The Innocent

Part 2

“Massage time.”  With those two words, Lori Barrett went sliding down a long tunnel; every muscle in her body relaxed, a pleasant warmth enveloped her, and when she stopped sliding, she was completely relaxed, in a deep hypnotic state.  She felt a little thirsty, but she drank her favorite orange blossom drink, the one she always had at Wanda’s during her massage.  The table felt so nice, so warm… she floated along… so relaxed… with Wanda… listening to Wanda… talking to Wanda…

Lori had been under for nearly an hour now.  Wanda had been having a nice discussion with the hypnotized girl.  All about her friends, and how they seemed to have so much more fun than she did.  They’d go out to bars and meet strange men, smoke and drink… all the things that bad girls did.  Joanne had sex—regularly.  Which made her a bad girl.  But she was so nice to Lori.  Lori didn’t understand.  Wanda almost felt sorry for her; her puritan parents must have had steel rods up their asses to their brains to leave the poor girl this unequipped to deal with adulthood.  Still, this was business, and sentiment played no part in it.  Time to continue…  “Lori, have you ever wanted to have fun like they do?”

“Y-y-yes,” Lori admitted.  The shame was detected easily enough, even through the young woman’s hypnotized state.  “But I’m not a bad girl.”  Her face was slack, and she looked perfectly at peace.  The black lotus serum really did work as advertised.

“Have you ever thought about being a bad girl… and having fun?”  Wanda waited.  This would tell her much about how long this entire process would take.  Lori didn’t say anything.  Wanda quietly prompted her, “We’re friends, Lori.  You trust Wanda.  Wanda makes you feel so relaxed… so relaxed… you can tell Wanda everything.  Nothing bothers you when you’re deeply relaxed…  Tell Wanda… tell me… you want to tell me…”

“Yesssss,” was the hissed reply.  “I want to have fun… like Joanne… don’t want to… study all the time… but I can’t be… a bad girl…”  Lori began to stir.  This was obviously a difficult thing for her to admit.

“Sleep deeply, Lori.  Go back to deep relaxation…  Massage time relaxation, Lori,” Wanda smoothly said, and all traces of worry vanished from her subject.  “Wanda can show you how to be a bad girl… while Lori studies and goes to medical school… if you want it…  Trust Wanda…  Lori will be a doctor… but you will have fun…”  Lori wouldn’t become a doctor if this went to its intended conclusion, but there was no need for her to consciously know it.  Wanda was seducing Lori’s subconscious with its deepest hidden desires.  “Lori will still be a good girl…  Yes, she will be a good girl… but you will have fun…” she softly repeated.  Lori sighed, and her smile grew.  As did Wanda’s.  “Now, Lori, Wanda is telling you to relax… all the way to massage time… massage time relaxes you soooo muuuch…  You love massage time with Wanda, Wanda is your friend…  You like Wanda…  Yes, you like Wanda very much…  Wanda is a very good friend… because she relaxes you, Lori, isn’t that right?

“Ssss… Wanda…  Friend,” was Lori’s answer, still in her very deep trance.  “Wanda…  Good Friend,” she smiled.

“It makes Wanda very happy to hear that, Lori,” the masseuse softly replied.  “Does it make you happy when you make Wanda happy?”

“Yesss…  Wanda… good friend… happy.  Like… Wanda… t’be happy.”

“Then you can make Wanda very happy… and it’s easy… your next appointment will be on Saturday… for three hours.  Wanda will do this for free if you do not tell any of your friends that you are coming here.  You will get three hours of calm, peaceful, relaxation and massage time…  Do you understand?”

“Ye-esss,” Lori managed to hiss.  Each time she heard the magic phrase, her subconscious gained greater control over Lori’s actions and thoughts.  Reinforced by the black lotus serum, her hypnotic trance was near-absolute.  However, Wanda’s plan hinged on the girl’s trust and acceptance of her as a friend, confidant, and advice-giver.  The next appointment would determine everything.  She woke Lori as usual, giving her a brief massage during her conscious state and as the girl came out of the shower, she asked, “Wanda, how long does it take for a really good massage, y’know, like total body?”

