Six months had passed since the achievement of my last major milestone. I had all three of the women I had plotted to obtain in my thrall, devoted to me and my slightest desire. There hadn’t been any sign over that time that their reprogramming was fading; if anything, all of my slaves were even more devoted to me than the day they’d been WARPed. Including Joe. He’d grown much less surly over the past few months, despite the fact that my harem and I were continuing to drain his bank account and, more amazingly, that Cindy had stopped fucking him. Sally had gone and gotten herself a full-time job working at the makeup counter in a local, upscale department store, while Allison had been putting in extra hours at her part-time job. She also continued to attend school full-time and was even taking an extra course in order to accelerate her graduation. Allison accurately complained that she had no time to spend with me, but the drive I had given her to do well in school was keeping her out of my bed. Since both Sally and Allison were generally busy most nights, that left Cindy to—take care of my needs, and I was selfish enough not to share with Joe.

Cindy was more or less unemployable because Sally and I had turned her into a fucktoy. Given that her largest area of expertise was in fulfilling fantasies and fetishes in the bedroom, and that sex tended to dominate Cindy’s free thoughts, she had problems keeping focused on anything non-sexual for any decent stretch of time, like an eight-hour work day. However, she was using her femme fatale seductress persona to keep me very happy and well sated, and she also spent a lot of time teaching me how to screw better. Sally had remarked how much better in bed I had become since I’d been sexing Cindy, and she regretted that she could only spend one night a week with me. “A girl’s gotta sleep sometime, baby. It’s not that I don’t want…” She inhaled loudly and her eyes fluttered orgasmically. “…to spend more time with you, but I’m pulling an extra couple of shifts since we need the money.” It was true that we didn’t have a lot of leeway. The girls were working to help Joe with the bills because he wasn’t making as much money as he had before becoming my slave. The website was still profitable, but he was having to pay more for girls. Apparently, the amateur girl-next-door types had discovered the profit in peddling their own asses over the internet and didn’t need a middleman like Joe anymore. So he had to use professionals instead and his subscription rate had fallen by almost a third.

However, on this particular night, all five of us were out to celebrate. Allison had been named to the Dean’s List, which was quite an accomplishment for a former party girl slacker. Our party was paid for by her parents, who were almost as thrilled as she was, and were only too happy to give their studious daughter a generous cash bonus for the achievement so she could celebrate with friends. “This will also let me apply for one of the good internships in town,” she bubbled. “It’s not a lot of money, but I can learn so much mas—I mean, Russell.”

I smiled at her reluctance to use my real name, but we were in public. Leaning to her ear, I whispered, “Tonight is reserved for you, my dear slave,” making Allison tremble a little, and she smiled brightly.

Seeing her excitement, Sally gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered, “You are such a generous master. She’s really looking forward to spending time with you.” I asked my girlfriend if she minded not spending her free night with me. “No… I’ll live,” she smiled. “Allison’s gonna go orbital when you show her your new tricks.” At that, I glanced across the table, but Sally rested her hand on my arm. “No,” she whispered, “why don’t you let Joe have the toy tonight? He’s been working really hard for us too, and he deserves something for it.” Charity. Another new concept for me. My first instinct was to shake my head violently, but then I looked into those green eyes, read the adoration in them, and my selfishness dissipated. “I’ve got to get up early, and I’ve got a long shift tomorrow,” she continued, “so I could use the rest. It’s just fun being out tonight with you and our slaves. I wish we could do this more often.”

Her wistfulness filled me with melancholy, and reminded me of how neglectful I had been of the rest of my mission over the past six months. However, Cindy had been a powerful and infinitely pleasurable distraction, and I had been quite willingly seduced away from concentrating on my endgame. “Don’t sulk,” Sally counseled, giving me one of her long smooches on the cheek that melted my insides. “We’re here to have fun. Turn Cindy into Joe’s sexbot for the night. That should cheer you up—and help get you ready for Allison.” I asked her if she wanted do it, but she demurred, saying, “No, I really don’t need to get horny tonight. Otherwise, I’ll reconsider everything I’ve just said.”

