Part 1

My name is Penny, and I’m a slut. A slut addicted to black cock. My man, Marcus, calls me his "little pear-shaped white slut," and I love it. I’ve proudly earned it, doing things with and for him over the past 3 years that I never would have thought of doing before. Especially not with my husband, Bill. I’m still married to him, but we both know I belong to Marcus. Now he can only fuck me with Marcus’ permission, and I never cum when he does that. His dick, which was a wonderful thing before I met my man, just doesn’t thrill me anymore.

Now, let Marcus’ thick black cock get close and I’m soaking wet. He touches me with it, I cum. When he fucks me, I always have at least 3 orgasms, no matter if it’s fast or slow. Sometimes he fucks me shallow, to tease me, and I can still cum. Sometimes he’ll bury it all deep in my pussy, bottoming out, sending me into deep space. My ass, which Bill had never once touched, is another magic place for Marcus; I can easily accommodate him now, and I love the feel of his rod splitting me apart from behind. Not only have I learned to swallow it, and his cum, it’s my favorite thing with him. I also love to watch him cum, and have his thick gooey white stuff coat my face and chest. I eat it, scooping it up with my fingers, when he lets me. Sometimes he says I wasn’t hot enough, and sends me home to Bill with a note saying Bill can fuck me. Since Marcus ordered me to, I have to let my husband do it. I lie there and dream of the next time Marcus will take me. I’ve done some other things, too, all for my man, and the feel of his heavy dick inside some part of my body.

It didn’t start out that way, three years ago. Bill and I got married out of college. He had been my boyfriend for all four years, and we never ever broke up, and he was the first man who ever really paid good attention to me. I have a little bit of a belly, and I’ve never thought of myself as being attractive. Now Marcus makes me feel--so sexy, that it’s easy to become a total slut for him. Bill made me feel like I was the only women he ever wanted, so he was my first and only. We had been married for four years, and things had gotten to a comfortable sort of boredom, like many couples. We went to see a counselor about our dwindling desire, and she suggested that maybe some fantasy was in order.

We were both too embarrassed to talk about it, so we wound up renting X-rated video tapes. Our sex life improved a little, and I was still able to cum from Bill back then. One night, we got one that had a scene between this big, handsome black man and a tiny, slender white girl with long, brown hair. Bill was awed by the sight of such a long dick, and I was, too, but I tried not to say anything. We watched as she sucked him to his full hardness, but missed the rest of the scene because Bill was too horny to do anything but fuck me right then and there. God, I came so hard! Afterwards, we re-wound the tape to the rest of the scene, and Bill got so turned on that he started to get hard again. He hadn’t been like that since a little after our honeymoon. Seeing my husband so excited made me hot again, and I sucked him till he was all the way hard and we fucked again and both fell asleep.

Over the next couple of months, X-rated movies with black men and white women became our favorite foreplay: Bill was very horny halfway through any scene, and I joined him. My husband had become a lustful, hot man, and I was thrilled by his increased sex drive, because it made me realize just how much I enjoyed sex. Before the movies started, I could take it or leave it. But I always got excited when Bill would turn to me and say, "Want to watch a movie with me?"

Unfortunately, in the middle of our newly rediscovered lust, Bill got sent out of town for a month for his job. After two days, my pussy ached for his cock. I got an idea. I put in one of our videos, called him up one night, and told him what was happening. He jacked off, I fingered myself and we both came. This got to be a nightly ritual. What the hell, the company was paying for it. Near the end of the second week, I accidentally put the word, "me" in as I was getting hotter. Bill didn’t say anything until after we had recovered. I was embarrassed; I hadn’t even realized I had said it. Before I could apologize, he asked me to talk to him like that some more, so I went to another scene, and started talking about it being me, instead of some actress he was watching. I thought I was doing it for him, but my pussy got hotter and wetter as I started thinking about a long, hard, black cock going in and out and in and out... Before I knew it, I came, screaming and yelling, my hand jammed inside me and pumping furiously. I recovered my wits enough to whisper an exhausted, "good night" into the receiver and hang up.

We talked about it the next night; I was afraid that Bill would be upset, but he told me that he had squirted lots of cum all over himself listening to what I was saying before I could tell him what it had done for me. He had dropped the phone in his ecstasy, so he didn’t even hear my massive orgasm. So we tried it again that night. Same result. The next night, it was even more intense for me, this fantasy that had waylaid me from out of nowhere. I had never thought about doing it with a black guy before; now, that was my favorite masturbatory fantasy. Bill was at the job site the last three nights of his assignment, so we couldn’t have our usual little talk. The second night, I came home from work so horny that I went straight to bed and fingered myself to a juicy cum just thinking about a big black dick inside me without bothering to use a movie. I put the tape in before I went to bed and tried to reach Bill, knowing that he wasn’t going to be there. I told myself that I was trying to surprise him, when all I was doing was getting myself ready to masturbate again.

