Night Music

Chapter 13: It’s A Family Affair...

The castle was very quiet the next day. I went outside to find the guard posts and souvenir stands deserted. There was a big, crude, hand-painted sign on the outer gate. It said, "CASTLE CLOSED" in big, black letters. Victoria’s plan was working so far; I just wished she were conscious to enjoy it. Unable to do anything about Victoria’s condition, I busied myself in the kitchen. I was happily munching a cholesterol-laden breakfast when I heard a voice. "Hello? Is anyone here? Please?" It was Agnes.

I walked to the foyer. Upon seeing me, Agnes fainted. I rolled my eyes. Gee, I always wanted to have that effect on women. I knelt next to her, patting her hand gently, waiting for her to come to. Her eyes opened, and immediately filled with fear. "Vampire... Daylight..." she whispered. She started to cry, then stopped sniffling. "My family has rejected me. My father does not want me in the house, the townspeople run away. I have nowhere to go." Agnes bowed her head, kneeling. "I am your servant forever."

"Stand up, child." Victoria appeared, looking slightly pale. "I am sorry that your family has exiled you. That was not my intent. I welcome you to castle Dracula." Agnes gaped at Victoria, who walked over to me and gave me a short, wet kiss. "Good morning, my husband." My wife was not as well as she pretended to be; she leaned on me a little more than usual. I supported her gently. "Agnes, please shop for us. We are having up to nine for dinner tonight. Tell the cook at the inn; he will tell you what you need," Victoria gently instructed.

"Yes, Countess. I am experienced in hosting a formal dinner. You will not be disappointed." Agnes looked at us strangely. "I -- I..." Her voice faltered.

"Yes, we move about during the day. You have nothing to fear from us, dear young girl. I am sorry for last night, but it was necessary. Your father is a stubborn man," Victoria explained, answering Agnes’ unspoken question.

"You... apologize to me?" Agnes asked, her voice showing her amazement. "Countess, I am your servant. I should not question your will," she said, curtsying. She turned and left the castle purposefully. Victoria sagged against me. Her body felt cold and clammy. I dragged her to a sofa where I made her lie down. She protested feebly, but within a minute, she was fast asleep. She breathed deeply, easily, and steadily. There wasn’t much to do until sundown, so I sat down and stroked her hair while she slept.

Agnes returned with enough food to feed an army. I helped her with the groceries. "Count -- you do not have to help me," the young girl said. I heard fear tinge her voice. She was surprised at my kindness and humanity. I spoke lightly with her as we worked, and that seemed to calm her down. She refused the money I offered her. "That is not necessary, master. The merchants do not wish to offend you, so they gave me the food. If only to keep me and the curse out of their store." We finished putting the food away. "I am sorry that I am no longer welcome in town, but perhaps you will favor me on occasion, master." I was confused because she kept referring to me as "master." During the day, I had no power over her.

"Agnes -- I’m not really Count Dracula. My name is David, and I’m an American. I am the Countess’ husband, but I’m not nobility. I’m not your master, and it makes me uncomfortable to hear you say that," I said, as the two of us started preparations for the cook’s arrival.

"No. I am yours. You have marked me without --," she indicated the bite marks on her neck. Her voice got softer, and her eyes fluttered. "You have also marked me within..." Agnes parted her lips slightly. I could hear her hoarse breathing, and her cheeks turned a faint pink. Agnes’ eyes drooped, and she leaned slightly towards me. Oh shit, I thought. Now I’ve got a 15-year old girl with a crush on me. I backed away slowly, hoping that she would understand. Her face filled with disappointment as she opened her eyes. "As you wish, master," she whispered, bowing her head. I left the kitchen feeling like a complete heel. I went back to the drawing room to resume my vigil over Victoria.

