The Innocent

Part 4

The following Sunday, Wanda was working on her books.  Lori was late for her appointment, which worried Wanda, because the girl was never late.  She wasn’t at home in the dorms.  Did Lyssa get loose?  Had she erred in giving Lori’s other self an outlet?  Could Lori bring Lyssa out by saying “Bad girl come out?”  Was she in some young stud’s bed after Saturday night out, deflowered?  Suddenly, Wanda’s bright idea didn’t seem so bright.  She couldn’t call Dr. Jackson for advice; he’d already told her not to do exactly what she’d done.  He would be very pissed off.  What could she possibly offer him to replace a deflowered virgin?

Wanda dropped her pencil, panicking.  Dr. Jackson pissed off would not be a very good thing, especially since he could make her do—things.  He’d changed her life; and she had to admit, it was for the better.  The fat, mousy, shy librarian had lost fifty pounds and found a new career.  He had made her sexy—or more accurately, taught her to be keenly aware of her sexual attractiveness and how to use it.  He’d taught her hypnosis, his specialty and the instrument of her metamorphosis.  Beyond that, however, she was such a good subject and pupil that he’d chosen to make her an associate in his other business.  Hypno-slaves.  She’d been very good for his business.  Depending on the amount of work she actually did, she would get anywhere from ten to thirty percent of the net amount; Dr. Jackson was very generous.  She never knew anything beyond her specific part of each assignment.  Where the auction was held, when it was held were all handled by Dr. Jackson.  What Wanda did know was that this had given her the money to do all the things she had wanted in her former life.  Ironically, she had originally gone to Dr. Jackson to quit smoking.  She hadn’t—smoking fetishers were easy prey, and young, healthy, retrained males fetched a decent sum on the market.  But nowhere near as much as an American virgin over twenty-one.  That was one standing order that to this point hadn’t been filled, and Lori had been a godsend in that respect—if Lyssa hadn’t spoiled everything.  Dr. Jackson had told her that it would be a five million dollar sale.  She’d get half of the net, around two million dollars.  Retired at twenty-nine, living on her own private Caribbean estate, with a gorgeous hypno-toy in her thrall, attending to her every wish.  Lori was that ticket, and now she was missing.


Monday arrived, and still no Lori.  Wanda was worried sick.  Dr. Jackson would be back in two weeks, and he’d surely want to see her.  If he showed up, and she’d lost Lori, she could find herself on the auction block.  The phone rang around three-thirty that afternoon.  She excused herself from her client and went upstairs.  “Hello, Gardner Massage Therapy, Wanda Gardner speaking.  How may I help you?”

“Hi Wanda,” a sheepish voice said.  The sense of relief that passed through Wanda’s body was so tangible that she had to sit down.  “Caryn begged me to go with them this weekend because Joanne had to cancel at the last second.  I just got back.  I’m so sorry I missed my Sunday appointment and that I didn’t call.  Will you forgive me?”

“Of course I will, you silly girl.  It wasn’t like I could have booked an appointment with someone else for that time.  It gave me a chance to catch up on the books for the business.  Next Sunday OK for you?”

“Yeah, I’ve got my project presentation this week, so I know I’ll be stiff as a board.  You are such a good friend, Wanda.  I’m so lucky to have found you.”

“Likewise, kiddo,” Wanda replied, feeling that familiar pang of conscience.  Lori truly was a sweet girl, one Wanda would be happy to have as a friend.  However, she was worth about two million bucks.  At that price, friendship was highly overrated.  “I’ll see you Sunday at about four, then.  This may be a long appointment, because you missed last week.”

“‘Kay.  I could probably use it.  See you Sunday at four.”  The line went dead, and Wanda hung up, feeling much better.  Her current appointment called for her.  Wanda sighed.  She should have put the bitch under before she answered the phone.  She had no idea of what her husband saw in her, but he saw enough to have paid for Dr. Jackson’s “prescribed massage therapy” and its associated “attitude adjustment.”  She was still a rich, snobby, society bitch to everybody else she ran into.  Wanda sighed again and headed back to work.  She’d probably have to give the woman a free hour-long massage for the five-minute interruption.


