Crystal’s Persuasion

Part 4: Nasty Girl; Bad Girl

I went home late that morning, since she was going to "do the parent thing." We spoke to each other by phone each day that week. Cryssie said she’d be at the gig on Friday, and would see me then. The band was cooking halfway through the first set when Crystal walked in. Heads turned. She was wearing a short, tight black dress, and had tied her hair, which she was apparently letting grow, into a long, silky, black ponytail. I was surprised enough to lose my place for a measure on "Cross Cut Saw". Even Pam was looking at Crystal. I watched guys hit on Crys for the rest of the set. I had never seen her so -- sexy. Before she had been the demure little deb who tried to get you to notice her. Now she was dressed to thrill, daring any man to ignore her.

When I finally made my way over to her at break, there was one guy next to her, and she was laughing quietly with him. "Hi there, sexy," I said quietly as I got to the bar. I stood next to her on the other side. The guy shot me a look that said I was in his territory.

"I’m glad you noticed," she replied. Crystal turned to the guy. She said, "Steven, this Don, my boyfriend." I watched Steven’s hopes collapse in milliseconds, and the light of interest that had been in his eyes suddenly went dim. He left the club immediately, mumbling. Crystal smiled at me, obviously aware of what she had done. She stood up and leaned against the bar, giving me a peck on the cheek. She surreptitiously nibbled on my ear. "Am I sexy tonight?" she whispered. She casually dropped her hand, and fondled my cock through my pants. I turned to face the bar a little more directly. Nobody could see what she was doing, but if she continued, it would be obvious on stage. "I got all sexy for you..."

"Not now! I’ve got to go back to work in a few minutes!" I whispered urgently at her. Her eyes laughed at my discomfort and shyness; Crystal had managed to reverse our usual roles. "Just wait until we get finished here," I said. "You look hot tonight." We shared a short, wet kiss before I went back to work. Scott and Beth arrived during the next set, and Scott looked at Crystal much longer than he had to. I could see him appraising her new look. Cryssie didn’t wait for me to leave the stage, arriving just after we finished the last song of the set.

"They want me to go to Bangers. At the Wharf. There’s a party with a bunch of people from work. They came to get me. It seems that I’ve been missed by my supervisor," she sighed.

"Career advancement?" I asked. Crys nodded. "Then go. We’ll have fun tomorrow," I said. "But damn, you look great tonight." She gave me a kiss, then mumbled something about goddamn office politics well out of Scott and Beth’s earshot before leaving. Crystal returned at closing time. I was surprised, but very happy to see her. She was a little grumpy. She explained that some of her coworkers had gotten the wrong idea about the way she was dressed, and one of them refused to accept that she hadn’t done it for him. End of the party for her. He had a black eye. I gave her a brief neck massage in the van, and kissed her gently. Then I tickled her, and Crystal stopped being grumpy.

"Sleepy?" she queried as I brought the last piece of equipment in. I shook my head. She grinned, "Good. I wouldn’t want you to fall asleep after I dressed up for you." I chuckled, then pulled her close for a long, wet kiss. As usual, this started some foreplay, and the clothes wound up on the floor after a few minutes. She caressed my chest, and I rubbed her ass. Stroking my face lightly, Cryssie said, "Would you do something for me?" She paused, looking into my eyes. "I’d like to try something tonight." So this was why she had dressed so sexily. Curious, I said yes. She pushed me down to the sofa, and started a blowjob. She lewdly slobbered all over my rapidly enlarging organ, licking and sucking it to full rigidity. She stopped to get her purse, and produced both a rubber and a tube of K-Y. I looked at her with -- I don’t know what I felt right then, to be honest, but disgust wasn’t among the candidates. "I want you to fuck me in the ass." Before I could say anything, she finished, "You said I’m discovering my sensuality, so I want to try this and see if I like it." Her tone sounded as if she was trying to convince herself. I needed no such encouragement.

I smeared a big glob of the jelly between her ass cheeks, and massaged it around her little pucker for a while. I could feel her puzzlement grow as her tension diminished, but she didn’t say anything. Another squeeze of the tube, and my index finger was covered in K-Y. I slowly pushed it into that little puckered opening, forcing a grunt of surprise from Crystal. "Let me know if you want me to stop," I counseled her in the most soothing voice I had. She said nothing, but moaned quickly when I started to work my finger around inside her rear door. She grunted again when I pushed it in past the second knuckle. "Crys?"

