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The Broadway Limited
Crystal's Persuasion
Eraser, The
Graduation Gift
Honey's Story
Karen: An Unusual Love Story
Master Yes
Night Music
Queen Alice
Satin Doll
Scenes From The Coven
Seduction of Yvonne Bauer, The
Tales From The Institute, WC0006
The Coven
The Sorcerer
FF, Incorporated
The Innocent
 Klaire Goes On Holiday
 Hypnotic Eye Beams
 Ensnared In A Tangled Web
 Focus Group
 Eve's Story
 Made To Order
 Chris' Story
 White Queen, Black King

Fetish Stories

A Sense of Style
Casino Camille
Colby and the 120 Club
Definitely Not Like Old Times
The More Slave
Satellite AGX-69 Services
The Training Program
The Beverly Chronicles
The Countess
The Hypnodomme Next Door
Gary's Story: Easy Edie
Gary's Story: The Dragon Lady
The Golddigger Goth and The Geek
Polly Plain
The Reinvention of Ellen
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