don’t want to disappoint my fans—regardless of what will happen during the party.  After Thursday, I’m sure it’s going to be devilish, very submissive, and—creative.  But my entrance will set the tone.  I can’t go in wide awake.  It’s my reputation.”

I considered that.  She was right.  It would not do for Kinky Klaire, hypnobabe to walk into the party fully cognizant.  “Silent night, deeply tranced, you are calm, you’re relaxed.”  She moaned once, softly, and slumped against me.  I drove on into the night, figuring out how I could give Klaire the grand entrance she deserved, even if it wasn’t the one I had envisioned.

I walked up to the door of the “party.”  “Red, white and raw.  I’ve arrived with Kinky Klaire.”  The person in charge of the door looked around and asked me where she was.  “Hypnotized and asleep in the car.  She is the guest of honor, correct?”  He asked me to wait and shut the door.  I suppose I should have gotten annoyed, but I was not a regular at these things, and if it hadn’t been for Klaire, I probably would not even have been invited.  A soft female voice shook me out of my bored reverie.


I was about to hug and make a fuss over the woman who had spoken, but I realized that things were not quite on our normal, everyday basis.  “C—???”

She smiled.  “Goddess Serenity will do.  Is she—here?”  I nodded.  “How would you like to do this?  Of the thirty some-odd people here, at least thirty of them are dying to meet her.  And you say she’ll be mine?”  I nodded again, watching her eyes glow with excitement.  She looked great in her form fitting black dress; I couldn’t tell if it was leather or latex, but she looked downright edible.  “Hmm…  My ex-boyfriend is looking at me for the first time as Serenity,” she smiled.  “Maybe if she’s everything I think she’s going to be.  But we digress.  Would you like to lead her in collared and leashed?”

“No, but I need to set up some recording equipment—it’s a condition of her submission.  She’s the only person that will be recorded, so if people want privacy—“

“We already discussed that.  Masks, or hands off.  Everybody is well aware of who she is.  So how is this going to start out?”


I entered the room backwards.  She walked behind me, eyes open, arms outstretched, seeing only the crystal dangling from my hand.  All activity in the room stopped, and it became eerily silent as Klaire and I made our entrance.  People moved aside clearing our way, while gaping at the spectacle.  I led her, in elegant trance, to the podium in front of the forty or so people now aware of the celebrity in their midst.  “May I present her royal hypno-babeness, the legendary Kinky Klaire,” I announced into the mike.  Applause broke out, but Klaire heard none of it, her eyes still riveted to the crystal slowly turning mere inches from her eyes.  It was her entire world.  I touched her forehead, and whispered into her ear, “Eyes closed, remain standing and sleep!”  Her head flopped forward like a rag doll’s.  I stepped away and held my hand towards her, indicating the star of the show.  The applause grew.  “Everyone who wants will have a turn,” I resumed, but you have to go through me or the Goddess Serenity first.  First and foremost, she is ours this evening.”  I looked to the left of the stage, and just off the riser, Serenity took a long drag from a More Menthol in a long black holder, tilted her head back and exhaled slowly into the light, giving me a devilish wink as if to say, “I remember very well.”  Why did I fall in love with a dominatrix?

After the commotion had died down, and Serenity had somehow vanished, I sent Klaire back into the fascinating crystal, and we were shown to a booth that had apparently been reserved for us.  Serenity reappeared as we were seated, and this time she wasn’t thinking of me at all, giving Klaire a hungry, hungry look.  Our toy sat, completely unaware, her beautiful almond-shaped eyes once again open, seeing nothing.  “She is beautiful.  “I can’t wait,” Serenity mumbled, half to herself, running her hands gingerly through Klaire’s hair.  Her wistful eyes cleared, and then she turned to me.  “But you brought her here, and she belongs to you.  I’ll make sure that you get what you want before anybody else.”  She gave me a peck on the cheek, and then walked away, dangerously inviting in her black leather custom-fit dress.

