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Urban Tails

Seven Short Stories


Seven short stories about men having sex with boys, teens with boys and boys with boys, mostly consensual, or at least reluctant.
  1. The Little Brother (3,500 words / 7 pages)
    A teenager and his friend go at it with the willing younger brother of the latter.
  2. The Lost Shoe (4,000 words / 8 pages)
    A kid who's been abducted goes back to his to his kidnapper in order to learn more about sex.
  3. The Public Pool (5,000 words / 10 pages)
    A youngster finds partners to experiment with at the local public pool.
  4. One night in Green Crow (5,400 words / 11 pages)
    On one night when boys go door to door to sell chocolate bars, different things happen.
  5. The Uninvited Guest (4,800 words / 9¾ pages)
    When a teenager gets a new stepbrother, he finds out that the boy has a secret past.
  6. The Little Voyeur (2,500 words / 5 pages)
    A young boy finds out unexpectedly that his best friend is more mature than he had thought.
  7. Indecent proposal (3,750 words / 7½ pages)
    When a new tenant and his son moves in, the landlord discovers their special relationship.
Publ. 2001-2002; this site Jan 2009
Finished 29,000 words (58 pages).



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Consensual Man-Boy story
Mb tb bbcons oral anal – first (#3: interr)


This is a work of FICTION for ADULTS only. Do NOT read this if you are under 18 or if you are not an adult according to the laws of your State or Country. Do NOT read this if you are easily offended or if you are not interested in fantasies involving young boys. This file contains sexually EXPLICIT material.

The author does not condone any of the acts in this file. This story was not written to advocate sexual activity with minors. Agatha Christie wrote about murderers all her life. She was not a criminal. Please support free speech and stop censorship.

Author's note

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#1 The Little Brother

A teenager and his friend go at it with the willing younger brother of the latter

Cameron (14yo), Marcus (13yo) and Jeffrey (8yo)
tbcons oral anal

Shortly after my fourteenth birthday, I met a new friend at school. He was a rustic boy of thirteen, a couple months younger than me, who wasn't that interesting at first. However, as time passed by, I got to appreciate Marcus. Just like me, he was born into a single mother family and lived in the same rotten neighbourhood, in a large grey building where all the rats wallow in their own filth.

Marcus had been expelled from his native rural school and it became my duty to show him all the benefits of the big city. At that time, I was in a growth spurt. All my limbs were lengthening rapidly. There was an inevitable pubescent thin moustache over my upper lip and I covered my black hair with gel to create a forest of little spikes. A golden ring dangled from my left earlobe.

My new pal had progressed less further into puberty. His face still bore the soft traits of childhood often associated with blond boys. He rebelled against this image and coloured his shaven hair with scarlet red or bright blue dye. He wore a stone washed denim vest and a pair of jeans full of holes. Around his neck, a necklace consisting of metallic beads completed his crabbed ways.

Together, we shoplifted goods at the mall. I introduced him to the big shots of the hood, in order for him to get a job, as a courier of mysterious packages. We shared the same desire to get out of the black pit in which destiny had hurled us.

Then there was Jeffrey, the eight-year-old brother of Marcus. A runt of the street, like us, who followed us everywhere we went. He was a crutch for our illicit activities, a wound that never heals. Despite our efforts to elude him, he always found us, sticking his pug nose in our business.

The blondie was scrawny but turbulent. His squalling voice irritated us when he called our names in the middle of the street "Hey, Marcus! Cameron! Wait for me!"

The little brother from hell tagging along to hear every word that came out of our mouths. We were his idols, I imagine. The role model he should aspire to become. He aped us, changing his behaviour, toughening up. Every sentence coming out of him contained the word "Fuck".

Marcus and me, we practiced our cruelty with the kid. We called him 'dumbass' or 'faggot' and 'piece of trash'. He received the insults as if it was a slap, but remained cold as ice, withholding his tears. We pinched his tiny boytits, hoping to scare him away and get a moment of peace. It did not work, the imp survived all our tortures, determined to annoy us.

As the weeks went by, I got accustomed to the presence of the whelp, who made us laugh with his innocence. Marcus became my best friend and we devoted many days to initiate Jeffrey to the techniques of petty crimes. I spent all my free time with the teenager sent by the gods, the coolest buddy on the planet. He understood me as if he were my clone. Our friendship was mutual and I could almost read his mind. I foresaw all his moves.

At least, that's what I thought. Until that day, when I learned from Marcus, something that I never could predict. It was after our classes, in Marcus' apartment, on the twelfth floor. We were all sprawled on the bed that the brothers shared, browsing through a porno magazine that Marcus had found at school.

During the rare occasions when Jeffrey was not there, we jacked off usually, Marcus and me, watching the vulgar pictures. I felt no shame in exposing my big hairy seven-inch [18 cm] prick. It was by far, more impressive than the modest five-inch [12½ cm] dick of my companion. He only had a few wisps of yellow hair at the root of it and was quick to compliment me on my virile asset.

But that day, Jeffrey accompanied us in our reading, killing any possibility of intimacy. He approached us and attempted to put his prying eyes on the obscene images, while we pushed him away with our feet.

"I wanna see, FUCK!"

"It's not for a kid your age." Marcus said.

"She's making me horny, this one!" I exclaimed, hiding the picture from the little chap, who was boiling with anger because we were excluding him.

"I'm hard as hell…" Marcus whispered, his face betraying the bitterness he felt, that we weren't alone to masturbate. "You know, Cameron…" he mumbled, throwing a furtive glance to his little brother. "I've got an idea that will make you go nuts, if you can keep a secret…"

"Ok." I answered, slightly disappointed that my best pal questioned my trust.

"The lil' fuck there, he gives me blow jobs…"

"Shuddup!" Jeffrey barked, irate by the turn of the conversation.

"And I stick him up the ass!" Marcus continued with a sly smile, obviously elated that he had provoked the wrath of the brat.

"It's not true!" the little boy denied, smashing his small fist on the mattress.

The revelation of an incestuous affair between my two acolytes was a delicious shock. The idea that the two brothers were involved in sex games in their bed, before going to sleep, was totally plausible. Still, my eyes bulged out of their sockets. "He says nothing to your mom?!!"

"No, I would cut his balls off!"

Jeffrey was greatly vexed and his mug had reddened. But, I don't believe he comprehended entirely how much two young boys in heat could lose their heads. How the flow of hormones and the quest for relief could make us commit the worst vileness. Or else, he would have surely left.

I examined him with a new eye, horribly excited. Before, he was just another cute kid, with unruly golden bangs. An underfed little puppet, full of energy. He was a squealer, showing his baby teeth when he roared with laughter, rolling on the floor when we tickled him. All this had changed.

That day, he had on an old pair of navy blue shorts, hugging his rump in all the right places. His thin hairless legs were suddenly appetizing. And I couldn't stop imagining my cock in his little mouth, drool oozing down to his pointy chin.

"We're gonna show Cameron, how you do it." Marcus suggested to the youngster. "What do you say? Are you gonna let us fuck you for a while?" Then with a mellow voice, he added: "If you're nice, we'll steal brand new sneakers for you!"

I was surprised by the reaction of the giggling child, suddenly drowning in the attention that we had bestowed upon him. He could have fled, or take refuge in the security of the bathroom, behind the locked door. But, he stayed on the bed, indicating to us that he was agreeing to our proposition of gang banging him.

Marcus and I removed our sweaters, to demonstrate that we were serious about this. The eight-year-old boy remained impassive in front of our bared chests and we proceeded to undress him. I took off his miniature white socks while Marcus removed his t-shirt. He resisted us, flailing his legs, without really making much of a fuss. Together, we unzipped and stole his short pants, then his Hanes briefs.

The small peg of the boy was already stiff as a nail. My hands caressed that wonderful smooth child, as they would pet a dog. I explored his immature body, squeezing his firm buttocks and toying with his little genitals.

"It tickles!!" Jeffrey chuckled.

"Jack me off." Marcus ordered, already nude, displaying his half- erect sausage.

I quickly stripped down and joined him. Jeffrey grasped both our dicks in his small hands and kneaded them simultaneously. I watched our poles grow, the elastic skin slowly retracting to expose our bloated knobs. He masturbated me aptly, squeezing the throbbing flesh between his short fingers.

Then, he filled his mouth with our testicles while he jerked us. His little pink tongue licked my bag and the length of my stem. My penis was gorged with blood, ready to explode as the boy tickled it with swipes of his velvety tongue. Pre-cum juice was seeping from the tip of my penis, for Marcus also. We were electrified, drunk like two bulls in heat.

We traded turns in the mouth of Jeffrey, savouring the moments when it was kissing our boners. The little boy was happy to please us and took his time to lick the crown of our glans and titillate every inch.

"Put it in your mouth, dammit!" Marcus voiced his exasperation.

I was not offended to see the other teenager get the first blow job and observed attentively as the kid began his deed. He lowered his head and gobbled up half of his big brother's phallus. Right away, he sucked his elder with fervour, sliding his lips along the pulsating pole, siphoning like a whore.

"You should see how I come in his mouth!" Marcus said. "And the little slut eats everything!"

I had shivers and waited for my piece of heaven anxiously. Marcus grabbed the blond head and pulled it on his groin, shoving his cock far in the oral cavity. "Uhhhhh suck me good." he murmured.

Jeffrey was drooling, lubricating his lips so that they glided on the hardened maleness. He had his mouth full and whined when the hot meat choked him. Nonetheless, Marcus managed to make him absorb all of his penis, until his little nose was glued to his prickly pubic hair. He plunged in his throat and moaned, fucking the face of the kid with long languorous strokes for a while. I watched the pendulous nuts of my buddy, bounce on the chin of his little brother as he exploited the little mouth ruthlessly.

When my chance came, I opted to rub my dick in the kid's face, painting his rosy cheeks with my slimy juice. His lips parted and I fed the little mouth my burning flesh. I could see in his blue eyes that he was stupefied by the size of my adult member. The little runt tasted my cock and played with my heavy balls, swollen from churning sperm. This time, he could not take all that I had to offer, and his lips were stretched around my shaft. Despite this, Jeffrey persevered, slacking his jaws to take more of my cock.

I could feel his tongue swirl around the helmet as he pumped my prick with his frisky paw. During every instant of this fantastic blow job, I shuddered, fighting with my arousal. "Stop!" I heard myself say, on the verge of cumming.

Afterwards, Marcus and I watched the lad jump from one erection to the other. He stimulated us a few seconds and went to the other. My heart was pounding every time the demon approached to suck me. I was overwhelmed by the pleasure that the narrow mouth was providing and could only dream of the delights his minuscule asshole could generate.

"Turn around Jeffrey, I wanna do your butt." Marcus announced.

A shadow crossed the boy's face. He executed the demand lazily, presenting his adorable bottom for our appreciation. "You're gonna go slow? Uh?" the squirt inquired, preoccupied with good reason.

We exchanged a glance, Marcus and me. I detected in the eyes of my partner that the plan wasn't to be gentle. We were going to ravage the little rascal's tender fanny, with all our might.

"Shuddup and raise your butt higher." Marcus replied sternly.

Behind the kid on all fours, we smeared Vaseline on our rigid cocks, making sure they were well covered. Marcus positioned himself behind his little brother, who was slightly bent over, ready to receive the painful invasion. The youngster had almost no buns and we could see his pink orifice easily between the two small hills. I couldn't believe my eyes and had difficulty imagining we could bury ourselves into the small opening.

With the tip of a finger, Marcus furrowed in the kid's crack to spread more lube. He rubbed around the puckered rim and pushed his index in the middle, which made the child flinch.

"You're ready, little faggot." Marcus commented, perching himself behind Jeffrey. "Look at this Cameron!"

I surely was not going to miss the spectacle for anything in the world. I thrust my nose to see this beautiful glistening prick poised in front of the kid's bum entrance. Marcus held his tool firmly in the palm of his hand and pressed against the hole. I saw the pink ring open around the knob of my friend as he sank into his little brother.

"OWWW! OWWW! FUCK!! It hurts!" Jeffrey lamented.

Marcus slowed down the penetration to relax the kid. Tears had sprung to his eyes. Slowly, he continued his intrusion, until a good three inches [7½ cm] had disappeared. He started to slide in and out of the boy, stuffing even more of his adolescent pole into his butt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss, it's so gooood to fuck this lil' fag!"

His hard rod glided easily between the globes of the youngster, and he increased his tempo gradually. Meanwhile, Jeffrey was moaning and cringing his teeth as if it was the first time. I could see everything of the lurid scene. The big cock of my friend, splitting open the ass of his lil' bro. Between the kid's leg, his flaccid pricklet swinging back and forth to the rhythm of Marcus' pounding.

From out of the blue, the teenager went in a trance and pistonned the rectum of his little brother with intense strokes.

"Ohhh I'm fucking you hard!"

"Ughhhhhnn ughhhnnn! UUUUUGHHHNnnn!" Jeffrey wailed, completely possessed by the steel spike hammering his insides. His delicate toes were curled down, and all his muscles had stiffened from the effort of supporting the repetitive assaults.

"You like that little faggot! Uh? You like my stiff cock in your butt!"

I was astounded by the endurance of my compares, ploughing deeply in the ass of his younger sibling, without missing a beat. I hoped to be as good. For more than ten minutes, Marcus slammed his fuck stick into the tight anus. Then he pulled out, without leaving a drop of jizz.

Jeffrey barely had time to catch his breath that Marcus flipped him over like a pancake. He dragged his legs back next to his head. I had before me, the eight-year-old boy, bent in two, his ankles firmly gripped by Marcus at the other end of the bed.

"Fuck him good, for me!" Marcus invited me.

I could not wait any longer. Jeffrey's anus had been loosened dramatically. It was gaping, red, sometimes twitching in aftershock. The idea of fucking a child briefly surfaced on my mind, summoning a twinge of guilt, but I raised myself between his skinny legs anyway, aligning my erection in front of his hole.

I watched the boy's face grimacing, and felt my cock enter the tight hot passage. It excited me to see the boy's eyebrows form a scorn as I buried myself into his tummy. He was used to his big brother's organ up his hiney, mine was something else.

"OWW! It's too big, FUCK!" he screamed, squirming like a worm.

The little sphincter had lost its strength and I could pursue the dilatation of the tiny hole without much resistance and friction. It was even better than what I had fantasized, to feel the anal lips, adjusted around the diameter of my cock. Little by little, I could slip with more ease into the narrow tunnel and reap the blissful benefits.

The taut belly of the boy ballooned and ebbed with each of his deep breath. He shook his head left and right as I reached new depths inside his guts. A great little furnace that divine ass! I disbelieved that I had succeeded in cramming my cock into it and peered between my muscular legs, at that big swollen tube planted into his anus.

I fucked him with more power, plunging three quarters of my cock in his ass. Marcus was elated to see I had no hang-ups and could make his younger brother squeal like a piglet. He grinned slyly, unaware I was able of much more ardour. My groans intensified with my hip thrusts. I wanted Jeffrey to remember my trip inside him.

"Wait, I have an idea." Marcus stopped me.

Within seconds, Jeffrey was on all fours again. This time, skewered at both ends by or slick teenage poles. Mine was between the glorious mounds of his perky behind. Marcus fed him his cock with renewed vigour into his mouth. The little imp could assuredly taste his own shit on his brother's bloated cock.

It was the perfect tableau and we could use the little boy together as we pleased. Jeffrey was eating the fat prick and whining as I drove my enormous hard-on into him, gripping the front of his thighs so that he got it real stiff into his pale little butt.

I heard Marcus groan loudly. "Watch this!" he requested my attention. My eyes turned to his crotch, and I was rewarded with the sight of the lad ejaculating in the cute face of the pre-teen. His ball juice spurted in quick jets on his little nose. Soon, the boiling cream was oozing all over his angelic face.

"Cum in his ass now!" Marcus said, as he exited the bed. He gave me a friendly pat on the buttocks to encourage me. I stayed alone the youngster and pulled out of his insides. Jeffrey let out a long sigh of deliverance. My balls were heavy like never before. The moment was exquisite. I was about to empty my nuts into the little brother of my pal, in front of his very eyes.

"You must be tired of getting porked?" I whispered in the ear of my young partner.

He nodded, his slim body sprawled on mattress, overcome by an obvious fatigue. It was between him and me now. "Do as I say and it will be over soon." I spoke softly.

He nodded again, knowing very well he had to give me my ultimate fix. "I can blow your dick?" he offered bluntly. I smiled at the naive proposition he had fabricated in order to avoid another rude penetration.

"No. Go on the pillow and spread your buns."

I would show him how a man fucks a ravishing eight-year-old boy. How, even though I was only fourteen, I possessed the muscles to make him experience prematurely, the fury of hard-core anal sex.

He was charming, stretched on his tummy, displaying his sore gaping anus with both hands. I hoisted my lanky carcass over his, covering him completely. My cock found its way easily into his shithole. The last inches however, were denied entrance by the protective anal muscle. I strained to bury them, gripping his slim shoulders, until my curly pubes tickled his ass crack.

His small claws groped the sheets, I had impaled him to the hilt. He trashed like an eel, yelping sopranos cries of discomfort. All I needed to do, was relish the fruits of my labour. My hips did all the work, jabbing my entire cock in the boy's rectum.

