Graduation Gift

Part 2

Ted’s mouth dropped open. He sputtered for a few seconds, then finally managed to stammer, "Y-y-you can??? Oh, no. No way. No, lady. I don’t know what you’re thinking but—"

Dana held up her hand. "No, Ted, I don’t mean that, you silly boy," she replied with amusement. "I admit that the idea has crossed my mind on several occasions, but it was never a serious consideration. After all, I am old enough to be your mother." Dana grinned, understanding the relief on Ted’s face, and feeling slightly relieved herself. At least he hadn’t fallen in love with her. "Besides, the hallowed halls of academia would turn on me were I to do such a scandalous thing as marry my twenty-one year-old teaching assistant. The whispers and smirks of colleagues would not be conducive to accomplishing research or teaching. While it might be personally--" Dana ran her palm over the head of his not-quite-flaccid penis, which responded with a small jump. She smiled mischievously as he inhaled sharply, then continued, "—Satisfying, professionally, it would be a disaster."

Ted’s relief gave way to confusion, after the sexual thrill had finished going through his system. Her touch had started a chain reaction, and he couldn’t control it. Dana was regarding him hungrily, and his body was responding. "But—but—what do you mean then? If you’re not going to make me marry you, then—" His voice trailed off as he realized what Dana was proposing. His cock shrank. "No, Dr. Casserley. I couldn’t. No. That’s totally wrong. I mean, it’s bad enough that you do this to other people, but—No. No. Not for me. I couldn’t accept having—"

"Silence, slave," Dana snapped. She reached out and stroked the head of his penis, reversing its decline. "Why not, Ted?" she rhetorically asked, as she tugged at her top to remove it. "Is it that it’s morally wrong?" He nodded, unable to speak because of her command. "However, if both people are happy, then what’s wrong with that? After all, she will be doing something that will please her immensely, right down to her very soul…" Ted frantically shook his head. Dana pulled off her sweat pants, revealing herself again. His eyes grew wide. She leaned over him, hanging her breasts in his face. "And for you," she whispered, "she would be everything you wanted in a life’s partner. Personality, intellectually, and especially—sexually." Running a finger between her thighs and feeling their wetness, she sighed, "Hard, now, my slave," and paused long enough for his body to obey.

"Ohhhh," she happily moaned, as she slid onto him again. "You may have your voice again, slave. I thought that this might make for a much more amenable conversation. Don’t you agree?" All Ted could do was moan in his own pleasure. Dana easily and very slowly bounced on him. "Now, as I was saying," she grinned, "imagine a woman you find incredibly attractive doing this to you. I know how to make you feel like a king, my slave."

"But… But… It’s not right, Dr—"

"Dana, my pet," she cooed. His hips had started to move despite his protests, and he was absolutely rigid inside her. "Call me Dana."

"Dana—I just—just can’t do this to someone else," he gasped. Ted’s hips jerked.

She sat down on his lap, not moving. "Your Queen commands that you feel, but will not finish without her command." Dana wrapped her arms around his neck. "Is that better, my darling Ted?" His eyes were wide in amazement. "Doesn’t it feel so wonderful, to be buried inside of me," she breathed, "able to sense everything, and knowing that it will last as long as we both can stand it? I can make this experience the norm, for you and your mate." Her hips began a slow churn. "I could stay here, on top of you for almost forever. Your wife will feel the same ardor for you."

Ted groaned, "Da-naaaa," and his eyes rolled around loosely.

"Yes, Ted. She won’t have the slightest inclination that it was artificial at all," she quietly panted. The feel of his cock inside her was beginning to have stronger effects now. "Imagine," she resumed, looking into his eyes, "having all the sexual experiences you’ve ever dreamed of, and even some you haven’t yet created in your mind… Yes, Ted, I can give you that in someone your age, someone you are very much attracted to…" Dana’s movements gained speed, in spite of her continued reasoning. "You’ve never had a woman’s mouth on your cock, Ted. I don’t like to give oral sex," she huffed, "but your wife will, if that’s your wish. She’ll ‘deep throat’ you, as they say, whenever you wish, and even on her own when she gets so horny for you that she can’t stand it…"

Ted was thrusting up at her now, "Ohhh GOD! Dana!!!" he growled. "I can’t—Ican’t—believe how—"