I waited until Joe volunteered to bring back the next round since he had to get up to go to the men’s room anyway, and then I removed Cindy’s key from my pocket, feeling some blood move as her face went blank. Allison noticed too, giving me a look of hopeful anticipation. It made me almost reconsider giving Cindy to Joe, but Sally gave me a little squeeze as a reminder, so I chose to follow her original suggestion. “Cindy, you are now deeply entranced as the key claims your thoughts and your will.”

“I… am… in… a… deep trance,” she haltingly said, her soft voice barely audible in the loud surroundings of the bar. “I… must obey… the key holder.”

“Close your eyes, sleep and obey my voice, slave.”

“Yesss… masss…” Her eyes drifted shut. I moved next to her, whispered her instructions, and then woke her up, leaving no sign of her temporary alterations. Joe would be a happy man until noon tomorrow. When he returned to the table, Cindy moved into his old chair, leaving a space between her and Allison, and indicated that he should take her old seat, which he did with some surprise. It wasn’t long before she had sidled up to him, and her hand was lightly stroking his thigh. He turned to her and I could see Cindy’s bearing change into “I’m-great in-bed-and-insanely-horny-for-you. NOW.” I felt a charge go through my system, and regretted having agreed to Sally’s idea.

However, before I could act, Joe smiled, “Thank you, sir,” with so much gratitude that I could only respond with a somewhat regal nod. I continued to socialize with my harem and male slave while I watched Cindy’s mostly-discreet efforts at arousing Joe. When I started to become erect just from the memories of how it felt when she would do the same to me, I signaled Sally that Allison and I were leaving.

She could barely sit still in the car for the ride back to my place, but managed to keep her hands off me for the duration of the trip. As soon as we had made it inside and the door had closed, Allison launched herself at me, panting, “I know it’s not very slave-like, but I’ve been dreaming of this for the last three months, master. Make me your mindless sex slave—please! I wanna be like Cindy, just a toy only for your pleasure!”

As pleased as I was at Allison’s hunger, I wasn’t in the mood for mindless slaves just then. I had had plenty of that recently with Cindy. My cock was hard, and I had an extremely willing and desirable partner whom I dragged to the sofa because I didn’t want to wait long enough to get to the bedroom. Even if it was only a few seconds further away. My mouth fixed on Allison’s right breast as we clumsily shucked our clothes. As soon as I was able, I hastily mounted her and was welcomed by a loud slurp, followed by a cry of joy from her.

We were fucking, Cindy’s lessons in patience lost in our lustful need. Allison’s legs automatically wrapped around my back and somehow, she thrust upwards to meet my frenzied downstrokes in perfect time. “Ohgodohgodohgodohgodfuckme!” she hissed when she could get enough air to speak. This intense, crazed lust couldn’t last very long, and it didn’t. Within minutes, I was screaming my release to the living room. Allison arched backwards, lifting me off the sofa and we fell to the carpet, still engaged, with me still pouring cum into her. My animalistic grunts and howls became softer while her body thrashed as she spewed nonsense in her own release. Our lips crashed together in a greedy, wanton kiss that lasted for an eternity, and then, it was over. “Ohhh… Wowwwww…” she finally managed to exhale. “Thank you, master.”

It was time for a snack and some desperately needed water. There was no conversation during our break, with everything Allison needed to say conveyed by her eyes and the look of abject desire she maintained throughout. She leisurely smoked a Capri through her medium-length holder, trying (and almost succeeding) to match Cindy’s femme fatale sexiness. In short, she did everything to turn me on that she could without touching me or saying a single word. And it was working. An hour later, fed, rested, and feeling able to do something about the horniness she had engendered, we finally made it to the bedroom, where the first thing I did was to remove Allison’s crystal. “Do you remember this, Allison?” She gasped with an expression of surprised joy on her face. Briefly. “Allison, it is time for you to go into a very deep trance for your master,” I intoned, watching her face quickly go blank as she gaped at the crystal. She adored being put under by me, and so she always helped as much as she could by using her rapidly diminishing willpower to send herself amazingly deep in much less time than it would take for me to guide her there. “It is time for you to be a mindless and obedient sex slave for your master. The crystal makes Allison mindless and obedient to her master.”

