Eve’s Story

I stepped out of my limousine at the airport, my arrival barely noticed among the Sunday mix of business and leisure travelers.  Sharon, my driver, took the car to the limo waiting area as instructed, awaiting my call.  I had left Sheila and Melissa home; my two resident nymphets were no doubt playing with each other contrary to orders, but I was looking for something new, just for a change of pace, and the anonymity of an airport was an excellent hunting ground.  I walked into the bustle of a busy morning, taking care to cover my presence.  Any passer-by’s scrutiny or security person’s suspicions were easily enough altered with a soft, “He belongs here.  There’s nothing unusual about him.  You don’t need to notice him.”  As long as I made eye contact, by now a natural, habitual act, it didn’t matter if the person was weak-minded or not.

The first terminal didn’t yield any possible targets.  While there were some with potential, I was unable to find the combination of attraction and opportunity.  Some had not met my gaze for the few seconds it took to establish my presence in their minds, and those that did would have been difficult to spirit away inconspicuously.  I headed to the next terminal, both sheer probability and time on my side.  It was more of the same, at least until I walked outside.  There was an attractively slim woman with shoulder length reddish brown hair standing by one of the smoker’s benches.  From a distance, I could see that the face didn’t quite match the body: she was in her late thirties or early forties, but in her younger days, she had probably been hot as a pistol.  On a business trip, no ring.  It didn’t take long for me to decide to pursue her.

She was frantically looking in her purse for something, while holding a leather cigarette case in one hand.  A pack of Virginia Slims menthol peeked out of the leather case.  Sensing my presence, she turned and asked, “Do you have a light?” while looking at my face.  Contact.  “After that bumpy flight, I need a smoke.  My nerves are shot.”  The words were delivered in a cute southern lilt, not an all-out hick drawl.  Kinda sexy voice.  I lit her cigarette and steadied her hands in a gentlemanly way; she had not been lying about how nervous the flight had made her.  I quickly leafed through her thoughts, picking out the key pieces of information I needed to decide whether to continue my pursuit or not.  The attraction was there, but was the opportunity?

“Thank you,” she said, taking a few drags in rapid succession, each exhaled with a distinctly audible, “whoosh.”

“Have a seat, the baggage handlers here are slow as all get out,” I suggested, simultaneously giving her a little “push” to believe me.  “Relax, there’s no hurry.  You can take the time to calm yourself.”  She sat on the bench, and I followed those suggestions with, “You’re going to forget about me until you’ve finished your cigarette, I want you to just focus on letting the tension from the flight go.”  Her post-flight jitters had made her mind a little too slick to easily manipulate.  It also allowed me to discreetly watch her finish her cigarette.  Her long draws were followed by a very leisurely head tilt, a pause, and an easing forward of the chest to yield a silent exhale.  I felt some blood move.  My feelings about smoking hadn’t been the same since I had taken two twins from France some years earlier.  I had opened myself to revel in the sensations of their orgasms, and somehow, pieces of their mental imprint had managed to feedback into my mind, resulting in my post-pubescent acquisition of a smoking fetish.

“Is this a business trip or are you heading home?” I asked, allowing me to continue cherry-picking through her mind.  Divorced.  This is promising.

“Business,” she sighed.  “I had to take an early morning flight because they’d overbooked the one I was going to take; and then they cancelled it due to approaching weather,” she replied.  That’s good, no local attachment.  I lightly asked if she had an appointment today, simultaneously pulling at her mind to answer me and holding her creeping discomfort at bay.  “I did, but it’s cancelled; some of the other people are stuck in Georgia.”  I nodded sympathetically, but her inner alarm chose that moment to sound loud enough that I couldn't mute it.  Her thoughts were of a graceful separation to prevent this situation from possibly escalating into something unpleasant and potentially dangerous.  Too late.  I wasn’t creeping her out yet, but I was being too familiar, too soon for her to be entirely comfortable.

The muscles in her body tensed to stand up, and she formed a thank you in her mind.  Time to fish or cut bait.  “I think you want to spend the day with me,” I softly declared, grabbing the reins to her will and pulling hard on them. 

