Night Music

Chapter 12: Victoria’s Secret

"So where’s the honeymoon?" Michelle asked when she caught up with me at the reception.

"We’re going to Europe for three weeks," I said, distracted slightly by all of the commotion going on around me. Victoria appeared out of nowhere and grabbed my arm. She was absolutely gushing, something one would not expect from a vampire. I had never seen her so happy.

"We will visit my family home for a week, then take Orient Express. I like riding... trains," she bubbled. The reception turned out to be more tiring than the preparations for it. Everybody was insanely happy and radiated energy. I had to keep up, of course. However, saying "I do" was a little more draining than I thought; it wasn’t long before I started to run out of energy. The end of the party couldn’t come soon enough for me. Julie out-jumped everybody for the bouquet. I handed the garter to Bryan, taking no chances. The party finally ended, and I returned to our house with a slightly inebriated Victoria. Giggling, she wobbled over the threshold. She carried me using her vampire’s strength. "Would you like more champagne, darling? Bubbles make vampires very drunk." Victoria was definitely not sober. I looked at her, bemused, as she weaved towards the kitchen. I was exhausted though, and wearily took off my shoes. Victoria returned from the kitchen carrying a freshly opened bottle of champagne.

"Come, join me, my husband." She plopped down on the carpet in the living room, spilling champagne. I slowly made my way over to her, sitting deliberately. "You are tired. Has been long day, yes? I give you energy," Victoria said, slurring her words. Leaning to me, she bit me deeply, and my fangs drew her - champagne-flavored - blood in return. When our embrace ended, I was drunk, Victoria was only a little less drunk, and I was still tired. I fell asleep shortly thereafter.

We weren’t scheduled to leave for New York until Monday. Sunday, both Victoria and I slept until mid-afternoon, then we packed. There was a trunk to fill that was to meet us at the castle, as well as our suitcases. The work required in leaving the country left us both tired, so we fed that night to refresh ourselves. The train left early in the morning.

Once we settled into our room on the train, Victoria sat at the window, watching excitedly. "We’re still in the station, love," I said. Her eyes were dancing, and she couldn’t sit still. "You’re like a five-year old child, sweetheart. What’s the deal?"

"I am happy to be going home. To castle. I have not been there since I was..." I watched her do a quick recall. "Twenty-one. Has been many years. Now I return, with husband, man I love." She gave me a peck on the cheek, then resumed her impatient vigil over the platform and the people still boarding.

A peck on the cheek? "Come now, you can do better than that," I chided. Victoria turned away from the window. Her eyes slowly closed, and we kissed tenderly. At first. It became deeper and more insistent as we continued. Eventually, we pulled away from each other reluctantly. The train started to move, bringing back my earlier thoughts. "Victoria, I’ve always wondered -- what if the castle isn’t there? I mean, it’s been empty since you were last there, right?"

"Castle will be there, with servants. There are always servants. Castle Dracula is very... special to town," Victoria replied. Her eyes glowed red. "My family is very frightening. Townspeople would not dare displease any member of my family." Her eyes turned brown again. "Including you. You are not Count yet, but ceremony in castle will change that." Victoria started to play with my chest.

"Not until after dinner," I said.

"I want snack first," she pouted. My fangs appeared, and Victoria’s eyes lit up. "Is better idea," she said approvingly before she bit me. She was very quick. We sucked on each other’s blood until South Bend, then had dinner. We returned to our room, and had some serious toe-curling, hair-straightening, muscle-cramping sex. We did manage to get up for breakfast the next morning, but we were moving awful slow. We were joined at the table by an elderly couple. "Newlyweds?" the man asked.

"Yes -- but how did you know?" Victoria asked, amazed by the man’s mind-reading power.

"We’re in room B, next to you," his wife explained. There was a smile in her wrinkled eyes, but both Victoria and I blushed. "Oh, don’t worry," the woman continued. "Surely you don’t believe that you’re the first newlyweds to ever celebrate on the train."

"Ye-es. She hasn’t been able to get enough of train travel since our wedding night," the man continued, holding his wife’s hand. The way that they looked at each other dissolved the embarrassment we had felt. The breakfast conversation was animated and entertaining.

"They love each other as much as we do. Is wonderful. But ours is forever," Victoria said once we were back in the room. We arrived in New York and went straight to the airport. We flew to Paris, and spent a few romantic evenings there while our clocks adjusted. We indulged our deepest urge frequently. Paris’ many narrow streets are fertile hunting ground. Especially those narrow streets that the guidebooks warn you to stay away from after dark. We left for Vienna.

In Vienna, we were surrounded by music. Victoria and I danced constantly. During the day we danced to the music of the many street players who were playing every kind of music. Evenings, we would dress up and go out to the ballrooms and formal dances, or to the nightclubs where the young people went. It was there that we would find our other sustenance before returning to the hotel. There we would dance together without music; sometimes without moving. Sunrise would find us wrapped around each other, naked, still dancing.

Our last night in Vienna was marked by an early return to our hotel. Victoria got up in the middle of the night. She must have stood at the balcony window for a couple of hours, looking at the Danube. The moon was full, and it illuminated her profile in a way that made her look ethereal. Tired of being alone in the bed, I walked over and touched her. Or what I thought was her. The ghostly image of her near-perfect body and exotic face was just that. Her laughter, light and sweetly mocking, filled the room. "Victoria?" I asked, somewhat bewildered.

I looked at the moon and beheld her face. "I am close to home, and my power is strong at the time of the moon," her voice said. Victoria’s face vanished from the moon’s surface, then reappeared outside the balcony window. "Come, David, my husband. Come to me, my love." I opened the balcony door. Not too bright a move. A cold, cold wind howled around me. I shut the door quickly and shivered. My wife laughed sweetly, teasingly.