"YES, baby," she snarled back at him. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Just like you’re going to fuck your wife!" The sounds of his cock slurping as it moved inside of her, and the smell of the sweat on his skin and their mixed passion made Dana feel incredibly hot now, and the discussion ended in a hail of panting and moaning. They were both in a sexual frenzy now. Dana poured her tongue into his willing mouth, snapping her hips downward and squeezing him tightly, pressing her breasts into his chest. His arms wrapped around her. The world started to wink out for her, slowly, and briefly at first, but the blackouts came more frequently as they thrust at each other. "Ohhh myyy God!!! Fuck me! Fuckme! Fuckme!!!" Dana whined, her voice going higher in pitch. Ted was just gasping loudly, his face a bright red. "Now, slave," she urged. "Nowurrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!" The command turned into a guttural noise, because as his first contraction began, Dana’s entire body convulsed, including her vocal cords and brain. Then there was… a blissful nothingness.


Ted was getting dressed. Dana hadn’t quite been able to ascertain his mood, although she was pleased that he hadn’t resisted her wet kisses after their most recent lovemaking. "Dr.—Dana," he corrected himself, "how often have we been having—ummm…"

"About twice a week," she replied. "You are truly an exciting lover." He blushed. "I’m sorry I couldn’t leave you with those memories at your beck and call, but I did so only for your protection and mine. So, does my offer hold any more attraction for you now?"

"Well, you’ve got the stones—those ‘Eyes of Cleopatra’. I wouldn’t be able to use them," he said.

"You wouldn’t need them. I don’t, unless I want to do something special," she returned. He looked quizzically at her. Dana said, "After the initial spell is cast, most of the rest is nothing more than post-hypnotic suggestion. Only if I want something superhuman or out-of-the-ordinary do I need the Eyes. As an example, using the Eyes, I am able to eliminate your refractory period, in spite of what human sexual function dictates. Without them, all it takes is a phrase from me to make you erect if you are not refractory." Ted nodded in understanding. "Think about my offer before you leave, Ted. I considered the idea very carefully before deciding to extend it to you, and you alone."

"Thanks, Dana," he quietly said. "I am flattered that you think so much of me. I just don’t know if I could do that to someone."

He turned to leave, and she softly told him, "You won’t consciously remember any of this once you step outside, but I command you to think about my offer subconsciously. We’ll discuss this again, soon."


Dana waited a few days to let Ted’s subconscious stew over the possibilities of her offer. She supposed that she could force Ted into accepting it, but that would be taking entirely too much responsibility for his future. This had to be something he wanted. He had made an appointment to see her about the end of the school year and what she wanted him to do for her two lower-level classes as far as exams and grading went. Although she preferred not to handle her personal business at the office, this was as good a time as any, since he had his own school work to do. There was a knock at the door. Dana comfortably arranged herself behind her desk, and said, "Come in."

Ted walked in with his usual smile. "Hi, Dr. Casserley," he said, although his voice was not with its usual cheerfulness.

"Hello, Ted. What’s the matter? You seem… a little upset," Dana probed.

"It’s nothing, really. I’ve just been a little… distracted lately. I’ve been having problems concentrating. I guess it’s senioritis," he grinned. "And I thought I’d managed to avoid catching it, too, what with only two weeks left in my college career." She giggled and he laughed for a moment, but turned serious. "But I want you to know that I will give my full attention to grading and proctoring your exams."

She smiled at him. "I know that you will, Ted. I’m not worried about that. In fact, I think I know what’s been causing your recent distraction. There’s something else on your mind," she said. "Your Queen would like you to remember her offer."

Ted’s jaw dropped. "Umm… umm… Dr. Casserley, I’m flattered, but… I really can’t do it. I mean, it wouldn’t be fair to… her. Thank you, but no."

So there was a "her." He had someone in mind. "Is that your final word?" Dana watched Ted hesitate, and she thought she saw a glimmer of regret in his eyes. As soon as she had noticed it, it was gone, and Ted declined her offer again. Or so he thought. "Very well. Your Queen commands that you forget this discussion of her offer. You may stop subconsciously thinking about it, and will find that your powers of concentration are intact. Obey me."

"Yes… my Queen," he haltingly replied. God, he made her randy when he was like that! She asked him if he had any scholastic obligations for the night or the following day. "No, my Queen." Dana’s pussy trembled as she gave him his next command. He’d be paying her a visit at home, about seven-thirty that evening. Tomorrow was Saturday. Dana would be served well for a day and a half.


