The Seduction of Yvonne Bauer

The human mind is a fascinating place. So much hidden potential, so many fears and dreams locked away behind heavy barriers, others fighting for dominance in the open space. They make up who we all are, thrown together in a jumble. And it is my playground. I am a powerful psi, and I can destroy those barriers or construct new ones at my whim. Change one and everything shifts, resulting in subtle changes. Move or remove several, and the psyche spills forth like water through a broken dam, washing away the old person, leaving someone else in the same body. They still have the same memories and experiences, yet are totally different people. Yvonne was the first such experimentation with my power.

I was watching a group of students on a social outing at a nightclub; I was there with Dana, one of my favorite toys, during a mini-vacation from my hypnosis show. I noticed that Yvonne was not showing any obvious tie signs, nor were any of the men in her group terribly interested in her in that fashion. Yvonne has a lot of fine black hair, done in sort of a flip. She’s about five-five or six, and she is not drop-dead gorgeous. Her body is well-proportioned: generous womanly curves where they should be, and although she isn’t slender, she is most certainly not fat. However, she was among a group where most of the females had narrow waists and hips, tiny butts, and very slim legs, and that’s where most of the men’s attention was centered. I scanned the thoughts of the group a little more deeply: everybody thought Yvonne was a lot of fun to be around, but she was clearly "Miss Wonderful Personality" in a group of "Princess Charmings." I was bored with my powers of instant slavery at that point. Although I could have had her and Dana in a passionate lesbian embrace within thirty seconds, Yvonne represented a challenge. Sexually frustrated and lacking self-esteem in her own attractiveness, she was a bomb waiting for a fuse.

She headed for the ladies’ room, so I chose that moment to head for the men’s. As we stood in our respective lines, I said something neutral about the band and the club and we struck up a brief conversation. I handed her my card. "You’re a hypnotist? REALLY???" I smiled and said yes, I was just on vacation from my touring show for a week. I asked for her name and signed the card, telling her that it would be good for one free admission to my show the next time I was in town. It was my turn in line, so I left her with that. When she returned to her group, I could see her pointing the card out to her friends, and everybody turned to look at me. I waved back and smiled. They were pestering her to ask me to come over, and she finally gave in. Dana and I went over to their group; the boys’ reaction to Dana pissed off most of the girls. One in particular really hated losing her status as "hottest woman in the group," no matter how temporary it might be.

I talked about hypnosis and the show, and how I regretted that I couldn’t give everybody a card for a free ticket. The guys were trying to quietly ask me how to hypnotize a girl so they could have sex with her, while the women debated whether or not hypnotism was real. Finally, I decided that a small demonstration was in order. "I’m going to prove to you that hypnosis is real. Yvonne, would you like to be my assistant?" She blushed, and everybody turned to convince her that she should go ahead and do it. She accepted, reluctantly. "You guys have to be quiet until I signal to you that it’s okay to speak to her," I told the group, then returned my attentions to Yvonne. "Okay, now give me your arm," I instructed, gently rubbing her wrist, "just keep it loose and relaxed, the goal of hypnosis is to relax, just be relaxed, let go of your arm, I have it... you can relax for this... hypnosis isn’t anything special, it happens every day, where you lose track of what you’re doing because your mind drifts into relaxation and you’ve entered a state of hypnosis..." Her eyes had become fixed on mine. "And drifting... and relaxed, limp arm... relaxed, limp, hypnosis... drift... relax... limp... eyelids... drift... hypnosis... close your eyes, remain standing and... sleep." I used my power, and she went out like a light in the middle of a crowded, noisy nightclub. The induction monologue is just for the benefit of the audience. I quickly whispered into her ear. "Hear only my voice in trance and you will return to this trance when you hear me say, ‘Sleep now.’" I waved to the group to let them know it was okay to speak. I assured them that she would not hear anything they said now.

"Is she really hypnotized? How can we tell that she isn’t faking?" they immediately chorused. One guy whispered, "Can you make her fuck me?" I answered their questions, and said I would provide a demonstration.