Jeffrey was pined down to the mattress by my weight and yelling at the ceiling. He had definitely not considered being fucked by a huge seven-inch [18 cm] prick, when he had accepted our agreement. I attached myself to his scrawny body and shook him violently with deep strokes of my thick cock.

"Come on! Fuck him!" Marcus cheered on the sideline.

"ARGHHH!! ARGHHHHH! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jeffrey hollered with more gusto.

The bed was creaking and colliding loudly against the wall. I was sodomizing the kid furiously, groaning and sweating. Much to my surprise, I heard by balls slap against his rear end. It went flap, flap, flap, counting the seconds passing by. I could have fucked him that way for hours, savouring the amazing pleasure of that tight anus strangling my cock.

Unfortunately, I felt my burning sperm rise in my urethra. My orgasm was thunderous. The first spill exploded deep inside Jeffrey. I pulled out quickly to see my pulsing pipe spit its sap. It was a faucet of sperm, plastering the kid's back. The other spurts blasted on his ass cheeks. In the end, the little brother was covered with our teenage sauce.

Jeffrey endured the results of his brutal sodomy for many days, refusing to sit no matter what. I stole him a new pair of running shoes, as promised. He wore his 'Nike' with pride, knowing the way he had obtained them. It was a magical pair of shoes you might say, because they reminded him daily that his little butt did not only serve the purpose of taking a dump.

#2 The Lost Shoe

A kid who's been abducted goes back again and again to his to his kidnapper in order to learn more about sex

Dustin (12yo) and Billy (c 30yo)
Mbreluc oral anal mast

"What a bunch of assholes!" I cursed under my breath. "Fuck, fuck FUCK!" I shouted, my hands digging in the sand on a mission to find my other sneaker. It was Sunday, a school night, but what the hell. Even if it took all night, I would recover it. What a great triumph it would be, come Monday, when I showed up, flashing both white Reeboks on my feet. I would really show those bullies I was immune to their stupid pranks.

My twelve-year-old heart pounded with the urgency of my quest. The growing dusk made it harder to rummage every spot a kid could have hidden the damn shoe, the possession essential to the salvation of my ego. Taking a break, I scanned the empty park, slowly getting darker and darker. Nonetheless, the flame of my determination burned bright. A sour tear rolled on my cheek. I wiped it and trotted frantically to the sidewalk to search the hedge.

He lurked for a while behind his blue van, watching me. That's what he told me later. That he had spied on me, planning his crime that evening. I didn't even scream when he approached nonchalantly on the lawn and offered his help to find my missing shoe. I never expected the sudden attack on my frail body. His right hand was so powerful, twisting my arm behind my back while his left paw covered my mouth. It was useless though. I was in complete shock, unable to emit even the faintest peep. The tales of dark ogres who liked to hurt little boys rung in my mind. I knew it was to be my destiny and my bladder failed me. A warm trickle of urine raced along my legs down to my ankles as he violently hauled my small carcass in the back of the Ford Econoline.

It never crossed my mind to glimpse at the license plate. I was only twelve, dammit! Inside the privacy of the van, he bound my wrists and blindfolded me. I kicked like a demented loon, overwhelmed by the shadowy force assaulting me. "Oh, you're a lively one!" he snickered, avoiding my flying boyfeet and retaliating with punches to my defensive squirming. "Help! HELP!" my voice echoed, reborn out of the ashes of initial terror. "This will shut you up!" he snarled, applying a wide band of duct tape to my jaw.

The struggle was over. I felt the bruises of our confrontation throb all over my body. The crickets hummed in the distance. The engine revved.

"You're mine little boy! Billy's gonna show you a good time…" he grumbled. "A very good time!"

It never occurred to me that I could be sexually attractive to a grown man. I did not consider myself much of a looker with my short brown hair and brown eyes. My body was all bones. Nobody ever complimented me for my handsomeness.

Within minutes, I was in the room that would be my cage for a while. The small prison had no windows I noticed immediately, while he untied me. A bare light bulb provided a hundred watts of light. In a corner, there was a porcelain toilet and a bathtub. In the next, a television, with a Nintendo console attached to it. The walls were yellowed and the floor was cold. My abductor left the iron door ajar and I pondered an instant the possibility of a swift escape. But I resigned myself to be the lamb. I backed away instinctively when he finished freeing my limbs, climbing up the bed that would become the sacrificial altar of my innocence.

"What's your name?" he asked sternly.

"Dustin Matthews, mister." I responded sheepishly, drawing my knees to my chest protectively.

My eyes could not sustain the lustful stare boring into me. The stranger was nothing like the image of monsters I had imagined. He was kinda short with oval glasses, about thirty years old. It would be have been easy to describe him to the police artist afterward.

"Smile for the camera!" he sang, taking a single Polaroid of the frightened wreck I was. "You are a very cute little boy Dustin! You make me horny as hell…" he commented, handing me the result of the instamatic.

I gazed at the photograph, recognizing the sullen child in it. What an imbecile that kid was for getting kidnapped. I looked like a dork with my preppy polo shirt, my red shorts sporting a damp pee stain and one stupid shoe. I hated myself for being cute. For eliciting mysterious stirrings in this man. For even at that age, I knew about men like him and what they did.

"Sit on the edge of the mattress." he commanded. "OVER HERE! ARE YOU DEAF!"

I crawled to the adult, over towering me, my nose at the level of the lump in his blue jeans. He scrutinized me with a mix of adoration and malevolence. As soon as his fingers caressed my inner thigh, my whole body flinched. "Don't touch me!" I yelled defiantly.

He raised his hairy arm and slapped my insolent face. My head spun on its pivot, the pain making me sob like a baby at once. Dazed by the stinging blow, I crept away from him, screaming my lungs out, trumpeting my loudest high-pitched shrieks of outrage.

"Scream all you want baby. It don't matter here!" he said. Then his voice softened: "This was just a warning Dustin. If you do exactly as uncle Billy tells ya, I promise I won't hit you. Don't you wanna know when you're gonna go back home?"

I nodded, drying my eyes with my fists.

"In five days, next Friday! In the meantime, you're gonna be my special friend. You're gonna be my lil' whore. Are your ready to be uncle Billy's slut?"

I nodded again, utterly confused by the man's words. He massaged my smooth legs, taming me with his gentle touch. With two fingers, he tugged on my white sock and sniffed the grass stains. "Hmm I love dirty little boys!" he exclaimed. Off went my only sneaker and my other ivory sock.

I was dumbfounded when he leaned to kiss my small feet. His slimy tongue lapped up the soles and slithered between each toe. I was reeling. I would have never thought somebody relished the taste of my extremities. Why me? Why not another little boy's feet? He engulfed the greater part of one foot and asked that I wiggled my toes. A demand I executed happily, fascinated by the turn of event. The oral massage calmed my nerves. I giggled from time to time, elated by the most sensuous tickling of my life.

"Go take a bath, you stink of piss!" he frowned.

I ambled to the tub and turned the faucets. Very slowly, I removed my polo shirt. The queer grownup stared at me. I lowered my shorts and paused, waiting from the privacy I required. "You can go now. I'm a big boy, I can bathe alone…"

"Oh, don't be modest Dustin! Take those underwear off and show me that sweet lil' ass of yours."

The man's sentence sent shivers up my spine. I bowed my head and dropped the last of my duds to the floor. Billy's intense eyes were on my buttocks. A wave of vulnerability enveloped my whole being all of a sudden.

"Before you get in. Stick a finger in your butt hole." he muttered.


"You heard me! DO IT! Don't make me slap you again."

I froze an instant, trying to understand the purpose of the game. Then searching for my pucker, I let my stubby fingers roam in my crack. My tiny rosebud twitched, alarmed by the presence of an intruder. With cautious poking, I slipped my index into it, grimacing from the slight pain.

"That's it! Now move it in and out."

I finger-fucked myself, sensing the pure joy of my tormentor while I performed the vile act. "Faster! Show me!" he blurted out. Parting a cheek, I exposed my opening and my digit stabbing into it. My little prick stiffened down in front. I jumped in the water to conceal the display of my excitement, blushing bright red. Embarrassed by the response of my pecker to the anal probing.

Billy knelt next to me to observe my cleansing session. I lathered my body with the bar of soap. Doing the usual routine of washing between my toes, behind my ears. I retracted the foreskin off my glans and cleaned it thoroughly. All the while, Billy complimented: "You are so sexy Dustin!", "Your penis is beautiful.", "You are such a cute little one."

He cradled me out of the bathtub and sat me beside him on the bed. His hands feverishly unzipped his pants. "I need to get off now. See how much I love you!" he muttered, pulling down his briefs. I riveted my eyes on the huge manhood, pointing proudly at the ceiling. Billy skinned his helmet and flaunted his cock. "You make me so hard Dustin!"

A million emotions twirled in my heart. "Touch it!" he said, guiding my fingers on it. I was scared and curious at the same time. This live thing in my small hand felt so big and hot. Billy breathed erratically, consumed by his sex drive. He grumbled each instruction on how to wank him. How I should squeeze and move my hand up and down that engorged piece of flesh. My eyes drifted away. I didn't want to look at what I was doing. But my kidnapper turned my head to face the raw vision of my unpleasant deed.

"Oh yess… That's it! Faster Dustin!" he chanted. "You make me feel so goood."

In due time, his semen erupted in great arcs over his belly. Billy was lost in the convulsions of his orgasm. It was something I had seen in some pornos, but I had not smelled. The odour of fresh spunk was musky and radiant in the room. With the hand Billy had used to rotate my head, he slammed my face in the puddles of sperm. The next moments were horrendous. He growled and chuckled.

"Eat it! Don't make that face! You're gonna swallow all of my loads darling!"

Disgusted and tired, I slurped up the dollops of his seed. Bile rose in my throat, mixing with the salty taste of man juice. He made me clean the globs stuck in his pubic hair and the slimy goo coating his dickhead.

"That's a good boy…" he murmured, watching me gulping down every droplet.

After I had eliminated the entire spill, he grasped my hair roughly and planted a torrid kiss on my humid lips. Then he looked at me intently. Quiet rivers of tears started to race from his eyes to his jaw. I could hardly comprehend what I was seeing in those pupils. Desperation and emptiness, inky emotions of adulthood. But I certainly didn't feel any compassion for him then.

"You can go now…" he said.

I walked up to the door and paused, thinking this was another cruel game. That he would jump on me again.

"Go! I said." Billy barked.

I opened the door and climbed up the stairs to leave the house. Much to my surprise, I found myself two blocks from my home. The pervert had been living next to me for years probably, and I had never figured it out.

I don't know why I didn't rat on him. At night, the man's nasty games invaded my dreams. I was reliving the experience, feeling his big hands on my body, seeing his large cock all bloated and leaking. In the back of mind, the fear of getting abducted again lingered constantly.

Up until then, my sex life had consisted of occasional wanking with other boys, while browsing through forbidden magazines. Other than that, I would jack off alone. As I neared puberty, my dick became more demanding and required more frequent stimulation. The date of my thirteenth birthday was coming up soon and I could shoot droplets of clear juice out of my pecker.

Understandably, sex was a primary concern and I had learned all about it, courtesy of older friends. The fact that I had been and still was somewhat excited by the ordeal of that Sunday evening left my young mind in a state of chaos. I yearned for some real person to submit to my unspoken fantasies. Or at least someone who could understand what I was going through. I could confide to nobody


I rang the doorbell a couple of times and exhaled. The door opened slowly and Billy's ghastly face scanned my frame. His chest heaved and he threw quick glances up and down the street. "What are you doing here? Are you nuts?" he whispered in rapid gasps.

"I want to play with the Nintendo?" I mumbled with a coy grin.


"I want to pl…"

"Get in!" he snapped, tugging on my arm.

For obvious reasons, Billy wasn't pleased to see me. I didn't even understand what I was doing there myself. Maybe, to remind me it had happened for real? To confront this stranger who had turned my life upside down?

We went down to the basement where the game box was installed, without as much as a word of what had unfolded in the very same room. I felt a certain strength though. I was somehow the dominant figure.

"Play all you want Dustin!" Billy said excitedly.

I sat Indian style in front of the television set and began a game of Donkey Kong Country. The man was perched behind me on the edge of the bed, surveying my every move.

My choice of clothes had been calculated. It was not a mistake that I was wearing skimpy loose shorts with no underwear on. I could feel his stare flowing along my bare legs.

"Are you mad at me?" he said.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Did you tell your folks what a bad man I am?"


"You're a very weird little boy Dustin…"

With that he knelt next to me and ran his fingers inside my thighs. I continued eyeing the game, His lips descended on my legs to give moist pecks on my smooth skin. "You like this uh Dustin?"

My dick was throbbing like crazy. I couldn't wait anymore and stretched on the floor. He stole my shorts and spread my legs. The sight of my half-naked self, allowing this man to molest me gave me shivers. I swallowed a lump of spittle as his hand wandered on my bare flesh, getting closer to my crotch.

He cupped my balls and kneaded them while his tongue licked up the short length of circumcised kid cock. I could feel my dick jump to the attention. Desire burned in Billy's eyes the more he tasted me. He swallowed all of my penis and siphoned it gloriously.

My cries of joy betrayed my efforts to hide the pleasure I was experimenting. Faster and faster, the man sucked my genitals, nibbling on my nuts, swirling his tongue around the crown of my dickhead. He was worshipping my small organ.

His fingers furrowed in the crack of my butt, searching for my asshole. I squealed as the very tip of his index entered my anus. There was nothing more exhilarating that to realize that all my naughty parts were meant to be used, explored and to be a great source of pleasure. Right then, all I yearned was for him to stick his long finger right up my rear and suck me off good.

Instead, he turned me over and kissed my buns. His large wet tongue lapped up the middle of my behind as if it was owned by a Doberman, from my scrotum all the way to my hole. I stuck my bum out, showing him my pink virgin asshole. He could have done anything he wanted to it. I was ready for the new thrills.

His spongy tool darted all around my opening. I felt it glide back there and slither into me. It was hot and slimy, going inside my tight little hole. His entire face was lodged between my ass cheeks. I undulated on the floor, crying a litany of puppy moans.

From time to time, he slapped my buttocks and squeezed my balls. I gripped my hard pecker and jerked it while he played with my behind. When he engulfed my entire scrotum in his mouth and tried to push two fingers in my asshole, I came. My anus strangled those digits. I yelped and groaned, feeling my timid load gush through my penis.

I was a complete mess. Somewhat ashamed of the pleasure I had experienced. I slipped into my clothes and dashed toward the exit.

"Where are you going Dustin? You haven't finished your game!"

"Uh, I can't stay." I replied nervously.


Over the course of the next weeks, I went to Billy's house many times. I learned how to suck his big cock and take it down my throat. There was nothing more rewarding than to see him shoot his load in my face, knowing I was the one who had provided such impeccable service.

I became addicted to our sexual encounters, anxiously awaiting the next time when I would cum hard from Billy's experienced ways. All those games were wonderfully exciting for a twelve-year-old brat, exploding into puberty.

I secretly loosened my asshole with household objects, in the hopes of getting nailed. The thought of Billy's wide eight-inch [20 cm] prick up my fanny gave me goose bumps, but also tickled my curiosity. I was ready for it and I wanted to see what it was all about.

So, I tried to seduce my new older friend, flaunting my butt every chance I got. Billy did not seize the opportunities. I couldn't just come out and ask him to bugger me. And for a while, I wondered why he didn't just assrape me, like he had planned all along. During one of our many 69s, I heard myself blurt out:

"How come you don't wanna fuck me?"

Billy sighed and bit his lower lip, obviously tormented by the question. "I don't want to hurt you anymore, ok…"

"Your dick's not that big!" I lied.

"Well, big enough to make it painful."

"Why don't I find out…" I said, crawling on all fours and wiggling my boytail seductively. "I know you want it."

The man let his eyes drift away from the inviting vision, and I giggled at his reluctance. Somehow, I feared he had lost his interest in me. That idea saddened me.

"C'mon! Don't you wanna know how it feels to fuck me in the butt!" I uttered in exasperation.

Then I opened the bottle of lotion and squirted a glob on my virgin anus. With my fingers, I smeared the lube in the pinkish funnel, making sure Billy was looking at me while I was doing it. The little hole expanded around my index. I waited for a reaction from the adult, fingering myself and smiling like a whore.

Billy took over, shoving his large digits into me. I glued my left ear on the mattress and made grimaces, winking from time to time to show him I was doing okay. When he stopped jabbing his fingers in my asshole, I pushed my bottom back on them, fucking myself on the slick probes.

"Stick it in me now!" I said.


"Do it, dammit!"

Billy hesitated, considering the situation, resigning himself, I imagine, to jump in the arms of destiny that had put such a crazy boy on his path.

"Only this once! And tell me if it hurts…" he said.

"Yes, yes! Just do it dummy! It's not like you're gonna kill me!"

He climbed on my back, dumbfounded by the mechanics of inserting his huge manhood into such a small opening. The simple contact of his knob on my anus sent a jolt of arousal to my boydick. He applied pressure on the muscle, pushing his cock firmly. My assring pinched his pissslit and yielded slowly to the bulbous end of spongy flesh.

"Unnngh! Unnnngh! It's so hard!" I cried out. "Don't stop! Keep on! Keep on!" I reassured him.