About an hour before sundown, she opened her eyes sleepily. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head as if to clear the fog. "Good evening, my love," Victoria said, kissing me very deeply. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. She felt better. "Marta contested my will last night. It was very -- strenuous. I proved my birthright, and she will serve without question from now on." Victoria sat back down. "But now I am hungry. We will also need food for Marta. Bring me four strong young men from the village, David. We will have to be ready for Van Helsing."

I flew into town on my mission as soon as the sun had set. It turned out to be an easy task, because I quickly found four young men dressed in soccer uniforms at a park just outside the town. They were engaged in conversation after the game, ignoring the darkness. I dove, biting each of them (I’m getting better at this fang thing), and turned back into human form. I commanded them to drive to the castle. They got in the car and left, with me flying on ahead of them. Marta met me outside in the courtyard. "Where’s dinner? Victoria said you would have something for me," she said, leaning provocatively against a shuttered souvenir stand.

"It’s on the way. They didn’t have room for me in their car," I replied. I looked at Marta’s blue, blue eyes. She was very pretty. Very inviting. Very sexy...

"I’d rather have a cocktail first," she purred, walking over to me. Her hips swayed hypnotically. She put her arms around me, drawing close. My dick got hard, and my head started to spin in time with her eyes. "You do have something for me," Marta whispered. "Just a little bite. Victoria doesn’t have to know." She brushed my neck with a fang. My mouth opened of its own accord. My fangs extended, seeking Marta’s essence. I leaned to Marta’s neck...

The gate opened, and the car of soccer players drove up. The headlights interrupted our clandestine embrace before I could actually bite her. Marta hissed, "Shit!" as she grabbed my arm. She looked at me tenderly. "There will be another time, my sweet, young vampire," she purred. Her eyes spun again, drawing me into her. Marta’s voice became throaty; sexy. "My lord-to-be, and new master. I shall serve your every desire." We led the young men into the castle. Victoria was too hungry to notice my erection. She and Marta each fed on two of the men. This left the soccer players alive while allowing the women to gorge themselves. The men would not be playing soccer for a while, though. The guards carried the unconscious bodies to another room.

"Now what?" I asked as we had blood and cigars in the living room. The smell of food wafted from the kitchen.

"We wait... For the other shoe to drop?" Victoria answered. Her use of English idioms was improving. I nodded. Marta reclined in her chair, crossing her legs leisurely. Her foot described absent-minded, lazy circles about her ankles. She was attractive, but I was not consumed by her as I had been earlier. She was obviously keeping her power and desire for me under a lid. Whatever had passed between Victoria and Marta the previous night was sufficient to keep Marta a respectful distance away from me in Victoria’s presence. The phone rang and my wife answered. "Ah! Set the table! We will have three guests arriving soon," she said as she hung up. We all moved to the dining room as the mesmerized waitresses moved quickly around us in response to the command.

A few minutes later, the door opened. One of the enthralled guards announced, "Minister Van Helsing, his nephew Benjamin, and Mayor Hunyadi." I thought I saw surprise flash across Victoria’s face for a second, but it was gone instantly, if it had ever been there. Suddenly, a stocky middle-aged man appeared in the dining room doorway, wielding a cross.

"Begone, foul demon!!!" he commanded, bellowing at the top of his lungs. Marta shrieked and ran to the farthest corner, hissing. She cowered, eyes red, fangs fully extended. Her face elongated slightly, giving her a lupine appearance. I wondered if I could do that. The man advanced, waving a small vial filled with a clear liquid threateningly at Marta. Victoria watched him walk past, more than a trace of amusement on her face.

"Simon, she’s not the Countess Dracula. I am," my wife sighed, trying not to laugh. Simon??? The man wheeled with impressive quickness, opened the vial and threw its contents on her. "I have already taken a shower, I was already clean. But I am insulted that you fail to recognize me," Victoria said evenly. She wiped her face with a napkin. Marta, Van Helsing, and Mayor Hunyadi gasped loudly in unison. Marta had stopped hissing, and her face was normal, but she didn’t move from the corner.