"Yvonne, your right arm is a steel bar, set in concrete. It can not be moved, no matter how hard anybody tries. Arm rigid and set--now." I asked the biggest guy in the group to try to move her right arm. Of course, he couldn’t until I allowed her to relax it.

"Well, I don’t know..." said a few of the more skeptical. I raised my hand to forestall any more interruptions. I decided to use one of my favorite R-rated show routines.

"Yvonne, nod if you can hear me." She nodded slowly. "You have forgotten the word ‘yes’. In its place is the phrase, "Wanna fuck?" Every time someone asks you a question you want to answer with ‘yes’, you will respond with, "Wanna fuck?" You will think you have said the appropriate thing, and no one’s reaction will seem strange or out-of-place. You will do this until I say you can remember the word, ‘yes.’ Nod if you understand." She nodded again. "Open your eyes, Yvonne and wake up, feeling refreshed at the count of three. One... two... THREE."

Yvonne blinked slowly and looked at the group, all of whom were grinning. The one girl who was pissed at Dana’s presence immediately spoke up. "Were you hypnotized, Yvonne? Can you remember anything?"

The answer was almost immediate. "Wanna fuck?" Everybody died laughing, and poor Yvonne didn’t even seem fazed. "It’s all sort of hazy... what did I do?"

One of the guys interrupted, "Hey Yvonne, you want another beer?"

"Wanna fuck?" she replied, looking at him very innocently and nodding her head.

"How do you feel, Yvonne? Are you feeling like you got a good nap?" I asked.

"Wanna fuck? I feel great. That was a pretty cool experience."

"Do you think you’d like to get on the stage at my next show?"

"Wanna fuck?" By now, the group was almost ready to pass out from laughing so hard, so I put Yvonne back under and told her that she could remember the word, "yes."

One guy shook his head. "Well, I still don’t think it’s real. Besides, you couldn’t do that to me," he defiantly stated.

I turned on him with an evil grin. "Really? You think you can’t be hypnotized? That hypnosis won’t work on you? That you won’t go into trance on my voice? You don’t think you’re going to relax and go into trance when I say one, two, three, sleep!" I quickly passed my hand in front of his eyes and put him way under. "Is his girlfriend or wife here?" One of the women in the group raised a meek hand. I motioned her over and whispered something to her. She blushed, but nodded eagerly. "Until the sun comes up tomorrow, when you hear your wife say, "Priapus’, it will feel like the best blowjob you’ve ever felt all along your cock, and you will get very hard. But you will never feel close to coming until she says, ‘Down, boy.’ Nod if you understand." He did. Her grin became wickedly wide as I gave her the key words, and warned her that it would only last until the sun came up. I woke him, leaving him unaware that he had been hypnotized. Five minutes later, his wife said some very hasty good-byes, and virtually dragged him out of the club. I also disengaged myself from Yvonne’s group. Dana had gone to the bar to get a drink, and was being pestered by a couple of guys who wouldn’t leave her alone.

My honey-blonde toy smiled and kissed me when I arrived, leaving the two men very disappointed and plotting whether they could do anything about it. Before they could come up with an answer, I settled it, turning Dana into a horrible vision. Every time they looked at her, each would see his ex-wife. Dana gave me a smile that said, "I want to spend some exclusive time with you...", and I waved for Yvonne as we reached the door. She came over, smiling and stepped outside for a moment. "Sleep now. Open your eyes and remain in trance." Dana patiently waited while I got Yvonne’s address and phone number by telling her that I would send her a front row pass for my show instead of giving her just any ticket. Now it was time to bring the young woman into my world. "Yvonne, you will call this number at five p.m. tomorrow, and go into trance at your special words, hearing only my voice. Nod if you understand." She did, and my cock got hard. "What are your special words for trance?"

"Sleep... now..." she murmured.

"Awaken on the count of three. You will only remember the ticket, but you will carry out the instruction I have just given you. One, two, three... Awake!"