When Bill came home, we fucked for three days straight; sometimes we’d use the tapes, sometimes I’d whisper to him about a black man making it with me, sometimes he’d whisper to me about watching it happen. Our sex life went from pretty good to "whenever we weren’t physically unable to." After one such bout, Bill asked me if I had ever thought about doing it for real, instead of just imagining it. No, I hadn’t--until that very moment. I told him so. He asked, "Would you ever consider doing it?" I was really quiet--but then I noticed that he was beginning to get hot again from the thought of playing out one of his favorite fantasies. I instantly got warm all over, and very hot from the idea that I could realize one of mine, too. Despite being all fucked out, sore, and tired, we had an incredible five-minute bang that ended with me screaming, "Fuck me with your big black cock!!!"

And just like that, it was settled. I was going to get fucked by a black man with my husband’s explicit approval.


We both had realized that the next step was for me to actually get a black man to go to bed with me. Neither of us had an idea of how to proceed. I ruled out the personal sex ads, pointing out that a local woman had recently been killed by a man she met through one of them. Bill agreed, which left us with having him watch clandestinely. We didn’t think that someone would fuck me while my husband watched if it were put that plainly. I had Bill jerk off in the closet to see if I could hear him while I was crying out, simulating an orgasm. Not only could I hear him, it was painfully obvious that someone was in the closet.

Finally, we settled on my picking up a black stud and telling Bill about it later. The idea didn’t bother me at all, while Bill had some doubts. They vanished while we were fucking, with me whispering about how my pussy had been filled by a foot-long, two-inch thick cock earlier that night. He grunted loudly and came, babbling about how hot and horny of a bitch I was. That pleased me. I love feeling sexy. And I was going to get my fantasy filled without having to worry about my husband being discovered, and my stud going soft.

That Friday, we went to one of the mixed clubs in town; Bill wouldn’t be out-of-place as a single white man, and I wouldn’t seem so obvious. Bill took a seat in the corner, while I sat at the bar where he could see me. Now that I was really going to try to make it happen, I didn’t know what I should do next. I watched the black men come in, discreetly (I hoped) evaluating the prospects. I saw a few, but I think I was having cold feet, because I never left my stool. Around eleven o’clock, a young black man sat next to me, and ordered his usual from the bartender. I sighed, and pulled out another cigarette. The extra-long, extra-slim Capri cigarettes usually make me feel slimmer and more feminine, but they hadn’t helped all night. I jumped, because the man next to me was patiently holding a lighter. Blushing, I thanked him. He replied, "You’re welcome," in a gentle, deep, sincere and sexy voice. I felt a strong tingle, but couldn’t bring myself to talk to him. I was scared, and my husband was watching me.

The black man circulated throughout the club, speaking with several different people, men and women, white and black. He was obviously a regular here. I watched him, the way he walked, so graceful, yet there was something else beneath it. I abruptly noticed that my panties were wet. I was so scared when he returned to the seat next to me! I took out another cigarette, and he lit it. "Hi, I’m Marcus." Oh, that voice!

"P-P-Penny," I managed, in a near-whisper. He smiled, brilliant white teeth set in a dark, handsome face. I wanted this man, his cock splitting me in two with each frenzied thrust...

"Would you like to dance, Penny?" I babbled something about being a terrible dancer, still thinking of being underneath him, feeling his hunger, his black lust in every cell of my body. He smiled and dragged me out on the floor. I resisted briefly, but he was gently insistent, reading my body language correctly. We danced a song. I couldn’t stop looking at his crotch, wondering what was beneath his stylish pants, and how it would feel inside me. I begged off when the next song started, feeling weak, hot, and horny as all hell. Marcus bought me a drink, and we just--talked about nothing in particular, with me stealing glances at his crotch. At the end of the night, I was still a little intimidated by the prospect of success; Marcus gave me his number, and told me to call him if I was still interested. He left before I could do anything. My mind was relieved as soon as he was gone, but my pussy throbbed violently. When I got home, I practically raped Bill. As he snored away next to me, I sat, looking at the phone number I had received, steadily gaining the courage to call.

The next morning, I called the number while Bill was out golfing. Marcus and I made a date for that evening. I told my husband that having him around wasn’t going to work, at least not yet, because I was afraid, and I couldn’t be if I was going to see this through. Then I told him about the date. A bulge appeared in his golfing shorts, and I felt reassured. I left the house that evening, more horny than nervous.