Her eyes danced in front of me. They were rubies glowing in the darkness. I walked towards them, as if drawn by an invisible tether. Actually, I was curious about the Cheshire Cat stunt. I felt fangs in my neck, and then Victoria’s arms around me from behind. She avidly sucked my blood, lapping forcefully at my neck, sending me into orbit. My head started to spin; my world faded to black, except for two bright red embers...

I found myself on the bed. The room was full of thick, soupy, blinding fog. "Daaaviiiiddd... Dooooo yoooouuu wannnnt meeee..." Victoria’s voice sang playfully. It sounded unreal, as if a ghost were singing to me. I couldn’t see her through the fog.

Astonished, I answered the eerie voice. "Yes, Victoria, I do. But where --?"

"I wannnt yooouu tooooo..." the disembodied voice sang back in a distant, echoing timbre. I felt her presence envelop me. I was literally surrounded by, and swimming in my wife. Suddenly, her neck was at my mouth, her body on top of mine. I bit deeply, drinking slowly. "Ohhhhh, ye-e-e-e-essss..." Victoria crooned. Morning found us wrapped up in each other again. "Good morning, David. Did you enjoy language lesson from last night?" she asked between kisses. "You will now understand spoken language in Carpathia. It was much more fun than teaching you regular way." After breakfast, we headed for castle Dracula.

We arrived late at night, a high, pale moon in the sky. Neither Victoria nor I were prepared for the reception we got. A man in uniform met us at the gate. "The castle is closed for the night. Come back tomorrow," he said, obviously annoyed by our arrival.

Victoria stuck her head out the driver’s window and went ballistic, sputtering indignantly, "I am Countess Dracula! This is my ancestral home!!"

"Yeah, sure it is. Now go away, we don’t have time to deal with jokesters," the guard said, pointing down the road. Victoria didn’t move a muscle. I felt the storm clouds gathering within her. "This is a state tourist attraction, and the rules say it closes a half-hour before sunset. Be a good little Countess and go back to town, eh?" the guard finished, and started laughing at Victoria.

"Open the gate." There was no mistaking the tone. It was a command, not a request. I could almost see the lines of power radiate from her. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I shivered slightly. The guard’s laugh died in mid-ha (he got an "h" out). He slowly turned, heading for the castle gate. His partner came running to the car, gun drawn. I could see his eyes. Contact.

"Put the gun down." I wasn’t about to find out how much a gunshot wound would hurt, not after having been knifed. My anxiety must have added a lot of oomph to my command. Immediately, his gun arm dropped limply to his side. His hand opened; the gun clattered harmlessly to the ground. The first guard’s actions had alerted the other guards. They grabbed their enthralled comrade, keeping him from the gate. Victoria and I changed into bats and attacked. We bit the remaining three guards, then commanded them to sleep. After the gate had been opened, we drove the car into the courtyard.

There were souvenir stands all around: "Genuine Vampire Fang", "Official Vampire Hunter Kits", read two of the stalls. "No - No - NO!!!" Victoria cried. "How could they DO this???" She got out of the car, slamming the door shut with enough force to break the locking mechanism. The front door to the castle was locked; Victoria didn’t have a key. "There should be a servant waiting for us! An indentured thrall to open the door!" She was crying now. I reached to hold her, to make her feel better, but my wife angrily spun away. She turned into a bat, and flew away quickly, high into the night sky. I had been driving much of the day, and was really too tired to follow, so I sat dejectedly on the warm hood of the car, teeth chattering.

A few minutes later, the door opened. "Enter freely and of your own will." Victoria stood at the door, her hair a mess, soot all over her clothes and face. She sneezed loudly as I gaped at her. She shrugged her shoulders, and just said, "Chimney." I entered, and tried to kiss her. She resisted for a few seconds, then responded. She pulled away after a while. "Bedrooms are made up, anyway," Victoria sniffled, still very distraught. I wanted desperately to console her.

She wouldn’t let me. First, she carried our suitcases in, a look of grim determination on her face. She carried our luggage to the second floor, refusing to accept any aid from me. Then Victoria lit a fire in the fireplace, with some wood that had been nicely laid out, as if for display. I tried to drag her to bed. "No. You are tired, I know. Rest here, my love. I have been away too long, and I must take care of business first." Victoria pushed me down to the bed, but she was gentle about it. "We have eternity for that," she said, brushing the front of my pants.

Victoria cleaned up while I undressed, and I lay down on the bed. I felt her lips brush mine, then I heard the door open and close. I was asleep shortly thereafter, too tired from driving all day to really think much about Victoria’s business.

I awakened to a light pressure at my neck. Fangs broke skin, and the sizzle of the vampire’s kiss began. I sleepily, instinctively responded, opening my mouth and biting in return. My eyes snapped open as I woke up, fully alert. I realized that the blood filling my mouth was not Victoria’s. Blonde hair filled my eyes. The other vampire purred into my neck and pulled away. "Mmmmm, it has been soooo looong since I have been bitten. And who might you be, my youthful friend?" she asked. Her eyes were very blue, and she was incredibly gorgeous. I stared at her.

"Who are you?" I demanded, shocked and amazed.

"I asked first. It’s not polite to enter someone’s home without even introducing yourself," she lectured gently, waving a finger at me. There was an amused lilt to her voice. She wasn’t reflecting in the mirror, even though I was. Before I could say anything else, the door opened, and there was a loud gasp.

"Marta!!!" Victoria exclaimed. The blonde vampire turned to face my wife. I could not read either of their expressions.

"Well. If it isn’t my little British step-daughter, Victoria." There was a definite smirk in Marta’s voice. "I thought you were going to be a British vampire, and that you would never return to Carpathia. It was too... rural and dull for you."

"I am here to claim my birthright," my wife replied.