"Bye!!! Thanks for the ticket!" she said. I smiled.


At 5 p.m. the next afternoon, my phone rang. "Hello? This is Yvonne Bauer."

"Sleep now." A soft sigh on the other end of the phone told me that Yvonne was in trance as she had been programmed. "Answer my questions truthfully and directly. Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"Have... to... study..." Great! That would be an excellent pretext to get her to agree to come for a "counseling visit." I asked her to bring her books to my house because I would show her how to use hypnosis to improve her concentration at school. I gave her directions and waited for an acknowledgment. "Yes... I will... come over to learn... self-hypnosis..." she breathed into the phone. I woke her up and hung up the phone, leaving her thinking it was a wrong number. When Yvonne opened my front door an hour later, I put her into trance and led her to my study.

"Yvonne, are you comfortable?" She mumbled yes, and sighed. "I want you to relax. So that you can experience everything clearly, I’m going to help you wash away all worries on your mind. Take a deep breath... and let it out, let everything go as the air goes... Another... relaxing even more... going deeper into trance... Again... And your trance becomes deeper as the air leaves carrying the worries... let your thoughts go... exhale... deeper into trance... very deep... deeper... totally relaxed... into deep trance." Yvonne lay in the chair, limp as a rag doll. "It feels good to be this relaxed. Yes... so good... deeper... deeper... so relaxed... deep trance... it feels so good that you like feeling this way, and you will make yourself feel this way when I say, "Deep trance now." You will become totally relaxed... no worries... so deep... deep trance..." I made sure she was way under; I get a severe migraine headache if I use the power a lot, and a pure hypnotic state is almost as good as the power in terms of rendering someone pliant to suggestion. "Now you are entering a state where you hear my voice... and it sounds like a wonderful idea... you will do what the voice tells you... you will obey my voice..."

"I will... obey your voice," Yvonne sighed, barely moving her lips, slurring the words.

"You will obey without hesitation in deep trance."

"I will... obey... without hesitation... in deep trance." Now it was time to figure out what I would do with her. First some sexual background information.

"Yvonne, you will answer my questions without hesitation. I am your deepest, closest girl friend, and we are sharing intimate secrets. You will tell me everything I want to know, because I have told you everything about me." She nodded. "You may open your eyes and see your girlfriend, hear her voice, and everything, but you are still in your deep, deep, obedient trance." Yvonne’s dark eyes opened, she blinked, and smiled. "Now you know about me. It’s your turn," I said with a grin. She blushed, and waited for my first question. "Have you ever found a really cute guy and just set your sights on him for the night or however long it lasts?"

"No," she said as she lowered her eyes. "I’ve really wanted to a couple of times, but I’ve never done it."

"Why not? I mean, it must be frustrating with all the cute guys out there."

"But the really gorgeous ones don’t look at me that way. And besides, it’s just easier to ignore that feeling and get on with whatever."

"‘That feeling?’" I asked, probing delicately. Although I could put her in the same position with my power, I was curious to see just how far I could coax her without using it. "What feeling?"

"You know," she said, blushing again, "like when your insides feel like mush. You get all tingly and you feel warm."

"So what do you do when that happens?"

"Like I said, I ignore it."

"Do you ever--well, you know--touch yourself down there when the feeling gets strong? Like when you’re around Rob for a while?" Rob was a classmate of hers on whom she had a crush. She had never acted on it, and he was more interested in one of the other women in the class.

"Oh no!!!" she said, shaking her head forcefully and becoming agitated. But before I could put her back into her placid state, she added, "That just complicates things. It makes it harder to ignore the feeling. I don’t do it, because I figure that I’ll find somebody eventually."

"When was the last time you felt all tingly? Do you know the person?"