The boy, a teenager, spoke. "Auntie Victoria?" Simon Van Helsing’s jaw dropped, as did his hand holding the cross. Marta left the corner, approaching him warily. She circled, still a respectful distance away from him. Benjamin walked over to Victoria and hugged her, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Nooo, Benjamin!!!" Simon roared. "She’s enthralled you lad! Snap out of it!!!" He raised the cross at Victoria, who just looked at him. Marta began her attack, moving like lightning, but stopped short as if she had run into a brick wall. Simon attacked my wife, pushing Benjamin away. I decided that enough was enough. I grabbed him with one hand, and dragged him to a chair. I forced him into a sitting position. (I’m getting stronger every day.)

"Auntie, are you all right?" the boy asked. Victoria stood up and nodded, straightening her hair.

"Yes, Benjamin, I am. Benjamin, this is my husband, David. David, meet my nephew, Benjamin."

"Nice to meet you Ben - " Simon squirmed in my grasp. "Oh sit still, would you? If we had wanted to kill you, we would have by now. You must have realized that your cross doesn’t work, and neither does your holy water." I sniffed the air and figured out why Marta hadn’t been able to finish her attack. "The garlic just plain smells bad on you."

"Auntie Victoria... Are you really a... a... v-v-v..." the boy stuttered. He was fascinated, not frightened by his aunt.

"Yes, Benjamin. But please, do not tell your parents. They would think that you are crazy, and I would not offer them any proof to the contrary." Victoria turned to the men, who were appreciably pale. "Please, join us for dinner. I have made arrangements for us all. We have a wonderful kitchen staff." Marta hissed once and left the room, giving our dinner guests a wide berth. My wife mouthed the word "garlic" and I nodded. "Simon, do you still not recognize me? I realize that it has been a little while, but not that long," Victoria pouted.

Simon gaped. "Victoria... Heresford?" he gasped.

"I am truly Mina Harker’s daughter, Victoria, so it is Victoria Harker. Except --" She proudly held out her hand, displaying her wedding band. "I am now Victoria Morton." She smiled warmly at me. Simon wasn’t so happy. He wiped his brow feverishly, looking extremely pale. "Yes, your distant cousin is really the Countess Dracula, daughter of your family’s ancient enemy. But that is past, I would hope." She clapped her hands and the soup arrived. "Let us eat. We may discuss business afterwards."

The meal was excellent. Dinner conversation was limited to Benjamin and Victoria discussing family matters. Simon ate hungrily, but in silence. His eyes had become saucers when Victoria and I started to eat when they did. The mayor kept casting nervous glances at his daughter, who was coordinating the waitresses’ efforts. Agnes seemed not to notice. "You know, Mr. Mayor," I began. The man jumped and his eyes bugged out. "Agnes would really like to come home. You can not blame her for what has happened. Besides, it would serve you well to be less..." I searched for the proper word. "Protective of her. This is not the nineteenth century." Agnes blushed, having overheard my little speech.

Mayor Hunyadi’s face filled with rage (he’s a very angry man, it seems), and his whole body trembled. "You -- VILE creature -- have no right to speak of my dead daughter. She is no longer alive, and YOU have despoiled her." He growled, choking on his angry words. A tear ran silently down his daughter’s cheek. The mayor ignored her, staring maliciously at me.

"David," my wife interrupted, "we do not discuss business over a fine meal here at the castle." It was a reprimand. "That is the American way," she finished. She smiled at me to soften the impact of her words, but she did make her point. I’d have to learn the etiquette befitting a Carpathian noble. Victoria’s rebuke did nothing to diminish the tension between the mayor and myself. To further complicate matters, Agnes’ heartbreak washed through the hypnotic link we shared. I kept my mouth shut through the rest of the meal. After dessert, we moved to the drawing room for brandy and cigars. Marta was still absent.