“Lori?” Wanda softly asked while very gently kneading the girl’s shoulders.  She’d been hunching in the study carrels again.  Lori had gone deeply into trance at the “massage time” prompt.  Lori’s level of trust in Wanda was evidenced by how deeply she went into trance just on that vocal command.  It probably has something to do with how guilty she felt about missing her last appointment, Wanda mused.

“Sssss?”  It was difficult for Lori to retain enough muscle control to articulate words when she was this deep.  A little trail of drool was seeping out of her mouth.

“Now you are so very deep, and so very relaxed that you want to do everything I say.  You want to do this because I am your friend, Lori.  It will make me so very, very happy if you do what I say.  That will make you even more relaxed, even more comfortable, even more at ease.  Sleep deeply, Lori, just relax and sleep deeply… so deeply…  Deep, deeeeep sleep, Lori.”  Any remaining sign of muscular tension fled the girl’s body, save for the small smile on her face.  Wanda hesitated a few moments before deciding to continue where she’d left off last time.  “Bad girl come out, remaining deeply asleep, deeply hypnotized.  So relaxed with Wanda, your friend, completely relaxed, unable to move, your body is sooo very, very heavy.  You will listen to Wanda.  You will do what Wanda says, because Wanda is your friend.”  Lori shifted position a little.  “Can you hear Wanda, Lyssa?”

“Yes…”  The slightly throaty voice indicated that the personality change had taken place.

“Open your eyes, remaining deeply asleep.  Still unable to move, still doing what Wanda says.”

“Yes…  Wanda… friend.”

“I’m going to ask you some questions about last weekend, Lyssa.  Answer them truthfully, as completely as you can.”  Wanda drew a deep breath.  “Where did you go last weekend?”

“Chicago.  See…  Art Museum.”

“Did you go out while you were there?  Did you meet any boys?”

“Yes.  At Navy… Pier…  Saturday.  Caryn sprained… ankle.  Stayed in hotel… rest of time.”

“Were there ever any boys in the hotel with you?”  She held her breath.

“No.  Caryn hurt so bad.  Was never alone…  so… horny.  Want cigarette… More… and drink.”

Listen to Wanda, Lyssa…  Wanda will help you…  just relax and listen to Wanda…  as your body feels the first touch… the first caress, gentle, around your sex…  and you being to feel the warmth and the wetness…  caressing your clitoris, the way that feels the best… the way you like so much, and another hand rubbing around your sex.  You can’t put a finger in, but you can feel yourself get wetter and hotter as the hands go faster and faster and wetter and hotter and faster and faster…”

Lori’s hips snapped up and down, thrusting at an imaginary object, ecstatic cries muffled by the support pillow as she came.  Wanda made sure that she didn’t fall, but allowed the girl to finish without interruption.  A long, happy sigh indicated that Lyssa was sated, as her body lay still on the massage table once again.  “Thank… you… Wanda…  Wowwww…”

“Now Lyssa, it is time for you to go back to sleep, back to the deep sleep…  Wanda will call you out again, soon.  Wanda will let Lyssa have more and more time…  All Lyssa has to do is to listen to Wanda, and do what Wanda says…”  After a quiet, throaty assent from Lyssa, Wanda said, “bad girl go away.”  Lori’s body moved slightly yet again, and the smile reappeared.  “Now, Lori, I want you to listen carefully.  I am going to tell you some things that will help you to—be a doctor.  Remember that you can trust me, I am your friend.  You will not question these things, only that you must remember them, and do them.  These things will help you be a doctor, and you want to be a doctor, don’t you?”

“Yessss… be a doctor.  Wanda…  Helllp…”

“Now, Lori, you will start to realize how pretty you are.  You will let your friends begin to show you about makeup and clothing.  Pretty doctors make their patients feel better, Lori.  Don’t you want to be a pretty doctor, Lori?”


