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1 March 2018 (February update)

and interim update 14 February 2018


  1. Going, Going, Gone! by Dirt (boy slave story)
  2. Winter Storm by Sarge (non-consensual teen-boy story)
  3. First Snow by Sarge (boyfriends & camp story)
  4. The Homeless Boy by Lonely Randy (consensual man-boy story)
  5. A Winter's Day Flirt by P. Writer (boyfriends story)
  6. War Is Hell by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story)
  7. Pretty Boy by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story)
  8. The Brewsters Celebrate Carnaval de Quebec by J.O. Dickingson (other teen-boy story)
  9. One Winter Afternoon by Daemon Way (non-cons boy-boy story)
  10. The Best Christmas Present Ever by Yaro Minnaar (reluctant man-boy story)
  11. Winter Accident by Randy Craig (consensual man-boy story)
  12. Carnal Winter by Debonair (consensual man-boy story)
  13. Crazy? Maybe by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story)
  14. Dead of Winter by The Devil's Advocate (non-consensual man-boy - crossdressing story)

    Other new tories, including those of the interim update of 14 February 2018:

  15. Enslaving Cute Boys Is a Good Thing by Dirt (boy slave story)
  16. A Friend in Need by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  17. The Joy of Owning Boys by Dirt (slaveboy/body-modification) 14-2
  18. Modeling is 'Hard' Work by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  19. The Pawn by Dirt (slaveboy) 14-2
  20. Skilled in the Line of Beauty by Dream Weaver (prostitution & boyfriends) 14-2
  21. Those Black Eyes by Dirt (slaveboy/body-modification) 14-2
  22. Nog by Jay ('boy'friends/fantasy) 14-2
  23. Zuberi the Orphan by John D (consensual muscleboy) 14-2

  1. Mijn vriendje Roland door Ronnie*nl (boyfriend) 14-2
  2. Zijn eerste orgasme door onbekend (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  1. Meine Ausbildung zum Lustknaben von Silvereagle (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  2. Die Überraschung von KS-Baerlin (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  1. Приключения Тэйса-натуриста по Йону 14-2

30 January 2018

and interim updates 4, 11, and 18 January 2018


  1. Adventures with Summo and Timo by Maiocxx (fantasy)
  2. Alex by Adam (boyfriends) 4-1
  3. The Angel of a New Age by ChronArch (consensual/real-life) 11-1
  4. The Babysitter by Unknownwriter (age regression/diaper) 4-1
  5. Beach Party by Damnd1 (boyfriends) 4-1
  6. A Dark and Stormy Night by Jack (boyfriends) 4-1
  7. Escape from Orgasm Hell by Snowslake2 (milking/tentacles story)
  8. Fixing Jack by Damnd1 (milking story) 18-1
  9. Gold by Funtails (consensual man-boy) 4-1
  10. Holy Fuck-up! by Dirt (slaveboy)
  11. The Kingdom of the Isles by Calvinus (sword&sorcery & slave-boy) 4-1
  12. Leather by Liam by Unknownwriter (tie-up) 18-1
  13. Making Mark by Unknownwriter (other story) 4-1
  14. Mothers Don't Always Know Best by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 4-1
  15. The Naughty Nephew by Unknownwriter (tie-up/diaper) 11-1
  16. The Problem by Damnd1 (milking story) 4-1
  17. Rape? by Dirt (real life) 18-1
  18. Showers by UliH (boyfriends)
  19. Sin Tech Expo by Callum (slave-boy) 4-1
  20. Steven – A Christmas Story by Damnd1 (milking story) 4-1
  21. Sweet Child of Mine by Donatello Xi (consensual incest) 18-1
  22. Two Boys, a love story by Dirt (boy-slave) 4-1
  23. Tyrone and the White Sheriff by Mister Red (non-consensual man-boy) 11-1
  24. Wally's Sleepover: The Boys' Stories by Mister Red (consensual man-boy) 4-1
  25. Wet by UliH (boyfriends) 4-1
  26. Winter Storm by Sarge (non-consensual teen-boy) 18-1
  27. Worlds Apart by Callum (slave-boy) 4-1
  28. Xanadu Pleasure Dome, Part II Menagerie of Extraordinary Boys (and A Tale of Two Boys) by Dirt (slaveboy) 18-1

21 December 2017


  1. The Boy's Story by Dirt (boy-slave & porn movies)
  2. Free Love and Teenage Chickenhawks by Oskar M (consensual teen-boy)
  3. James on Camp by Treacle Tower (tie-up & boyfriend)
  4. Juvenile Injustice by Calvinus (prison & slave-boy)
  5. Mikey Needs To Cum by Leonard (non-consensual teen-boy, hypno)
  6. Mothers Don't Always Know Best by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)

30 November 2017


  1. Across the Road by Unknownwriter (diapers story)
  2. Being Good by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  3. Cubicle number 6 by Damnd1 (other story)
  4. Family Time by Unknownwriter- (tie-up story)
  5. The Fremont Stakes by Istari and Calvinus (slaveboy - ponyboys)
  6. Harvey Was A Bitch by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  7. Kid Swap by Sam the Ham (consensual man-boy)
  8. Lasse by P. Writer (consensual man-boy)
  9. Trick or Treat by Damnd1 (consensual man-boy)
  10. Wanna Play Pac-Man? by Leonard (consensual man-boy)

  1. Bijverdienen door Gert-Jan (prostitution)
  2. Onbewoond eiland door Rob (boyfriend)
  3. Tony en zijn vriendjes door Tony Podia (consensual man-boy)

9 November 2017 (October update)

and interim updates 26 September and 5 and 12 October


  1. The Beast by Diabloa5 (sword&sorcery)
  2. A Boy in Trouble - Writer's Cut by P. Writer (slave-boy)
  3. Cabinet of Curiosities by Sam the Ham (fantasy story)
  4. Held to Please by Leonard (non-consensual man-boy story)
  5. Home is Danelaw by Sam Johnson (consensual man-boy)
  6. Miss Love – Camp Nurse by Damnd1 (femdom story) 5-10
  7. My Last Trick or Treat by Sarge (real life)
  8. The Perfect Moment by Sam the Ham (consensual man-boy) 26-9
  9. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Sarge (tie-up <cons & non-cons> boyfriends)
  10. You Bet Your Ass by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)

  1. Naturistenkind Thijs door Yonu (consensual man-boy) 12-10

21 September 2017 (July-August-September update)

  1. Alfie and the Thinking Stick, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  2. The Boy from Sweden, by About a Boy (boyfriends)
  3. Boy Vignettes 53-60, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy)
  4. Chance of a Lifetime by Erastes (consensual man-boy)
  5. Elliot's Big Secret by Oskar M (other story)
  6. Hawk Boy: Memoirs of a Child Porn Star by dcs (consensual man-boy)
  7. Lust in Space by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy & fantasy)
  8. The Metal Bears, by Unknownwriter (slave-boy story)
  9. Number Fifty by Cutter09 (boyfriends)
  10. Man's Best Friend by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  11. Slave Act World Vignettes, story 3, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy)
  12. Welcome to the Group by Sam the Ham (boyfriends with bdsm)


2 July 2017 (June update)

and interim updates 12 and 19 June


  1. All the World's a Stage by Erastes (man boy story)
  2. Beanbags by Damnd1 (sci-fi story) 12-6
  3. Castaway Hotel: Next Generation, Book 2 by Bill W (consensual man-boy)
  4. The Day I Was Abducted and Raped, by Jason Masters (non-consensual teen-boy)
  5. A Dedicated Life by Corin (boy prostitution & sci-fi) 12-6
  6. Drake by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 12-6
  7. Grampa by Damnd1 (sci-fi story) 19-6
  8. Hooray for Hollywood by Damnd1 (milking story)
  9. The Last Wizards (The Bond 2) by Sarge (sci-fi & boyfriends) 12-6
  10. Lollipops by Damnd1 (sci-fi story) 12-6
  11. The Slave Boy Planet by Quozax (slave boy & sci-fi) 12-6
  12. A Slut is Born by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 12-6
  13. Two Weeks at the Lake by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 12-6
  14. The Weeping Boy by P. Writer (consensual man-boy) 19-6, 2-7

31 May 2017

and interim update 6 May


  1. Ace and Axe by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  2. The Apparition by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  3. Cold Hands, Warm Heart, Hard Dick by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 6-5
  4. The Deal by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 6-5
  5. From Love to Lust by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  6. From Raymond, to Desmond by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  7. Shane by Maiocxx (consensual man-boy)
  8. Taking Care of W by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 6-5
  9. Tanner's best days by Damnd1 (milking story) 6-5

30 April 2017

and interim updates 13 and 19 April


  1. Billy the Thief by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  2. The Bond by Sarge (sci-fi & boyfriends) 13-4
  3. Charms by Damnd1 (prostitution) 13-4
  4. Cow-Boy by Ignacious (milking) 13-4
  5. Danny Bird by Pennywise (consensual man-boy)
  6. A Father's Love by Alex M (consensual man-boy) 13-4
  7. The Game by Damnd1 (milking)
  8. The Hut by Pennywise (boyfriends)
  9. Life Repays in Kind by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 13-4
  10. Little Joey Goes Down the List by John Smutt (consensual man-boy) 13-4
  11. The Milk Bus by Damnd1 (milking) 19-4
  12. Randy and His Boys by Lonely Randy (consensual man-boy) 19-4, 30-4
  13. Randy has Easter Fun by Lonely Randy (consensual man-boy) 13-4
  14. Smuggler by British Boy (sci-fi & boyslave) 13-4
  15. Stuck in the Park by Treacle Tower (boyfriend & tie-up) 13-4
  16. The Unwilling Sperm Donors by Damnd1 (milking) 13-4
  17. A Week with Twins by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)

31 March 2017

and interim updates 5 and 18 March


  1. Battle Boys by Sam the Ham (boyfriends)
  2. Best Friends by Cutter09 (boyfriends)
  3. Billy and Katy's Chat Session by Cutter09 (consensual boy-boy) 18-3
  4. A Boy in Trouble by P. Writer (slave-boy, interactive) 5-3, 18-3, 31-3
  5. Boys of Bamtene by Randy Craig (boy prostitution)
  6. A Business Proposal by Shadey Grey (consensual man-boy) 18-3
  7. Captive Breeding Program by Damnd1 (femdom & milking)
  8. The Cyclist by Damnd1 (milking) 18-3
  9. Down and Dirty with Danny by Oskar M (consensual boy-boy) 18-3
  10. Innocent to Indecent by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  11. Magenta by Funtails (consensual man-boy) 18-3
  12. Marlboro Country by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 18-3
  13. No Signs of Life by Damnd1 (science fiction/boyfriend) 18-3, 31-3
  14. The Photographer's Assistant by Damnd1 (other story) 5-3
  15. Puppies by Damnd1 (boy prostitution)
  16. Silent Service by Shadey Grey (consensual man-boy) 18-3
  17. Slaves Walk Together, by Unikue (slaveboy) 5-3
  18. The Story of Gracchus by Vittorio Carvelli (slaveboy) 18-3, 31-3

27 February 2017

and interim update 14 February


  1. The Boss by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  2. Chris in the Middle by Pyro (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  3. The Day I Met Rick by Sarge (boyfriends story) 14-2
  4. Grunts, Grommets and Gadflies by Arthur (consensual man-boy) 14-2
  5. Inter-dimensional milking by Damnd1 (milking/sci-fi story)
  6. Ion Storm: Escaping the alien cave by Damnd1 (science fiction story)
  7. Joey's Saviors by Boy-writer (teen-boy)
  8. The Long Way Home by Pyro (boyfriends) 14-2
  9. Lucas and Kit by Treacle Tower (tie-up/boyfriends story) 14-2
  10. Milkshake by Damnd1 (milking story) 14-2
  11. The Organ by Damnd1 (horror story)
  12. Punishment on Draconis 3 by Damnd1 (milking/sci-fi story) 14-2
  13. Silence Is Golden by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  14. Sphere by Damnd1 (milking story)
  15. S.P.O.I.L.-ed Twins by Max Stevens (boy punishment story) 14-2, 27-2
  16. Two for Ten by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  17. Wilfred and Angus by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)