"Slowly, my stallion," Dana commanded with a purr. Ted was pumping at her, very slowly, allowing her to luxuriate in the sensation of slow, repeated, deep penetration. She heard his barely labored breathing, and the slurping sounds caused by his movement. The scent of her arousal filled the air, and she loved watching his penis gradually disappear between her spread legs, only to reappear bit by bit, all accompanied by a wonderful internal sizzle. She moaned. Ted wouldn’t feel any of this, but she was being regally selfish for the nonce. She’d let him have his own release later, after she’d had three or four orgasms from this exquisite fucking. The sizzle began to grow with each move he made, signaling her that she was on her orgasmic climb. Dana moaned loudly, unable to control it, and gave herself over to sheer physical joy.

A half-hour, and two orgasms later, she realized that her legs were getting tired. She had remained quite wet, and Ted was still rock hard and huge inside her. Nonetheless, she didn’t want him chafing, at least not until Sunday morning when she sent him home. "Your Queen commands that you feel everything now." Ted gurgled, gasped, and bucked a few times, giving Dana an unanticipated thrill. She inhaled sharply, and waited a few seconds to regain her senses. "Slowly, my stallion," she repeated. His fucking speed decreased, returning to that delicious constant friction. She sighed happily, and her eyes crossed. Dana waited until she knew she was back on her climb to yet another peak before commanding, "When you commend her name, you will be able to spend inside your Queen, and attain the greatest pleasure. This is your Queen’s will," she panted. Ted’s cock was far too perfect moving inside of her like it was. It was getting so difficult to think…

"Ohhhhh, myyyyy… D-Da-Da," Ted gasped. "Ohhhhh… Daaaaaa-naaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!" he groaned, stretching her name out forever to her ears and his grip was so strong on her hips and he vibrated inside her and suddenly she was filled with a surge of hot and wet and thick and the lights became so bright and she screamed world went black… Flash white… Black… Light? Morehotwethickwetinside… Black.


She had no idea of how long she had been stroking his back, nor how long he had lain on top of her. It had been a while, because neither of them was out-of-breath. His weight was inconsequential, because his physical presence added immeasurably to her afterglow. Her orgasms with him had been gaining in strength recently. She would be losing him, for the most part, very soon. Her body seemed intent on drawing every last bit of sexual pleasure from their remaining couplings. She ruefully sighed. She hated to end this sublime moment; however, some pressing personal needs demanded her immediate attention. "Your Queen commands that you roll over, and lie in wait for her," she softly said. "You have pleased your Queen greatly, my slave." She rolled off the bed and ambled slowly into the bathroom.

When she came out, she paused, regarding her naked slave, lying on his back, awaiting her next command. She teased a nipple at the thought of fucking him senseless a few more times this weekend. Nothing would get done on the book until at least next weekend, Dana smiled to herself. She looked at her rotund figure in the mirror and caught sight of her jewel box. Within that box was the key to her total sexual satisfaction, although much more than that could be had. She looked at the reflection of her slave, still lying on the bed. Dana remembered the look of regret on Ted’s face. She was sure that he had someone in mind. It was in her power to grant him near-eternal happiness. If anyone deserved such favor, it was Ted. Perhaps his morals were firm on the matter of subjugating another, but hers were not.