“I—” she peeped, before her face suddenly went blank.  I made her look pleased and relaxed while I called Sharon and told her where to find us.  Even though I had outgrown the days when a victim’s struggle against my control was part of the fun, still-fond memories of Jodie, Honey, and many others flashed through my head while we retrieved her luggage and waited for the car to return.

My acquisition stepped into the limo while Sharon attended to the woman’s bag and closed the door behind us.  Time to find out who my play toy for the day was.  What’s your name?”

“Eve,” she replied.

“Are you married?” I asked.  While an affirmative answer wouldn’t stop me, it would keep me from getting too attached—a lesson learned from my Honey experience.

“No, I’m divorced.”  I asked about children.  “I have three girls, seventeen, fifteen, and eleven.”

“How long has it been since you’ve had sex, Eve?”

She hesitated, her will surging forward.  “About a year,” Eve responded.

Perfect.  “Eve,” I began, “I want you to relax completely, not a care in the world for now.  Only my words have any importance to you, and you’ll want to do everything I say “You’re going to be my plaything for a little while today, Eve.  You won’t ever tell anybody about it, but you will enjoy it, because it will be the best sexual experience of your life.  The only thing you have to do is to let go of your fear, and obey me completely.  Do you understand?”  I sucked her remaining thoughts into the vortex of my power.  Eve sighed, and her gaze became blank again.

“Yes,” she answered in a monotone.

“When you obey someone without hesitation, as you do me, you become their slave,” I said, “and slaves have masters.  You are my slave until I release you, which I will.  Do you understand, Eve?”

I could sense no resistance as she gazed into my eyes and said, “Yes, master.”  My cock filled.


I commanded Sharon to take the limo to the carriage house and wait there for Melissa and Sheila.  As we stood at the door, I told Eve, “Nothing you see or hear will strike you as out of the ordinary.  The only important thing is your master’s will.”

“Yes, master.  The only important thing is your will.  I will obey you completely,” Eve said.  Her mind hadn’t struggled against me since the sex question in the car.  I opened the door, and my temporary slave followed me dutifully into the house.  I let go of Eve’s mind for an instant to see how she would react.  Nothing.  It allowed me to extend my senses throughout the house, a parting gift from Jodie.  Sounds coming from upstairs indicated that Melissa was playing with Sheila in one of the bedrooms.  I gave them a mental command, and it wasn’t long before the pair appeared in the foyer.  They were a study in contrasts; Melissa, the taller of the two, had black hair and soft curves.  Sheila, all of five-feet tall, had honey blond hair, and was slender with curves that made both single and married men look twice.  Both stood in front of me, the sheen on the dildo attached to Melissa’s waist indicating what they’d just been doing.  I also noticed the marks on Sheila and the whip in Melissa’s hand.  It had been fun to put them together and adjust them.  Sheila was an oversexed, overprotected eighteen-year old with a fake ID when I met her.  It was easy enough to extrapolate that into submissiveness and bisexuality, much to Melissa’s delight.  Melissa had been so intent on playing with Sheila that she didn’t fight against my control until it was much too late.  I had selectively masked Melissa’s domme tendencies so that she was enslaved and submissive to me, but she was still able to express her natural sexuality with Sheila—and whoever else I chose for her.

“I require privacy.  You may play with Sharon in the carriage house until I summon you.  Eve, remain here until I return.”

“Yes, master!” all three women chorused, and with Melissa’s fake dick bobbing as she turned, she, Sheila and I headed towards the kitchen, and its enclosed path to the carriage house.

I returned after a few minutes to find Eve standing in the foyer, looking around with wonder.  I held out my hand and led her upstairs to one of the bedrooms.  “We are now alone for your time with me, Eve, for you, there is only me, and for me there is only you.  Do you understand what that means?”

“Yes, my master.”  Ooooh, a natural submissive streak.  That’s hot.  Wonder how deeply it’s buried and how big it is?