30 January 2017

and interim updates 31 December 2016 and 4, 9, 16 and 21 January


  1. After Swim Practice, by Systemisdown (boyfriends) 21-1, 30-1
  2. At Day's End by Arthur (boyfriends science fiction) 4-1
  3. Camp Time by Pyro (boyfriends) 21-1
  4. The Changeling by Arthur (consensual man-boy BDSM) 21-1
  5. Christmas Morning by Sam the Ham (consensual man-boy BDSM) 31-12
  6. Debating Love by Funtails (boyfriends/schoolboy) 31-12
  7. Dimitri's Return by Daemon Way (non-consensual)
  8. Dreams of Stardom by Parrafan (consensual man-boy)
  9. Elios by Arthur (boyfriends science-fiction) 31-12, 4-1
  10. Eventide by Arthur (boyfriends historical) 4-1
  11. Hard in Their Cages by Purveyor of Silent Thoughts (Slaveboy/Woman-boy)
  12. In Time by Pyro (boyfriends) 9-1
  13. Jason by Pyro (boyfriends) 16-1
  14. Jerry by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 16-1
  15. Josh and B.O. by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 16-1
  16. Little Star, by Yaro Minnaar & Dexter (coercive man-boy) 9-1, 16-1, 21-1
  17. The Lonely Prince by Pyro (boyfriends) 9-1
  18. Married Boylover by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 16-1
  19. Milo Stark by Arthur (consensual man-boy BDSM) 21-1
  20. My Brother's Sons Keeper by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 4-1
  21. My Dad, My Hero by Hayes (consensual man-boy) 31-12
  22. Mythra Trilogy by Arthur (consensual man-boy BDSM) 21-1
  23. Open Plains by Pyro (boyfriends) 4-1
  24. Pathos by Arthur (boyfriends science fiction) 9-1
  25. Running by Pyro (boyfriends) 21-1
  26. The Sex Offense Prevention Reformatory on Pluto, by Yaro Minnaar (science fiction)
  27. Shape by Luke (boyfriends science-fiction) 31-12
  28. Short Ass by Arthur (boyfriends)
  29. Sioni by Arthur (consensual man-boy) 16-1
  30. Starting Over by Pyro (boyfriend) 31-12
  31. The Stolen Hour by Funtails (consensual man-boy) 31-12
  32. Street Brothers by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 31-12
  33. Symbionts: Ultimate Cut, by Yaro Minnaar (coercive science-fiction) 9-1, 16-1, 21-1, 30-1
  34. Tam by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 4-1
  35. The Toy Collection, The Sequel by Fisal Fan (Slaveboy SF)
  36. Trevor's Traditions by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 31-12
  37. The Vision by Arthur (cons. man-boy/boyfriends)
  38. A White Boy Enslaved by Sailorboy (historical slaveboy) 31-12

24 December 2016

  1. Adventure Quest (The Boy Planet) by Kyle Aarons a.o. (science-fiction story)
  2. Ancient History by Sarge (school boy story)
  3. Bruce and the Boy Waiter by Bill Jonners (consensual man-boy story)
  4. Family Ties, by Yaro Minnaar (non-consensual teen-boy story)
  5. Indentured Stepson, by Mister Red (slave-boy story)
  6. Learning with Ryan by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story)
  7. Lulu's Butt by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story)
  8. The Oak and the Ash by Eff Del (consensual man-boy story)
  9. The Prince's Boy by Sid G (fairy tale)
  10. Red, Black and Blue by Funtails (reluctant cons man-boy)
  11. Swim Team 1956 by Dēda (school boy story)
  12. Thorgil's Boys by Sid G (fairy tale)

13 December 2016

and interim updates 5, 7 and 11 December


  1. 1-on-1 by Funtails (consensual man-boy) 5-12
  2. Bryan Willowsby, a boy named by P. Writer (non-consensual man-boy 11-12
  3. Clay and Tom by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) 5-12
  4. Certain Rules for a Gay Childhood by Oskar M (consensual man-boy) 11-12
  5. Compelled by Eff Del (non-consensual boy-domination story) 11-12
  6. The Gods of Babylon by Alan Edward (other story) 5-12
  7. Little Timmy Rides in the Cockpit by John Smutt (man-boy story) 5-12
  8. Naïveté by Parrafan (boyfriend story) 7-12
  9. Sean's Story by Shakey Psyche (slaveboy story) 11-12
  10. The Sitter by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) 5-12
  11. Stepping to the Side by Eff Del (science fiction story) 11-12
  12. Switching Back by Funtails (man-boy science-fiction) 5-12
  13. Understanding Modern Indenture Class, by Mister Red (slave-boy story) 5-12

28 November 2016

and interim updates 14, 16, 22 and 23 November


  1. A Boy for Pleasure, Short Stories by Alan Edward (other stories)
  2. Boy Whore by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) 22-11
  3. Caring for Cody by TeenTales (consensual man-boy story)
  4. Chase under the Blanket by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) 14-11
  5. Cody's Companions by TeenTales (consensual man-boy story)
  6. An Eye For an Eye by Doctor Fap (non-consensual man-boy story) 22-11
  7. Marek and Us by Debonair (consensual teen-boy)
  8. Monty's Python by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) 22-11
  9. Orange by Funtails (consensual man-boy) 22-11
  10. Red and Green by Funtails (consensual man-boy)
  11. RGB by Funtails (consensual man-boy)
  12. The Skin Trade by Debonair (consensual man-boy)
  13. Vacancy in Room 109 by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) 14-11
  14. Witness Protection by Parrafan (non-consensual man-boy story) 22-11

31 October 2016

and interim updates 11 and 21 October


  1. Age of Full Use by Mr Red (slaveboy story) (11-10)
  2. Austin and His Brother Cole by Cutter09 (man-boy story) (21-10)
  3. Baghdad 782 AD by Funtails (consensual man-boy) (21-10)
  4. Billy and Bob by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy story) (11-10)
  5. The Boy with the Cigarette by Sid G (boy prostitution) (21-10)
  6. Brown by Funtails (consensual man-boy) (21-10)
  7. Camp Initiations by Treacle Tower (tie-up/camp story)
  8. Charles and Carlos Meet by Sid G (consensual man-boy) (21-10)
  9. Dor'rel's Experiment by Mike S (fantasy story) (21-10)
  10. Green by Funtails (consensual man-boy)
  11. The Hart Legacy by Cutter09 (man-boy story) (11-10)
  12. I Leaned Against the Wall by Sid G (boyfriend story) (21-10)
  13. In the Care of Mr Clay by Mr Red (consensual man-boy story) (11-10)
  14. Invasion of the Room Snatcher by Sam the Ham (consensual boy-boy story)
  15. Three Orphans by Sid G (man-boy story)
  16. Trapped by Diversasy (consensual man-boy) (21-10)
  17. What Money Can Buy, by Unikue (slaveboy) (21-10)

3 October 2016 (September update)


    Adoption Story Cliché with a Twist Story Challenge (click here for info)
  1. Cherry Picker by The Devil's Advocate (non-consensual)
  2. The Hampton Club by Daemon Way (consensual)
  3. Richie Lotta and the Poor Boylover by J.O. Dickingson (reluctant man)
Other new stories
  1. Boarding School, by Sarge (school story, non-cons)
  2. Eternal Adventures, by Quantum Fantasy (Other story, non-cons)
  3. Forever Wet, sequel to 'Tardies', by Quantum Fantasy (Fantasy story, non-cons)
  4. Tardies, by Quantum Fantasy (Fantasy & school story, non-cons)

31 August 2016


    Adoption Story Cliché with a Twist Story Challenge (click here for info)
  1. A Place to Call Home by Sarge (consensual story)
Other new stories
  1. Baghdad 790 AD by Funtails (slaveboy)
  2. Brad's Buddy Kyle by Cutter09 (boyfriends)
  3. Pink by Funtails (consensual man-boy)
  4. Restoring Eldon, ch. 8 of Travels with Drew and Li, by Maiocxx (fantasy & slave story)
  5. Shawn and Doc by Cutter09 (boyfriends)
  6. This Must Be Love by DaddyRob2 (boyfriends)

28 July 2016


    Alps Climbing Wooden Horse Challenge 2016 (click here for info)
  1. The Lipstick Adventure, by The Devil's Advocate (slave boy story)
    1000 Stories – 10th Anniversary Slave Boy Stories (click here for info)
  1. The War by Sarge
Other new stories
  1. 2012 by Funtails (science-fiction)
  2. 26 Cousins by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  3. The Angel Gabriel by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  4. Black Boys' Slave by Bman (boy dominance)
  5. Boys: Road to the abyss, by Yaro Minnaar (non-consensual man-boy)
  6. The Cage Story, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy)
  7. First Kid by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
  8. The Goal Incentive by Treacle Tower (tie-up story)
  9. Jackie, by John C (consensual man-boy)
  10. Kidnapped Canaries by Maiocxx (slave-boy story)
  11. The Kidnapping of Edward by The Inquisitor (boy domination)
  12. The Landlord by Bman (boy domination)
  13. Of Ice and Men: A Christmas Story by Cyn Diquill (magic boy story)
  14. Ray's Revenge by Sid G (boy slave story)
  15. Yellow by Funtails (consensual man-boy)
  16. You Pass This Way But Once by Bill W (boyfriends)

15 June 2016

and interim updates of 9 and 18 May


    Alps Climbing Wooden Horse Challenge 2016 (click here for info)
  1. The Horse Boy of Hofenberg, by Unknownwriter (other story)
  2. Family Drama, by Sam the Ham (boyfriends story)
  3. Troy of Helen, by Cutter09 (other story)
    1000 Stories – 10th Anniversary Slave Boy Stories (click here for info)
  1. Modern Slavery, by Dēda 9-5
  2. Scilio and Artred, by Eff Del 18-5
  3. Magnolia Manor, by Cutter09 18-5
Other new stories
  1. Beginnings by Freebeer (consensual man-boy) 9-5
  2. Ben in the YMCA Shower by Jacob (consensual man-boy) 9-5
  3. Cabin Sunsets by Daddy Rob 2 (consensual man-boy)
  4. How I Met Thomas, by Treacle Tower (tie-up/other story)
  5. Imperio by Leonard (non-consensual man-boy mind control) 9-5
  6. Lost in the Fog by Sarge (non-consensual teen-boy)
  7. My Son David by Bman (consensual man-boy)

30 April 2016

and interim update 3 April


  1. Anything For Luke, by Cutter09 (man boy story)
  2. Baseball Camp, by Mike S (fantasy story)
  3. Doc For A Day, by Parrafan (consensual man-boy story)
  4. For Joey, by Parrafan (consensual man-boy story) 3-4
  5. Hogan's Heroics, by Parrafan (consensual man-boy story) 3-4
  6. The Island, by Unikue (slave boy)
  7. My Son's Baby, by Ramrod (fantasy story)
  8. A New Kind Of Family, by Johan Fourie (consensual man-boy story) 3-4
  9. Nudist Friend, by Sam the Ham (boyfriend story) 3-4
  10. The Through The School Trip, by Treacle Tower (tie-up/other story)

31 March 2016

and interim updates 6, 12, and 23 March


  1. Adopted to be a Bondage Star, by MaxStevens (man-boy bdsm story)
  2. Boy Scout Science Project by Sid G (boy friend story) 23-3
  3. Campbell Boys, by Cutter09 (man boy story) 6-3, 12-3, 23-3
  4. Cubs & Baby Stuff by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 12-3
  5. Daniel by Dougd (consensual man boy story) 23-3
  6. A Lamb for the Lion, by Attis (man boy & eunuch story) 6-3, 12-3
  7. Lost in the Dark, by Sam the Ham (boyfriend story)
  8. Numbered, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy) 12-3, 23-3
  9. A Place in My Heart by Bill W (boyfriend story) 23-3
  10. Wash-a-Boy, by James Bondage 007 (other story)

29 February 2016

  1. Slave Act World Vignettes, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy)
  2. Your Last Morning by Ramrod (incest story)

31 January 2016

and interim updates 9, 17, 20, and 24 January


  1. Babysitter's Dirty Little Secret by Sam the Ham (other story) (9-1)
  2. Castaway Hotel: Next Generation by Bill W (consensual man-boy) (24-1)
  3. The Collector by Sam the Ham (boy-boy story) (24-1)
  4. Graduating by Ramrod (non-consensual story)
  5. Hospital Deams by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) (9-1)
  6. Jeremy After Football Practice by Anonymous (eunuch man-boy story) (9-1)
  7. The Skewed World by Skadadel (slave boy story) (20-1)
  8. The Slave Whisperer: Opening Jeffy by Skadadel (slave boy story) (20-1)