“About three hours,” Wanda replied.  This was good.  Lori had already filled in the blanks in her own mind.  “I have time at about 5 p.m. this Saturday if you’re interested.”

“OK,” the young girl eagerly said.  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell my friends so they don’t ask you for a long massage for the cost of a short one.”

“That would be appreciated,” Wanda smiled.  Absolutely fantastic, virginal, and incredibly suggestible.  This could mean a huge payday.  Saturday was going to mean a lot to both of them.


“Hi Lori, I hope you didn’t have too much trouble getting away unnoticed.”

“No, Wanda, this is one of the big all-campus party nights.  I told my friends that I was going to the Bio library to study.  It’s the only library that’s open tonight.  As long as I’m back by midnight, they won’t know a thing,” Lori brightly smiled.  She was pleased with her ingenuity in crafting a really convincing lie.  “Ummm… could we use the Sandalwood oil today?  I’m going to have lots of time to wash it off, and I like the scent.”

“Whatever the customer wants, kiddo.”  Wanda moved the requested bottle to the heater as Lori positioned herself on the table.  The masseuse noted that her client was still too shy to completely remove her bra, but at least Lori had grown accustomed enough to the massage ritual to have it unsnapped.  “And now, it’s maaaa-saaaage tiiiiiime,” Wanda purred, drawing out the words.  A loud sigh and the complete loss of tension in the young girl’s arms signaled Lori’s descent into trance.  “Excellent Lori, you are so relaxed… so ready… for massage time now.  You can only hear Wanda’s voice.  All other noises fade far away… relaxing you even more for massage time.  Soon you will become thirsty during massage time, and Wanda will give you your favorite orange blossom drink.  Just relax for massage time, becoming more deeply relaxed.  Relax more and more for Wanda…  Wanda will keep you safe… no worries… more deeply relaxed, Lori, for massage time.”

The entranced girl on the table lay still, a slight, dreamy smile on her face.  Only the motion of her breathing, slow, steady, and deep, belied the impression of a peaceful death.  “Now, Lori, you are with your friend, Wanda.  Wanda has you so relaxed, so deeply relaxed, that you may talk about your troubles without disturbing the wonderful, blissful state you are in.  This is a new part of your massage time, Lori.  This will relax your mind, clear your mind, allow you to study better, because you will leave all your problems with your friend Wanda.  Do you understand?”

“Yes…  Tell…  Wanda… and relax,” Lori whispered, beatific smile still in place.  This was good.  She was deep enough to lose her natural shyness and tendency to ball things up inside.  A sudden pang of conscience hit Wanda—she could have a very beneficial effect on the young girl’s life by removing the pressure she felt concerning her grades.  It would allow her to enjoy her chosen field and welcome its challenges.  That momentary remorse dissolved with the realization that if Lori’s hymen were intact, she would fetch an astronomical price at auction.  Especially if Wanda could reprogram the girl so that her latent sexuality would come into full flower once she were delivered to her purchaser.  This one transaction would make her make her very, very rich—even after the seller’s twenty percent commission.  Back to work.

“Lori, when you begin to feel the first stirrings of pressure or worry, it will make you thirsty.  All of your negative energy will make you thirsty, so that you may stay deeply relaxed.  When you are thirsty enough, ask Wanda for your special drink, and it will take all of that negative energy away.  The drink will take all of your negative energy away so that you may relax even more deeply, so calm, just floating, so safe with your friend, Wanda.”  A soft hiss indicated the young woman’s acceptance.  “Lori, is there anything about school that is bothering you right now?”