He plunged into my rectum and halted, allowing me an instant to adjust to the size of his tool. I grinned broadly, somewhat proud of the feat. My hand groped between my thighs to touch the hairy nuts and the wide tube embedded in my little butt. With languorous withdrawals and restrained thrusts, he began plowing into me.

"Ooooh! Oooooohhh! You're fucking me! Oooooh!" I cooed.

Billy tried to be as gentle as he could, but I still felt the tremendous pain of his invasion. His phallus was as big as a damn baseball bat in my belly. I relaxed my bum hole, opening up for him. His cock travelled deeper and easier. I could hardly believe what was happening. But there I was, under this man, using my little white butt for his pleasure.

Our bodies tensed up as we gained a steady rhythm to our coupling. I dared peek at his pendulous balls swinging back and forth and his enormous cock sliding in and out of my buttocks.

"Uhhh! I never thought I'd get fucked in the ass by a man at twelve- years-old!" I gasped.

"Don't say that. You're freaking me out!" he reprimanded me. At the same time, slamming into me with more determination. The real action was about to begin and I braced myself. My body was bouncing on the springs with each quick stab in my hole. The pistonning rod was sliding in and out at a more furious pace. I was lost in the wild tornado, my head was spinning.

"Fuck me harder! Put your whole dick in me! Uhh uhhh! Yeah! Like that! Uhhhh! Uhhh! Uhh! Uhhh! Fuck my butt good! Oh! Oh Oh! Oh! YESSS YESSSS! Shoot your load in me! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

My burly partner had lost his sense of reason. He was sodomizing me hard and fast now. My elbows sagged and I fell forward, my hips suspended in the air by the powerful hands of the man, who was punching my guts with massive thrusts. All the tiny hairs on my body where on end. I could feel a burning ball of tingles in my crotch as the thick spike grazed my young prostate repeatedly.

Billy slapped my ass and rammed into me ball-deep for all he was worth. I screamed my head off, sensing the pleasure about to peak, "YEAHHH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" My asshole was totally distended for that big piece of meat to pound into it. I savoured every second of the savage lunges that rattled my frame.

The greatest orgasm of my childhood overtook my body. I became a lowly mess of quivering muscles. The fantastic jolts raced in my penis as the anal onslaught continued. I began squirting my boyjuice on the bed sheets and yelling out of joy from the amazing sensations.

Billy buried himself deep into my ass. I felt his cock quake into my anus as it unloaded a gallon of boiling sperm inside my rectum. He was pushing against me, cramming his prick in my depths to deliver his creamy discharge. I had never felt so bloated in my life.

When he finally took out his cock, I crumbled and laid there. I was deflowered and exhausted. My asshole was on fire. But I knew that for a while, I wouldn't mind being uncle Billy's slut.

#3 The Public Pool

A youngster finds partners to experiment with at the local public pool

Jimmy (11yo), Evan (7yo), and Jamal (15yo)
bb tbcons oral anal – interr

Jimmy's main pass-time when he was eleven-years-old was swimming. He loved to dive in the clear blue water and feel the cleansing sensations of its majestic embrace. The pool was his dark mistress. An enigmatic sanctuary that could bring the most sensational feelings of freedom.

At the same time, it could also cause his death. He submerged himself often for long never-ending seconds, waiting until he was on the verge of drowning. Then he would lurch over the surface to fill his lungs with the salvation of oxygen.

The Smith-Wilson centre became his second home. It was the only indoor public pool available all year long. Even during those cold winter days. He took the bus with renewed enthusiasm every time he required his fix. Sometimes with a friend, but now that he has alienated all his schoolmates, mostly alone like a big boy.

He climbed the steps of the large edifice solemnly. It was like a ritual. The smell of the large indoor Olympic pool tickled his nostrils. He was just another kid in the sea of children. An eleven- year-old with plain blond hair and a common face, carrying a bag with clean underwear and a towel under his arm.

He undulated in the pool like an eel. The soft liquid caress of the water massaged his hairless body as if it was invisible hands. His sorrows and worries vanished altogether. Only the sound of the bell, signalling the end of free swim, dragged him back to reality. It was especially difficult to leave the comfort of the pool, for Jimmy dreaded the ruckus of the lockers.

Conflicting emotions twisted his guts. The place summoned shivers up his spine. It was hell after a piece of heaven. The inevitable changing in front of everybody. The fact that he got boners. He waited until everybody was out of the pool to reach the lockers. Praying it would be empty.

But as usual, inside the smelly room, dozens of wet boys had already started to snap towels at each other. Grown men threw quick glances at young flesh being bared. Between every rows of rusty yellow lockers, the youthful males slithered out of their wet bathing suits, giggling and pushing their buddies.

The locker was always jam packed with unruly boys, running and screaming. Jimmy tried to relax, controlling his fear amidst the crowd of noisy brats. No matter how much he attempted to restrain himself. He had to look. To stare, at the older boys' bodies. Tall boys with male organs much more developed then his. Long dicks dangling between slender thighs. His diminutive worm twitched on every occasion. Even small naked boys awoke his pre-pubescent member.

He faced the locker bashfully to ensure nobody would see his hardening boyhood and that ugly red blotch on his groin. His mother said it was a child stain and that it would go away when he was a man. One thing's for sure, he did not want to display it and attract the slurs of the other kids. With agile moves, he quickly removed his trunks before jumping into a fresh pair of fruit of the loom. Then he felt safer.

The Smith-Wilson indoor pool was renowned for the illicit activities that went on there. He had heard it described on the news one time. It came as a shock to hear the tales of little boys pulling tricks in the nearby parking lot, some as young as six. Giving blowjobs to johns in the backseat of their cars for pocket money.

He looked at the kids in a different light since that TV news brief. Wracking his brains to figure out which ones were doing it. Very few of the boys were bashful. They cavorted in the nude and shouted bad words like sailors. Every one of them was a suspect in this army of naked bandits.

In the back of his mind, he yearned to find a boy who would not mind playing some sex games with him. It was out of the question to solicit any of them. His quest to find a juvenile partner dwindled over time. The simple pleasure of watching all this pink flesh so openly exposed satisfied his childish curiosity. He jerked his willy thinking about what he had viewed in the male chamber.

Then he noticed a younger boy checking him out. The kid couldn't have been older than seven. Yet he was eyeing his crotch with a sustained interest. His first reflex was to leer at cocky brown-haired imp. Perhaps, make an obscene gesture. However, at the last moment, he grinned at the daring child. His cocklet was obviously stiff as a nail in the confines of his green trunks. It was exhilarating to discover that his body could elicit this kind of response from another being.

The little rascal removed his damp bathing suit slowly, sticking his perky white butt in his direction. He was giggling hysterically and rolling his eyes in a comical fashion.

Slightly nervous, Jimmy managed to smile at the boy who had just mooned him, utterly impressed by his boldness. The kid walked to him and he shivered.

"Do you want to come play at my place?" the child asked with a raspy voice.

Jimmy nodded and followed the new boy like they had been pals for years. He was sorta disappointed that a younger boy had taken the initiative and not him. Nonetheless, the thrills made him giddy and he certainly sensed they weren't going to play with stupid toys all afternoon.

Inside Evan's bedroom, they tugged on each other's shorts. It was deliciously naughty to undress another boy. Their hairless dicks were already erect when they released them. Jimmy played with the kid's peter right away, rubbing the cherry-sized glans between his fingers.

There was a twinkle in the stares they exchanged. For long minutes, they fondled their young boners, comparing them. Evan leaned over his crotch and gobbled up his short stick. It was the first lips on Jimmy's penis. He shivered with every delightful suction. The little boy tongued his boyhood and sucked it to the root. Pure heaven.

The seven-year-old presented his erection. He licked it hesitantly, tasting the chlorine from the pool. The kid's lips quivered the more he swirled his tongue on his bloated nubbin. He could sense the pleasure mount inside the small vibrant monkey, and pursued with more fervour, slobbering over the little hard-on.

They rolled on the bed like cubs, their face flushed. Their little hands grew weary. Evan squeezed the older boy's balls and he touched his erection. They twisted and turned. Jimmy's hard prick grazed his delicate chin. Evan chewed on his foreskin while he nibbled the mounds of his butt. They squirmed and whined. The kid's tiny toes poked at Jimmy's armpits. His small dink hovered over his eyes. He took it in his mouth and they began to suck each other at the same time.

It was a typical summer in the big city. Not too hot, very windy. It was two o'clock in the afternoon on a Saturday. Two horny little boys who didn't even know each other were doing a sixty-nine.

Jimmy relished the sweet forbidden scene. He could hardly believe he was between another boy's legs, eating his genitals and eyeing his clean pale bottom. It was so bad and exciting altogether. The thought of an adult bursting in the bedroom, finding them naked, scared him. But he certainly, didn't wanna stop.

A symphony of shrill moans escaped his throat. Evan blew him right over the edge. He felt the blasts of immature bliss race from the tip of his organ right to his toes. The child's small woody was still hard between his lips. He bobbed his mouth on it, hearing Evan squeal louder and louder until he yelped and convulsed over him.


As time went by, Jimmy got more acquainted with the demented urchin. The seven-year-old boy was desperate for attention and he didn't mind spending time with him, as long as his got his fair share of boysex.

The most gruesome tales came out of his little mouth. Apparently, he was not as innocent as he had thought. He told of the times he met older boys and men at the public pool. Of how they pissed on him or made him suck their dicks until they shot the salty milk in his mouth.

Sometimes, the laddie's immature behaviour annoyed Jimmy. The four years age difference took its toll and he was bored of the games of cops and robbers, WWF wrestling and tickle fight. There were the twisted games also, more interesting, where they tied each other up.

The unpredictable conduct of the kid, always kept Jimmy on his toes. He never knew what to expect. Like that one afternoon after school.

"Watch this!" Evan exclaimed, grabbing a ripe banana from the fruit bowl. "I betcha a buck I can stick it up my butt!" he added enthusiastically.

"No way!" Jimmy retorted, watching the small loon unbuckle his belt and drop his shorts.


"You're stupid!"

The challenge was insane and the young boy was eager to get to it and show his older friend the particular ability. He dipped the banana in margarine and removed his underwear to squat on the oblong fruit between his legs.

Jimmy's eyes were riveted on the kid's crotch. Actually, just behind his dangling hairless scrotum where the banana was poised under his buttocks. Evan wiggled his bum on the tip and sat on it, grasping the sweet treat firmly in his paws. He grunted, sticking his tongue out, while the long fruit entered his asshole. It looked more like he was taking a dump than stuffing his hiney with the yellow phallus.

After he had lodged the bulk of the ripe fruit up his bum, he began to prance around, with the banana protruding halfway out his asscheeks. The boy strolled on tippy toes, like a ballet dancer, wincing and giggling. Jimmy laughed genuinely, swatting his buns when he happened to pass nearby.

"You looked like a monkey! You're so dumb!!" he chuckled, thoroughly entertained by the spectacle. "Eat it now!"

Evan ejected the snack from his rear, peeled it and nourished his other hole with it.


Jimmy never slept over at Evan's place. He was not comfortable meeting his folks, wondering how they would react, knowing their young son was friends with a boy of eleven. Then he gathered his courage and accepted the invitation. It had been a long day of skateboarding in the park and he yearned to get to bed soon. His heart raced in the elevator of the big grey building where Evan lived.

Evan unlocked the door and they walked in the darkened apartment. From the corner of his eyes, Jimmy saw a woman bent over a mirror, sniffing up a line of powder. A man in his underwear was sprawled on the couch.

"Who's that?" the woman growled.

"That's my friend Jimmy." Evan squeaked defensively.

"I told you not to bring anybody here!" she barked. Then with a look of resignation, she gestured towards them. "Go to bed, and close the door…"

In the familiar bedroom of the kid, Jimmy undressed mechanically, slightly shaken by the encounter. "Is that your mom and dad?" he asked.

"That's my mom, but he's not my dad." Evan whispered with a hint of shame.

Jimmy sensed he should not push the issue and he watched the little boy shuck his clothes off completely. The naked silhouette slipped under the covers. He stripped out of his undies and joined his companion. Soon their warm bodies were entwined and they rolled on the mattress. Evan withheld his giggles as the older boy touched his nutsack.

The sudden noises coming from the master bedroom stopped their play. They listened to the muffled sex sounds quietly. Jimmy felt the tiny hand of his buddy grasp his genitals. "Ughhh Ughhhhhhhhh Oooooooo" Evan murmured, imitating the obscene moans.

"They're doing it!" Jimmy blurted out.

"Yeah." Evan replied matter-of-factly. "Do you wanna do it too, you know… put your willy in my ass?" he suggested boldly.

Jimmy considered the indecent proposal. His first thought was to turn it down the and claim it was dirty. But in the back of his mind, the curiosity was gnawing at his reason. "Go first. I'll do it to you after!"

Evan made a dash and returned with the tub of margarine. Jimmy grabbed himself under the knees, drawing them to chest and exposing his asshole to the youngster. He felt the tiny fingers poking at it, smearing the oleo on his virgin pucker.

"Get on top of me!"

Evan crept merrily over the inviting form. His penis slid in the slippery furrow of the lubed butt. He tentatively pushed his raging stiffy in the brown eye, presented to him. "Push it harder!" Jimmy instructed. "Yessss, it's in me, uhhhh, put it all in!"

In the background, the sex noises were resonating as the adults rutted violently. Evan buried his cocklet completely and smiled grandly, somewhat proud of his accomplishment. The tight anal ring was munching on his shaft as if eating it. Instinctively, he swayed his hips, ploughing into the greasy opening. "That's it! Fuck my butt!" Jimmy cheered.

As the rhythm intensified, the older boy raved. "Oh yeahhh, you're fucking me! Go faster… keep on… faster!" he chanted, examining the rigid two inches [5 cm] of hard flesh slamming between his split opened butt cheeks. The repetitive thump of their colliding bodies filled his ears, along with Evan's gasps. The youngster was going nuts over him, drooling on his forehead. He heard his wails of joy and felt the pulsating pricklet get off in the confinement of his rectum.

"Did you like that?" he muttered.

"Yes." Evan chuckled.

"Roll over, I'll do it to you now…"

The younger boy obeyed diligently. Jimmy patted his buttocks and spread his legs wide. "Just relax…"

Evan nodded silently, preparing himself for his first fuck. Jimmy spread a generous dose of margarine in his crack. He fingered the virgin orifice gently, petting the reluctant sphincter, cajoling it to open up for his wagging hard-on. The more he probed, the more the kid ground his hips in the mattress.

He leaned forward and fed his dickhead to the puckered assmouth. Evan let out a sustained moan as the three and a half inches [9 cm] of boydick slipped into him. Jimmy pressed on, entering in the tight rectal opening completely, until his hairless package was nudged in the smooth valley.

"Do it fast like I did to you…" the youngster muttered.

"Are you sure?"


Grabbing the upper arms of the smaller lad, Jimmy began thrusting vigorously. Then faster and harder, smothering the willing child with his weight. The bed creaked with the tempo of his passion. "I'm fucking you now! How does it feel?"

"Okay!" the seven-year-old yipped, wincing from time to time when the diminutive fuckstick stretched his hole too wide. "Oh yeah, Ohh ohhh ohhhh that's good, ohhh ohhh ohh yeah!" Jimmy ranted, rabbitfucking the passive child. His balls bounced against Evan's asscrack and slapped on his own, travelling the short distance at a furious pace. He went in a trance, sodomizing steadily the younger lad.

Evan gnawed the pillow, muffling his screams of pain and pleasure. The short peg of his partner was stimulating him gloriously, as it rammed into his bottom. His lil' pecker was hard again. He shagged the mattress energetically, restrained in the firm grip of the older boy's paws who was pinning him down and buggering him, fucking him brutally. It happened again. His orgasm made his fuzzy hair spring up and all his toes cramp up. He yelped like a girl.

"Uhhh! Uhhhh! I'm cummmmmming too." Jimmy whimpered. He bit the boy's neck and hissed with every jolt of the gooey good vibrations in his groin. His body shuddered as his penis went through the motions of shooting the absent discharge out of his immature nutbag.


The next time Jimmy went to the public pool, he felt more confident, more mature. A few thin yellow hair had grown around his pecker during the last week. And for the first time, his dick released tiny watery droplets after he jacked off.

Evan seemed like a toddler now. He thought that his sudden burst into puberty was a clear indication he should forsake the kids that young, to seek the company of boys like him.

A naked black teenager was staring at him in the locker room. Actually, the eyes were fixed on his groin. Weeks before, he might have raced out, shaking with fright. But today, he smiled back at the lad and examined the ebony body of the fifteen-year-old. He kept his eyes up, looking directly at the flirtatious boy, almost defying him.

The bare-assed teen approached him, understanding he was game for a little action. Jimmy eyed the young man's hose nervously. It was very large and descended halfway down his muscular thigh. The ballbag was plump and low under his abdomen.

"My name is Jamal." the tall lad said, with a relaxed attitude.

Jimmy's face turned red as beet. "I'm Jimmy." he muttered.

The big boy bent over slightly and whispered in his ear, "If you come with me, I'll let you suck it."