“Yes…” she breathed, barely audible even in the stillness of my room. “ I am becoming… mindless… and obedient… for my master. Mindless… and obedient. Mind-less… and… o-bed-ient…Mind-less… and…” The room fell silent until she managed to whisper, “O-beeed…” a seeming eternity later as her jaws fell slack. Her eyes were fixed intently on the crystal, looking completely fascinated. Now that her mind was open, Allison was ready to be controlled and commanded by her master, fulfilling both our desires.

“Allison, you are now my complete slave, as you have wanted in your deepest desires for the longest time. Do you understand?”

“Yes… master. I am…. your… complete… sex slave,” she replied, still gazing blankly into the crystal I held. I always found the persistent nature of her sexual desire to be amazing even in the deepest of trances. Her subconscious held both her WARPS-enhanced, fantasy-driven craving to be a sex slave and her normally high sex drive; therefore, Allison could express them even when her conscious mind was in total thrall. That made her different from my other slaves; I could turn her into a robot with no will, and she would still be incredibly sexually responsive without any commands at all. That part was usually just for my (or Sally’s) benefit, and right now, I wanted that benefit.

“Your mind is open so that all I say, you will do, you will feel. Being my complete, mindless and obedient slave is making you very horny… your entire body is craving my touch… all of your body… every inch of your skin… your breasts need to feel my kiss, my tongue, my lips, my teeth.” She began to squirm and little moans escaped from her mouth. “Yes, and it’s much stronger now, this need for my touch, all the way inside of you… your pussy is getting warmer and wetter, craving my cock, incredibly sensitive even though there’s nothing inside of it… can you feel it, slave Allison? My mindless, obedient, sex slave Allison?”

She had fallen onto her side by now and was undulating along the covers, trying to use the friction to ease her rapidly escalating physical need, panting softly, whimpering. And I was merciless, continuing, “Yes, Allison, you feel it all, becoming more and more intense. And now your ass feels it too… it needs something, it needs to feel the friction of my cock… sliding in and out… your hands can try to ease the need in your pussy and the buzzing in your clit… try it now, slave… but only your master can sate this need. Only his touch, his cock can give you the release you need.”

Now Allison was masturbating, one hand pumping fingers in and out of her pussy, the other frantically circling her clit. She moaned in burgeoning rapture and frustration, trying to get herself off while I sadistically watched, keeping myself out of her reach. “Hnnf! Unngh! Mmmfff! Oh please,” she begged. “Master! Touch me! I obey! Touchme! I’magoodslave!” I waited until Allison was almost out-of-breath and nearly rendered senseless by my diabolical commands. Her body rolled and vibrated, and her masturbation was frantic, but she still could not get herself to the peak and over the edge of the cliff.

Until I kissed her, fleetingly. Just once on the lips, gently. Much to my surprise, Allison climaxed with a howl, unable to continue her self-stimulation because her arms shot almost straight out and flailed wildly. I could only watch—simply because I couldn’t get close enough to do anything else. The magnitude of the explosion caused by the mere brush of my lips was impressive, and my cock grew harder by the second. When her orgasm finally subsided and Allison began to move with some coordination, I joined her on the bed after grabbing a tube of lubricant. “On your hands and knees, slave.”

“Yesssmaster!” she urgently hissed, sounding like a junkie about to get her fix. I pushed into her ass, and the mirror across the room reflected the intensity of the sensation thundering through her allowing me to watch her face fill with joy for an instant before her eyes rolled upwards. Allison pushed herself backwards, sending my cock deeper into her ass. “Ohhhh…. Ye-e-e-esss! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” I could feel her body quiver inside with each move I made, and watched Allison’s reflection have a series of continuous mini-orgasms, her eyes losing focus and rolling around loosely while she moaned and gasped and squeaked, lost in extreme physical rapture. I pumped at her ass with long, deliberate strokes, surrounded by deliciously tight friction, feeling exquisite pleasure along my length and up my spine, but my own release was held at bay by my earlier orgasm in the living room. I was in no hurry, the joys of slow fucking having recently become apparent, and it was divine when applied to anal sex with my generously round-assed slave.