The answer surprised me. "Last night. That hypnotist guy. I think he was really cute, but he’s got to be taken, with that gorgeous woman on his arm. A guy like him would never look at somebody like me." I nodded slowly, my mind racing to come up with the best of the possibilities that were presenting themselves. Yvonne continued, "I thought I saw him look at me once with a kinda glint in his eyes. I felt--real tingly then. But--"

"Yvonne, close your eyes and relax all the way back into your deep trance now," I said. As her head drooped, I scanned her memories of sexual encounters; there were only four, and three of them had been with her college boyfriend. I destroyed the tag associated with it that said, "If you hadn’t done it then, he would have married you..." Now she wouldn’t be as sexually reluctant. "Yvonne, you are in your deep, obedient trance now. You will listen carefully to what I say, and you will carry out your instructions. You will not remember ever having received them, but you know that you must do as I have said."

"Mmmmm... hmmm... I will carry... out... instructions," she sighed. My cock hardened again.

"Whenever you hear your name, you will feel the exact feeling that you get when you see a gorgeous man. You will notice that you are sexually excited, but nothing else will happen, and you will take care of it as usual. When I say your name, it will excite you more, and the feeling will be stronger. This will continue until I command it to stop. Your body will carry out the instructions I have given you, while your mind is only aware of the feeling, with no knowledge of what caused it. Do you understand?"

"My body... will carry out... your instructions. I... will not know ... the cause..." I played with dropping her in and out of different levels of trance with verbal commands, for my later amusement. Finally, I brought her back to consciousness, gave her a brief overview of self-hypnosis and its ability to improve concentration, and spent a while teaching her how to apply it to her schoolwork. When she left, she made another "appointment", happy with her improved school ability and completely unaware that she was on her way to becoming a new Yvonne.


"Hi Mark! I hope I’m not too late for my appointment!" Yvonne smiled at my front door. I assured her that she was my last client for the day. "You know, that self-hypnosis stuff is really great! I’m finding that I get more out of studying than I have before!" We went into my study where she sat down in the comfortable chair. I talked to her about using self-hypnosis to improve her self-discipline when it came to getting her work done, and if she would be interested in that. "Yeah!! I’m kind of a procrastinator, Mark," she admitted, blushing slightly. "If I could use it to get down to business, I’d probably have a lot more free time."

"Then let’s get started," I grinned. "I want you to get yourself to your calm state, the one that’s helping you concentrate." I waited while Yvonne hypnotized herself. Once she was in her self-hypnotic state, I said, "Deep trance now." Boom. Her eyes closed and she melted into the chair. "Where are you now Yvonne?"

"In your... study..."

"You are in your deep trance, Yvonne. In your deep trance you must obey my words. You can not resist. You want to obey my words because you are so relaxed when you obey."

"I... must... obey... so... relaxed... muss obey..." She smiled, dreamily.

"You will continue to feel this way while you answer my questions truthfully. Have you noticed anything different this week, Yvonne? If so, tell me so I can help."

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "Yes... I’ve felt... tingly... all... week. Been... distractinnnnng."

"What have you done about it, Yvonne?"

"No-thin’..." She wiggled her lower body and squeezed her thighs together. "Try to... ig-norrre... it."

"Have you masturbated, Yvonne? You must answer me truthfully."

"N-n-no," she replied in a little-girl voice. "It’s... bad--to touch myself... downnn therrrre..." She was fighting against the swelling wave that became stronger every time I spoke her name. "N-n-nngh... Stop... that..." She was winning, too.

"Yvonne, in a moment, you will watch a demonstration. It is only a demonstration, and you want to watch because you find it interesting. There is nothing strange about the demonstration and you will watch it and pay close attention. Do you understand? Repeat your deep trance words if you understand."

"I... must... obeyyy... in deep trannnsss... I will... watch the demonstration..." she sighed, eyes still closed.

"Now you may go all the way to sleep on the count of three. You will hear nothing in this sleep until you feel my arm on your shoulder. Then you will open your eyes, go back into your deep trance, and watch the demonstration. You will obey."

She nodded and said, "I... will... o-bey. Sleep and deep trance... I will obey." On the word, "three", Yvonne showed no outward signs of being in a different state, but I knew she could not hear anything. I went upstairs to my bedroom to retrieve my "assistant."