Jimmy paused a second and nodded sheepishly, embarking on another adventure, barely dissimulating his fear and excitement. He walked next to the black boy outside the Smith-Wilson centre. Jamal was a cool and brash teenager, probably part of a street gang. Still, he wanted to be with him, counting on his intuition to guide him.

The older boy scared him plenty. He was well-built, strong and certainly not coy about anything. His dark eyes could read you like a book. Hell, the fifteen-year-old was nearly a man.

Inside the small basement apartment, the black guy dropped his pants at once, exposing his long erection. "I'm so horny. Come on, suck it and eat my cum little faggot."

Jimmy overlooked the putdown and knelt feverishly in front of the lad. He was horny as hell also. The boy's bollocks tasted musty in his mouth. He chewed them and let his tongue slide on the hot erect organ. Without bating an eyelash, he went to work on the big bone, sucking it hungrily, doing every trick he had learned to do on Evan's pricklet, having finally something substantial to sink his teeth into.

"Aw God, yesss suck it good." Jamal purred. It wasn't the first kid he had lured from the public pool. He had been fucking children for a couple of years now. There were others before he had worked hard to train, but this one seemed rather cooperative. As he watched the lips of the boy slide along his shaft, he already pictured himself buggering him, slamming his cock into his tight white little butt. He could almost hear him scream.

The little boy was a really good cocksucker. "MMMMmmm," Jamal moaned, examining the cute baby face eating his turgid member. The kid's short fingers were pulling on his foreskin as his tongue lapped up the underside of his sensitive glans.

He grasped two handful of blond hair and fed more of his cock to the horny mouth. "Yeahhh, that's it. SUCK IT!" Jamal barked, relishing the moist slurping around his throbbing rod.

Everything was going so fast. Jimmy felt a cloak of nervousness envelop his body. The reality of the situation hit him like a ton of bricks. Jamal was not a boy anymore and his fat seven inch [18 cm] pole attested to that. He had it right under his eyes, along with the hairy huge testicles.

The black boy pulled out of his mouth. He remained still, petrified. The large brown hands stole his t-shirt and shorts. His undies were lowered and his little boycock sprang out. All the time, he stayed livid, like a zombie.

"Oh man! You're smooth as a baby!" Jamal commented before going down right away on his erection.

Jimmy spread his legs wider, and placed his palms on the back of the older boy's head. He slowly pushed it down the length of his white weenie. The hot mouth was amazing on his dick. He had never imagined an experienced mouth could be so different than the one of Evan.

The black teen sucked it hard and fast for a long time. Jimmy grunted and ground his meat into the oral cavity. When it stopped, he pleaded, "Aw, don't stop pleeze. It feels so goooood!" he rasped.

But instead of sucking him, the teenager lounged behind him, wedging his massive prick between his buns. He watched the strong hand encircling his pecker and jacking it. The stranger breathed heavily on his neck as he humped him and masturbated his little erection.

The big frame went in a frenzy behind him, rubbing against his round mounds with more energy. The hand wanked his dick with quick effective flicks of the wrist. "That's it… cum for daddy." Jamal snickered.

Jimmy felt his balls tighten and his body go into a fit. "Ughhh!" he cried out, overcome by his orgasm. On his back, the thick ropes of burning cum seared his skin. The black teen was groaning loudly, spurting his abundant seed on his backside.


For the next days, Jimmy was walking on clouds. The animalistic encounter with the older boy elated him. It had frightened him also, but nothing bad had happened. He could still imagine the texture of the big black veiny organ between his lips. How it throbbed and longed for the caress of his tongue.

He bumped into Jamal at the public pool and the teen winked at him. The urge to go back to the savage disciple of sex was strong. But he feared the boy would ask him to do his butt with that monster prick. And that thought made his eleven-year-old heart skip a few beats.

When the invitation came, he dressed up quickly and followed Jamal anyway, thinking he could still bail out at any time. Much to his dismay, Jamal's mother and his two little brothers were there. The suave woman instructed the teenager to take care of his siblings for a couple of hours. She dashed out the apartment without saying goodbye, leaving the boy at his duty.

Jimmy was disappointed by the turn of event. Their relationship was strictly sexual and he couldn't care less for the conversation they were going to have for two hours. Hell, he didn't even know Jamal had brothers!

The two toddlers were both twins. Four-years-old. With big eyes and shaven heads. They seemed to worship their elder and tugged on his t-shirt to invite him to play on the floor with scattered toys. Jimmy wracked his brains to think of an excuse to leave.

"Do you wanna see something bad?!!" Jamal blurted out of the blue.

He crawled to the nearest kid and started undressing him. His voice saying soft words that made the boy giggle. He waved his hand, indicating to his visitor he was to remove the other twin's clothes. Jimmy slipped the miniature t-shirt over the other child's head, like a mother tending to her son before a bath. Then off were the tiny socks. Down went the short trousers. And nervously, he took the little rascal's white underpants.

Both babies didn't have the usual chubbiness of infants. Their skin was naturally copper. Their penises barely visible from a distance. The boy he had bared was slightly disturbed by his presence. He massaged his belly to appease his fright.

"Watch this!" Jamal exclaimed, before whispering something incomprehensive in the kids' cute mugs.

Jimmy couldn't believe my eyes as the children lounged on the carpet one on top of the other to do a sixty-nine. They licked their limp pickles as if they had done it a million times before. The diminutive organs rose slowly to attention. The two boys slobbered over each other's genitals. Tracing the stiffening members with their pink tongues. In a snap, they had baby boners between their thighs and suckled them amorously. Sharing the pleasure of their incestuous union.

Jamal nudged his buddy in the ribs. Jimmy was mesmerized by the giddy tots performing a great spectacle before him. "This is crazy!" he said to his new friend. Jamal smiled and muttered something again to the two fellators.

The children arranged themselves one behind the other. Jimmy's jaw fell and stayed locked the next moments. For sessions of two minutes, they jabbed their slippery woodies into each other's buttholes. Jamal unzipped his pants and masturbated. He joined him, wanking his stiff boydick beside the two babies having anal sex. The boys were caught in the rapture of lovemaking and oblivious to his voyeuristic eyes. He approached the couple to peek at the tiny dick gliding into the minuscule shithole. They were really buttfucking each other!

"You wanna do it too?" Jamal asked calmly, almost rhetorically.

It was the moment Jimmy apprehended, considering the size of the maleness about to travel into him. His mind drifted to estimate the amount of pain involved with the act. The big boy was already heading for his bedroom, awaiting him. "You can do me first." he promised.

Jimmy tagged along to the privacy of the jock's room. In there, they lubricated their respective hard-ons and asscracks. They were gleaming front and back from the hand lotion. All the while, the black teen ogled at the youngster like a piece of meat, before presenting his chubby ass.

Jimmy rubbed his penis between the firm brown globes and took the plunge. Jamal didn't flinch once throughout the coitus. He urged him to push deep into him. To fuck his asshole with all his might. Jimmy could feel the ring of the anus strangling his boycock as the teen compressed his sphincter to milk him.

Jimmy watched his slick dick going in and out of the hairy asslips. He could bury himself completely into the older male and fuck like a dog. His hips bucked and his smooth nuts flailed all around with the intensity of his rutting.

"You can do better! Yeah Ram it in me! FUCK me harder!" Jamal cheered on.

All the dirty talk had the young kid's head reeling. His peter shuddered and his muscles knotted in spasms. He drowned in a great paralysing climax. His fingers unclenched from the wiry body and he hopped on all four to get what was coming to him.

The black teen climbed on his back to mount him from behind. He felt the greasy knob kiss his asshole and the large hands grasp his waist. When the big cock knocked at his backdoor, he shut his eyes. The hard poker pierced his tender anus slowly.

"UGGGGNNHHH!!! UGGGGNNNHH!!!" he winced, as it invaded him. Then came the large shaft stretching him wider. Those seconds were never-ending, as if a mile long of hard flesh was sinking into his rectum.

"Ohhh, take it in the ass, whitey." Jamal cooed, stuffing more and more of his massive prick.

Jimmy's frail body was wired. He stiffened up and hissed the whole time the teenage cock attempted its first slippery strokes into him. He could hardly believe his little boyhole had consumed the bulk of that huge dong and that it was fucking him.

"Let's go…" Jamal said, bouncing excitedly.

The long pole began to slam into him and Jimmy lost track of reality. He focused on his butt getting banged harder and deeper. The groans of the teen resonated on his eardrums. This wasn't the same childish dick in ass games. He was getting fucked by a man.

"UGH! UGHH! UGHH! UGHHH! UGHH!" he yelled. The powerful hands where all over his frame, restraining him, holding him still, to ensure that the hard piece of steel went straight into his tight fuckhole. The swollen balls bumped against his rump as the thick missile reached deep into his entrails.

From time to time, the black boy took a breather only to pursue more aggressively, sodomizing him harder and faster. The pain was ever present, but also pleasurable, combining into a subtle sensation of wild joy. A growing hysteria overtook him, as he his whole weight rested on his knees, his ass abandoned to the mercy of the black brother.

The teenager got into the rhythm and didn't wane, fucking steadily the sweet lil' ass and sweating buckets. He rammed his huge phallus at break neck speed, pile driving into the pre-teen almost to the point of pushing him off the bed.

Jimmy felt every of the seven inches [18 cm] driven into his rectum with industrial force. Whenever the teen's pubes jammed against his crack, he let out a loud grunt. And the ride continued, getting more and more passionate and ruthless. It seemed like his hiney had been used for hours.

His crack was a mess of lube and inner juice. The thick rod was pistonning into it. Fucking him again and again and again, until Jamal roared. His sizzling cock twitched and vomited its viscous sauce into him. "Oh SHIT!" the black teenager hailed with every blast of cum rushing through his pulsing penis. For ten times, the adolescent boy shivered, filling Jimmy's butt with his creamy spunk.

They rested in their birthday suits a while. Jimmy's hole was sore and inflamed. He explored it gently and found he could insert two fingers easily into it. A few minutes later, Jamal asked if he wanted to do it again. He declined the proposition. It still felt like the big pole was still lodged up his chute. He didn't dare have the real thing up there so soon.

Then he noticed something on his groin. Actually, he noticed nothing. The ugly red blotch that had been there all his life was gone. He smiled and gathered his clothes.

#4 One night in Green Crow

On one night when boys go door to door to sell chocolate bars, different things happen
This story is about the different angles of that evening in a cozy neighbourhood

Osmond (11yo) and Riley (8yo); Kevin (10yo) with mr. Horton (adult) and Eddie (16yo)
Mb tb bbcons oral anal

Osmond and Riley trudged on the sidewalk, carrying their boxes of chocolate bars. Darkness had enveloped the cozy neighbourhood, casting shadows on the pavement and lowering the temperature slowly for another refreshing summer night.

The quality of life was great in the Green Crow neighbourhood. It was your typical mid-sized community, populated by families with a fairly good income. The streets were clean and adorned with bungalows. Children could still play outside during the evening. Shoot hoops in the driveway of a neighbour or tackle the latest tricks, perched on a flashy skateboard. A place where Christian values were shared openly and nothing bad really ever happened.

Nonetheless, Osmond began to feel slightly frightened by the growing darkness, even though he did not consider himself a child anymore, now that he was eleven-years-old, just a few months shy of his twelfth birthday. He peered back at his younger companion, "Are you scared Riley?" he asked, hoping to get an affirmative answer from the eight-year-old imp.

"No. Are you?" the small boy replied.


"When it's all black, the boogeyman comes out…" Riley giggled, showing his most delirious gap-toothed grin.

"Shuddup and walk!"

For an instant, Osmond wondered if the Digimon cards, they so desperately wanted to purchase, were worth the effort. Why didn't their folks just buy them outright, instead of sending them door to door, in the dark? Especially in a neighbourhood they did not know. For they were, in the upscale part of town, north of Green Crow Park, where the rich people lived.

They reached the front lawn of 631 Sanford Avenue and climbed the paved entryway. Hopefully, this time, they would be able to make a stupid sale. It had been a half-hour since the last fish had bitten. Riley got on his tippy toes and rang the doorbell three times.

The tall teenaged boy who answered the door, was clad only in jockey shorts. He had jet-black hair and piercing gray eyes that bore into their souls. "What d'you want?" he muttered, scratching his inner thigh.

"We're selling chocolate for the poor in Africa." Osmond lied.

"2$ each, Mister." Riley peeped, handing out the candy gently as if it was a peace offering.

The half-naked teen scanned the two visitors in short pants. The bigger boy had brown hair and pearly white teeth. His smile seemed fake and unsure, whereas the shorter one glowed more with the innocence expected of a child. "For Africa?" the young man frowned.

"Yes." Riley reaffirmed, glimpsing nervously at the pouch in the front of the muscular boy's underwear.

The adolescent's eyes locked on him. The rascal was wearing a bright blue cap down to his ears, nearly covering his entire red-coloured mop. There were freckles all over his skinny arms and on the bridge of his button nose. A magnificent set of young males, Eddie thought. Disappointing them was out of the question.

He grabbed the chocolate bar from the small hand, replacing it with a couple of crisp one dollar bills. "Perhaps you boys would like to come inside for some cookies and milk?" he asked, a smile forming on his lips as he looked from one to the other.

Riley stopped fiddling with the straps holding his shorts. For a long moment. both boys mirrored each other's suspicion, then slowly and simultaneously, they guided their distrustful stares up the stranger's face. This had definitely sounded like a perv's question.

"I don't think so mister, but thanks anyway." Osmond retorted politely.

"Could we eat the cookies out here?" Riley asked.

"We don't have time for cookies!" Osmond countered with a firm headshake.

"I want a cookie!" Riley pouted, a stubborn look coming into his baby eyes, that Osmond recognized as a sure sign of an impending tantrum. An inevitable downside of having a friend that puerile.

"No Riley." the elder insisted. But the child wasn't budging.

"It's okay. I don't bite!" the teen snickered. "Come on in!" he continued, thrusting his hands out at the smaller boy to grab the arm of little Riley.

The action raised the hair on the back of Osmond's neck. The youngster found himself in the middle of a tug of war as Osmond pulled on his other arm, trying to dislodge him from the grip of the young adult.

"Lemme go!" Riley screamed, suddenly panicking.

"Lettt ggggo of him!" Osmond stammered.

The teenager chuckled a moment, seeing both kids' utter terror, then he glanced around wildly, apparently very concerned about the scene they were creating. He tossed them a parting look of contempt and hurried back in the house, slamming the door shut.

"You hurt me" Riley whimpered, rubbing his wrist.

Osmond had no sympathy for him "Come on, you stupid shit, let's get outta here. He's a pervert. And I've already told you what perverts like him do. Remember?"


Osmond's heart pounded for a while and he didn't feel like going on. The box of chocolate bars was suddenly so heavy. "Let's get back to the van, it's almost nine-thirty." he suggested.

"Okay." Riley yipped, initiating a dash down the quiet streets.

As they neared the white Ford Econoline, parked next to Green Crow Park, Osmond's fear dwindled. He opened the rusty door and both boys peeked inside the empty truck. "Where's Mr. Horton?" Riley asked rhetorically.

"How the hell should I know?"

"He's probably peeing in the park. Let's go see!" the eight-year-old said, racing at once towards the urban forest, and disappearing in the thick bushes.

"Stay HERE!" Osmond yelled. "COME BACK!"

A chill travelled up his spine. He felt so alone and vulnerable, facing the huge park. The tall menacing trees were swaying in the chilly breeze. All the bushes were alive with the creepy rustling of their leaves. In the distance, he could see the lights of the Smith-Wilson centre, the public sports complex where he went swimming daily. During the day, Green Crow Park was a haven for a boy, a playground filled with joy. Now it seemed eerie and evil.

His little scrotum had shrivelled to the size of a prune. He could not stay behind. He had to be brave.

"Come on!" Riley invited him, poking his head from behind an elm.

Osmond scampered away, joining the youngster in the park. Together, they strolled in the pitch-black gloom. "You gotta see this!" Riley giggled, leading his partner by the hand.

Just as Mr. Horton came in his line of sight, Osmond gasped and crawled under a bush. In the clearing, the man was caressing the golden hair of a boy, kneeling at his feet. The kid's gray sweat pants were down to his knees and his butt was shining in the moonlight. From afar, he barely could recognise Kevin, a ten-year-old boy from the gang. But it was him indeed.

The kid's nose was furrowing in the thick patch of the adult's pubic hair. He pulled his face back, unblocking the view of Mr. Horton's long nine-inch [23 cm] cock. The massive organ was stiff and proudly pointing upward, over two large hairy balls.

Osmond gulped a chunk of saliva and nudged the ribs of his little buddy who was withholding his chuckles.

"He's licking his weenie!" Riley murmured, as he watched the young fellator trace the engorged member with his pink tongue.


The burly man grabbed a handful of the kid's blond hair and rubbed the tip of his dickhead on his thin lips. "Open up, and suck it Kevin." he grumbled.

Wasting no more time, the boy began to take the man's big cock. He moved both hands to play with the beastly balls, while feeding his mouth with the throbbing meat. The huge prick was rock-hard, and he could not slide his mouth up and down the full shaft. The monster was much too big for a kid of ten, but he persevered, slacking his jaws to let his mouth accept more of the flesh.

As he pumped the rod with his pie hole, he flicked his tongue around the head when he came back to it. Then he moved his mouth from the man's cock down to his huge sac. He kissed it, and gently took one ball in his mouth. There was no way both of them could fit in his cavity at once.