"Nice of you. Where in the hell were you when they were turning this place into a tourist trap? Do you know that there’s a certain magical item buried by the front door? I’ve been reduced to cows and the occasional stupid tourist who tries to spend the night after the castle closes. That’s who I thought he was." Marta’s tone was one of frustration more than anger. She paused a minute, then pointed at me. "Who is he, anyway?"

"My husband." Victoria turned to me. "David, this is Marta, my father’s -- wife."

"I was his favorite until Mina Harker, that..." Marta’s voice trailed off as Victoria’s eyes narrowed. "I am sorry Victoria. I do not mean to insult your mother." Sarcasm oozed out of every word. "But your -- absence -- has left the castle unprotected."

"I am doing... something about that. This will be our home once again," my wife replied. She was hiding something, but Marta didn’t pick it up. It was getting very close to sunrise, and Marta said, "I must return to my coffin." She paused and looked at us. "I am sorry, but there is only one. They have destroyed or removed the others."

I was about to say that that wasn’t a problem, but Victoria spoke first, cutting me off as I inhaled. It was obvious that I should be quiet. "We have made the necessary arrangements, Marta. Good night." Marta bowed mockingly, then cast a hungry look at me as she left the room. She made sure that Victoria noticed, too. "Damn that whore!" Victoria hissed. After the sun had risen up, and Marta was definitely asleep. "Did she hurt you?"

"No, other than interrupting my sleep. But..." I hesitated, very aware of my wife’s feelings about other female vampires and me.

"I will -- forgive her this one time. She did not know you were a vampire. If she tries to bite you again, I will kill her," Victoria said darkly.

"I’d like an explanation --" I yawned involuntarily. "But I’m still tired, and I’d rather sleep now." I yawned again. Although Victoria’s step-mother (!) had given me an erection, the energy associated with that lust departed when Marta left the room. I remembered exactly how tired I was. I headed back to bed.

"No, you can not sleep there. Tourists will be here in few hours. I will take you to safe place," Victoria said, pulling me to my feet. I grumbled in mild protest. "But it is important that you not let Marta know that we may move about in the daytime. Very important. Promise me, yes?" Her tone conveyed the urgency of the message. She walked over to a wall, pulled on the lighting fixture, and a secret passage opened. "Come. We will go into hiding."

I followed Victoria to another bedroom, this one buried within the castle walls. It was fully furnished, and there was a large bed. I was struck by how clean it was, and by the electric lamps in the room. "This is where I began," my wife said as I lay down to go back to sleep. "This is where my father and mother conceived me," she smiled, curling up next to me. I don’t remember much else except going to sleep warmed by Victoria’s body.

We woke up in the afternoon. There were voices all around us. They came from the tourists on the other side of the wall. Victoria sat up, and whispered to me. "We must be quiet, or tourists will hear us. Tonight we begin our reclamation of the castle and the town. Last night, I began the work that is necessary, but is too much for just me. Marta is no longer restricted to the castle and the close farmlands, so that will help." She paused, and trouble clouded her gorgeous eyes. "I feel very guilty because it is my absence that has caused this to happen. Without noble occupant, the state has claimed the castle and land. Tourists bring money, and no one fears the castle by day. They do not fear as much at night, also." She hung her head. I kissed her on the back of the neck.

Victoria started to get dressed again. "I have a plan, but I will definitely need your help. I must ask you to be Count Dracula, my vampire lord and mate. It will mean drinking much blood." She looked at me sympathetically. "I know how you are about biting." I opened my mouth, but Victoria anticipated my objection. "There should not be any need for you to kill." She paused, reading my lack of reaction. "I hope that killing will not be necessary, but castle will be returned to family."

I was going stir crazy after a few hours of being in the interior room. We still couldn’t leave for a while; they were in the process of closing the castle for the night, ushering the last of the tourists out. Victoria helped pass the time by giving me the true story of her father’s death. "They never would have found them if Van Helsing had not invoked Paresi curse against my father. That forced him and my mother to leave this room."

"Why didn’t they find Marta?" I asked, not knowing what the (or a) Paresi curse was.

"The curse was directed at my father. She was hiding in secret room like this, only not as nice, in dungeon. Van Helsing assumed that when my father died, all of his spawn would die. As you can see, he was wrong." Victoria held up her hand, and listened carefully. "Tourists are gone. We may leave here now." We went to the castle roof and flew off, heading to the nearby town. We bit several young children, male and female. The obvious fang marks we left were much more important to Victoria’s plan than the actual blood. "This will let them know that the family Dracula lives. Also, the next generation will be ours," she had said.

We went to one of the restaurants in town that catered to the tourist trade and closed at eleven. Victoria and I dined, had a couple of beers, and left at closing time to wait for the help. Victoria bit the head chef and busboy as they emptied garbage. She commanded them to come to the castle the next afternoon. One of the waitresses exited, saying merry goodnights. She was mine in a flash, and her sweet moans thrilled me as I drank her life. She wobbled, rapture on her face, as I commanded her to do the same. "We will need a kitchen staff at the castle." It took three waitresses, the chef and busboy to satisfy Victoria’s staffing criteria. I was drinking less and less blood as the night went on, quite satisfied with the wide variety I had been getting. This was becoming more of a tasting, as opposed to a drinking party.

"Now, we strike at the man who will bring us the tourism person. The mayor of the town," Victoria said. "But you must do next bite. This is critical, for I am a female vampire, and can not do all that is needed." I looked at her quizzically, but followed her to the mayor’s house. I stood in the backyard, while Victoria disappeared somewhere. It wasn’t long before a young girl (about 15 or 16), dressed only in a nightgown came out. She looked around furtively, then came right up to me.

"Who are y-" Her voice stopped as she looked into my eyes. Her long black hair waved in the cold early winter breeze. Her eyes were full of wonder. (What exactly do they see when they look in my eyes, anyway?) Victoria walked back into the yard.

