The Innocent

Part 5

The orgasmic bliss had long since faded, but the panic was still there in full force the following morning.  Wanda desperately sought a way out of her current predicament.  Wanda’s attacks of conscience were getting stronger and more frequent.  Lori/Lyssa didn’t need to be some rich man’s entranced, reprogrammed virgin bride; she needed serious professional help, and not from Dr. Jackson.  When Wanda had awoken that morning, naked, sprawled on the kitchen floor, she realized that she was out of options.  The one thing that Lori so valuable was her virginity in combination with her age.  Unfortunately, there would be hell to pay if said virginity were lost.  The damage to Lori’s psyche would be incalculable, and Dr. Jackson’s wrath…  She shivered.

The phone rang, startling her.  “Hello?” she said.  After a couple of seconds she remembered that it might not be Dr. Jackson.  “Gardner Massage Therapy.”

“Good morning, Wanda.  I trust you had a pleasant night,” Dr. Jackson smirked.

“Well, if you mean did I enjoy waking up, freezing cold and naked in the kitchen, no,” she said, trying to keep her calm.

“Oh,” he answered, still smirking.  “I really ought to remember to allow you to remember those orgasms.  Four successive ones, each in a crescendo of physical bliss…”  He sighed.  “At least you’re in good enough physical condition now to be annoyed with me.  I remember when I first met you…”  Wanda wished he’d get to the point instead of waxing nostalgic.  His trips down memory would normally flatter her; she enjoyed thinking that she was special to him.  She had been special enough that he’d taken and reshaped her from a fat, dumpy librarian with serious self-image issues into a zaftig, sexy woman; she’d enraptured more men in the past three years than she had in her entire life to the point when she met him.  And that was without using the hypnosis skills he’d taught her.  “…and now, you’re my partner in a very… profitable exercise.  How is our subject?  Does she have an appointment today?”

“Ummm…  No, Dr. Jackson,” she answered, trying not to show any of the nervousness she felt.  “I actually haven’t made another appointment with her; she’s a pre-med student, and she spends a lot of time at school, so I don’t have a standing appointment time with her.”

“Pre-med, eh?  She’s smart.  That’s a valuable commodity in our target market.  The price has just gone up,” he grinned, but his voice quickly turned serious.  “How have things been going?  Is she under enough to…?”

“There’s… ummm… no resistance to trance… but…her other self… makes it difficult,” Wanda said, trying to think of how to stall him..  “And I’m out of the black lotus serum, so I haven’t… well… I’ve been afraid to try too much.  Her other personality is definitely not the blushing, bashful virgin type.  If given half the chance, she’d lose it.”

“Mmmmm…  I see,” came the thoughtful response.  “I’ll bring you some more this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Wanda.  Maybe I’ll bring Hana with me.  Have you ever met my newest… toy?”

“Dr. Jackson, that’s nice, but, but… I’m going to be running some errands today and I—”  She heard a word, and everything faded away…


“Hi, Dr. Jackson!” Wanda greeted the tall, powerfully built man at her door.  “Please come in!”  He was accompanied by a slender, young blonde woman carrying a small box, who followed him in without a word.  “Who is your friend?”

“Wanda Gardner, meet Hana Tagova,” he said after directing the woman to sit the box on the kitchen table.  She turned and smiled, but her eyes were vacant.  She was acting in a very deep trance.  “Sit down at the table, Hana, and sleep for me.”  The young woman silently obeyed.  “Hana is… a rescue,” he confided, indicating the living room.  They softly walked through the kitchen doors.  “She was a mail-order bride from Eastern Europe… but her husband was abusive.  When they arrested him, she was left without means of her own, and her husband refused to apply for her green card.  She was referred to me by a friend, to rebuild her self-confidence.  She has sessions at least three times a day, and the trip to Europe… well, we went away, but not to Europe, where I could work on her for three weeks straight.”  Wanda was beginning to have hope that Dr. Jackson had a heart.  “She’s just about ready for auction now.  The trauma is gone, and her English has improved considerably.”

“Is she also a…?”

“Oh, no.  No, Wanda,” Dr. Jackson immediately replied.  “No.  She’s just a standard package, although the fact that’s she’s Eastern European might drive the price up a little; or it might drive it down.  Who knows?  These days the market is funny, anyway.  There hasn’t been much call for our—products—lately.  Feds have cracked down on cash transactions.”