Marcus met me at the restaurant. We talked some more over dinner, and I told him that I was the office coordinator for a department in a major company. He was a free-lance computer consultant, twenty-five, with dreams of starting his own company. Well-spoken, and well-educated, Marcus was the ideal first tryst; I felt very safe with him, and he turned me on incredibly. I had to change panties in the rest room near the end of dinner, having been fantasizing about him for the last half-hour. He took me to another mixed club, increasing my comfort level, and we talked quietly. A slow song came on, and he asked me to dance. I put my small hand in his large one, and let him lead me to the dance floor. I may be pear-shaped, but I’m not a big girl. I came up to his chest when he wrapped me up. "Follow my lead," he gently said. I loved the way he held me, and felt surrounded by him, as I lay my head against his chest, breathing his scent, his musk. I was getting hornier by the split-second.

We danced three or four more times, always slow. I was almost insane with lust for this black god by the time he leaned down and kissed me during our last dance. My knees buckled and a small tremor went through my body. His tongue went into my unresisting mouth, probing, sending a massive thrill through me. "Let’s get out of here," he suggested, and we were gone. I took him to his nearby apartment in my car, barely able to keep myself under control enough to drive.

When we got there, any reserve I had vanished, as I threw myself at him, kissing him frantically, panting, rubbing the front of his pants. As the contour expanded, I could only feel a hint of his size. I was too busy kissing him and trying to undress him to look. When I finally got to the underwear, it sprang free, half-hard. I stared at it, amazed, as it grew for me. I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke it, hypnotized by the pulsing black dick I’d been dreaming about for the past twenty-four hours, and it continued to grow. My husband was, by most scientific estimates, squarely in the average range. Marcus was--big. "Yes, baby, it’s big," he whispered. "Don’t be afraid of me or him. We won’t hurt you. We’re gonna make you feel real good."

I knew that. I pulled at Marcus, falling over backward on the bed, my legs spread. "Fuckme!" I hissed, foreplay something I only needed with my husband. He pushed the head of his thick, fat, milk chocolate stick between my legs. I arched my back and cried out as he made contact with my slit. My second, stronger orgasm hit when he pushed the throbbing monster into me. "SHIT!" was all I could say as I began to feel a warmth spread through my lower body, gaining intensity as I became fuller, and fuller, and fuller...

"GRRRGGGHHHHNNNGGH!!!!" I grunted, cumming violently within three strokes. I have no idea how long it was, but when I could see again, Marcus was pumping slowly at me; he had moved forward, and I had a great view of his cock vanishing and reappearing, inch-by-inch. I urged him on, crying out for him to go faster and deeper. Deeper? I felt him bottom out with his next stroke. All of his cock was inside of me and the thrill of being completely full for the first time sent me racing towards another orgasm. Marcus fucked me in that maddening, slow, almost painfully pleasurable way, leaving me close to orgasm, my pussy slurping each time his dick went in and each time it came almost all the way out. The world began to dissolve; my eyes lost focus and I was in heaven.

Suddenly, Marcus’ cock slammed against the top of my cunt, making me see stars. He was fucking me faster, harder. I was too lost in the ecstasy of his physical nature to respond. I flopped beneath him, feeling a HUGE orgasm approach, one that gained intensity each time he would touch me in a way my husband never would be able to. He panted, "I’m gonna cum, Penny. Gonna... cum..." in my ear. I clamped myself around him as hard as I could, making his strokes urgent and short and the head of his cock kept banging against me inside and I started to cum. Then I felt him swell inside me, stretching my stuffed pussy even more! He grunted, ramming into me with short, sharp, hard strokes, filling me with his hot black cum, and I came, screaming, yelling, getting so wet that I thought I had pissed. Ultimately, I came so hard that I passed out.

When I came to, he was lying next to me, stroking my body, kissing my sweaty skin. I shivered at his attentions, and immediately began to get aroused again. I needed his thick cock inside me again. "Marcus," I said, "I need some water, and then I need you to fuck me again."

He chuckled softly. "So you like chocolate." I kissed him deeply, hungrily to answer his question. I watched his cock lengthen. "Go ahead, Penny... Touch it," he softly urged. I did, and it jumped in response. I swiveled myself around, and stuck my tongue out. I had to taste it! "Oh, yeahhh, baby girl... lick it... take it in your mouth... make it grow big... let it all come out..." My mouth wrapped around his cock without any hesitation and I began to bob my head, feeling satisfaction, and a sharp sense of eager anticipation at the steady swelling of his cock. "Clean me off and make me hard, Penny. You’re a hot little pear-shaped thing, ain’t ya?"

I was making mmmfing sounds around his cock, which was quickly forcing my cheeks out and filling my mouth. I instinctively dove for the root, like I did when I was really excited about my husband, but stopped halfway, unable to take it. "Not like any white dick, is it?" he growled lewdly. I shook my head, taking advantage of the motion to swirl my mouth around his cock. He gasped, and I got wetter, knowing how hot I was making him. I wanted to feel it again, the sense of being full beyond belief. I wanted to see his long black dick swallowed up between my creamy thighs; I needed to feel the head of his cock bang against the roof of my cunt. Marcus pulled his cock from my mouth, rolled me over, and plowed into me without warning. I moaned, very loudly in approval, so wet, feeling so full and yet loose enough that he was slamming into me.