Mr. Horton moaned softly as Kevin slid his tongue over and swallowed his other ball. He pulled the child's face up onto his rod and started sliding his cock into his waiting mouth, feeling his slickened fat tube sitting at the entrance of the kid's narrow throat, leaking, greasing the way for the eventual drive into it.

Kevin gagged slightly and relaxed his throat muscles, allowing the hot pole to invade his passage. He held the sizzling piece of meat in his drooling mouth, awaiting the next thrust. It came fiercely, choking him. On the next stroke he could feel the man's tummy hair tickling his nostrils and his ball sack bump against his chin.

"Ohhh yeah, you're a good cocksucker!" Mr. Horton cried out.

He plunged his cock deeper, fucking the face of the whimpering kid, watching the bulge he was making where his adam's apple was burgeoning. He rammed that huge thing in and out of his horny mouth for a long minute. Then he pulled his cockhead up to his lips, leaving it there for the delicious suckling.

His moans grew louder as the little boy worked his shaft in earnest. Kevin's tongue curled around the wide girth, tickling his pee-slit.

"Uhhh, I'm gonna cum so hard in your face!" he announced, in the heat of passion.

"Mmmmmm!" the kid mumbled, his mouth full of prick.

"Don't be a prissy fuck, SUCK my cock 'til I shoot!" the man barked.

Kevin was firmly attached to the mammoth pole and glancing up into the man's contorted face. Mr. Horton gazed down at the boy through half-open lids, and smiled slyly. "We're almost there baby!" he said, bucking harder, pulling the cute face against his groin. Guttural groans rose from his thorax and he started to unload his hot juice in the kid's oesophagus.

The thick cum gushed all over. It splashed the young boy's mug who had shut his eyes, coughing to get his breath back. "ARGGH!" the man groaned with each spurt of sperm blasting out of his cock. The goo dribbled from the urchin's nose and rolled down to his chin.

"Gross!" Riley whispered, under the bushes.

"Let's go now!" Osmond declared, utterly distressed by the obscene spectacle.

The two boys got to their feet and escaped rapidly to avoid getting caught.


Eddie sprawled on the couch, thinking about the two boys who had been sent by providence to ring his doorbell. The image of their adorable faces were burnt in his mind. He pulled his jockeys down and fondled his erect prick idly. The new stirrings he felt for young boys was quite new. They seemed to have come out of nowhere after his sixteenth birthday.

He knew, deep inside himself, that he fancied guys much more than girls. But lately, his fantasies involved younger and younger boys. At first, the teen-idols turned him on like crazy. All of that changed, and it was the pre-teen stars of television and movies that did the trick.

He had the opportunity to fuel this newfound lust as much he wanted, spending hours on the Internet, searching for pictures of naked children, while his father was away on another business trip. Probably in New York, chasing the next big deal.

His vibrant young cock was aching in the palm of his hand. It looked bigger, now that he had shaved his pubes. The little film of his dark desires played in his brains. The two kids were in his bedroom, undressing. The red-haired one pounced on his older buddy's cocklet. He gobbled it up, slobbering over the hardening morsel.

"FUCK!" he screamed in the empty house.

In a snap, he had his blue jeans on and a black t-shirt covering his torso. Surely, they couldn't be so far. He was determined to find them. It's not like he was going to stalk them. He just yearned to see them again. With a flashlight in hand, he lunged outside.

Sanford Street was deserted. He oriented his gangly body towards the south, trusting his instinct. The headlights of passing cars flashed in his bloodshot eyes. He reached the main artery of the neighbourhood, but they weren't there.

"Dammit!" Eddie cussed under his breath, pondering if he was wasting his time.

As he got closer to the edge of Green Crow Park, his spirit brightened. The two short pals were strolling slowly. Their soprano yips soaring in the wind. The vision of the angelic duo excited him. He could see their firm little buttocks, tightly hugged by their little shorts. And their beautiful hairless legs, tanned by a generous summer sun.

He spied on the boys from behind a parked sedan. They got into a white van for a moment, then drifted inside the park. This was his chance to catch up to them. The densely wooded area would be perfect for a little fright! His plan was all set. He would hide in there and jump out to scare the shit out of them.

His intentions were suddenly derailed when he noticed what the juvenile duo had discovered. His blood pressure hit the roof. Before his very eyes, some sexy little boy was being molested. The slurping sounds of the oral action came faintly to his ears. He watched in awe the little cocksucker doing his deed, absorbed by his erotic beauty. The blond boy's buns had the cutest dimples and his delicate pre-pubescent penis was stiff as a pen as he serviced the old guy.

He abandoned the idea of pursuing the two runts and contemplated the lurid show. The kid was eating cock like a pro. No wonder the chap came so fast, shooting his sauce all over his face.

After the laddie swallowed the final drops of jizz from the adult's slimy prong, Eddie witnessed the two voyeurs fleeing the scene. He had no motivation to chase them anymore, and approached the other couple with an assertive demure, aiming the beam of his flashlight into their bewildered pupils.

The old guy was in no position to play tough and Eddie was fully aware the situation called for a substantial bribe. A bit of payola for him to keep his trap shut. Assuredly, the old guy wasn't looking forward to five years in jail, just for a measly blow job from a bratty slutboy.

The man zipped his trousers up and the kid pulled hastily on his sweat pants. They both stared into the light, completely mortified.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Eddie chanted, with an ironic tone.


Osmond and Riley raced back to the white van. In the rusty vehicle, all the kids had returned from their respective routes. They sat, Indian style, on the carpeted floor, counting their stash of money. The boys were all members of the soccer club and Osmond felt secure with them. They were yapping about the night's events. The treble of their crystal voices were echoing on the steel walls.

"We saw a girl's tits!" one of the pre-teens revealed enthusiastically.

"We saw a pervert!" Riley boasted.

"We saw one too!" a black boy interjected. "I showed him the moon!" he added, re-enacting the scene for the pack, sticking his shapely bottom out, and exposing his ebony globes.

The crowd of children roared and tumbled around until Mr. Horton opened the door and climbed in the driver's seat. The gang quieted down altogether.

"Everybody ready to go home?" the adult said.


"Don't forget, half of the cash is mine. I don't drive you 'round for nuthin'"

Osmond eyed the man with a hint of concealed disdain. As the weeks had passed, he had gotten to know more about the middle-aged fella. About his tempestuous temper and his bad choice of clothes. He looked like a pimp out of a 70s movie, for Christ sake! Anyone who met him probably would not have given much attention to the comical, harmless-looking hobo man. That's what he wanted. For below the surface, lied the sinister, austere side of Harold Horton. And that part of him, could silence the mayhem of a group of unruly boys with one cold stare.

The imposing driver seemed anxious, fondling his moustache and readjusting his heavy glasses higher upon his nose. Rivulets of sweat had dampened his maroon shirt under the arms.

"Where's, uh, where's Kevin?" Osmond demanded nervously.

"He took the bus, don't worry about him." Mr. Horton answered, glaring in the direction of the child.

The eleven-year-old's heart rose in his throat. He foresaw a terrible fate for his young comrade, imagining him buried under six feet [2 m] of dirt, in the middle of the park. The lost boy needed to be saved right away! But he was so powerless, so useless. And as the engine revved, he was riddled with the guilt of forsaking the poor martyr.


A wave of relief overwhelmed Osmond when they arrived at his house. He invited Riley to sleep over, in a deliberate attempt to free his mind of its torments. The boisterous demon always lifted his spirit up.

They had been an inseparable pair for years now and shared a mutual interest for video games, bubble gum and soccer. Their friendship was more akin to the distinctive bond of biological brothers. They almost could communicate without speaking.

Osmond's folks never objected to Riley's presence, even though he spent the night so often into their home. And they welcomed him again.

"Did you have a good time?" Osmond's mother asked.

"Yeah. It was great!" Osmond cheered, summoning his more sincere intonation.

"We made forty bucks!" Riley seconded.

"Go to bed now, it's late." she said sternly, ushering them down the basement stairs.

The rest of the evening flew by as the two lads cavorted in their briefs in the basement bedroom. The good parents came down to kiss them goodnight, urging the rambunctious duo to get to bed right away. The energized kids quieted down, their faces flushed from a solid hour of ruff housing. After they had brushed their teeth, Osmond shut the door to the bedroom and turned the light off.

The ambiance of the darkened room became intimate. The pale skin of the soles of their feet and the palms of their hands flashed in the dim moonlight, as they slipped under the covers. Riley enjoyed slumbering next to the older boy, feeling his warmth and calm heartbeat.

They tickled each other, repressing their chuckles to avoid the unwelcome sermon of parental oppression. "Quit it!" Osmond finally blurted out.

"Do you think something bad happened to Kevin?" Riley asked, with a hushed voice.

"I dunno."

"Why do you think Mr. Horton made him suck his penis?"

"I dunno, Riley!"

The restless imp pressed his body on the older lad and slid his hand on his smooth tummy. "Are you horny?" he whispered, with a devilish grin. His tiny hand slithered under the waistband of the brown-haired boy. "I'm horny too…" he avowed softly, squeezing the half-erect willy. "I'll suck yours, if you suck mine." Riley proposed, continuing his hand-job, feeling the receptive organ swell between his digits.

Osmond nodded and smiled back at the adventurous rascal. The orange head dove under the sheets. Riley began kissing his tummy and he trashed wildly, withholding his screams of glee in the back of his throat. The boy's mouth migrated lower, licking his balls and around the root of his hard pecker. The moist swipes were driving him crazy. The frisky mouth engulfed all of his boner, making him moan into the night. Then, Riley bobbed his head furiously, devouring his dick. "Suck it faster!" he peeped. "Ohhh ohhhh yeah like that… Ohhhh!"

The squishy sound of the wet suction resonated. The invisible comparse sucked him a good five minutes, fast and steady. All he could see was the tent between his spread legs. A myriad of tingles ballooned in his crotch. "OOoooo I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" he cried out, convulsing from his dry climax.

Riley popped his beaming mug from underneath the flannel sheeting, elated by his performance. Osmond crawled under immediately to return the favour. He swallowed the teeny worm in one bite. The stiff pricklet fit nicely into his mouth. He sucked it ravenously, tonguing and siphoning it. Weak cries of bliss emanated from the eight-year-old's mouth, complimenting his actions.

"Ugghhh yessss ughhh" Riley lamented, gripping the head of his buddy to slam it on his diminutive woody. "You're a good cocksucker!" he giggled, tickled pink by his mature statement.

The older boy's tongue washed his nuts and swirled around his kiddie dick. It lingered on his exposed dickhead, darting at the sensitive area. Then the lips suctioned it, again and again. The pleasure was unbearable for Riley. The tiny pins of joy raced up and down his short member. "Ighhh Ighhhh" he squealed like a mouse, shocked by the electric jolts of a great kid cum.

Both children chuckled from the forbidden interlude. Their bodies still vibrant and alive. The naughty sex play was to be their secret forever, linking them together for as long as they lived.


Eddie turned the key in the lock, his hand shaking slightly from the excitement.

"Is it there that you live?" Kevin inquired.

"Of course, dumbass." the teenager snapped back.

Inside the house, the ten-year-old boy sat shyly on the couch and let his passive stare wander on the lush furniture. "Wow! That's big a TV!" he commented. "We don't have neat stuff like that…"

Eddie loved everything about the blond bombshell. He drank in the sweet traits of the angel's face. His beady puppy eyes made him look sad and innocent, which he was not for a fact. His ears were detached from his head and his chin delicately feminine. He possessed the perfect complexion people dream about.

He couldn't believe his luck. After all, how often do you bump into a guy willing to lend you his son for the night, in exchange for your silence?

"D'you suck off your dad a lot?" the teen asked bluntly.

The little boy bowed his head, staring at his dirty sneakers. "No."

"Come here." Eddie commanded.

"I'm tired." Kevin complained, rising to his feet.

The young man positioned himself behind him. The top of the kid's head barely reached his pecs. He bent slightly, sniffing up the aroma of his precious prize. The little frame seemed so fragile in his embrace. He longed to stay glued to the boy forever, holding him close.

His hands went down the lad's cotton pants and moved over the sexy red bikini briefs, exploring the bulge and round curbs of his perfect rump. He chewed on his earlobe, pulled on his silver earring, before murmuring into his ear, "I can't wait to fuck you, Kevin."

With that, he let the boy go and sat on the couch. The unfettered kid remained still, in the middle of the room, like an unwelcome guest, while his host shucked his jeans off. "Take it all off!" Eddie exulted. "Don't just stand there."

With his jockeys around his ankles, the teenager observed his boy toy stripping quietly. The kid removed his clothes nonchalantly, starting with his running shoes, then his sports attire. He stepped out of his undies and waited.

"You're so hot!" Eddie exclaimed, scrutinizing his naked prey. "Shit!" he added, jerking his erect prick slowly, excited like a girl on her first school dance. The underfed body was all bones, covered with some bluish bruises, yet it made him hot like crazy. The kid was 100% pure boy, with dirty nails and a scab on his left kneecap.

"Suck me!" he ordered, pulling on his arm to bring him next to him. He pressed on the nape of his neck, lowering the blond head down, between his thighs. The moist warmth of the little mouth on his cock had him exhale a sigh of satisfaction. "That's a good faggot! Suck it nice and easy…" he mumbled, patting the perky globes of his juvenile partner.

The kid's hand, gripping his phallus, was so small and delicate. His feet so pink and undeveloped. In total opposition to the harmonious beauty of the boy, Eddie's extremities had grown out of proportion. Big ugly feet, lanky arms and long emaciated fingers. He spread himself like an octopus on the sofa, while the boy sucked on his fifth tentacle.

His glazed eyes focused on the ruby wet lips pursed around the crown of his bloated cockhead. All his nerves were alive with the anticipation of anal sex. He watched his enormous teenage prick and thought how, soon, it would be crammed up the boy's taut tiny bottom.

Forsaking the pleasure of the moment, he arranged the boy on the couch for his buttfuck, bending him on the edge of the cushion, on all fours, knees far apart. Positioning him in a way that the kid's ass would be split open, as if he was flaunting his hairless asshole.

Then he grabbed the jar of Vaseline and covered his rampant erection with the slick stuff. All the time, staring at the tail end of his pre-pubescent partner. Once he was satisfied with the coat of grease on his cock, he placed his fingers in the boy's crack, zeroing in on the wrinkled target. When it appeared the little hole was slick enough, he wedged one long finger, second-knuckle deep into the cutie's shitter and slowly screwed it around.

For a moment, he toyed with the tight anus, sliding his index out and in, slowly and sensuously, finger-fucking the lad. The pink rosebud was so enticing. Already, the rising tide of his arousal had him on the edge. He scooted in closer between the widespread legs, and eased the head of his big dick against the opening. The heat emanating from the puckered boyhole caressed his sensitive glans.

"Are you ready for my COCK!"

Kevin slowly lowered his head in resignation, fear registering in his clear blue eyes. "Don't worry, I'll go slow…" the teen said. It was a total fabrication of the truth, but the kid didn't need to know that.

The little boy's body tensed and a plaintive whimper escaped his lips as Eddie glided his swollen cockhead into his asshole. Once his helmet was buried inside him, Eddie basked in the pleasurable feel of the tight sphincter snapped securely around his cock just under the rim. He fed the hole some length and Kevin sucked his lower lip, biting down on it. His face was all crunched up as he winced in sex pain, his yellow eyebrows knitted in a desperate scowl.

It was one hell of an incredible sight for the teenager, having such a handsome kid in front of him, butt spread open, his thick slab of meat pulsing into the hot boypussy, instinctively trying to resist him. Flexing his hips, he pushed one inch, then another, slowly, but purposefully, into him. The kid was fuckin tight as a drum, all right, and there was no denying that his backdoor was seldom used.

Eddie observed the way his asslips got drawn into him as his fat dick was buried deeper and deeper inside his gripping chute. Almost all the way in, he stopped, savouring the feeling, while the boy writhed like a snake on hot pavement. Then he drew back, withdrawing inch after thick inch. Kevin's butt lips, which had latched onto the length of his cock, were pulled out and away from his body, making him even hornier for his hole. He groaned long and sexily as every hard, throbbing millimetre of the massive schlong slowly slid out of him. When the dickhead popped out from his butt, the wrinkled little pucker clammed up tight.

Eddie wasted little time, he took cock in hand, pressed his leaking knob in the blushing hole, and shoved his way back in. His big teencock slithered farther into the murky depths this time. He fucked his swollen glans in and out of the clasping mouth, challenging the tight sphincter muscle. Kevin was making short little rutting grunts and his head was rolling all over. He just couldn't wait a moment longer.

Grabbing him by the front of his thighs, he pulled the boy closer to him and drove his missile home. The kid stiffened under him as his thick cock ripped through his fuckhole. Eddie's big juicy balls slapped up against his perineum while his pussy lips gripped the base of his prick like a vise. He was all the way inside of his twitching asshole.

"AGGH, OWWW, OWWW, Oooooo" the impaled boy wailed as the long stick rested in his slimy guts. Eddie's hips began to pump up and down, slowly at first, but the tempo increased before long. He fucked him long and deep, pulling out til' his flanged tip was threatening to bust outta his hole and then ploughed it all the way back in. His dick twisted around inside his guts, finding places he'd never known existed and making Kevin squirm like a slippery eel.