Victoria stood and waited for me to light her holdered cigarette. She leaned against the fireplace looking very much like the flapper girl she said she had been. "Simon, I want the castle back," she stated. Simon choked on his brandy. "I want the souvenir stands out of the courtyard, especially that damned vampire hunter kit one. Everything else is -- negotiable."

"Victoria, I am sorry. There is no area for negotiation. The state and the surrounding area are starving for money right now. The castle brings in a good deal of money," Simon said firmly. "I do not have the power to close the castle," he apologetically added.

"I will make it up to the town, as far as the money," Victoria resumed. She paused for a moment, thinking. "We would not live here permanently, but we would like to be able to come home. If I leave certain areas of the castle open while we are gone, would that be more acceptable? Of course, the daytime restriction would still have to apply." Simon’s eyes flickered. Victoria had started him thinking. I was impressed by Victoria’s negotiating skills. She wasn’t using any hypnotic power as far as I could tell. "In fact," Victoria continued, "I could leave you everything except the second floor and dungeon. Even when we would be here."

"What about concessions? Food and souvenirs?" Simon asked, obviously warming to the idea. An alarm started going off in my head for some reason. I looked around the room nervously. Benjamin’s eyes were closed; his snifter was empty. The mayor was sitting defensively, glowering alternately at Victoria, Simon and me. Victoria walked over to me for another light. She kissed me on the cheek for the courtesy.

"The courtyard. The stable area could be arranged to provide shel-"

Mayor Hunyadi jumped to his feet. "Enough!!! You!" he shouted, pointing a finger at Van Helsing. "I called you, the great vampire hunter to destroy the devil’s spawn! Now you would make deals with them!" His eyes were wild. I tried to grab his mind, but I couldn’t catch his eyes long enough to make contact. "DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!" the mayor roared and began to chant. I recognized the language from that endless high school torture known as Latin.

"No, Hunyadi!!!" Simon shouted, bolting for the mayor. Mayor Hunyadi pulled a gun and Van Helsing froze instantly. He didn’t even twitch. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as the man chanted. It was a faint, irritating sensation, akin to nails on a blackboard in an adjacent room. Victoria was grimacing as well. She must have been hearing it too. I saw the mayor point the gun at Victoria, and I moved to protect her. My feet felt as if they were mired in quicksand, and I moved much slower than I wanted to.

A screech signaled Marta’s reappearance. She rushed into the drawing room, screaming. Hunyadi turned and calmly shot her three times. Before he could return his attentions to my wife, both Simon and I jumped him. We wrestled the gun from him, and Simon ended his frantic struggles with a very solid fist to the jaw while I held him. I turned my attentions to the rest of the room. Victoria was kneeling over Marta, talking quietly as the blonde vampire lay very still. Benjamin decorated the carpet, moaning. I was a little surprised that Marta seemed to be hurt, then Van Helsing said quietly, "The bullets must have been made of silver, and marked with a cross."

Victoria was helping Marta sit up; she was in obvious pain. "Da... Da..." Marta hoarsely whispered, reaching feebly in my direction. Victoria looked at me, her eyes telling me what I didn’t want to know. I walked over to the women, and replaced Victoria as Marta’s support. My wife walked away silently, tears in her eyes. "See? -- I... knew..." Marta swallowed audibly. "That it wouldn’t work." She gasped for breath, and her eyelids drooped. "It hurrrrtss so baaad..." she whispered.

I bit Marta gently. She sighed, "Ohhh, ye-e-e-ess... My young, sweeet masss..." Marta’s eyes closed, and her body went limp. Neither of us had wanted it to be like this. I lay her body on the floor with tender care. Then I stood up, and approached the groggy, defenseless mayor who had regained consciousness. Simon moved out of my way. Agnes stepped directly in my path, standing defensively over her father. "Please, master. I beg you, do not harm him." I was about to make Agnes move and beg me to kill her father. Slowly.

