The Innocent

Part 3

“I’m sorry, but Dr. Jackson is on vacation for the next—twenty-four days.  He took a month off with his fiancée.  They’ve gone to Europe, Miss Gardner, and I’m afraid I can’t reach him for you.  Dr. Clay has agreed to take his appointments during Dr. Thomas’ vacation.  Would you like to make an appointment with him?”

Wanda sighed.  Damn the luck.  “No, that’s all right.  This is a… consulting matter, not a clinical one.  It’s not critical.  I’ll call him after he returns.”  Wanda hung up the phone, dejected.  Lori’s second self was, at least for the next month, Wanda’s problem.  She didn’t know much about multiple personality disorder, but if that second person was released, Lori wouldn’t be so sweet and virginal any more.  She’d be worth about 10% of her present value.  Not only that, somebody would be sure to notice the change, and maybe be able to put two and two together.  Nonetheless, Wanda’s influence over the young girl was growing, and it was always best to strike while the iron was hot.  She looked at the clock.  Her first appointment was at three, downtown at Porter, McManus, and Stone.  That gave her about four hours to spend at the library researching MPD on her own.  Time to use my degree, the former librarian thought.

That night, she cancelled her appointments, being knee-deep in psychology texts.  Nothing she had seen to this point gave her more than a description or a case study.  There was nothing there that told her how to handle an emergent, possibly dominant personality.  She sighed, rubbing her tired eyes, wondering if she should just stop the whole thing and let Lori go on her way.  Wanda’s efforts were worth it for the amount of money a reprogrammable virgin would gain, but not for an average piece of ass.  If Lori’s second self ever came out outside of the massage table and away from Wanda’s guidance, it would certainly be “goodbye, hymen.”  Wanda’s head hurt.  She picked up yet another book, then paused.  It was time for a little self-hypnosis.  She needed to regain some focus and lose the tension.  Wanda removed a yin/yang talisman from a drawer, and hung it from her lamp.  This was her favorite fixation object, a gift from Dr. Jackson.  She began to chant softly, “Monique Chambert est arrivée…  Monique Chambert est arrivée…  Monique Chambert est arrivée…  Monique Chambert est arrivée…”  Within a minute, Wanda felt the first signs of her self-induced trance.  Her mantra changed.  “I must relax and think clearly…  I must relax and think clearly…”  A few minutes later, she pulled herself out of a warm, fuzzy lethargy, and re-opened the book, mind clear, her headache vanished.  It might be a long night.


On Saturday, Wanda had just finished with the somewhat eccentric quarterback for the local professional team who had booked her for two hours.  Although working on his very stiff muscles was more of a workout for her than for him, he had been referred by a sports psychiatrist in Dr. Jackson’s group at double the rate.  He gave her a very generous tip, and was making his next appointment when the phone rang.  She excused herself and ran up the steps.  “Hello, Gardner Massage Therapy.”

“Hello, Wanda,” a rich, deep voice said.  “I heard that you had some consulting questions for me.”

She gasped, and felt very hot.  “Dr. Jackson!  I… I thought that… you were on honeymoon!”

He chuckled.  “I am on vacation with my latest conquest, but this is business.  I apologize for not getting to you sooner, but our temporary secretary was not aware of the priority your consulting calls should receive.  Are you alone?”  Wanda said no, that she was occupied with a client leaving, and another due in less than a half hour.  “Better than the library, my dear?” he smirked.  Wanda’s excitement continued its climb, despite her efforts at self-control.  “Dismiss your client.  I’ll wait, if this is good enough.”  She promised him that it was and scurried back downstairs to Mr. Quarterback.  He left after confirming the appointment.  Wanda had fifteen minutes at most to explain her current problem.

“I’m back,” she breathlessly exclaimed, “I have a very live one.”  The interested noise from the other end of the line gave her a chance to catch her breath.  “In pristine condition, with proof.”

“I have a buyer if it’s ready.”

“It’s not ready yet.  There’s a complication, and that’s why I called you.”

