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What to do with Younger Brothers?

Three short stories


  1. Black Jack (3,500 words / 7 pages)
    The perverse story of a young teenager who makes a bet with his new stepbrother. Of course the stakes are high and it ends up being a thorough initiation.
  2. Close (3,500 words / 7 pages)
    Initiation-style story where a young teenager shows his younger brother things he's not supposed to.
  3. Dirty Little Secret (6,250 words / 12½ pages)
    The sanctuary of a nihilist teenager is disturbed when a foster kid enters his life.
  4. Wicked Garden (6,500 words / 13 pages)
    The secret life of two brothers who play special games when mom is not around.
Publ. 1999-2000; this site Oct-Dec 2008, Jul 2010
Finished 19,750 words (39½ pages).



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Consensual Man-Boy story/Various
tbcons (#3: bdom) oral anal mastfirst enema ws (#3: bdsm humil spank)


This is a work of FICTION for ADULTS only. Do NOT read this if you are under 18 or if you are not an adult according to the laws of your State or Country. Do NOT read this if you are easily offended or if you are not interested in fantasies involving young boys. This file contains sexually EXPLICIT material.

The author does not condone any of the acts in this file. This story was not written to advocate sexual activity with minors. Agatha Christie wrote about murderers all her life. She was not a criminal. Please support free speech and stop censorship.

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Black Jack

The perverse story of a young teenager who makes a bet with his new stepbrother. Of course the stakes are high and it ends up being a thorough initiation

Jack (13yo), Danny (8yo)
tbcons oral anal mastenema ws

"When masturbations lost its fun. You're fucking breaking. Bite my lip and close my eyes. Take me away to paradise. I'm so damn bored. I'm going blind. And loneliness has to suffice."
– G D

Chapter 1
Full Circle

Jack was a little pissed off. The words from his mother still resonated his in ears. "You're gonna do what you're told young man. I've had enough of your bad attitude!"

The thirteen year-old sulked silently in his room, trying to figure out a way to escape the chore he had been assigned. He cursed under his breath, spewing his anger for Jim, the damn loser who fancied his mom. How he hated the guy. The evil man who had tickets for all the games of the hockey finals but who had invited his mother instead of him. And on top of it all. He was to baby-sit for the eight year-old brat the dork had brought into this world.

Boy he had been dealt the lousiest hand on the table. The evenings were precious for him. Gone were the late night escapades in the neighbourhood, making trouble and annoying the girls. The spring of 1990 was warm and breezy and he longed to cherish every second of it. Resigning himself to forsake his friends for many evenings, he stood to greet the two intruders ringing the bell.

"Say hi to Jim and Danny." his mother commanded.

"Hi Jim… hi Danny…" Jack peeped barely audibly.

"I hope you're okay with this Jack? the man asked. Ill make it up to you… and well come back early…"

'Yeah-right,' Jack thought. 'You're gonna go screw my slut mom in a cheap motel afterward asshole.'

"Be a good boy Danny… and remember Jack is in charge here," the man said sternly to his son.

"Okay dad!" the little boy nodded.


"Are we gonna watch the game?" Danny demanded to the tall teenager. The shyness had vanished from his raspy voice now. He could talk one on one with the big boy. Something at first that was impossible. After all, he was in the company of the one they called Black Jack. The young male was stronger much stronger that him. There was an dark aura of dominance surrounding him. The young teen was hyperactive and unpredictable, it was best to obey his will. His black sweat pants, sneakers and black Pantera t-shirt were enough to scare any little kid. He even wore black bikini briefs, he had seen them once.

Now he looked up to him. The teen wore his dark hair short and stylish, and he wished he could copy the do. His prominent front teeth forced him to bear a sly grin, like a wolf. And his burgeoning muscles were quite impressive.

"Were gonna watch ALL the games moron!" Jack snapped back. And to think that the kid could become his stepbrother made his stomach turn. He couldn't bare the thought of spending the rest of his youth with the little spaz tagging along.

The child's cuteness annoyed his nerves. Maybe he was jealous? The small boy was skinny and defenceless like a kitten. His short dirty blond bangs were hanging straight, probably cut with a bowl on his scalp. A veil of freckles danced on and around his upturned nose under two shiny girlish brown eyes. He smiled wholeheartedly all the time, exposing rows of pearly white teeth.

The kid didn't need to be told when to take a bath. At eight o'clock sharp he was already clean and dressed in his pyjamas for the opening face-off.

Jack stared at the eight year-old has he spread the hockey cards of both teams on the coffee table. The Oilers and Bruins were hitting the ice. To conjure up his anger, Jack quickly shoved the carefully placed cards on the carpet. In no time, the small tyke was at his throat like he wanted.

"Why'd you do that uh? FUCK!!" Danny screamed, punching the bigger boy in his guts.

"Cuz I felt like it," Jack replied, parrying the incoming attacks of the pint-sized elf. There was something the young teen admired about the kid. His undenying ability to ruff house with the best of them. He was no sissy. And he relied on dirty tricks like pulling hair and crushing nuts to conquer his enemy. It was during those wrestling sessions that the boy would let out his most ferocious bad words.

"You cocksucker!" he yelled kicking the thirteen year-old. "Fuck you!" punching his sides. "You're a fucking asshole!" launching a jab to his face.

A cornucopia of words Jack had taught him early on. He despised the child's innocence. What better way to defile him than to turn him into a potty mouth. Afterwards, he had pursued his tutoring by showing him all the vile sex acts imaginable. Together, they had watched a clandestine tape Jack had acquired at school. For two hours, the little prince was confronted with women being fucked every way humanly possible. Taking big rods up their pussies and asses. Drowning in oceans of sperm.

He had also given him lesson 101 in jacking off. The small child was mesmerized as Jack wanked his erection under his eyes, grimacing with pleasure. Soon, he had ejaculated in a glass and the boy had even taken a sip, getting his first taste of ball juice.

Later, the eight year-old had confided he was putting into practice every night Jacks wonderful course on masturbation, jerking his dink to a boyish orgasm.

Oh he had thought him well. Jack congratulated himself for a job well done. He had turned the pristine lad into an adequate street boy. Around his stupid friends, when faced with something unpleasant, the boy would grab his crotch and say fuck you without remorse. He had even mooned the tall teenager once, giggling with delight from his impetuous move. A perfect little pervert.

As the young child rearranged his hockey cards on the coffee table, Jacks mind swirled. Danny's nylon pjs concealed very little of his body. The curb of his petite ass and the hanging tiny sausage clearly visible through the thin fabric. Jacks growing boner tented in his black sweat pants. Why hadn't he thought of it before? Fresh boy tail to deflower right in front of him.

Memories of the recent loss of virginity with Susan, the neighbourhood slut, popped in his mind. Her young well-used fourteen year-old twat had provided little pleasure for his maturing cock. But he felt assured the kids sweet little hole wouldn't disappoint him.

After all, he had been through the same thing at the tender age of eight too. Learning all the dirty tricks of boysex when he was at the boarding school for his bad behaviour. And later getting assraped by his older cousins on every other weekend.

Souvenirs of the slamming cocks in his little behind tickled his balls. It was payback time. But he wasn't dumb like his cousins. He didn't want the lad to run to his dad telling him what kind of a big fag Jack was. With a little subtlety, Danny would be his buttboy for years.

"Wanna make a bet Danny?" Jack asked suddenly.

"Yeah sure…"

"I bet the Oilers will win tonight."

"No way… the Bruins are gonna squash them!"

"Okay… then Ill bet ya ten bucks on the Oilers."

"I don't have any money…" the child sighed sadly.

"Uhmmm." Jack whispered, pretending to think. "We won't bet with cash then… lets say whoever loses will have to get naked and jack off the other?"

The eight-year-old raised his head as the word naked was spoken. He smiled broadly assessing the deal and answered OK


Jack couldn't believe his eyes, the game was tied 2-2 in overtime. He realized the series would be tight and reconsidered his whole strategy. But when an Oiler player scored the winning goal, a wicked smile appeared on his lips. He remained calmed, peering sideways at the reaction of the disappointed lad.

Only the light of the moon and the TV was illuminating the third floor apartment. Jack flipped on the nearest light. He didn't wanna miss a glimpse of the delicious outcome.

"Come on Danny You lost. Take it all off!" Jack cheered.

The little boy wasn't a sore loser. He unbuttoned slowly his pyjama top, standing in the middle of the living room. Then he lowered his pyjama pants, protecting his dignity with his right hand.

"Get yer hand off of that I'm not gonna bite," Jack exclaimed.

The youngster put both hands on his narrow hips and swayed his skinny frame left and right. He giggled as his uncut pecker bounced from one thigh to the other.

Meanwhile, Jack had pulled down his dark pants to his knees. His engorged member, glistening with precum glowed in the light. He was proud to show his big cock to girls, thinking they were really impressed with size. For a thirteen-year-old, his prick was at least seven inches [18 cm] of beautiful cut meat. He had the largest balls and penis of his grade. A small tuft of dark black hair adorned his maleness. The small bare-assed child jumped next to him on the couch and quickly encircled the massive pole with his stubby fingers. Maximum firmness reached, the young boy began stroking gently like he did on his own appendage.

"Rub my nub Danny." Jack ordered.

The small kid obeyed every command to fulfill his end of the deal. Slick transparent juice covered his hand as he slid it on the thick shaft. The tall teenager cooed the more he grasped firmly.

"Uhh yeah… faster faster!" Jack moaned.

Danny grinned from the success he was having. His tiny hand perfectly lubed flew on the length of the huge cock. The dickhead had turned red from his ministrations. Jack, his eyes closed, savoured every second of it.

The eight-year-old changed his grip, his speed, learning to pleasure effectively his partner. Finding the best way, he jerked the boy savagely for ten long minutes.

Jack raised his buns from the couch to meet with the satisfying immature hand. "Uhhh I'm cumming!" he barked.

Danny stared intently at the organ about to spew its load. Soon enough he was rewarded with the white fountain of cream exploding high in the air and splashing on the thirteen-year-olds black t-shirt. At least six times, the jets of sperm erupted while the large boy grunted noisily. In the end, a river of jizz poured slowly from the piss slit unto his tired fingers and he smiled.

"You're even better than my girlfriend." Jack complimented, noticing the little boys throbbing woody. He could already imagine him wanking his dick next to him in the bed before sleep, probably thinking of the evening's events. The plan would be easy after all.


The second night was less nerve-racking for Jack. The Edmonton Oilers had beaten the Bruins easily 7 to 2. Earlier, he had made sure that the boy understood that the stake of the bet was a blowjob this time. The blond lad had commented on how gross it was but had agreed, probably anxious to feel a mouth on his young peter for the first time if he were to win.

Jack commanded him to undress him this time. With the naked child at his feet. He watched the tiny hands lower his sweat pants to his ankles and then his tight black briefs until his excited cock leaped in front of the mug of the pre-pubescent boy.

"Lick my balls first." Jack suggested.

The youngster was a tease and for two minutes he devoured the hairless scrotum, much to the delight of the teenager. Slurping each testicle in his mouth and nibbling the loose skin, he made Jack moan loudly. Little by little, he slid the tip of his tongue on the erect pole, the turgid prickhead poking his eye.

Then slowly, as if eating a huge hot dog, he engulfed the big penis until the patch of scarce black hair tickled his cute nose.

Jacks mind was spinning as he watched his entire prick disappear in the hungry mouth. The kid acted like a professional. He grasped the back of his little head and held his penis in the warm cavity, enjoying the delicious wetness of the narrow canal.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" he cooed as the ruby red lips slowly glided on his aching tool. His knees sagged as the slimy tongue flicked on his throbbing knob, scratching every sensitive spot.

Danny's big brown eyes fluttered, staring at the face of the thirteen- year-old to make sure he was doing it properly. The big hot cock was stretching his lips. Remembering the night before, he began imitating the rhythm of wanking by bobbing his head on the long flesh tube.

Helped by Jack, firmly grasping his blond hair and pulling his head onto his cock, he realized the meaning of the expression face fucking.

Faster and harder, Jack shoved himself into his small mouth. The tip of the big pole slamming against the back wall of his throat.

"Ohh yeah suck it! uhhhh suck it!" Jack hissed.

Danny anchored his hands on the tall boys legs the more the tempo increased, remembering to breath through his nose. His saliva covered the whole length of the huge organ, making it easy to enter his small wide opened mouth.

His little penis was at full attention between his legs. And he had even started to enjoy the feel of the rigid member on his tongue when the thought of the upcoming deluge travelled in his mind. Maybe if he swallowed fast he wouldn't taste it?

"Suck it good now!" Jack demanded, releasing his grip on the little boy's head.

Danny gripped the large rod without any question and concentrated on suckling the knob part, the best part. The more intense his sucking got the more the tall teenager spewed his litany of aggressive words "ARrgghh yeahh… you're a good cocksucker You're gonna eat my load!"

Spasms rocked Jacks body with electric bliss. His cock spurted his abundant seed filling the mouth of the eight-year-old at once with salty cream. The viscous liquid dripped from the corners of his mouth onto his puny chest. For the last two blasts, Jack pulled out, grinning as his shooting penis plastered the freckled-face with a coating of his thick glue.

Pretending not to be disturbed, the little boy gulped down the large wad and licked his lips.

"The Bruins will win tomorrow," he peeped with confidence.


It had to happen and it did. The Bruins playing on home ice with the energy of a dying insect outplayed their opponent and won, much to the delight of Danny who bounced with glee on the carpet.

"In yer face!" he cheered pointing his little finger at the teenager and raising his arms in a V.

Jack forced a smile on his lips, controlling the emotions of rage engrossing his mind. Calmly, he muttered "yeah, yeah you won this time," silently adding in his head… but Ill pop your cherry ass hard in time.

Earlier, he had asked the boy about the winner's reward for a correct prediction and the kid had bashfully answered

"Uh… well the loser has to suck the winner's dick… and uhmm lick his butthole."

The eight-year-olds two-inch [5 cm] dickie had been hard in the remaining seconds of the game, anticipating the sweet sensations about to overcome it for the first time. Jack had told him once a blowjob is a hundred times better than jacking off.

As he celebrated loudly, his young erection poking though his pyjamas fly, the eight-year-old's heart pounded rapidly. It was the best day of his life. Not only had he beat the Black Jack, but also he would get sucked at the same time.