“Lori must learn to be a pretty doctor… it’s not bad to make boys notice you, Lori.  It’s bad to let them get you alone… touch you.  But they can notice.  You need to learn how to make them notice you.”

“Notice… boys…  Feel… funny.”

“When you feel funny Lori, there is someone who can help you.  Someone you know,” Wanda purred.  “All you have to do is let her… you know she’s there.”

“N-N-no, Wanda… bad girl.”  Lori began to stir, agitated.

“Relax, Lori, relax and sleep.  Completely relaxed… deeply hypnotized.”  Lori stopped her motions and lay still.  “The bad girl protects Lori… protects her from doing bad things…  Let her show you how she protects you, so you can be a pretty, pretty doctor.”

“Wan’ be… doctor,” Lori slurred.  “Pretty, pretty doctor…”

“Yesss, Lori… let the bad girl help… let her out…  Whenever you need her.  You can trust Wanda, Wanda will help you become a doctor, Lori.”  The girl sighed happily, smiling broadly.  Wanda whispered, “Bad girl come out, remaining deeply hypnotized and obedient, yet opening your eyes.”  Lori’s eyes opened with that glimmer.  Lyssa was indeed back.  “Lyssa, when I count to three, you will be able to move and speak as if you were awake, but you will still remain deeply hypnotized.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Wanda.  I understand.”

“Hello, Lyssa.”  Lori sat up, tossed her hair, and smiled.  “I’ve set it so that Lori will let you into her life a little bit.  No more frustrated weekends.”

“Thanks, Wanda.  You’re great.  But what can I do for you?”  There was a hint of suggestiveness in the delivery of the question.

“Make sure that she doesn’t lose it, or that her friends really notice she’s changed, Lyssa.  Every week I’m going to let her—indulge you a little bit.  Is that all right?”

“Oh, yeah!  That’s great!”  Lyssa stood up and stretched.  “Wanda, are you ummm—trying to—bring us together?  That’ll never work.”

“Lyssa, I’d like to at least keep you around with her all the time,” Wanda said.  “Why won’t it work?  You are her protector.  At some point she’ll have to protect herself.  You can teach her how.”

“I guess I could… but then why would she need me?  Ummm, can I have a cigarette?”

Wanda sighed.  “Sure.  Let’s go to the kitchen.”  As they walked upstairs, Wanda felt that she was getting in deeper and deeper, almost to the depths of Lori/Lyssa’s trance.  How could she answer the question?  Lyssa grabbed a cigarette from the pack on the table, crossed her legs, and lit it.

“I think that you can’t answer my question,” Lyssa stated as she exhaled.  But I know that I’m not supposed to be out, Wanda.  You’re trying to do the right thing.”  Lyssa took another drag.  “These look so cool,” she murmured, then giggled, “Lori would have a cow.”  Wanda watched her, perfectly at home, her personality on display, with no trace of the other person inside that same body.  “This is something she’d never do.  The sex thing…  I think I can get her to handle that.  A few tentative rubs in privacy, a little bit of… curious exploration.  That I can do, if you really can get her to let me do that.  Drinking and smoking… no way.”

“You’d have to give it up some time.  Doctors aren’t supposed to do that,” Wanda noted.

Lyssa regretfully nodded.  “When she graduates and goes into medical school.  Until then…”  Lyssa pulled another cigarette from the pack.

“You can get her to do wine.  They say red wine is good for you,” Wanda offered.

“In moderation, alcohol’s good,” Lyssa agreed.

“I’ll get her to wear better clothes,” Wanda cajoled.

“Thank god.  Sometimes I look in Caryn’s closet and just want to grab everything and wear it.  I’ll be glad if I can stop her from being so frumpy.  We’re a good-lookin’ girl y’know.”

“If I can get her to show it?”

Lyssa smiled, tossed her hair, and exhaled a line of smoke at the ceiling.  “The hair, too?”  She winked.