Her body began to tense, and the little movements within her body intensified until she was vibrating, and her muscles were taut. The moans had turned into one long gurgle trapped in her throat. Suddenly, Allison made one loud gasp, followed by a shouted, “Awwwwwww-SHIT!” She bucked once, violently at the hips, and a loud, wet splat signified the strength of this particular orgasm, as juices gushed from her pussy. Her body began to move in waves, she was tossing her head up and down, and every glimpse of her face in the mirror displayed some expression of orgasmic nirvana.

Nonetheless, Allison’s orgasmic fit failed to dislodge me. I was at my full size, so her ass remained tightly clamped around me. I could feel her internal spasms most vividly, yet the sensations still did not trigger my own release. Allison moaned, “Ohhhh… Masssterrrr! Fu-u-u-u-u-uck meeeee…” and I began thrusting my hips with increased pace and intensity. She enthusiastically fucked back at me, panting and squeaking in ecstasy, and I felt the tingle start. My moans soon joined hers, and Allison became louder, urging me on, begging for my release in her ass. Like the kind and considerate master I was, after having gotten everything I could have possibly wanted from my slave, I granted her request, shooting cum into her ass with a loud, deliriously happy sigh. My slave came again with a wail, expressing the complete degree to which her dreams had been fulfilled. That was the last thing I remembered until the next sunrise.


I awoke to a slow, loving blowjob. Allison, as she was wont to do even in her mindless state, was taking the initiative to provide me a service that she, as a sex slave, should be expected to perform. Despite the early hour and the previous night’s activities, I quickly grew hard at her combined gentle masturbation of the shaft and sloppy wet suction around the corona, head, and rim. I lightly, tenderly, placed a hand on her head, causing her to pause her efforts momentarily while she looked up and gave me a look of complete devotion. It made me feel funny, in a good way, and my cock got larger in her hand. I watched her hair swirl around my cock, as her hands and mouth sent exquisite thunderbolts through my body. My hips started thrusting slowly, aiding her patient, caring efforts at stimulation, and I started sighing and groaning. Allison responded by bobbing her head faster and wrapping her cupped hands more tightly around the base while stroking. Sally may have been the only member of my harem who could take all of me, but the other two had figured out their own, distinct methods for giving me tremendous oral pleasure. My groans increased in volume and duration, my slow upwards thrusts more forceful, and Allison was drooling freely over my rigid dick, making excited whimpers.

“Ohhhhhh… Alllll-i-sssssonnnnnnn,” I exhaled, feeling the flood rush through my loins, into my cock where it burned deliciously as it flowed into my sex thrall’s mouth. She continued sucking and stroking, and during the brief intervals when I had enough control to open my eyes, I glimpsed Allison, her mouth still covering my dick as she continued her blow job, with cum flowing down my dick and her chin. I finally collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air, unwilling to move and disturb my post-orgasmic high. Allison knelt over me, playing with the ropy goo on her face and hands before delicately licking her fingertips with a lewd-yet-impish, satisfied grin on her face.

“Sleep now, my slave,” I quietly commanded, feeling a weak twinge at the sight of her eyelids fluttering for an instant before her eyes slammed shut and she pitched forward onto me, hypnotically unconscious. I was finished playing with my toy for now.


I have never been one to believe in luck. It’s always been a matter of careful, detailed planning and executing the plan to its smallest detail. However, all the planning in the world had not been able to break the wall separating me from the rich and powerful, whose desires would lead them to embrace the potential of WARPS, and thereby make me a rich man, allowing me to live the life I wanted with my harem. My megalomania seemed to have been cured, or at least fucked into docile contentment, because I hadn’t had the urge to mass-produce WARPS and take over the world for at least six months. More impressively, when an idle thought of world domination flitted through my head, “Hmmmm… That sounds like a good idea,” was not the next immediate thought. It was Allison, my beautiful, very smart, hard-working and oversexed slave who, about three months after her Dean’s List party, set my endgame into motion, albeit by accident.

Allison came over to my apartment one afternoon. She had wanted to talk to me about her internship, because there were some rumors flying around that the company was in danger of being bought out. She worried about losing her internship, and being unable to find another. I told her that she was being overly cautious and dramatic. “But Master, I need to find a different internship now! Even people who have been there for twenty-five years are scared!” Allison argued, pressing, “I can probably get my old job back, and we can always use the money.”