“Supreme hypnotic elegance,” I whispered to Klaire, simultaneously giving her the touch that allowed her to hear my voice, and only my voice.  She removed the long holder, crossed her legs, and allowed me to light her cigarette once it had been properly placed.  A slow french inhale, along with the picture-of-1920’s-elegance exhale that followed inflamed my passions and pushed Serenity to the farthest reaches of my mind.  It also attracted a few—followers—to our table.  I looked at the men, eyes full of pleading and fawning.

“Kneel,” Klaire suddenly said, in a soft voice from her trance.  The command was mine, but the four men were instantly on their knees, worship in their eyes.  I watched her take another two drags, then had her extend her crossed right leg ever-so-slightly.  The nearest worshipper took the cue, and began to lick her spiked heel.  Someone was filming the action from our left.  This would make for a great picture, Kinky Klaire, hypnobabe and celebrity submissive, being worshipped without knowing it.  I had her allow the other three a chance to touch the heel of royalty, and then she started another holdered cigarette.

“Awaken.”  The holder stopped its path to her mouth as her eyes filled with awareness.  She looked around her, shocked and somewhat horrified at her position.  “Welcome to your ball, Cinderella.”  Klaire was extremely flustered, and quite unable to arrange herself to her liking.  “Sleepy slave, relax and be calm, Klaire.”  Her eyes closed and she settled down.  I had her dismiss her cadre of adoring male submissives from trance before bringing her back to consciousness.

“Erm—Rob—that was most definitely the shock,” she finally said, still a little unsettled.

“You as a domme, even from trance… that was a marvelous performance, dear,” I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “I know that it doesn’t do anything for you, but it’s something—for them to remember you by.”

She took another fantastic-looking draw from her holdered cigarette, a smile on her face.  “That was for you,” she said, settling down.  “I barely remember you putting me under in the car.  Did I do anything else?”  I told her that she had zombie-walked into the room and that she had gone deeper in front of everybody, and had been shown off like a prize, all in trance, all quite unaware.  “And so… is this all?  Am I to be worshipped in hypnotic trance and made to play a role that ill suits me?  If so, I must say I’m disappointed.  I would have thought that you, of all people, would be more creative.”  She softened her words with another “watch me, want me” exhale, posing beautifully.  Her eyes twinkled at me, and grew distinctly wistful when I showed her the riding crop that Serenity had left for us.

Right then, some guy leaned in between us across the table.  “Are you really Kinky Klaire?  From the internet?  Can I hypnotize you?”  She instinctively moved away, but that just made him lean closer to her.  “I’m a hypnotist if you really want to—”

“No, she doesn’t,” I flatly stated.  The guy looked at me with complete surprise while Klaire pointedly ignored him.  “She’s here to serve me and the Goddess Serenity.  Go away.”  He took out a pocket watch, with puppy-dog eyes.  “I said no.”  He waited, but it was obvious that I wasn’t going to budge.  He muttered a curse under his breath, but left after a few more seconds.

“My goodness, I hope everyone isn’t this rude tonight,” Klaire said.

“You’re a celebrity, Klaire,” I said, beginning to wave the crop idly.  “Everybody here is dying to meet you.  Fame has its negative parts, you know.”  The crop continued its idle back and forth motion.  “But you’re here to relax and have some fun, just kick back and relax.  Take a deep breath and relax, he won’t bother us again.  I know you’ll have a good time if you just relax.  Just breathe in and let it go, relax, watch the crop if it helps, breathe in… and breathe out, while you watch the crop go back and forth, back and forth in front of your eyes breathing in and breathing out…   back and forth… back and forth…”  Her eyes were tracking the crop now, and her breathing had slowed.  “Are you beginning to relax, Klaire, no need to answer, I can see it in your beautiful eyes watching the crop go back and forth, back and forth…  yes, your beautiful tired eyes, Klaire, back and forth… breathe in… and out…  In… and out.  The crop is going back and forth and you are calm, you’ve forgotten about him as the crop goes back and forth… and your eyes get heavier and heavier…  Relaxing as the crop goes back and forth and you breathe in… and out… back and forth… in and out.”  We’d attracted a small circle; they were all very silent.