Dana looked up from the bed as I walked in. "Who was at the door, Mark?"

"Dana, look at me." She focused on my face. "Three, two, one. All the way downnn... to sleeeep." Dana sighed and her head drooped forward. "Open your eyes and look into mine. Nothing else matters. There is only my eyes."

Dana raised her head slowly, her hazel eyes staring blankly into mine. "Nothing... else... matters... your eyesss..."

"Yes, and now you hear my voice, Dana. My voice which tells you what to do... Nothing else matters... my eyes, and my voice. Telling you what to do... as you relax... nothing else matters... my voice will tell you what to do."

"Only... your... eyessss... and... voissse... tell me... what... to do," she repeated, eyes glazed over, breathing deep, and slow.

"You will do what my voice commands. Nothing else matters, Dana. No worries. Only my voice to tell you what you will do. Only obey my voice. Nothing else matters as you relax."

"Re-lax... voice... obey... nothing else... obey..." Now she was deep in a submissive trance; all traces of her willpower had been temporarily subjugated. It was time to imprint her with the realization of her submission.

"You obey... my commands."

"I obey... your commands..."

"You will obey all of my commands."

"I... will obey... all. Of your commands."

"Dana, you must obey all of my commands. You can not resist. It makes you happy to obey my commands. What does this make you?"

"I must obey... all of your commands. I can not resist... I must... obey... it makes me happy... to obey... I am... I am... your slave. I must obey your commands." I smiled. As usual, Dana’s induction was giving me an enormous hard-on. She kept repeating, "I am your slave... I must obey... It makes me happy to obey," in an amazingly erotic, faraway voice. As per her conditioning, she went deeper into hypnotic thrall with each word. Again, using my psi power too much gives me a very bad migraine headache, so I’ve learned to use the power of hypnosis to achieve my somewhat nefarious goals.

"You are my slave, Dana. Who am I?"

"I am your... slave. You are my... master," Dana sighed, smiling dreamily. "I must obey... my master..."

"Who am I, Dana?"

"You are my master. I am your slave. I must obey. I can not resist my master’s commands."

"Very good, my slave Dana. Close your eyes, and sleep deeply to receive your master’s commands."

"Yes... massss-terrrr..." Her hazel eyes slowly shut and she went limp in the chair. she quietly replied. She was so beautiful! I had been immediately taken by her youthful beauty when I ran into her on the street. I had made the tall, slender secretary a thrall right then and there, and after her work day was over, she came to my home where I began to train her to become my slave. Sending the honey-blond girl into deep, complete hypnotic submission never failed to excite me. But I had more important things to accomplish right now. Playing with Dana would have to wait.

"This is the voice of your master speaking. You will obey. You can not resist. I command you to bring some masturbation toys to the study. You are going to masturbate for Yvonne. You may not address either of us directly, but you may speak about your fantasy as you masturbate. Take your time and pleasure yourself fully so that Yvonne may watch from beginning to end. It excites you to masturbate for another woman at my command, doesn’t it, Dana? You feel yourself getting wet with anticipation even now. I command you to masturbate slowly in front of Yvonne."

"Yes, master!" Dana breathed. "I must obey you. I will masturbate for--ohhh--Yvonne... in the study! Because... I am your slave... Ohhh, goddd, I’m sooo... hot just--thinking about it!" She flicked her clit once and let out a small moan. I commanded her not to touch herself. Dana’s face immediately showed frustration and excitement. "Yes, master... I will obey... and... make myself come for Yvonne," she gasped and went searching for a dildo and vibrator as I headed back to the study. Dana arrived about a minute later, and sat in a wide, cushioned chair about ten feet away from Yvonne, waiting for my signal.