31 December 2015

and interim updates 6, 12 and 20 December


  1. Антон (Anton) by Pennywise (boyfriend story) 20-12
  2. Caring for Cody by Anonymous (other story) 12-12
  3. Coffee Morning by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 6-12
  4. The Curse of Chindi Springs by Darkfire Knight (non-consensual man boy story)
  5. Educating Quinn, Book II, continuation of Istari's story by Maiocxx (slave boy story) 6-12, 12-12, 31-12
  6. Empirical Companion by Paolo (fantasy & eunuch story, no sex) 20-12
  7. The Finn Fantasies by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 6-12
  8. Finding Love by Bill W (consensual story) 6-12
  9. Flooding by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 12-12
  10. For Want of One by Paolo (fantasy & eunuch story, no sex) 20-12
  11. Little Runaway by Ar Jey (consensual man-boy story)
  12. A Night for Passion by Leonard (boy love poem) 12-12
  13. Pax Romana by Atilla (boyfriend story)
  14. The Pleasant Surprise by Atilla (boyfriend story)
  15. The Power of Notes by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  16. Recollections of a Reluctant Gelder by Anonymous (eunuch & slave boy story) 12-12, 20-12
  17. Secret Wishes and Wants by Sam the Ham (other story)
  18. Son of a Preacher Man by Bill W (boy friend story)20-12
  19. Summers at GG's by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 20-12
  20. A Turn for the Worse by Handgaglover (Femdom story) 12-12
  21. Unexpected by Doctor Fap (boy dominance story) 6-12
  22. Upstairs Downstairs at the Boyagio by Leonard (non-consensual slave & prostitution boy story) 12-12

29 November 2015

and interim updates 11, 13, 16 & 31 October and 15 November


  1. Before the Soccer Game, by Shorty (consensual man-boy) 15-11
  2. Being My Big Brother's Bitch, by CM (other story)
  3. Bound To Heaven, by Jason Masters (man-boy story) 16-10
  4. Camillus Famulatus, by Unikue (slave boy story) 15-11
  5. The Guardian, by Erastes (man boy story)
  6. Johnny's Boys, by Torrentiality (man boy story)
  7. Knock Knock, by Sam the Ham (halloween story) 16-10
  8. Livestock Show, by Unikue (slave boy story)
  9. Secret Lives of Good Little Boys by Sam the Ham & Debonair (consensual)
  10. The Slave School, by Unikue (slave boy story) 15-11
  11. Tony's Friend by Maiocxx (consensual man-boy story) 31-10
  12. Worldwide Boy Gladiators, ch. 43, continuation of Istari's story by BoyMaster (slave boy story)

26 September 2015

and interim updates 5, 27 & 29 July, and 6 September


    Desert Town Challenge Stories
    Click here for the rules and the table of contents.

  1. Sanctuary, by The Devil's Advocate (fantasy & feminisation story)
  2. Charlie Visits PZA, by Unknownwriter (fantasy story)
  3. My Last Road Trip - The Trip To Paradise, by StoTelAlex (fantasy story)
  4. Red Rock Canyon, by Sam the Ham (fantasy story)
  5. The Hidden Village Secret, by Unikue (slaveboy story)

    Other new stories

  6. Copping A Feel by Parrafan (other story) 5-7
  7. The Crying Puppet, by Jason Masters (man-boy story)
  8. Fate (Nexus Series 4) by Mercury Wakusei (consensual man-boy) 6-9
  9. Green Grow The Rushes, O, by Eff Del (man-boy story)
  10. How to Make it in Show Business, by Jack P (boy prostitution) 27-7
  11. Little Boy Friends by aR Jey (three short boy friends stories) 27-7
  12. Lonely Men and Poor Boys by aR Jey (three short man-boy stories) 27-7
  13. My Special Sleepover, by StoTelAlex (boy-boy story) 6-9
  14. A Precocious Debauchery, by Oskar M (man-boy story)
  15. Short Stories, by StoTelAlex (various boy stories) 5-7
  16. Wally's Sleepover, by Mister Red (Man-boy story)

28 June 2015

and interim updates 7, 9, 10 and 14 June


  1. Andy's Shed, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 14-6
  2. Apocalypse, the continuation ch. 43-44, by Dēda (fantasy story)
  3. The Boxer Rebellion by Parrafan (school boy story) 9-6
  4. Busted by Parrafan (other boy story)
  5. Doomed by Dux (woman-boy story)
  6. Malcolm's Emancipation by Parrafan (school boy story)
  7. My Parents are Weird, by Sam the Ham (other story)
  8. No Hands, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 9-6
  9. Skyler's Story, by Jack P (non-consensual)
  10. Two Little Fundraisers by Parrafan (consensual man-boy story) 7-2

31 May 2015

and interim updates 10, 21 and 24 May 2015


  1. Alice by Dux (woman-boy story) 10-5
  2. Bren's Games by Parrafan (boy-friends story) 21-5
  3. Little Naked Boy by DBZFanGoten and Huz (shrinking boys) 21-5
  4. The New Little Brother, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 21-5
  5. The New Year Shrink! by DBZFanGoten (shrinking boys)
  6. Nicknames, by Dēda (School story) 24-5
  7. The Old Scout Hut, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  8. Paradise Island, book III, ch. 1 and ch. 2 by John C (consensual man-boy) 10-5
  9. Tricky Shorts, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  10. Tutoring, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  11. What's in Store?, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)

29 April 2015

and interim updates 4, 19 & 22 April


  1. Excelsior, ch. 1-8, by David Clarke (boy-friend story) 22-4 and 29-4
  2. Strange Thoughts, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 22-4
  3. Swing Short, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)
  4. Travels with Drew and Li, by Maiocxx (slave story) 22-4

31 March 2015

and interim updates 3 & 21 March


  1. The Betrayal, by Dillon (consensual man-boy) 3-3 - removed
  2. Eight and Bullied, by Debonair (interracial boy-boy) 3-3
  3. School Stuff, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 3-3
  4. Secrets & Lies, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story)

1 March 2015

and interim updates 13 & 21 February


  1. A Charitable Sacrifice, by Benjamin Hanson (Age regression story) 21-2
  2. Andrew - A Boy Rescued, by Maiocxx (consensual man-boy story) 21-2
  3. Dunn's Chronicles, by Diabloa5 & The Aconite Acolyte (Fantasy & school story) 21-2
  4. Heavy Collars, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy)
  5. Oracle (Nexus Series 3) by Mercury Wakusei (consensual man-boy) 21-2
  6. The Serum Conditioning, by Leonard (Non-consensual Fantasy story) 21-2
  7. Boy Vignettes 1-10, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy)
  8. The Water Makes Me Hard, by Dēda (Other Boy story) 21-2

  1. Oom Jan leert zijn neefje pijpen: Tien korte verhalen door Edgar Kirin (consensual man-boy) 13-2

31 January 2015

and interim updates 2 - 17 - 20 Jan


  1. The Choir, by Zadziu (consensual man-boy) 2-1
  2. The Curious Odor, by Dillon (consensual man-boy 17-1
  3. Derek on the Island, by Leonard (non-consensual man-boy) 20-1
  4. House Pet by Handgaglover (Femdom story)
  5. Not as it Seems, by Sam the Ham (Consensual man-boy story)
  6. Righteous Break-in, by Sam the Ham (Boyfriends story) 17-1
  7. Riley's Revenge, by Unknownwriter (tie-up story) 2-1

  1. Pamela en Niels, door Timmetje (femdom story)

27 December 2014

and interim updates 3 - 21 Dec


    Paris-Chess-Snorkel Challenge Stories
  1. Brotherly Love In Paris, by StoTelAlex (Consensual Man-Boy story)
  2. Ah Paris, by The Devil's Advocate (Non-consensual Femdom story)
  3. Sonata in C Major, by Dillon (Boy friends story)
  4. Family Trip, by Sam the Ham (Boy friends story)
  5. April Interlude, by Eff Del (Consensual Man-Boy story)
  6. The Paris Years, by Debonair (Consensual Man-Boy story)
  7. One Hot Parisian Night, by Daemon Way (Non-Consensual Man-Boy story)
  8. The Brewster Brothers Celebrate the Second NAO International Championship Tournament, by J.O. Dickingson (Consensual Man-Boy story)

    Other new stories

  9. The Boy With No Name, by Maiocxx (slave boy story) 14-12
  10. Desire (Nexus Series 2) ch. 2 by Mercury Wakusei (consensual story) 21-12
  11. The Gift by Zadziu (consensual man-boy)
  12. Little Henry, by Bill Underhill (boy friends)
  13. Plugged In, by Unknownwriter (Tie-up story) 19-12
  14. Put Back, by Unknownwriter (Tie-up story) 19-12
  15. Separation Day, by Dillon (Historical Slave Boy story) 19-12
  16. TeenPerv by Zadziu (consensual teen-boy)

29 November 2014

and interim updates 25 Oct - 22 Nov


  1. Almost Brothers by Maiocxx (slave boy story) 3-11
  2. Distractions in the Pool by Dēda (other boy story)
  3. Jiu-jitsu Kid by Zadziu (Man-boy story)
  4. Locked Into Love, by Jason Masters (boyfriend story)
  5. Restitution by Dillon (consensual story) 15-11
  6. My Little Brother (Nexus Series 1) by Mercury Wakusei (consensual story) 22-11
  7. Whizz Kid by Zadziu (Man-boy story)
  8. Wish Me Luck! by Dillon (Boyfriends story)

25 September 2014

  1. Gay Anonymous by Sam the Ham (boyfriend story)
  2. I Will Not Cry by Dillon (non-consensual prison story)
  3. Little Brother Bobby by Daremenow (consensual boy-boy bdsm)
  4. Museum Piece by Unknownwriter (tie-up & spanking story)
  5. This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell by Jason Masters (femdom story)


  1. Aufnahmeprüfung und andere kurze deutsche Geschichten (consensual teen-boy story)

1 September 2014 (August update)

  1. The Basketball Players by Sam the Ham (boyfriend story)
  2. Christian's School of Humility 2: The Awakening by The Devil's Advocate (non-consensual school story)
  3. Devon McCourtney by Dillon (boyfriends)
  4. First Light by Eff Del (fantasy story)
  5. Flight of Angels by Eff Del (man-boy story)
  6. The Kandric Saga by Kyle Aarons (fantasy story)
  7. Lost Everything by Jack P (non-consensual)
  8. My First Days as a Lifeguard by Dēda (other boy story)
  9. The Punishment Challenge by Johan Oliver (consensual bdsm)
  10. Rules by Dillon (prostitution)
  11. Steven at the New TK Institute by Jason Masters
  12. Tommy, A Sexual Fantasy by Neighbor (consensual man-boy)

22 July 2014 (June/July update)

  1. The Incredible Italians by StoTelAlex (slave-boy story)
  2. Pure As The Driven Snow by Sam Johnson (consensual man-boy story)
  3. Putting the Acid on a Sweet Boy by Sam Johnson (consensual man-boy story)
  4. The Rape of Jacob Morris by Dillon (non-consensual man-boy)
  5. The Reluctant Slaves by Maiocxx (slave-boy story)
  6. Vlad the Bat-Boy by Jason Masters (fantasy story)
  7. Young Black Master by Zelamir (slave-boy story)

  1. Daan de krantenjongen door StoTelAlex (consensual man-boy)

2 June 2014 (May update)

  1. Aaron's Story, by I Am Username (boyfriends story)
  2. The Apple Scrumpers, by Jason Masters (consensual BDSM)
  3. The Documentary, by Sam the Ham (prostitution story)
  4. Julien and the Nine Worlds, book II by Engor (boyfriends/fantasy)
  5. Matt Gets Shortened by Unknownwriter (tie-up & spanking story)
  6. Memory Ties by Unknownwriter (tie-up & spanking story)

2 May 2014 (April update)

  1. Becoming Myself by Niklas Sverige (boyfriend)
  2. The Forever Slave by Maiocxx (slave-boy story)
  3. Julien and the Nine Worlds by Engor (boyfriends/fantasy)
  4. Master Maxwell's House of Slaves by Little Bro (slave-boy story)
  5. When You're At The Bottom by Bara (slave-boy story)

  1. Julien et les Neuf Mondes by Engor (boyfriends/fantasy)

9 April 2014 (March update)

  1. Billing above the Title by RaziHaze (consensual man-boy)
  2. Carl by Niklas Sverige (consensual man-boy)
  3. Christian's School of Humility by The Devil's Advocate (non-consensual school story)
  4. The Gamakyr Stories by J.O. Dickingson (fantasy story)
  5. Onion the Orphan by Jason Masters (consensual man-boy)
  6. The Original Joy by Johnny Kape (Man-Boy story)
  7. Pelion's Promise by Nate Mentor (real-life stories)