“Cell biology project…  I got an ‘A’.”  Lori’s smile broadened, then slowly dissipated.  “Biochemistry…  Having trouble…”  Her throat worked a little.  “Caryn…  doing so well… has a boyfriend.”  Wanda waited.  “They have… have…”  Something big was bothering her.  “Want drink…  So thirsty.”

Five minutes later, after Wanda had given Lori the orange-blossom-flavored black lotus drink, the young girl’s face was placid once more.  “Now Lori, you are so deeply relaxed, so peaceful and safe with Wanda, your friend, that you can talk about the things that are bothering you.  When you think of them, you will feel as if you are thinking about someone else, and they will not bother you.  When you talk about them, Wanda will take them, and make them disappear so that they won’t hurt you, they won’t disturb you, and you will remain very deeply relaxed.  Wanda is doing this because she is your friend.  She will make it all better, and you will continue to trust Wanda because she makes you feel so good.”

“Wanda… makes me feel so good.  Trust her…  She’s my… friend.  Trust Wanda,” Lori sighed.  She was ready to go on.  Wanda softly prompted her to talk about her roommate.  “Caryn… doing so well… she has a boyfriend now,” Lori complained, looking as if she had just recited a row of the periodic table.  Perfect.  “They have… sex.”

“Do they have sex while you are in the room?”

“Once,” Lori whined.  “Thought I was… asleep.  I didn’t think she was a bad girl.  How can she do so well?”

“How did this make you feel?”

“Felt… funny.  Down there.”  Wanda figured that the scent and sound of her roommate’s lust had triggered some involuntary arousal response.  Since Lori hadn’t been completely awake at the time, she didn’t quite have the ability to suppress the response right away.  “Rolled over and tried to… sleep.”

“Lori, the next time this happens, you will think of me, and my voice, saying, ‘massage time’ to you.  You will relax completely and fall into a very deep, very natural sleep, and forget about Caryn and her boyfriend having sex.  You will remember nothing your roommate did.  Wanda will make it better.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” the girl replied, her voice a half-whisper.  “Wanda will make it better.  Wanda is a good friend.”  Lori smiled broadly from her trance.

“Good.  Now Wanda will help you feel better about the last time.  Wanda will help you with the funny feeling.”  Lori stirred, obviously uncomfortable.  “Relax deeply, Lori, it is massage time with Wanda…  No worries… just relax… deeper… deeeeeper…  Remember that Wanda will help you.  Wanda will take your worries and your troubles away when you talk to her about them.  You want to tell Wanda so she can make it better, Lori.  Relax… relax…  It’s massage time, so deeply relaxed.”  Lori became still, but she wasn’t smiling.  “The funny feeling,” Wanda began.

“My clitoris.  Tingled,” Lori broke in.  “Wanted to… to… touch it.  But I’m not a bad girl,” she finished, without any sign of agitation.  She wasn’t entirely comfortable about it, but the issue wasn’t causing her trance to weaken.

“Listen to Wanda and relax, Lori.  Wanda will make it so Lori can be a good girl and study and be a doctor.”  That drew a smile from the entranced girl.  “When you are with Wanda, nothing you do will count.  You may trust Wanda.  Wanda is your friend.”

“Yesss… friend.”

“Now Lori, show Wanda how you wanted to touch your clit-clitoris.  Remember, you are just showing Wanda, and not being a bad girl.”  Lori’s legs parted, and her finger slid on top of her panties, along the hood, circled her clit once, and stopped.  “Did that feel good, Lori?”

“Y-y-yes,” she admitted.  Her smile disappeared.  Careful, Wanda.  Remember that she’s extremely fragile when it comes to sex, and we don’t want to foul this up.  This girl represents the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Remember, Lori,” Wanda seductively purred, “with Wanda, nothing counts.  You are not a bad girl—”

“Don’t wanna be a bad girl.  Wanna be a doctor,” the girl shot back, much louder.