"She is virgin, David. You are to be her first. Vampire’s kiss will remove virginity." My wife paused, and quietly continued, "Make it long and special. She will be in complete thrall to you."

"Come closer, my child. What is your name?" I commanded.

"Agnes," the girl replied, voice far away, eyes still lost in mine. I looked at her appraisingly. So sue me. She was still developing. I could see that she had some baby fat, but her features were a little too sharp and uneven for her to ever be considered beautiful. She would grow up to be slightly round and average-looking.

"Agnes, I will give you your first kiss." I reached for her, and she instinctively tilted her head back as I wrapped my arms around her. I felt like Christopher Lee; opening my mouth, placing it at her neck, and biting her slowly. I sank my fangs completely into Agnes’ young neck.

Her reaction was a low, very long moan. Her nipples hardened noticeably. I drank carefully, watching the girl’s life force. It burned bright and strong much longer than I had expected. Victoria tapped me on the shoulder to signal that I should stop. I pulled my fangs out with care. I heard Agnes’ soft, surprised, "Ohhh?" when my fangs were clear. I released the girl. There was a large red spot on the front of her nightgown between her legs. "I did that?" I asked Victoria. I had a hard time believing that my bite broke Agnes’ hymen.

My wife nodded. "She is no longer virgin, and she will remember you for long, long time. Tell her that you will visit her tomorrow, and to go back inside, forgetting that she was out here." I did, and the door closed behind Agnes as she went back in her house. "This," she paused, "will make mayor react. It has been a good evening, my husband. My love," Victoria said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "It is cold out here. Let us go back to the castle."

As soon as we entered the front door, we were greeted by Marta. "So there you are! I have a surprise for you! Come, join me for cocktails in the dungeon." She looked at me, and the intensity of her desire burned right through to my brain. Marta came over to me, blue eyes sparkling and dancing. She brushed my cheek with her lips. Victoria glowered at her. I was beginning to feel the need to fuck Marta until we ran out of positions to try. Her sensuality was almost overpowering, but I remembered my experience with Jennifer. The sexual delights promised in those eyes, that face, those hips, between those thighs... could never be delivered. I swallowed hard and pulled away from Marta, walking to my wife. It took an effort, and Victoria possessively put her arms around me. We followed Marta to the dungeon.

Standing next to a formally set dinner table were a teenaged boy and girl. They both wore Iron Maiden tee-shirts. I recognized the expression in their eyes long before I saw the fang marks. "Sit with me," Marta purred, then paused. "Both of you." She drew a knife across the boy’s wrist. He didn’t flinch; no pain showed in his glassy-eyed vacant face. His blood filled a wine glass which Marta handed to Victoria. She repeated the action with the girl who also gave no impression that anything had happened to her. This glass she handed to me, looking at me with extreme lust. Drawing another glass from the boy for herself, she sat and crossed her legs slowly, allowing me to see her blonde mound. Marta wore no panties. She smiled sensually. "Oh, I forgot." Turning to the boy, she commanded, "Bring me the cigar box." He obeyed silently, woodenly. Marta offered me a slim cigarillo, and selected one for herself as well. "I would offer you one Victoria, but I know you prefer the paper ones. It is just as well. They suit your -- constitution -- better." Marta poked sexy fun at my wife.

"Thank you for your concern, Marta," Victoria replied, "but I will accept your hospitality nonetheless." The temperature in the room dropped ten degrees. Marta handed my wife a cigarillo, and the enthralled girl lit each one with a candle. "Would you like to hear my plan for the regaining of the castle?" Victoria asked. Marta indicated her assent with a graceful inclination of her head. Her gorgeous blond hair dipped as she did so. It was a wonderfully feminine, attractive movement. We sat around the table as Victoria detailed her plan. Marta listened without reacting for the most part. She continued smoking leisurely, and would cast an occasional wanting glance my way. God, she was gorgeous!

"It will not work, Victoria," Marta declared after my... wife had finished speaking. "You have been away, so I will have to explain why it will not work." She paused, and looked at me with those pretty blue eyes before returning her attentions to Victoria. "The Minister of Tourism is a Van Helsing. He was hired to make the castle safe for tourists. Why do you think I am restricted here? Who do you think put the Stone of Marius under the road?" She paused again. "He does not know for sure that I am here. If I were to terrorize town as you suggest, he would know. Then he would come hunt me down, and kill me!" Marta’s voice begged me to hold her, console her, tell her that everything was going to be all right. She continued, after calming herself a little. "That is why we are here with --," she waved her hand sexily to indicate the two teenagers, "them."

" ‘Let’s stay in the castle’, they say, ‘We aren’t afraid of vampires’, or, ‘Vampires don’t really exist.’ The worst part is that I have to return them the next day! If tourists disappear, Van Helsing will get suspicious, too. Tell me, Victoria," Marta’s voice softened, becoming even sexier. "And now, I truly mean no disrespect, but how can you, with your limited powers, fight him and his family’s knowledge, when I am chained to the castle?" She reclined, her breasts jumping to the center of my attention, and took a drag of her cigarillo. The round thing in her mouth and sucking action sent me on a flight of sexual fantasy.

"I have my ways, Marta. First, the Stone has been removed, so you are once again free to move about. Let Van Helsing come. I am prepared for him." The two vampires continued their polite argument, Marta insisting in a throaty voice that Victoria’s plan was doomed to failure, and Victoria calmly defending her decisions. I sat back and noticed every sensual, suggestive muscle twitch that Marta made. The light reflected off her sweet fangs. Her beautiful blue eyes held the key to exotic, fantastic, undreamed of sexual practices. Everything Marta did made me hornier. My erection pressed very painfully against my leg. An alarm clock rang.