“Oh.  Well, that’s OK.  The massage business is going really well,” Wanda said.  “I’ll just have to put off those life of luxury dreams for a little while longer.”

“That—may not be true,” Dr. Jackson said.  “This latest project of yours has significant income potential.  As I said earlier, you’re slated to get a fifty percent cut.  I’m now thinking open market, though, so that would be fifty percent after costs.”

She could not hold it in any longer.  “Dr. Jackson,” she began, “I’m not so sure that… well… Lori would make a good sale.  I mean, she’s got some serious issues, and the MPD thing worries me—”

“I can handle that,” he evenly interrupted.  “As long as you are positive that her hymen is intact.”

“Yes, it is… but… she’s a really smart, sweet girl, and I think she’d be better off as the doctor she wants to be.  Her grades are really goood and—”

Dr. Jackson smiled.  “Wanda, are you having a crisis of conscience?”  Wanda took a deep breath and nodded hopefully.  At least he isn’t mad at me.  “You’ve gotten to know this girl, and you like her, don’t you?” he quietly said.  She nodded again.  “It would be a shame to rob the world of someone so innocent, so pure, is that it?” he nodded.

“Yes, Dr. Jackson, that’s it.  She just so nice and innocent.  A really good kid, even if she does have some issues concerning sex.”  The living room was absolutely quiet for several long seconds, after which, Dr. Jackson spoke.

Nodding thoughtfully, he said, “I see.  So you’re willing to pass up an enormous payday for this girl’s sake?”  Wanda said yes.  “I understand how you feel, Wanda.  It’s not easy to take someone from their life, especially when, as in this girl’s case, it’s a good, promising life.”  He removed a crystal on a chain from his inner jacket pocket, and Wanda immediately focused on it.  “Unfortunately, I am not willing to give up on that payday.  I have no such attachment.”  Dr. Jackson’s voice got deeper and a little louder.  “Gaze into the crystal, Wanda.  Remember as you gaze into the crystal.”

“I… am… deeply hypnotized now.  Your… words… are my thoughts.  Whenever I look at the crystal, I have no thought.  Your words are my thoughts.  I must obey you.  You are my master.  I must obey you.  You are my master…” Wanda said, instantly, deeply entranced by a post-hypnotic command from long ago.

“I am your master and you must obey me.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good girl.  You will obey me, no matter what you are thinking.  Do you understand?”


“You will forget how nice Lori is.  The only thing will matter is that she is worth a lot of money to you.  You want that money.  You will prepare her to meet me as quickly as possible, and when she is ready, you will make those arrangements.  I am your master, and you must obey.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“When I count to three, you will be Wanda, the predator again.  My beautiful, sexy, hypnotist.  You will continue to share your bounty with me, do you understand?”


“As you gaze into the crystal, you will remember deep, deep, and far away in your mind, that it binds your thoughts, and when I hold a crystal in front of you, you must look at it.  It fascinates you, and your mind is completely blank.  My words are your thoughts, and the crystal dictates that you must obey me.  You are deeply, deeply, hypnotized by the crystal each time I hold it in front of you, and you mind is blank.  My words are your thoughts.  You must obey me when I hold the crystal.  Repeat.”

“I must obey you when you hold the crystal.  Your words are my thoughts.  My mind is blank.  I must look at the crystal and obey you,” Wanda said.

Dr. Jackson put the crystal away.  Wanda looked so vulnerable in her trance, and so sexy dressed in her form-fitting leotards.  He really did like the way she looked, with her generous, but not vulgarly large curves.  The former librarian had been easy enough to manipulate, but then the deal had fallen through, and he had been left with a hypno-slave without a buyer.  Wanda’s repressed sexuality was volcanic, and since it had been released in preparing her for the buyer, she was hot as hell.  He’d had an inspiration after one particularly rousing night full of sex with her.  Since most men wanted their perfect, reprogrammed women to be bisexual, Wanda would allow him to work that into the reprogramming.

When the market for heterosexual men opened up, Dr. Jackson decided to make her his willing, this incident notwithstanding, partner in crime.  Wanda knew how to be sexy, more so than most women who were slender, and she used that, along with her nice personality, to ensnare several fine young men.  Older women with the money to grant their own fantasies paid just as much as the men did.  He decided that she deserved a reward for having found, and trapped this Lori girl in their web.  He began to thicken he had the thought of what was to come.  He counted her to consciousness, and said, “Monique is unleashed.”  Wanda’s eyes widened, and she reached eagerly for him.  He did not resist as she pulled him to her for a hot, hot, hard kiss.  I’ve gotta let her get laid more, Dr. Jackson thought.