I touched Yvonne on the shoulder. "Open your eyes in deep trance, Yvonne." Her eyes opened, widening immediately at the sight of Dana, who began caressing her breasts at my surreptitious nod. Dana’s hips gave an involuntary buck and she moaned, aware that Yvonne was watching her intently. "Dana feels the tingle too, Yvonne," I whispered. "She isn’t ignoring it. She’s going to make herself feel better." Dana smiled at us, her eyes semi-focused, and slipped a finger into her pussy, moaning softly again. She removed her finger and sucked on it for a moment. "Yvonne, she’s tasting her excitement. She can feel the wetness and the warmth; now she smells her sex and tastes her heat, helping to build the sensation... Watch, Yvonne. Watch and learn."

Dana fingered her clit now, alternately circling it quickly, then slowing down, increasing the pressure. She pumped her hips, moaning more frequently. Her eyes rolled up in her head before closing. "Ohhhh... goddd... I want to feel it... more..." came from her lips. She grabbed a very realistic-shaped dildo from the table, and began to lick at the silicone crown. Yvonne gasped quietly, shifting uncomfortably in her chair. Dana sucked some of the phallus into her mouth, fellating it slowly, sloppily while she plunged two fingers deeper into her slurping pussy and palmed her pubic ridge. My slave could no longer keep her hips still.

"You see, Yvonne? Can you see the ecstasy she feels? The twinge has grown, Yvonne. It must be satisfied... there is no holding back now, Yvonne." The frustration that had accumulated with my post-hypnotic command, along with Dana’s erotic display were wearing down Yvonne’s cognitive resistance. Her body knew what she wanted, and she was no longer shifting in her seat, but was bouncing gently, in rhythm with Dana. Both women moaned when Dana positioned the dildo and bucked it into her. I could tell that Dana had just lost track of Yvonne, me, and the study. Her humping became more urgent, her pants of passion increasingly louder, and her free hand flew around her clit. "She’s going to come, Yvonne... she’s going to feel a glorious release... Dana is masturbating to orgasm, Yvonne." I heard Yvonne gulp softly. The poor girl’s legs were quivering, her hand poised above the spot in her jeans she craved to touch.

Dana’s hand slowed down tremendously. She was grinding her fingers against her clit, and her hips thrust sharply at the dildo. "Oh--y-e-ee-ESSSS!!!!--- URNGHH!!" Dana bucked and bucked and bucked, gasping loudly, her face contorted. Both hands drove the dildo even further into herself, and Dana’s hips shot off the chair as she yelped, "OHHH--SHIT!!!" Her body vibrated visibly, legs on the floor, back braced against the chair as she jerked the dildo back and forth in her pussy. Yvonne was flushed and panting loudly, her hand still frozen above her jeans. Finally, Dana collapsed back into the chair, chest heaving, quietly cooing. The dildo stayed in for a little while, until she could stand to remove it. She grunted and jerked as it popped out of her, nonetheless. She purred contentedly, and licked the dildo clean. The sight made Yvonne moan. Dana pulled a cigarette out, and lit a post-orgasm smoke while Yvonne continued to watch, rapturous, and extremely horny. Somewhere Yvonne was finding the self-control to avoid popping her jeans open and masturbating. A very strong-willed girl, our Miss Bauer.

"Close your eyes and go deeper into complete trance, Yvonne." She sighed, her arms dropped onto the chair with a soft thump, and her head slumped forward. I sent Dana back to the bedroom to wait for me. I was definitely in need. "Now, Yvonne, you will obey my commands, although you will not remember receiving them. Again, I will control your body."

"You... will... control... my... body. I must... obey... in deep trance." She recited her lesson easier this time, without prompting.

"Until the next time you are here, in my study, you will continue to feel the tingle when you hear your name awake or in trance. However, each time you feel the tingle, you will now remember Dana’s demonstration. You will see Dana’s demonstration in your mind, either in part, or in full, each time you hear your name and feel the tingle. Your mind will not know why, but your body will obey my command."

"I will not know why I see Dana’s demonstration. My body will obey your command. I must obey... awake... or asleep. I am... I am... in deep transsse," Yvonne said. A faint smile lit her face.