I matched his downward thrusts with upward ones of my own, a bitch in heat, feeling nothing but pleasure. I was experiencing the sexual satisfaction I had been craving, dreaming about... and so much more. Marcus panted at me, calling me hot, sexy, horny, beautiful as our fucking increased in intensity. I was squeaking now, unable to speak, too far in heat to do more than force air through my throat with each long, filling stroke. Just before my orgasm hit, I took a deep breath and wailed, "I... I... I’m... cuuuuummmmm-iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg!"

"Let it go, baby," I heard him breathe, and he moaned in my ear. His cum filled me for the second time that night, and my cum became more intense as I felt him squirt several times. Afterwards, we lay there, panting. Marcus got up. "Be right back, Penny." He kissed me. "You know, you are one hot babe," he said admiringly.

"Not bad for a white girl, huh?" I asked, flashing my eyes at him. He grinned. I asked him to bring my cigarettes on his way back. I felt his cum slurp inside my pussy, and stole a taste. Touching myself sent a shiver through me. When Marcus got back, I lay there, truly enjoying a post-sex smoke, a huge smile on my face. He played with my belly while I smoked. I looked at him; he was wide awake, grinning at me. I realized that we were going to fuck again; and I felt my body get ready for him. I knew that I was going to fuck Marcus as much as he wanted, my husband and his little skinny white dick be damned.


I got home Sunday afternoon. I was sore all over, and walking a little funny. My legs hadn’t gotten that much stretching since I had a satanic gym teacher in elementary school. Bill met me at the door, expectation in his eyes. "Yes, we did," I sighed, shivering as memories of as recently as an hour ago went through my mind. My husband smiled broadly. "But--can it wait? I’m a little sore, and would really like a bath and some sleep first." He acquiesced, but was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to give him the details right off. To tell the truth, I didn’t care. I had been fucked better than ever before in my life, filled with cock--a black cock--until I passed out, and then there was Marcus’ stamina. My husband had recently been able to fuck me several times in a night, but only if I talked dirty to him. I didn’t have to say anything to Marcus; he seemed to be as highly sexed as I was. Now, I was tired, and I needed to recharge. The idea of Bill jabbing away at me with his small dick bored me, anyway. I had discovered my favorite cock.

That night, I jacked Bill off while telling him of the things that Marcus and I had done. He loved it, grunting very loudly. His back shot off the bed into an arch as his cum dribbled out and over my hand. I wondered how it would look when Marcus came. I knew how it felt; and I was wet again. Bill apologized for being unable to get hard again when he saw me get so horny. I let him lick my pussy; I came, but not before I started fantasizing that it was Marcus’ sweet tongue lapping at me. That night, I lay next to my sleeping husband, cunt aching for my lover’s thick black cock.

It took three days for me to call Marcus again; I had tried to ignore the throbbing, and Bill’s best efforts weren’t doing anything. Really, he was trying, fucking me four times in two nights, but his cute little dickie wasn’t enough. I could still cum, but I had to think about Marcus and the memories of the sensations he gave me to get there. I called him from work. For some reason, I felt compelled to tell Bill I was going to call Marcus; I suppose I needed to know that it was still something he wanted. His reaction was that he still wanted to see a big black cock between my legs, and he was so excited that I jacked him off before we went to work.

Marcus and I made arrangements to meet for happy hour; then we’d take it from there. I was a little early, and passed the time by chain-smoking Capri 120’s, a reflection of my nervousness. When he arrived, smiling, as usual, my pussy convulsed. We sat and ordered drinks, but I guess my distraction was obvious, because he said, "You wanna go back to my place? You’re awful quiet." I eagerly agreed, feeling myself moisten at the thought that his cock was only a few minutes away from being buried in me.

I almost attacked him as soon as the door closed. He fended me off, guiding me to the bedroom. I undressed myself in a big hurry. Marcus was patient, though, slowly, carefully taking his clothes off and hanging them up. I knew I was going to go crazy if he made me wait for it too much longer. I eagerly reached for his dick. It was soft, hanging around six inches. Marcus smiled. "I know what you want, baby, and I’m gonna give it to you. Come on... touch it. Stroke it," he softly urged. "Make it big, so you can have the big black dick you want, Penny." I didn’t need a lot of encouragement. I wrapped my hand around it, and gently stroked, staring in wonder as it quickly filled my fist. I sat there, mesmerized by its growth, its heft, the way it heated my hand. Marcus began pumping slowly at my fist, but suddenly pulled away. I whimpered in protest, eyes still glued to his full erection.