"N-N-No. DontstopIwanttodothis," she stated through clenched teeth, the words a hiss more than speech. Cryssie has a habit of running her words together, especially when she’s excited or nervous. I continued wiggling my finger inside her, and slowly, it completely disappeared. Crys started to move her hips a little, making "n-n-n-n-n" sounds. I didn’t think she was ready. I pulled my finger out of her. "Are you going to put it in now?" she asked timidly.

"No. I’d like to try my middle finger," I replied. "You’re awfully tense and tight, and I don’t want to hurt you too badly. Then you might decide you don’t like it, and in reality, it was my fault for not being patient enough." Most of it was true, but I didn’t tell her that I meant the middle finger along with my index finger.

"Mmm... feels warm," she commented, arching her back as I repeated the external massage of her asshole. Crystal made no noise when my middle finger went in. In fact, I was surprised at how easily her sphincter had let me in. A half-inch later, though, when I stretched the opening quickly and stuck in my index finger, Crystal bucked and yelped in pain. Her ass clamped down on both fingers, and I waited for her to cry "Stop!" She didn’t, breathing loudly and heavily. Again, I cautiously began to move my two fingers around, slowly making progress against the tight clamp around them, and going in deeper.

"Ohhh... ohhh..." Crystal began to moan, her pants turning into vocalizations. I paused long enough to discern that she wasn’t asking me to stop. Her body started vibrating when my fingers were buried as far as they would go, and I had to use my wrist to move them. My girlfriend gasped for breath, but didn’t ask for mercy. She was as ready as she was ever going to be. I pulled my fingers out as she wiggled her ass in my face. "I guess you can put it in now," she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

I lay down, my cock still erect. "No, Cryssie. Just come here and sit on my lap, facing away from me," I gently instructed. Wedging the encased head of my cock between her slick cheeks, I encouraged her to sit with a steady stream of whispered obscenities. She squatted slowly, driving herself against me, back and back... the head was in. Crystal began to shimmy, slowly forcing my dick deeper into her tight, tight tunnel. She grunted, panting loudly with each millimeter of progress. It looked like work. Her persistence paid off as she finally landed on my lap. Of course, the death grip that crushed my penis felt great to me. I held her hips. "Relax. Don’t move just yet. How does it feel?"

Crystal gasped. "Diff -- different." She swallowed audibly, and hit me in the face with her ponytail when she moved her head. "It -- it doesn’t reallyhurt." A pause for a few seconds. ‘I feel so -- so full," she moaned.

"You’re in control here, Crystal. You move whenever, however you want. You can climb off if it’s too much. I’m just going to sit here for you, babe," I whispered, stroking her torso. Crystal wiggled tentatively.

"Oooooohhh," she immediately reacted. "Sooo... fulllll... Donnnnn... I wanna mirror," she groaned, slowly humping me. She gasped, and I was well on my way to orgasm. Crys rolled her hips in a circle. "Ohhhh... goddd... soooo... fulllll... It’s... ohhhh... shi-i-i-i-i-it," Crys became incoherent, moving faster. Incredibly stimulated, I lost any ability to control my reaction, filling the rubber as Crystal’s voice went up two octaves. "Oh! Oh! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!!" she squeaked, frantically trying to hump my dying cock. I couldn’t have held out any longer than I had. It looked like Crystal’s experiment had been a success.

"Is it over already?" she whined. It was definitely a success. Nothing else was said for a while. "I felt really -- ummm -- different. It’s different from like, well, when we... fuck. Not better or anything, just... different." Crystal kissed me, adding, "But it was fun. Did you enjoy it?"

She had to ask? "It was in-fucking-credible, Cryssie. You’re really turning into a naaasssty little girl," I said. "And I love every bit of it."

"Ummmm -- I never imagined I’d do anything like that ‘til I met you. Compared to you, my last boyfriend was sooo dull," Crys said, swelling my ego. "I just didn’t know any better," she giggled, and we rolled around on the floor kissing and laughing. Then she stopped and turned serious. "Would you love me if I wasn’t this nasty?"

I answered yes, without any hesitation. "You can stop being nasty if you want, Crys. It’s a matter of you discovering the extent of your sexuality; not being nasty for me," I said. "And that’s the last thing I’m going to say on the subject, ever."

She spent the night the following Wednesday, saying that Scott and Beth had been fighting, and she didn’t want to be bothered. I had to play, and she didn’t want to go out on a work night, so I left her alone at my place. When I got home, the living room smelled like her, and there were two adult videos sitting on the VCR. Cryssie was asleep in my bed, and since I had to go to work, too, we left each other alone.