“Go on.”

“A second person suddenly showed up—during inspection.  The other person was very knowledgeable about things, and extremely frustrated at her inability to have it,” Wanda continued.  “I’m afraid to go any further, because that second person will reduce the value of the item by spoiling it out of spite.  I know the second person is a major wildcard.”

There was silence on the line for a few seconds.  “I see…” finally came out of the phone.  “Did this person show up before?”  Wanda thought a moment, and said no.  “Then this person came out in direct response to the initial listing.  Avoid the situation at all costs, then.  This means no direct advertising.  There should be another chink in the girl’s armor that you can exploit to get the merchandise.”  Wanda nodded in assent, even if the voice on the phone couldn’t see it.  “Take her as deeply into your good graces as you can.  When I come back, we will work on her together.  The buyer I mentioned has guaranteed five, and has some specific instructions regarding prep for shipping.  Your share would be fifty percent on this one—no EBay costs.  Unless you decide to get greedy.”

“No, no, Dr. Jackson.  It would take a minimum of eight or nine for me to clear the same amount.  This is guaranteed money.”

“Perfect,” Dr. Jackson said.  “By the way, I have a check for some—services rendered.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your young college beau, the one who was so fascinated by such a sexy, mysterious, More-smoking older woman.  I believe his name was Tyrone?  He’s now gainfully employed.”

“Ah!  I understand.  I’m looking forward to my share of the commission.  I’m saving for a new kitchen.”

“Very well, then.  Carry on,” Dr. Jackson said.  “Monique, cold shower,” were the last words he spoke before hanging up.  The distraction of the throbbing heat between Wanda’s legs disappeared instantly.  She sighed in combined frustration and relief, but couldn’t dwell on it.  Her five-thirty appointment rang the doorbell to the office.


Lori sat in Wanda’s basement, legs bouncing over the edge of the table.  Her oil was heating, and she’d only missed an “A” on the last Biochem exam by two points.  She felt much better about everything these days, and these massage sessions with Wanda were definitely helping.  “Hi Wanda!” she brightly said as the masseuse came into the room.  “I’m all ready now.”  She rolled onto the table, face down.

“Massage time, Lori.”  The young girl’s eyes rolled up into her head before slamming shut, and her entire body went slack.  “Deeply relaxed now for massage time, Lori.  Just listen to Wanda as she guides you to deep relaxation.  Relax all the wayyy for Wanda… just listen and relax… Wanda’s voice makes you feel sooo gooood…”

“Wanda’s… v-v-voi-i-i-i-ssss…” Lori hissed, deeply entranced.

“You can always trust Wanda… listen to Wanda… because she makes you feel sooo gooood…”

“Trust… Wanda… friend… feel good.”

“Go deeper, Lori… as relaxed, as peaceful, as calm as you can for Wanda.  Go to the happy place where Wanda can help you the most.  Trust Wanda, Lori, she is your friend.  Trust Wanda and go very, very, deep, so very deep and relaxed for your friend Wanda.”

Lori made a long, sighing exhale, and there was no tension in her body.

“As you sleep, listen to Wanda… Wanda will teach you… help you… become a doctor.  No worries about sex, or drinking, or bad girls.  Wanda will make the bad girl go away, Lori.  Would you like that?”

“Ssss…”  The young woman’s muscles were so relaxed that she didn’t have enough control to articulate the response.  Wanda took the lack of physical reaction as a sign that it was safe to proceed.  After speaking with Dr. Jackson, she had realized that she didn’t have all the time in the world for this one; spring break was just around the corner, and it would be difficult to pull Lori away from school without raising some alarm.  Wanda had continued her research finding a few articles on MPD and hypnosis, and they had pointed out possible solutions to her problem.  She’d decided to try to land this one on her own right before Lori came for her “appointment.”  If this was successful, maybe Dr. Jackson wouldn’t need to spend too much time on this at all.  Wanda hoped he’d appreciate her efforts—and she wasn’t thinking of the money, either.  Her pussy gave a little throb as she thought of the man who had changed her life.