"You want it in you, don’t you, Penny? I guarantee that you won’t get it if you keep rubbing it, at least not for a while." His deep voice and teasing smile heated me up even more. I snapped out of my contemplation of his cock; he was right. I wanted to be filled with it, not covered in his cum. Marcus sat next to me and gave me a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rammed my tongue into his mouth. At the same time, I rolled over on my back and spread my legs. He pushed the head of his cock in and gave me a couple of quick strokes.

"UH--UH--" I gurgled. He smiled at me. "Go... deeper... more... please," I managed to gasp. He pushed himself a little further in and I felt my insides stretch to take him. "Ohhhhh..." Then he pulled out, making me gasp in shock and my pussy quiver in angry disappointment. I opened my eyes, speech caught in my throat, silently pleading with him. And he kissed me and slid all the way in, past that magic mark that my husband couldn’t reach. Inside I stretched to take him, and spread my legs even wider, waiting for the "Bang!" of the head of his cock hitting the roof of my cunt. It didn’t happen, and I whined in frustration. He drew back, and I grabbed his ass and pulled as hard as I could. Marcus fought me and won. He was moving steadily now, but not going all the way in. Slurping noises came from my cunt, and bright little colored lights began to flash. He increased the pace, but not the depth, and I was soon lost in passion created by the stretched feeling and the friction of his cock. Gasping, squeaking, and whimpering, I was fucking back at him as hard as I could, unable, unwilling to cum and give up any of this feeling. Suddenly, Marcus slammed into me all the way, I felt pain for an instant, as if I was being split in two, but instantly started to feel that pre-orgasmic warmth spread through me. He pulled out and penetrated me completely again. I huffed as the force pushed the air out of me, but when he hit bottom again the lights flashed once, very bright. My orgasm started as he pulled out and pushed the head of his cock back between my cunt lips, increasing as he drove into me and finally, exploding when his cock hit bottom again.

My pussy squeezed him mightily, and I couldn’t believe the sensation of being locked around such a thick stick. I gasped again--nothing else would work, and I lay there, quivering in a mighty orgasm, holding his chocolate truncheon inside me. "AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!" I collapsed to the bed with a primal grunt, and Marcus started moving again. Within a few seconds, he was swelling inside me. My wail started when I felt him get bigger than I had ever felt him and continued as his balls shot very hot cum into my already cooking cauldron squirt after squirt after squirt after squirt...

I was so full of his cum that it began to run out of me, forming a sticky, fragrant mess on the sheets between my legs. The image triggered a pretty big aftershock. As usual, Marcus watched me writhe in ecstasy with an amused expression on his face. When I regained control of my body, I kissed him passionately. He stuck his middle finger into me, stirring the mixture and me up. He waved the coated digit in my face, and I instinctively drew it into my mouth, sucking hungrily. "You are a nasty little thing, ain’cha?" I smiled lewdly, thoroughly satisfied, but craving more. "Uh-uh... Dinner first. Poppa needs some fuel to keep stokin’ your fire!" Marcus said, pulling away from me.

I ordered from a nice restaurant that delivered, paying for it. I didn’t want this man to get away from me for an instant. We ate in silence, because I was too busy thinking about being split in two by his log again. Marcus didn’t say anything, either, but I was rotten dinner company. I was already contemplating dessert. He paused while cleaning off his dinner table, and gave me a funny look. The bulge in his sweatpants was obvious. "I know what you want for dessert." He rubbed the bulge, which got bigger, and I instinctively licked my lips. "C’mere and give me some head." I didn’t need to be asked a second time. In a flash, I was on my knees bobbing my head over his half-hard cock. I panted around it, furiously rubbing my slit as I sucked, cheeks bulging with the thickest piece of chocolate I’d ever had in my mouth. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to taste him, by himself. I wanted to swallow his cock, have him fuck my throat and I got hotter. I was mashing my clit, getting close to orgasm, when Marcus pulled his cock from my mouth.

He picked me up and lay me on his dining room table. I spread my legs and purred happily as I watched him enter me slowly. "Yeah, baby... watch me fuck you... you like black dick... yeah... watch it... go in and out... into your soft, wet, hot, pink pussy... Fucking chocolate... Dark meat makes you hot, don’t it, Penny?" he panted. I was watching my dark lover pleasure me; and the contrast between his dick and my pale skin blew me into orbit. I bumped my head on his table as my body jerked and jerked and jerked. I was so lost in orgasm that I didn’t even realize that he had pulled out for several seconds. I reached for it, jacking madly, he thrust his hips, growled at me and his hot lust shot all over my belly. And my tits. And my chin. And I loved it, squealing with delight, jacking as his nuts blasted another thick strand of sweet goo over my body.