“Yes, Klaire, relaxing even more as you watch the crop, your beautiful eyes getting so heavy, so heavy, they want to close, but you don’t want to close them.  You are watching the crop as it goes back and forth… back and forth… keeping your eyes on the very end of the crop as everything begins to get blurry, your eyes getting so very heavy… back and forth watching the end of the crop so very heavy are your eyes that you can barely keep them open now… back and forth… relaxing to hear my voice and watch the crop go back and forth…  breathe in… breathe out… all the tension in your body leaving as you breathe in… and out… watching the crop through your heavy and tired eyes, Klaire, heavy and tired… back and forth… breathe in… and out… in… and out… so heavy and tired… you want to sleep now ,Klaire… heavy and tired… back and forth…  in and out… in… and out… and close those tired eyes, and relax into complete hypnosis.”  She melted against me, eyes closed.  A soft thud announced that I’d ensnared another victim as well.  “Klaire, sleep deeper, so very deep… take yourself down by counting… count until I tell you to stop going even deeper as the numbers get larger you go even deeper.”  She began counting, slowly, haltingly, and I brought the innocent bystander (at least, as innocent as one at a BDSM ball could be) back to consciousness.  Klaire was at eighteen.

“Now hear my voice Klaire and obey as you go deeper… twenty… twenty-two… twenty-five…  We are going to thirty Klaire… you remember thirty… what happens at thirty… just like over the phone… twenty-six… twenty-eight… twenty-nine… just like over the phone, Klaire…”  I paused to look at the crowd before announcing to Klaire, “Thirty.”  Her hips thrust sharply, once, twice, and then a third time and a fourth before she sighed and collapsed against me, still, panting just a little bit.  “Isn’t she wonderful?” I asked the assembled group with a smile.  They began to applaud, and I woke Klaire up in the middle of it.  She turned bright red when she put everything together.

“I was… I was… the crop… you…”

I just smiled.  “I have a lot in store.  I’m going to make you feel even more submissive, that’s right, more submissive as the night pass—”

She blinked rapidly, her eyes going funny.  “Excuse me, Ro—master,” she said.  “Excuse me, everybody…  I… I have to do… something.”

The crowd rapidly parted, allowing her to leave the table.  “Where’s she going?” a few people asked, only half-directed at me.  I knew.  She was looking for Serenity.  I got up to follow discreetly, watching her weave her way through the crowd that seemed to materialize wherever she went, excusing herself, looking around in search of the woman who would be her mistress for the next little while.  I spotted Serenity before Klaire did, since she wasn’t smoking.  Serenity gave me a nod, smiled, and… she made somebody else kneel and put the brown cigarette in the holder for her.  He stood, not daring to look at her face (I bet the flogger attached to her dress had something to do with that,) and held a lighter so that she could light it.  She gave me a wave and the man a kiss on his shaved head after he had returned to his earlier kneeling position.  “Hi.  Is she ready for me?”  I said yes, that she should be arriving any moment.  “You saw how I got this taken care of?” she asked, waving the holder aloft.  I nodded.  “That’s why we can’t be together.  It does a lot for me, and not just sexually, Robin.  But I tried to be vanilla for you, I really did.”

“I know,” I said, feeling very uncomfortable at covering difficult territory again, but managing to avoid saying, “I miss you,” as I had so many times before.  “Go out with me next Saturday?”  Damn.  It just popped out.  What a glutton for punishment.