“The person inside Lori is hypnotized as deeply as Lori is now, and should be unable to resist the deep, deep relaxation inspired by my voice.  If this is true, she should speak to me, remaining deeply asleep, and not disturbing Lori’s deep relaxation.  Tell me the words that make you come out, and when you speak them, you will come out.”  She held her breath, awaiting an answer, one that seemed to take much longer than the thirty or so seconds it did.

“Bad… girl…  Come out.”  A surge of pure adrenalin went through Wanda as Lori’s body remained still.

“Bad girl, you are listening to Wanda.  You are a part of Lori, and Lori is a part of you.  Wanda is your friend, she relaxes and helps you as she relaxes and helps Lori.  You will obey Wanda… because she knows what is best for you.  Now relax more for Wanda…  Deeper… deeper… deeper… into relaxation and trance for Wanda…  Wanda has let you out…  Now you will relax and obey Wanda…  Relax and obey…  Relax and—”

“—Obey…  Relax and obey…  I will relax… and obey.”  The slightly throaty voice that indicated Lori’s personality shift had reappeared.  The body they shared remained slack, eyes closed.  Wanda had read more than one paper during her research that indicated the possibility of hypnotizing multiple personalities through the primary one.  The cautions were many—it might not work, leaving the primary personality hypnotized while any subordinate ones remained awake, aware, but hidden, and able to share the awareness with the hypnotized one later.  Or, there might be more than the two personalities, and the strongest of the remaining ones would surface, out of control, while the top two were asleep.

Wanda believed that Lori only had two personalities: “the good girl” and “the bad girl”.  She was relying on the black lotus serum to keep both subdued; while it was extremely effective in the short term, its effects were cumulative and physiological in nature, not psychological.  She was sure that she had, over the course of the past two months, given Lori enough of the rare serum to at least allow Wanda control over the girl’s physical actions, regardless of the person “in control” at the time.  All things considered, it was worth taking the risk, because the longer it took to make Lori reprogrammable, the greater possibility that her other self would exert her influence over the young woman’s body in an uncontrolled situation.  She also wasn’t sure that she could use much more of the black lotus serum, her supply of the orange-flavored hypnotic was beginning to get low, and Wanda had no idea of how much more she could give Lori without turning her into a zombie.

“Bad girl, what is your name?”

“Lyssa,” she purred.

“Lyssa, you will obey me.”  Wanda had to keep a tight rein on this one.

“I will obey you.  You are my friend.”  It was a bit surprising how pliant Lori’s second personality was.  After a moment’s consideration, Wanda decided that it made sense—Lori’s sheer force of will was the entire basis of her academic success—there was very little left for anybody else.  Wanda also noted how some of Lori’s programming had seemed to leak into the Lyssa persona.

“Yes, Lyssa.  I am your friend.  In a moment, I’m going to ask you to open your eyes.  You will see nothing, because you are still relaxed and asleep.  When you open your eyes, you will forget your sexual wants and needs because Wanda would like to talk to you.  Wanda wants to talk to you to be your friend…  Wanda wants to be a better friend to Lyssa.  Do you understand?”

“Yes… Wanda… friend.”

“Open your eyes, Lyssa, and answer my questions truthfully and completely.”

Her eyes opened, seemingly with a different cast, despite the body’s continued slackness.  She was extremely deep.  “Yes… Wanda.”

“How long have you been with Lori, Lyssa?”

“Two years… since her second semester.”

“Why then?”

“Lori was at a frat party… saw sex.  Two boys… one girl…  Freaked out…”

“So you took over to protect Lori?”

“Sex… so bad… for girls.  Only bad girls… bad girl to handle… feelings.”

“Mental feelings, Lyssa?”

“Physical…”  There was a significant pause before Lyssa’s low seductive growl added, “And mental.”

“I see.  Have you come out before you met Wanda?  Have you come out on your own before Wanda called you?”

“Yes…  Lots of times… usually when Lori… alone.”