Crystal and I planned on going out that Saturday, a rare weekend night off for me. She called me up that afternoon to tell me that Beth had broken up with Scott. Her longtime roommate (since college) was pretty torn up over it. Crystal asked if it would be OK to break the date, so she could take care of Beth. Beth protested, wanting Crys to go out and have fun anyway, but Crystal refused. I suggested that Beth go out with us as a compromise, and both women agreed. That was a mistake. Beth drank way too much, way too fast. We took her to my place around eleven, and put Beth’s passed-out body in the bed.

I cleaned up the places in and on the van that Beth had decorated. Crys apologized profusely for her friend’s actions. "S’OK. It was my idea, and it’s over and done with, anyway," I replied laconically. We went inside, where I washed my hands. "We could watch a movie," I suggested. Wickedly, I added, "But not one of the ones you rented Wednesday night."

Crystal didn’t blush, surprising me with, "Why not? Beth’s passed out. She’ll never know. Besides, I really want to make it up to you. And I know just how," she purred, reaching into the bathroom cabinet for the K-Y. We went out into the living room, and Crys pulled my pants off. She slobbered all over my cock, giving me a big smile as she watched me watch her. She took her time, tonguing the head, while holding the base firmly. Crys repeatedly sucked me into her mouth, twisting her head slowly around my dick. I grew rock-hard after only a few minutes.

"I want to be naaasssty, baby," Crys growled, handing me the tube. I put lots of K-Y between her cheeks, and Crystal pumped at my hand. I stuck a finger in her ass. Her head went back into my lap, where she drooled and licked some more. I lay down as I had the first time we had anal sex.

"Oh shit, I forgot the rubber," I complained. Crys pushed me back down with one hand, then filled my mouth aggressively with her tongue.

"No, baby... You’re gonna fuck me just like the movies... Up my ass... C’mon... I want your cock in my naaaassssty ass," Crystal breathed in an almost-hypnotic voice. She rocked slowly, beckoningly on her hands and knees. Crystal’s metamorphosis from shy county girl to wanton slut had aroused me incredibly, and I mounted her.. gently. I eased my dick into her rear door, making her moan, low and sweet.

Crystal, although partially impaled, wiggled impatiently at me, forcing me deeper. "Haaarrrder... Soooo fulllll... Fassss-terrr???" Crys whimpered, her voice thick and slurred. She commanded me now. I began to push at her with as much force as I dared, her sphincter grabbing me, slowing me down in the beginning. Soon enough, Crystal was rocking counter to my thrusts, and we were going at it like dogs in heat. She panted soft obscenities, "Fuck-FUCK myass... Yeah (grunt) - baby! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!" My orgasm approached, then I stopped thrusting (to Crystal’s discontent), temporarily distracted by something -- no? -- on the periphery of my vision. Crys stopped moaning and thrust back hard, impaling herself completely, which made me come.

I forgot about the distracting event, as Crystal wiggled around my now-erupting dick. Ugly squishing noises filled the room as cum oozed around my cock, flowing back out of her ass. It was all incidental background as I pounded her with short, ferocious strokes, greedily urging every last bit of feeling through my body...

"You came," Crys said. It was a complaint. I was thoroughly winded, lying next to her on my side. Tired as I was, I found the energy to masturbate her, and I stuck my thumb in her ass. She grunted, snorted, and bucked feverishly, the sight making my dick twitch again, albeit feebly. Crys’ manually induced orgasm was short-lived, but intense, leaving her panting heavily on the floor, in a state of collapse. After a few minutes, she got up, shut the tube off, and grabbed a comforter to pull over our naked, sweating bodies. She cuddled against me, and we both went to sleep.

Beth woke us up the next morning, blushing when we both sat up, still covered by the comforter. I took both women home, in a near-wordless ride. I went out with Crystal the following Wednesday. "How’s Beth?"

"She’ll live," Crystal replied. "She went out with Scott for seven years -- since freshman year in college. She thought all about marriage, so it’s hitting her pretty hard. She’s just not used to being single." Crystal seemed very comfortable in the black pants and sort-of-dressy low-cut top she wore. She had been dressing sexily a lot recently, and didn’t make any remarks about how sexy she was, accepting it as a fact. My little county girl had changed a great deal in the last six months.