Jack glanced at the display in disgust. He didn't dance after his victories. "Stop squirming if you want me to blow you!" he shouted.

The small blond lad shucked his clothes with a winning grin. As Jack guided him towards the nearest comfy armchair, he spread his legs wide, making his whole crotch accessible to the black-haired male.

The teenager began his deed quickly, wishing it was over. The tyke moaned as he devoured the small package of balls. The hairless sack fit snugly in his mouth and he swirled the two nuts, slurping them like oysters.

Cries of joy escaped the youngster's lips when Jack munched just below the testicles, an area the kid never imagined could bring so much titillation. The closer the wet probe neared his tender bumhole, the more he opened himself, turning his body unconsciously to welcome the sizzling tongue.

Jack paced himself, watching the little kids glorious firm behind. He recognized the backside, a special kind. He had seen them in the school showers. Perfectly round and already naturally parted. The kind of rear end that flaunted its tiny rosebud even when you were ten feet [3 m] away. A pussy boy ass. His hard cock jutted at the idea of riding it.

Concentrating on the task at hand, he spread the white buttocks wide. The virgin pink anus exposed totally. Slowly, he lapped around it, slickening the whole crack, carefully avoiding the bull's-eye until the kid begged with his wails for a little attention to his tiny orifice.

"OOOOOoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Danny cooed, finally feeling the warm tongue licking his hole. The slimy explorer moistened every crevasse of puckered flesh. Relaxing his sphincter, he invited the oral probe to fuck him.

Jack could sense the tiny muscle loosening on the tip of his tongue. He clamped his mouth on the child's pucker and sucked on it, massaging gently the constricting ring. Slowly he snaked his way into the eight-year-old rectum.

The little boy closed his eyes, enjoying the generous rimming. He could feel the big worm wiggling in his bum, tickling deliciously. His older partner replaced his tongue with a finger and it felt just as good. "Uhhh uhhhhhhhhh urghhhh," he groaned with his high-pitched voice as the single digit entered and exited easily his relaxed anus.

He almost screamed when the teen's mouth engulfed his small peter. His boydick was harder than ever. His middle section on fire, covered with warm wet spittle from his dink to his butt. His toes cramped up in the air, he let himself be possessed by the pleasure. Waves of new sensations travelled inside his skinny frame.

Jack smiled as the young boy purred under his ministrations. For he knew the kid could not turn back to a sexless life. Slipping a second finger in the narrow passage, the young body entwined around his head, he sucked like a lollipop on the small boner. Faster and harder, he fingerfucked the boy and suctioned the purple dickhead.

The youngster's cries grew louder as he approached climax. Oh yessss yesss he yelled, shaking his head left and right, sweat sticking his blond bangs to his forehead.

Jack laughed inside when the kid orgasmed. As the tiny dick twitched in his mouth, the boys whole body shuddered on the cushion, like an earthquake and he let out a squeaky shriek, like a girl. Exactly like a girl. A very high note coinciding with the peak of his immature climax.

Staring into each other's eyes, they shared silently for a moment their forbidden intimacy.

"So did ya like it fuckface?" Jack demanded to break the silence. "Wait till tomorrow…"

Chapter 2
Sore Loser

Jack feared the game was going too fast for his younger partner. Little did he know that the child was anxiously awaiting each hockey game for it brought him ever closer to his future stepbrother. And the learning was quick and practical… He was already up to lesson sex 401 from hanging around the mature early teen.

The stake that evening was buttfucking. The eight-year-olds eyes bulged when the teenager pronounced the words meticulously, probably thinking he would not understand what it was.

"You're gonna put yer dick in me? Really?" the little imp questioned.

"Yep. That's if the Oilers win of course or else you get to pork me…"

As the hockey players skated in the ice gracefully, Danny fidgeted, sitting on his hand, already protecting his backside. He smiled a wide grin when the Bruins scored. But in the end, the Edmonton powerhouse prevailed.

"Bring your butt over here." Jack said, his eyes gleaming wickedly at the pyjama clad kid.

"Is it gonna hurt?" the little male peeped.

"Nah… Remember last night? You liked it when I put my fingers in your asshole. Its gonna be the same."

"Okay," the boy nodded, disbelieving in the back of his head the comforting words.

Right away, the bigger boy was on the floor with him as he lowered his pj bottom down his skinny legs. His naked body felt more vulnerable than before as he prepared himself to surrender his most private spot.

"See I'm putting some Vaseline on it, its gonna slide right in jack insisted."

Danny glimpsed over his shoulder at the teenager behind him, his greased pole pointing just below his tender buns. The thin carpet tickled his bare skin under him. He waited, impassively, for the intrusion to begin, the older boy breathing down his neck.

Finishing his lube job, Jack rubbed the little tykes butt. So tight and firm. His cock ached, almost ready to blow as he manipulated it towards the small hole. Hold your butt cheeks he asked softly. The youngster complied, exposing the target. Lust crept up the dark-haired teen's spine. When the tip of his organ touched the burning quivering bumhole, tingles raced through his pecker.

The simple idea of finally deflowering this naive child was enough to make him explode. Tell me how it feels he suggested to the kid, like they were doing an experience together. Something that needed to be observed and studied.

"Arghhh arghhhhhhhhhhh aoooooooooww," Danny yelled, feeling the pain of the engorged knot penetrating his narrow passage. With a swift shove the teenager popped his blunt prickhead inside the boy. Pausing, he let him relax and assess the large organ in his chute.

Then very slowly, he pushed his penis further, hearing the child wince with every inch he conquered. "Uhhhhhhhhh hhhmmmh," Jack hissed, the intense pleasure of the clasping anus strangling his throbbing cock.

Flashbacks of his own sexual adventures resurfaced in Jacks mind. The old basement of the wood cabin where his two teenaged cousins would take him. His young hairless body, twisted in all positions to receive their slamming huge pricks deep inside again and again.

Now he shared their pleasure the more he entered the small kid. What a hot little ass I must have had when I was eight he thought. How much he wanted to go back in time if possible and fuck himself raw just to see how it felt.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Danny moaned loudly.

Almost there Jack whispered, watching the remaining part of his seven inch [18 cm] dick disappear up between the white buttocks.

Push, push, slide, slide.

"My dick is all in your ass, Danny!" Jack cheered as his balls brushed the sweet skin of his bottom.

The warm rectum was wrapped around his hot penis like a glove. He longed to stay inside the boy's cavity all night like that. Only whimpers escaped Danny's lips as his sphincter muscle relaxed to accept the huge tool.

Holding his little leg in the air, Jack proceeded to begin his sideways fuck. The small shithole clung to his prick as he pulled out and thrust it back in. Possessed to mimic what he had seen in the x-rated movies, he pounded his cock rapidly in the virgin asshole. The child's complaints echoing in his ears

"Uhhhh uhhhr arrghh arggrhhh uhhhhhh!"

But like a young colt, unable to control his urges, his dick erupted. He groaned loudly, angry with himself, his penis spurting his abundant seed inside the kids guts.

You're cumming in me Danny exclaimed in surprise, happy that it was over so fast. He could feel the slimy boycream fill him up. His little hole was sore. The complete attention it required made him forget the raging boy boner he was sporting in front.


The televisions colours danced on the cute mug of the eight-year-old. Jack didn't even stare at the game. His mind was already in sex mode. It was gonna be an easy win again. The Stanley cup for the Oilers and for him too.

Questions flashed in his brain. Would the kid back out of the deal at the end after last night?? Would his loosened asshole have returned to its original tightness?? Would he come prematurely again tonight?? Just to test the water, he leaned closer the kid's ear.

"So did ya like it last night??"


"Ya know idiot… the buttfuck…"

"Ohh…" Danny's face changed. "Well, it hurt at first but when you pumped me it was… fun I liked it when you pumped me," he added blushing red.

Jacks eyes lit up. "The Oilers are leading 3-1… so it looks like I'm gonna pump you good later."

"It's not over…" the lad answered.

The third period was taking forever in Jacks mind. He couldn't wait for his plan to unfold. The course of the night's events was already prepared in his head. What he would do precisely as soon as the Oilers won the cup. He had even setup his tape recorder. There was nothing more erotic than the sounds of sex. He remembered the many nights he spent at the near downtown motel, listening during the summer at the noises of intercourse coming from the opened windows. Closing his eyes he could imagine the lewd scene going on in his head. Now he would have tonight's sounds to cherish forever.

As he scanned the room, he considered the perfect spots to sodomize the eight-year-old. But his brain was overcome with lust, and all of sudden it was as if he was dreaming. The naked silhouette of Danny appeared in his mind like a ghost. How 'bout on the table like this? the image of the boy asked, bending over the dinner table. or like this? the image said again on his back, legs in the air exposing his small anus in the arms of a large chair. maybe its better like this? simply laying on the hard floor, a pillow under his tummy to raise his butt, his skinny legs spread apart.

"Its finished." Danny exclaimed, waking the tall the teenager. "The Oilers won the Stanley cup…"

Jack gazed at the TV. The smiling players were carrying the large trophy on their shoulders. Much to his surprise, the little boy didn't seem sad. He was ready and willing after all. As he hit the off button on the remote, the whole apartment became silent and solemn.

If he was to record everything, every breath, no noise was to interfere with their bodies' erotic music.

"First off, were gonna have to empty yer guts…" Jack said, taking command.

"I don't feel like taking a dump?" the imp peeped.

"Don't worry…" the thirteen-year-old replied, guiding the little boy to the toilet.

There, he made the kid strip off his pyjamas. Danny was like a puppet hanging on the strings of his fingers. His soft body aroused him furiously. Not a hair on him, except for his blond mop. Neither was nervous. Like old lovers. The little boy longed to learn more about the secrets and delights of carefully hidden adult intimacy. And Jack was determined to show everything he knew.

Quickly, the teenager dipped his finger in a jar of Vaseline and greased the small asshole of the child. This is called an enema Jack said as he filled a red bag with warm water. "It will clean yer insides… cuz I don't wanna fuck in yer shit."

Danny nodded convinced by the logic of it all. He giggled gently while the delicious fluid raced in his colon. Bent over in half, he smiled broadly as the water filled him up, overwhelmed with the new experience. "It feels funny!" he laughed.

"Hold it in now for a while…" Jack demanded as the boy fidgeted, his cute little feet dancing on the cold white tiles. Carefully timing five minutes on his black wristwatch, he finally let the pre-teen take a seat on the toilet.

Loudly, the boy let go his sphincter and flushed his innards. "Stay There!" Jack ordered while he took off all his clothes. "I wont make the same mistake and cum in you after two seconds… you're gonna suck me so I can hold my load longer when I fuck you."

The erect prick presented in front of his face, Danny nodded again, willing to satisfy the tall boy in order to have favours returned to him later. Gripping the base of the hard shaft with both tiny hands, he began sliding his mouth on the turgid penis.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh," Jack cooed, watching the diminutive tongue lick his meat and the hungry lips swallow most of his cock with unequalled gluttony. The little kid remained focused, not closing his eyelids, bobbing his blond head ravenously to pleasure the big member.

Jacks knees sagged from the intense blowjob. He grunted like an animal and decided not to hold back at all. The sexual jolts increased until his dick quaked. "Oohhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned every time a torrent of sperm raced in his canal. Spurts of his cream covered the lad's cute mug. From his forehead to his chin, the thick liquid landed. The jizz oozed down the kids rosy cheek unto his lap.

"I think we need a bath…"


As he surveyed the eight-year-old, calmly gaining back another erection, in the tub they shared, Jack basked in the success of his scheme.

The kid's dink was hard. Hell he was always hard. Gently playing with the foreskin, Jack caressed the tiny wiener.

"Show me if you cleaned yer asshole properly…" Jack demanded.

The elfin child turned his body and flaunted his perfect buttocks on all fours in the bathtub.

Jack parted the white cheeks and examined the little hole. It was slightly red from the enema and gaping just one centimetre [c.½"]. He approached his tongue and slurped on the receptive opening. All the while, the eight-year-old had begun suckling the hardening pole just below his mouth.

"YUKK!" Danny yelled all of a sudden. A yellow geyser was erupting from the pissslit exploding in his face. The teenagers coarse laugh echoed in the bathroom. But not for long as the young imp jumped to his feet and peed on the tall boy in retaliation.

Lets go Jack ordered sternly, reaching for a towel. Everything was going his way. His throbbing cock pointed at the ceiling again, ready for action. But he knew, just by touching it that it would take longer to get off this time… much longer. Grabbing the jar of Vaseline, he followed the kid in the living room. The clock on the VCR read 1202. Danny would be returned to his father the next day. Grumpy and well fucked.

"You're gonna pump me good uh??" Danny inquired, resting his chest on the sofa and parting his knees wide on the carpet.

"Oh yeah!" the teen answered, impressed with the pre-teens willingness to go for it. Kneeling behind him, he inserted a lubed finger inside his clasping anus, making sure the tight ring was slippery. Then holding his dick just below the knob he pushed his dickhead inside the little boy.

Danny panted loudly while the long tube penetrated his backside slowly. When the heavy set of teenaged balls touched his soft buttocks, he knew he had taken all of it up his chute.

Slowly, Jack began sliding his huge maleness in and out of the hungry arsehole. Just slowly relishing the tightness the lad had to offer. The small boy murmured softly "uhhh annn uhhh" as the hard pole invaded him fully and exited. As the seven inches [18 cm] plowed carefully, the more his immature sexual pleasure grew in his groin. He rubbed his young dick on the cushion, feeling the pleasure and the pain of his anus stretching.

Jack moaned behind the boy, squeezing the eight-year olds tiny balls to make him yelp. He loved to watch his big cock, so enormous in between the small firm buns of the child. He estimated that another five minutes of longdicking was necessary to loosen him up or he would rip him later on.

When he pulled out his dick, the slick red hole of the kid winked at him, dilated a wide four centimetres. Quickly, he grabbed the little boys hips and hauled him bent over on the arm of the sofa. Kicking his ankles so that he would spread his legs wide, he relubed his cock.

"You're ready now Danny…" he cooed.