"Sun rises in a half-hour," Marta said, honeyed voice dripping with sensuality. "I must attend to these two. I take it you are staying in the chamber?" Chamber. I thought about the chamber between Marta’s legs where I could happily spend the rest of my existence. I watched, spellbound, as Marta suggestively stuck her finger in her mouth and punctured it with one of her sexy fangs.

"Yes, we will be staying in my father’s secret room. The servants did well when they made it more modern. We will see you tomorrow night," Victoria said.

Marta was rubbing her bleeding finger across the two mortals’ neck and wrist wounds. As her finger moved, it conjured up visions of another kind of motion in my head. With Marta underneath me, calling my name in ecstasy to the heavens. My eyes got real big when I saw the teenagers’ wounds heal as Marta applied her blood to them. "You will forget all that you have seen, heard, or experienced. Your night in the castle has been boring, and you saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary. You will go to where we first met, lie down, and go to sleep," Marta instructed them. They left the dungeon silently. She turned to me, flashed a sexy smile, and stood up, allowing me to admire her wonderful legs. She pivoted and left the room, hips swaying.

"You can breathe now." Victoria’s statement carried more than just a hint of annoyance. "Come on, let us go upstairs," she said, tugging at my arm. I was still watching, leaning towards the doorway that my most desired fantasy had disappeared through. My cock would have played divining rod if my pants hadn’t been in the way. Victoria dragged me away, but I resisted as much as I could.

"Victoria... I -- I..." I moaned.

"I know. She is very old, very powerful vampire. And you are still very mortal. She has been very lonely." Victoria paused, and a small smile came to her lips. "I think we will not stay in castle tonight," she said lightly.

"W-W-What? Why not?" I stammered. My stunned reaction was less due to surprise than to my disappointment at not being able to be in the same building as Marta, my one, true, heart’s desire.

"You are in need because of Marta’s power. I thought this would happen, so I made arrangements. I will take good care of you, David." We left the castle. I looked back longingly one last time as we drove down the road. We pulled up outside one of the tourist hotels in the town. "Is not fancy like Vienna, but it has a nice bed," Victoria said, a touch of playful lewdness in her voice. We went to a room that she already had a key for. She sat on the bed and patted it. "Marta will never know. She is asleep until sunset," she cooed.

Victoria lay on the bed, open and inviting. "Come to me. I know that you are frustrated." Damn right I was. I removed her clothes quickly, pausing only the briefest of moments to pay attention to foreplay. My haste did not go unnoticed. Looking into my eyes, Victoria grabbed my head. "David," she calmly said, "I understand." She explicitly invited me to take care of my needs first. Much to my shame, I did. "Ohhh... Daaa-viiiid..." she moaned as I quickly entered her. Victoria welcomed me with open legs, not caring about my insensitivity.

She lay beneath me, thrusting her hips in time with my frenzied pumping. The sound of my lustful, grunting pants were accompanied by Victoria’s sighs. I came after a minute, a much-needed relief washing through my body. Victoria accepted my uncaring orgasm, but then held me tightly. Her inner walls grabbed my penis as it softened.

She kept massaging my cock internally while looking at me. Our eyes locked, and she was broadcasting her need to me. "Is better now, yes? Now we make love, yes?" Victoria began to breathe heavily. "I want you. Stay... Stayyy... Ye-e-ess... David, myyy lo-o-ove... Stayyy innn meeee..." she purred. As her pussy worked its magic on my dick, so did her words on my brain. I got hard again, still not having pulled out. "Oooohhh..." was Victoria’s soft, sensual reaction. I slowly raised my hips. "Be-eh-eh-etter, nowww?" my wife sighed.

I could only moan loudly in acknowledgment. I felt her warmth pull me deeper into her. I moved slowly, deliberately, hoping to please my wife, and vowing to be much more attentive to her needs this time. Each centimeter of motion caused tingles to erupt along my rigid length. The sensation was multiplied as it traveled up my spine, becoming an electric sizzle by the time it reached my brain. I bucked involuntarily a couple of times. Victoria gasped, and trembled beneath me. "Ohhh, ye-e-ess!!! You like?" she moaned, biting my ear. My temporary loss of rhythm had pleased her. Our hips circled, pubic regions grinding forcefully at each other. Her tongue buried itself in my mouth. I happily reciprocated, kissing her deeply, my tongue seeking her throat. Victoria’s legs wrapped tightly around my waist. Her hands stroked my back. My wife moaned softly with each movement we made.

I grabbed Victoria’s butt and pulled her against me. Her pleasure button was pressed hard between us. The slow, grinding pace of our sex combined with the pinching of her clit to overwhelm her. She threw her head back, crying "Ohhhh???" She squeezed me with her arms and legs. I felt her body go stiff a split second before the inner massage began; slick, buttery hands spasmodically fingering my cock. Victoria vibrated silently, turning red. She wasn’t breathing. My hips continued their circular motion, and her clit was still trapped, held by our bodies.

Victoria’s head jerked up and down. Her mouth was still open, body still taut, quivering continuously. Her pussy continued its feverish massage of my cock, thrilling me. Suddenly, her back arched, lifting me as well. She still wasn’t breathing. We were precariously balanced, supported mostly by her neck and legs for a moment in slow motion, then frozen as if by a still camera. Victoria collapsed on the bed with a loud huff.

"Hu-uuuh-ohhh! Huuunnnhh!!! Ohhhh! Huunnhh!" she wailed, each cry ending in a deep sighing breath. "Ohh! Ohhh!!! OHHH!!!" Victoria proclaimed her release to the entire town, I thought. Slurping noises came from between us. I was in heaven. "Ohhhh! Ohhh!! Hu-u-u-uhhh-ohhh!!" my wife continued. "Ohhh... Daaa-v-i-i-id!" She thrust her hips violently at me, trying to shake my ejaculation loose.