“Massage time, Lori.  Relax deeply for Wanda.  So very deeply relaxed for Wanda, your friend Wanda,” Wanda quickly said and watched her subject’s agitation vanish.  That was close.  She looked at her watch.  One hour left.  Looks like I need a different approach.  She was not willing to give up just yet; Lori was just too valuable.  “Are you in your calm, peaceful, relaxed state now, Lori?”

“Yes,” Lori sighed.  Her face relaxed into a slight smile.

“Very good, so very relaxed and peaceful for Wanda.  Relaxing makes Wanda happy, can you relax even more for your friend Wanda?  As you relax more and more, this makes Wanda happier and happier as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation,” the enchantress sweetly cooed, coaxing Lori’s surrender to hypnotic trance.  Lori’s smile grew as the rest of her body lost all tension.  Wanda gently cradled Lori’s head to keep it from flopping to one side.  It wouldn’t do for the girl to wake up with a stiff neck after a three-hour “massage.”  “And now, Lori, now that Wanda is happy, and you are very deeply relaxed, I want you to listen to Wanda.  You can trust Wanda.  Wanda will do a wonderful thing for you.  As Lori goes into such a deep relaxation, she can only hear Wanda.”

“Only… hear… Wanda,” Lori echoed, barely audible.

“When Wanda says ‘Come out, Lori bad girl’, Lori will go to sleep, deeply, so deeply that she will not dream, she will not remember anything.  While Lori is so deeply, so completely asleep, Lori’s bad girl will come out, and Wanda will take care of the bad girl.  Lori will wake up to her relaxed, happy place when Wanda says, ‘bad girl go away.’”

“Not a bad girl,” Lori whispered.  “Bad girl…  go ‘way.”

“That’s right, Lori, you are a good girl.  Lori studies hard, and Lori will be a doctor.”  The girl smiled again.  “Wanda will keep Lori doing the good thing, and Wanda will take the bad girl away so Lori doesn’t have to fight the bad girl.  Does that sound good to you, Lori?  No more bad girl urges, no more tension, Lori can be a good student, study, work hard with no time for boys, and be a doctor.  She will no longer have to spend so much energy and effort fighting the bad girl because Wanda will take it all away.  Wanda is your friend, and she will help Lori by taking all away.”

“Wanda… is friend… take pressure… away.  Wanna be doctor.  Wanna be good girl,” Lori babbled.  “Wanda help Lori… good friend… Wanda.”  Lori sighed, somehow managing to show anticipation, even at this level of trance.

“Come out, Lori bad girl.”  At those words, Lori shuddered, and within a few seconds, began to breathe deeply, regularly.  She was deeply asleep.  “Now the one who is awake will hear only Wanda’s voice, because Wanda will guide her to her heart’s desires.  Wanda is her friend, and she will carefully follow all of Wanda’s instructions so that Lori does not remember, and Lori does not awaken.  Does she understand?”

Lori replied, “Yes,” with a slight growl.  Her girlish voice had suddenly acquired some depth.

Wanda had to be careful now.  She had to remember to refer to Lori in the third person.  She whispered, “Show me what you wanted to do when Lori’s roommate was having sex with her new boyfriend.”  The response was immediate.  Lori’s panties came off in a hurry, and Lori began to massage her clit gently, rubbing in tiny circles.  Wanda couldn’t be sure if the sheen from that area was the sandalwood or lubrication.

“Ohhhhh…”  Lori’s throaty groan surprised her.  “Just begging to be touched…  kissed… fucked.”  Her hand was getting more active.

“You can not put anything inside you!  Lori will know!  You must keep Lori unaware and deeply asleep!” Wanda urgently hissed, panicking.  She didn’t know if Lori’s hymen was intact, but didn’t want to take any chances.  That alone would be worth a fortune.