Unlike his earlier delicate entry, he shoved himself into the boy and continued to do so for a while like he had seen in porno movies. Groaning like a madman, he thrust his cock deep into the boy and pulled out slowly only to push even harder. "Arggh arrgghh arghhh!" he yelled while the small boy grasped at the cushions, his body lunged forward with every forceful penetration.

"I'm gonna pump you now!" Jack warned, grabbing the slender hips of the boy. Executing his words, he started a fast tempo of fucking he would keep throughout the night. Steadily, he slipped his cock in and out of the kid, the anal lips constricting his excited member. "You like that uh Danny? You love it when I FUCK you in the ass uh?"

"Uhhhh yeaahhh uhhh uhhhh," the child moaned.

Jack tasted his sweat on his lips. Closing his eyes, he savoured the delicious tingles in his penis. The muscles of his ass ached as he pounded into the warm cavern. Each of Danny's high-pitched whimpers like a song of sex in his ear. His dangling balls growing heavy between his legs as they filled with his seed.

From time to time, he would grip the kids shoulders and really give it to him hard, slamming mercilessly just to hear Danny's complaints "Annnh ANNNH OOOOOOO ANNNH It hurts!"

While it seemed to have lasted forever, only twenty minutes had elapsed since the beginning. The tall teenagers battery was still more than half-full as he pursued the rough coupling.

Rapidly, Danny became tired from the intense sodomy. He had already felt the jolts of pre-pubescent orgasm two times from the rubbing of his prostate. His mouth dry, he muttered "Fuck me, Fuck me" hoping to make the teenager spill his cream up his guts.

Finally, the big prong left his innards and he felt the incredible heat of his backside, like his ass was on fire. A big void inside his burning tummy.

Lets go on my bed Jack commanded. Leading the way with his erection still at full mast. The boy followed him, limping.

There, the two sweaty boys reunited. Jack propped the limp kid on his back and rolling him into a ball so that his legs where on each side of his cute face. He climbed on top of him and firmly grasped the tiny ankles.

With the boy under him, Jack mounted him. He could see the kid bite his lips now, and his toes cramp up as he buried himself again deep into him. In this position, the small body of Danny acted as a spring, a trampoline he could bounce on to fuck him. Quickly, he reached the rhythm he wanted and continued the anal onslaught.

Face to face, the two boys exchanged glances. Danny squirming, never imagining the big spear could reach such depth in his small body. Jack, his mouth agape, his eyes glassy, treasuring with loud groans his pleasure. Never before had his penis provided such joy to his mind.

The bed creaked with each powerful thrust of the muscular teenager. The wails of the two boys echoed in the room. Fused together, their minds drifting from the ecstasy of the forbidden taste of flesh.

Jack controlled his cock perfectly, slowing down when pleasure reached a peak and slamming deliriously when it was required. Danny's little nails dug in the skin of his back as he held on to him while he possessed him completely. Always harder and faster, Jack was determined to make this the best buttfuck of his life. He found that in the same position, the boy on his back on the floor and himself in the air, his feet on the edge of the bed, he could perform even better. Fuck even harder. Use his weight to push further and faster his cock into his little friends bottom. He knew it was working from the loud cries of pain and pleasure the kid would emit.

The eight-year olds genitals had gone limp and flailed as he watched himself disappear into his stretched orifice. Once in a while, he bit his tiny pecs, showing him new forms of pleasure.

Jack experienced every sexual contortion he had seen before. Sitting the boy on his cock and bouncing him in the air. Crawling on top of the boy, flat on the bed, and fucking him roughly. Turning him sideways and while gripping his torso, pounding his little butt.

Each position eliciting different noises from the child. Wails, cries, yells and moans.

"UHhhhh oooooohhh ARGHH Hmmmmm."

Finally, selecting his favourite position, he let himself come into the exhausted boy. The smell of sex was thick in the air. With the last of his energy he fucked like a rabbit, making sure his dickhead rubbed against the tight ring of the slimy anus. Then plunging deep, his penis erupted gloriously. A satisfied yelp of his cracking voice escaping his lips as he unloaded all his pent up sperm inside the kids intestines.

The two boys cooed in unison "OOoooohhhhhhhhhohooooooooohhh" as the burning semen filled the entire cavity it was in. Danny's muscles relaxed as he felt each spurt inside him. The teenage juice leaked from his extended asshole and raced down his hairless legs.

Jack watched the mess he had done as he released his softening prick from the well-fucked hole. He could see his thick goo out and inside the red anus. Danny was already asleep when he got cleaned up. He pressed stop on the tape recorder and longed for the next day when he would jack off to the sounds of an amazing fuck. The clock on the VCR read 1257. Mom would be there soon.

The End


Initiation-style story where a young teenager shows his younger brother things he's not supposed to

Tommy (9yo) and Bryan (13yo)
tb – cons anal oral – first

Nederlandse vertaling: Dichtbij.

"In a room without a door. A kiss is not enough. In love my way. It's a new road. I follow where my mind goes."
–P F

Tommy rushed home still excited from his after school escapade at the local arcade. His blood boiled and he whistled unconsciously not realizing he was his usual hyperactive self. His gray jogging uniform clung to his small body from the incredible heat he radiated.

The street was alive under his sneakers. He strolled rapidly in the cozy neighbourhood. Not even a strong wind could move his blond locks drenched in sweat. With a loud bang he closed the door to the house behind him.

"Hi moron!" he peeped at his brother sprawled on the sofa.

The teenager removed his gaze from the TV screen to watch the nine-year-old jump next to him on the beaten up couch.

"Where were you little bastard?" the thirteen-year-old barked. "Mom told ya to get home directly after school." he cussed punching his sibling in the thigh.

"Fuck off!" Tommy snarled, shoving the older boy.

The scene was set for a turbulent fight and Bryan attacked first, gripping his young brother by the arms to restrain his movements. The child giggled, kicking and screaming. The powerful onslaught was a sobering exercise for he knew he could never beat the muscular boy yet it was at the same time welcomed. A kind of brotherly love.

In a second, Tommy was squashed under the massive weight of Bryan at the mercy of his will. And the bigger boy pinched and punched him. Still he giggled and laughed even though it made the older male angrier because he did not submit to the peculiar slavery between brothers.

"Quit it!! Cut it out!!" Tommy begged.

Bryan tickled the kid's armpits, hearing the howls of high-pitched laughter resonate in his ears. Now that he had overwhelmed him, he stretched on his small frame, slipping his hand in the little boy's sweat- pants. His fingers wrapped around the tiny prick already stiff as a board.

"You've got a boner little pig!" he yelled, pretending to be outraged. But Tommy knew better and responded with a wicked smile on his cute mug. His sexuality hadn't been private ever since his elder had discovered him shagging a pillow buck-naked.

The hand on his soft pricklet was stimulating him slowly. Tenderly, the experienced fingers rolled his foreskin back to tease his sensitive glans. He ground his hips against the fist in his shorts, watching from the corner of his eyes how horny his big brother was getting.

"Show me how you do it yourself now!" Bryan exclaimed, snatching the camcorder off the TV top.

He focused on the prepubescent boy awaiting for the ball of precocious hormones to start. Tommy didn't disappoint him. He began salivating as the nine-year-old pulled down his sweats to his knees then lowered his briefs seductively. His little boycock sprung in the air, captured on film.

"Yeah… that's it…" the teenager whispered, zooming on the small hairless testicles rolling between the fingers of their young owner.

The little boy getting more confident, flaunted his crotch at the camera. He gripped his little rod with two fingers and began masturbating in earnest without shame much to the delight of his big brother.

The cries of pleasure elated Bryan. He fondled his erection gently over his jeans, making the camcorder dance from the grimacing face of the young lad, to assess his pleasure, down to between his legs at the miniature hand jerking a tiny penis.

After a moment of sweaty boy action, Bryan felt his balls about to explode. He wondered if he had created a monster, an immature beast of lust, because he had taught him how to jack-off. But the thought disappeared from his mind as the yelps of his kid brother intensified.

He stopped the camera and crawled to the young child. Tommy's eyes widened suddenly. The older boy was licking the inside of his thighs, getting dangerously closer to his pecker. As if in a dream, he watched Bryan engulfed his entire bone. His stare locked on the lips swallowing his shaft, the rugged tongue flicking at his pink cherry head.

The little boy aroma aroused the thirteen-year-old. He bobbed his head faster on the baby boner, feeling the hardness hit the walls of his mouth. Opening wider, he ate the entire genitals, relishing the warm package for a while.

As he slobbered over the child sex, his hands busily pulled down his jeans to release the massive ache from his groin. Tommy grinned, mesmerized by the big oozing pole and the bush of new hair between his big brother's legs. He stared at the glistening prong get closer and closer as Bryan climbed on the couch to straddle his belly.

He had the cock under his button nose now. All six big inches [15 cm] of it.

"Suck it Tommy! Suck it good." Bryan commanded.

The imp smiled a second, considering the volume of the large meat in his face, the natural lubricant flowing from its one eye. With one little hand, he cupped the heavy balls and with the other he caressed the length of the large penis. What he had learned to do so far.

"Hmmmmmm," moaned Bryan under the gentle touch. "SUCK IT! Put it in yer mouth Tommy!"

Curious and excited, the nine-year-old kissed the bloated knob. The musky taste tickled his nostrils. Leaning forward, he let his mouth savour the hard flesh.

"Uhhhh yessssssssssss!" Bryan hissed throwing his golden head back.

Tommy liked this new game. With a swirl of his tongue, he could make his big brother moan and cry. He shoved in as much as he could of the teen prick and sucked on it. Again, his sibling moaned loudly. This was fun!

A smile on his wet lips, he thrust his head on the hard-on, jerking his tiny dink at the same time. The naughtiness raced in his veins. Nothing was more wicked than pulling your pud with your brother's, your mentor's dick deep in yer throat.

"Oh yeah… you're gonna eat my cream little brat!!" Bryan blurted, grinding his hips on his little brother's face. "Suck it! Suck it HARDER! yesss!"

Tommy did as he was told, suctioning harder the slippery pole, running his tongue under the folds of foreskin and letting the older boy slam his tool between his lips.


Caught in the waves of adolescent climax, Bryan pulled his dick out of the hungry mouth with a pop. Aiming his canon with his right hand, he shot the first wad of hot semen on his little brother's nose. The dazzled mug of the youngster intensified his orgasm. Every blast got stronger.

Already after peaking three times, the face of the boy bore the remains of his ejaculation. More shots of sperm hit him on the forehead, his freckles, in his mouth until it dribbled off his delicate chin.

Tommy giggled in amazement, watching the white jizz flowing from the pisshole. After his big brother had emptied himself, he licked the last drop with the tip of his tongue, tasting the mysterious fluid for the first time.

His chest still heaving, Bryan pondered the extent of his evil actions. He had molested the little brat after all.

"My turn! My turn!" Tommy peeped, his little dick pointing proudly at the ceiling. "Quick! dad will be here soon!"

The teen shook the veil of after-sex shame out of his brain and let his long fingers roam on the horny boy's throbbing pinkie dick. Faster and faster, he jerked the little tube, until the little boy's wails became one long chant of bliss and his toes were parted so wide from the intensity of the stimulation that they threatened to tear his white socks open.

"Uhhh uhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhhh!!"

"Turn around, I'll make you come HARD." Bryan ordered abruptly, ending his little brother's ecstasy just before his climax. The young child, turned his body around swiftly, wrestling with the sweat pants around his ankles.

"Come on Bryan… do it! do it!!" the lad urged, on all fours.

"Jack-off now… this will be good," the teenager whispered staring at the round bottom presented to him. He slid his fingers gently in the crack of his little brother's bum as he masturbated fiercely.

Without warning Tommy felt a stab of discomfort in his butt. A yelp of pain escaped his lips. Before he even realized it was Bryan's index finger, he had it up to the second knuckle in his rectum.

"FASTER!" Bryan bawled, sliding his digit in the tight anus. He grinned slyly from the nice rear view. His finger moving in and out of the firm little buttocks and the cute nutsack bouncing like crazy from the vigour of Tommy's ministrations.

"Faster! Faster!" he screamed again. At the same time, finger-fucking at one hundred miles the little ass of his brother. The immature prostate just in reach, he teased it, sensing the heat rise in his young partner's body.

"Ohhh uhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tommy yelled until finally the finger entered him completely and he shook uncontrollably. The tingles jolted his small penis. Bryan watched his little butt swaying in the throes of boyish orgasm. And he felt each delicious explosion as the incredibly tight anal ring strangled his index finger.

"That was the best!!" Tommy squeaked.

The two blond boys pulled up their pants with a ravenous hunger for food. They had missed the cartoons… but they really didn't care.


"GET READY FOR BED! IT'S MIDNIGHT!" Bryan yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Screw you!"

The teenager frowned at his arrogant kid brother and the idea that had being trotting in the back of his mind resurfaced with power. It was time.

"I'm the boss here when I'm babysitting and dad said you have to listen to me until they come back tomorrow," he insisted. "Or maybe you wanna me to tell him you've been bad and he can SPANK yer butt?"

"Noooo… don't do that… I'll get ready. But I don't wanna sleep in my pyjamas tonight… I wanna sleep in my briefs like you." Tommy whined, looking at his brother sprawled on the couch in his undies and red striped socks.

The thirteen-year-old nodded, barely taking his eyes off the TV to see the usual exuberant expression of happiness in the youngster's face. He watched with more attention as the boy began undressing casually.

First removing his old sneakers and smelly socks. Then lowering his gray jeans, until finally he slipped out of his t-shirt and was almost naked.

Sensing he had managed to gain one more hour of television, the nine-year-old climbed in his big brother's lap, hoping he would forget about the way-passed curfew.

Bryan cuddled the boy, wrapping his arms around his puny bare chest. It was time. He was the teacher. With his lips he kissed the blond fuzz on the back of the kid's neck. Tommy shivered, his stare on the screen. Boldly, the teenager nibbled his little earlobe and this time the child wiggled all about on him, giddy with the intimate game.

"Stop it, it tickles!!"

"No THIS tickles!" Bryan snapped, nudging his fingers in the nine-year-old's sides. Again, he was rewarded with enthusiastic giggles. The small body was vibrant on him, like an excited puppy. Acting on the opportunity, he jerked suddenly the tiny underwear of his little brother, giving him a class 'A' wedgee.