I watched Serenity take a drag and pose for me, so enraptured that I almost didn’t hear her say, “Of course I will.”  She smiled at me, enjoying the look of shock on my face.  “I’ll say it this time.  I miss you.  We had fun, and I think I’m ready to have more fun without the pain.  Are you?”  Before I could say anything, Klaire showed up.

“I-I-I…” she began, looking at Serenity with the “deer in headlights” look.

“On your knees.”  Any trace of the gentle ex-girlfriend vanished as her voice took the unmistakable tone of control.  Klaire slowly obeyed, still looking lost, and quite deeply into Serenity’s eyes.  “Sleep now, Klaire, go into trance for me.  You know you cannot resist.  Sleep for your mistress Serenity.”  She passed her hand in front of Klaire’s face, and Klaire went to sleep without as much as a peep of protest.  “You prepared her very well, Robin,” she said, once again with the voice of a close friend, and gave me another peck on the cheek, before turning her full attention to our toy.  “Open your eyes, remaining deeply, deeply asleep, and then stand up.”  She handed the holder and More to Klaire.  “Take a drag, dear.  In fact, I want you to finish this cigarette for me, being very elegant, very sexy.”  She cast a sideways glance at me as if to say, “This is for you.”  Serenity continued, “With each drag on the More in its long holder you become more submissive, going deeper into trance for me… your mistress, going deeper and deeper for your mistress…  The More makes you want to obey my commands as best you can.  Your mind becomes more and more empty as you smoke, going completely blank.  You want to obey me, it makes you happy to obey me as you smoke.”  For somebody without hypnotic experience, Serenity was doing a pretty good job of becoming Klaire’s hypnotic domme.  Klaire finished the cigarette with a french-inhale, and her eyes became unfocused.  “We’ll see you later, Robin.  Go back to your table and enjoy the show.”  Serenity fastened a collar around Klaire’s neck, and fastened a small chain to it.  She then led Klaire away, her toy’s eyes vacant, will stripped, and mind blank.


They reappeared fifteen or twenty minutes later, Serenity leading a half-naked Klaire up the steps to the podium.  Two half-clad men hastily removed the podium, so that everybody was able to see them from the entire hall.  “See my boobies!” Klaire said in a bimbo voice, pushing up her breasts for all to see.  I cringed, but everybody else seemed to be greatly amused.  She did a mechanical ballet turn, as if she were a wind-up doll while Serenity watched, seemingly nonplussed.  Then she faced the audience.  My name is Kinky Klaire.  I am the hypnobabe.  I am hypnotized right now.  I have been hypnotized by Master and Mistress.  I am their toy, and may only be used on their authority.”  She curtsied, and the audience applauded.  Suddenly, she went rigid, arms at her sides, and I could see that her eyes were wide open.  Serenity stepped forward, and was greeted by a very snappy salute.

“Good evening all,” Serenity said, aided by a wireless mike.  “A friend of mine has brought us a celebrity, who is as she told you, entranced now.  She cannot see or hear any of this, and she does not know where she is.  Obviously, she is the ideal submissive right now, willing to do anything.  Because of that, and the trust that she has in my friend, anything you want from her must be requested from either him or me.  Is that understood?”  A general murmur of disappointed agreement went through the room.  Somebody asked, “Who is he?”  Serenity asked me to stand.  The murmur became one of puzzlement; I didn’t know the majority of the people here.  “All you need to know,” Serenity resumed, silencing the crowd, “is that he is her Master.”  Heads turned to me and nodded, and a few people started coming up to me.  “Bring me the spreader.”  The apparatus was carried to the stage and then lifted to its standing height.  People worked around it briefly, while Serenity was whispering into the still-saluting Klaire’s ear.  She signaled off-stage and was presented with another holdered More, lighting it herself this time.  She walked around Klaire appraisingly, then stopped and exhaled smoke in Klaire’s face.  Klaire blinked and shuddered, and began to play with herself, one hand teasing her breasts, one hand between her legs, even though she was wearing a leather minidress.  Serenity clapped her hand once and shouted, “Awake!”