"F-f-fuckme!" she gasped. "David -- fuckme!" Victoria panted, turning into the sex-crazed vampire I had fallen in lust with. She pumped at me with an erotic urgency. I granted her request, thrusting at her forcefully. My breathing turned into loud pants, silenced occasionally by her tongue and mouth. I lost control, and my hips started moving up and down rapidly to their own rhythm. The tingle started in my feet, spread quickly upward, and gathered into knots in my throat and stomach. Victoria’s eyes were rolled back in her head. "Uhhh! Uhhh! Unnhhh! Uhhh!" she grunted, even less in control than I. The knots contracted, becoming concentrated pinpoints of intense pleasure.

"G-g-g-g --OHHHH!!!!" The knots exploded, sending ecstasy through my system at supersonic speeds. I grunted and bucked, my body twitching violently. My neck muscles locked. Victoria thrashed with me, gasping for air, unable to moan. Then my nuts tightened, I felt my eyes roll around their sockets, I gurgled, my ears popped...

Each powerful contraction in my groin was reflected by a massive shudder and accompanied by a loud groan. Million-watt light bulbs went off in my head, rendering me blind. I felt nails dig into my back, and my body lurched again. The ridge along the underside of my penis burned intensely for a second; then cooled; then burned again. I gave one last shudder, and I was motionless on top of my wife. Her hips still moved from side to side, her pussy milking my deflating cock. A slurping sound meant that it was over. I rolled onto my back, definitely sated and satisfied. I was unbelievably exhausted. A warm pair of lips brushed my cheek; a soft, sweaty body covered mine. Hands rested gently behind my head. Half-lidded brown eyes looked at me. No words were exchanged; it was unnecessary. Sleep swiftly claimed us both.

Late that afternoon, Victoria and I returned to the castle, entering as tourists. She quickly found a secret passage and we made our way to her father’s chamber. We waited there for the sun to set, since only an hour or so of daylight remained. Marta met us in the dining hall shortly after the sun had dropped below the horizon. "Would you happen to have a light, David?" she asked, holding a cigarillo aloft. She held my hand and looked deeply into my eyes as I lit it. She sucked on the tobacco cylinder, beautiful blue eyes speaking to me, saying, "This could be you in my mouth." I kept looking in her eyes for more wonderful words. They danced for me, then started to spin, drawing me nearer...

"David!!!" Victoria’s voice brought me back from the whirlpool. Marta smiled knowingly at me. "We have work to do. You too, Marta," Victoria ordered.

‘"Yes, Countess, I serve faithfully the ruler of castle Dracula," Marta replied. Her sexy voice was not very servile.

"You will come with me. We will make the guards our servants. Yes, you Marta. We only need to enslave them; I do not want any dead bodies to hide for the next three days. Is that clear?" Victoria’s voice definitely gave me the impression that my lovely, sexy Marta might try to disobey her. I couldn’t conceive of the incredibly gorgeous blonde vampire doing that.

"Victoria, I say again that you are crazy. Van Helsing will kill us all. But I must obey," Marta said in resignation. I was about to argue with Victoria and tell her to leave the castle alone, so Marta (and I) could stay in peace. Marta continued, "It will be nice to have Carpathian blood again. I am tired of American teenagers. I will not kill any of the guards, Victoria. You have my word as your father’s favorite." This seemed to allay Victoria’s fears.

"What about me?" I asked, still trying to recover from Marta’s earlier assault on my senses. My dick pressed against my leg. Marta was everything I had ever wanted in a woman.

"Check the castle," Victoria said. "If you find anybody, make them sleep until dawn. We do not wish to be disturbed." That was true. Now, if only Victoria wasn’t in the way... Plus, Victoria had split us up. I groaned inwardly in frustration. Marta knew that I was hers; Victoria was just -- a temporary inconvenience.

I flew around the castle, searching as thoroughly as I could. I thought that Victoria could have done this much better, since she knew all of the secret passages and where they led. Besides, that would have left Marta and me alone, together. My search took more than an hour, because I had to double-check some of the bedrooms. I thought about where I would start fucking Marta, and in which order we’d break in all the beds. I returned to the dining room. Victoria and Marta were talking quietly. I landed, changing back.

"David! I am glad to see you again!" Marta smiled. Her gorgeous face had the two bluest, swirling eyes. I wanted to dive into those twin pools. My cock strained in my pants. Marta was all I cared about. I wanted her badly. The room vanished and I could only think about fucking Marta for eternity. Victoria who? Marta’s lips met mine, sending me to the farthest reaches of the universe. Her presence surrounded me, and I wanted all of her. She pressed her pelvis against mine, grinding forcefully as we kissed madly, driven by lust. My tongue worked inside her mouth. I could only hope it was as good for her as it was for me...

Victoria pulled us apart. Eyes blazing red, she hissed at Marta. "He is mine," she said, trying to burn a hole through the love of my life with her eyes. "Violate our bond, and I will kill you."

My heart’s desire smirked. "He is yours as long as you can keep him." Marta’s eyes reddened. "And you would do well to remember that you may be Countess, but I am a full vampire," she said, malice dripping from each sexy word she uttered. "I would serve him as I served your father," Marta concluded, still staring at Victoria. It was a vampire cat fight, and I knew for whom I was cheering mightily. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body that would be delicious. The woman of my darkest and most far-fetched sexual dreams. She had even just said that she would serve me willingly. My every depraved command.

"David, call the mayor’s daughter." Someone was speaking... to me. With an effort, I pulled my eyes away from my love, my heart’s desire, my ultimate fantasy... and turned to Victoria. My nuts tightened in complaint, and I gave a little groan of pain. The woman with brown hair frowned. "Call the -- "

I cut her off. "I heard you." There was a strong undercurrent of irritation in my voice. All I wanted was for her to leave me and Marta the fuck alone. My brain reluctantly put down the copy of the Marta Sutra it had been zealously reading, and reached out for the young girl. "I have come for you again, my sweet Agnes."