Tommy calmed down slowly. They were gonna do the sex thing again for sure. Whenever his elder had grasped his underpants, they always played with their penises. He cooed softly, eyeing the clearly visible bulge of his dick and balls through the fabric of his raised white briefs.

The older boy's fingers roamed over his Y-front. Caressing a part there, rubbing another there. Tommy watched his bulge get bigger, making a tent. The fingers pulled aside the elastic and his little scrotum emerged. Beautiful jewels for their four eyes.

While he tried to arrange himself on the growing cock under his ass, the big hand massaged his hairless balls lovingly. Squeezing and fondling them so amazingly.

Bryan had his kid brother exactly where he wanted now. Horny and sleepless. He pressed 'Play' on the remote and the images of Tommy covered in sweat and beating his little meat appeared. The nine-year-old smiled at his pornographic show. The volume of the TV rose in the room to drown them in "Uhhhhhh"s and "Ohhhh"s of passion.

The older boy had freed his boydick now and was pulling on the last of his foreskin to expose his pink tip. He slid his underwear sensually along the imp's skinny legs and sucked on each toe with a wink. The nine-year-old seemed to like it as much as getting his dick blown! For the next moments, he hovered over him, kissing his legs and belly, seeing his tiny boycock jutting.

Tommy was relaxed and laid back like he wanted. He nibbled on his testicles a second and engulfed his hard-on. The scene on the TV set stopped but was replaced with the new live moans of the little boy in heat. Tommy's eyes closed with the delicious sensations of the lips eating his young member.

Bryan eased a slimy finger in his tight boyhole and continued licking the length of his kid brother's dink. The anal sphincter relaxed slightly and he slipped a second finger in there, constantly sucking and licking the boy's joystick.

"OOooooooooooo," Tommy cooed, losing control of his mind. The world revolved around his little cock now. The sweet pleasure racing along his shaft, from his pisshole to his ballsack and the unmentionable tingly jolts all around his poophole.

"It's my turn now," Bryan declared, pulling his underwear down but keeping his sports socks. "Let me put my dick in your butt."

"What? No way Jose!" the surprised lad shouted. Taking advantage of his big brother's difficulty to remove his briefs from his ankles, he scooted out of the living room, naked and erect, with the bigger boy on his trail shortly after.

"Come here little bastard!" Bryan screamed in the house. "You're gonna get FUCKED in the ass tonight!"

At times cornering the little boy but not managing to catch him, at others running way behind, the teenager played cat and mouse with his dick wagging between his legs.

"Bring your butt over here Tommy!! I know you want it!! You're gonna like it! I promise I won't hurt you! Every second you don't get here, I'll fuck you harder for it!"

Completely exhausted, the little boy fell to the floor and his big brother wrestled with him, avoiding the punches.

"Okay, you start if you want? you can fuck me first," he suggested.

After much hesitation, the small boy nodded, his eyes filled with doubt. In the bathroom, he watched Bryan apply Vaseline on his ever-hard dickie and bending over on the edge of the tub.

"C'mon Tommy, put it in my asshole…" the teenager whispered, spreading his asscheeks.

The nine-year-old approached innocently closer to his goal, taking a glimpse at the anus with three hairs around it. He searched nervously with the tip of his short dick for the entrance and swiftly penetrated the constricting hole. The warm cavity calmed his nerves. His hands almost naturally gripped his sibling's waist and he began balancing his hips slowly.

"Faster!" Bryan exclaimed, not at all bothered by the tiny organ.

As commanded, the child pushed more forcefully in the welcoming rectum. Smiling like crazy, he indulged, plowing in and out of the muscular bum.

His fingers dug in the ribs of the larger male as he reached a new level of bliss. Getting the hang of it, he fucked harder, like a young dog, bucking his hips. His plaintive wails echoed in the bathroom.

From time to time, he had to open his eyes to believe he was actually copulating with his brother. The sight of his two-inch [5 cm] penis disappearing in his shit chute aroused him to the point uncontrollable cries of joy escaped his mouth.

Getting closer to paradise, his balls bounced on his brother's buttocks and his toes cramped up on the cold tiles.

"Uhhh uhhh uhhhh uhhhhhh!" he yelled.

"You're gonna cum in my ass Tommy!!" Bryan supported not at all bothered by the small dink. "Do it! do it!!! Faster!!"

"Yess yesss uhhhhh I'm cumming!" the little boy cried. With a last push, his whole body shuddered. Even though he wanted to fuck more, his penis pulsed again and again. The orgasm sucked the life out of his body and his knees sagged as the end of his climax faded away.

"Now you're gonna get it…" Bryan muttered, disrupting his kid brother's afterglow.

In the bedroom they shared, the teenager installed the nine-year-old for his deflowering. Two pillows under his tummy so that his firm bottom was high and accessible. The little boy shivered silently, eyeing his elder grease his prick with generous coats of Vaseline.

His heart stopped momentarily. Bry was gonna do it to him. He was climbing behind him, caressing his back and parting his buttocks. The warm swipes of his tongue relieved his tension. It snaked in his tender asshole bathing the walls with saliva.

The early-teener was slightly disgusted by the reaming. But he had to loosen him, calm the little brat for what came next. The two firm orbs of his bum were perfect, he wanted to sink his teeth in them and take a chunk off. His face was crushed in the asscrack, his tongue wiggling, completely inside the kid's bowels.

"Oooooooo oooooooooooooo!" Tommy cooed as waves of goose bumps formed on his buttocks. The anal probe was delicious. Licking his private spot so obscenely.

"You like that uh?" the thirteen-year-old inquired, darting his tongue at the pink opening. The little muscle was wet and relaxed and he anticipated gleefully his first buttfuck. Between the little boy's legs, he could see he was stiff and receptive. But not as hard as he was for sure.

Gripping his throbbing cock with his right hand, he pressed it in the crack, just in front of the virgin anus.

"Go sloooooooowwww," Tommy whined.

Applying more pressure, the teenager felt his dickhead pop inside the tight ass as the kid yelped. One inch at a time, he forced his tool between the white buns. Without stopping he pushed gently until all of six inches [15 cm] were into the child's rectum.

"AOOOWWWWW Uhhhhh uhh AOOWWWW!" Tommy complained.

The work of the sphincter was amazing around his penis Bryan thought. As if it was trying to extirpate him. He raised his body and began pumping softly, enlarging the tiny fuckhole.

"Relax your shithole, it's gonna hurt less…" he whispered. As he increased the tempo, he watched the nine-year-old grip the bed sheets. Every time he buried himself to the hilt, Tommy exhaled heavily.

"You ready now?" the teen asked. "Here it commmesss." Overwhelmed, by his lust, he thrust his cock deep and hard. The small body shook with each massive invasion.

"Ouch! Ouch!!! aowww it hurts!!"

"Oh yessss… oh FUCK! oh FUCK!! It's sooo good!"

As if possessed, the older boy sodomized in earnest without remorse, holding on his kid brother's shoulders to shove his big pole further inside his narrow passage, totally ignoring the nine-year-old's wails of pain.

"Ohhhhh ugh ugh ughhhhhh uhhhhhhh!" Tommy yelled in the night. Even though he tried to think of anything else, he could only feel the hot piece of hard flash ramming in and out of his bum. Fast and hard. He could feel the large cock become one big machine, rubbing against his prostate and making his boydick hard again.

Confusing thoughts got tangled in his mind. The pain and the pleasure. The rough penetration and the subtle delight of the heavy balls of his brother banging against his own little nuts.

After an instant of relief where the older boy watched his work, looking straight into his gaping asshole, the bum ride continued. But this time, Tommy began to enjoy it. Instinctively, his little hand grasped his pricklet and pulled on it. How incredible to feel the pleasure rise in yer little dink while a big one fucks you with solid strokes.

Bryan sensed the change in his kid brother's disposition and slipped into high gear. His steely erection ached as he fucked like a madman. The bed bumped against the wall with each rhythmic intromission.

As their moans turned to screams of intensity, Tommy jerked his immature penis with a vengeance. For the second time, the orgasm flooded his body, paralysing his legs. With the hard meat lodged in his guts, jolts after jolts of pure pleasure lashed at his sanity.

The burning semen erupting from his big brother's cock splashed on his sweaty back in long jets. The groans of his cracking voice filling his ears.

Bryan watched his awe as his penis spilled the biggest load of his young life on his young sibling. The river of sperm flowed in the crack of the well-fucked ass, sinking into the red and opened cavity he had created.

The End

Dirty Little Secret

The sanctuary of a nihilist teenager is disturbed when a foster kid enters his life

Jeremy (8yo) and Shane (16yo)
tb – tdom oral anal – bdsm humil spank ws

"Grant me more pleasure than pain
I, who is evil can receive no good
Though I still crave, I'm yearning for
Thy healing touch ov grace…"



The boy squirmed inside the cage. It was an enclosure designed for a parrot. Jeremy barely fit in the suspended prison. He was the smallest of all the eight-year-old boys in his class, but for him to find an acceptable position in such a confined space, his skinny legs had to be folded and his knees drawn right under his chin.

"Pleeze, not THAT!!! I swear I don't know!" His whiny voice echoed against the attic roof.

The teenager placed the lit candle underneath the wrought iron cage. While the flame licked the bottom of the metal plate, he took a moment to study the hapless captive and adjust the itchy prick in his boxers. The trapped doll brought him much excitement, particularly at that instant, clad in white briefs, all twisted like a pretzel.

"Tell me who was the bearded man you were talking to, this afternoon?" He asked with a wicked grin, amused by the inventiveness of his torture. Soon, the culprit would have no other alternative but to confess everything…

"He's a stranger! He gave me candy!" Jeremy exclaimed. The chain attached to the central beam of the attic creaked. The cage danced left and right the more its desperate resident tried to dodge the initial sting of the radiating heat.

"What did you tell him?" Shane inquired grimly. The idea that his little stepbrother might have flapped his gums about the goings on inside his inner sanctum gave him chills.


"Nothing? You didn't say 'thank you' or anything?" Shane growled, distressed by the answer. If the bearded man was a teacher, dramatic consequences for his actions were to be anticipated. In the back of his mind, he never wanted to tackle that possibility. He hustled to come up with a reasonable explanation. Perhaps, the bearded man was the kid's father, fresh out of jail? Or, hopefully, the bearded man was a child molester on the prowl?

"You have to tell me! FUCK!"

"Pleeeeze, take it away! It burns!" Jeremy implored, shifting his bare feet on the hot surface.

Seeing the boy suffer aroused Shane. He had never felt any compassion for him. Eight-year-olds will melt your heart, but Jeremy exuded no charisma. He was mousy and his ears were detached. Unsightly freckles dusted his nose, and a mop of unkempt blond hair cascaded down his forehead to bushy eyebrows. If that wasn't enough, fleshy lips similar to those of Mr. Potato Head were out of place above his pointy chin. To put it simply, he was ugly. No wonder, none of the prospective parents had ever committed themselves to adopt him.

The spectacle of the boy cooking as if sitting on a frying pan was appropriate under the circumstances. Signs of defiance from a slut puppet were clearly unacceptable. Absolute submission was required of a slave. Shane could not let it go, "Not unless you tell me who's that dude…"

"I dunnnooooo!" Jeremy lamented. Tears welled up in his eyes from the gravity of his predicament. Panic set in when he noticed the bottom of the cage turn red hot. Suddenly, he trashed against the bars like a wild bird and high-pitched screams of terror rose from his throat.

"Annngggh! Put it out! Annngggh! It BURNS!" He pleaded for mercy. "Pleeeeze, PLEEEZE put it out!!"

Shane wet his fingers and extinguished the source of his misery, with obvious regret. Jeremy raised his tear-stained mug, wrapped his little fists around the bars. "I swear, I don't know…" He reaffirmed, barely audibly. The cage door flew open and swift hands dragged him out to assume the position, on bended knees. He could not have stood up on the toasted soles of his feet, anyway.

"C'mon, suck my COCK, you fuckin' liar." Shane commanded, slapping him on the side of the head.

The little boy glanced up at the elongated body of the despot, discovering the flame of lust on his furious face. He quickly tugged on the hem of the teenager's boxers, awestruck once more by the size of the hardened pole he unleashed. Shane was truly blessed by nature. And Shane knew it. In fact, he had taken upon himself to let the world rejoice in his gift. A few nude videos of his headless body – shot with a cell phone – were available on the net. Voyeurs couldn't get enough of the eight-inch [20 cm] pole curving up from the middle of his slim boyish hips.

Jeremy grasped the slab of flesh and licked up the pre-cum seeping profusely from the slit of the mushroom head. Exactly as he'd been taught. Then, he began to massage the massive cock, lovingly, up and down summoning more glistening drops of pearly translucent fluid. His free hand moved lower to the drooping testicles, cradling them in his palm. The bloated diameter of the tool throbbed in expectation of the humid reverence of his mouth.

"Start now!" Shane yelled, thrusting his groin forward.

Jeremy opened up. His lips clamped on the bulbous end. He tried his best to please, suctioned a while and took a pause. "Do you like it?" he asked tentatively, fully aware of the heated effect that he had on his master.

"Just suck my cock!" Shane snapped back, reaching down to tangle his fingers in the boy's messy blond hair. With a forceful pull, he fed him his cock and guided the rhythm of his small bobbing head below. Oh, how he needed this!

The full lips stretched wide with the thickness of his aching cock, buried at least halfway into the sucking mouth. Jeremy sensed the boring eyes upon him and it heartened him to suck better, twirl his smooth red tongue around the moist stickiness of the head. The tall teen moaned from the adequate service but it was never good enough. Eventually, a hand slipped behind the nape of his neck, forcing him to take more meat, all the way to his gullet. Jeremy gagged on the mass. It advanced inside his throat until his nostrils were tickled by the prickly pubes. The discomfort sparked his ardour to accomplish the vile deed. He grabbed the prong with two hands, sucked faster and harder.

"I bet you love that COCK, uh? You're just a nasty lil' homo COCKSUCKER! You know that, uh!? "Shane raved. "Say you love my cock!"

"I love your cock." Jeremy obliged sheepishly.

"Yessss, that's it… Suck that BIG DICK!" The teen reiterated, staring down at the boy slaving between his wide-spread legs. Jeremy's cheeks blushed. The verbal assault had stiffened his little penis. He felt so ashamed because the tent clearly visible in his snug briefs, attested to his enjoyment of the abuse.