Dana Casserley was hanging out at a nightclub with her friend, Dr. Kim Griffin. They’d been friends for the past year, when both of them had accepted positions at the school. This was the first time they’d seen each other since Dana returned from her Egyptian dig over the summer. Kim was the taller of the two, with thick, straight, long blonde hair. Both were a little chubby, but their curves were generous, not out-of-proportion. Dana had been giving Kim details of the summer over dinner and a couple of good bottles of wine. Now, here they were, single women on the prowl for companionship.
Dana and Kim had been eyeing a pair of handsome, well-built, but not overly muscular men at the nightclub. Acting like teenagers, they discreetly watched women approach the men, and made rude comments. Kim sighed, "See that little blonde? She’s just giving him the biggest come on. She’s got the kind of body guys like him can’t ignore."
Dana, who was slightly buzzed at this point, looked at Kim. "Do you really want him?"
"Yeah, I guess. He’d certainly be cute enough for a night or three. But he’d never even think about somebody like me. My butt and thighs are too big. I wouldn’t stand a chance."
"Well, Kim," Dana replied in a conspiratorial whisper, "I have something that will tilt the odds in your favor. I found it in Egypt."
"What? Some secret Egyptian pheromone or something?"
"Something even better," Dana said. "I have something that will make any man a slave to your desires." She took the rings out of her purse. "I had these made last week. They’re ‘Cleopatra’s Eyes,’ according to the ancient tablet that was with them." Kim gaped at her. "They give the bearer the power of Cleopatra, which is the power to make anyone their total slave." Kim didn’t say anything. She just gave Dana a look that said Kim thought she’d been out in the sun too long, and had clearly lost her mind. "No, I didn’t go insane in Egypt. I’ll prove it to you. I’ll bring those guys back to us."
Bolstered by her confidence in the rings’ power, and with over a bottle of wine affecting her judgement, Dana waited until the men were alone for a few seconds. "Hello, gentlemen," she said. "My friend over there and I were having an argument about whether these rings are identical or not. Would you care to settle the dispute?" In short order, the men were obediently following their Queen back to her friend.
Kim was speechless, but once she had been satisfied that it wasn’t just an elaborate practical joke, she made Dana release the men from thrall. "We can’t do this. It’s not right," she said. "You know it, too. This is a dangerous thing. You could be harming those men permanently. Put those things away. If we can’t get them on our own, what good is it? It’s all an illusion, Dana. I don’t want any part of it."
Dana frowned. Kim was right. It wasn’t right for her to change people’s minds, especially in matters of the heart, or even genitals, for that matter. What good was it if the men she coaxed didn’t want to be with her? "Remember, Dana, absolute power corrupts absolutely," Kim counseled. "Let’s leave. I’m just a little nervous all of a sudden." The women cut their evening short and Dana returned to her apartment alone.
Left alone with her thoughts and emotions, the rest of the night passed very slowly for Dana. She had thought that most people would enjoy the chance to make their sexual fantasies come true, especially Kim. She hadn’t ever thought of the consequences, and Kim’s reminder about absolute power had chilled her to the bone. She finally got to sleep early the next morning, a fitful one, full of dreams, some sexy, some nightmarish, some downright apocalyptic.
Cleopatra came to her in the final dream. "My lady-in-waiting," she said, "why do you worry so much about the gift I have bestowed upon thee? You are not the Queen; you do not have to conquer, as I must. You need not assume responsibilities of state, only those of your pleasure. The gift of the eyes is one of pleasure, my lady-in-waiting; its curse only affects those who would try to rule the world. Ease thy wait. It is only what you wish. Do not exile thyself to wait in pain, unless that is truly what you wish. Remember everything about my gift to thee, and weigh that against all else."
Dana sat bolt upright in bed, sweating. The dream before that had her being kidnapped by the CIA and brainwashed into using the rings to take over the world, which ended in a nuclear holocaust. Still, she’d also had the dream about the movie star, her spellbound love slave. When he would say, "Yes, my Queen," she’d get wet. Just thinking about that made her wet. Being in complete control of someone was quite the turn-on, even if Kim didn’t see it. If she set that as the limit of the use of Cleopatra’s gift, she could avoid the perils of absolute power.
The next day, Kim came over to visit. "Hi, Dana. I came to speak to you about last night," her friend began, very seriously. "Can I come in?" Dana waved her in with a smile on her face. "Those rings—are very dangerous. What if they fall into the wrong hands? Somebody could take over the world!!!"
"Don’t be so melodramatic, Kim. Cleopatra couldn’t take over the pre-industrial world with them. My goals aren’t quite so lofty or noble," Dana laughed. "I had a dream about Cleopatra last night. She told me about this ‘gift’, which is what she called it."
After hearing Dana’s description of the dream, Kim said, "I would guess that your subconscious thinks it would be fun. However, your conscious knows what the right thing to do is."
Dana quietly said, "That’s true." She saw the faint stirrings of hope in Kim’s eyes. "I know what I want to do. But first, to set your mind at ease, I’ll deal with the fact that you know about the rings." She took her hands out of her pockets. "Feel the power of Cleopatra’s eyes," Dana purred. Kim tried to avoid seeing the rings, but a brief glance at one was all it took to capture her complete attention. "Look at them, my friend, look into the Eyes of the Queen. Your Queen. Your will is to serve your Queen. I am your Queen. Say it."
"You… are… my… Queen." Hearing Kim speak those words sent a small shiver through Dana’s body. She felt a twinge inside her. She was getting wet! "I will serve my Queen." But Kim was her best friend! Dana hadn’t even thought about women sexually except for that one teenage curiosity experience at boarding school. Kim was blankly staring into the rings, awaiting Dana’s next command. With some difficulty, she pushed the gathering thoughts out of her mind.
"Your Queen commands that you forget about last night. We only had a quiet evening, catching up on the summer’s activities. There were no rings, and no hypnotized men. Do you understand, Kim?"
"Yes, my Queen. I understand. There are no rings. We only caught up on the summer activities," her enchanted friend replied. There was heat growing between Dana’s legs as Kim continued to speak in that hypnotized fashion. Kim was her best friend. Dana couldn’t do what her body and mind were crying out for her to do? It was wrong, wasn’t it?
"Now you live to serve your Queen, isn’t that right?" Dana purred. "You would do anything for your Queen." There was a raging inferno between her legs. She gingerly massaged herself through her pants.
"Yes… I live… to serve my Queen. I will obey her every command," Kim blankly replied. "I will do anything for my Queen." Dana’s pussy throbbed angrily. Being in command like this really did make her randy! She couldn’t give this up! Could she make Kim eat her pussy? "Ease thy wait…" Kim was strictly heterosexual, but Dana had the power to make Kim do anything!
Insanely horny from having her friend in such a submissive state, Dana snarled, "Then undress and serve your Queen. You crave the taste between your Queen’s legs. Your Queen has spoken. Obey your Queen." There wasn’t much time to think about much of anything else as Kim crawled to Dana on her hands and knees, removed Dana’s clothes, and began to lap in earnest at her. The power trip was more responsible for the following orgasm than Kim’s clumsy efforts, but once she had recovered, Dana knew there was no way she’d ever let this power go. Cleopatra’s lady-in-waiting would ease her wait.