Klaire froze, turning very, very red, her expression one of shock and embarrassment.  “Oh my god!” she shouted, quickly taking her hand from between her legs and covering her breasts with both hands.

With a smirk, Serenity said, “Welcome to our local scene, oh submissive of honor.”  There was a good deal of laughter, but a few of the guys around me were watching with a great deal of something else.  “Do you like your new outfit?”  It was as if Klaire had noticed her change of clothes for the first time.  “My name is Goddess Serenity, and you will address me as Mistress while you are here.”  She took a drag from the holder, capturing Klaire’s undivided attention.  I noticed that it was the first holder I had ever given her.  “In fact, you are feeling very, very submissive now, aren’t you Klaire?”  She dragged again, exhaling slowly skyward.  The stage lighting was perfect.

“Y-y-y-yes…” Klaire stuttered, obviously fighting it.  “Mistress.”  And losing.

“That’s right, and as I smoke—”  Another long, deep drag, and raised-chin nostril exhale.  “You are becoming even more submissive, going closer to trance now, aren’t you?”

“Yes… mistress.”  The words were halting now, Klaire’s eyes transfixed by the burning end of the cigarette.

“If you take a drag from my cigarette and holder, you will go into trance, Klaire.  Deep into trance for Mistress,” Serenity said, her voice inviting and seductive as she waved the holder and cigarette back and forth in front of Klaire’s face.  I could only imagine how closely Klaire’s eyes were tracking the movement.  Serenity took another drag, and posed for the exhale.  I almost forgot about Klaire, but Serenity continued her demonstration.  “I command you to take a drag from my holder, Klaire.”  She held the holder close to Klaire’s lips.  Klaire struggled against the command, but the compunction I had placed in her mind, along with Serenity’s expert manipulation gave her no chance at resistance.  She took a drag, and exhaled leisurely, a serene smile on her face.  “Sleep, my slave,” Serenity said, tapping her on the forehead.  Two men caught Klaire as her knees buckled and she collapsed in slow motion.  In short order, she was shackled by the wrists to the apparatus, and Serenity whispered some more in her ear.  Serenity backed off from Klaire, once again addressing the audience.  “As her Mistress, I get first dibs.  We will perform for all of you.”  Serenity unclipped her flogger, took a drag from her holder and exhaled leisurely.  Suddenly, the flogger landed across Klaire’s back with a “snap!”  Klaire moaned as if she’d been… entered.  “You like this my slave, don’t you?”  Another blow landed.  I was uncomfortable, never truly having seen this side of my ex-girlfriend, but Klaire’s face was rapturous.

Serenity circled Klaire, stopping in front of her.  “When I count three, you will awaken.  My sweetie, I’ve always wanted to make a girl come with my flogger.  You’re it.  One, two, three!”  She was a little impatient, but Klaire responded anyway.  The firs thing Klaire did was to try to move, but she couldn’t get very far with her arms fastened to the frame.  “Good evening, Kinky Klaire,” Serenity smirked.  “Who am I?”

“You’re Rob’s friend, Serenity… and I assume this your doing?”

“Quite right.  And judging by the light flush and state of your nipples, you don’t mind this too much.”

“Well…”  I could see her blush.

“See my flogger, dear?  Don’t watch too closely or you’ll go under again, I’m sure.  How does this feel?” Serenity teased Klaire’s breast with it.  Klaire’s knees wobbled and she moaned.  “I think she likes it.”  She stopped, drawing a frustrated groan from Klaire.  “Would you like me to start again?”

“Yes…” Klaire gasped.  “Please.”

“Address me correctly,” Serenity replied, using the flogger to stroke Klaire for the briefest of instants.

“Yes…  Mistress.”