“I have a present for you,” he said, as soon has her questing tongue let him.  “She’s in the kitchen.”

“Ooohhhh!!!  Pussy!!!!” was the lewd response.  It wasn’t long before all three of them were in one of the upstairs bedrooms, Dr. Jackson thrusting enthusiastically at Wanda, her juices slurping freely with each move he made.  Hana, whose face and upper torso had turned red, was grinding on Wanda’s face as Wanda greedily ate her out, making contented noises of her own between his increasingly energetic thrusts.  Wanda was a great fuck, and he wouldn’t have lasted long anyway, but Hana’s silent scream and the sound of female ejaculation made it impossible for Dr. Jackson to hold off for a second longer.  “Cummmmmm-iiiiinnnngghhh,” he sighed.

Wanda’s body started to oscillate, tiny jerks at first that became a rolling wave from head to toe, punctuated with a loud grunt and gurgle.  She grabbed Hana’s hips, locking the orgasming girl in place, and had Dr. Jackson been able to see or care beyond his own painful bliss, he would have seen the younger girl’s eyes roll up into her head and her body go slack due to sensory overload.  Wanda locked her legs around him, hips pumping furiously, and clamped onto him mightily with her strong masseuse’s arms.  The internal convulsions of her pussy sent more feeling through his cock, which was still hard enough for him to wiggle with purpose.  He stayed hard enough to make a popping sound when he finally withdrew.  Wanda’s eyes opened to regard him with a satiated, yet hungry expression on her face.  She said nothing while she rolled over avoided disturbing the insensate Hana, and lit a cigarette.  She returned to her place on the bed, giving him that, “You don’t think I’m finished with you yet,” incendiary look as she enjoyed her after-sex cigarette.  Dr. Jackson found her incredibly sexy, and quite irresistible when she was like that.

After her post-orgasmic smoke, Wanda crawled over to him.  “I want you,” she huskily said, reaching for his cock.  He smiled, but stopped her, drawing a surprised pout.  “Don’t you think I’m sexy?  Wasn’t that some of the best sex you’ve ever had, Dr. Jackson?”  Monique, the unrestrained sexual side of Wanda, was so much fun.

No, but then you and I have had a lot of sex over the past few years, my dear Monique, he thought.  “I want to wait for Hana, dear,” he said.  And a little more time to recover.  He had a quarter of a little blue pill; enough to insure that he’d be able to get it up and on multiple times, but not enough to cause priapism—there was still a refractory period.

“Well, can I get you warmed up while she wakes up?”  Wanda buried her face in his groin, and the sensation of her soft tongue meeting his warm flesh cut off any protest he might have made.  God, she gives great head…  Dr. Jackson lay back on the bed to allow her better access.  Her mouth swirled lovingly, gently, around his cock, which slowly began to respond.  She gave him a salacious smile before engulfing him, and he watched his cock disappear in a bounce of curly black hair, only to quickly reappear.  She bobbed her head a few times, and then playfully ran her finger along the underside of his still-lengthening cock.  Dr. Jackson moaned involuntarily, losing track of the expression in her eyes for a moment.  He got harder and she gazed at him with open lust and glee, swirling her head constantly around his member, which was almost erect now.  Then she began to bob her head, slowly, sucking gently, fluttering her tongue constantly as she moved.  Wanda closed her eyes, and released his cock to the air before recapturing it, going down… down… down… and further still.  “Ahhhhhh!!!!”  He could not help the noise as the head of his cock hit the back of Wanda’s mouth.  He was very hard now, and Hana had begun to stir.  Wanda came back up for air, her eyes threatening to make him cum, untouched.

“Monique, focus on my finger.”  Wanda watched as he moved his index finger towards her, then away.  Dr. Jackson watched with satisfaction as her eyes tracked the movements carefully, precisely.  He moved his finger from left to right and back again a few times to make sure that he had her complete focus, and then he pointed at her and moved his finger towards her again, not stopping until he tapped her on the forehead.  “Sleep!”  She fell face down on the bed her body slack.