"Keep on, keep on sucking my cock, lil' bastard." Shane hissed through tightly clenched teeth as he stood over the kid, lunging his hips furiously into his twisted face. Gawd, that twerp could really suck cock, as though he'd been born with one in his mouth and had learned to treat it as part of himself!

Shane felt a powerful pressure building relentlessly up to a fever pitch in his painfully full balls, and he knew it would not be long now. He pushed his pelvis heartlessly into the kid's face, even more cruelly now, and heard with delight the mumbled cries of protest as his long hefty prick drubbed deeper and deeper into the warm wet mouth of his prepubescent partner, driving far down into his working throat. But he heeded nothing in his quest to end this exquisite agony, the ecstasy that was building, building to a summit of spectacular relief in his burning loins.

Suddenly, he felt a great upheaval in his testicles as the boiling white sperm began to race in a hot stream up the length of his thrusting cock. He backed off and wanked like a maniac to drain out all of the thick cream from his balls. The flood of rich adolescent semen splashed across the child's expression of disgust. He counted the spurts of hot goo landing on his forehead or gushing up his nose.

Three – four – five – six! At last, he let out a contented sigh. His sated penis began to deflate in front of the little boy's cum-smeared face. The abundant sauce trickled from Jeremy's chin, oozing down between his teeny pink nipples.


Shane's mother sat at the dinner table. With an inflexible tone, she announced that they were going to become a foster family. That's the kind of lady she was. A generous soul. Despite the fact that she worked two jobs and raised a rebellious son alone, she thought she could help out. Shane refused to complain, knowing full well he could not win an argument with his mom.

A week later, the broken kid showed up with his little suitcase and a teddy bear.

The arrival of Jeremy (or 'Germy' according to Shane) did not go well with the teenager's solitary lifestyle. The gangly zombie loathed the intruder right from the start, hated that he slept nearby on a cot fished out of the army surplus store. The basement was HIS lair. The unwanted presence signified the end of his intimacy. Masturbation occupied a large part of his schedule, as you can expect of most sixteen-year-old boys. And so, he became irritable and distant. To tame the anger, he chose to ignore the inconvenient roomer, pretend he wasn't there. A task easily achievable because of the unappealing nature of the child.

Still, the uninvited guest clashed with the curly-haired adolescent's sombre attitude. For Shane had chosen to embrace teen angst. Dressed in black jeans and a 'hoodie' of the same colour to conceal the acne on his face, he acted like an outsider, a young god. The kid had to go. The sooner the better. If only to recover enough privacy to beat off. An evil plan formed on his mind. He was going to torment Jeremy until he begged to move out of their hellish house, convincing his mom in the process that it had been a dumb idea to rescue the martyr in the first place.

Joyous days of tyranny lay ahead.

Every time they crossed paths, Shane pounced on the defenceless boy and punched his thighs. He twisted his arm and brought him to his knees more than once to show him who was the boss. He crushed his face under a sneaker, secretly hoping to incite him to revolt. The frail child barely shed a tear. The name-calling – 'fishface', 'son of a bitch', 'maggot', etc. – yielded no positive results. Jeremy did not bow his head in shame, nor retaliate. A Teflon kid.

Regardless of the daily verbal and physical abuse, Jeremy behaved like an angel. Perhaps, he submitted to the abuse willingly because he was afraid to be thrown back in the system where he would be transferred from one foster home to the next? But how could that be? Any other kid would have fled to the maternal figure by now! Why not that freak?

Shane found the answer on the State Adoption Services website. Under a picture of the subject, the short bio read like an epiphany: 'Jeremy, is a lively 8 year-old Caucasian boy. He enjoys playing all sports; he also likes to ride his bike and play board and video games. Jeremy is described as a sweet boy who is talkative and friendly. He is healthy. He has moderate behavioural issues, stemming from severe physical abuse at the hands of his biological father.'

That very night, laying in bed, Shane waited until the little boy slipped under the covers and he murmured to him, "Hey Germy, tell me what your dad did to you?"

"Why d'ya wanna know that?" The youngster peeped.

"Just because."

The blond lamb sighed and commenced, "He did bad things to me. He used to spank me all the time, sometimes with his belt. I was always hungry cuz' my mom didn't give me food. They ate dinner in front of me and didn't give me anything. When I asked for food, my daddy pulled my underoos down and put out his cigarette on my pee-nis… then he made me clean the dishes with my tongue."

Shane listened intently to the horrors. The kid recited the story flatly, his expressive eyes bulging out of their sockets to accentuate certain revelations.

"…One time, he broke my pinky on purpose! And and, he peed in my mouth and I had to drink it or else he slapped me. I licked his feet too. When they did sex stuff, they made me watch. Every night, they tied me up and put me in the broom closet so I wouldn't run away."

"It must have been horrible, uh?"


At once, Shane recognized he could never conjure up a hell more sordid than what the boy had experienced in the past. By now, he was surely accustomed to it all. But the fact that he showed no intention of ratting him out intensified Shane's motivation to stick with the master plan.


A poster of a skull adorned the door leading to the basement and a sign underneath read: 'No Trespassing Keep out'. That door was always locked. Like any other teenager's bedroom, the large one in the basement smelled of feet, weed and stale cookies. Dirty clothes were strewn on the carpet along with empty boxes of pizza. Not a very inviting place. Shane didn't understand why his new 'stepbrother' remained downstairs, when he could have easily spent his evenings in the loving flabby arms of his protective mother.

The boy read comic books quietly all the time, wearing virginal white briefs, looking all precious and brotherly, wiggling his tiny toes excitedly from the antics of some inane superhero and giggling in a dorky fashion. His futile attempt to fit in annoyed Shane. A set of rules needed to be observed. The first one being that an obedient servant should at all times crawl on his hands and knees. The teenager retrieved the old dog collar of a dead family pet and snapped it around the neck of his apprentice. With the leash in hand, he steered the boy around, training him to crawl properly.

He used him as a human remote control to flip the channels on the TV. Every week, he ordered him to do the laundry. Any display of insubordination was corrected with a punch or a slap, eliciting a shriek of pain. On those occasions, Shane's mother stamped her foot. "Don't play too rough down there!" She shouted. "You boys be nice!"

Since there were no repercussions, the tormenting escalated. Shane reigned over his domain. He often sneaked behind the unsuspecting victim, slipped his fingers under the waistband of his underwear, going for an atomic wedgie. Jeremy never knew what hit him. Hanging in mid-air, his briefs lodged deeply in the crack of his butt, he prayed for it to end quickly. The pain of his nuts squashed by the fabric made him holler for deliverance, much to the amusement of the prankster who laughed like a hyena.

Whenever the self-declared overlord required quiet time – for his homework or to watch a movie – the solution was radical. He fetched a piece of rope and bound the boy naked, used his underwear to make a tourniquet for his yapper. Ankles and wrists tied together behind his back, the pathetic nuisance could not disrupt his concentration.

But the favourite ritual Shane instated occurred before breakfast. He pulled on Jeremy's leash, dragging him in the shower stall of his personal washroom. There, he spilled his first piss of the day on his ugly face. The kid let himself be humiliated. Then, there was just enough time for a quick blowjob. The sweet mouth did wonders on his morning chubby. A couple minutes of sustained siphoning and he trumpeted amidst low gasps of pleasure, "Get ready, now!"

Jeremy knew the drill. He titled his head back, opened his trap wide in preparation for the big wad of cum. The flaring cock head poised on his outstretched tongue, he looked up at the lanky figure in the throes of his orgasm. The jets of fertile spunk blasted directly into his oral cavity. "Ohhhrrrrhhh!" Shane moaned. "Eat my cum! Eat it all!" He commanded with a cold hard smile, staring down at the prostrate runt until he swallowed all the bitter sauce in large gulps. The boy's grimace of disdain and the thought of sperm swimming in his little tummy, enlivened Shane's day every time it resurfaced on his mind.

Strangely, Jeremy left in the morning, all happy in his little shorts and t-shirt, whistling on the way to school like he was a normal second grader when he should have been a sullen introverted child, on the account of what he was put through at home. His resilience and zest for life aggravated Shane. Maybe because the boy demonstrated strength of will that he could never attain? Was it his way of showing he was better? Shane couldn't wait for the tyke to come back after school and wipe that stupid smirk off his lips.


Mealtime was an ordeal for the teenager. He monitored the insipid conversation between his mom and the boy, carefully analyzing his every word for a hint of dissention, ready to jump in and censor the slightest allusion to their one-sided relationship. Thankfully, Jeremy focused on the trivialities of his school day, beaming from all the attention, his soprano voice like a syrupy song, "…and then I told Mrs. Bea, she was the nicest teacher I've ever had!"

During the squeaky endless recollections, Shane's mother turned to her sinister son sometimes and glowed with pride. "Isn't he a darling?"

Shane almost puked. 'He's a great cocksucker too, mom.' He wanted to shout.

Every sitting around the table where Jeremy did not reveal a thing served to build the teen's confidence. He was getting away with it. Even if the ugly duckling double-crossed him, he still had the option of saying it was all lies. Who would believe an eight-year-old?

For some reason, Shane waited before popping the kid's cherry. An unconscious lapse to preserve his innocence? Reticence to commit the ultimate taboo? Easy access to the scrawny butt proved to be too tempting. He had viewed kiddy porn on the net and often wondered what the men felt when they sodomized children. On the evening his mom went out to play bingo, the vicious urge to rape the little shrimp overwhelmed him.

Jeremy sensed that something out of the ordinary was going to ensue. Instead of the usual manner he was tied up, his ankles were secured together behind his blond head. His wrists as well. Rolled into a ball with his upturned bum lewdly spread open, a gnawing fear churned his stomach. "Are you gonna spank me?" He inquired.

Shane took a swig of beer and glanced down; relishing the sight of the bound child on the carpet, ready to be taken. He stepped out of his boxer nonchalantly. His penis expanded to a full erection in anticipation of the stimulation. A few globs of lotion in the palm of his hand sufficed to lubricate it. He knelt and approached the naive prey, slowly, savouring the moment. Jeremy's anus appeared to be so tiny that he started to question if it was even possible to deflower it. After all, causing an injury was out of the question.

"I'm gonna stick my dick inside you." He divulged.

"NOO! Don't do that! Put it in my mouth!" Jeremy appealed for his master's clemency. He wriggled in vain, trying to loosen the rope. The slick tube of meat, hovering above his bum, seemed bigger than a wood log now that he knew where it was headed. He flinched as the wet tip rubbed against his tight pucker. The first incursion stiffened his entire body. "Annnggggh!"

The pressure in the hollow of his bony behind was unbearable. It ebbed briefly and came back more painfully. "Annggggghh! Nooooo!"

Shane enjoyed watching the boy wince as he attacked the combative hole with inconsiderate determination. The ring denied him entrance, opened briefly than shut tight, until finally it gave up the fight. A glorious growl of triumph escaped his throat. He sank into the narrow passage accompanied by Jeremy's howl of defeat. The tiny anus stretched to form a red donut around the large engorged member. Immediately, the teenager leaned over his small partner and swayed his hips to sample the wonderful sensations of his first fuck. The movement consisted of brisk stabs, sending half his cock into the boy's warm rectum.

Unable to escape, Jeremy resigned himself to be owned by his master. Every glimpse at the enormous erection ploughing into his butt brought on a litany of sobs. A swirl of confusing emotions haunted him. Hadn't he abided by all the rules of his big brother? If only he could share in his pleasure. But the awful pain prevented that. Bent in two, teeth clenched, he denounced every thrust probing beyond a certain point inside him. "Aoooow!!! Pleeezeeee! Aooow!"

His sincere grievance did not deter Shane's enthusiasm, quite the opposite. The teen was overcome by lust and the whining fuelled it. He bucked like a young colt, enjoying the grip of the clutching asshole around his pulsating phallus. In a state of euphoria, he could quite get a hang of it. The frenzied copulation often resulted in his dick popping out of the hole with a plop. He quickly re-entered the orifice to hear the exquisite squishy noise of the slippery friction.

"Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum in yer ass already!" He exulted, his limbs rippling from a wave of muscle spasms. The idea that the kid would be shitting his sperm later on triggered his climax. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" He cried out. The intense pleasure had culminated too fast, but he could not restrain himself. Out of the blue, his lips connected with those of the boy in an unexpected kiss. They grunted into each other's mouth during the final instants of their vigorous union. Shane's cock spewed its copious lava in the furnace of the child's insides. Again and again, the wonderful globs of pure bliss erupted, until alas it was over.


Two minutes later and he would have missed it.

Hiding behind a tree, Shane couldn't believe the nerve of the rat, meeting up with the bearded man again. He scanned the odd couple, chattering in the middle of the park. From that distance, he could not hear a word of what they were saying. His blood boiled. He punched the bark, ruining his knuckles. Both were smiling, seemingly exchanging pleasantries. The bearded man patted Jeremy's shoulder and off the boy went like a good pupil, carrying his schoolbag.

A visit to the attic was in order. Upon his arrival at the house, Jeremy didn't understand what was going on, that a punishment for his treason would occur. Shane nudged him up the retractable stairs that led to the attic. He took a piece of sturdy rope and ran it over the main beam. Then, he tied Jeremy's wrists with the coarse braided line. The habitual grimace of absolute fright on the kid's face returned as his feet departed from the floor. The resolute teenager hoisted ups his pet easily. The boy only weighed fifty pounds [23 kg].

Hanging like a side of beef, Jeremy mulled over what could have piqued his master. "My arms are numb! Please, let me down!" He requested.

It should have been the least of his worries. His shoes were removed and his shorts. Everything until he was nude from the waist down. Shane circled around him, taking in his vulnerability, smelling his fear. He never suspected he would be so aroused by the perky bum of an eight-year-old boy or the hairless silkiness of his little dick and balls. But he could not deny it. Ever since he had started training Jeremy, it had grown inside of him. A perverse attraction, messing up his sexual identity, driving him insane.

When he stepped closer to touch the milky skin, Jeremy yelped and kicked him away. The kid's bladder could not stand the tremendous anxiety either. It failed on him. A stream of urine arched up from his shrivelled penis, etching a yellow line into the teenager's white t-shirt.