“Is there anybody else in there with you?”

“No…  Just Lyssa… n’Lori.”

“Have you had sex?”  Wanda held her breath in apprehension.  If the answer was yes, then, no hymen, no huge payday.  She silently reasoned that at least it would give her an excuse to assuage her conscience and release Lori from thrall.

“Mast’r—bate.  No sex.  Must save cherry for wedding night…  So hard.”  She struggled to swallow, the first sign of any physical activity, but there seemed to be no increase in tension or apprehension.  “Protect… Lori… being bad girl… for Lori.”

The picture was becoming much clearer.  Lyssa was the personality who handled all of Lori’s carnal desires, leaving the girl free to concentrate on her studies.  “Alright, Lyssa, now I’m going to ask you to sit up.  Wanda will count to five, and you will sit up, and awaken at the number five, but remain relaxed and calm, able to speak and interact with Wanda with your whole body, not just your voice.  You will not notice that you are almost naked.  You will feel free to talk about anything with Wanda, because she is your friend.  You will still obey Wanda, and if Wanda says, ‘Lyssa, go to sleep,’ your eyes will get very heavy, so very heavy, your body will relax, muscles feeling so very tired.  Your thoughts will slow down, becoming very lethargic, as your eyes continue getting heavier and heavier, until you can’t keep them open, and you will sleep, deeply and relaxed, so deeply and relaxed, and doing what your friend Wanda asks you to do.  Remember, when you look down at yourself, you will not see that you are almost naked.  Do you understand all that I have told you?”  That was a lot of instructions, but Lori was sharp and procedurally oriented.  The hypnotic state would make everything that much more clear.  Lyssa gave a throaty hiss that Wanda took for a yes, and began counting.

At “five”, Lori blinked, swung her legs over the table and sat up facing Wanda.  She tossed her hair, crossed her legs, and Wanda could see the transformation.  While Lori hid her own natural assets behind a sweet, unassuming, shy bearing, Lyssa was aware of those attributes, and positioned herself in a way that brought them to the attention of any observer.  “Hi, Wanda.”

“Hi, Lyssa.  Did you have a nice nap?”

“Oh, yes.  I want to thank you for de-stressing the poor girl.  We’re doing much better now with school.  All the stuff that was going on was too much for me to handle.”  There was a slight flirtation in the way Lyssa talked, the way she sat, the way she even moved on the table.  “Ummm…  Can I ask you a favor?”  Wanda nodded.  “Can I bum a cigarette from you?”

“You smoke?!!!”  Wanda couldn’t hide her surprise.

A bit of Lori appeared for a moment.  “Ummm… yeah,” came the shy answer.  Eyes downcast, but the posture and voice were still Lyssa’s.  In response to Wanda’s reaction, she perked up and continued, “See, the things she can’t handle doing but that she really wants to do, I take care of for her.  She wants to be like Joanne, and all the girls smoke, or at least they do when they go out to party.  I’ve gone out and had a few drinks occasionally, like after Caryn leaves for break or a vacation.  I keep our good girl on the straight-and-narrow.  That’s my job.”  Wanda was fascinated by this second personality, and guided her upstairs just to keep the conversation going.  “Wow, nice house.”  Lyssa was also a chatterbox, far more at ease with social situations than Lori.

Wanda went over to the freezer and opened a fresh pack of cigarettes.  “So… Lyssa, you’re telling me that you take care of the things that Lori seems to ignore.”

“Yeah, that’s what I pretty much do.”  She accepted the proffered cigarette.  “More Menthol,” Lyssa read from the pack.  “That’s right!  I remember you smoking these brown cigarettes from the night you met Lori.”  She grinned as Wanda lit it for her, taking a long drag and sighing her exhale contentedly.  “I remember thinking that they looked cool and that I’d like to smoke one.”

“You were there??!!!”  Lyssa was full of surprises.