Kim had quickly gained skill at pleasing her Queen, and remained Dana’s unaware lesbian slave for two years. Her service to her Queen ended when she got hired away to teach at another university. Dana’s morals were slightly frayed by then, but she’d kept her vow to herself; the rings had only been used to indulge her sexual desires when opportunity presented itself. She was no longer afraid to admit that subjugating someone’s will was incredibly exciting. And rewarding. Perhaps Ted’s subconscious needed to have a voice, just as hers had in the dream. Dana reached for the rings.


"Ted, gaze into Cleopatra’s Eyes, as you must. Gaze deeply for your Queen, and allow the magic to capture your mind. You now have no secrets from me. You must reveal all I ask, do you understand?"

"Yes… I… understand, my Queen," Ted answered.

"Who would you have your Queen give you as your life companion? This is what you wish, is it not?" Ted stammered, unable to form an answer. "You must obey your Queen. I command you to answer me. Tell me your wish," Dana sternly insisted.

"I… I… want to have the perfect woman, my Queen," he finally admitted, hanging his head. "I want to accept this gift, even though it’s wrong."

"Your Queen will decide what is wrong, slave, do you understand? She has decided to use her power to give you this gift for her own reasons."

"Yes, my Queen. I understand."

Now that Dana had settled that matter, it was time to find out who Ted’s dream girl was. "Is there someone in one of your Queen’s classes that you would take as your slave? Who should your Queen give to you as token of her appreciation for your excellent service?" Ted was quiet. "Who is she? Your Queen demands that you tell her," Dana pressed.

"Jillian Masters, my Queen." It only took her a few seconds to place an image with the name. She was in Dana’s second semester class on Egyptian Civilization. As she recalled, Jillian had done well to this point in the class, and was quite attractive. "She was the only person to show up for the extra review session, my Queen. I had to work alone with her for an hour," he complained. "She is so beautiful and very smart, my Queen. She could have gotten a B without the review session, but said that she wanted to ace the course."

Ted had made an excellent choice. With the girl being in Dana’s class, it would be easy enough to get her to see the rings. And then the fun could begin. "So you would like to have your Queen turn Jillian Masters into your lover and perfect companion, my slave?"

"Yes, my Queen," Ted stated with certainty and confidence.

Dana smiled. "Then this is what you shall need to do…"


"Hello, Professor Casserley," Jillian Masters said as she walked into Dana’s office. At first glance, Dana could understand the attraction. She was either nineteen or twenty, with straight black hair that came to the middle of her back. Blue eyes, a pert, upturned nose, and lean legs that made an impressive showing beneath a cute, knee-length skirt. "Ted told me that you wanted to see me about being a research assistant for next semester. I’m flattered that you would ask me."