  1. Jongetjes vinden seks gewoon lekker, door Edgar Kirin (consensual man-boy)
  1. 最初的感動 by Johnny Kape (大男人與小男孩的愛情故事)

28 February 2014

    Boys in Space Special
  1. Adrift in Space, by Just Another Grimm (science-fiction story)
  2. A Change in Life's Direction, by Dēda (science-fiction story)
  3. The Herd, by Daemon Way (science-fiction story)
  4. The Journey Between, by Sam the Ham (science-fiction story)
  5. Lost and Found Along the Outer Rim, by Robertx5sf (science-fiction story)
  6. The Panthers and the Giant Hue-manz, by J.O. Dickingson (science-fiction story)
  7. Surviving on Bellatrix Four, by Dēda (science-fiction story)

    Other new stories

  8. Marc's Secret Files by Unknownwriter (tie-up & spanking story)
  9. Mentor's Boys by Nate Mentor (real-life stories)
  10. Pelion's Legacy by Nate Mentor (real-life stories)
  11. Sweaty Tie-up in Satiny Shorts by Grégory (tie-up story)
  12. To Become a Slaveboy by Whipjunx (consensual BDSM story)
  13. A Trucker and a Boy by Hamilton Joyce (prostitution story)

31 January 2014

  1. Boy at the Window by That Guy (consensual man-boy)
  2. Breaking Angels by Ric O'Chet (non-consensual boy-scout story) Removed on request of the author
  3. Chance Encounter by Gabe Wallis (Consensual Man-Boy BDSM)
  4. Conrad Evans Family Legacy by Robertx5sf (Boy's Home story)
  5. Jimmy Makes a Match by Unknownwriter (other story)
  6. Joe's Job by Unknownwriter (other story)
  7. The Squires of Telisan Keep by Robertx5sf (Boyfriends & Fantasy)
  8. Trampoline Boy by Dkshota (consensual man-boy)
  9. Young But Daily Growin' by Eff Del (Consensual Man-Boy)

20 December 2013

    Christmas 2013
  1. A Christmas Promise by Sam the Ham (consensual fantasy story)
  2. Imp's Special Christmas by Cyberboy (non-consensual fantasy story)
    other new stories
  3. Boy Sketches by Jason Masters (various, mostly consensual man-boy)
  4. Going Back by Unknownwriter (other story)
  5. Harnessed by Unknownwriter (other story)
  6. The Janitor by Jason Masters (consensual BDSM story)
  7. Reunion by Maiocxx (slaveboy, consensual man-boy)
  8. Todd's Bad Deal by Jason Masters (non-consensual man-boy)

  1. Lekkere jongetjes zijn er klaar voor, door Edgar Kirin (consensual man-boy)
  2. Mijn Ierse slaafje, door Edgar Kirin (slave-boy)

  1. Benutzt von Knabenstories (boy prostitution)
  2. Entführt von Storyschreiber (boy prostitution)

28 November 2013

    Sinterklaas Special
  1. Zwarte Piet and the Naughty Boy by StorySam (magic man-boy story)
  2. Zwarte Piet goes America by Stroker (magic man-boy story)
  3. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet Meet the Brewster Boys by J.O. Dickingson
  4. Sinterklaas (Santa Klaus), the Origin Story by Maikeli (eunuch & slave boy story)

    Other new stories

  5. 23 Days To Go and other stories by Gamin Paramour (real life story)
  6. Bay Side Family by Crazy Dog (consensual fantasy story) - Removed
  7. A Boy's Balls In Men's Hands by My Evil Twin (non-consensual castration)
  8. Cordova's Boys Home by Wild-bill (spanking and discipline story)
  9. Fantasy Lives by Unknownwriter (other story)
  10. Green Moss by Mr. Cabinet (fantasy story)
  11. Life Is Not All Fun and Games by anonymous (other story)
  12. My Master by Debonair (cons. bestiality)
  13. The Orgasm Project by StorySam (non-consensual science-fiction)
  14. Paradise Island, Book Two by John C (consensual man-boy)
  15. Pimpr by Kent the Writer (boy prostitution)
  16. The Thirteenth Slave Boy by Jason Masters (boy slave)
  17. XX - Twenty short stories by Kip Hawk (man-boy story)
  18. Zachary's Initiation by Jason Masters (schoolboy)

  1. Der Kleine Dieb von Anonym (man boy story)
  2. Knaben - Ferien von Likejunx (boy prostitution)

28 October 2013

    Halloween Special
  1. The Best Halloween Outfit Ever by StoTelAlex (man-boy story)
  2. From Beyond the Grave by Bill W (gay-boy story)
  3. Halloween Pleasures by Debonair (fantasy story)
  4. Halloween Pranksters by Daemon Way (non-consensual horror story)
  5. A Halloween Trick Or Treat? by Bill W (gay-boy story)
  6. The Haunted House by Sam the Ham (horror story)
  7. The Haunting of the Hadley Home by StorytimeSam (gay-boy story)
  8. Liam and Luke's Halloween Adventure by Cowra (non-consensual slaveboy story)
  9. Revenge by Bill W (gay-boy story)
  10. Role Reversal by Bill W (gay-boy story)
  11. The Uninvited Guest by Sam the Ham (horror story)

    Other new stories

  12. Carlos by Mr. Cabinet (consensual man-boy story)
  13. Chastity for Boys: A Parent's Guide by Istari (other story)
  14. Dressing Down by Unknownwriter (other story)
  15. Little Rich Boy by Julia Hardacre (consensual man-boy story)

  1. Geile mannen en lekkere jongetjes, door Edgar Kirin (consensual man-boy)

30 September 2013

  1. The Constant Grocer by Bruce Bramson (fantasy story)
  2. Daring Duo by Unknownwriter (other story)
  3. Miriam’s Dark Obsession by Stroker (woman-boy story)
  4. Yong's Story & Angel in the Human World by Johnny Kape (Man-Boy story)

  1. Van zes tot veertien, door Edgar Kirin (consensual man-boy)

  1. 阿勇的故事 和 落入凡間的天使 by Johnny Kape (大男人與小男孩的愛情故事)

2 September 2013 (August update)

    Boy Island Special

  1. Boy God Darren, by Bara (science-fiction story)
  2. Ecosystem by StorytimeSam (science-fiction story)
  3. The Island of the Boys, by Huntinup & Erastes (prostitution story)
  4. The Island of the Lost Scouts, by Calvinus (science-fiction story)
  5. The Island of Naked Boys by Emma Star & Dēda (science-fiction story)
  6. The Island of Naked Boys by Emma Star & Erastes (science-fiction story)
  7. Mike's Diving Class by StoTelAlex (consensual man-boy story)
  8. Muscle Boy Island, by Lead Guitarist & Tags/Solo3 (Muscle/Fantasy story)
  9. Pleasure Island, by Jeff Spencer (Prostitution story)
  10. San Cabri by Johnny Kape (consensual man-boy story)

    Other New Stories

  11. Costumes by Unknownwriter (other story)
  12. Cub Cam by Unknownwriter (other story)
  13. Man and Boy Chronicles by Sam the Ham (consensual man-boy)
  14. The New Life of Timothy Greene by Maiocxx (Consensual man-boy & boyfriends)

  1. 聖卡布里 by Johnny Kape (大男人與小男孩的愛情故事)

6 August 2013 (July update)

  1. Basement by Unknownwriter (other story)
  2. Boy Doll by Unknownwriter (other story)
  3. The Final Nexus by David Clarke (science-fiction & boyfriends)
  1. ปาร์ตี้นรกคาวกาม (ไม่สมยอม ผู้ใหญ่-เด็กชาย)

24 June 2013

  1. Bound for Freedom by Unknownwriter (other story)
  2. Love Needs Learning by Johnny Kape (consensual man-boy story)

  1. 愛需要學習 by Johnny Kape (大男人與小男孩的愛情故事)

30 May 2013

  1. The Captive Boy by Johnny Kape (consensual man-boy story)
  2. A Planned Surprise by Unknownwriter (other story)

  1. 戰俘 by Johnny Kape (大男人與小男孩的愛情故事)

7 May 2013 (April update)

  1. Dog boy by Unknownwriter (other story)
  2. John Thornton by Tommy (school-boy story)
  3. A Perverse Tradition by Debonair (other story)
  4. The Second Nexus by David Clarke (science-fiction & boyfriends)
  5. The Voice That Can't Be Heard by Johnny Kape (consensual man-boy story)
  6. Why I Hate Wearing Glasses by David Clarke (boyfriends)
  1. Im alten Rom by Flo (Sklavenjungen)
  2. Oma Leni by Flo (Frau-Jungen)
  3. Stefan, das Fotomodell by Lilbo (Andere Geschichte)
  1. 聽不見的聲音 by Johnny Kape

28 March 2013

  1. Adan's Story by Adan Rios (consensual BDSM/school boy)
  2. Removed
  3. The Bully and the New Boys by Spike (school-boy story)
  4. Cai, The Slave Boy from Britannia by Calvin C (hist. boy-slave)
  5. Moved to DEMB
  6. Flight of the Jay by Calvin C (science fiction)
  7. Journal of Male Pediatric Sexuality by Peter Pierce (other story)
  8. The Nexus by David Clarke (science-fiction & boyfriends)
  9. Roger's Closet by Maiocxx (consensual man-boy)
  10. The Strongest Poison by Calvinus (slaveboy story)
  11. Sustenance by Storytime Sam (science fiction story)
  12. Tim Comes Home by Nick Turner (real-life story)
  13. Tom Brown's Schoolboy by Alexander (consensual man-boy)

28 February 2013

  1. Alien Ground Zero, by Storytime Sam (science fiction story)
  2. Boy Vacations Inc. by Canadianpilot and Dēda (prostitution and BDSM consensual man-boy)
  3. Little Boy in The Big City by Cyberboy (prostitution)
  4. Lvdvs: A Story of a Roman Gladiator School by Calvinus (historical slave boy story)
  5. Sander (New Version) by Рок Верхтер (real-life story)
  6. Sold to the Yakuza by Scout65 (non-consensual story)

    From the Archives

  7. 69 by Ganymede (consensual man-boy)
  8. The Clinic by Parrafan (consensual man-boy)
  9. The Contest by Parrafan (consensual man-boy)
  10. Early Boyhood Discoveries by Sam the Ham (consensual stories)
  11. Nightswimming by Jeremy (real-life boyfriends)
  12. Scarface and the Alien by David Clarke (boyfriends)
  13. South American Adventure by Scrub (non-consensual)
  14. The Young Seducers by Parrafan (boy-friends and man-boy)

28 January 2013

  1. Another Country by Zelamir (non-consensual story)
  2. Beach Boys by Paolo (consensual man-boy)
  3. The Chronicles of Thomas Connors by Shawn Hunter non-consensual slaveboy story)
  4. Diary of a Shota Boy by Cosmo (prostitution and BDSM consensual man-boy)
  5. Different Points of View by Erastes (consensual man-boy)
  6. I'm a Monster by Shawn Hunter (other story)
  7. The Music of the Night by Canadianpilot and Dēda (boy-friends and consensual man-boy)
  8. The Quality of Mercy by Maiocxx (slave boy)
  9. Ranger by R. Blue (slave boy)
  10. Running by Pietje Puk (consensual BDSM)
  11. Stuttering Sammy by Debonair (boy-friends)
  12. What Uncles Do Best by Debonair (consensual man-boy)

    From the Archives

  13. Danny's Escape by Michael C Waggener (consensual-reluctant)
  14. Jeremy Fielding Collection by David Clarke (boy-friends story)
  15. Magic by Tristam DeJong ("real-life" story)
  16. Moonglow by Debonair (consensual man-boy)
  17. Pain Factor by Platypus (consensual torture)
  18. Reluctant Young Boys: Three Short Stories by Mikey Smith (consensual-reluctant)
  19. Sexing For A Million by Sam the Ham (consensual man-boy)
  20. Stevens School Runaways by Platypus (school torture story)
  21. Summer Dreams by Ganymede (consensual)
  22. Timmy and the Travellers by David Clarke (boy-friends story)
  23. The White Rat by David Clarke (school-boy & slave-boy story)

21 December 2012

  1. Elite Academy: The Trial of Tristan 440 by Calvin C (boy slave/eunuch story)
  2. Finding Refuge by Bara (consensual story)
  3. Fun Bag & Boy Massage by Corbin Wells (non-cons. & consensual stories)
  4. A Slave is a Slave by Bill Underhill (slave-boy/prostitution story)