“I’ll see what I can do.”  Wanda felt oddly relaxed in Lyssa’s company.  Lori/Lyssa.  Both were enjoyable facets of the same person.  Too bad said person was worth a couple million bucks.  “Deep sleep now, Lyssa.”  The young girl’s head pitched forward as the cigarette fell to the floor.  Wanda picked it up and put it out.  “Time to come downstairs with Wanda.  Time to finish Lori’s massage.  Open your eyes now, Lyssa, remaining so very deeply, deeply asleep and hypnotized.”  She led her entranced client back to the massage table.  “Bad girl go away,” Wanda whispered again, and resumed Lori’s massage.  The girl really did need to stop hunching when she studied.


Wanda and Lori/Lyssa were out at a nightclub, Lori/Lyssa having a good time, Wanda much less so, made extremely nervous by the fact that her charge was out among many single, horny men, and in her liberated state.  She’d already had a few drinks, while Wanda was the one drinking diet soda.  What a role reversal.  Dr. Jackson was due back in a couple of days, and Wanda’s main thought (aside from shooting down the would-be Romeo’s that approached) was, how did she let Lyssa talk her into this?  She watched Lyssa dance, carefree, happy and flirtatious, although not quite to the level of a tease that would get her in trouble.  Maybe letting Lori go would be the best thing—if only she hadn’t told Dr. Jackson.  She was doing well enough fiscally without Lori; well enough to retire early, if not immediately.  Still Lori was worth a fortune, and Lyssa’s bubbling sexuality eliminated the need for a lot of training.  She would keep her new owner very well entertained, even after he took her cherry.

If said cherry remained intact through tonight.  Lyssa approached with the third guy who’d fallen prey to her charms that evening.  “Hi Wanda!  This is Steve,” she bubbled, reaching for the pack of cigarettes on the bar and lighting one.  “Isn’t he cute?”  Steve gave a perfunctory “H’lo,” before turning his attention to Lyssa.  Wanda got extremely nervous, but not to worry; Lyssa deftly managed to cool his flames without being obvious.  “I see Joanne do this all the time in bars.  I always wanted to.”  And off she went, to set another heart (or something a little lower) aflutter.

Somehow, Lyssa managed to escape and melt into the night.  When she and Wanda left the club at one-thirty, all that her prospective suitors had were the phone number for Gardner Massage Therapy, and the name and memories of a person who didn’t really exist.  Especially when she heard the magic words, “Bad girl go away.”  It was well past three when Wanda returned home after dropping an entranced Lori off at her dorm and sending her to her own bed.  Wanda hoped that Lori wouldn’t feel the physical after-effects of Lyssa’s night out.  She’d used the last of the lotus blossom potion to give Lori a set of false memories, but alcohol and tobacco were pretty hard to hide through reprogramming, even with the powerful hypnotic.  The girl would wake up with no knowledge of the previous night’s true activities, and if her body didn’t betray her too badly, no clue that she’d been out dancing, drinking, smoking and flirting until the wee hours.

The blinking light on Wanda’s phone was the only light that greeted her when she opened her kitchen door; her welcome light must have burned out.  She wondered who would have called the Gardner Massage Therapy line late on a Saturday, especially since she had no Sunday appointments scheduled.  Curious, she hit the answering machine.  “Hello, Wanda.  I returned a day early, and thought I might see you to discuss—your newest referral.  But you are out, I see.  That’s fine.  I will speak with you tomorrow, and maybe you can arrange for an—inspection.  Have a wonderful evening, Monique.”  Wanda’s panic rose sharply with the excitement spurred by her post-hypnotic command.  She didn’t remember having pulled her pants and panties to her ankles, but she was naked.  Her mind raced to come up with a plausible story for Dr. Jackson.  Even as her hand found its way between her legs, she tried to come up with a good reason for keeping Lori under wraps for a little while longer.  She thought about it, and thought about it until her body overwhelmed her mind, and she came with a scream of ecstasy, her hips lifting her off of the kitchen chair.  She collapsed on the floor, her legs turned to jelly, and her mind to mush.  Dr. Jackson had returned, and Lori’s fate was sealed.

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