She responded immediately, eagerly. "Will you come to me tonight?"

"No, Agnes. But I am very close. I am at the castle. We can be together in the castle. But you must come to me tonight." Victoria and I had discussed this part many times during the day. "You want me to WHAT?" I had said. My refusal had died quietly. Those brown eyes, wonderful silky mouth, and sweet throat had persuaded me. I wondered how deep Marta’s throat was. My dick jumped.

"Who is Marta?" Agnes’ question rang in my head.

"No one, dear Agnes," I lied, quickly regaining my composure. It was obvious that I’d have to forget about Marta for the time being. "Come to me. I will make you... feel very good." The young girl’s desire hit me with hurricane force as soon as I said it. My dick jumped again, this time for Agnes. It was still trapped in my pants.

"I..." Agnes paused her thought. Anxiety flooded the mental link. "I want to, really. But I can’t. My father was very upset that I am no longer a virgin. He -- he -- " The worst thing about a mental link is that it’s harder not to think about something than it is not to say it. I picked up Agnes’ recollections as she hesitated. I got very angry as I saw her father hit her.

"You must come to me tonight. I will make it better," I cajoled her, truly wanting to console the poor thing. My mortal side came out - but just for an instant.

"I can’t. I just can’t. My father has locked me in my room. I can not get out." Her disappointment at this transmitted very clearly. I could still sense her boiling desire just below the surface of her thoughts. My cock jumped again.

"She’s locked in her room. Her father has beaten her and locked her up because of last night. Now what?" I addressed the statement to both women, but the accusatory tone of my message was directed at Victoria. She didn’t seem to care.

"I can mist," Marta said, breaking the strained silence. "I will free her, and send her here." Her voice was smoky, sensual. "I do this to prove the folly of your plan, Victoria. I will not bite the girl. The last thing that I want is another female vampire," Marta finished in her sultry, silken voice. Marta looked at me. "But she must invite me in the house. I cannot enter of my own will. David, tell her to invite me in when I get there."

Oh, that wonderful, enchanting voice! And it was directed at me. I wanted her badly and Marta knew it. She would be fucking my brains out soon. But first, I had to go along with Victoria’s plan. "Agnes, someone will come. You must ask her to come in so she may free you. Then we can be together, and it will be better than last night. I can’t wait to see you again, Agnes." A solid wall of lust fell on my brain as Agnes’ excitement shot back through the link. I turned to look for my true love, but she had already flown away, heading for the town. The brown-haired woman regarded me curiously.

"Are you all right, David?" she asked. "I know what Marta is doing to you. She does not love you. Her desire is because she is lonely. I promise I will make it better."

"You can’t make it better than she can. I will be Marta’s new master. She will be my willing slave," I said, not caring that I had just insulted Victoria. "You can’t tell me what Marta wants. I will have her, and she will respond to me." There was a razor-sharp edge to my tone. I had meant every word that I had just said. I had no way of knowing that my desire was fueled by Marta’s skill at wielding her supernatural sensuality. However, at that moment, Victoria was just a nagging, unattractive bitch.

"As you wish," was all Victoria said in response, and she walked away from me. I didn’t care. Nothing much happened for the next hour or so. We pointedly ignored each other. Victoria told me that it was time to go to the drawing room, and sent a guard down the road to escort Agnes to the castle. The girl arrived, and looked around the empty foyer.

"Come to me, Agnes," I spoke out loud as I opened the drawing room door. Agnes turned, and her actions slowed as my power wrapped itself around her weakened will. She walked in, eyes glazed, full of trance-like wonder. Her mind was in complete thrall. Her round, innocent face and those eyes made me feel a little guilty. I stepped back to look at her again. I could see her married to a respectable young man from the town in five years. She would become the meek, dutiful, rural housewife her father obviously intended her to be. She would not be a virgin bride, however. "Take off your clothes."

She obeyed quickly. Her nipples were erect, and I didn’t need any vampire powers to tell me that she was aroused. On the other hand, she was broadcasting her extremely powerful lust through the link we shared, and I was too close to her to avoid sensing it. My penis was already erect and just looking for a hole to climb into. I looked at the virginal young girl again. Her desire was almost tangible and it dominated our link, overflowing into the rest of my mind, including the libido. Marta who? "Lie down on the table," I commanded.

Her eyes fluttered as she did so. "Yesss... taaaake... meeee..." Agnes said, sounding as if she were far away. Her lips were slightly parted, and she pouted. The flush blossomed across her chest. Her breathing became rapid and shallow. I ripped off my pants, finally freeing my oppressed cock. Agnes squirmed, and moaned loudly at the sight in anticipation. I positioned myself at her untraveled entrance. Hot, humid waves filled the air around the head of my dick and I couldn’t wait any longer. I began to push into her.

It was a slow process. Agnes’ pussy squeezed every bit of my dick that was in her with an incredibly pleasurable force; it simultaneously pushed at the head against any further penetration. Agnes was soon bucking, crying, moaning, as a string of tiny orgasms rippled through her body. Her hips convulsed as we finally managed to get my cock all the way in her no-longer virginal vagina. I moved slowly, hoping that the gripping, pulling sensation would ease and hoping that it would not. Agnes’ first major orgasm started with a loud wail. She began to fuck back at me with unchained fervor. I flooded her in a very short time, having been stimulated beyond belief by the pulsations of her orgasm and the friction of fucking her tight cunt.

I pulled out with a slurp. "Ohhhh... Was sooooo gooooood..." Agnes moaned over and over, still writhing. Our afterglow was interrupted by Victoria’s entrance.