    From the Archives

  5. Christmas Presents by Phil later Brian (non-consensual story)
  6. Chun Wang Lee by Phill later Brian (non-consensual story)
  7. The Easter Holiday by Davey (school boy)
  8. Gipsy Boy and other stories by DouglasSC (generally consensual)
  9. I'll Do Anything for You (Three short stories) by Dorvis Slaughter (consensual)
  10. Jerry and the Newspaper Boy by anonymous (consensual)
  11. Keeping Daddy/Master Happy by Phil later Brian (non-consensual story)
  12. My New Boyfriend by Blackflag (non-consensual story)
  13. The Sandman by Ben (slave boy & prostitution story)
  14. The Space Dustbin by Spacemonkey (consensual fantasy)
  15. That Boy by Bruce Bramson (consensual fantasy)
  16. Vania by Ishy Ishfahan (consensual)

29 November 2012

  1. Benji - Earning Money For Dad, by Bill Jonners (boy prostitution)
  2. Desire Boys, by Doctor X (consensual BDSM)

    From the Archives

  3. Boys of the CIA, by Sid G (consensual fantasy story)
  4. David, by Huntinup (consensual)
  5. Michael's Strict Regime by Anonymous (non-consensual)
  6. Sam, by Daddy Zach (consensual)
  7. The Island of Naked Boys, by Emma Star (consensual)
  8. The Island of the Boys, by Huntinup (consensual)
  9. My Ganymede - Elijah's Visit - Ethan Lets Dad Do It, by Alex Hawk (consensual)
  10. Shipwrecked, by Boystory (consensual)

1 November 2012

19 October 2012

  1. Boyhood Discoveries (Five Short Stories) by Sam the Ham (consensual)
  2. Intruder by Corbin Wells (other story)
  3. The Library by Bbillings (real life story)
  4. A New Beginning by Maiocxx (slave-boy story)

    From the Archives

  5. Justin's Little Brother by Lizard Guy (non-consensual teen boy story)
  6. The Plantation Owner's Son by Callum McIntosh (slave & eunuch boy story)
  7. A Willing Boy's First Whipping, by John Andrews (consensual BDSM)

30 August 2012

  1. Doctor Thomas' Good Little Boys and Girls Club, by Stroker (men & women / boys & girls)
  2. Kim's Summer as a Slave Boy, by Kim Abredo (consensual BDSM)
  3. Robopocalypse and other Fantasy stories by Johan Johnson (consensual SF & Fantasy)
  4. Removed on request of the author
  5. Taking Austin, by Systemisdown (non-consensual story)
  6. The Tourist, by Corbin Wells (Consensual story)
  7. Uncle Frank Babysits His Nephews, by Bobby Trabieso (other boy story)

    From the Archives  

  8. Boys in Space & White Slave Boy, by Hamilton Joyce (prostitution story)
  9. Catamite by Amador Pueri (consensual story)
  10. Change of Regime, by Phil later Brian (non-consensual story)
  11. Clubhouse Initiation & When You Were Ten by LizardGuy (consensual teen-boy story)
  12. Find Your Way Home by Pale Rider (consensual love story)
  13. Never Speak to a Stranger, by Phil later Brian (non-consensual story)
  14. A Willing Masochist's Initiation, by Timo Diego (consensual BDSM)

9 August 2012 (July update)

  1. Elite Academy Programme, by CalvinC (slave boy & school story)
  2. Grandpa's Boys, by Mr. Red (slave boy story)
  3. How to Breathe by Cainanite (eunuch boy story)
  4. Lawn Work, by Coybum (non-consensual story)
  5. My Summer at the Beach by Dēda (consensual story)
  6. Picture Day, by Bobby Trabieso (other boy story)

    From the Archives  

  7. Bobby's Holiday, by Phill later Brian (consensual story)
  8. Boy on a Motorcycle and other stories, by Amador Pueri (4 consensual stories)
  9. The Boys of Thailand, by Amador Pueri (prostitution story)
  10. A First Time for Everything and other stories, by Phill later Brian (4 non-consensual stories)
  11. The Meeting by David Andrews (consensual BDSM story)
  12. Metal, by anonymous (non-consensual weird story)
  13. Young Juan's Awakening, by Tomas Sabas (consensual BDSM story)

28 June 2012

    PZA 2007-2012
    5th Anniversary Stories
  1. Haunted Holidays by BoyMike
  2. Collars by Bill Underhill
  3. Curiosity Can Get You Into Trouble by Maiocxx
  4. The Fab Five: You Can't Make Me by Just Another Grimm
  5. From Two Slaves To Four by StoTelAlex
  6. Full Circle by Bara
  7. It's Not Funny to the IPA by Y Lee Coyote
  8. Mike and Richie's Slave Adventures by Abcent Guy
  9. One Percenter by Peter Pierce
  10. Tales of a Summer Afternoon by Dēda
  11. Two Collars by Sam the Ham
  12. Unfortunate Friends by Boygymnast

    Other new stories

  13. Castaway Hotel, by Bill W (consensual story)
  14. The Collar, by Mathieu (slave-boy story)
  15. Dreams, by Bara (fantasy story)
  16. Memorial Day Weekend 2012, by Bill Anderson (prostitution story)
  17. My Start as a Slaveboy, by Pepe Manero (consensual BDSM story)
  18. Our Papa, Our Pimp, by Antonio Green (prostitution story)
  19. The Profile, by Bill Underhill (consensual story)
  20. The Rise of the Silver Prince by Nick Vander (slave-boy story) - Removed
  21. A Suitable Candidate, by Bill Anderson (consensual story)
  22. Removed on request of the author

    From the Archives  

  23. Andrew my Love by Charles Baudot (mind control story)
  24. Little Black Boy's Bitch, by Rick the Dick (prostitution/consensual story)
  25. Fight Night, by Pervitron (concensual interracial story)

  1. Le Collier, par Mathieu (slave-boy story)

22 May 2012

  1. The Arrivals, by Bara (science-fiction)
  2. Baldy, by Bbillings (other boy story/consensual)
  3. Bookbinder, by Peter Pierce (fantasy story)
  4. Charles Taken in Charge, by Bill Underhill (prostitution story)
  5. Closing the Books by Maiocxx (boyslave story)
  6. IFSIR - The Institute of Father-Son Incest Research, by Dirk Carlor (medical story)

    From the Archives  

  7. brandon.doc & other stories with 15-year old boys, by Lizard Guy (consensual teenboy stories)

3 May 2012 (April update)

  1. About a Boy, by Patrick (boy slave story)
  2. The Archonshire Academy, by Cutlass (school-boy story)
  3. Kinnick's Demon, by Bill Underhill (Fantasy story)
  4. The Perfect Opportunity by Criscramov (non-consensual story)
  5. The Porn Boys, by Cosmo (consensual story)
  6. A Scottish Road Trip, by Dēda (Other boy story)
  7. A Tale of a Favorite Boy of the King, by Dēda (Non-consensual story)

    From the Archives

  8. The Boy Master, by Phillip B (non-consensual)
  9. How I Got Here, by anonymous (prostitution story)
  10. The Punishment and New Life Of Ethan, by Arne (School & Non-Consensual story)

30 March 2012

  1. C.O.R.E.E., by Cosmo (consensual story)
  2. Crime and Punishment, by Bill Underhill (consensual story)
  3. Little Black Death, by Sam Johnson (non-consensual story)
  4. My Naked Summer by Dēda (slaveboy story - kind of)
  5. Too Hot To Wash Cars, by Sam Johnson (consensual story)
  6. A Tragic Love by Bill W (consensual story)
  7. Winning the Lottery, by Bara (slaveboy story)

    From the Archives

  8. Arrangements for Michael, by anonymous (non-consensual story)
  9. Bad Idea? How I Became My Family's Human Pet, by Katie Dale (femdom story, nosex)
  10. Customs Official - Taking work home, by Sally (consensual story)
  11. The Boy Who Became a Doll & other stories, by Evade (cross-dressing stories)
  12. An Interesting Sight, by Funforhere (consensual story)
  13. Joe, Kevin, Andy, Alan, Bobby, Jeremy, Charlie, Phil, Richie, Gary & Five Boys by Boy Blow (seven consensual stories)
  14. Khazad-Dum, by Benjie (science-fiction story)
  15. Male Development by Gtownboy (school boy story)
  16. Road to Ruin & Tool Shed Surprise/Redux by Gunga Dick (consensual story)
  17. Sailing in Thailand by David Jonathan (consensual story)
  18. Trade, by Mark E. Dassad (prostitution story)
  19. Transformation, by Phillip B (non consensual story)
  20. The Traveler's Tail by Boy Blow (consensual story)
  21. The War of Boys, by Iyoio2000 (fantasy story)


  1. Begegnung an der Ruine & Wie ich Felix kennenlernte, durch Bonbononkel (consensual bdsm story)

29 February 2012

  1. Adam Plaster Hands, by Sam Johnson (consensual story)
  2. Finally a Break for Toby, by Stotelalex (consensual story)
  3. FSL Boys, by Dirt (Boy-slave modification story)
  4. How To Cage A Boy, by Dirt (boy-slave story)
  5. Memories of a Monitor in Coach Peterson's PE Class, by Dēda (school story)
  6. Nintenga School for Boys, by Cho (school boy story)
  7. Poor Little Rich Boy, by Dirt (Boy-slave story)
  8. Reprocessing Garret by Dēda (slaveboy story)
  9. Space, The Final Boy Frontier, by Peter Pierce (science-fiction)
  10. Throw Away Kid, by Erastes (consensual love story)

    From the Archives

  11. The Bicycle Tour, by anonymous (consensual story)
  12. Boy For Hire, by Bill W (consensual & prostitution)
  13. Boy Power House, by Herb Cat (other story)
  14. Inside Job, by Debonair (consensual story)
  15. The Lady's Club by Zork2006 (Femdom story)
  16. Little Boy Lost, by Ruthless (consensual story)
  17. Malchik 19, by Bingo (prostitution story)
  18. Mall Punk, by Sid G (consensual story)
  19. Merit Badges by Zzathras (consensual love story)
  20. Mr. Agato's Son, by Cyberboy (consensual BDSM story)
  21. Nicholas's story, by Herb Cat (other story)
  22. Nuts and Bolts, by Debonair (SF story)
  23. Special Secrets, by Justin Davis (various stories)
  24. Submissive Camp Counselor by Bill (camp story)
  25. Wiener Boy, by Lizard Guy (light non-consensual story)


  1. Sommer, durch Herr der Ringe (prostitution story)

26 January 2012

  1. Ari's Awakening by Bbillings (consensual love story)
  2. Boxed, by Rpike (boy-slave story)
  3. A Boy's Life, by Dark Side (consensual love story)
  4. Boy Swap, by Dirt (boy-slave story)
  5. The Corruption of Pauly, by Cosmo (consensual love story)
  6. The Sons of Jan and Christopher Dantz by Maiocxx (consensual story)

    From the Archives

  7. Can You Spare a Quarter?, by Tiger Paw (real-life story)
  8. The Collector by anonymous (non-consensual story)
  9. Danny's Little Problem, by Justin Davis (fantasy/sf story)
  10. Devon and the Club, by Boys-stir-us (consensual story)
  11. Fall Little Star, Rise Great Sun, by Angela Mynah (real-life story)
  12. Homework, by Gracchus (non-consensual BDSM)
  13. Jenny and Johnny by DVNT (femdom story)
  14. Karl and Jhoon's Vacation, by Gracchus (consensual BDSM)
  15. Locked in Love, by Boys-stir-us (consensual love story)
  16. Paradise, by Ganymede (consensual love & prostitution story)
  17. Scout, by Ruthless (non -consensual story)
  18. The Star, by Blake (non-consensual story)
  19. Terry's Lessons, by Shaver Boy (consensual - reluctant - bdsm story)
  20. The Trip, by Charles Baudot (consensual story)
  1. Mijn nieuwe speeltjes, Daan en Bobo, door Abcent Guy (verhaal over jongensslaven)
  1. L'histoire d'un garçon, par Dark Side (histoire d'amour consentant)
  1. Silas und die drei Männer von Pieter van Bos (Prostitution Geschichte)

22 December 2011

  1. 10 Shorts: Slave Boy Genesis, by Dirt (boy slave stories)
  2. Amano - My Life As A Slave, by Cho (boy-slave story)
  3. Billie The Magician's Assistant by Katie Dale & bc99 (Woman-Boy Fantasy story)
  4. Painful Training and Discipline, by Greenfrog (slave-boy story)
  5. Refuge, by Peter Pierce (consensual story)
  6. A Strange Arrangement, by B. Billings (consensual love story)