The flogger landed against Klaire’s breast.  I winced, but Klaire snorted loudly, her knees failing.  Serenity resumed brushing Klaire with the flogger.  “Sorry, dear, I had to do that.  For me.  As the sharp excitement I just caused in your body fades, my continued—affections are having their effect on you, wouldn’t you say?”  Serenity grinned evilly as Klaire began to squirm.  “She’s under a hypnotic compunction to feel my flogger as she would… a cock, moving inside and out of her.”

Klaire blushed even more, and began to gasp.  “Ohhh… you… wit—“  Serenity stopped her flogger’s delicate motion across Klaire’s upper torso.  “Please—mistress—don’t stop,” she moaned, realizing her dilemma.  Serenity made a comment to the effect of, ‘Somebody wants to come, I see,’ and resumed her flogger’s motions.  Klaire resumed moaning and squirming.  Serenity kept stimulating Klaire with the flogger, using just brief enough pauses to delay the inevitable.  I’m positive that I was not the only one affected during Klaire’s climb to orgasm.  Just when it seemed that Klaire could take no more, Serenity stopped, leaving Klaire ready for the masterstroke, along with everybody else in the room.  Suddenly, a sharp blow landed, forcing a cry from Klaire.  I knew what it was; I’d heard it our first night together.

“Freeze!”  Serenity’s shouted command startled everybody, but once the shock subsided, we all beheld the result.  “Female In Rapture,” a living piece by Goddess Serenity.  A few pictures were shot, then Serenity unfroze Klaire, who would have collapsed except for the wrist restraints.  She was unfastened, and gently laid to the floor.  While this was going on, Serenity had fetched her longest holder and was smoking again.  She walked over to the prone, recovering Klaire.  Serenity took a long draw, exhaling downward at Klaire’s face.  “A smoke after is so… relaxing, don’t you think Klaire?  Have a drag of mine.”  Serenity knelt, offering the holder to Klaire, who took a drag and immediately went back under.  Serenity was saying something off the mike to Klaire, who sat up, stood, and handed the chain on her collar to Serenity.  She led Klaire off the stage and the two women disappeared into a back room.  When neither reappeared after several minutes, I headed in the direction they went.  I couldn’t find them.  I sighed.  Serenity had taken Klaire away for a private show.  I was a little miffed, but realized that without her help, I would not have been able to give Klaire the submissive toy experience she was wanting.  I sighed, and went back to my table.

I was unable to answer the stream of requests for Klaire for a while, but that didn’t stop them from hanging around the table and asking.  They were waiting for the same thing I was, some masked, some unmasked, definitely more men than women.  After about an hour and a half, Serenity reappeared, leading Klaire, who had changed back into her elegant dress, towards me by the chain and collar.  When they got close enough, I saw that Klaire was still entranced.  “Rob, take her chain, please.”  I stood and led Klaire into the booth, commanding her to sit next to me.  Serenity had moved around the table to sit on my other side.  I gave her a look that said I wasn’t exactly happy.  She grinned, “Hypno-not-so-quickie.  So sue me,” in response.  Before I could say anything else, Serenity said, “Klaire, reward.”  Klaire reached for her purse, removing her Virginia Slim 120’s and a lighter.  She took out one of the cigarettes and placed it into her long black holder.  After starting the lighter, Klaire reached across me to light Serenity’s holdered More before lighting her own.  Serenity took one arm, Klaire the other.  “Enjoy this for a moment.  Two 120 holder-smoking babes on your arms,” my ex-girlfriend purred.  I was so hot that I could have lit their cigarettes with my body.  Serenity was, of course, forgiven.

Apparently, it wasn’t just my moment; a couple of other men watched the two women smoke with extreme interest.  When it ended, I whispered to Serenity, “ummm… Serenity.  I really should bring her out of trance.  I don’t know how her body is doing right now.  She’s been under for a long time.”  Serenity nodded, and announced that Klaire was going to take a rest.  It was my turn to lead Klaire to the back, away from the rest of the crowd.  The empty ready room still smelled of smoke and sex.  Serenity shrugged, with a goofy smile on her face.  With Klaire seated next to me, I gently told her, “When I count to three, you will awaken and—remember everything that has happened except that which you have been told to forget.  Nod you head if you understand.”  Eyes staring into space, Klaire’s head slowly bobbed.  I brought her out of trance.