As we cooled off, I said that I needed to shower. He asked if he could help. I felt the urge again, but somewhere I had enough control left to realize that I needed to get home to my husband. I declined the offer, saying that I really couldn’t spend the night during the work week. I washed up, but not before rubbing his drying cum into my skin, and licking my fingers. I decided that next time, he’d cum in my mouth. We kissed as I was leaving, and Marcus said, "I’ll see you again, Penny. You know what they say, ‘once black, never back.’" I had never heard that before, but it was definitely true for this white girl.

When I got home, my husband was naked, stroking himself on the sofa. I told him what Marcus did to me, about how he had cum all over me and how I’d tasted his cum and mine together, as well as his alone. I had never seen Bill’s cock so hard, so angry-looking! I climbed on top of him right there and fucked him. "Oh... Penny... you’re... really... turning... into..." he gasped, eyes rolling around in his head. I pumped harder at him. "Into a slut!" he panted.

"Yeah, baby... I’m a slut for Marcus’ thick black cock... my pussy’s been stretched... filled by a thick, long, chocolate stick... I did it baby... I wanted to do it all..." I panted back at him. Bill let out a long, low, groan and came buckets in my cunt. He was lying limp on the sofa, worn out, almost asleep right afterwards. I didn’t cum, but I had enjoyed making Bill cum so hard. Marcus was the one who could make me cum, and I’d do anything for it. My husband was right. I was turning into a slut for black cock. And I was enjoying it.


I called Marcus the next night as my husband lay next to me. We made a date for Saturday night; it was going to be a real date, starting with dinner, proceeding to dancing, and, although neither of us said anything about it, concluding with frenzied sex. Untouched, Bill’s cock grew hard during the conversation. The expression on his face when I hung up was so pleading, so cute that I gave him a quick blowjob; I figured that I owed him that much since he had turned me on to black men. The rest of the week passed very slowly.

I spent a couple of hours getting ready on Saturday. I wanted to look my best, and to feel very sexy for Marcus. I was going to be his date in public, and I didn’t want to disappoint him in any way. It felt strange having Bill watch me while I was getting ready, and making suggestions about the way I was making myself up. He really wanted to see me succeed. He said he was looking forward to seeing me on Sunday and asked me if he could fuck me right when I got home. His dick got hard at the thought, but I didn’t do anything about it; wanting to stay completely fresh for Marcus.

We met at a nice restaurant, again near Marcus’ apartment. He escorted me in on his arm, and I felt like such a tiny princess! He did all the gentlemanly things, from removing my chair for me to sit to lighting my cigarettes all through dinner. As we left, arm-in-arm, Marcus whispered, "You look really good tonight, Penny. Good enough to eat, and I’m going to." I went from flattered to hot and horny during those two sentences, losing my breath and almost my balance. The look in his eyes told me that he knew what effect those words were going to have on me. And that he had thoroughly enjoyed doing that. I didn’t care. His tongue was going to be between my legs, where I could see his dark eyes and African features. I wanted to cut the date part of the night off right then.

"Nope. We’re going to go dancing. Somebody’s got to teach you how," he had replied with a smile. Then he whispered, "I’m going to put you on a slow boil all night, Penny. By the time we get back to my apartment, you’re going to be hotter, and wetter, and more ready than you’ve ever been in your life." I gulped, feeling very strong stirrings of arousal. "Tonight, I’m going to show you exactly what it is about black men that white guys are jealous of." He took me to the mixed club where we had first met. He introduced me to his friends, and held me gently in an obvious sign that I was with him. I was so high on the experience of being treated like a complete lady that I would have dropped my pants right there for him. Not even Bill’s unexpected appearance at the club changed that. I saw my husband come in and sit in the corner, watching. The first time, I had lost my nerve with him around, but now, all I wanted was Marcus.

He made me feel special. I may have been Bill’s wife, but I was Marcus’ princess. I felt completely free with him, the first time I’d felt like that with any man. I tried to dance fast; as klutzy as I am, he would patiently, without laughing, teach me steps and give me hints on how to remember them. He smiled gently at me, and gave me pecks on the cheek. When the slow dances came, Marcus would hold me close, his big hands in the small of my back, and I would wrap myself around him, feeling my insides melt into goo. Two hours later, I was so hot for this man that I didn’t want to dance on my feet any more; I wanted to do the horizontal dance. As always, he was patient, exhibiting a degree of self-control that only made me hotter.