I thrust a pack of Virginia Slims menthol 120’s at her.  “From now on, you will only smoke these, even after your time with me.  From time to time, you will find that smoking one of these will cause echoes of your enslavement will resonate through your mind and body, and it will bring back the best memories of our time.  You may now have one of your new cigarettes.”  I watched her smoke, letting her turn me on with my unintentionally acquired fetish, the style of her smoking an evidence of her age.  It usually took me a while to make my targets do it that sexily—it had taken both Melissa and Sheila three months to be satisfactorily inflammatory about it.

Again aroused, I said, “Now Eve, it is time to find out how generous your master is.  Open your mouth, and worship him as befits his station and demonstrate the depth of your adoration.”  She knelt, unbidden, causing me to wonder a little more about her submissive streak and took me into her mouth.  “Let your hands roam freely of their own mind,” I commanded, “there are no limits.”  I slowly opened a reciprocal link and began to feed her the sensations she was creating within my body.  Her eyes popped open with surprise in mid-stroke when the link was completed.  “This is your master’s first gift to you.  Feel your adoration.”  As usual, the resonance of the sensations had two immediate effects: The blowjob became more intense, and Eve, as had all those before her, began to hump the floor.  “Remove your clothes, and feel the sensations mingle with the air against your skin.”

She was out of her clothes in less than a minute, her businesswoman’s air and aura vanished, replaced by a horny slut.  She resumed her eager attentions, rapidly making me hard again.  Eve had stopped using both hands on me, but she couldn’t seem to yield that last little bit of control.  Her free hand jerked spasmodically, wanting to do something that her innermost self would not allow.  I gently placed my hand on her hair, and she redoubled her oral efforts.  Her issues would wait until she had satisfied me.  The fire within began to boil.  I moaned, “Feel the sensation of penetration, Eve,” and pushed the head of my cock into her throat, while disabling her gag reflex at the same time.  This let her body sense exactly what I felt when the walls of her throat slid against the most sensitive regions of my cock as she instinctively pulled back.  “HMMMMFF!” she exclaimed, her mouth still full of my hardness.  Both of her hands flapped helplessly before settling on my hips and pulling me back to her with urgency, making the head of my cock breach her throat again… and again… and again…  I growled and began to fill her mouth as I came, giving her a mental imperative to continue her blowjob, silently commanding her to coax every bit of pleasurable sizzle from my body until I was spent.

Eve was bouncing up and down, humping a cock that wasn’t there, frantically trying to continue her blowjob and ride the coattails of my receding orgasm.  She let a high-pitched moan of frustration escape when I pushed her back, freeing my shrinking erection.  “Release your hands Eve!  There is nothing to stop them from doing what you want them to do, what you need them to do, what they must do!”  She moaned again, her hands valiantly trying, but failing to reach her own body.  As I came to my senses and the world began to come back into focus, I found her problem.  There was a barrier against masturbation in her mind, probably from a past experience of being caught as a young girl and punished, if she was like many others I’d found.  This one was stronger than most similar proscriptions.  It held, in spite of being strained to the limit.  I watched my slave vibrate urgently, still on her knees.  Her frustration was building exponentially, to the point where any normal human would sense it.  It was a few seconds before I was able to marshal my abilities and slice through that barrier, but when I did, one hand flew to a breast and violently pinched a nipple while the other one slid over her mound and her fingers found their way inside of her.

“Your master commands you free of your old memories!  You are no longer bound by them!” I urgently hissed, and in response, Eve, her nipples now forgotten, furiously began to stimulate her clit with her no-longer-free hand, still using her other hand to frantically pump her fingers in and out of her pussy.  The loud squishing noises were quickly overwhelmed by her moans and she rolled onto her back, masturbating violently.  Eve’s upper body quickly turned red and her voice became entrapped in her throat, transforming her moans into loud gurgles.  “Ohhh… ohhhh mah…  OH MAH!  Ohhhh…. mahhhh…  G—!”  She curled into a quasi-fetal position as her body bowed forward, her head between her knees, her eyes open in abject shock as her orgasm hit with devastating force.  Her body jerked wildly, her hands locked in a claw, grasping air in a death grip, unable to continue the stimulation that had pushed her over the edge.  My cock pulsed, a weak ejaculation dribbling from the tip as the link between us was now delivering the sensations in Eve’s body to me, and I rapidly lost coherence…


Eve’s chest was heaving, and she was continually whimpering, “Oh mah…” in that soft southern accent.  Her body lay slack on the floor.  I had no idea of how much time had passed, but I let my slave ride out her aftershocks and afterglow undisturbed.  The next act could wait.