“Oh yeah, I’m always around when Lori goes out, and I make sure she doesn’t do anything she’d regret later.”  Lyssa took another draw and quickly exhaled a thick stream of smoke.  “These aren’t too bad.  If I bought cigarettes I’d probably smoke a few of these.”  Seeing the expression of wonder on Wanda’s face, Lyssa decided to elaborate.  “All the things that I do for Lori, she doesn’t know about.  And I have to keep her from knowing about them.  That means that I have to brush my teeth carefully after drinking or smoking, and I can’t have any half-empty packs of cigarettes lying around.  So, I usually bum them from people.”

Wanda nodded, gaining much more understanding and insight into Lori’s complex personality; so complex that it required two different people to manifest all of its facets.  She lit a cigarette herself, trying to think what this meant about her ultimate goal.  Letting Lori go on her merry way would be a disservice, and Wanda was sure that Dr. Jackson would not be pleased.  She wasn’t quite sure that she could bring Lyssa and Lori together, either.  Lyssa seemed as happy as a lark, just smoking away, reclining in a kitchen chair, flirtation in her posture.  “Ummm, Wanda—”  Lyssa’s voice interrupted her musing.  “—I don’t suppose you’d have anything to drink.  I mean, I haven’t really been out in a long time.  I like rum the best.  I know it seems like I just want everything, but you gotta understand that I don’t get much chance just to hang out by myself.  Maybe at the beginning and end of every semester for a night or two.  I had a week last year over spring break, because Caryn went to New Orleans, and Lori’s other friends went away, too.”

“How do you hide it so well?”  Wanda said as she brought a bottle of Myers’ Rum to the table.

“It’s easy.  I go to a club district on the other side of town.  Most students don’t go there because of the locals, but I’ve never had any trouble.  I stay a couple hours, have a couple of drinks, bum a few smokes, and go home.  It’s a great way to blow off steam.  When I get home, I brush my teeth, put on whatever Lori was wearing before I took us out—and everything’s back to normal.”  She looked longingly at the opened pack on the table.  “Can I—”  Wanda waved at her, and Lyssa quickly lit another More declaring, “These are cool.  Very attention-getting.  Just what a bad girl would smoke.”  Lyssa was quite the chatterbox, aware of her other self and her specific, unique role.  “Hey, can we go out sometime?  I mean, you have to know places where students don’t hang out.  The gang’s going to Chicago for the weekend, and Lori’s already said that she can’t go!”

Wanda hesitated.  This was going very strangely.  What had originally started out as an exercise in hypnosis was turning into a full-blown psychological aberration and ethical dilemma.  What if something happened to Lyssa (and Lori) while out with Wanda?  Could Wanda control Lyssa in public?  What if Lyssa wound up having sex with someone?  She shuddered at the thought.  Dr. Jackson would punish her.  He would not be happy about losing the payday, and neither would she.  “Well, I don’t know.  Call me next Wednesday,” she said, hoping that Lori would retain control, and nothing would come of it.  “I don’t know if I have an engagement with someone that Saturday night.”  Anticipating the objection, she quickly added, “I can’t go out Friday night, because I have clients starting at eight on Saturday morning.”  At least that was true.

Lyssa nodded her head enthusiastically, exhaling another thick stream of smoke.  “I understand.”  She crushed out the half-finished smoke and downed the last of her drink quickly.  “Where’s the ladies’ room, and can I borrow a toothbrush?”  Wanda gave her directions upstairs to one of the bathrooms there.  She knew that there were brand-new toothbrushes under the sink from her last shopping visit to the warehouse food store.  Lyssa smiled and thanked her before she headed that way.  After a few minutes, Lyssa still had not returned.