“Ohhh that goddamn cherry,” the woman who was in control of Lori’s body complained, her hips thrusting gently.  “I wish she’d just lose it and get it over withurrrrgggghhh!”  Suddenly, Lori’s body convulsed, her hand froze on her clit and a loud, LOUD, throaty, “Oh!!  Oh!!  Oh!!  OHHHHMIGOD!!” shot from her mouth.  Her body jerked on the massage table, causing Wanda to worry about Lori falling off and waking up.  She grabbed the girl’s sides, leaning over her.  Lori’s body vibrated for a good minute or so with its first orgasm.  The event ended with a high-pitched huff and collapse onto the table.  Lori’s chest heaved, and her eyes were open, staring, without seeing anything.  Wanda was breathing heavily too, and could feel a throbbing of her own.  She reluctantly let go of Lori, took several deep breaths, and steadied herself.

“Bad girl go away,” Wanda panted, still feeling some residual heat.  Lori’s eyes closed and her head lolled to one side.  She checked her watch.  Wow.  All that took less than ten minutes.  The girl has some serious issues.  She felt her clit pulse.  And so do I.  “Now Lori, you will shower very well, making yourself very clean.  When you finish, you will dress and return to the massage table.  When you sit on the massage table, fully dressed, you will awaken completely, alert and refreshed.  You have had a wonderful massage, and you feel even more refreshed than normal.  There is no tension, no worry, no pressure.  You no longer think about the night Caryn and her boyfriend had sex while you listened.  That is gone, forgotten, along with the pressure and the tingle you associated with it.  Your friend Wanda has taken it all away.  Wanda takes away all of your tension and your worries and your stress.  You will always listen to your friend Wanda and do what she says because only Wanda knows how to make you feel good.  Wanda will make you feel good, and when you feel good, you can study better and concentrate more so you can become a doctor.”

Lori began to speak again in her breathy voice.  “Yes…  Wanna be a doctor.  Wanda… will help.  Must listen to Wanda, Wanda is my friend.”  After a gentle prompt, Lori gathered her clothes and went to the shower, while Wanda cleaned up, making sure to disinfect the massage table (after all, she was a legitimate masseuse for the most part,) and to clear the air of any sexual scent.  When her client returned, freshly showered, it was time to make another Saturday appointment.

“I think we’ve made some really good progress here, Lori.  Your muscles are much less tight than the first time you were here.  I think this three-hour massage block did wonders for you.  Every so often, I’ll try to keep a block open for you.  No extra charge,” Wanda smiled.  “It’s because you’re such a sweet kid, and I’d really like to see you succeed.”

“Thank you so much Wanda!  You’ve become a really good friend.  You really have helped me out.  I’m sleeping better, and I seem to be able to concentrate better since I’ve been coming here,” Lori brightly said.  “I can come next Saturday morning for an hour if you have time.”

“How about Sunday?  Saturday’s full, I’m afraid,” Wanda replied.  Lori happily said yes, and left through the patient door.  Wanda watched her leave, and then went upstairs.  She sat down at the kitchen table and lit a cigarette while she mulled over what had just happened.  Something was going on inside Lori’s head.  That “bad girl” persona was a lot more developed than just Lori’s fantasies and hidden desires.  In particular, that “bad girl” also referred to Lori in the third person.  It was important for Wanda to use the third person during “bad girl” time to keep Lori’s conscious self unaware (and unable to interfere) with the private self that Wanda wanted to cultivate.  Unfortunately, that private self was pretty well on its way to being a full-fledged person, too.  The “bad girl” trigger may allow that second person inside of Lori’s head to blossom and manifest itself outside of Wanda’s house.  Instant multiple personality disorder, and it would be Wanda’s fault.  Not only that, but she might not be able to control the other person (people?) inside of Lori.  Frankly, MPD would certainly torpedo any massive payday.  She probably could find somebody into multiple women in one body.  It certainly wouldn’t have the interest (and corresponding bid spiral) that a virgin, hymen intact, ripe for deflowering and programming would have.  Her head hurt.  She wasn’t a psychologist, but she knew somebody who was, and more importantly, might be willing to help her accomplish her nefarious goal.

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