Already on edge, the objectionable behaviour enraged Shane. He reached for the extension cord he had dutifully prepared and swung it on the boy's buttocks. The first lash of the plastic cord was followed by a screech. The subsequent strikes turned the kid into a hysterical beast.

"ARGGH! ARGGGHHH! ARGGHHH!!!!!!" Jeremy yelled and jerked on each hit. In his distraught attempts to avoid the painful bite of the makeshift whip, his legs flailed like those of a cricket.

The power Shane felt at that instant was nearly maddening. He concentrated on the target. He didn't want someone to notice the welts on the kid's back or his legs when he changed for gym class. The attic reverberated with the sound of the *SWOOSH* of the instrument as it sliced through the air. Then the strident screams rose.

"ARGGH! ARGGGHHH! I didn't do anything! I I Swear!" Jeremy pleaded to save his butt.

Shane pursued the beating. *SWOOSH* *SWOOSH* *SWOOSH* Purple lines appeared on the white mounds.


A few more lashes and the boy bowed his head in utter despair. Inert, he whimpered. Shane came to his senses. He stopped the chastisement, dumbfounded by the little boner of the crying child.


After months of relentless discipline, Jeremy turned into a perfect slave. As soon as he entered the basement, he dropped to his knees, and put on the dog collar around his neck all by himself. He let the teenager exert his dominance, catered to his every whim, and never questioned any of his orders.

Shane conceived new ways to humiliate his little stepbrother. He purchased a Barbie lunchbox and imposed a dress code that included mismatched socks and shoes. The intent of his devious scheme was to ensure that the second grader would be considered a weirdo at school. So that he could not make a friend to which he might speak of the abuse of his home life. Shane held the reins in his basement lair, but he had absolutely no control over the boy in the outside world. Nightmares about the walking time bomb often spoiled his slumber, especially since he had become addicted to hardcore anal sex, and he knew Jeremy didn't like it.

To cure the boy of his aversion, Shane deployed a strategy. On a daily basis, he slipped powdered laxative in his food to have him empty his bowels regularly and render intercourse less painful. Furthermore, during anal sex, he brought the feverish creature to a bumpy dry cum with frisky fingers, presuming he could incite some form of enjoyment of the rough coupling. For the immensity of the teen's lust had no limits. His hormones were raging. He had Jeremy crawl naked on the carpet, ready for action at all times. A peek at the scarlet eye between his firm pale buns and he couldn't help but mount him for a good fuck.

But he preferred to see the boy comply instead. It was more thrilling. Sprawled on the couch, his cock hard as hell, he called to him, "Hey Germy, come sit on this."

The little boy responded immediately. He squirted baby oil on the thick spike and positioned himself above it, facing away. Shane almost came when he watched the round ass globes descend onto his leaking cock. The bubbles parted for the bloated head. Jeremy reached around, pressed the huge phallus against his hole and impaled himself, grinding his teeth from the massive insertion.

The feeling of the small butt swallowing his cock left Shane dizzy. He went limp all over, enjoying the sphincter squeeze his shaft as it inched its way inside. "Yeeahhhhh, take it all in." He muttered, urging his slave to squat down lower. Jeremy obeyed, eased himself onto the hard prong, stuffing himself completely with the hot flesh until he sat on Shane's groin. A deep breath replenished his energy for the next stage. He raised his butt and slammed it down. Again and again, he rode the big cock to please his master, encouraged by his groans of joy.

Shane's pleasure was multiplied tenfold by the devotion the boy showed to gratify him. He let his eyes wander down his downy back to the tight shit hole milking his prick. Then, along his tensed spidery legs all the way to his curled up toes. The raspy grunts accompanying his efforts were so exciting. The kid fucked himself really well! Nonetheless, Shane slipped his forearms under the boy's knee joints and pinned him against his chest.

"You gotta do it harder." He whispered into his ear, raising his hips at the same time to lunge up his rectum.

Supported by the arms of the teenager, Jeremy squealed from the aggressive assaults. His head jerked backward, every time the huge fuckstick jabbed inside him from below. Shane nibbled on his earlobe and cooed while he pumped in quick burst of passion. "C'mon, jerk your weenie," he suggested.

Jeremy acquiesced and tugged on his boner awkwardly while his entire body shook like a dislocated doll from the repetitive rhythm of the piston. As he neared the point of ecstasy, his moans were louder and closer together, "Uggh! Ughh! Ughh! Uggh Ughhh! Ughh!"

Shane paid attention and banged the little butt, faster, in tune with the crescendo of whiny outbursts. At the instant Jeremy shivered all over and his anus contracted around the base of his cock, he let himself drown in the fantastic ocean of electric jolts.

In the afterglow of his many orgasms, he always mused this was not such a bad arrangement after all. Having a stepbrother to fulfill all his sexual fantasies turned out to be quite positive. Of course, he was fully aware that his conduct was wrong. But he draped himself in the false assumption that he could not go to jail because he was still a minor.

And so he luxuriated in debauchery. He had the boy lay down, spreading his ass cheeks with both paws, presenting his puckered anus like a sleazy whore. He forced him to endure the long minutes of suspense before he smothered him and fucked his little butt raw, sometimes with a tennis ball in his mouth to stifle his squeals when mother was home, preparing their lunches upstairs.

Even after countless sessions of anal sex, Shane never got tired of it. He fucked the kid with renewed appetite, bent him over the arm of the couch repeatedly, burdened only by the decision of whether to shoot a big load in his mouth or right into his gaping asshole. On better days, he sodomized him six times. Despite his fragile constitution, Jeremy could take a pounding and keep on ticking. But the frequent distending of his bum hole took his toll and Shane feared he would need to wear a diaper, as shit stains were a worrisome recurrence in his underpants.

The resolution that the teenager adopted was heartbreaking. Thereafter, he reverted to receiving oral sex from his pet and proclaimed Friday evenings as the single time slot allocated to fucking. A nice way to finish a stressful week. Something to look forward to for him. Something to dread for Jeremy. His mother left after supper on Fridays. Thus, everything was set up right for a noisy, lengthy, kiddy ass pounding.

That first week, he hungered for it ravenously. With the naked boy on all fours, he climbed behind him, grabbed him by the collar and buried the head of his cock into his asshole. The ring had regained its past tonus. It clung so wonderfully. Without further ado, he resumed the penetration, sank deeper, and compelled the kid to balance himself on his knees to support the pressure of what was coming to him.

Squatting over the child, with his cock firmly planted, Shane cherished the tightness of the first moments of the coitus. He rocked back and forth, fucking in a leisurely manner, feeling the tension build in his immature partner's body as he thrust his rod into him with slightly more gusto on each down stroke.

"Ohhhh yeahhhhh, take that big cock in yer ass…," he rumbled under his breath.

The sentence signalled to the boy that he should start cooperating. "Fuck my butt harder…," Jeremy said in a dim voice, without meaning it, repeating mechanically the words he had learned to please his master. The latter began a steady assault on his little bum, slamming his cock more rapidly, intoxicated by the boy's fake insistence.

"Harder! Ughghhnnn harder! Fuck me hard!"

At times, the teenager pulled out and pried open the little globes of the blondie to examine the state of his anus. Dissatisfied, he plunged again for another round of energetic pumping. Later on, he checked once more, finding the hole red and dilated to the size of a silver dollar. The real fun could begin. Holding the boy's narrow waist, he slipped into the accommodating opening, examining the last inches of his long swollen prick disappear completely.

They both exhaled. Shane backed off and shoved himself deeply. He repeated the process, trying to find his groove. Within a minute, he was fucking in earnest, looking intently at his fat cock slide in an out between the smooth mounds, just like in a porno movie. By then, Jeremy was screaming at the top of lungs, expressing his outrage at the violation of his little bottom. His yells soared out of the basement for no one to hear.


Noticing the boy on the verge of collapsing from the powerful stabs, Shane grasped the dog collar again and stabilized him between his legs, persevering in cramming his cock to the hilt. An instinctive compulsion governed the pace. He was a ferocious animal, ramming his cock ball deep into the kid's sweet ass. Amidst their grunts, his balls stated slapping. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* The sound drove him crazy with lust.

"Unnnggghhh! Fuck my butt! Fuck my butt! Fuck my butt!" Jeremy chanted, thinking he could make the teenager climax sooner than later.

But the twisted pleasure Shane derived from the violent rectal aggression was far from peaking. He estimated that he had enough stamina to last an hour this time. And he would savour every second. If not, there was always next Friday…


They were congregated in the living room when Shane came home. His mother, Jeremy and the bearded man. The teenager froze; an almost chemical change seemed to dissolve and recompose the very elements of his body. Even in his worst nightmares, he had not fabricated a ghoulish turn of event of this magnitude. A rigour passed over him, blood rose into his cheeks, his forehead, and there was a steady thumping in his ears.

"Oh, there you are!" His mother chimed. "Let me introduce you to Mr. Goodfellow. He's Jeremy's counsellor. He came around to do our evaluation."

The serious man approached, extended his hand to greet him. But Shane did not return the gesture. He took a step back, which fortunately for him was interpreted as adolescent indifference. At that point, his mind was reeling to come up with a plausible defence.

"I've had numerous private conversations with Jeremy. He's confided in me a lot of 'things' about you," the bearded man said, looking solemnly into the eyes of the stoic teen.

"These two are inseparable!" his mother butted in.

"My report will contain nothing but praises," the social worker continued. "If only there were more role models like you for our foster kids, it would make my job much easier! Thank you very much for being so understanding."

Shane remained paralysed, puzzled by the accolade of the adult. The surreal scene seemed straight out of a Twilight Zone episode. He glanced sideways at the boy who was smiling grandly, trying to make sense of the illogical situation. What the fuck was wrong with that kid?

In the end, he couldn't care less.

As long as his dirty little secret was safe.

The End

Wicked Garden

The secret life of two brothers who play special games when mom is not around

Derek (11yo), Glenn (13yo) and Bucky (8yo)
tbcons oral anal – bond spank incest

"Can you feel like a child?
Can you see what I want?
I wanna run through your wicked garden.
Heard that's the place to find ya."
– S T P

Chapter 1

"Mom! Derek is giving the finger to the other cars again!"

"I am not!" the eleven-year-old insisted.

The mother of the two boisterous boys sighed, glimpsing in the rear view mirror at her blond sons in the backseat. The thirteen-year-old elder was repressing his chuckles, while Derek eyed him angrily. She was completely exhausted after a long day of shopping for school clothes. The truth was, she had lost control of her offspring years ago and she knew it.

"DEREK! Sit facing forward and don't move or I will tell your father to give you a good spanking when we get home!" she snapped with her coarse voice, trying to concentrate on the traffic ahead. "And GLENN, don't rat on your brother, that's not nice!" she added.

The younger lad punched his older brother on the arm and crossed his arms, sulking. He didn't mind when his big bro gave him a love spank on his bare butt. But his father used the strap. An ole other story. The punishment left red welts on the smooth skin of his buttocks that took weeks to heal. He remained quiet.

The Ford Taurus turned into the parking lot of the grocery store and puffed its last breath. "I will only be in fifteen minutes. PLEASE behave yourselves." the woman commanded, slamming the door. It seemed that was all she was doing with her kids now, nagging and ordering.

The two boys peered outside the windows for five minutes and grew bored quickly. They were a good two hundred feet [60 m] from the store. Nobody trotted by to catch their attention. They shared a talent for mockery and it had been a while since they had made fun of fat or homely people.

An old woman appeared out of nowhere, walking to her Toyota with bags of food. As she noticed the two children, her gaze became fixed and she smiled. 'My, these are two charming chaps' she thought in her head. The hag had a knack for boys. They were indeed beautiful specimens of boyhood. Almost identical in personality and shape. Their evil blue eyes twinkled behind the glass and the sun highlighted their short golden hair. The two-year age difference meant that Glenn was slightly taller and muscular. But all in all, it was very easy to see they came from the same womb.

Derek raised his hand abruptly at the wrinkled woman, performing a royal obscene gesture, bobbing his middle finger up and down. Glenn joined his younger brother and they roared with laughter, ecstatic by the disgusted look on the dame's weathered face. She cursed out loud, hoping in her sedan rapidly to drive away from the scene, totally appalled by the impetuosity of the striplings.

Derek cried tears of joy, holding his sides. He turned his head at the unusual sound of pants being unzipped. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I need a blow job." the young teenager declared openly, lowering his blue jeans.


"Duh? I'll tell you if somebody comes by. Come on, scoot over!"

Derek surveyed the deserted vicinities and leaned toward his brother's crotch. They had been doing it in kinky places lately; in a public bathroom, a changing room at Wal-Mart and now this. But he didn't mind. It excited him as much as it did his older bro.

The circumcised sausage seemed huge to his eyes. He longed for time to bring him a similar equipment. A few strands of fine yellow hairs had appeared on Glenn's pubic mound. He played with them and licked the limp appendage. The teenage tool rose proudly, ballooning slowly.

"Uhhhhmmmmm" Glenn moaned, caressing the fuzz on the neck of his young plaything. Derek had serviced him for what seemed a million times. The child never resisted, for he knew it would spare him a painful trip up his little behind. Their incestuous interludes weren't one way. He returned the favour many times to the small rod of the second born.

Time stood still. All that mattered was the sweet blissful rewards of the forbidden act. Glenn scanned the parking lot heedlessly, lost in the feel of the expert swipes of the kid's tongue around his bulbous knob. His cock was at full mast, all six inches [15 cm]. The little fellator pursed his lips and engulfed his throbbing pecker completely.

"Ohhhh mannnn!" he exhaled.

Derek realized he had to go fast, his mom on the verge of coming back. He bobbed his head wildly, slickening the shaft with his saliva. He suctioned hard, like he had been taught, focusing on the pleasure spots of the thirteen-year-old to make him cum. Only a few minutes left. He tickled the vale under the teen's glans. That always did the trick.

The older boy groaned and forced his brother's head on his cock. Sperm gushed from his pisshole into the willing mouth. His legs began shaking in the throes of a fantastic orgasm. For a brief moment, he contemplated the little mouth of his younger kin, gulping down his adolescent cream.

"Shit! Mom's coming!" he yelled suddenly, pulling hastily on his jeans. His pulsing prick was shooting boyjuice all over the upholstery. "EAT IT before it makes a stain!" he ordered the youngster, at the same time, fighting with his boner to hide it under the confining denim.