“Thank you, master,” she was finally able to pant after a while.

I asked, “Do you want to be released now, Eve?” even though I knew the addictive nature of what she had just experienced.  She shook her head vigorously, so I asked her the more difficult question.  “Do you need to be released?”  She struggled to sit up, but finally succeeded, and crawled to her cell phone.  Eve punched a few buttons and listened for a couple of minutes before setting it back onto her pile of clothes.  She crawled back to the side of the bed and knelt at my feet.  “No, my master.  Everyone is still stuck in Georgia.”

“Excellent, Eve.  Let’s get something to eat.”  As soon as we hit the kitchen, she was all action, fixing soup and sandwiches with a mother’s practiced ease.  She gave me a questioning look, and I indicated that she should sit at the table.  Throughout the meal, Eve broadcast signals to me on all three non-verbal wavelengths: physical, physiological, and psychic.  I knew that she would be one that would willingly come to call me master, and obey me without question or hesitation.  As a result, I loosened my hold on her.  She cleared the dishes and cleaned the kitchen without prompting, and only then did she speak, demurely asking if she could have a cigarette.  I reminded her that they were still in the bedroom upstairs, and told her that we would return there promptly.

I watched her enjoy her cigarette with growing lust, again using the link to send my feelings into her mind.  Her smile grew with each drag as I began to fill again.  When she finished, my cock was full, but not hard.  I rolled over onto my back and gave her a simple command.  “Worship me.”  Eve smiled and began to fellate me with loving care and I started to become erect again.  She continued until I was hard enough now that my cock stood on its own, and then she plunged me into her throat.  I could see confusion on her face.  It didn’t feel the same this time.  She tried again, but I had closed the link, so she felt nothing, except her own, natural arousal.  I stopped her efforts with a gentle touch of my fingertips to her forehead.  “I want to fuck you now, Eve.”

“Yes my master!” she eagerly said before immediately rolling onto her back and spreading her legs.  I entered her, making her gasp and then sigh, “ohhhh mahhhh…”  Her eyes lost focus as I slowly pumped at her, causing me to lengthen, and harden inside of her even more.  I re-opened the link.  Eve gasped loudly, her eyes sparkling and her mouth involuntarily opened.  She cocked her legs high, bringing them down onto my back and I increased the pace of my fucking, still going slow, and very deep.  Her face reddened and her hips started to move and our movements began to make noises.  I pulled out with a slurp, my cock covered in her thick white cream, before reentering slowly, going all the way in.  She arched her back with a low throaty moan, and I could feel her body tighten around me, increasing the pleasurable friction, which she could now feel as both of us, and it sent her into a long, soft orgasm; her breath trapped in her lungs, her body quivering and again red.  She finally relaxed, melting onto the bed with me still inside of her.

“You’ve missed this, haven’t you, Eve?” I softly whispered.

“Ohhh… ye-e-e-esss… masss-terrr…” she crooned, equally soft.

“This is your master’s second gift… a satisfaction of body that only I can give you,” I said, moving again, now quickening the pace of my strokes even as they became shallower.  She huffed an affirmation, grabbing her knees and thrusting her hips purposefully in silent approval and encouragement.  The room came alive again with the noises of energetic fucking.

“Now—it’s—time—to receive—your—”  I was panting with each thrust now, our hips meeting with a wet-sounding smack as Eve fucked back at me with determination.  “—master’s—final—gift!” I grunted.

“Ohhh!  Yes—my master!” she gasped in return.