Dr. Jackson quickly put Hana back into trance and gave her instructions.  She nodded and began to play with her own body, feeling very, very horny, and extremely submissive.  Obedience made her so hot.  She watched him with adoration as she touched herself while awaiting her next command.  Dr. Jackson leaned to the hypnotically unconscious Wanda.  “Wanda, you hear my voice, and you hear your thoughts.  You will open your eyes and remain obedient.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she whispered from her trance.  “Your words are my thoughts.”

“Very good, Wanda.  Now it is time for body memory.  Do you remember what that is?”

“Yes, I remember.”

Dr. Jackson resumed, “Your body remembers… a man… big… strong… sexy.  The two of you spent an evening together.  Do you remember that night?  Your body does, in the greatest detail.”  Wanda had had one spectacular sexual experience during her initial sessions with him.  She had met a fellow librarian at a conference, a big bear of a man who liked his women large, too.  They’d spent a night together, and he was apparently the absolute best lay of Wanda’s entire life.  He’d immediately engrained it in her memory; it had only been a one-night stand, but the man had left an indelible mark on Wanda’s psyche.  He’d since used that memory first against her, in her initial conditioning, but as a reward on several occasions since.

“Wanda, it is time for you to remember Cletus,” Dr. Jackson said, and she immediately began to squirm and sigh.  “Yes, that’s right.  Feel him playing with your pussy, his fat, hard cock slipping around your lower lips as you get wetter and wetter.  It feels very good, doesn’t it, Wanda?”  She answered with a soft, moaning, “yes,” and she spread her legs, silently inviting her imaginary lover to take her.  “He wants you on your hands and knees… with your pussy above Hana’s mouth.”  Wanda quickly moved to obey, and Hana responded by beginning to lick her clit.  Dr. Jackson began to stroke himself, returning his own cock to full hardness as he watched the two women play with each other.

“When you feel my hand on your ass, you will feel Cletus enter you, and begin to fuck you.  His perfect cock filling you the way you like to be filled, and moving in just the right way as you remember.  Your mind remembers, your body remembers, and when I touch you on your ass, you will feel it, experience it, in all its glorious, pleasurable, reality.  Do you understand?”

Wanda managed to gasp, “Uh-uh-uh—yes!”  Hana was very skilled at licking other women, and her hypnotically-charged efforts were taking effect.  “Ohhh!  Ohhh!”  Dr. Jackson smiled; what Wanda was about to experience was physically impossible—you couldn’t fit two bodies in the same space.  He was hard now, and everything was ready.  He patted her on the ass, and Wanda bucked at the sensation of entry.  “Ohhh…  Ohhh…  Gawwwddd…  Cleeee-tusssss…  Fu-u-u-u-uck meeeee…”  Her hips began to move in time with those of her imaginary lover.  Wanda’s back reddened as her body moved, stimulated by Hana’s tongue and the memory of the perfect sexual encounter.  Dr. Jackson lubricated his rigid cock, and approached the duo on the bed.  When he grabbed Wanda’s hips to steady her, she came from the hypno-memory fuck.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh,” she loudly crooned, her body locked, quivering like a tiny tuning fork.  “UHHHHHHH,” she grunted as she crested the wave.  Dr. Jackson aimed, and stuck his cock into her ass, moaning with joy as she was squeezed with delicious pressure and sweet friction.  Wanda began to pump at the two cocks inside her, the physical one in her ass, and the mental one in her pussy, while having her clit directly stimulated by Hana.  It was too much stimulation for any one person and her orgasm approached from out of nowhere.  “Ohhhh… god…  Ohhhh… god…. ohh… god… ohmigod… ohmigod…”  She took one loud, long, hoarse breath, but instead of screaming, she bucked a few times, panted loudly for a few seconds, and then simply melted, her body going slack, briefly trapping poor Hana.

A frustrated Dr. Jackson pulled out of Wanda, who merely rolled over to the side, her body trembling with rolling aftershocks, her eyes open, unseeing.  He barked, “On your hand and knees, Hana!”  The girl obeyed instantly, and he was thrusting at her ass now, pumping vigorously, greedily urging his ejaculation forth, not caring about her.  Hana responded enthusiastically, as she always did, as her training insured.  She was being used, and that made it better and hotter for her.  He came with a roar, triggering Hana’s orgasm for she had been hypnotically trained to cum when her master did.  Dr. Jackson pulled free of her shortly thereafter, but he let Wanda continue experiencing her hypno-fuck for a few minutes longer.  The sights and sounds spurred his recovery, but sometimes discretion really was the better part of valor.  He whispered in Wanda’s ear, and her frantic motion slowed, then stilled.  She was panting heavily, with an occasional moan and sigh.  Dr. Jackson cleaned and dressed himself, then sat next to Wanda on the bed.  Tapping her into trance once again, he made sure that his earlier commands had taken effect.  “Wanda, I am your master.  You will obey me.  My words are your thoughts.  You will act as I command.  Do you understand?”