"Let's go home kids. I'm beat!" the boys' mother complained, sitting her wide ass in the driver's seat. "Are you catching a cold honey?" she asked her youngest son. "You have snot under your nose."

"I think I am!" Derek coughed, wiping the slimy spunk with the back of his hand.


The lads joked about the incident at the supermarket throughout the evening. They shared a small room on the second floor of the suburban home. Much to small for two growing children. Derek had implored for a quiet spot in the basement after his older brother started smoking. The entire bedroom reeked of cigarette. His request was denied.

The concerned folks attempted to change the teen's mind about tobacco. In the end it was useless. The untamed boy always did what he wanted. And his younger brother was walking right in his footsteps, defying authority on a regular basis.

They were both hyperactive. Not an evening passed without an exchange of screams and threats between the storeys, their parents exhorting them to quiet down upon hearing loud thuds and objects flying.

The two generations didn't mingle. The grown-ups spent their evenings in front of the TV in the living room. The two kids did the same, in their bedroom, clad in bikini briefs.

Derek understood his older brother was particularly horny that night. The young teen attacked him during the commercials, humping his butt and squeezing his pricklet through his underwear. He probably would have to give him another blowjob when mom and dad were asleep. A buttfuck was out of the question. He howled too much from the hard buggerings his brother inflicted.

Glenn tiptoed to the closet in the middle of the x-files and browsed through a box of comic books. "I got something new." he whispered, fishing out thin strips of leather. Derek was elated to see the smooth black reins. The rope they had been using in their bondage game hurt his wrists and left marks that he feared would be noticed.

He got excited right away and begged his master to do the honours. As the thirteen-year-old bound his ankles and his arms behind his back, he popped a stiffy.

Lying helpless on the mattress, he savoured the delicious tingles of submission. A sweet sensation accented by the possibility of his parents finding him like that. The older lad's fingers tugged on his undies and slipped them under his knees. He glared at the teenager, speaking with a hushed tone. "Shit! No! Don't hurt me or I'll scream for daddy!"

Glenn buried his face in the smooth crack of the trussed up boy. He stuck his tongue out and teased the tender hole. The tip traced wet circles around the ring of puckered flesh. Derek cooed, enjoying the moist probing of his anus. The spongy mass slithered into his rectum. He whimpered out of pleasure, shuttering his eyelids.

Every time he got tied, it was hot like the first time. A special day he will remember forever.

It happened when Glenn was the same age as him. Eleven. He was nine then and didn't comprehend the escalating desires associated with hormones pumping. Glenn was in full-blown pre-puberty. His dick getting hard for no reason whatsoever.

Derek remembered it clearly. It was the summer, the day after his ninth birthday, in the backyard. A private playground, a sanctuary with high fences painted burgundy red, protected from the unwanted eyes of strangers. For when you are a little boy, strangers are what you are supposed to fear. The unmentionable things they can do to you were secretly discussed at school. How they can dice you up and eat you for lunch.

Glenn was no stranger, he was his very best friend and his big brother. Yet he feared him, sometimes. The older male was turning into an octopus, touching him all the time on his private parts. Plunging his hands in his underpants every chance he got, faking playful brotherly roughhousing.

That afternoon, they splashed in the pool for hours, even though their mom was not there to watch over them. It was especially naughty. He thought the older male was the king of badness when he suggested they took a swim without adult supervision.

After quite some time, in their Speedos, emptying the pool cup by cup, Glenn proposed they play cowboys and Indians. As usual, Derek adopted the role of the cowboy, putting on the vinyl toy chaps, a plastic revolver in the holster of his belt and a large hat on his noggin. All the while, his elder rubbed wide smears of red lipstick under his eyes and wrapped colored ribbons to his arms and legs. The perfect tan his young body possessed was all he needed to mimic the son of an infamous chief.

Needless to say, the game was more a ritual than anything else, with Glenn hollering and him drawing his gun at shadows. After all, the true goal of the game was to play capture. Seemed it was Derek's turn and he happily surrendered himself to be tortured. A delightful exercise of docility.

For the older boy, it was more than a stupid game. He pushed his kid brother's back against the ladder of the pool and twisted his arms behind the aluminium rungs, already getting aroused by the scene.

"You're my prisoner now!" he shouted with his unbroken voice.

The pair of toy handcuffs he slapped on the kid's wrists ignited his blossoming libido. It never occurred to him, that Indians didn't have handcuffs, but who was checking?

For a second, he flashed the key of the diminutive shackles in front of his sibling's eyes to confirm the situation. He was at his mercy. He had no way of escaping.

Then of course, he proceeded to take away the tyke's cowboy dignity, stealing his water gun and tossing away his hat like a Frisbee. Derek pretended to be terrified, although the whole set-up was pretty hysterical.

Their only tolerable persecution under the circumstances was tickling and Glenn was an expert at it. The delicate nerve endings of the boy's skinny frame were no match for his agile digits. His fingers always started at his ribs. He nudged the tip of them in there and Derek screamed with delight. Afterwards, he attacked the bald armpits, making the laddie trash against his bounds and clamour for freedom.

"Cut it out! Cut it out!" the lamb pleaded in between burst of high- pitched laughter.

Unlike the other times, Glenn's palms went lower, alongside the childish form. They stopped at the waistband of the apple green Speedo and paused. He smiled wickedly, seeing the look of distress in his young brother's eyes. He eased his two fingers under the elastic and wiggled them, teasing the frail nine-year-old with the prospect of a full Monty.

"Don't! People will see!" Derek panicked, assuming the worse from his bro's diabolical mind. Without notice, his swimsuit was down with a swift tug, leaving him stark naked. His hairless dickie was shrivelled from the cold water, hanging limply for the world to see.

"No… Lemme go! Argh!" he squirmed, trying to raise his trunks without the help of his hands. His heart raced for a while Glenn stared silently at his nudity, waiting for him to calm down.

The child's soul experienced the rainbow of emotions, going from anger to betrayal, before finally settling for serene indifference.

"If you don't shut up… I'll get the girls next door to get a good look at ya!" Glenn threatened. He stepped forward and cupped the marble-sized testicles, kneading them in his hand with a sly grin. For the next minutes, he played with the boysex, warming it with his fondling.

Derek didn't require much stimulation at that age and soon his penis had risen to its maximum two inches [5 cm]. Glenn's fingers gently fiddled with the erection like they would pet a small gerbil. The boy's moans grew louder and more languorous as the pleasure reached higher levels in his tiny organ.

Just as he thought he was going to faint from the exhilarating physical bliss and wickedness of being bare outside, Glenn knelt in front of him to swallow his woody. Little electric jolts erupted inside his boydick. The sandpaper tongue swirled on the cherry glans. This time he squirmed from the pleasure, not from the idea of getting away.

The bigger boy resumed sucking his short prick, bobbing his head on it more rapidly while he attempted to withhold his shrieks of ecstasy. His knees were jerking under him and he yelped, climaxing dryly in the mouth of his big bro for the first time.

From then on, he was hooked. Many times after, he capitulated to his brother's sexual advances. As long as he was bound and helpless.


Glenn stared outside the kitchen window at the new friend Derek had made a month ago. The kid was eight and seemed extremely underfed. A virtual waif. Even from afar he could count all his ribs.

Compared to his eleven-year-old brother, he was a mere infant and he wondered how they had managed to find similar points of interest.

The two boys threw their towels on the picnic table and raced for the pool. Glenn unbuttoned his jeans to give room to his aching hardness. They both had tight Speedos on their loins. He had seen his brother's butt several times. But the new kid's rear was making his temperature rise.

As they dove in the water, he sighed, unknowingly jealous of his younger sibling for finding a best pal. He hung out with jocks, but had never really become close to any of them. Deep inside himself, the pool was luring him. He could almost feel the cool water on his skin. He was too old to play with kids anymore. They were annoying runts he was programmed by society to avoid. Their childish games were supposed to be embarrassing for someone as grown-up as him, with hair around the root of his dick.

The new kid looked so innocent and boyish. His healthy brown hair probably cut with a bowl. His pearly teeth perfectly aligned. A small upturned nose in the middle of his face, dusted with pale freckles. He didn't wanna play with a child that immature.

The boys' soprano shrieks echoed in the enclosed yard. Bouncing on the secluding wooden fence. They sped on the ladder and jumped in the air to make bombs. Taking turns, they climbed on each other's shoulders and the boy under propelled his charge as hard as he could. The featherweight body of Bucky went as high as six feet [2 m] before falling in the blue water.

Glenn smiled, reliving the moments he used to spend with his brother doing the same thing. His mind drifted, watching them wrestle in the pool. The new lad was giggling madly, getting overpowered by his older friend.

Derek was used to swimming naked now. The yard was so private, he didn't understand the necessity of such restricting garment. Inhaling deeply, he disappeared under the surface and came back up with Bucky's red Speedo. The meek kid was in no way able to protect his precious suit. He shucked the tiny trunks outside the over ground pool and the eight-year-old dashed to get it, running buck naked on the grass, his uncut wiener flopping around.

When the youngster returned to the pool. Derek proposed they both stayed nude. The little imp agreed readily. For the next moments, they dared each other to walk on the ledge of the pool. Their bodies were exposed to passers by as the top of the fence only covered them from the knees down. They laughed wholeheartedly at their exhibitionism, unaware that Glenn was slowly jacking his cock in the kitchen, totally turned on by the mischievousness of their behaviour.

Bucky had the most erotic firm ass on the planet. Glenn eyed it with lust. The curve at the end of his kidneys was so pronounced, that it seemed he was sticking his bum out even though he was standing upright. The pale white buns begged to be spanked. He masturbated fiercely, imagining his palm smacking the beautiful globes.

The first spurt of semen surprised him. He had never came so fast. For a moment, he watched the mess he was doing, his spasming penis spilling his youthful load on the tiles.

Derek admired his new friend's wet body also. He was all bones except for the midsection. The first time he kissed him, Bucky accepted him right away. They weren't in love or anything. But it felt nice to whirl their tongues in each other's mouths. The pre-pubescent boy was an eager learner. And it didn't take long to show him everything he knew about making a willy feel nice. He was the most receptive boy he had ever met. The kid's eyes were so alive every time he experienced brand new pleasures.

All of a sudden, Derek noticed that Bucky was hiding his jewels shyly with two hands. He turned his head and saw his big brother, ambling towards them in the yard.

"I'm going to the park. You girls don't drown yourselves." the teenager barked.

"Hey Glenn! Kiss my butthole!" Derek called, parting his buttocks at his brother.

"Get down here and say that to my face. I'll break your jaw little bastard!" Glenn retorted, halting his pace for a second.

Seeing that the agitator was not moving, gawking at him like a deer in front of headlights, he exited the yard

"Your brother is so mean…" Bucky peeped to his blond buddy. "Does he hate you?"

"Nah. He's just having his periods. Don't mind him!"


"Hey Bucky, you wanna do it? My brother's gone…"

"Yeah! Let's go!" the skinny child brightened.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" Derek challenged.

They ran to the house, forgetting their swimsuits on the ground in their haste. The more they approached Derek's bedroom, the more their little dinks hardened in anticipation of yummy boysex, wagging in front of their hairless silhouettes. The eleven-year-old reached the bed first, followed in tow by his pal. They panted on the mattress, ogling at one another.

Sitting Indian style in front of each other, the boys examined their erect penises, jutting from their bald groins. They grabbed their pricklet in unison, giggling at the naughty play. Derek loved the youngster's wiener. It wasn't circumcised and he could toy with the foreskin, covering and uncovering the pink mushroom. He took the initiative, lowering his mouth on the eight-year-old's boner.

Bucky spread his knees wide to give access to his buddy's sweet lips. He jiggled his scrotum while the more mature kid swallowed his entire boydick like a whore. The handsome blond boy was a gift from god. His experienced mouth providing the most pleasurable tingles he had felt in his life.

"Ughh Ughhhhh that feels so gooood!" he cried, feeling the suctioning lips around his slim shaft.

"Suck me too!" Derek demanded, thrusting his three inches [7½ cm] in the lad's innocent mug. The little boy swallowed him, while he caressed his damp hair, going in a trance. His eyes glazed over as Bucky ate his hard-on lovingly. The kid was a real cock lover. He kissed his young peter all over. Sometimes, nibbling on his hairless nuts.

They traded blowjobs, sucking slowly then faster. Their juvenile boyhoods were hard as they could be. Bucky's unaccustomed mouth made wet slurping noises. He took all of the older kid's stiffy down his throat, choking on it.

"Can you put it in my butt like the last time?" the youngster inquired bluntly, glancing bashfully at the bed covers.

"Sure! Let's do that!" Derek approved.

Ever since, he had deflowered his new friend, he now realized why his big bro desperately tried to get a bumfuck outta him as soon as their parents were gone. Bucky's tight pucker was even better than his little mouth. He longed to be in him forever.

The bubbly tyke stretched on his flat belly, raising his round ass in invitation. Derek straddled him and parted his white cheeks. The pink poophole was so tiny. He spat on it and lapped up his spittle to lube the orifice. He spat a second time and the saliva made a small pond in the nest of his anus.

He gently pressed his kidcock into the rectal opening, eliciting a few yelps of pain from the nearly virgin child. His dick entered the narrow canal with no difficulty. He crawled on top of the frail little imp, crushing him with his eighty pounds [36 kg], jamming his childish organ to the hilt in his rectum.

The short length of his pecker didn't offer much fucking power. So he humped the kid's ass rhythmically, pushing into him with his feet and making the bedsprings creak.

"Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh UUUHhh uhhh uhhhh" he groaned, with each penetration.

Bucky trashed under the older boy, running out of air from the heavy load on his back. Derek was pinning him hard, stabbing his hard little cock in his insides and distending his tight anus exquisitely. He moaned from time to time, relishing the most electrifying blissful sensations coming from his bum. After a while, he laid still, concentrating on the repetitive fuck motions of his pal.

Derek's face was getting flushed as he pursued his rutting with the small boy. The constant state of intense pleasure getting to his energy. The familiar stirrings of an orgasm grew in his balls. He gripped the slim kid with all his might, jabbing his penis faster to get there. "OHHH oHHHH OHHH YESS! I'm cumming!" he screamed, pounding into the clasping asshole.