“Ohhhh…  That was fantastic Goddess Serenity--erm—you too, Rob,” were the first words out of her mouth.  “My body hurts,” was the next thing she said.

“How do you feel otherwise?” I anxiously asked.

“A bit tired, but all things considered, fine.  I can stay and play for a while.”  She paused.  “May I make a request?”  We both nodded.  “No more sex?”  Serenity and I exchanged glances.  “Please?”  It wasn’t that I didn’t understand or that I wouldn’t grant her request, but knowing what she and Serenity had done… and the twin holders… and… it was Klaire…  I was a little frustrated.  I agreed, hoping that any edge in my voice went undetected.

“Serenity… may we please be alone for a little while?  If we don’t come out in ten minutes, come back.  I’ve been seduced.  And before you protest, Klaire,” I quickly added, “It’s just you being the hypnobabe supreme.  In other words, you being yourself.  Nothing else you’ve done—”  She raised an eyebrow.  “—With the exception of the smoking display has seduced me.”  Klaire was blushing.  Serenity nodded, smiled, and left without a word.  I turned my attentions back to Klaire.  “Have you had fun?”

“Most certainly, yes!” she smiled.  I could tell that she was a little tired.

“Are you ready to go back out?”

“After some water, and taking care of some things, yes, I am… master.”  She gave me a peck on the cheek and headed for the ladies room.  A few minutes later, she reappeared, freshly-made up, elegant, and beautiful.  “I’m ready whenever you are, master,” she softly said.

I hugged her, whispering, “You are so beautiful, sleepy slave.”  She sighed and her body sagged against mine.  “Klaire, go deeper into trance, deep enough to learn what I am about to teach you…”

We came out, with Klaire wide awake.  She instantly drew a crowd that followed us to our reserved table, where Serenity sat.  “I was almost ready to come get you,” she teased.  I shrugged.  “Everybody knows that she’s not available, now.  Rank does have its privileges.”  Klaire held court for a while, politely answering questions about her and hypnosis.  The other hypnotist sat discreetly off to the side, bobbing his watch.  All three of us noticed.

“It won’t work, sorry.  I don’t know you, and, contrary to popular belief, I’m not that easy to put under,” Klaire loudly announced, turning him very red.  “I have to have a certain level of trust in the hypnotist, even if he knows what he’s doing.”  Everybody turned to look at him.  “Rob—my master—and I have a very strong level of trust, so he can hypnotize me quite easily, because I allow him to.”  The crowd nodded, almost as one, and “Mr. Hypno” put his watch away.  Klaire was asked about the videos where she was the star.  She admitted that she enjoyed being frozen and made into a living mannequin.

“Oh, so you like being a dolly?” I said.  “Robot, stand up, turn left.”

Klaire stood and turned to her left.  “Rob!!!!” she shouted, turning very red.

“Robot, take ten steps and freeze.”

As she took each mechanical step, she laughed and said, “I’ll get you for this—“

Whatever else she was going to say didn’t come out because she had frozen.  “As you can all see, Klaire is now a robot.  You all heard her say that she likes this.  I need some volunteers.”  Serenity picked three men for me.  “You have a dolly to pose.  Have fun!”  I watched the men go to work, camera at the ready.  “Your eyes, Klaire, that is the only part of you that is not mechanical.”  Klaire’s eyes tracked the men as they put her in a ballerina’s pose.  If I read them correctly, she was turned on while being a little miffed at me.  I smiled sweetly and took a picture of her.  Somebody from the crowd said, “Right.  Been there, seen that.”  Serenity leisurely got up and sashayed over to us.  The woman knows how to walk with a purpose.  She began to remove Klaire’s clothes, anticipating my objection, and silencing it with a knowing look.