Another slow song had started playing, and he took me out to dance. "Penny, come close, baby," he began, softly, in my ear. He nibbled on it. I went to bury my face in his body, to smell him, to be surrounded by him, but he tilted my head up. I looked into those eyes, and felt him stir against me. My nipples hardened, and within a few seconds, I securely fastened myself to him. He kissed me, and I felt the wave swell in my body. "Now you can do what you feel, Penny... don’t worry about dancing... let your body go..." I kissed him back, hungrily. We stopped moving our feet. I instinctively ground against him, my hunger and desire controlling me. "Mmmm... so sexy... so hot... so pretty, Penny... You feel what you’re doing to me? Yeah... you’re making me hot, too... so hot that I’m gonna fuck you until you go limp..." I panted softly in return, feeling his cock grow. "My hands... my tongue... my big, chocolate cock... my whole body.... all for you... tonight..." My panties were soaked, my mind reeling with pictures.

I saw Bill out of the corner of my eye, watching us with fascination. I tried to merge with Marcus, and we kissed hungrily, right in front of my husband, me grinding against this handsome young black man like the bitch in heat I was. I felt his answering surge below, and got very horny, extremely pleased at the response. We sat back down after the dance and one last, hot kiss. I stroked Marcus’ thigh, while I had a casual cigarette, feeling very hot without feeling frustrated. My husband had vanished to my senses. I saw him as Marcus and I left at one, arm-in-arm. I didn’t care. I was on my way to having the sex of my life.

Marcus and I walked back to his place. The dark man’s sexual allure, and the spell he had cast over me had gotten me where he promised. I wanted everything. His cock, his hands, his body--him. Bill hadn’t ever gotten me this way. As he undressed me, I felt Marcus’ tongue bathe me, caress me, stroke me-- and then he lapped around my pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh," I exhaled. Within ten seconds, my hips were moving, trying to make him lick where I needed to be licked, but he dodged me, and all I did was get hotter. A finger slid into me. "Unnngghhh!" The grunt came as my pussy clamped around his long, slender finger. I felt it stroking inside against the top of my cunt. My hips thrust up wildly. He lapped at my swollen lips, I unclenched, and got another finger as a reward. "Uhhhh---ohhhhhhhh!!!" My body snapped at the waist, sharply, one time, and I drew in a gulp of air--but I couldn’t let it go. I felt his ring finger enter me, and all three fingers began to flutter inside and his tongue came closer to my clit... closer... closer... I took a great big, ragged, loud gulp of air, expanding my lungs to their fullest. Marcus caught my clit with the barest flick of his tongue. "ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I felt like I was being electrocuted by pleasure, because Marcus continued to lick my clit; he’d wait for me to calm down a little, and flick it again. He kept me cumming and cumming and cumming for forever! My body finally let him pull his fingers out to the bang! of another orgasm.

Unlike before, I was not done. As soon as I had some wits, I rearranged myself to suck his cock--but he was already hard! When I saw it, my pussy ached for it. Before I could think, I was frantically pulling him onto me, into me... and he fucked me hard!!! My legs were wide, I couldn’t see his cock because he was all over me, ramming in deep time after time. He grunted at me with each mad thrust, and I huffed in return, alternately feeling incredibly stuffed and incredibly empty. I grabbed his butt to keep him from going all the way out. His strokes got quicker and shorter and he swelled inside me... and I exploded when I felt his cock twitch for the first time, a sizzling jet of warmth hitting me deep inside. I saw stars, then nothing, then stars again. I listened to him grunt and pant and moan, gasping my name, and my orgasm started all over again.

There was a lot of gasping and groaning going on in his bedroom for the next half hour, while both of us recovered. I had been really good for him, and I was proud of it. I made him cum hard. I was hot and sexy enough to make him cum hard, and my pussy quivered in anticipation of doing it again. I shivered in excitement, turned on beyond belief. I was crazed for more. Without being asked, I rearranged myself and wrapped my hand around his cock, looking at it lovingly. My tongue came out, and I licked from the base to the rim of his limp cock. He groaned. "You want it bad, don’cha, Penny?"

"Ohh--gawwwd---yess," I gasped. "I wanna suck it... make it big... suck on your big black cock... Swallow your thick, dark chocolate stick... Taste you, and feel you as you get closer... and closer..." I started to play with myself using my free hand. My pussy was steaming and sopping wet again. But that wasn’t what I wanted--what I needed--I wanted his black cock in my mouth, fucking my mouth, my throat, filling my belly with his cum. "Mmmfff... mmmfff," I mumbled as he quickly grew, filling my mouth, stretching my jaw. I bobbed my head furiously, making him harder and harder, swirling my head for emphasis, bathing him with my tongue.