“Yes… you are my master,” she sighed.  “I will obey you.”

“Excellent.  Now, what are you to do the next time you see Lori?”

“I am to… prepare her to meet you.  Prepare her… for auction.”

“Good girl.  You will wake up naturally, feeling relaxed.  You will not remember having been hypnotized, but you will remember the sex, do you understand?”


“Very good, Wanda, sleep until you wake up naturally.”  Dr. Jackson let himself out of Wanda’s home with Hana in tow.  Wanda’s conscience hadn’t been a problem before.  This Lori girl had to be something special, and that made her worth a lot of money.  Neither he nor Wanda could afford to have a conscience at that price.


“Hi Wanda!  I’m ready for my massage!” Lori called from downstairs.  Wanda told her she’d be down in a minute.  She was fixing a special batch of trance cocktail for the girl.  That morning, Dr. Jackson had told her that the bidding war for Lori had already started, and that they were already at twice the original price.  This meant that the timetable for her conversion had to be accelerated.  To help accomplish that, he’d given Wanda a recipe to enhance the black lotus serum, and sent the final ingredients via courier.  The courier hadn’t been gone more than five minutes before Lori had arrived, so Wanda was running a little late.  However, she definitely did not want to mess up this recipe; a little bit too much of any one ingredient could be fatal, so Lori would just have to wait.  “Hiya, kiddo,” she greeted the girl lying flat, face down on the massage table.  “Sorry about the delay.  I had some business to take care of.”

Lori cheerfully replied, “That’s OK, Wanda.  I’m sorry I missed last Sunday, but I had to spend more time in the lab than I thought.  I did OK on the project, though!  I got an A-!”

“Well good for you!  That’s going to look good on your transcript!” Wanda smiled while making a show of warming the oil Lori had selected.  Lori quietly gushed over her accomplishment until Wanda said, “I need you to calm down and relax now, Lori.  I know you’re really happy, but it’s massage time.”

At that, Lori’s happy energy vanished, and she stopped moving, save for quiet, deep, breathing.  “Yes, Lori, massage time, relaxing more and more, deeper and deeper into relaxation and warmth.  Relaxation and warmth.  Nice and warm… so very warm, muscles loosening, all the tension going… going… far, far away as the pleasant warmth fills your body.”  The entranced girl moaned.  “Would you like a drink Lori, something to cool your throat because you are so very, very warm?”

“Ssss… Wanda…”

Wanda produced the vial of the fortified black lotus serum and poured it into a paper cup, holding it while Lori sipped the half-ounce of liquid through a straw.  “Now that your thirst is taken care of, Lori, you feel so very comfortable that it’s easier to relax more and more for Wanda’s massage.  Relax…  Relax…”  Dr. Jackson had said that it was relatively fast acting, and that Lori should be at the requisite level of trance in fifteen minutes or so.  Wanda absently passed the time by massaging Lori’s back and dreaming about what she would do with the money.  Her clit buzzed a little as she thought of buying a handsome young man of her own at auction.  She definitely knew what she was looking for in terms of cock…  She snapped out of her daydream to find that a half hour had elapsed.  Wanda somewhat reluctantly pushed her dream away and asked Lori if she could hear her.

“Ssssss…  C’n… hear… Wannnn-daaaaa,” Lori slurred.

“Very good, Lori.  Now I am going to tell you things that will help you become a doctor.  You want to be a good doctor, don’t you Lori?”


She was extremely deep.  While the black lotus serum increased suggestibility by selectively blocking certain non-autonomous nerve impulses, Dr. Jackson’s pharmaceutically-based kicker affected the rational, decision-making part of the mind.  With careful enough phrasing, a person under the influence of this cocktail could be guided to do anything, or answer any question with “yes.”  The drawback was that it was a delicate balance between all drugs involved, and the particular physiology of the person being dosed.  “It will help you to be a doctor if you do what Wanda tells you from now on.  Wanda is your friend.  She wants to see you become a doctor, and everything she tells you will help you to become a doctor.  Wanda has a good friend who is a doctor, and he can fix it so that you will accomplish your goal, Lori.  All you have to do is to make Wanda happy, and you can make Wanda happy by listening to her and doing exactly what she says.  Do you understand?”