He picked up the speed, fairly ramming his hot little hole. His wet, slippery cock filled his ass cavity time after time, banging the living hell out of the kid's immature prostate. The entire length of his warm, silky channel clenched around the thickness of his battering ram, making for a perfectly hot fuck. The realization struck him that there seemed to be slightly less resistance with each deliberate thrust from his loins. Smiling knowingly, Eddie slammed harder, deeper and faster into the young boy's hole, grinding his meat around up inside him from a variety of angles.

As his veiny, swollen column plunged deeply into his shitter, Kevin was whipping his head around, gnashing his perfect white teeth together and pounding the cushion with tightly clenched fists as his elfin body surrendered its last defence.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhh Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ughhhhhhhhhhhh" Kevin whined incessantly, as the motion of the teenager rocked him back and forth.

Harder and harder Eddie pressed his shaft into him, forcing his anal muscles to stretch and accommodate his width. When those same muscles squeezed around his pole and caressed his hardness from deep within him, he had no doubt Kevin had passed the pain stage and was enjoying some of the pleasures of male copulation.

Kevin's toes were curled up on the carpet, and his calves cramped up as the massive log plowed rhythmically into him. Eddie just kept fucking away, knowing in his heart he was pile driving the little lad, but unable to resist the temptation of his tight hole. It was the first time he fucked a kid and he wanted to savour every conceivable reward of the taboo. He sodomized the ten-year-old blondie with everything he had, forcing himself in and out of his firm ass and making him tremble like a schoolgirl on the end of his wand. His asshole was practically begging to be fucked long and rough, and he was more than happy to oblige.

Seeing the boy quiver and cry like a wounded animal, was more than he could stand. His breathing got harsh and ragged and he could feel a sort of tingling heat burning through his crotch and balls. Abruptly yanking his cock out of the hole, Eddie shouted incoherently and blew his load all across the kid's arched back. Huge jets of sweet cock cream spewed from his piss-gash and soaked the bruised ass crack, clinging around the rim of his gaping red anus.

The teenager's breathing slowly returned to normalcy. He slapped Kevin's buns and grinned.

As the good folks of the small town fell quietly asleep. They did not really know what any of the boys of Green Crow had been up to all evening. It had been just another night.

#5 The Uninvited Guest

When a teenager gets a new stepbrother, he finds out that the boy has a secret past

"I" (16yo), Dylan (11yo) and Jacob (13yo)
tbcons oral anal mastspank

When my dad re-married, I had a hard time dealing with the re-constructed family. The woman he wed was some dumb bitch with huge tits and glossy blond hair. She was fifteen years younger then him. It was obvious why the old man had fell for her.

I was sixteen then and still looking for a direction to give to my life. Like most teens, I was lazy and pretty much kept to myself in my room, just listening to grunge music or surfing the net. So you can imagine how pissed I was to discover I would have to share my sanctuary with the nosy brat of that cheap slut. It turned my world upside down and gave me an immediate incentive to find a job and leave the house for good.

Dylan was the name of the runt. He was eleven-years-old and still had an annoying squeaky voices that grated your eardrums. I despised him right away. For days, I ignored him, giving him the cold shoulder whenever he tried to start a conversation.

My father tried to reason with me, urging me to be nice with my new Stepbrother. Fuck that! He wasn't the one splitting his bed and his space with the rambunctious parasite. I don't think he realized how much of a pest the kid was. The boy played his cards like a pro.

In front of the folks, he was an angel, behaving like a true choirboy. But when I was alone with him, he became a tireless monster. So many times, I had to restrain myself not to punch him in the guts. He climbed every piece of furniture and did everything to draw my attention.

I stopped being shocked early on and let him do his carnage. He stole my cigarettes and smoked them in front of me. He broke my CDs and wore my best t-shirts. I tell ya, it was hell. There was no way to stop the tornado.

I think I hated him more so because he took after his mother. She was also an irritating little number herself. And her son had the same golden blond hair, beady gray eyes and thin ruby lips.

I could have strangled him easily. For a kid nearing puberty, he didn't have much of a muscular mass. His arms were frail and I could count all the ribs on his skinny frame.

That didn't stop him from attacking me constantly, pretending to be some inane wrestler. That's how he spent most of the day, watching the WWF on TV and conjuring up fights with me. Typical trailer trash brat, lying around all day in his briefs, eating pb&j sandwiches.

On the third evening since he'd arrived, I felt a familiar motion to the bedsprings just after we had turned off the lights for the night. It couldn't have been? Yes, it was. The lil' horndog was jacking off next to me!

"What the fuck? What are you doing?" I whispered, throwing him a look of contempt.

"I'm horny!" Dylan replied matter-of-factly.

"It's MY bed you're wanking on!"

"No. It's OUR bed." he insisted with an evil grin glued to his mug.

"Just quit it and go to sleep." I muttered, shifting to the other side and withholding the impulse to snuff him under his fucking X-Men pillow.

"Do it with me!" he exclaimed excitedly. "I wanna see your big dick HARD!"

"Shuddup." I mumbled and tried to get to sleep. The little bastard was breathing heavily and moaning while he jerked his pecker under the sheets. When his butt muscles tensed up, the entire mattress shook and drove me nuts. I couldn't believe the kid had that much energy left to pound his meat.

Beside the obvious embarrassment of having this pre-teen boy masturbate just inches away, there was something else troubling me. For a couple of years I had been tackling the issue of my sexual orientation. Hell, I didn't have the slightest clue if I really liked girls. The bold demon was not helping. My cock was rock hard as I listened to his wild solo session.

My ears were wide open for his every peep, studying the crescendo of his mounting pleasure. It aroused me fiercely. Yet, I couldn't find the nerve to bolt up and tell him to jack me off raw. The precocious kid intensified his flicks of the wrist and I heard him let out a sigh of satisfaction. The nightmare was over. My balls were blue.

For all the following nights, Dylan repeated the same torture. He jacked off next to me, his eyes closed, probably lost in some boyish fantasy of his. I had created mine in my head. It featured Dylan on his knees as I fed him my thick cock down his throat until he choked on it.

During the day, I became more aggressive with the lad. I did not hesitate to pin him down once in a while and slap him around in a brotherly fashion to show him I was still the boss. But as soon, as I saw the freckles on his shoulders and his high-pitched pleading filled the house, it reminded me he was just a child. I let go.

But I cracked soon after.

Hearing a loud thump coming from my room, I trudged to see what was going on. And there was Dylan, throwing his red superball against the wall. His dirty clothes scattered on the carpet. Messing up all my posters. The little boy giggled as he threw the bouncy toy, clad in his white cotton briefs.

"HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO THAT?" I yelled, advancing in the doorway.

Dylan froze, transfixed. "I-I-I was just playing…" he defended himself, ducking his head, unable to sustain the angry gaze I had bestowed upon him. For once, he responded to my outrage, obviously sensing the sincerity of my wrath.

"That's the LAST time you will throw that FUCKING BALL inside the house!"

Dylan said nothing. He looked down at his bare feet and nervously fingered the hem of his underwear. I sat on the edge of the bed and flipped him over in one swift move, positioning him across my thighs. The kid never saw it coming.

On the first smack he cried out, "OW, FUCK!", and then continued cursing until he had received the full twenty. My hand delivered the stinging hard slaps like a machine gun, resounding loudly against his shapely behind.

After the last stroke, I gently lifted him up to a standing position. The boy's eyes were red, on the verge of an outpour of tears and his breathing was that of a kid desperately trying to hold them at bay. But just like that, he looked up defiantly and smiled wickedly. The little faker. It was clear that he had not learned the lesson.

"I'm not done with you!" I snarled, tugging on his tiny fruit of the loom to expose his nakedness. Then, I restored the nude culprit onto myself. Dylan's bottom was a deep pink as he lay there in his birthday suit, vulnerable and meek. Again the same ritual was performed with even more vigour. I hammered his firm buttocks with the sole aim of turning them to a crimson colour.


"Spank me! Ouch! Spank me harder!" he blurted out, in between fits of chuckles.

The little fuck was taunting me. I doubled my efforts, beating his smooth ass like a madman. He started to squirm and tried to evade me. I held him tight, bringing my hand down harder and harder until tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Stop it! Stop! I won't do it anymore…" Dylan begged.

This time, I knew he meant it and I halted my attacks. The kid's belly was pressed on the raging erection tenting my jeans. I massaged the toasty mounds, admiring my work. His perky ass cheeks were glowing nicely. I fondled them lovingly, getting awfully excited by the sexy tail end.

When Dylan took his feet, I caught an eyeful of his hairless genitals. His weenie was stiff as mine and he turned away to dissimulate it. An awkward silence fell between us as he raised his undies and rubbed his butt. "It didn't even hurt." he sang, giving me the tongue.

Shortly after that incident, I started jacking off thinking about him. Somewhat ashamed that a little boy of eleven starred in my hottest fantasies. I longed to feel his velvety skin against mine. To kiss every part of his small body.

His strange aroma lingered in my nose. A blend of bubble gum, pear shampoo and tobacco. The odour aroused me. I had never been so fucking hard. The images of his naked form were so clear in my head. He was performing all my wishes, doing the nastiest tricks to satisfy my demanding cock. There was no limit to my horny teenaged imagination.

I could picture him tied up to a chair, a big dildo jammed up his tender asshole while he sucked my swollen cock. Or suspended to the ceiling as I whipped him until he begged to be sodomized. He was my little slut, always ready for some hard-core action.

At the same time, I was even more confused, wondering if I should repress all my dark desires. There was no way I could admit to myself that I preferred boys, especially not this one. I decided to stay away as much as I could from temptation. It proved harder than I had anticipated.

One afternoon, Dylan brought home a friend of his. The other kid was about two years older. A quiet boy with black hair, an upturned nose and a fuzzy moustache on his upper lip. He was called Jacob and seemed much more civilized than my randy stepbrother.

They went down to the basement playroom to do whatever pre-teens boys do at that age. Chatter about girls or baseball, I guess. After a while, I tiptoed softly downstairs to check if they weren't lighting a fire or building a bomb.

I hid being the doorway and peeked through the crack. 'What the fuck?' I thought silently. Both boys were completely naked, except for their white tube socks. One on top of the other.

From where I was, I could clearly see Dylan's head wedged under his pal's knees. The little boy was raising his mouth to kiss and nibble the hairless nuts over his nose. He munched on the eggs in their sac an instant, and migrated to Jacob's willy, licking the underside, suckling the moist tip. The boy's head blocked my view suddenly.

My jaw fell as I realized the brat was eating the other kid's hole. He had his nose buried between the plump cheeks, tilting his head up and down with every swipe of his tongue. With both hands, he spread the globes, giving me a perfect shot of his wiggly tongue teasing that tight pink anus.

My knees sagged and my cock sprung to life. I was totally mesmerized by the obscene tableau before my curious eyes. Neither of them had sensed my presence and they were 69ing like adequate porno kings. It never crossed my mind that boys that young could be into that sort of thing.

The two rascals were slurping on each other's dicks hungrily. Their heads bobbed at both ends, sucking, swallowing their glistening hard-ons. Dylan's little boner was uncut and the older chap played with the foreskin, skinning it up and down the cherry dickhead. The short woody fit nicely into his mouth and he could gobble it up right to the root.

At the other end, Jacob's boycock was meatier. It was a decent circumcised tool for a young teen. And Dylan savoured every inch, stuffing his mouth with the throbbing flesh.

The horny couple moaned loudly as they sucked each other. They alternated position, trading places, Dylan going over his companion. Then they resumed the show, slobbering over their stiff young pricks, pleasuring each other at the same time with their little mouths.

"Are you almost there?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah! Keep on! I'm gonna cum soon!"

The older lad pursued his ministrations, wanking the little penis of his partner and flicking his tongue at the peehole. "Oh! Uhhh! Yeah!" Dylan chanted, trashing on the mattress. I recognized the usual noises coming from the boy. I knew he was close to the edge. Dylan yelped and his dick blasted a single jet of watery fluid across Jacob's cheek. The boy wiped away the pubescent droplets and claimed his turn through the gates of nirvana.

Dylan scrambled on the bed, laying on his back while the other kid straddled his face. "Eat my cum this time!" Jacob suggested strongly.

"No! I don't want to…"

"Come on! I ate yours last time!" Jacob insisted.

After a few seconds of deliberation, the blond boy nodded. "Okay-ay. Squirt in my mouth."

The young teenager smiled and slipped his hard pecker into the waiting mouth. He balanced his hips gently, eyeing his shaft clamped by the sweet lips. The prospect of seeing Dylan drink that kid's boyjuice made my cock twitch in my jeans. I fondled the bulge through the denim, rubbing it to alleviate the ache.

Jacob thrust his wet boycock faster. I could see the dimples on the side of his buttock as he slid deep into Dylan's oral cavity until his small patch of pubes was right under his nose. He was exploiting the kid's piehole, fucking that innocent face, groaning louder and louder.

"Uhhh! Open yer mouth!" he called urgently.

Dylan obeyed the command. I gazed intently at Jacob's pulsating dick shoot globs of white sauce straight into the emptiness of the kid's throat. I sure would have given everything to take the young teen's place and ejaculate into that boy's mouth.

Jacob jerked his prick under the crown with his thumb and forefinger, sending his discharge directly on target. His sperm erupted five times. The last spurt oozed on the blondie's lower lip. I stayed there until the very end and was rewarded by the sight of the little whelp gulping down all that spunk. My own seed spilled out into my jockeys.

That very night, I had enough of playing the saintly figure. When Dylan shut the light and hopped into bed, I climbed on top of his back, crushing him into the mattress. He exhaled loudly but did not protest to my assault. I began to hump his little behind gently, wedging my cock in his asscrack.

The downy yellow duvet all over him tickled my sweaty skin. He was so small and sexy under my teenaged frame. I pulled down his underoos and gazed at that wonderful kiddy ass, so round and perky. Dylan cooed and breathed louder, preparing mentally to be tucked.

There was so much pre-cum leaking from my dick that I didn't have any trouble sliding it between those little cheeks again. I rubbed my slimy hard cock in the valley of his butt again and again. Dylan gasped each time it grazed his anus, afraid it would enter him painfully in one swift thrust.

Finally, I grabbed my eight-inch [20 cm] pole in the dark, and sought the entrance to his intimate furnace. The hot lil' hole was shut tight in the middle of the cleft and I pushed down upon finding it, feeling the resistant lips strangle the tip of my cockhead.

"Ughhhhnnnnn…" Dylan yelped out, the more I invaded him with my fat pipe. The pleasure robbed the wind out of me. I breathed with difficulty as I sank into his juvenile rectum, awed by the vivid sensation of real sex. It was nothing like my fantasies. The little sphincter was clamped hard around my rigid prick, milking it with every motion in and out.

I could have cried to the heavens, but dreaded alerting the folks. Neither of us wanted that, and we kept much of our grunts to a minimum. Dylan especially ensured his trap was shut. He whimpered inside as I crammed my cock slowly into him.

The bed creaked lightly, like a rodent squirming, accompanying the luscious swaying of my hips. I slid half of my wide phallus in the passive kid, utterly overwhelmed by the grand intensity of our union.

With time, Dylan's small anus relaxed. I could plough into him easily, hoisted on the comfy cushion of his buttocks. It was simply fantastic to fuck the little tramp like that, gently and amorously, relishing the squishy embrace of his insides on my swollen spike.

Dylan rested his head on the pillow and smiled, enjoying the ride, purring like a kitten. I continued to fuck him for long minutes, making the pleasure rise and rise inside my cock. My balls were bloated and achy, filling to capacity with fresh spunk. Then I went over the threshold and my body shuddered.

My penis literally vomited all that sperm into the little boy. I came and came again, surfing the blissful jolts of ecstasy. The thick sauce tingled deliciously as it raced out of my canal. I must have unloaded a gallon of pent-up juice into his butt.

The next day, we acted like nothing special had happened and got back to the usual routine of our sibling rivalry. You know the drill. He did something to annoy me and I punched him on the arm until he rolled on the floor from the pain.

School was about to start in two weeks and as it was customary for the boy, he got an invitation to go to his uncle's chalet on lake Lawton. "Come fishing with me! C'mon! Pleeze!" he begged me, tugging on my arm like a wild ape.

"Fuck off!" I barked, happy to crush the runt's hopes.

In the end however, I went along with Dylan. I don't know why? Perhaps, out of pity?

We were dropped off in the middle of the forest, on the shore of a small deserted fresh water lake. The man who welcomed us was in his forties, kinda dignified yet easy going. Very unlike what I had imagined an uncle Tom in Dylan's family would be like.

He seemed glad to see his nephew and hugged him warmly with a wandering hand in the back of his shorts. After that, Dylan introduced me to the friendly chap. There was an aura of sincere good-heartedness surrounding the man. It made you feel right at home.

During lunch, I could tell something was fishy between him and the kid. The way he cuddled him on his lap and tickled his ribs.

After dinner, Dylan and me went swimming in the lake. He had a skimpy red Speedo glued to his mid-section, outlining his little dick and balls. The near nakedness of the lad made my temperature rise as we ruff housed in the water.