Crystal didn’t wait until we got home, announcing that she was horny in the van after dinner, and telling me to do something about it. I buried my face between her legs in the back of the van, in the parking garage. She shook with glee as my tongue circled her labia. I stroked her inner thighs gently, because she and I had discovered how sensitive they were, and how hot that could make her. Soon my hands moved closer to our private place, and I toyed with Crystal’s senses, teasing her with light brush strokes around her pussy, barely and briefly touching her clit, never making contact for more than a second or two, or using more than a feather’s touch. Crys arched her back, spreading her legs wider for me, and I slid two fingers in. Slowly, using the circular motion that Crystal favored, I touched Crystal’s honeyed depths, stimulating them gently without probing. Our mouths locked in a suffocating slow kiss, my hand continuing to please her, as slowly, and as gently as I could. She and I had revealed almost all the secrets of her body; we knew what made her feel good. It was almost time.

Crystal’s tongue froze in my mouth for an instant. My thumb brushed her clit, and she rocked against my hand, sliding her hips gently, running her most sensitive region under my thumb, which I held just high enough to graze the ridge and its terminating bud as she moved. Cryssie’s body relaxed with a shudder, a small sigh escaping her lips before she grabbed and held me tightly. Crys patted my half-erection through my pants, looking at me questioningly. I said, "I’m not sure." She kissed me on the cheek, and ran her hand lightly around my neck. She had learned that fucking wasn’t everything with me, and that I had the right to say "no," which I did exercise every once in a while. So Crys just cuddled against me, and we left the garage after a few minutes.

I drove her straight home. We sat outside her townhouse in silence for a while. I knew what was coming, I just didn’t want to face it. "You have to meet them sometime," Cryssie said quietly. This had been the center of our dinner conversation; the after-meal interlude had only delayed the resolution. She leaned across to the driver’s side, her face a tantalizing few inches from mine. "Or doesn’t my pussy make you that happy?" she said in a syrupy voice. It was an effective tactic. I laughed at the ridiculous voice, then Crys leaned forward and gave me a very wet, slow kiss. "Come on, Don. I want them to meet you. Not that we’re getting married or anything, but, you’ve done a lot for me, no matter what happens." She pulled away.

I had thought about it; meeting her parents was the last thing on Earth I wanted to do with Crys. I didn’t think that I’d be very well received in the role of Crystal’s boyfriend, and would feel very awkward around them. I was also -- hesitant about making that kind of statement. "Not that we’re getting married or anything..." Maybe not, but to me, this was equivalent to saying that it could get more serious from here, with a snowball’s chance in early spring of winding up with "I do."

I looked at Crystal. I’d watched her change over the last six months from a pretty debutante to a more mature, self-assured woman, who would be a challenge for any man. What the hell, I figured, I might as well keep watching. I still hadn’t explored her mind as much as I wanted. There were still more sexual frontiers to be crossed with Crystal. "OK," I replied at last. "The club’s closed this weekend, maybe we should take them out to dinner." Crys raised an eyebrow. She knew what I was admitting; sexual antics aside, I’m pretty old-fashioned.

"I’ll make it worth your while," she said throatily. "Tonight, if you want."

"Naaaah," I declined. "Now scoot before I change my mind and we keep Beth awake all night!" I kissed Crystal again, slowly, tenderly. There was no urgency to this one; it echoed my parting thought to her. "I’ll miss you until the next time I see you." It wasn’t so bad, being in love with that woman; we were sexually compatible, and our interests had slowly converged. Then the words "Crystal’s parents" flashed across the screen in my mind, and I didn’t sleep well for the rest of the week. I was scared to death.

I make no claims for being psychic; unfortunately, I may as well have been. Crys drove her folks to the restaurant, figuring that she could prepare/convert them before and after dinner. Her parents turned pale as soon as they saw me, and an early February chill settled over the table as soon as we all sat. The expensive restaurant Crys and I had selected (after all, I was her boyfriend) may as well have been the Ptomaine Palace as the ambiance froze to near absolute zero. Her parents were able to be civil. I just felt the hostility in every glance, every statement. Her father decided that I was actually a bum with no ambition; my day job was going to go nowhere, because "nobody wants one of them long hair rock stars running anything in any respectable company," and I was adamant about my music.

Her mother just kept casting those maternal, "After all we’ve done, how could you?" glances at her daughter, not touching more than a few bites of anything she ordered, saying, "I’m not very hungry tonight." After-dinner cordials? Try after-dinner disappearing acts.

"I’ll be by after I drop them off at home," Crystal said. She went to kiss me, then suddenly pecked me on the cheek. I saw her father’s glare, and noted that it had altered her plans. I had a sense of impending doom. Crystal did not show up that night, or the next. I called her house two days later, but Beth said that Crystal had gone on vacation with her folks. Yes, it had been a fun ride, but it was all over.

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