"When I count to three, you will have no conscious memory of Dana’s demonstration, or of my commands. You will obey and carry them out. We have just talked about using self-hypnosis to improve your spot motivation. You will find that when you use self-hypnosis, your desire to procrastinate with your school work will be greatly reduced, and you can get to work with a small touch of willpower. Do you understand, Yvonne?"

She moaned and had to catch her breath. The combination of sexual desire and flashback memory was going to be a very potent solvent on her sexual barricade. It wouldn’t be too long before her hand made its way into her pussy. "Yes... I... understand. I will obey." I counted to three; she woke up and smiled. "It’s late, and I have to go," she said apologetically. "When can we have another appointment?"

"I will call you sometime this week, Yvonne--" She inhaled sharply. "--You okay?" She nodded and waved for me to continue. "I have a couple of charity shows this week that aren’t really firmly scheduled. I will be doing them, but I don’t know exactly when." Yvonne nodded, and we said our good-byes. I knew her reserve was going to crack sometime soon.


It was my phone that rang three days later. "Hi, Mark?" Yvonne said over the phone. "I’m having some--problems concentrating, and I was wondering if you had any time for a session. I always feel so wonderful and I’m really productive right afterwards." I told her sure, she could come over after about eight. She arrived looking very distracted, and apologized for the short notice, while thanking me profusely for seeing her. As soon as she sat down, she wondered aloud why she had come over. "I can’t seem to get--busy, but I don’t know why I thought you could help..." I told her to relax, that I couldn’t help her in her current, obviously agitated state. It took a while, but she finally got herself into a very light trance.

"Deep trance now, Yvonne. In deep trance, what do you do?" I caught the shudder in her body.

"I obey... you... in deep trance," she replied.

"Open your eyes and remain in deep trance, Yvonne. Speak to me freely and openly about what’s troubling you, and what you wish me to do."

"I--I--am so--horny--that it’s keeping me from thinking about much else. I was hoping that you would teach me how to make it go away with self-hypnosis."

"Why do you want to make it go away?"

"Because--because--it’s--driving me crazy."

"You can take care of it yourself, Yvonne."

She immediately became restless and agitated. "N-n-no. It’s--it’s--dirty. I can’t."

"Relax, relax, deep into your deep trance now," I smoothly said, and her body lost its tension. "Calmly... you are in your deeeeep trance... nothing can hurt you... you have only to obey my voice..." She sighed and smiled dreamily. "What do you see when you have these thoughts and feelings? Answer truthfully, remaining in your calm, placid, deep trance where you must obey my voice."

"I--I--see a beautiful woman... she’s mas-masturbating. She looks so beautiful... her hand is between her legs... now she’s picking up... a-a-a-dildo and... ohhh-- she’s--- putting it... inn... herself..." Yvonne’s hips were thrusting softly. Dana’s little demonstration had affected her more than I had thought. Yvonne’s hand twitched nervously. "She’s so... so... ohhh..."

"Let your hand go, Yvonne. You can not stop it from doing what it wants to do. I command you to release your hand and let your body do what it wants. You have no guilt because you must obey my voice in deep trance."

Yvonne unzipped her jeans and slid her hand inside her panties. " I see her, ohhh goddd... I want to--to--tooo--TOOOOOO--" Her discourse was interrupted by a silent scream. Yvonne shook and her hand froze, jammed inside her panties. She sighed after a few moments and relaxed back into the chair. "I feel so weak... so--out of control... so... so... dirty."

"Is the woman unhappy, Yvonne?"

"N-n-no... she’s--smoking a cigarette. She looks satisfied. So beautiful, so calm..."

"And you may feel that way, too. NOW. Sleep deeply and listen carefully." Yvonne closed her eyes and went to sleep. "There is no reason for you to feel that what you did was dirty. You feel good now, don’t you?" She murmured yes. "You enjoyed it, and there is no reason for you to feel guilty. Remember, you could not help yourself. I controlled your body."