I dunked his head under the surface, pretending to drown him. He kicked me and squeezed my balls, in order to elude me and suck a breath of air in his lungs. I retaliated at once, pinching his buns roughly.

"Stop grabbing my ass, you big FAG!" he yelled. His outrage echoed by the wilderness.

"You're the faggot!" I snarled, chasing him out of the water, into a thick patch of trees. The branches whipped my naked skin as I dashed blindly, deeper in the forest, running after my prey. Dylan's giggles guided my steps.

Eventually, the boy tripped on the mossy ground. I was right on him, covering his body with my weight. "Get off me!!" he screamed, squirming like a worm, in a futile attempt to get away. I tackled him and held him down. He trashed under me, his legs flailed in the air but he could not evade my grasp.

I enjoyed the playful confrontation. The feel of his supple flesh rubbing against mine. His stiff pecker brushing the inside of my thigh. "Argghhhhhhh! Lemme go!" he screamed again.

"Only if you blow me like you did to Jacob!" I blurted out, in the heat of the battle.

"NOOOOO! You're mean!"

I pursued my wrestling with the weak boy. My fingers slipped under the waistband of his swim suit and pulled it down his skinny legs. His body had acquired a crisp golden colour from the summer sun, except for his groin, which had remained pale. His hairless genitals were a nice creamy white.

I cupped his little nuts in the palm of my hand, letting my big finger furrow under his perineum. Dylan calmed down and watched merrily as I began to molest him. My mouth salivated, seeing the young member so stiff. I brought it down on it, engulfing the entire pre-pubescent morsel.

It was exhilarating to see the cute grimaces of joy on the blondie's face as I sucked his dick with such ravenous hunger. He tugged on my damp Bermuda trunks and my hairy prick sprung out under his eyes. His wet fingers wrapped around my pole. His lips kissed my sizzling flesh.

I watched him an instant, lapping up my long erection like a dog. He pursed his lips and swallowed all of my helmet, running his tongue all around it. My soul soared, seeing him finally eating my teenage meat. I returned to his dick, taking it back into my warm cavity.

We were both so feverishly passionate. As if we had waited a century to do this. Above us the wind was whistling through the trees. The crows were flying in circle. It was wild and raw. I licked and sucked his excited organ with renewed ardour. My forefinger entered his quivering anus and he flinched.

The more I fingerfucked him, the more the little boy moaned louder. The scant length of his dick was so hard between my sliding lips. I darted my tongue at his peehole, tasting the sweet nectar of pre-cum. With my finger lodged deep in his asshole and my mouth working its magic on his boyprick, Dylan didn't last long.

He stiffened and came, mooing raspy sighs of satisfaction. I groaned as he focused on sucking my hard-on with devotion. With my legs spread wide, I surveyed the kneeling kid take his post between them and bob his head on my rampant rod. His right hand grasped my hairy nuts while his other one squeezed the base of my shaft.

He fed his narrow mouth as much as he could of my throbbing phallus. "Ohhhh shit! Yeahhhh! Uhhhhhh!" I squealed, eyeing his cute mug go down faster and faster. The suction made his cheeks cave in. My chest heaved from the fantastic blowjob. I tried to hold on but his little mouth kept siphoning my cock, urging me to blow my wad.

Dylan did not read the signs and I shot my first load on the roof of his mouth. He quickly release my pulsing prick from his lips and jacked it, milking out blast after blast of hot jizz. The greater arcs splashed across his face. The last dollops oozed onto his wanking hand.

That evening, a new kind of bond had formed between me and the eleven-year-old rascal. I lay in bed next the boy without feeling one bit of hostility towards him. In the other bedroom, uncle Tom was snoring. We were restless and chattered for a while.

Dylan confessed that it was his uncle Tom who had taught him how to play the sex games, starting at five-years-old in the very same chalet. The man had fondled his pee-pee and licked his butthole in the tub. Then over the years, he had been trained to suck an adult cock aptly.

His cousins and his friend Jacob often came over to have elaborate orgies. Sometimes, there were as much as seven teen and pre-teen boys sucking and fucking all together. The kid told the tales bluntly, recalling happily the memories of those sexual encounters.

I got horny again listening to the incredible affair. My dick was making a huge lump in the front of my briefs. It did not go unnoticed by Dylan, who chuckled at the undisputable effect he was having on me. "You wanna do my butt again?" he said, smiling broadly with a twinkle in his eyes.

I nodded. The kid took off his underwear and lurched to the commode. I gazed at the nude backside while he rummaged in the drawers. "Look at this!" he chirped, showing me a big plastic cock made of jelly. "And this!" he added, displaying some butt plugs, videotapes and handcuffs. Seems like uncle Tom was equipped to party.

Dylan found a bottle of lubricant and tossed it to me. I smeared the content on my raging hard-on, while he wrapped his legs behind his head, offering me his bottom hole. The willing child never ceased to amaze me. This time, the light was on and I would be able to see all the lurid details of our copulation.

I aligned my glistening dickhead in front of his puckered hole and sank into him, hearing his whimpers of pain. The boiling heat of his guts engulfed my penis. I nailed his legs down on the mattress with my hands and pumped his little ass from the get go.

My dick disappeared further and further into his tight shithole with every passing moment. His mouth was wide-open in a silent scream, his eyes glazed. I bucked my hips and fucked him deeper, mounting on top of him to ram my cock with more force in his rectum.

His well-used anus opened to my pounding on the down stroke, and munched on my glans on the outstroke, keeping it from leaving the entrance to his tunnel. Dylan was definitely a prime slut. I thought more and more that he really adored getting fucked.

When my balls began to spank his crack, I knew I had successfully crammed all eight inches [20 cm] into him. My mind went in overload and I pistonned his boy butt wildly. Dylan attached himself to my shoulders and looked between his legs at my slimy fuckstick jabbing into his red little hole.

"Ughhhhh! Ughghhh! Ughghhhhh!" he repeated, curling his toes, lost in the muscle-numbing violence of the brisk intercourse.

I keeled to my side and raised him over me, allowing him an instant to catch his breath. He was impaled on my pole to the hilt. I could feel the elastic ring of his anus compressing the root of my shaft. He jacked his little boner and bounced on me. Then he raised his butt and came down, fucking himself on my prong, grunting like a bear.

I pushed my crotch up do meet his ass. We collided like that as we fucked on, fused into one machine of bliss. Dylan's wails were his loudest when I spread his buttocks and thrust my entire prick like a missile up his distended anus.

Suddenly, a huge flash of light burst into my eyes. My irises re-adjusted only to see the old man in the doorway with a camera. My heart pounded upon being discovered with my cock up his nephew's ass. Dylan giggled like a girl.

"Oh don't let me stop you!" Tom exclaimed, taking a seat next to the bed. "Go on, finish what you have started young man."

Once the initial shock was over, I placed Dylan on all fours and buried myself in his backdoor again. From the corner of my eye, I could see the perverted fella choking his cock. There was an additional thrill now; fucking the little boy with a captive audience.

I grasped the blondie's shoulders and perched myself behind him. With all the energy I could muster, I drove my steely cock ball deep into his tail end. It must have been quite a scene for Tom, seeing my wide teenage cock, pounding into his squealing nephew's tiny asshole.

"Argghh! ARGHHHHH! ARHGHHHH!" I grunted, sensing the immense pleasure about to wash over me. Within seconds, my thick sauce was spraying all over the kid's buns. I let out a long groan of pure delight, eyeing my discharge shoot into the gaping anus of my little Stepbrother. The sore hole opened and closed as if it was trying to eat my gooey cum.

Over the course of the week, Tom and me had plenty of fun with the boy and watched all those tapes. We sodomized Dylan at least eight times each. I think he enjoyed it every time.

The next year, his mom split with my dad. She took half of his money with her. And she took Dylan with her, of course. All I have left is the pornographic picture of that night at uncle Tom's chalet. I met a boy my age and I think I really love him. Before, it would have been impossible for me to admit that. Now it is. I owed it all to Dylan.

#6 The Little Voyeur

A young boy finds out unexpectedly that his best friend is more mature than he had thought

"I" (8yo), Casey (8yo) and Ian (teen)
bb tbcons oral anal mastspank

At the age of eight-years-old, my best buddy was called Casey. We were friends since forever it seemed. He was in my class at the elementary school and lived a few floors above, in the building where my parents had moved. His apartment was our sanctuary. Born from a vanished father and an absent mother, the place allowed us to play as we pleased without being bothered.

Casey was an athletic boy yet skinny, small for a kid of eight. His brown hair was shaven right to the scalp every month, which made his clear blue eyes seem larger. A tooth was missing to his grin and his small nose was upturned. All in all, a typical boy who didn't ask much from life and lived every day of his childhood with careless abandon.

As for me, you could say I was the opposite. Already, intellectual and reserved, with my little round glasses and my serious mug. I admired the carefree attitude of my friend. He had nothing to hide and a contagious energy that I fed upon to lift my spirit.

It was the time of our first sexual impulses. Casey had no shame and took showers without closing the door. My curiosity had me admiring his nude pre-pubescent body, hidden behind the doorway. The water was glistening on his soft skin while he whistled some nutty tune. I could have stayed hours, watching his perky buns and his flaccid worm flailing between his thighs. Without a doubt, he made my dickie hard.

Nothing was more exciting than contemplating a naked body that wasn't mine. Casey fondled his genitals. He pulled on the foreskin to clean up the end of his sensitive member. I wondered if he had discovered the sweet joys of masturbation and the ecstasy of first tingly orgasms like I had.

Sometimes, we ruffhoused in our underwear, mimicking the locks of professional wrestlers. I wallowed in the delights of his warm body glued against mine. My short dick was stiff in my panties as I wrapped my arms around him in a friendly hug. Our high-pitched laughter resonated in the living room and I could feel his hard boydick brush against my thigh. It was a moment of pure joy for my boyish heart. This forbidden pleasure was a secret uniting us.

For a long time, our sex games remained innocent. We would show each other our weenies soft and hard. We touched our testicles and caressed awkwardly our little boners, chuckling out loud. I didn't ask for more and masturbated fiercely, imagining my buddy naked on his bed, cumming like crazy with his hand on his boydick. I pondered constantly the possibility that Casey had tasted the same pleasure. But I was too shy to touch on the subject with him.

Then one day, as we were fondling our woodies, I was shocked to see a sly shine in the eye of Casey. He knelt before me and started to lick my hairless balls.

"What are you doing?"

"Wait! Look!" he snapped back.

My blood froze in my veins when his pink tongue flicked along my erection. I could not believe my eyes and my face began to turn red from embarrassment. With both hands, he pulled on my buttocks and swallowed my penis completely. I thought I would cum immediately for the hot wetness of his oral cavity was so amazing on my pulsating peter.

A sigh of delight escaped my lungs as I watched his purple lips slide over to my bald mound. I didn't know much about sex. Only that it was forbidden and there I was, stark naked, getting my first blow job at eight-years-old. A tornado of emotion boiled in my head. It was all very delicious and intense.

Casey was sucking me hungrily. He played with my pecker, swirling his tongue under the crown, nibbling my scrotum and sucking again on my dickie. I could feel my penis hitting his palate or rubbing the inside of his cheeks. I lost my breath, seeing so much devotion to satisfy my little organ. Only a few minutes of suction were necessary to make me shiver with bliss.

The little imp grinned widely, glad to have made me come out of my shell and proud of his insolence. "You do it to me now!" he said with a commanding tone.

Naturally, I had to return the favour. I slithered between his legs and tasted his stiffy. The notion seemed comical. Nonetheless, my lips wrapped around his boner and I began to suck him as best as I could. On his face, funny grimaces were forming with every assault of my horny mouth.

I could discern the mounting pleasure in him. He radiated, eyeing me eating his little cock with a considerable appetite. His tiny titties were hard. "Yesss like that! Again like that! Ohhhh" he raved.

Finally, for the first time, I saw him cum. I knew, deep inside me, he was experiencing the same ecstasy that I had discovered. He moaned loudly, his mouth agape, eyes glazed over, lost in the spasms of his kiddy cum. It was funny to see him like that, so vulnerable and happy at the same time.

Almost every day, we did it again. We sucked each other until our penises were red and sore. Sometimes, at the same time, one on top of the other, our mouths full of the vibrant flesh. We could amuse ourselves for hours, taking a break once in a while, to postpone our blissful orgasms, so that we could cum harder, later, letting out an hysterical howl of relief. We were two boys alone, possessing the key to instantaneous happiness between our legs.

Casey also showed me the more subtle delights of the bumhole. He tickled my anus with his frisky tongue and I trembled with pleasure, drowning in the sweet tingly sensations. His little humid sponge bathed my crack and licked my receptive hole.

I had the courage to imitate him. I spread his round mounds with two hands and surveyed the pink orifice awaiting me, hoping not to find what I was expecting. His behind was clean and I took on the task of wetting his pucker. With each swipe of my tongue, I could see his hole opening slowly. Obviously, he loved to have his asshole eaten. Casey raised his tail end for me to sink my nose in.

The tip of my tongue slipped inside him to lick the rim of his anal ring. He jacked off like crazy, while I stimulated his hole. I don't remember seeing him more serene as when he benefited from my oral intrusion.

The sudden twist to our usually innocent sex games didn't worry me. My body was alive, ready to give and receive all the sexual pleasure a pre-pubescent body could muster. However, I had a hard time believing Casey had summoned the adult games strictly from the well of his sterile imagination. The question floated on the surface of my conscience.

Until the answer left me flabbergasted.


It had been scheduled that I make a family visit to grandma, but she was indisposed that day. I jumped on the occasion to go play with my pal at his place. The door wasn't locked, as usual, but Casey was not home. I waited patiently in his room, teasing the tropical fish in his aquarium.

His steps echoed up the stairwell and I had the idea of hiding in the closet, to make him a surprise, in the hopes of stopping his heart a few seconds with a scream straight out of horror films. Much to my dismay, another individual was following Casey in his bedroom. He was tall and spoke with a low voice.

From my hiding spot, I could see through the crack of the door that it was Ian. The young teenager wore loose fitting jeans, a t-shirt and a bandana around his forehead. Ian was feared and admired in the neighbourhood. He was fifteen and ruled the streets with his 'cool' style and big muscles.

"So? You want those smokes? Strip off!" the tall boy muttered.

Casey bore his tough face, but I could tell he was nervous. He slipped his shorts and undies down his slender legs and removed his sweater. At the same time, Ian lowered his denim pants, examining his juvenile partner with bubbly eyes.

"You're gonna suck me…"

I was slightly jealous, seeing my best buddy being intimate with somebody else. Since Casey's mind had no secret for me, I knew he was with the big boy out of his free will, probably on another adventurous journey to experience some new thrills. He knelt, buck naked, in front of the visitor and pulled on his boxers. The adolescent prick leaped in his cute mug. I had to withhold my wince of shock from seeing that mature organ. The long cock was at least seven semi-soft inches [18 cm] and some patches of hair covered his balls and pubes. Casey quickly kneaded the expanding flesh with his little paws. He fed his mouth the slab of meat and suckled it.

I watched his distended cheeks as he tried to take more of the pulsing mass. Ian pushed his rigid pole in his mouth, holding his ears for support. A few drops of sweat rolled on my temples. The fear of being caught made me shudder.

I was perfectly aware that Casey and me were children, eight-year-old boys who could be forgiven anything because of our innocence. It wasn't the case for Ian. The spectacle unfolding before me was somewhat sordid. But I could not look away from my friend's pink tongue dancing on the enormous phallus.

"Ohhh yess! Suck me good! ughhhh" Ian moaned.

Casey smiled, realizing the satisfaction he was giving to the older boy. He pulled on the big erection with his skinny fingers and pumped incessantly the bloated knob with his small mouth. When it was shoved in his cavity, the adult prong filled it to capacity.

He was manipulating the large pole aptly, using all the attributes of his mouth to give pleasure to his lanky partner. Between his thighs, his little pricklet, like a finger, was pointing at the ceiling.

"Stop it now!" The teenager barked suddenly to the eager youngster. "Stop, if you don't wanna drink my jizz!"

"Are you gonna do it in my ass again?" Casey yipped softly.

"Yeah. I'm ready to FUCK you now!"

With that, my young compadre climbed on the bed, presenting his adorable fanny while Ian smeared some lotion on his engorged member.

I was still too young to know all the vices of the bedroom. My eyes were stinging when Ian aligned his long hard prick in front of the minuscule pink hole. Casey spread his pale buns and the big log sank softly into him.

"Ouch!! Ughhhhhhhhh Ouch! Ouch!" He yelped as his chest heaved.

"Open your asshole! Shit! Let me fuck you!" Ian exclaimed.

The wide cock disappeared slowly into my buddy's rectum. One inch [2½ cm], two inches [5 cm], three inches [7½ cm] and more than half. The skin of his anus strangled the diameter of the shaft. Seeing the union of this teenager with my little friend made me dizzy. I bit my nails, imagining the pain he was feeling from that big spike lodged into his guts.

I wasn't able to recognize my buddy and couldn't comprehend his utter submission to this grotesque torture. I was viewing the scene like I would a movie. Detached and cold. As if they were strangers.