I slurped loudly on Marcus’ fat, stiff, long prick. I started jacking him at the base and took him into my mouth. I got about halfway before I gagged. Undeterred, I tossed my head and tried again. Marcus began to push my head down in rhythm. I tried, but couldn’t take more than half of his cock. It was just too wide around and much longer than Bill’s, which was my only measuring stick. "Suckit!!!!" Marcus hissed at me, his grasp on my head tightening, his direction of my blowjob becoming more forceful. I sucked on my tootsie roll, stroking the base madly. "Yeah... Penny... yeah... Penny... Yeah..." he began to chant, and I felt him get harder. I pushed his hands away and stroked him with my mouth up top, and filled fist near the root. He gurgled, quietly at first, then yelled, "OH SHIT BABY!" Suddenly, I tasted his cum as he began to empty it into my mouth. I sucked harder, and he tried to ram his cock down my throat. The feeling of the head of his cock punching through my gag reflex, three-quarters deep, and in my throat put me on the edge. I mashed my clit a few times and came.

I pulled back as I jerked in my own orgasm, still rubbing his twitching black dick, and got a stream of cum in the face. I licked the chocolate crown, and watched more cum spurt out. I melted into a post-orgasmic puddle, my black lover’s cum on my face, in my pussy, and in my belly. He tasted great! I scooped the cum I couldn’t swallow back into my mouth with my fingers. Slurping obscenely loudly, I purred happily around cum-covered fingers, while Marcus panted, recovering, watching me. "You’re such a hot and nasty white bitch, Penny," he gasped. "You’re ready to do anything for black dick, ‘cuz you know that it’s the only thing that gets it for you." I gave an affirmative hum as I swallowed the last of his cum.

"Yeah, baby, I’m your little hot white bitch," I panted at him. "I need your black cock, I love your black cock... So big... and I’m such a tiny white girl... I love to feel it... see it... touch it... taste it..." I was incredibly turned on again, and I talked dirty, fingering myself. He stopped me, said it was time to take a break, got up and left the room. I snapped out of my sexual heat. I hadn’t realized how thirsty or sweaty I was! I had been so deep in lust that nothing else had mattered. What was great, though, was that unlike Bill, Marcus would be back and we would be fucking some more.

I had a cigarette, and he made me drink some water while we talked about our jobs. The look in his eyes left no doubt that he was thinking of getting into me again, although the topic wasn’t sexy. Me? I was amazed at his stamina and his lust. I wanted as much sex as he would give me, so my part of the discussion was a little--distracted. When Marcus’ dick twitched by itself while he was looking at me, that’s when I decided that I had enough talk. I touched it and it twitched again. My mouth went back to work. I paused long enough to say, "Fuck my mouth, baby."

He pulled away from me, cock erect, standing straight out from his body in all its ebony glory. I whined. "Nooo!!! I want to taste you again... eat your cock... be your nasty white cunt!!!"

Marcus didn’t say anything and moved his floor mirror closer to the bed. "Not yet, baby girl," he replied. "I want you to come here and sit on my dick." I moved quickly, already wet in anticipation. He positioned me so that I was facing the mirror, away from him, and said, "Now, Penny." I felt the heated stick split my pussy lips and slowly stretch my insides. I came back up, sending a shiver through myself, and then I realized that I could watch myself fuck this gorgeous black man in the mirror! I had a perfect view of the thick, dark stalk as I made it vanish. Slowly at first, sliding him in and out and in and out... And it started feeling better and wetter and stronger and I sat down further and further... Bang! I landed on Marcus’ lap, completely impaled and shot upwards instantly! In a flash, I was taking all of him deep inside me, bouncing on his lap, causing the head of his massive black cock to hit the top of my pussy over and over!

"Nghh! Hgrnh!! Ummfff!!" I grunted and panted, eyes wide open, watching all of him disappear inside of me in the mirror and I felt the wave swell and wash me completely away. I came, crying, screaming, swearing, singing the praises of his magnificent dick as it sent me to nirvana. Each time my body convulsed, I saw a piece of his black cock captured between my milky thighs and then the world winked out and I’d slam against his lap another time and it would happen again and he was holding my hips but everything felt too good to think... Suddenly, the pleasure got too much and I shot off of Marcus like a rocket falling towards his feet, unconscious before I hit.

I woke up some time later; Marcus was half-hard, and looking at me with an evaluating expression. I blushed, because I had left him before he could cum, and I felt bad about that. "Nasty Penny, let me jack off and cum in your mouth. I know you like my black cum, and my black dick," he quietly said. I rolled over in a split-second, eyes turned to the mirror. "Yeah, my little white slut, watch me... watch yourself... get you hot? Knowing I’m gonna cum all over your pretty little white face and tits? Knowing you’re gonna eat my African seed?"

Oh, yeah, I knew it, whimpering, "Uh-huh" every time he’d pause. I wanted him to have his finish, too. And it wasn’t very long before Marcus was thrusting the top of his dick in my mouth, while jacking himself off. And I watched, getting hotter, and hotter, and when he came, I came. Sucking greedily on the white fluid that spilled from the tip, watching as it oozed out onto my face, rubbing it in my tits, I had an orgasm from being this wonderful black man’s white cum slut.

This story copyright © 1997, The Flying Pen

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