"Have a seat, dear, and please call me Dana." The co-ed sat demurely across the desk. Very feminine, with an implied class that spoke well of the girl’s upbringing. "Yes. Ted is graduating, so I am looking for replacements. I would only ask you to help with the first year class, however, since I realize that your other courses may not allow for multiple assistantship. In addition, you may elect to do this as a paying job, or for credit."

"You mean that this could be a part-time job?" Jillian asked, leaning forward. Obviously, that piqued her interest.

"Yes, Miss Masters," Dana smiled. Equivalent to one-fifth full-time tuition, applied as a credit. I believe in compensating my assistants. Frankly, free help is, all too often, worth what you pay for it." She paused. "There’s also the possibility of a summer job working for me in research, although I realize that this is short notice. It pays very well, and room and board is included." Jillian’s surprise grew. "Since Ted is graduating, the position is open," Dana elaborated.

"I would really appreciate the reduced tuition, since I’m doing student loans. My scholarship doesn’t cover everything, and my family can’t really give me too much help." That was good; she came from humble stock. "I was going to work as a waitress back home, same as I did last year, but it’s not engraved in stone." Jillian leaned forward. "This really sounds too good to be true! The only way it could be better was if it was in the business school, because that’s my major." She beamed at Dana. "I don’t know if I can be anywhere near as good as Ted. He’s an awesome T.A. Not at all what I’d think about a software geek," she finished with a girlish giggle.

"Ted is quite the accomplished man of letters for someone so scientifically inclined," Dana admitted with another smile. "He also had the same trepidation three years ago. However, he accepted my offer, and seems to be a better man for the experience. I only regret that I did not have any summer digs during his time. I am planning on going back to Egypt next summer, however. If you work with me this summer, that would certainly give you a leg up on being a member of my team," she smiled.

"Egypt? Wow!!!" Jillian gasped, clearly impressed. Her enthusiasm cooled slightly. "I’d have to talk it over with my parents. They were expecting me to come home for the summer, and I don’t know how they’re going to take this. I mean, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity, Dr. Casserley. And I really am flattered. I just don’t know if my folks would go for it."

"Give me your home phone number, and I will call them after you’ve had a chance to break the news, and allay their fears," Dana offered. "I know its quite the big step for a college sophomore, but I am offering this opportunity to you because of your enthusiasm and accomplishment in my class. Ted has also highly recommended you." She reached into her desk and pulled out a sleek black case. "Perhaps you could assist me when I make another discovery like this—" She opened the case, revealing the Eyes of Cleopatra.

"Wow," Jillian said in a small voice. "What are they?"

"According to the glyphs that accompanied them, they are the mythical Eyes of Cleopatra. Legend has it that this is what she used to secure her power."

"They’re… pretty," the co-ed said, even more softly than before. Her eyes were locked, seemingly in a pensive study of the twin black globes.

"Yes, they are. And so magical, Jillian. When you look at them, you are looking into the Eyes of Cleopatra. Into the eyes of the Queen. And you are listening to the voice of the Queen."

"Magical… Eyes… of… of Cleo-patra," Jillian repeated. "The Queen’s… Voice?"

"Yes, Jillian. My voice. The Queen’s voice. Look into the Eyes… and listen to the voice of the Queen, Jillian. Yes, that’s it. Gaze into the magical stones as you listen to my voice. Your Queen’s voice. The Eyes of Cleopatra compel you to obey the Queen’s voice."

"Obey… The Queen’s voice."

"Yes, Jillian," Dana gently continued, "Obey my voice. Because I have the Eyes. The Eyes of Cleopatra. You must obey my voice. Tell me what the Eyes are saying."

"I… I—must obey. Obey the voice. Obey my Queen."

"You will obey your Queen. I am your Queen."

"You—are—my—queen," Jillian haltingly repeated, eyes fixed on the enchanted black orbs. "I must… obey… obey you."

"That’s correct, my slave. You are now my slave, and I am your Queen. You will obey my every command."

"I am your slave. I will obey your every command," came the response, less hesitant as the magic claimed the girl. "I obey my Queen. You are my Queen. I must obey my Queen."

"Very good, slave," Dana smiled, with a slightly evil edge. Now here are your Queen’s first commands…"

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