Wanda padded up the carpeted steps wondering what had happened, making no noise in her masseuse’s slippers.  She discovered why Lyssa had been delayed as she got to the landing at the staircase turn.  A soft moan and panting resonated from behind a closed bathroom door.  Lyssa had found the bathroom all right, and was taking advantage of the privacy she thought she had.  Wanda listened from the steps, feeling echoes of Lyssa/Lori’s pleasure in her own body as the girl apparently masturbated to a quiet orgasm.  She returned downstairs, still feeling turned on despite her best efforts to quell the inner fire between her legs.  Wanda felt fairly confident that Lyssa would protect Lori’s cherry while she masturbated; that was one of Lyssa’s jobs, and one that it seemed the second personality took quite seriously.  Nonetheless, it was time to put her to sleep and reawaken Lori.  She did not want to find out what would happen if she allowed Lyssa too much freedom to indulge Lori’s long-denied desires.

Lyssa reappeared, a few minutes later, rosy-cheeked, her eyes not yet completely clear.  “Sorry, I had to ummm… go,” she apologized with a bald lie, sitting at the table.  She fiddled with the pack lying there, seeming to have an internal debate on whether to have another one or not.  Lori’s two hours were almost up, and there was no sense in arousing her suspicions.

“Lyssa, go to sleep,” Wanda said, and the girl blinked a couple of times, her eyes growing more lidded each time.  “Yes, sleep, Lyssa.  Sleep deeply for Wanda.  Lyssa, go to sleep…”  Wanda could see the effort at resistance, but the post-hypnotic command was too strongly ingrained.  She firmly repeated the magic words.  “Lyssa, go to sleep.  A deep, deep, hypnotic sleep.  So deep, so relaxed, going deeper into sleep as you listen and hear only my voice.”  At that, Lyssa/Lori’s head slumped to the side and her body went slack.  “Very good, Lyssa.  Sleep deeply.  So deeply relaxed, so very deeply hypnotized.”  Lyssa gave one last, big sigh and relaxed totally with a small smile on her face.  Wanda resumed, “When I count to three Lyssa, you will open your eyes again.  You will see only Wanda, hear only Wanda’s voice, and you will follow Wanda downstairs.  Do you understand?”


Wanda guided her back to the massage table, and had her lie down.  “Now Lyssa, bad girl go away.”

“N-n-no…  please…”

“It is time for you to go back, Lyssa.”  Wanda was beginning to get nervous, but had to maintain her confidence to keep control of Lyssa/Lori.  “Bad girl go away,” she softly cooed.  “There will be another time, Wanda is your friend and you trust Wanda.”

“Trust…  Wanda… friend…” the enthralled girl said.  “‘nother… time.”  Her smile almost immediately faded and was replaced by Lori’s dull, hypnotized expression.  Her body lost all tension once again.

“Lori?” Wanda gently probed.  The soft, girlish hiss allowed Wanda to let out the breath she’d been holding.  “Your massage is almost over now.  Let your body remember how it feels after a massage, so relaxed, muscles limber, no pain or tension.  Wanda has made you feel good again, and you want to visit Wanda because she is your friend and she makes you feel good.  You will listen to Wanda and do what Wanda says because Wanda is your friend.  When your body is at its most relaxed, feeling like the best massage you’ve ever received, allow yourself to move from this deep, deep trance into a state of natural, gentle, normal sleep.  You will only remember taking a nap during your massage, just like you always do.  You will awake when I gently shake you and call your name.”  Wanda waited a bit until Lori shifted position, and then shook her.  “Lori, wake up.  You’ve fallen asleep again.  I told you about studying too late.”

The young woman blinked, stretched and finally opened sleepy, sexy, even for all their innocence, eyes.  She smiled.  “I think that was the best massage I’ve gotten yet, Wanda,” she perkily said.  “I hope you don’t mind my falling asleep.”  The shy demeanor and apologetic attitude were back.  This really was Lori.  “I wasn’t studying too late last night.  I stopped at nine, really.  I guess I’d better shower and get this oil off of me.”

Wanda took the cue and said, “I’ll go upstairs and do the same.  If Sundays are OK with you, I can just arrange it so that you can visit every week on Sunday.  That way, you won’t have to compete with my other clients.  Is that all right, kiddo?”  Lori smiled and nodded right before she disappeared into the downstairs shower.  This little session had turned out all right.  Dr. Jackson would be happy with her.

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