"David. My love. Please rethink what you are about to do," Victoria said, using the quiet voice that always got my attention. "The vampire’s ultimate revenge is to watch your enemies die. Revenge taken in haste is something that will haunt you for all eternity. There are more important things than revenge, David." Fuck that. I was going to roast the mayor’s heart and hang his heartless body over the hearth.

"You must think about the reaction you would cause," Victoria continued, as the anger in my eyes still burned. "If he is dead, he will become a martyr to the townspeople, and they will hunt you down. If not them, then their children. Am I correct, Simon?" Simon nodded as Victoria walked over to me. She stroked my trembling arm, and kissed my neck, flicking her tongue across my throat for an instant. The only sound in the room was Benjamin’s snoring.

I was still boiling mad, but my wife’s gentle voice was beginning to take effect. I stood, silent and trembling with rage. Finally, after a very long instant, I commanded, "Agnes, remove your father’s garlic wreath." Her eyes became vacant, and she obeyed woodenly. "Victoria, I leave his fate in your much wiser hands, because I will kill him." Turning to the rest of the group, I continued. "Simon, let’s get out of this room and go to the living room. Guards, bring the boy and be gentle. Agnes, you must come with us." Agnes fought my power briefly, but she didn’t have the will to provide more than token resistance. Simon led everybody out of the drawing room in silence, not turning back to look. Victoria and Mayor Hunyadi joined us after five minutes.

"Agnes, it is time that we left," Mayor Hunyadi said. Agnes gaped at her father. "Come, child, we should leave the Count and Countess alone now. Minister Van Helsing, Count and Countess, my daughter and I would take our respectful leave. We thank you graciously for your hospitality this evening." He paused, looking at his stunned daughter. "Agnes?" The girl curtsied and her father nodded in approval. Agnes’ eyes thanked Victoria as they left, since it was clearly improper for her to speak. Father and daughter exited the castle hand in hand, escorted by two guards.

"Now, where were we, Simon?" Victoria asked. Coffee was served and cigars passed as if nothing had happened earlier. I went back to the drawing room, but Marta’s body had vanished. There were ashes in the carpet, and I cried internally for the woman I would never have. I returned to the drawing room, sullen. Victoria stuck to me protectively, and warmed my body. She broadcast her concern for my emotional state. Her gaze held nothing but love. It was obvious that the night’s events were too fresh in everybody’s mind, and that nothing more would be accomplished until tomorrow. The discussion meandered aimlessly before stalling.

"Simon, you are welcome to stay," Victoria announced. She stood and stretched lazily, giving me a playful look. She knew how much I liked to watch her do that. "Benjamin is clearly in no shape to argue. The guest rooms on the second floor are ready." Simon agreed, yawning involuntarily, and we all went up the steps. Victoria carried her still-sleeping nephew, placing him in the first guest room. She tucked him in, kissing him lightly on the cheek. He sighed, and we quietly closed the door. Not that it would have mattered. "He is very well behaved for a sixteen-year-old. I will have to commend my grand-niece," Victoria said.

We continued down the hall. "Simon, this is where you will stay." My wife indicated his room, a few doors away from Benjamin’s. "We will be in the master suite, David and I." She linked her arm with mine. Anticipating the question forming on Simon’s lips, she shrugged. "We can survive holy water, crosses, and garlic. Why would we sleep in a coffin? Why would we want to sleep in a coffin?" Victoria gave me a squeeze and a knowing smile. We turned, leaving him.

"Victoria," Simon called. We stopped and looked at him. "One of the serving girls is lying naked in my bed," he said, perplexed.

"Consider it a... courtesy of castle Dracula, Tourism Minister Van Helsing. The hospitality and thoughtfulness of the Countess Dracula are legendary," Victoria demurely replied, bowing slightly. I could see Simon smile. He wasted no time in returning to his room, shutting the door without as much as a good night. "Come, my husband. I am tired, and I would sleep with you." There was a pause. "I need to sleep with you," she emphasized. We went to the master suite, dressed for bed, and lay down together. Victoria rolled on top of me. "David?"