I drove myself into her as deeply as I could once.  Then I pulled out and grabbed her ankles to spread her legs wide.  I began to fuck her shallowly, and within a few stokes, Eve was making hiccupping noises.  “Release your hands!” I commanded.  “You must—”

“Obey!” Eve excitedly finished and started to masturbate, rubbing her clit in circles with one hand.  A smile tinged with disbelief that anything could feel this good filled her face, and she started panting raggedly, her mouth now open.  Her body began to move in waves and she blinked rapidly, her eyes losing focus almost instantly each time they would open.  It was time.  I allowed myself to slide all the way out of her, and quickly adjusted my angle.  As soon as Eve felt pressure from the head of my cock against her asshole, she moaned, “Oh no-no-no-no,” but her body was no longer under her control.  Her hand continued to rub her clit and her body was so close to orgasm that she wouldn’t have been able to stop me even if I had no powers at all.

I dampened the pain she was steeling herself against, and increased the pleasure sensitivity of the nerves in and around her ass before pushing into it, her own cream serving as lubricant.  “Nooooooohhhhh maaaaahhhhhhh!”  What had started as a protest turned into an expression of disbelief as I thrust at her.  When the painful sensation she had been preparing for did not materialize, her eyes went wide as saucers.  She took a great, hoarse breath, and then Eve exploded in orgasm, bucking uncontrollably, issuing loud nonsense sounds.  All the while, her hand did not, could not stop moving, until at last, it too succumbed to the intense pleasure thundering through her body.  Her face contorted and she jerked, unable to talk, her body the brightest red yet.  And I continued to push in and out, in and out, fucking her with determination and satisfaction, while continuing to feed her my own sensations.

“Play with yourself, slave!” I commanded with a hiss, “Play with yourself to make yourself come!”

“Y-y-yesssmaster!” she gasped, even as her mind fought against my command.  Her hand hesitated over her mound, for what seemed like forever before finally going back to work on her super-sensitive clit.  “Ooohhhh!” she squeaked, and any trace of resistance was washed away in the ensuing torrent of nervous system pleasure impulses.  Suddenly her voice dropped two octaves, and Eve lowed, “OOOHHHH…”  Her eyes and her mouth formed involuntary perfect circles, round and her nostrils flared.  “OHHHHHHHHH… MAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…

Eve convulsed once, and then her teeth ground together and her eyes squeezed shut as her body curled inwards again and…  she squirted, screaming “GNNNNAAAAAUUGGGHHHH!” torn from the very depths of her core by this orgasm.  I increased the speed of my fucking her ass, and she began to moan in short words, the pitch increasing until she shouted, “SHIT!” and squirted again.  That was when I opened the link completely, and the rush of her sensations added to mine obliterated my self-control.  I felt my balls tighten and a split-second later, I was gushing into Eve’s ass, and she was cumming uncontrollably.  This was the pinnacle of what I had wanted, and I surrendered to the thrill, losing my sense of self in a glorious, all-encompassing haze of two people’s consistently-firing neurons.


Eve stood on the patio, waiting for the limo in the early evening sunlight.  She was smoking a Virginia Slim 120, the only external sign that something had changed about her.  Sharon would take her to her hotel, and as soon as Eve stepped out of the car, her Sunday memories would morph into a collage of routine activities that never happened and her submission to my control would sink, burying itself too deeply be uncovered by any means available to mere mortals.  As the car pulled up, Eve crushed the cigarette out.  She walked down the steps and gracefully, in a manner befitting a demure southern belle, climbed into the limousine without a glance back as she had been commanded.

About fifteen minutes later, Sharon turned on the camera in the limousine.  With a glass of champagne in my hand, and Sheila fellating me from her knees at my feet, I watched Eve masturbate to one final orgasm in the privacy of the limousine’s passenger compartment.  When she had finished, she leisurely dressed, and then lit a Virginia Slim 120.  Eve smiled as she turned to look out the window, with a faraway look in her eyes.  It had been a good day.

This story copyright © 2008, The Flying Pen

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