“OK, this is your chance to get naked with her.”  Excitement rose quickly, but leveled off when Serenity added, “No touching.  If you’re naked, no touching at all.  Am I clear?”  Even the obvious doms were visibly affected by her voice.  Some muted grumbling took place, but the expression on Serenity’s face was anything but, and it stopped.  In short order, Klaire was naked.  “Now, robot, relax your knees, so I can move you.”  She fussed around Klaire, getting her positioned properly.  “Those of you who are naked can pose for a picture.  If you touch her, I will hurt you.  Got it?”  Agreement was swift.  I took about fifty still pictures before running out of memory, Klaire surrounded by men in various simulated poses.  On her hands and knees, with her mouth forming a perfect “O”; it was a good position to take semi-advantage of.

After about a half-hour, the naked photo fest was over.  Serenity moved people away, and dressed her again.  I made sure that Klaire would remember nothing before waking her.  At least until Raeven decided to show her the pictures.  “Welcome back dear,” I grinned.  She wanted to know what had happened, but nobody was talking.

She sighed with fatigue and leaned against our table.  “You are evil, you know.”  Klaire pulled out her short cigarette holder and her Virginia Slims 120’s.  A young man whispered something to Serenity, who nodded.  As Klaire prepared her smoke, he asked if he may have the honor.  Klaire flushed, but allowed him to be gallant as he knelt next to our table.

I leaned to Klaire’s ear.  ”Reward time,” was all I said.

Klaire took the young man’s collar and smiled.  “Sit here,” she said in a soft, yet commanding tone, and pulled on the collar to insure that he got the idea.  He watched with adoration as she took her first drag.  As she slowly exhaled a long stream of smoke, the rapt expression on his face turned into one of abject shock.  She nonchalantly took another draw, and the young man’s shocked expression turned into one of sexual excitement.  It was a matter of the right hand, which Klaire was using to handle the holdered cigarette, not knowing what the left hand was doing.  For that matter, Klaire herself had no idea that her left hand was busy under the table.  She finished the slave and the cigarette simultaneously.  He wheezed a, “Thank you, Mistress,” then managed to slide onto the floor.  Klaire held her left hand out in front of him without a word, and he worshipped at his mistress’ feet.  A few people around the table were so green with envy that you could have planted them in the ground and they would have grown leaves.

“That was devilish,” Serenity whispered.  “And disappointing.  I was going to have her do that to you,” she said, flicking my ear lobe with her tongue.  I shrugged.  No use in being upset now.

It was time to go home.  “Party’s over,” I announced to the gathered onlookers.  Klaire blinked, then realized that there was a semi-naked young man orally adoring her left hand.  She gave a small squeak, but managed to maintain her public composure.  She put another cigarette in the long holder, let him light it, then dismissed him curtly, as a domme would.  Then she gave me a huge smoke tease, with a significant amount of, “I should kill you for that.”  We were both tired, but something told me that Klaire wasn’t going to let me rest easily.  In retrospect, I suppose I could have stopped her, but I was too busy watching her play to my fetish, and I was awful horny.  Klaire answered a few more questions as we gathered ourselves, and Serenity arranged for three people to help carry the things I brought back to the car.  We finally left, and Klaire, exhausted, fell non-hypnotically asleep within the first five minutes of the ride home.

I had a lot of things from the evening to put onto the CD’s that Klaire was going to take back with her.  Serenity had promised to make sure that I got her copy of things as well before Klaire left, so I could add that to her video and JPG library.  “Before Klaire left.”  The phrase made me realize that the time for having my very own hypnobabe was running out.  She would be gone in three days, and my fantasy would have been fulfilled, and it would be over.  I morosely drove back to my apartment in the silence of the car.


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