    From the Archives

  7. Jerrry, by anonymous (consensual love story)
  8. My Worst Day and three short stories, by Billy the Kid (non-consensual story)
  9. A Question of Time, by Charles Baudot (fantasy story)
  10. St. Petersburg Vacation by Justin Davis (boy prostitution story)
  11. The Unexpected, by Todd Sayre (fantasy story)

28 November 2011

  1. Tommy's Report by Maikeli (eunuch boy story)

    From the Archives

  2. Endsor Academy by Boisterous (school boy story)
  3. Mr. Payne, by Anonymous (school boy story)
  4. Mothers' Club & A Walk in the Park, by Parrafan (consensual stories)
  5. The New Additions, by Sockluver (non-consensual story)
  6. Rent-a-Ped, by Parrafan (consensual story)
  7. The Rescue, by Parrafan (consensual story)

27 October 2011

  1. Busted on the Beach, by B. Billings (non-consensual story)
  2. Danny's Education - A Five Little Boy Slaves Story by Maiocxx (boy-slave story)
  3. Digital World, by Diversasy (Femdom story)
  4. Discovering My Father's Secret, by Bill (consensual incest story)
  5. How I Ended Up With Five Sweetees by StoTelAlex (consensual story)
  6. I Have a Strange Fetish by Daniel (clothes fetish story)
  7. Taken on the Plains, by Cowra (non-consensual story)

    From the Archives

  8. The Brown Mountain Incident, by Charles Baudot (consensual story)
  9. Odd-job Boy & Stormchild, by Veneration (consensual stories)
  10. Stupid Johhny, by Teglin (consensual story)

22 September 2011

  1. The Aftermath, by Maiocxx (boy slave story, continuation of Patrick's "I Bought Five Little Boy Slaves")

22 August 2011

  1. The Green Tree Updates, by Howdy Doody (continuation of The Geppetto Project)
  2. Jason Here by Jeremy Stone (Woman-boy spank story)

    From the Archives

  3. YMCA Bro, by Cliff (consensual story)

28 July 2011

  1. The Toy Collection by Fisal (non-consensual/slave story)

    From the Archives

  2. B.Y.O.B., anonymous (non-consensual story)

28 June 2011

  1. Educating Quinn, by Istari (boy slave story)
  2. Rajiv's Ride, by Bbillings (consensual story)

    From the Archives

  3. Kiddie Treatment, by Anonymous (mind-control)

31 May 2011

  1. Captured by Boy Scouts, by Mich Boyle (woman-boy story)
  2. Three Dads and Five Boys by Herb Cat (consensual man-boy)

    From the Archives

  3. Chicagoland Boy & Tigerboy's Boy by Cory DePalma (consensual/prostitution)
  4. Ransom, by Ruthless (non -consensual story)
  5. Why not me? by Teglin (consensual story)

2 May 2011
(April update)

  1. The Neurostim, by Maiocxx (boy slave story)
  2. A Salesman's Surprise, by StoTelAlex (consensual)
  3. The Scoutmaster, by Scout65 (non-consensual story)

    From the Archives

  4. Brothers, by Scrub aka Simon (non-consensual story)

31 March 2011

  1. Chad, the Ideal Lad, by Herb Cat (consensual story)
  2. Conversion, by Shakey Psyche (other boy story)
  3. Into the Trap, by Bbillings (non-consensual story)

    From the Archives

  4. Kidnapped, by Sid G (boy slave story)
  5. Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Anonymous (other story)
  6. Timothy's Contribution to Medical Science, by Tadzio (other story)

28 February 2011

  1. The Little Soul, by Dirt (boy-slave story)
  2. Thirst, by Debonair (consensual)

    From the Archives

  3. Agent, by Anonymous (other story)
  4. Danny Had a Problem, by Apueri (consensual story)
  5. Hypnotism for Beginners, by Parrafan (school story)
  6. The Making of a Slave: Paul's story, by MC Fogel (Boy slave & prostitution story)

    San Carlos stories

  7. Nate's Story, by Curious Guy

31 January 2011

    Ebony-Ivory Special
  1. Brothel-Boy in Harlem, by Bill (boy prostitution)
  2. The Cycle of Violence, by Daemon Way (non-consensual)
  3. No Such Thing As Coincidence, by Dirt (boy slave/futute)
  4. Surprises, by Dirt (consensual story/fantasy)
  5. Travels With Nicolau Ribeiro: The Kongo, by J.O. Dickingson (consensual story)
    From the Archives
  6. The Planter's Son, by Mark Smith (consensual story)

    Other New Stories:

  7. Abatement, by Benjamin Hanson (other story)
  8. An Argumentative Day, by Greenfrog (boy slave story)
  9. Around the World, by Herb Cat (consensual story)
  10. Riding the Pole, by Herb Cat (consensual story)
    From the Archives
  11. The Apprentices, by Michael Jacks (historical boy-slave story)
    San Carlos stories
  12. Sander & The Basket Case, by Paolo

22 December 2010

  1. The Adventures of Brother Timothy. 1 The Acolyte, by Maiocxx (Boyslave & consensual story)
  2. Billy's Physical, by Mister Red (consensual)
  3. Granddad's Dungeon, by Cowra (consensual BDSM)
  4. Isle of Boys, by Mich Boyle (woman-boy)
  5. The Rape of Christopher Owens, by Bbillings (non-consensual)
  6. Rip, by Herb Cat (consensual story)
  7. Saturday Morning With Daddy, by Fantasy Boy (consensual story/incest)
    From the Archives
  8. Amtrak Across America, by Taurak (consensual)
  9. Boy Fuck on the Titanic and other short stories, by Todd Sayre (non-consensual)
  10. Carwash Capers and some other rather silly little tales, by Parrafan (consensual story)
  11. A Father's Story, by Mr. Red (boy slave story)
  12. Konosuke & Teacher, Teacher (Tales from Japan), by David (consensual)
  13. On A Wing And A Prayer, by BC Dude (consensual)
  14. The Pensbrooke School for Boys, by LizardGuy (school story)
  15. Pounding the Starfish, by Boisterous (consensual)
  16. Shark's Tooth, by Stevie Washington (non-consensual)
  17. This Charming Boy, by Debonair (consensual)
  18. Three Houses in Sydney, by Sid G (boy slave & prostitution)
  19. Truth, Beauty & Justice, by Debonair (consensual/prostitution)
    San Carlos stories
  20. Kyle, by Slammr
  21. Lester DelRay's Revenge, by Josh
  22. The Clone Master, by Josh

17 November 2010
(october-november update)

  1. Adoption Story, by Mister Red (Consensual story)
  2. Beach Front Boy, by Koos Smit (Consensual story)
  3. The Caretaker: A Halloween Tale, by Debonair (Consensual story)
  4. An Odd Sort of Day, by Yokedboiz (Slaveboy story)
    From the Archives
  5. Nightfair, by Luz Rojo (consensual)
  6. Tatawaw, by Herb Cat (consensual)
    San Carlos stories
  7. Zack, by Slammr
  8. Elijah, preceded by The Love Boat by Josh

  1. Een verhaal uit India, Fan Cha Phaw, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen

4 October 2010
(september update)

  1. Adam Rules Eve, by Ashque (Consensual Boy-man domination) Removed, since chapter 2 was never sent
  2. Daniel in the Lion's Den, by Maiocxx (Slaveboy story)
  3. Young Dragon 3: Firefighter, by David
    From the Archives
  4. Beggar, by Barrett Robinson (Consensual story)
  5. Boy in the Bathhouse & other stories (Tales from Japan), by David (Consensual stories)
  6. Gauntlet, by Brian Jones (Consensual BDSM story)
  7. Hey, Dude!, by Exmon (Consensual story)
  8. The Mall Wizard, by Storytime (Consensual story)
  9. Whoa, Dude!, by Exmon (now combined with: Hey Dude)
    San Carlos stories
    (Slave, Eunuch and Prostitution stories) - Introduction
  10. Sander's Story, by Timothy, Curious Guy and Slammr
  11. Hop Sing, by Paolo and Slammr
  12. Max: The Illustrated Boy, by Paolo

  1. Russische jongens, door Bill, vertaald door Jan van Vlaanderen

26 August 2010

    2010 Summer Sport Stories
  1. Cody West, Bull Rider by day, Boy Rider by night, by Daemon Way (Non-consensual story)
  2. Football Camp, by Bbillings (Non-consensual story)
  3. The Fremont Stakes, by Istari and Calvinus (Boyslave story)
  4. A Lost Team Spirit, by StoTelAlex (Non-consensual story)
  5. The Motocross Competition, by J.O. Dickingson (Consensual story)
  6. Xander 2: Summer Sports Adventure, by Paolo (Boyslave story)
    Other New Stories
  7. The Operative, by Shakey Psyche
  8. Reclaiming Sir Robert's Heritage, by Maiocxx (Slaveboy story)
  9. School Camp, by StoTelAlex (Consensual story)
    From the Archives
  10. Boy Brothel, by Joe Stevens (Boy prostitution story)
    *A Boy's Tale, by Storytime (Consensual story)
  11. Desperate Measures, by Parrafan (Consensual story)
  12. Polly, the Mystery Boy, by Xero (Boyslave story)
  13. Spring Chicken, by Gipetto (Consensual story)
  14. Street Rat (Tales from Japan), by David (Boy prostitution story)

  1. Meiden, door Dux (femdom story)
  2. Schoolkamp, door StoTelAlex (consensual story)

23 July 2010

  1. The Adventures of Captain Steve Johnson I: A Souvenir from Scotland, by StoTelAlex (Slaveboy story)
  2. The Fifth Slaveboy, by Dirt (Slaveboy story)
  3. Return from Israel, by Maiocxx (Slaveboy story)
  4. School Camp, by StoTelAlex (Consensual story)
  5. Zero, the Special-Needs Slaveboy, by Paolox (Slaveboy story)
    From the Archives
  6. The New Neighbor Boy, by TNNB (Consensual BDSM/castration)
  7. Wicked Garden, by Debonair (Consensual)

28 June 2010

    PZA 3rd Anniversary Stories
  1. Hampdon Boys, by Eithan Cole
  2. The Gift of Brotherhood, by Patrick
  3. Roger's Train Ride, by Maiocxx
  4. Slave's Birthday, by Istari
  5. My 14th Birthday, by Dirt
  6. A Birthday Surprise, by Eithan Cole
  7. A Day in the Life of a Dog, A Birthday Story, by Greenfrog
  8. Xander's 13th Birthday Present, by ^Paolox3_
  9. Mom and Dad's Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary, by Daemon Way
  10. Birthday Interrogations, by Platypus
  11. The Gift of the Songbird, by Jay O. Dickingson
  12. Michael's Birthday Party, by Bara Productions
    Other new stories:
  13. The Boys in the Garage by StoTelAlex (consensual love story)
  14. The Pleasure Slave, by Greenfrog (boy slave story)
    From the Archives
  15. Lessons in Loving, by Boisterous (Consensual Story)
  16. The Quiet Kid, by Storytime (Consensual story)
  17. Try Boys, by Beautiful Creamer (Consensual love story)

  1. De jongens in de garage, door StoTelAlex (consensual love story)
  2. Over jongens en seks, deel I, door Wolf, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen

31 May 2010

  1. Little Boys Condemned, by Maiocxx (Slaveboy story)
  2. Two Boys in the Reformatory, by Caliban (School Boys/spanking story)
    From the Archives
  3. The Boys Guardian Force, by Storytime (Consensual story)
  4. Hedgewick Academy, by Justin Davis (School boy story) Requested by Ashuak
  5. Out of the Frying Pan, by Parrafan (Boy prostitution)
  6. The Prague Dream, by Jozzy (Boy-prostitution story)
  7. Sammy or Figure Studies, by Zzathras (Consensual story)
  8. Seducing the Sitter, by Zzathras (Consensual story)
  9. The S's and the M's, two Fan Cha Paw stories (Consensual story)
  10. Taken for granted, by Рок Верхтер (Consensual story)

  1. Atheense Jongens – 460 v.Chr., door Bill, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Slavenjongens)
  2. De straf van Brandon, door Istari, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Slavenjongens)

29 April 2010

  1. Boy Batter, by ToolUser (Consensual love story)
  2. Escape to Israel, by Maiocxx (boy-slave story)
  3. Gabby Grim and the Ganymede Guerillas, by Lexington Removed, after introduction of the story, the author never continued
  4. Gabriel at the Farm, by Debonair (non-consensual story)
  5. Young Dragon 1: Hell, by David (non-consensual story/hard)
  6. Perfect Son: Daddy's Perfect Lover, by Axel Chamberlain-Smith (consensual love story)
  7. Taming the Tigers, by Istari (consensual BDSM story)
  8. Three Slaves, by Dirt (boy-slave story)
    From the Archives
  9. Agency Boys, by John Stevens (boy prostitution)
  10. I Want to be Punished, by James Williams (consensual BDSM)
  11. President's Kid, by Boy-writer (other story)