Cindy was also in the room and gave me a questioning look, probably wondering when I was going to assert command of her unruly slave-sister. I ignored it, but I was beginning to get annoyed at Allison’s continual efforts to leave her internship, which, although it was technically a paying position, didn’t result in a paycheck. Free tuition, books, and a modest stipend during the school year were the monetary return, not cash on hand. However, she was interning in the finance department at the city’s largest (and oldest) corporate employer, and it was considered to be the top internship in the city. After getting a few other opinions about the ultimate value (present and future) of her internship, I made her take it. It would serve me well if I eventually needed Allison to be the big breadwinner for the harem. However, apparently all of that was in imminent danger from a rumored hostile takeover effort. As it was just a rumor, I didn’t see why Allison was so frightened, and so I reasoned that it was just her being her willful thrall self, trying to come up with yet another argument against what she had been commanded to do. When it became apparent that she wasn’t going to let it go, I sent Cindy to the bedroom so that I could be alone with her slave-sister.

“Master, I’ve heard about how this guy works,” contended Allison, not missing a beat from her earlier discussion, “He takes a company and strips it to its barest bones, firing people and outsourcing everything he can. Then, when he’s driven the company into the ground and made a huge profit, he sells whatever’s left for more!” I had started to fetch the WARPing light while she continued to complain because I had left her crystal at Sally’s the previous week, and I was tired of listening to her; I needed to rein in Allison's will. However, something in her diatribe about the corporate raider made me stop long enough to hear her out. She was making him sound like my kind of guy. Moreover, he sounded like someone who would be extremely intrigued in obtaining the means to make others obey his every desire.

I can see how that could be useful in business, I thought. Every negotiation would end in your favor, because everyone would accept your terms without hesitation, just because you told them to. The potential for profit beyond avarice is out-of-this world. Maybe I really do need to meet him. The wheels had already started spinning to figure out how I could parlay Allison into a face-to-face meeting while I retrieved the light ball. I hadn’t used it in months, so while I believed that the light was still working, I hadn't done a spectral test. But at least I could test that; I was more worried that the WARP molecules in her brain tissue might have degenerated by now, making the light useless. I gotta make another trigger for her, I thought, realizing that I had no other way to effect complete command over her, unlike Cindy. I didn’t even have a simple verbal hypnotic trigger for her like Sally’s. I walked into the room carrying the light and hoping for the best.

“…Don’t you see how bad it would be if I lost my internship and I… couldn’t…” Allison’s voice died, and she stared at the globe and its gentle flashing. Apparently, there was enough intact WARPing enzyme left in her brain to manufacture enough mutated neurotransmitter to produce the desired effect, even though almost a year had passed since the initial application! The long-term effect of WARPS surprised and delighted me; it obviously had one hell of a half-life in humans. There’s another good selling point.

“Allison, you will never argue with me about your internship. You love being there, and you’re going to do your best as long as you are there. You no longer feel the need to earn money for me, unless I explicitly ask you to.” I was about to put the light away when I had a bright idea about avoiding this same type of situation in the future. “If you are pressing me about any topic and I tell you, ‘Silence, slave,’ you will bow your head and softly reply, ‘I’m sorry, sir.’ Then you will have no desire to continue arguing with me over that same point.” I waited a few moments trying to decide if there was anything else I wanted to add. “Allison, when you hear me tell you, ‘silence, slave,’ you will begin to feel a soft, gentle wanting sensation in your body and mind. It will be for Cindy’s sexual touch. This sensation will grow slowly to the point where you will be willing to submit to Cindy, and discreetly, submissively beg her to fuck you as your mistress. Only after you have served Cindy will this wanting feeling vanish. When it does, you will remember your proper place and bearing as my slave.” I guided an unresisting Allison to the sofa, sat her down, and left her to stare into the light while I looked in on Cindy.

As soon as I opened the bedroom door, Cindy softly purred, “Thank you for using me as the instrument of your discipline, master.” She stood and leisurely approached me, inviting me to stare lustfully at her incredible body. “It makes me… mmmmmmmm—horny—when I think of Allison serving me and allll the games we can play,” she sang. The way she talked about it and her sensual movement gave me several thoughts and vividly decadent mental images, and my body responded with a very brief surge of blood.

