Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions that I get from readers.  Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks very much for taking the time to comment!

Are you ever going to write more of "Night Music"?

No. I'm finished with those characters. I don't have any logical place for the story to go except one, and that would be Baby Rebecca's story. Since I'm not a teenage female, I don't really want to try something like that and fail miserably.

You didn't do <fill in sex act, degradation idea, etc.> in "Penny".  Why not?  When is the next part of Penny coming out? Would you put <sex act, degradation idea, etc.> in the next part?

"Penny" was an exercise in writing smut with no redeeming qualities.  I completed the exercise, and that's the end of that. No more Penny, no more Penny-type stories.

Why do you write this stuff?

I started writing erotica because of the lack of good writing on Instead of complaining about it, I wrote. The response that I got was so overwhelming that I kept on doing it. I guess I do it because I have been told by enough people that I'm good at it.

I remember reading something called The Coven. Did you ever finish it?

Yes, I did. It's available here.  Nobody wanted to buy it, I lost the desire to rewrite it, so it's now available for free, with the usual copyright disclaimers.

Why do you write smoking fetish stories? It's such a nasty habit.

I write them because I have the fetish, and it's a nice break from doing other things.

Will you read my story and critique it?

No, I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time. I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and a family. There's barely time enough to finish the projects in the queue, let alone take on new ones. If you want to be read seriously, try looking on Mary Anne Kateri's page for tips and links.

Do you ever get laid or just write about it? If so, how much of this stuff have you done in real life?

Yes, I get laid. And I've done enough of what I write about that I know what much of it is like, but I still have fantasies.

Will you ever finish <fill-in-name-of-story>?

If it's not on my list, then probably not. I know that's a disappointment to "Honey" fans, but I lost contact with her, and subsequently inspiration.  The same is true of "Yvonne", although "The Innocent" is taking a similar direction to where that story would have gone.

What else are you working on?

I have a bunch of new ideas and unfinished projects.  The unfinished projects are always at the top of the to-do list, but sometimes I have an idea that won't let me write anything else until I've written it. Check out my "Coming Attractions" page for details on what's running through my head.

Real life also has a very bad habit of interrupting my writing schedule. Simply put, I do it when I can, or when I have a story that writes itself. Keep visiting my site; There's an update flag on the front page.

How about writing a story with <name your kink> in it?

Sorry, I don't do custom jobs.  It's difficult enough diving into my own kinks and filling them out so they make somewhat interesting reading.

Which of your stories do you like best?

In no particular order, I like Crystal's Persuasion, Master Yes, Tales From The Insititute, and Karen.

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