"Mmmm?" I responded as I stroked her back, temporarily lost in my own thoughts.

"It was wonderful thing you did for Marta. She did not deserve to die in pain." Victoria looked into my eyes. "You wanted her, yes? You would bite her for love slave? It was her power that made you notice her at first, but after, I was not so sure."

"She didn’t need to die, Victoria," I answered without answering.

"It was my fault. I thought that only Van Helsing would have weapons. Simon didn’t know that Hunyadi knew the Paresi curse as well." I looked at her strangely, and Victoria began to explain. "Is magical spell to hold vampires before speaker, and leave them helpless. That was the strange feeling you had when he was speaking in Latin. Your love that turned me into quarter vampire saved my life. Being full vampire, Marta was much more susceptible." My wife closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, her pretty face burdened by guilt. "I was a fool. I underestimated my opponent. Hunyadi had gun and special bullets to avenge daughter; I should have known better." Victoria lay her head on my chest and opened her eyes again. "Now I am truly last member of Dracula clan."

"Vic-," I started.

"Ssshhh. Just hold me," Victoria whispered, wrapping her arms around my neck and closing her eyes. A tear trickled down my chest, and Marta was mourned by both of us.

I was greeted in the kitchen the next afternoon by the young woman who had spent the night with Simon. She had that smile on her face, and blushed when she said, "Good afternoon, Count." Simon, Benjamin and Victoria showed up for a very late lunch about an hour later. The young woman and Simon’s eyes met and lingered for a somewhat discreet moment; they both turned shyly away from each other. Although Victoria’s power of command had vanished at sunrise, it appeared that Simon possessed some magic of his own.

Benjamin looked horrid. He was still hung over from the brandy. His aunt gave him a familial kiss on the cheek, gently (and softly) lecturing, "Brandy is to be sipped and savored, not guzzled like cheap American beer." There wasn’t much conversation during the meal and we all just sat around the table for a while after. Nobody seemed to want to do anything. "My husband is a good cook, yes?" Victoria said, patting my hand. There was mild frustration on her face. Her mind had turned to business, and she wanted it dispensed with.

The group finally retired to the drawing room, and the negotiations began in earnest. Simon seemed to be extremely receptive and sympathetic to Victoria’s desires. (Amazing what good sex can do, isn’t it?) He also explained his official position as Minister of Tourism Van Helsing. "It will be awkward, since I was hired to be the head vampire hunter, and make sure that the castle would be vampire-free for the tourists. Now I’ll have to come up with a plausible story as to why certain areas of the castle are to be placed off-limits."

"Simon, again, we will not be living here. David and I have a home in the United States," Victoria said. "But I would like to be able to come home and be free of tourists for a while. Perhaps the castle can be closed temporarily; we would let you know in advance by a month," she said hopefully. I could see "that won’t work" written on Simon’s face, even if my wife didn’t.

I broke the awkward silence. "Perhaps if you could schedule periodic castle closings; you know, for -- maintenance. We could schedule ourselves around those periods." Victoria glared at me as I spoke. She obviously believed in the superiority of her birthright over any other claim. "Say, three weeks every quarter. To offset the loss of revenue, we can have the kitchen staff cater private breakfasts and lunches while we’re gone." Another bright idea hit me. "When we’re here, we could host one or two formal dinners. Just think, dine with the "Countess Dracula..."

"No. Not that," Victoria objected, hands on her hips. "We do not want everybody coming through and testing us to see if we are vampires, David. Is very bad idea. But, I am willing to compromise on scheduling, Simon." Victoria rearranged herself and cuddled against me, giving me a little smile. "We have reminded the townspeople that they live in the shadow of castle Dracula. The new Count -- " My wife turned to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Is considerably less bloodthirsty than the old. I do not wish the townspeople to fear the castle." Victoria paused and sighed, "But vampire hunter kits on sale in the courtyard is considerably short of the respect I desire."