Bucky could feel the convulsing body of his partner over him. He trembled like a tornado, shaking his cage. The boy's dick shuddered in his bumhole. Joining him in his cries of joy, he wiggled his little bottom to suck all the pleasure out of the young pulsing erection.

Derek collapsed on his flank, turning Bucky with him as they rested silently, his deflating penis still up his chute. After the afterglow, his insatiable prick hardened again. He stuck it deep into his best friend's bowels and masturbated him with gentle strokes.

The eight-year-old cooed, the thin fingers working his two-inch [5 cm] cocklet to heaven. The cement boydick inside him complimented his pleasure. He closed his eyes to savour every second of the older lad's eagerness to please him. His smooth hands tweaked his tits and massaged his thighs before coming back to his engorged dickie.

"Faster! Faster!" he implored, impaling himself on Derek's hard penis and fucking the tight fist around his short stick. In due time, he stiffened, opening his mouth wide. He wanted to scream but nothing came out as his body froze, overtaken by a wicked little boy orgasm.

Chapter 2

Bucky was enthralled by his relationship with Derek. He stopped at the brothers' house every day, hoping to catch the eleven-year-old alone for some sweet sex. The patio door was always unlocked and he could sneak inside to surprise the older lads with a flamboyant boo. Lately, he had noted that Glenn was kinder to him, speaking in gentler tones and flirting with him. He appreciated the attention, wondering if Derek had mentioned any of their secret games to him. The young teen's lump seemed large and appealing, making his mouth salivate.

On Saturday, he strolled to Derek's house, wearing the skimpiest shorts with no briefs under, horny for some action. Climbing silently to the boys' bedroom, he was shocked to find nobody there. Had they abandoned him? He resigned himself to spend a solitary day, walking back to the kitchen, utterly dejected.

The first resounding *WHACK* he heard, made his little heart race. The noise was coming from the basement. He opened the door and peeked down the stairs, his eyes blinking with another loud *WHACK*.

"Spank me harder!" the voice of Derek chanted.

Adjusting his gaze, he studied the basement. It had been converted into a guestroom by the family. There was a large four-post antique bed in the corner, a washroom and some beaten-up sofas. The first boy he saw was Glenn, although it was difficult to recognize him. The teenager was clad only with his blue bikini, sporting an obvious erection, tenting the fabric in front. His athletic body shone in the dim light. He was wearing an old hockey goalie mask on his face. A white one. Just like Jason in Friday the 13th.

Stretching his neck, Bucky noticed the other lad. Derek was kneeling on a chair totally naked, his arms tied to the vertical bars and his ankles bound tightly. A blindfold covered his blue eyes. The blond siblings' recreation was highly unusual in his eight-year-old mind.

"Ask for it again." Glenn demanded, his voice sounding like Darth Vader.

"Spank me harder! Please!" the vulnerable child supplicated, flaunting his small butt to his abuser.

The teenager gripped the wooden ruler in his hand and smacked the pale buttocks of his little brother, unbeknownst to him he was making the spectator's blood freeze.


"OUCH!" Derek yelped. "Again! Again!"


Bucky gazed intently at the powerful blows of the strong teen. Everywhere on his friend's tender buns, the crimson hues of battered flesh were glowing. The astounding scene repeated itself. He could hear the young boy wince at the initial pain of the punishing strikes. Afterwards, Derek cooed, savouring the obscene pleasure of his reddened cheeks smarting.

His high-pitched yelps echoed in the cold basement along with the sharp noise of wood against flesh. Glenn touched the kid's rear from time to time to assess the extent of his work. "It's not all red yet!" he cheered, continuing his sadistic deed.


"AOW AOW OOOH AOW AOW OOOH" Derek complained, his head tilting backward with every hard hit. "Uhhh yess it hurts so goood."

The tall thirteen-year-old leaned slightly and aimed his ruler at the kid's feet. With quick flicks of the wrist, he delivered twenty stinging swats to the white soles, making his younger brother scream in agony. The little boy wiggled his toes madly to alleviate the pain.

"Spank my butt fast again, I'm gonna cum!" Derek exclaimed.

Happy to please his sibling, Glenn doubled his efforts, walloping the taut globes with all his force. He didn't hesitate one second, grunting savagely as he turned the perky backside to the colour of a fire hydrant.


"AOWW YESSS!! YESS! I'm cumming! I'm cumming" Derek yelled, feeling the intense rush of pleasure mixing with the numbing pain. His body convulsed grotesquely, restrained by the limits of his bonds.

Bucky sat in the stairs on the verge of passing out, amazed that the blond lad could endure such chastening and reach climax. He slipped his tiny hand under the hem of his short, finding his dick incredibly hard by the violent show. The two kinky brothers were breathing heavily, coming down from the exhausting scene.

While they rested, Bucky lowered his shorts to his knees to fondle his small boner. He jacked off silently, imagining what it would feel like to have his fanny spanked. His buttocks seemed to hurt in sympathy for his new pal.

Glenn dug two fingers in a jar of Vaseline and parted the toasty buns of his lil bro. Derek hissed, feeling the sudden invasion of his tight pucker. The greased fingers twisted and rolled, enlarging his brownish anal ring.

The teenager's cock was leaking pre-cum profusely. Bucky could see the humid spot on his underwear. He gasped when the muscular tormentor grabbed a cucumber. It wasn't that long, but the diameter of it seemed quite large, even from afar.

As he expected, the vegetable was shoved right into Derek's rectum. The pre-pubescent boy grunted, taking the big mass between his red cheeks. "ARGHH ARGGHH! What the fuck is that!" he complained. Glenn removed the kid's blindfold and he rotated his head swiftly to see the cucumber sticking out of his bum. His face grimaced upon realizing the fact. He would have to get accustomed to it.

"Suck me now slave!" Glenn barked, his eyes alit behind the mask. He pulled down his briefs and his teenage meat sprung in the air.

Derek was still focusing on his anus when the six-inch [15 cm] tool was thrust in his mouth. His muffled moans were lost in the groans of his big brother. The lad gripped his blond head and fucked his oral cavity. The large penis made his rosy cheeks bulge.

"Ohhhh yeaahhh suck it!"

Bucky fidgeted, witnessing the long pole invading Derek's throat. The entire cock disappeared, until the plump ballsack was crushed against the kid's chin.

For long minutes, Bucky contemplated the rude display. His tiny boydick had wilted. But the more Derek's moans changed to mushy sounds of joy. The more he played with his penis faster, starting to appreciate the lurid sex play. Especially, when Glenn turned around and ordered his little brother to lick his asshole, pushing his rump on his cute face.

There was nothing Derek could do to escape the humiliation. It was the whole point after all. Sticking his tongue out, he kissed and lapped up the shithole, much to the pleasure of his big bro. "Take the cucumber outta my ass… pleaaase… it hurts too much." he appealed to his master in the midst of the rimming. "You can fuck me instead!"

Glenn obliged to the demand merrily. He had not nailed his brother in a while and his cock was itching for it. The organic dildo made a pop when he dislodged it from the dilated anus. He stuffed the green tube in Derek's trap at once. The young boy didn't need to be told. He chewed the greater part that had been buried up his bum, greedily tasting his insides and quenching his thirst with the vegetable juice.

"You can untie me now." he muttered.

"I'm the one who decides that." Glenn reminded the little slave sternly. He twisted the cap off a Budweiser and inserted the bottleneck in the kid's sore anus. The lad cooed, feeling the fizzy cold ale fill his bowels. The beer refreshed the furnace in his guts. At the same time triggering his natural reflexes. He needed to take a dump fast.

"Untie me quick!" he squealed.

"Nope." Glenn said coldly, gulping down the remaining ounces of the brew.

"I have to go!" Derek supplicated, squirming on the chair. Fighting with the secure fastenings.

"Not yet. And don't shit on the floor!" he warned.

Standing behind the squirming boy, Glenn could see his brownhole quiver. The little sphincter winking as Derek strained to detain the mixture of feces and malt inside himself.

Bucky was biting his nails. The tortuous sounds of Derek's churning entrails resonating in his ears. He wanted so much to go down there and liberate his pal. On the verge of bolting up, he saw Glenn free him. The teenager calmly put his bottle of beer on the end table and undid the leather straps around the kid's bruised wrists.

Derek hopped to the toilet right away, his legs still tied, brown liquid seeping between his thighs. As he flushed his bowels noisily on the throne, a wide grin illuminated his relieved mug. "That was cool!" he announced. "I'm all empty now!"

"Not for long!" Glenn remarked, greasing up his long erection with Vaseline.

The naked pre-teen hopped back in the room like a bunny. "How do you wanna fuck me?" he inquired.

"Right here on the bed."

"Okay! Tie me down!" the little boy chirped gleefully.

Glenn considered his usual sexual position but opted otherwise. He pulled the bed clear off the wall and tied his brother's hands to the headboard. There were plenty of bars to secure the kid's limbs on the brass adornment. He hauled Derek's feet over his head and fastened the leather strips like he had done with his wrists, cutting the circulation. For a while, he contemplated the defenceless boy.

His body bent in two, totally powerless to prevent any of his dark desires. He bit tenderly into the little jewels of his brother, to test the secure bindings. Derek wriggled, hollering out his suffering. His arms jerking to release themselves.

"Don't bite me! Fuck me!"

There was one last thing. Glenn placed two pillows under his feet and tilted over the strapped boy. He knew the added height would give him more leverage to pound into the kid. Gripping the horizontal brass pole of the headboard, he was ready for a long seance of push-ups. Not the kind he disliked though.

His throbbing cock sank with ease in the distended anus. He glimpsed at the boy's face while he penetrated him. At the ambiguous look of pain and bliss as he fed the small asshole his burning meat. Pausing a few seconds, he watched his scarce pubes tickling the delicate asscrack. His swollen member totally embedded in the warm rectum of his brother.

Derek shook his head. He could feel the massive hardness in the depth of his belly. The warm log withdrew and plunged back into him roughly. Again and again, the steely probe slammed in his empty guts, making him breath in ragged gasps. "Uhhh Fuck me hard!" he whined, his whole body going limp, hung from his bonds.

The teenager sensed the willingness of his sibling was sincere. His stretched anus relaxing around his engorged shaft. He flipped the mask off his face and began a violent coupling with the younger child. Jabbing his six-inch [15 cm] cock to the hilt into the narrow passage.

"Oh yeah! Ohhh ohhhhh OHHHH!" he yelled, grinding his hips and shoving his entire erection at a hundred miles.

The restrained kid responded with high-pitched wails. His hands naturally inclined to grip the raging fucker, yanked back by the leather sashes. Like a dog chained to a spike. That was what he needed. The exhilarating thrills of submission. He was a little baby again. Powerless, frail and meek.

"Yes yesss yesss FUCK MY ASS!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Glenn steadily rammed his prick into the lad. The sound of his balls slapping the kid's butt contributing to his frenzied lust. The clasping ring of flesh suctioned his pistonning hard-on. Milking him better than the hands of a farmer.

Bucky was sweating in the stairs. A bowling ball in the pit of his stomach. The noises coming from the horny couple so loud in his ears. The squish Glenn's penis made when it slid in the lubed anus. The cries of joy, the grunts of exertion, the mattress creaking. Everything reverberated. He feared the strong teenager was fucking his best friend to death. And he couldn't understand why the eleven-year-old was enjoying this. His purring voice begging for more of the brutal assaults.

He watched secretly the tense union of the two boys. Glenn's thrusting motions denting cute dimples in his asscheeks each time he balanced his hips forcefully. Derek's wide opened mouth locked in a silent scream as the large penis plowed into him. He could almost feel the heat radiate from their glistening bodies. The smell of sex so acute in his upturned nose.

"OHHHH I'm cumming!" Derek cried. The muscles in his legs shivered with the jolts of his anal climax. The older boy didn't budge, fucking as hard, hitting the twitching prostate deep inside his kid brother.

"I'm really fucking yer little ass now? UHHH Yeah take my cock! TAKE MY COCK IN YOUR ASSHOLE!" he chanted, mouthing the bad words with gusto.

The bed was rattling like an old pinto each time he bounced on the kid's butt. He sodomized like a pile driver, breathing his passion into the child's face.

The animalistic intercourse lasted twenty minutes. Bucky witnessed it all. Intrigued by the brother's raw energy. Glenn bucked his hips and howled in the musty basement. He ejected from the violated hole, his penis vomiting long ropes of semen on Derek's contorted face. The swollen fuckpole shuddered again, this time squirting its viscous cream on the kid's hairless chest. The liquid rolled on the smooth skin, filling Derek's bellybutton.

Bucky's naive brain could not compute the outburst of white goo. He yelped and skidded out of the basement stairs, tripping loudly on the floor. The exhausted couple discerned his presence. They laughed out loud, basking in the afterglow of another great brotherly fuck.


"He peed on you!" Bucky argued with Derek the next time they met.

"That's not pee dummy! That's sperm!"

The eleven-year-old was surprised to discover that the younger boy didn't know about that precious liquid. He wished he was capable to produce the mysterious substance for his little friend. But it would take at least another year before he was able. However, he knew that on the top shelf of his dad's tool shed, he could find the perfect material for his education.

The porno magazine featured many messy cumshots. They crawled on the bed next to each other and humped the mattress as they turned the pages. "That's so gross!" Bucky commented, eyeing the picture of a woman drowning in a river of jizz. "URGHH!" he frowned at the sight of a slut, her mouth full of white sauce. "Your brother shoots this in yer mouth too?" he asked.

"It doesn't taste that bad!" Derek defended himself. "Kinda salty."

"Do you think Glenn would like to spank me also? And put his penis in my butt?" Bucky demanded with a boyish grin of innocence.

"Probably." the older lad responded.

The eight-year-old's face lit up. He thrust his head next to his friend's ear and whispered his naughty intentions. Derek was bewildered by the hushed confession. Lil' Bucky had a dark fantasy! He wanted to be tied and fucked like he had seen.

They continued rubbing their pricklets on the mattress for a while. Bucky straddled his best friend's ass and lifted up his t-shirt. It was a game they often played.

With his little index finger, he traced letters on Derek's back. The older boy could perceive them easily by now. He called out each letter as the kid drew them on his smooth skin.


The End