31 March 2010

  1. A Canadian Story, c. 2100, by StefanIsMe (other story/future)
  2. Jawhar, Consensual Slaveboy, by Dirt (boy slave)
  3. Letter to My Precious Boy, by Dirt (consensual love story)
  4. Master Chat, by Mister Red (boy slave)
  5. Self-Serve Punishing Huts, by Platypus (non-consensual story)
  6. The Serpent's Kiss, by William Rush (other story)
  7. Slave Boy Hunter, by Zelamir (boy slave)
  8. Toys Will Be Toys, by Debonair (other story)
    From the Archives
  9. 2063, by Boy-writer (boy prostitution)
  10. Adoption, by Boy-writer (love story)
  11. The Arena, by Paul Paris (boy prostitution)
  12. Bren: The Slave Boy / Bren & Cat, by Sid G (boy prostitution/BDSM)
  13. Free Day, by Storytime (love story)
  14. Paying the Bills, by Parrafan (other story)
  15. Special Breed of Boys, by Daniel Master (boy prostitution)
  16. Stepdad, by Boy-writer (love story)
  17. Tempting the Babysitter, by Boy-writer (love story)

26 February 2010

  1. The Aurora School for Boys, by Zackary Dillon (Boy slave)
  2. My Boy, by Dirt (Boy slave)
  3. Whatever Happened To Tommy Vescu, by Dirt (Boy slave)
    From the Archives
  4. The Story of Parlassi, by Yentoci Ciawdacsa (Consensual)

29 January 2010

  1. Boys Gone Bonkers - A Chronicle of New Atlantis Story, by Debonair & William Rush (Boy-slave story)
  2. Little Boy Slaves, by Timmetje, transl. by Ayas, ed. by Zelamir (Boy-slave story)
  3. My Time in Eden - A Chronicle of New Atlantis Story, by William Rush (Boy-slave story)
  4. Shy Boy Dirty, by Sam Johnson (Consensual)
    From the Archives
  5. Buying Gavril, anonymous (Slavery, no sex)
  6. The Chosen One From Nongkhai, by J.O. Dickingson (Consensual story)
  7. Consiglio's Bed, by Ganymede (Other story)
  8. The Little Helper, by Storytime (Consensual-Love)
  9. The Mysterious Z-Battler, Adventures of the Masked Shota (Other story)
  10. New Shoes, by Pedros (Consensual-Love)
  11. Simon's Unfinisheds, by Scrub (Various)
  12. Slaveboy Trilogy, with The Toy, by Dicaleb (and Sub39m) (Boyslave story)
  13. Moved to DEMB

24 December 2009

= 2009 Christmas Special Stories
  1. Adventures of 10-year-old boys, by Wolf (Consensual)
  2. The Boys of Cockney Hills, by Zackary Dillon (Boy Slave)
  3. A Christmas in New Atlantis, by William Rush (Boy-slave story)
  4. The Christmas Present, by Greenfrog (Boy-Slave story)
  5. A Christmas Story, by Gymnopedies (Consensual)
  6. Father Christmas, by Bill (Boy-Slave & Prostitution story)
  7. Confessions of a Boy Slut, by Mich Boyle (Man & Woman-boy story)
  8. The Note, by R. Preston (Consensual BDSM)
  9. So be good, for goodness sake! by Daemon Way (Non-consensual)
  10. Son of a Whore, by Debonair (Non-consensual & prostitution)
    From the Archives
  11. The Brewster Boys and Santa, by J.O. Dickingson (magic)
  12. Moved to DEMB
  13. A Christmas Carol, anonymous (Other story)
  14. A Christmas Karel, by Justin Davis (Consensual)
  15. A Christmas Story, by Baloo (Consensual)
  16. Jamie's Christmas Special, (Fan Cha Phaw story) (Consensual)
  17. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, by Ganymede (Consensual/incest)
  18. Silent Night, by Stevie Washington (Non-consensual)
  19. An Unforgettable Xmas, by Debonair (Consensual)
  20. An Urban Christmas, by Justin Davis (Consensual)

  1. Brenda's verleidelijke tweeling, door Mich Boyle, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Vrouw-jongen)
  2. Gabriëls nachtmerrie, door Darkfire Knight, vertaald door Timmy (Man-jongen; onvrijwillig & dwang)

26 November 2009

  1. Boys in the King's Navy, 1807, by Bill (Boy prostitutes)
  2. Brave Enough, by ToolUser (Boy prostitutes)
  3. Breathless, by Adam Bookbinder (Woman-boy)
  4. I Hate My Little Brother, by Evil Bubble (Girl-boy)
  5. Josh - Eleven-year-old's Boylove, by Dan Rawknot (Consensual)
  6. This Love Lost in My Heart, by William Rush (Consensual)
  7. The Times I Remember, by William Rush (Consensual)

    From the Archives

  8. Vermont Summer, by Jason (Vt Kid) (consensual)
  9. Video Games, by Pedros (Consensual-Love)
  10. The Young Muggers, by The Story Teller of 1997 (Consensual BDSM)

  1. Dichtbij, door Debonair, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen

29 October 2009

  1. The Fortunate Ones, by William Rush (School & Camp story)

    From the Archives

  2. Adventures of Collin, Jeff and Thomas: Three Suburbanesque Stories, by William Rush (Consensual)
  3. Boys of Aertha: Three short stories, by William Rush (Boy Slave & prostitution)
  4. The Travels of Antosh Teshna, Parts I and II, by William Rush (Boy Slave & Prostitution)

29 September 2009

  1. A Boy's Life by Patrick (Boy slave)

    From the Archives

  2. Of Boys and Sex, vol. II (ten short stories) by Wolf (Consensual)
  3. Of Boys and Sex, vol. III (ten - two for now - short stories) by Wolf (Consensual)

27 August 2009

  1. Boyhood Sex Lessons, by Bill (Consensual)
  2. The Hostages, by Greenfrog (Non-Consensual story)
  3. A Swimmers Season, by Karl O'Sullivan (Consensual story/BDSM)

    From the Archives

  4. Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner, by Glaucon55 (Non-Consensual story/BDSM)

  1. Het Speelgoedknaapje, door Timmetje (boy slave)
  2. De verkoop van Dylan, door Istari, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (boy slave)

31 July 2009

  1. Jimmy's Journal, by Cyberboy (Consensual)
  2. Josh, by Brian (Boy slave & Consensual BDSM)
  3. Scotty's Graduation Present, by Mister Red (Boy slave)
  4. The Scrubs, by Barefoot Guy (Boy slave)

    From the Archives

  5. The Prince's New Servant, by Storytime (Consensual)
  6. The Wanderer I, by Storytime (Consensual)
  7. The Wanderer II, by Storytime (Consensual)

30 June 2009

  1. Bridgeport Slave, by Sasuke Sarutobi (Non-consensual)
  2. Misery, by Shakey Psyche (Non-consensual)
  3. Tales from a World of Slavery 3: Punishing Brandon, by Istari (Slave-boy story)

    From the Archives

  4. Apocalypse, by Moonweezle9 (Consensual)
  5. The Beggar Boys, by Storytime (Consensual)
  6. Suburban Sinners, by Debonair (Consensual)

  1. Garrets verwerking tot slaaf, door Istari, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen
  2. Geisha jongens, door Bill, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen
  3. Romeinse Vakantie, door Zelamir, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen

28 May 2009

  1. Brendan, by Koos Smit (Boy-slave/historical)
  2. Jupiter, the Pony-Boy, by Istari (Boy-slave)

    From the Archives

  3. Art and Jamie, by Scrub aka Simon (school boy)
  4. Letter From Siapan & Orgy Boys, by blackflag (Prostitution)
  5. Of Boys and Sex (Seven short stories), by Wolf (Consensual)
  6. Razor's Edge, by Debonair (consensual)
  7. Shy Boy at Summer Camp, by Bill aka Storyguy (School boy story)

  1. Alleen maar een knoop, door Boisterous, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen

27 April 2009

  1. Cole's Adventures: Discovering William, by Eithan Cole (Consensual/love)
  2. Doctor Dick, by Gary Cutter (Other story)
  3. Home, by Noone Special (Boy-prostitution)
  4. Love Among The Zombies by Rhommboid (Consensual story/love)
  5. Taking Wally to Gaytown, by Mister Red (Boy slave)

    From the Archives

  6. Dirt, by Debonair (Consensual story/love)
  7. Just Like Old Times, by Bill (Boy-prostitution)
  8. A Very Special Halloween, by Debonair (Other story)

30 March 2009

  1. The Fate of a Poor Man's Son, by Mister Red (Boy-slave)
  2. Made Myself Into a Boy-Slave, by Cyberboy (Consensual/bdsm)
  3. The Prince Coco Project, By Gary Cutter (Consensual/photographer)
  4. Scoutmaster Murphy, by Mister Red (Other story)
  5. The Siphon, by Shakey Psyche (Consensual/sci.fi)
  6. The Ties of Brotherhood, by Diversasy (Consensual/bdsm)
  7. Trevor: "The Fire That Burns Sight", by Cyberboy (Consensual/sword&sorcery)

    From the Archives

  8. Adnauseam's Emporium, by Parrafan (Other story/bdsm)
  9. Adventures of 11-year-old boys, by Wolf (Consensual)
  10. Boyhood of a Clone, by Bill aka Storyguy (Other Story/sci.fi)
  11. Dealing with Unwanted New Boys, by Scrub aka Simon (School Boy story)
  12. Ginger Chicken, by Debonair (Consensual/prostitution)
  13. Mr Hemming's School, by Anonymous (School Boy story)
  14. An Obedient Boy, by Scrub aka Simon (School Boy story)
  15. The Son, by Zzathras (Consensual/love)
  16. Strip Poker, by ***Zorakk (Consensual/sci.fi)

  1. Toms nieuwe school, door Kritios

27 February 2009

  1. 44 Days, by Platypus & Sam T. Sleaze (Other story/bdsm)
  2. Caught, by Diversasy (Consensual/reluc bdsm)
    *Linda's List for Boys, by Mich Boyle (Man & Woman-boy story)
    *Lorraine's Little Boy Lovers, by Mich Boyle (Man & Woman-boy story)
  3. My Cousin's Boy, by Mister Red (consensual/bdsm)
  4. Retribution, by Daemon Way (Non-consensual)
  5. Tales from a World of Slavery 2: Selling Dylan, by Istari (Boyslave/future)
  6. Vinnie, by R. Preston (consensual/bdsm)

    From the Archives

  7. Balkan Boy, by Bill (Consensual)
  8. Boarding School Boy, by Bill (School Boy story)
  9. Boarding School Teacher, by Bill (School Boy story)
  10. Dealing With The Bully, by Bara Produktions (Other story/bond)
  11. The Grazed Elbow and Other Calamities, by Parrafan (Consensual)
  12. Over the Fence, by Sasuke Sarutobi (non-consensual)
  13. Pleasing Mr. Petrov, by Mister Red (Boyslave/now)
  14. Rent-boys and Hustlers (Four Short Stories), by Debonair (Consensual/prostitution)
  15. The Stash, by Debonair (Other story)
  16. What's The Big Deal?, by Mister Red (consensual/reluctant)

  1. Vakantie 2: Jongensparadijs, door Kritios

29 January 2009

  1. The Boy in the Woods, by RJM (Other story/humiliation)
  2. From Son to Slaveboy, by Barefoot Guy (Consensual/bdsm)
  3. Indecent Proposal, by Shakey Psyche (Other story/non-consensual)
  4. Mr. Needles, by Platypus (Non-Consensual)
  5. Now and Then, by R. Preston (Consensual)
  6. Ryan, by R. Preston (Consensual)