From there, an agreement was struck in short order. I told Simon privately that I’d introduce him to supermodel Alexandra Bowers to grease the wheels a little bit. I figured she’d probably kill the old boy, but what a way to go. We got down to specifics and legal arrangements remarkably fast after that little discussion. Agnes returned shortly before sundown while dinner was being prepared. "Countess, I wish to thank you for sparing my father and for returning me to my family. I am forever your humble servant. Will you wish me to help with dinner tonight?" she asked. The stars were gone from her eyes as she looked at me. I shook my head at the volatile nature of teenage infatuation. Victoria dismissed Agnes, who curtsied before leaving us. "That is proper respect for a Count and Countess," Victoria noted.

Another marvelous meal was served in the dining room that night. Simon was very curious about the nature of our powers. "You both seem so -- human. I mean, you spent the night in a room with a bed. We negotiated during the daylight hours in a sunny room. Now you’re eating food with us after dark. Are you really...?" Victoria extended her fangs and her eyes turned red.

"Does this answer your question, dear Simon?" she asked innocently. Benjamin gave a peep of horror, and Simon recoiled slightly in his chair. "I -- we -- can largely choose our form. At night we can do some vampire things, but for large part is no difference between mortal or vampire. Yes, we do bite people and drink their blood." Benjamin’s face turned very white, and his eyes were big and round as saucers. Victoria smiled at her nephew. This, of course, prominently displayed my wife’s sharp, white fangs and Benjamin lost any vestige of color that remained in his face. Simon trembled in his chair. "However, we do not kill or make more vampires, and we do not have to have blood every night." She changed her appearance again, and the two mortals at the table relaxed in involuntary response. "Most of the time, I prefer being mortal."

The small talk resumed after a brief interval. The mortals were no doubt reclaiming their wits. Eventually, Simon decided that it was time for he and Benjamin to leave the castle. As they were putting their coats on in the foyer, Benjamin asked Victoria, "What’s it like to be bitten by a vampire? Would you bite me, Aunt Victoria?" Ah, the ignorance of youth.

My wife smiled, shaking her head. "I could bite you, Benjamin. But then would you like being made to obey your mother all of the time? You would not be able to resist her or me, and I would do that for my grand-niece." She looked up, making a big show of thinking about something. "It would be funny to see you walk around school proudly showing your baby pic- "

"That’s quite all right, Auntie. I think I understand," Benjamin interrupted. His face had gone beet red at the mention of his baby pictures. Victoria smiled innocently, sweetly. I got the shivers looking at her at that moment. It hit me how beautiful she was. Victoria’s response seemed to make her nephew want to leave a little faster, and he basically dragged Simon out of the door. They were gone, and we were finally alone in the castle. Victoria had sent the kitchen staff home earlier. My wife shut and locked the front door. Smiling impishly, she took my hand and pulled me to the living room.

"Now, my husband, it is time for the ritual of castle Dracula." She removed the painting over the fireplace, and removed a very dusty book from a safe. Opening it, she turned the parchment pages with a great deal of care. "I will be speaking in my father’s language; I have not had time to teach you yet. When I squeeze your hand, just say, ‘I do.’, OK?" I nodded. Taking my hand, she began to speak. Truth to tell, it sounded more like a boring, overly-dramatic monologue from a bad stage play. I stood there impatiently for fifteen minutes until she squeezed my hand. I said, "I do."; Victoria resumed her monologue for another couple of minutes. Then she punctured my finger (Ow!) with a fang.