Lori’s softly hissed assent was fully expected, but it was important that Wanda delay a few seconds to allow the girl’s fogged, slowly-acting brain to process everything before adding more information.  She had done this before and she had never lost a target.  Dr. Jackson called her “the best pre-closer he’d ever seen.”  The thought of him being pleased with her and its possible reward sent a momentary, but extremely enjoyable zing of arousal through her.  Wanda resumed, “Lori, you need to make sure that you come to massage every week.  It is vital that you come to your massage therapy every week.  If you do not, the stress will return and you will stop doing as well as you have been in school, do you understand?”

The girl hissed in gentle consent again.  Normally, the slightest thought or suggestion that she would not be a doctor would have agitated her, but the drugs were doing their job very well.  Wanda smiled, “That’s a good girl.  Lori will be a pretty, pretty doctor if she always listens to Wanda,” which drew a pleased hum from the girl on the table.  “Wanda will introduce you to her doctor friend next week, at your massage, Lori.  You will not mind if the doctor is in the room for your massage, because he is a doctor, and he sees patients all the time.  As long as you listen to Wanda, and her doctor friend, you will accomplish your goal, Lori.  All you have to do is to accept Wanda’s help, and listen to her, and her doctor friend.  Wanda’s doctor friend wants to see you accomplish your goal, and he is willing to help you do that.  Isn’t that nice of him?”

Lori made an unintelligible noise.  Wanda frowned.  It was important that she know that the subject had clearly accepted the substitute reasoning.  There was no room for doubt at this critical juncture.  “Lori, it’s all right to get just enough tension in the muscles that you need to speak clearly.  Only those muscles and nothing more, the rest of you remains completely relaxed, completely calm, all other muscles loose and pleasantly relaxed and warm, relaxed and warm.”  Wanda waited a minute or so while the girl complied with the directive.  “Once again, isn’t it nice that the doctor wants to help you achieve your goal?”

The young woman swallowed, and said, “Yes.  Very nice.”

Now I can see how much of this has taken, Wanda thought.  “And what do you have to do in order to achieve your goal?”

“Listen… do what Wanda… and doctor say.”

“That’s right, Lori,” Wanda smiled wolfishly.  “If you do what Wanda and her doctor friend say, you will achieve your goal.  What’s the first thing Wanda told you that you must do?”

“Must… keep appointment for… next week.”

“That’s very good, Lori,” Wanda replied, “And then who will you meet next week?”

“Wanda’s… doctor friend.  Help me become… doctor.”

“Excellent, Lori.  That’s right, you will meet Wanda’s doctor friend next week.  You’re such a smart girl… you remember everything Wanda tells you.  And what else will happen next week?”

“He… he… I—”  Lori’s hesitation raised Wanda’s eyebrows.  “Don’t want… anybody… in… room,” she finally managed.  “Just Wanda.  Just… massage.”  The drug was keeping the girl placid, but this particular command was one she definitely didn’t like.

“Calm, Lori…  Relaxed… and calm… warm…” came Wanda’s soothing voice.  “The doctor will help Lori achieve her goal.  He’s a doctor.  He sees many naked women in his job, Lori,” she reasoned.  “It is not important to him that you are naked.  He does not care about that.  He is a doctor, and he wants you to achieve your goal.  He’s willing to help you, but he’s only available during your massage.”  Wanda paused.  “If you meet him during your massage, speak with him, and do what he says, he will guarantee that you achieve your goal.  You will not have to stress about your grades ever again, Lori.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  To just be able to take courses and not have to get an “A”?

“Yes… but… but…”

“He’s already a doctor, Lori, and that’s what you want to be.  He will help you achieve your goal, but the opportunity is only next Sunday, during your massage.  Do you want Wanda to tell him not to come?”

“No,” Lori flatly stated.  “I will meet… with him during massage.  I trust… you.”

Her mistake.  “Then Wanda and her doctor friend will see you next Sunday at three,” Wanda concluded.  “Now I want you to go back to being completely, totally, relaxed, absolutely no tension…  Feel Wanda’s hands on your body taking all of the stress and tension from last week out.  Listen to Wanda as she tells you to stop hunching in the study carrels and enjoy the pleasant feeling of massage…”

This story copyright © 2001-2005, The Flying Pen

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