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The Broadway Limited
Crystal's Persuasion
Eraser, The
Graduation Gift
Honey's Story
Karen: An Unusual Love Story
Master Yes
Night Music
Queen Alice
 Satin Doll
 Scenes From The Coven: Rites of Spring
Seduction of Yvonne Bauer, The
 Tales From The Institute, WC0006
The Coven 
The Sorcerer 
The Innocent
 FF, Incorporated
Klaire Goes On Holiday
Hypnotic Eye Beams
Ensnared In A Tangled Web
Focus Group

Fetish Stories

A Sense of Style
Casino Camille
Colby and the 120 Club
Definitely Not Like Old Times
The More Slave
Satellite AGX-69 Services
The Training Program
The Beverly Chronicles
 The Countess
The Hypnodomme Next Door
Easy Edie
Gary's Story: The Dragon Lady

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