"Sign your name here, in blood," she directed. I complied, wishing that the dull ache in my finger would go away. She kissed my finger, sucking on the bleeding puncture wound. The pleasurable sizzle that accompanied the action made me forget about the dull ache completely. "Welcome to your new home, Count Dracula," Victoria purred. I smiled at her. "There is one last thing to do, David. We must consummate our bond," she said. I let my fangs come out. "No, we must do it mortal way," she whispered, her voice throaty. From out of nowhere, the "Let’s fuck. NOW." expression appeared on her face. Clothes flew in all directions.

She pushed me over on my back and straddled me. Easing herself onto my erection, Victoria sighed, "I have way-yay-yay-yaited sooooo looong fooorrr thiiissss..." Her moaning started almost immediately, and her pussy pulled at my dick with her every movement. "Ohh-ohhh! Hunnnhh... Mmmmfff... Oooohhh..." Victoria’s hips slid back and forth easily over my pelvis. She did not speed up when I felt her cunt contract rapidly. She breathed with little gasps. I shuddered in pleasure, but held back my ejaculation. My wife’s pumping became circular as her climax ended. "Ohhh, lo-o-o-ove, I want a baby." Where did that come from? She kissed me and drove her hips at me. Victoria threw her head back with a sharp intake of breath.

Victoria began to play with my nipples. My body trembled as my spine registered the tickling sensation. She ran her hands gently around my chest, tracing circles on it in time with her hips. "Do you like this, David?" I groaned in acknowledgment. My wife played my body like a musical instrument, slowly creating an incredible tension with gentle movements. It was not long before that tension demanded release. The sounds of my orgasm reverberated through the empty castle as the pleasure of Victoria’s ministrations reverberated through my body.

Loud, contented purring noises rolled in my throat. My wife had stopped moving on top of me. "Again, David," she whispered. Her inner chamber contracted, keeping me in her. It slowly expanded, pushed by my re-inflating cock. The sensation kept me on orgasm’s edge. "Ohhh, ye-e-e-ess... Li-i-ike thaaaat..." Victoria softly encouraged. She resumed her motion, gentle and languid. "Nooooo... Donnn’t mooove. Ohhh, s-s-staayyy therrre... D-d-donn’t mooove... Soooo sweeeet..."

She was panting softly now. Victoria leaned forward, and we kissed deeply. Her hips were bouncing up and down. My cock was very slick with her warm juices, and she slipped off after one particularly enthusiastic stroke. She frantically repositioned herself. My wife drove her hips down with a lustful grunt, enveloping my rod with her slick, warm-honeyed sheath. Victoria had become very wild in our love-making, her motions much more impatient. The soft pants were ending in little squeaks. My wife leaned forward, putting her weight on her hands and arms while her hips continued their piston-like movement.

Her eyes were closed, and her body was rosy with the flush of arousal. Victoria was masturbating herself furiously on her favorite quasi-human sex toy. She was lost to all save the joyous singing of her own body. She leaned backwards and as her back arched, the back of her head touched my legs. "Ohhhh..." , she squeaked. "I -- I..." My wife stopped bouncing and started bucking sharply. My pubic hair got soaked, and I could really smell her essence. "Huuuh-UHHH!!! Huuuh-UHHH!!! Huuuh-UHHH!!!!" she howled with each thrust of her hips.

I couldn’t take the stimulation; the physical combined with the mental to force another ejaculation out of me. I snorted, then gave a short, but loud, and not very flattering, "URGHHH!!!!" The tropical mixture inside of Victoria became a little more gooey as the internal convulsions continued. Victoria was still arched over backwards, crying. My arms spasmodically pounded the carpet, and my hips pumped; I could not control either of them. Time distorted...

My wife finally leaned forward, collapsing on top of me. It seemed that several hours had passed since our last orgasms began. Fortunately, there was no clock around to ground our fantastic experience in reality. Victoria sat up on top of me. "Welcome to your ancestral home, Count Dracula," she said, looking tenderly at me. "I am your Countess for now, and all eternity."

This story copyright © 1992, 1997, The Flying Pen

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