It wasn’t short enough to escape Cindy’s notice, as she returned to the bed, and then, gracefully and without hurry, prepared a cigarette for lighting in her holder. She asked me to provide the gentlemanly service in a voice full of confident desire, knowing that I would watch, her second draw a long, extended french-inhale, followed by a silent, leisurely-performed exhale. “I know how exciting it is to take control,” she husked, fixing me with her hungry gaze, and her femme fatale’s bearing. “I know how excited I got when I controlled Allison during her training. Does it have the same effect on you, my master?”

Truthfully, it hadn’t been one of my more lust-inducing episodes with a WARPing session, but Cindy was pouring gasoline on the spark raised in me by any kind of mind-control. There was an impressive bulge in my jeans by the time she finished her next elegant drag. “May I take care of you, sir?” she queried as she half-reclined on my bed, the question erotically supercharged despite the both of us being fully clothed.

“Yes,” I hoarsely replied, “slave.” It never failed to amaze me how, in her femme fatale persona, she moved so smoothly, so unhurriedly, yet in such a deliciously sensual manner that it amplified the sexual energy in the room and moreover, her bearing would affect Sally and Allison in the same way, to nearly the same degree. The sound of a zipper being pulled down echoed in the quiet of my bedroom, and immediately thereafter, Cindy’s mouth met my engorged dick. I forgot about Allison, WARPing anybody, and corporate raiders within a matter of seconds.


I now had a purpose. Sex with my slaves had become secondary to the successful completion of my original plan, at least for the moment. The raider’s name was Charles Eskin, and he was ludicrously rich. In researching my potential client, I had discovered that Allison’s first description of the man had actually been slightly sugarcoated. His ruthlessness was legendary, his tactics legal, although oftentimes just beyond the bounds of ethics. He was brilliant and seemingly driven by one thing: the amassing of a personal fortune well beyond that of any other individual on the planet. The main difference between the two of us was that Charles Eskin didn’t want to rule the world; he just wanted to own it. Truly, he was a kindred spirit in that the ends were the only relevant thing as long as the means didn’t put you in jail.

I had developed a plan to give him a reason to have a face-to-face meeting with Allison: she could provide him with inside information on his target, since her performance as an intern and trustworthy bearing gave her access to many documents that would help Mr. Eskin figure out just how profitable a venture this could be. It would take a couple of visits at least; if he was anything like me, he’d be suspicious and paranoid, more inclined to believe that this was just tantalizing bait in a trap laid to snare him than a legitimate offer. He had a long list of enemies, one that started with his original partner, a collegiate best friend from whom he’d wrested not only sole control of the company, but his former friend’s gorgeous wife at the time. Of course, she was now an ex-girlfriend with only some cosmetic improvements to show for her three years with him, not to mention the trust issues she now had in any future relationship. I was also sure that several legal and regulatory entities would love to see Eskin with his nuts in a vise.

I could help him with all of those problems, and, as a bonus, give him the most malleable and compliant harem he could ever want. However, it was absolutely critical that he completely believe Allison’s motivations for approaching him, or I’d never get to make the pitch that could fulfill each of our heart’s desires. The set-up was easy enough; I could temporarily turn Allison into an ambitious, power-seeking intern who would see Eskin as a way to get ahead. She would not be beyond using her considerable sexual talents to sweeten any deal she made—with man or woman. She would also make it obvious that she knew she’d be able to stop using those talents after making her first couple million. It would have helped if I knew what got Charles going sexually other than beauty because serving a ready-made fantasy on a platter would be an extra inducement for him to hear Allison out. I was fairly confident that since his lust for money was at least as great as his lust for sex, the sample of information Allison was going to give him would be interesting enough that he’d ask for more. Once we were sure that he was hooked, then she would have to bring in her “source,” who had access to the rest of the information he needed: me.