    From the Archives

  7. Andromeda Rising, by Chillun (Consensual)
  8. At Their Mercy, by J.O. Dickingson (Other story/mind control)
  9. Black Boys in New York (Two Short Stories), by Bunjji2000 (Consensual & Non-consensual)
  10. The Boys Lounge, by Verryevil (Consensual)
  11. Brenda's Twin-boy Temptation, by Mich Boyle (Woman-boy)
  12. Cabin Boys – 1785, by Bill aka Storyguy (Consensual)
  13. A Cowboy's Tale, by Chillun (Consensual) Removed, since chapter 2 was never sent
  14. Doug, by Scrub (School Stories)
  15. The Fishing Trip, by Scrub aka Simon (Other story)
  16. For Money or Love, by Ganymede (Consensual)
  17. Gareth, by BoyThrasher (Consensual)
  18. A Place to Hang Out, by Boisterous (Consensual)
  19. Russian Boys, by Bill (Consensual)
  20. Sam's Dilemma, by Sasuke Sarutobi (Non-Consensual)
  21. Sex Slave, by Wolf (Slave boy)
  22. A Simple Plan, by Sasuke Sarutobi (Consensual)
  23. Urban Tails (Seven Short Stories), by Debonair (Consensual)
  24. Willy Switches for Fun, by Wolf (Consensual)

22 December 2008

  1. The Boxing of a Boy (and Three Other Slave-Boy Chronicles), by Dirt (Boy-slave)
  2. SafeSecureTM Transport Boy Cages, by Dirt (Boy-slave)
  3. Xanadu Pleasure Dome, Part I The Stables, by Dirt (Boy-slave)

    From the Archives

  4. Boys' Detention Centre, by Mich Boyle (Woman-boy)
  5. Davie and David, by Scrub aka Simon (School-boy)
  6. Dirty Little Secret, by Debonair (Consensual)
  7. Gagnon Story, by YoungFox (Consensual)
  8. The Gargoyle of Male Fecundity, by J.O. Dickingson (Consensual)
  9. I Spy, by Debonair (Consensual)
  10. Instructions, by Scrub aka Simon (School-boy)
  11. Sex Candy (A Christmas tale), by Debonair (Consensual)
  12. The Unwilling Model, by Scrub aka Simon (School-boy)
  1. Belinda's Scoutskamp, door Mich Boyle, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Vrouw-jongen)
  2. Hoe bestaat het? door Kritios (Consensueel)
  3. Het Landgoed, door James Stuart, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Jongensslaven)
  4. Seksinstituut voor Jongens, door Randu, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Consensueel)
  5. De Vier Dansers, door James Stuart, vertaald door Jan Van Vlaanderen (Jongensslaven)

28 November 2008

  1. How it all began, by Paul S
  2. My Baboobaba, by Platypus
  3. School for Safety, by Scrub aka Simon

    From the Archives

  4. Belinda's Boy Scout Camp Out, by Mich Boyle (Woman-boy story)
  5. Boys Love Torture, by Scott Westwood (consensual bdsm)
  6. Camp Wanafuk, by Debonair
  7. Carol's Callboy Adventure, by Mich Boyle (Woman-boy story)
  8. Close, by Debonair
  9. Helen's Hot Boy Lusts, by Mich Boyle (Woman-boy story)
  10. Hungry for More, by Debonair
  11. Knot Alone, by Boisterous
  12. The Letters, by Scrub
  13. The Pirate, by anonymous
  14. Prisoner of the System, by Scrub aka Simon
  15. Timmy in Chains, by Sid G & Erik
  16. Tunes, by Richard Perkins
  17. The Want Ads, by Boisterous
  1. Azrael de Wonderjongen, door Istari, vertaald door Jan van Vlaanderen
  2. Een Grand Tour in 1928, door Bill vertaald door Jan van Vlaanderen
  3. Vakantie 1: Op Reis, door Kritios

28 October 2008

  1. The Bitch, by ToolUser

    From the Archives

  2. Black Jack, by Debonair
  3. Filthy Rich, by Debonair
  4. Sailing With Seven, by Thole
  5. Three Weeks to Heaven, Book Two, by Teglin
  6. Wishus and His Easter Adventure & Wishus Does Elizabethtown, by Teglin
  7. XY-N (ch. 1-11), by Paolo

30 September 2008

  1. Soldiers and Boys in War time, by Bill

    From the Archives

  2. Three Weeks to Heaven, Book One, by Teglin
  1. Nathans Verhaal, door Platypus, vertaald door Jan van Vlaanderen

28 August 2008

  1. BoyToys, Inc., by Dirt
  2. Paradise Island, by John C
  3. Tales from a World of Slavery: Processing Garret, by Istari
  4. Timothy's Enslavement, A BoyToys Inc. Story, by Dirt

    From the Archives

  5. For Your Own Good, by Paolo
  6. From Vasia with Love, by Boisterous
  7. Hockey Night, by Debonair
  8. Sex, Lies and Videoboys, by Debonair

31 July 2008

  1. Azrael the WonderBoy, by Istari
  2. The Boy Punisher, by Platypus
  3. Cody en Lucas, ch. 1, by Maiocxx
  4. The Scholarship Boy, ch. 1, by Skrimshaw

    From the Archives

  5. Mark's New Home, ch. 1-2, by Howdy Doody

30 June 2008

  1. The Delacorte School, by Platypus
  2. Nathan's Tale, by Platypus

    From the Archives

  3. Adam, by Shakey Psyche
  4. Cody and the Wombat, by Sockluver
  5. The Institution, by Backwoodsman
  6. The Perfect Slave Boy, by Dirt
  7. Trash, by Debonair

26 May 2008

  1. Steven's Summer in Chains, by Istari

    From the Archives

  2. Beach Boy (Fan Cha Phaw story)
  3. Capture and Enslavement, by Dirt
  4. Fun witch Chuckles, by Daemon Way
  5. The India Story (Fan Cha Phaw story)
  6. Modern Love, by Debonair
  7. My Tow Headed, Blue Eyed, Good Looking Nephew, by L.A. Guy (Fan Cha Phaw story)
  8. The Purchase, by Dirt
  9. The Resort, by Sockluver
  10. Tragedy in Black, by Zelamir
  11. Unleashed in the East, by Debonair

25 April 2008

  1. My Brother's Kids Are Now Mine, by Larry Clayton
  2. Paulie, by Maiocxx
  3. Rutilus, by Shakey Psyche
  4. A Slave's Tale, by Patrick

    From the Archives

  5. About being tied up, by Shakey Psyche
  6. A Different Kind of School, by Dirt
  7. Life is a Ball, by Ganymede
  8. Memory of Alex, by OwenM
  9. Rent Me, by Debonair
  10. Theo's Teddy, by Dirt

27 March 2008

  1. My Dominant 12-Year-Old Brother, by Bill

    From the Archives

  2. Arkansas Vacation, by Sid Gittler
  3. The Boys in the Field (The Program II) by Howdy Doody
  4. The Geppetto Project by Howdy Doody
  5. Monastery Tales, by James Stuart, the Erotic Historian
  6. Rent-a-Kid, by Shakey Psyche
  7. Samurai, Inc. by David
  8. Sander, by Рок Верхтер

29 February 2008

    From the Archives

  1. The Best Uncles are Adopted, by Randu
  2. Boy-Maids of the Enclosed City, by Master's Maid
  3. The Joseph Experience, by Shakey Psyche
  4. Michael and Jeff, by Shakey Psyche
  5. The Runaway, by Shakey Psyche

26 January 2008

  1. Personal Slave-boy by Barefoot Guy

    From the Archives

  2. Chronicles of a Neighbourhood Babysitter, by Steam Train
  3. The Boy Prostitute, by Zzathras
  4. Sam's Saga by Barefoot Guy
  5. Tribute Boys III The Summer Release Festival, by Scrimshaw & Zelamir

29 December 2007

  1. Roman Slave-Boy 143 AD by Bill

    From the Archives

  2. Bobby by R. Preston
  3. Moved to DEMB
  4. Moved to DEMB
  5. The Day I Met Fred Savage by Standing Bear
  6. Double Trouble by Randu
  7. Future Shock by ***Zorakk
    (first version)
    (second version)
    (third version)
  8. Juvenile Deterrence by Steam Train
  9. Papa Bear and Baby Bear by Zzathras
  10. Moved to DEMB
  11. The Story of Tim by Jack Rowan
  12. Tour to Hell & The Resort From Hell by BoyMasterUS
  13. The Village II: The Annual Pony Boy Race, by Mister Henry & Zelamir

24 November 2007

  1. The Upper Fremont Pony Club by Istari

    From the Archives

  2. Al's Summer Vacation by Diabolical
  3. Even the Modest Must Serve by Steam Train
  4. The Four Dancers by James Stuart, the Erotic Historian
  5. Inn Boy by Zzathras
  6. Sex Institute for Boys by Randu
  7. Tribute Boys, Bk. 2, by Scrimshaw & Zelamir

27 October 2007

  1. Amsterdam, 2015, by Bill aka Storyguy
  2. Changing History by Giorgii Williams
  3. Helot by Zelamir
  4. I Bought Five Little Boy Slaves by Patrick
  5. A Night at the Races by Barefoot Guy
  6. Pony Boy Racers by Barefoot Guy

    From the Archives

  7. The Country Manor by James Stuart, the Erotic Historian
  8. The Master's Son by Steam Train
  9. Paul Tanner's Schooldays by Dave Manning
  10. Seaward Plantation by Lance Kyle
  11. Teacher by Daemon Way
  12. Removed

22 September 2007

  1. Erlhantos: The First Book of The Times and Life of Torak-Zoza by Giorgii Williams

    From the Archives

  2. Blincoe's Casefile: 1 The Cross Murders by Pueros
  3. Born to Serve by Steam Train
  4. The Island of Dr. Monroe by QuarkMaster
  5. Johan by Koos Smit
  6. The Only Boy on Calisto (Original) by Bill aka Storyguy
  7. The Only Boy on Calisto (Revised) by Bill aka Storyguy
  8. A Portrait of Servitude - A Child's Questions, by Randall Austin Removed on request of the author
  9. Tribute Boys, Bk. 1, by Scrimshaw & Zelamir
  10. The Village, Pt. 1, by Mister Henry & Zelamir
  11. 88E469SD Ward of the State by Howdy Doody

11 & 24 August 2007

24 August 2007
  1. Little Peter by Tommy

    From the Archives

  2. Aztecs by Pueros
  3. Grand Tour, 1928, by Bill
  4. London 1892 by Bill
  5. Lost in London by Debonair
  6. The New Student in the Reform School by Classic Rider
  7. The Overseer by Daniel Climins
  8. Spartan Boys by Pueros
  9. Training Ben by Tommy
  10. Twins by Zelamir
  11. Wrecked, by Pueros
11 August 2007
  1. Benji by Brian
  2. Master and His Little Slaveboys by Tommy, adapted by Céladon Puerulus

    From the Archives

  3. Athenian Boys by Bill aka Storyguy
  4. Benin: Roman Slave Boy, by Brianski aka Brian
  5. Boy Auction in the Old West by Parrafan
  6. Flavius Aulus by Bara produktions
  7. The Houseboys by Bara produktions
  8. Johnny's Punishment by Diabolical
  9. Out of Africa by Zelamir
  10. The Puer Research Institute by Parrafan
  11. The Taken by SanibelBoys
  12. Tamerlane's Boys by Pueros
  13. Timmy by Brian
24 August 2007

28 July 2007

    From the Archives

  1. Gabriel's Nightmare by Darkfire Knight
  2. Home for Wayward Boys by Robert V. Walker-Smith
  3. Into Care by Zelamir
  4. Moved to DEMB
  5. New Boy In Juvenile Detention by Bill / Story Guy
  6. Nicky by Zelamir
  7. Reform School Boys or Thompson's Lesson by Mark E. Dassad
  8. The Other Tom Brown's Schooldays (Eunuch version), by Pueros
    The Other Tom Brown's Schooldays (Nialos version), by Pueros
  9. The Sultan's Favorite Boy by Bill / Story Guy

19-28 June 2007

From the Archives

25 June 2007
  1. The Brotherhood by Pueros
  2. The Lycian Prince by Pueros
  3. The Lycian Prince (New version), by Pueros
23 June 2007
  1. The Adventures of Stampley Plantation by WannabeWhitman
  2. The Codicil by Pueros
  3. Mastering Alex by Istari
  4. Slaveboy from Moscow by Pueros
  5. Slaveboy from New York by Pueros
  6. Slaveboys from Moscow & New York by Pueros
  7. Worldwide Boy Gladiators by Istari
  1. Gladiatorjongens Wereldwijd door Istari
22 June 2007
  1. Sejanus by Zelamir
  2. The Traitor's Son by Zelamir, adapted by Pueros (ch. 1-78)
  3. Geisha Boys by Bill
  4. Chesapeake Boy, 2203 AD, by Bill
19 June 2007
  1. A Roman Holiday by Zelamir
  2. Amazon Steppes by Pueros
  3. Princes by Pueros
  4. Tribute by Pueros
  1. Jongensslaafjes door Timmetje
28 June 2007