"Yes... you controlled... my body," Yvonne breathed.

"Dana did not feel guilty, and you should not. You are both healthy, sexy women. Remember, you are sexy, Yvonne. Yes... nothing to be ashamed of... nothing to hide... from anyone... Take off your jeans... Now your top... feel the cooling air on your skin, feel the tingle in your core, Yvonne. Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne." She gasped loudly, involuntarily, and the dark patch on her panties reflected a little more light.

"Remember, I control your body, and you can not stop your hand... I control your actions so there is no guilt... let your hand go..." Yvonne began to masturbate again. "That’s it... pleasure yourself... it’s all pleasure... take all of it... enjoy the feeling going through your body... As you saw Dana, you see yourself... sexy... hot... needing release... don’t deny it, Yvonne. Give in to your needs... enjoy it... it is not dirty because it feels so good, and you have no guilt because I command your body... You feel sexier as you get closer to the peak... Watch yourself masturbate in the mirror of your mind, everything else is gone. I command your actions. You need the release... it makes you feel so sexy... just like Dana... just like Dana... just like..."

"URRRGHHHHHNNNNNNHHHHHNNNNFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!" Yvonne’s hips snapped, and she jammed fingers into her pussy, furiously rubbing her cunt with her other hand. Her back arched off the chair and stayed there. Her stomach muscles oscillated, and she grunted and moaned with every movement. She continued driving her orgasm with both hands, causing wave after wave of pleasure to wrack her body for several minutes. She collapsed back into the chair with a loud thump, chest heaving, muttering "ogodogodogodogod..." over and over. I waited until she had regained some of her energy before speaking.

"Now you feel very good, don’t you Yvonne?"

"Mmmm... hmmm..." she smiled.

"There is only this feeling... nothing else... it feels so good to be sexy, to touch yourself, to feel release..."

"Ohhhh... yeahhhhh.... God I feel sooo... gooood," she purred. "Feel soooo gooood..."

"Listen and obey me, Yvonne. Your name is now only your name. You will not feel the tingle when I or anyone else speaks your name. You will also no longer see Dana when you hear your name. You may think of her if you want when you masturbate, but not before." She purred yes as an affirmation. "This is the way that sexy feels... Dana was so sexy... and she came... and when you are sexy, you will be able to come... think sexy..."

"Yes... sexy... must obey... sexy... come... sexy... feel good..." Yvonne’s mumbling was picking up speed.

"Yes, Yvonne, when you feel sexy you won’t get distracted... because you know that you can take care of it when the opportunity comes... because when you think you are sexy... you are sexy... and when you are sexy--"

"I will feel good... feels good to be sexy... I must be sexy... I can be sexy... I will be sexy..."

"Yes, Yvonne, feel the power of being sexy... it’s sexy... not dirty... so powerful..."

"I am sexy... it feels sooo good to be sexy... I am sexy..."

I let her recover completely before dressing. "And now you will awaken on the count of three, feeling refreshed, calm, happy, and relaxed. You will remember nothing that has happened, but you will know deep down that you are sexy, and it is good to be sexy. There is no guilt, only pleasure, awake or asleep, Yvonne." As I brought her back to full consciousness, I saw a glimmer in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. "Feel any better?"

She smiled brightly. "Yah. Thanks a lot, Mark." She stood up to go, then turned. Her body language was different. Her back was slightly arched and her hips cocked. "Ummm... is it inappropriate if I take you to dinner for all your help? I mean, I haven’t paid you for your time or anything. The least I can do is take you out sometime." Her posture said much more than just dinner was on her mind. Of course I agreed, and we made tentative plans for dinner in three weeks. I had to go to Vegas again for two weeks, so I wouldn’t be around until then. Yvonne left the house with her hips swaying invitingly, without so much as a glance back at me. She knew I was watching, and had the confidence not to turn and look. She was sexy. I wondered what she would be like in three weeks.

This story copyright © 1996, 1997, The Flying Pen

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