I would show up with Cindy by my side, as some sort of accomplice, and then show Eskin the product, how it worked, and what he could do with it. I’d let him have a whirl with the two girls—anything he wanted to do—within reason. If he was anything like me, that, plus the profit potential in the remaining half-canister of WARPS would sell him on the product without hesitation. I was finally going to have my harem and more than enough money for all of us to enjoy for the rest of our lives without working another minute. I started plotting the geometric possibilities of me and my three slaves unfettered by fiscal constraints.


“Ohmigod!” gasped Sally as she collapsed onto the bed. I had just finished fucking her brains out—with a little help. “Cindy! Sleep! Please!” my girlfriend yelped when our thrall started to get between Sally’s legs, blankly continuing to follow her earlier command from me.

At the sound of her mistress’ voice, Cindy’s eyes fluttered and she sighed, “Yesssss… Mis…” before melting onto the bed, unconscious at Sally’s feet.

“I can’t cum anymore,” she complained. “You two have worn me out!” After a few more minutes, she sat up. “Is that what you two have been doing since I’ve been double shifting? Figuring out how to kill me through orgasm—as if work wasn’t enough?” She regarded me, suspicious, yet perplexed. “Is that why you made me take the day off?”

“Partially,” I sheepishly admitted. “I mean, we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together lately. I kinda missed sharing the toy with you.” Sally’s eyes went starry, and she leaned forward with her lips parting. “I missed that, too,” I tenderly said after we broke our kiss. “But I have a big announcement, and I wanted you to be the first to know.” My heart began racing and I couldn’t keep the broad smile from taking over my face. “I’ve figured out who to sell the spray to, and how I’m gonna get him to buy it.”

Sally clapped a hand over her mouth, stifling a loud inhale. The shock on her face quickly morphed into joy that we were on the verge of realizing our dream.

After Cindy had cooked and cleared dinner, I took her to the bedroom and put her to sleep to keep her out of the way. Sally had just lit a tipped cigar when I returned to the dining room, but I asked her to forgo her after-dinner smoke. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t find it exciting, but this was not the time to indulge my fetish. Yes, I had made Sally take the day off, and yes, we had spent most of it in the bedroom, but right now, I needed her as my brilliant co-conspirator because she knew more about the way normal people acted.

Unfortunately, she didn’t give me an immediate answer, telling me that she needed to think about it for a few minutes. Since her assessment was key to the ultimate success of the plan, I would have the patience to wait for her. It wasn’t long before she looked at me with her wonderful eyes and said, “Sweetie… I don’t think you’ve thought this all the way through.”

My jaw dropped open. Me? Not think something all the way through? Impossible. Nonetheless, Sally had proven herself to be as capable of evil plotting as I was, so I kept my mouth shut.

Satisfied that I wasn’t going to do anything to her, Sally began by asking me a question. “You said that Charles Eskin reminds you of yourself, and that’s what led you to target your plan for him, right?” I nodded. “Baby, I want you to think about what you would do if someone brought the spray into your office and demonstrated it.” I began to protest, telling her that I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it in action, but Sally evenly encouraged me to think about it from his point of view. “And with his morality,” she added.

I froze. If I were him, I would make some pretext to get my hands on the canister, and then I would spray the seller. The next thing I would do is to command him into giving me the spray, the secret, and the women. Completely one-sided and not fair at all, the ends certainly justified the means. I looked at my girlfriend with awe at her skill in revealing the obvious. “I’d do everything I could to get it without paying for it.” She nodded. My mind threatened to careen into depression and my dick said, “Wake Cindy up. She and Sally would cheer you up a whole lot.” Still, my rational mind analyzed the scenario with enough verve that I was able to push off the horniness and the depression. And when he figures out that I’m immune, he’ll throw me out, try to get me put in jail—while he keeps the women and the spray. How can I circumvent that?

“You’ve got an alternate plan.” The sound of my girlfriend’s voice startled me. Almost ninety minutes had passed since I had noticed anything around me. I had been so absorbed in my plotting that I was even unaware that Sally had started and finished her cigar.

“Kind of,” I said. “It requires… a third party, and I’m still back to square one in terms of access.” I briefly outlined my revisions to her.

“You have better access now,” she pointed out. “You have Allison. There’s nothing saying she can’t work both sides of the street.” The room was silent for an eternity. Then both of us smiled.

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