"The mayor is coming! Quick! Get her ready!" she said, not quite in a panic. She turned and headed back out the room. Oh well, I thought, time for business again. I walked over to the corner of the room opposite from the hall entrance.

"Agnes, come to me," I commanded, again pulling at her with my power, cutting short her post-orgasmic thrill. I’d make it up to her. She climbed off the table and approached me. Our eyes locked. (Now I know. They spin.) I could feel Agnes’ sexual hunger reverberate in my soul through the link. I reached and kissed her, my tongue darting in and out of her mouth. She responded clumsily, but with a great deal of enthusiasm. Then I bit her. Her body trembled, assaulted by the electricity of my special kiss. She suddenly relaxed, succumbing to the ecstasy that dwarfed any of her earlier orgasms. Agnes moaned sweetly. I left her neck bleeding although I stopped drinking. Agnes grabbed at me to help support herself.

"Enter freely, and of your own will," Victoria’s voice carried from the foyer. It was immediately followed and drowned out by an angry male voice.

"What have you done with my daughter?? Woman, I should have called the police when you came to my door! What are you doing in the castle?? Where are the guards??"

"Kneel, Agnes. Service me willingly, lovingly, wantonly with your mouth." She began to lick and suck my cock clumsily. I gently held her head, giving her silent instructions, and guiding her strokes with my hands. She learned quickly, and was soon giving me a very good blowjob.

The drawing room opened and I heard a man gasp. "Agnes!" His sweet, innocent daughter stopped her oral attentions for a moment. She looked at her father. Turning back to me, she stuck her tongue out and slowly ran it along the underside of my cock, looking at me adoringly. She moved her body and resumed her efforts, smacking loudly. She made no effort to disguise the pleasure she was taking. Agnes had moved so that she could look defiantly at her father while she sucked.

A killing rage contorted his face, and the man moved with amazing swiftness. "Stop, and watch how your innocent child enjoys her corruption." Marta’s voice came from behind us, and the mayor was unable to move after his initial two steps. Marta was incredibly powerful, for the mayor just stood, eyes glued on Agnes and my glistening cock.

"Tell your father what else you can do, Agnes," Victoria coaxed, standing in the doorway.

"I can fuck," Agnes giggled. "I fucked him, Daddy." She licked my dick like a lollipop, then continued speaking. "Daddy, I fucked him and I lo-o-o-oved it. And now -- " She gave me another sloppy, lewd, highly visible lick. "I’m sucking his cock. It tastes sooo goood... Mmmmm," Agnes purred as she placed her mouth around my cock and resumed bobbing her head. I sent her another silent command.

"I want your juice, master!" Agnes squealed. "I want to feeel it, taaste it... and, and -- drink it. Give me your juice, pleeease!" Her hand pumped faster on my slick shaft. Agnes giggled some more, chanting, "Masterrr, cummm, masterrr, cummmm..." With that added stimulation, it wasn’t long before I did, spurting satisfying streams of semen onto Agnes. She purred and cooed and laughed as the milky white fluid landed on her. She took my cock back into her mouth after several jets had hit her. She rolled her tongue around my coming cock, sucking happily, purring loudly until the spurts became dribbles. She wiped at the come on her face and body, licking her fingers in an obscene manner. Agnes looked at her father. "Would you like me to do you now, Daddy?" The expression on her face was one of absolute lust taken to the point of decadence. The voice had no business being on a 15-year old girl.

The mayor had a large bulge in his pants; Marta continued to sit, filing her nails and looking disinterested. Agnes began to crawl towards her father, whispering wanton obscenities to him. "Stop her, my love," Marta’s voice danced in my head. "We will have time, later." Agnes stopped, stood up, and returned to me. I gave her a long, wet kiss. She responded fully, and much less clumsily than before.

Victoria broke the silence. "I am the Countess Dracula. I have returned with a new Count, to reclaim the family home and birthright. I hereby claim your daughter as my maidservant. Henceforth, her family shall be ours for all time." Victoria’s eyes turned red. The man’s anger turned to fear as the enthralled kitchen staff and guards entered the room. Their neck wounds were very fresh, having been "touched up" for the occasion.

"Agnes..." the mayor squeaked. His daughter responded by kneeling and starting another blowjob. "Fuck me again, master!" she said between slurps. Her father ran screaming from the drawing room and out into the night, pursued by Victoria.

When she came back a few minutes later, Agnes was cuddled in a plush chair, sleeping. Marta was giving me the blowjob, and I was hissing, "Yess, baby, yess!" repeatedly. Marta stopped as Victoria re-entered the room. "If that does not get Van Helsing to come kill the vampires, nothing will," she said bitterly. "You have sealed our doom, foolish girl. I for one, intend to enjoy my final hours. Fuck me, David." I eagerly began to remove Marta’s clothes.

"YOU - WILL - NOT - TAKE - PLEASURES - WITH - MY - HUSBAND!" Marta stood up, half-naked, and locked eyes with Victoria. The battle over me had begun in earnest. Both women’s eyes were bright red. The hair on my body stood up as arcane power filled the room. Victoria’s knees began to buckle. "No! -- I -- am -- Coun -- tess -- Drac -- ula!" Her voice was strained, weak. Marta smiled evilly, saying nothing. Suddenly, Marta’s eyes snapped wide open in fear. She turned and ran away without a word.

Victoria - my wife - collapsed on the floor. Lifting her head, she looked up at me with unfocused eyes. "I am my father’s daughter..." she said quietly, then her eyes closed, and her head fell back to the carpet. I carried her to her father’s chamber, and lay her on the bed. I didn’t know what had happened between Marta and Victoria, but I didn’t care. I was worried by Victoria’s pallor and ragged, shallow breathing. I watched her for a couple of hours until I fell asleep with my arm protectively draped across her body.

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