With each passing moment, Ian climbed over the little boy to slide his cock deeper into his ass. He was moving slowly in and out while the kid grasped the bed sheets with his fists. The teenage prick looked even fatter, stuck between the small white melons.

"Ahhhhhh." Ian exhaled. "I love to fuck you!" he commented, shoving his dick in with heavier and harder thrusts of his hips.

His hairy testicles were dangling, blocking my line of sight. However, I could see clearly the facial contortions of Casey. Grimaces of pain and pleasure, as the big cock ploughed his entrails. The warm odours of copulation tickled my nostrils. A frenetic trance had taken over their bodies. They were concentrated on the horrible act.

Gradually, the rhythm became more tribal. Ian held on to the small body between his legs and slammed his long stick in the dilated hole. Loud groans rose from the duo. I could not believe my senses and I could not have imagined seeing my best friend get sodomized by a big teenager at eight-years-old.

He remained passive, tense, allowing the huge phallus to piston his butt. In a snap, Ian flipped him over on his back like a puppet. He crushed his ankles on the mattress and plunged into his gaping asshole again. This time, the long prick hit bottom and the big nuts bounced on the bum of the fuckee.

Casey was totally possessed, unable to move as the teenager proceeded to bugger him brutally. My lungs were lacking air after seeing so many extreme images. The bed was creaking and their moans filled my ears. I could see the fat sausage ram in and out of the little anus faster than the wink of an eye.

"Ohhhh yeahh! Take my big cock in yer lil' ass! Ohgghhhhh! Yeah lil' fuck!!"

"Ooouuhhhhh Ouuhhhhhhhh OHH! OHH! OHH!!!" the kid hooted.

The face of the teen was beaming. He was groaning all the time, assuredly enchanted to have found such a docile partner with a tight little hole for his big cock. Cringing his teeth, he bucked his hips violently and the sound of his balls colliding with the rear end of the kid resembled a gunshot.


"Yeah!" Ian howled.


"In yer ass!"





"Orghhh! Orghhh! Orghhh!"


In the middle of this craziness, the tall teenager pulled out and jacked off, moaning and howling out of joy. His cock began to piss white cream all over the tummy of Casey, all the way to his reddened face. From the tip of his canon, the thick glue spurted and spurted again. He writhed with each shot.

Cum was another aspect of sex I did not know about, of course. I stood paralysed for long minutes until they got dressed and left the bedroom. The whole thing had been a gruesome lesson, leaving me nearly ill.

And at the time, I surely could not fathom that only one week after that, it would be in my tight bottom that Ian would drive his fat teen cock.

#7 Indecent proposal

When a new tenant moves in with his son, the owner of a building discovers first hand that they share a special relationship

Jakub (9yo), and "I" (35yo)
bb Mbcons oral anal

At the time it happened, I owned an apartment complex consisting of six units in a poverty-stricken area of the city. The tenants were mostly elderly people, quiet folks. On the last floor lived a single man with his nine-year-old son. This tenant had moved in recently in the pad next to mine. My new neighbour was a strong fella, with gray hair, solidly built. His name was Milos and he radiated a boorish aura typical of Slovak men.

The kid was named Jakub. A skinny child spending most of his days just hanging out in the stairwell. It seemed his father barely managed to make ends meet. The boy always wore the same t-shirt with holes in them and a pair of skimpy red shorts clinging to his firm little behind. I found him adorable despite the angular traits of his face and a mop of unruly auburn hair. As with most redheads, his skin was milky white and his nose covered with angry freckles.

Whenever Jakub crossed my path, he'd give me one of those warm glances with his big brown eyes and say, "Hello Mister!" It was through him I learned that they both had fled over here from the Czech republic and had been roaming from one place to the next for the last five years.

I could have listened to his cheerful soprano voice for hours. My attraction to the boy was tremendous. However, I did not want to get too close because of the intimidating omnipresence of his father nearby.

Jakub sensed my reluctance. Therefore, he dragged me to the basement. "Come with me! I have something to show you." He would say. In the utility room where there was a washer and drier next to a row of lockers, Jakub performed cartwheels. "Bravo!" I praised him.

The limber imp already had the skills of an accomplished gymnast. I marvelled at his ability to do the split and twist his bony limbs like a pretzel. The youngster beamed from my sincere wonderment. I felt sad leaving him to his loneliness afterwards.

At the time, I was denying my perverse impulses, hiding them in a dark corner of my soul. But my subconscious was not disposed to spare me that burden. The images of a peculiar event in my childhood kept coming back to me in the form of elaborate dreams, reminding me of that part of me.

I was five-years-old when it happened. I could recall every detail of that evening when two boys were assigned to baby-sit me, instead of Sarah, my usual guardian. I loved the clumsy girl dearly, but the idea of having two specimens of my gender to share my toys with had galvanized my spirit.

The two mates who showed up for that unique occasion were named Izzy and Michael. They were both twelve. I guess my mother calculated in her mind that two twelve-year-old boys amounted to a twenty-four-year-old adult.

Both lads didn't seem very elated with their predicament. After all, babysitting was a chore for a girl, not for a virile young male. But I was easy to take care of, an outgoing naive tyke, constantly smiling and chirping. They tried to ignore me at first, but eventually, my angelic charm won them over and they played with me on the carpet, rolling miniature cars on imaginary streets.

I quickly became accustomed to my new fresh-faced buddies, regardless of the fact that they pretended to be tough cookies, clad in blue jeans and black jackets. They taught me how to say 'fuck' in the nastiest way, laughing out loud from the silly accomplishment, which in turn would send me into a fit of giggles.

Izzy was the leader, a tall chap with inky hair and deep charcoal eyes that sparkled with a certain malevolence. Michael was the follower, a scrawnier kid, his face sporting a goofy grin of submission.

When bath time came, they undressed me and laid my small ass in the warm water. "Wash me!" I demanded as they stood still like giraffes in a zoo. Those rookies were definitely not familiar with the gig. A cake of soap in hand, they commenced rubbing my body, lathering me up. It was especially enjoyable to have two additional hands on my nakedness. I popped a boner and we all chuckled.

"Oh man! He's got a woody!" Michael pointed out the evidence.

Fingers tugged on my erection. Meanwhile, another finger explored my backside and darted at my anus. I giggled some more, feeling the soapy digit tickled me in the most intimate spot. Of course, I did not know what was going on, but this was genuine naughty fun! They fondled my baby dick and my small ballbag a while, then Izzy threw a sly glance at his partner. "Do you wanna do it?" He asked bluntly.

Michael nodded.

After they briefly dried me up with a towel, I was carried to my bed in their arms. It seemed to me like I was flying. "I'm superman," I shouted. It was very exciting to be naked with my new friends. The other babysitter dressed me up right away, embarrassed by my nudity.

I sprung on the mattress gleefully, until Michael lowered his head between my short legs and engulfed my cocklet in his mouth, sucking on it ravenously. The delicious tingles brought a warm and fuzzy feeling inside me. I cackled like a hyena, seeing the tween do that to my wee-wee. Needless to say, it took hours before I got to put on my pjs. Both older boys took off their pants and underwear, joining me on the bed.

"Suck on my dick, like I done to ya." Michael said.

I approached my face to the hairless crotch and grabbed the hard pre-teen stick, holding it between my fingers as my lips slid upon it. Some sort of fluid leaked out of the vibrant boyhood, but it did not impede my enthusiasm for the naughty deed. After a while, Izzy crawled to us on his knees. His dick was much longer and chubbier. I went down on it, sucking it in the same fashion.

They hissed and made guttural noises. Whenever, I put one of the boys' penises in my mouth, I would be encouraged, "Yeahhh, that's it… suck my dick!"

The two boycocks were standing up proudly before my eyes, moist from my saliva with bald purple heads. I tried to give equal attention to the two erections, the big one from Izzy and the smaller one of Michael, using my tongue and clamping my lips around them.

While I performed on Izzy, behind me, the other lad spread my little buns apart, spraying baby oil on my crack. Before I even realized what had developed, Michael had lurched into me. The young prick wasn't that big and I did not experience much pain. In fact, I thought it was hilarious.

Gripping me at the waist, Michael pumped my baby butt, slamming hard into me as I strained to continue sucking Izzy's willy. I was taking cock at both ends, I was the star of a hot three-way! Yet it all seemed innocent and playful to me.

Michael's hard dick was racing in and out of my virgin anus. I shook from the assaults. Izzy put his hand on the nape of my neck to ensure his erection would not come out of my little mouth as he fucked my face. The two molesters were jubilant and looking down at me with lust, which I interpreted as admiration.

Michael's dick pulled out of my hole. The pubescent boy groaned and shot a watery jet of kidcum on my pale buttocks. Izzy took over, flipping me on my back. He mounted me like I had a pussy. This time, I felt the stinging pain of the wider shaft enlarge my anus. A litany of puppy cries escaped my lips. My baby feet in the air, Izzy sank deep into me, rutting feverishly and ranting, "Uhhh uhhhh oh fuck! He's so fucking tight!"

I just laid there under him, getting my second buttfuck, breathing in ragged gasps and becoming sweaty all over. There was a crazed look on Izzy's face, as if he was possessed. His pupils were dilated. His entire body was molten lava.

I hung from his neck. Eventually, the pain subsided. And for the next minutes, the big boy ploughed into my oily bumhole, until he shuddered and yelped, coming inside me.

It did not end after they had made of me a thoroughly deflowered toddler. They kept going at it, with more energy. I could feel their balls slap on my ass during the numerous sessions of vigorous fucking that ensued. The buggers must have figured that stumbling upon a willing participant was a chance of a lifetime. And they were not about let it pass.

I was more than happy to oblige, chuckling as they found various acrobatic positions for me to take their dicks in my butt. They fucked me again and again, shooting their timid loads in my mouth or my rectum.

Thirty years later, I still had a vivid souvenir of that incident. Not a bitter one, despite having been abused by two twelve-year-old boys. After all, I understood how they could have been inclined to do me. I know I would have too in their place.

The arrival of Jakub in the building represented a temptation. As much as I tried not to think about him, my brain conjured up images of the nude pre-pubescent boy. In my fantasies, he was sucking me off until I spewed long creamy jets on his freckled mug. He would open his mouth and swallow my seed, licking his lips.


During a hot summer evening, when I was bored, watching reruns on TV, I heard stifled moans emanating from my neighbour's apartment. My ear glued to the wall, I recognize the sounds of a couple making love.

Obviously Milos was not made of stone. But I had not figured him to be very active in the sack at his age. A common prejudice. He had proved me wrong and seduced a broad, or perhaps acquired the services of a whore?

The carnal noise increased gradually as the fervour surged. "Ohhhh ohhhhhhmmmmm annggh! angghhhh!"

The low voice of the man resonated like a gloomy chant. "OHHH! YESS! OHHH HONEY TAKE MY COCK!" Sometimes, high-pitched yelps punctuated the the intercourse. The mattress creaked and soon the head of the bed began bumping against the wall, gently, then louder.


A smile on my lips, I indulged in the erotic music. The notion that this old guy was nailing some floozy didn't fire me up. It was only funny.

Then things took on a different turn. The coitus became more violent and the man roared, "YES! TAKE MY COCK IN YOUR LIL' ASS! UH! UH!! YEAH, THAT'S IT LIL' FUCK!"

"Annggh! Annnngghghh!!!" the other voice screamed. But this shrill voice could only have been that of his son. I was absolutely sure of it. And the kid was getting sodomized real hard by his own dad as far as I could tell.

For minutes, my cheek to the wall, I jacked off listening to the groans of ecstasy and suffering, suddenly perked up, visualizing the fragile boy, jostled by the torrid assaults of the adult cock.

"Angh! UGGH! DADDY! UGGHHH! Annnngghghh!!!" The child complained all the way to the end when the man's yell of passion detonated, signifying he had climaxed.

I came and remained frozen, transfixed by what I had just heard, musing that perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me.


I possessed a skeleton key for all the apartments in the building. The next morning, on a whim, I decided to introduce myself in Milos' unit, fuelled by an obsession for the kid and yearning to find evidence of what had occurred on the eve.

Making sure silence reigned, I entered, heading for Jakub's bedroom. It was a boy's room like many others, maybe less cluttered with expensive toys. Star Wars figurines were scattered on the commode. Miniature socks and briefs were strewn on the hardwood floor. I wallowed in the Disney bed cover, breathing in the aromas of childhood, imagining the warm delicate boy asleep underneath it.

Just as my reason prompted me to reconsider the madness of my actions, I heard soft steps. The little red-head was standing there, with an inquisitive expression on his mug. The unexpected encounter flabbergasted me and I babbled. "I- I, I heard a weird noise and came to see…"


Evidently, the kid didn't not believe one word. I staggered, seeking the exit, under the mocking stare of the nine-year-old boy, visibly amused to have caught an adult red-handed.

As if things could not get worse, I bumped into his father, blocking the doorway with his imposing stature. My heart leapt in my throat.

"Can I ask you what you are doing in my son's bedroom, mister?" He demanded coldly.


"Jakub told me you were ogling at him in the stairs."


I was petrified, unable to provide a plausible excuse to explain my illegal entry into their residence and respond to the pernicious accusations of my tenant.

"Tell me," Milos spoke gently. "What do you think of Jakub? He's a cute boy, uh?"

"Eh… Yes, of course," I said, blushing.

"Can I be indiscreet?"

Without waiting for a reply, Milos pursued. "Are you well-endowed?"

"Excuse me?"

"Do you have a big cock?"

"Yes." I admitted, knowing I could rival with any stud, because of the nine-inch [23 cm] sword I could take out of my pants.

"Excellent! I have a proposition for you. For sometimes now, I've had a fantasy involving a man who's very hung and my son."

"I don't understand."

"You understand very well. My dick is unfortunately quite average and I wish to offer Jakub a more substantial contribution before it's too late. I would enjoy very much seeing you in action. We could then forget about today's embarrassing situation."

My eyes turned to the boy, oblivious to the innuendos of our conversation. I was the victim of a delicious blackmail. I thought I was dreaming. The prospect of fucking the coveted kid in front of his dad enticed me, despite the disturbing aspect of the offer. Upon noticing the bulge in my trousers, Milos knew I had accepted.

"Take your clothes off, Jakub." He said to his son.

"Daddy, the man will play the secret game with me." The youngster peeped.

"Yes, be a nice boy and undress."

Jakub removed his sneakers and his socks, throwing sly grins in our direction. He continued to strip while Milos sat in a comfy armchair facing his son's bed. I knelt in front of the kid to lower his tiny briefs. Finally, I could feast on the frail creature's nudity. His penis was very small and his soft balls were barely hanging under his abdomen.

He fled and climbed on his bed. I followed him to caress his velvet skin and fondle his hardening worm. The frisky rascal was a ball of exuberance. His giggles soared when my mouth imprisoned his genitals in their moist embrace. "Mmmmmmm" Jakub appreciated as I suckled him.

With my tongue, I travelled to his nuts, between his thighs, all the way to his round white bottom. The little Czech had a bubble butt, naturally parted, showing his puckered rosebud. I plunged my slimy sponge in the hole slightly distended by the frequent visits of his father.

"Pull down the man's pants and suck his dick." Milos commanded.

The youngster bounced to the edge of the bed and tugged on my zipper. Soon, my trousers and my underwear were piled up around my ankles. My half-erect prick dangled under his button nose. He grasped my hairy balls with one hand and with the other manipulated my fat sausage. I could hardly believe that Jakub was only nine on the account of his spontaneous ministrations.

My penis swelled in his paw, my foreskin retracted behind the crown. The kid stuffed a great deal of my enormous tool in his mouth and sucked on it immediately. From the corner of my eye, I could see Milos smiling, satisfied with the merchandise, happy that I had not lied about the size of my tool.

The man took out his erection and beat off, watching his son give me a blowjob. My attention returned to Jakub, whose lips were sliding on my bloated organ. He crammed my pulsating flesh down his throat, looking up at me with his brown eyes. His training was exquisite. From time to time, he stuck his tongue out and tickled my knob with it before going back to a sustained suction.

"OH yeah, suck my big cock! Suck it harder. You're doing so goood." I congratulated my young partner.

His modest mouth could barely accommodate my wide pole, never mind the full length. I couldn't conceive how he was going to take it all up his doll-like fanny. But I anticipated the challenge with much glee. The last doubts I had about having sex with a child were dispelled, seeing him so eager to please. I slipped my hand behind his neck and rubbed my hard cock on his face, harnessing the urge to spill my load right there.

"Open up wide." I said.

From then on, I nourished his mouth with my hot meat. Jakub choked on the slab. His father was not disturbed by my ardour. "You have to breath through your nose," he instructed his son. The obedient boy did so, allowing me to fuck his face at a steady pace.

My balls were getting heavy and my cock was inflated like a balloon, ready to explode. I pulled away from his hungry lips. "You like my dick, uh?"

"Yes." Jakub acquiesced shyly. "There's some lubricant in the drawer of the bedside table." Milos informed me.

I had momentarily forgotten that the man was watching us. The aroused fella smiled brightly again when I smeared a generous coat of grease on my prick. A twinge of fever overtook me. I was finally going to taste the forbidden delights of an underaged boy.

Jakub was lounging on the Mickey Mouse of the bedspread, a crestfallen look on his face, betraying the apprehension gnawing him inside as I approached with my gleaming gigantic fuckstick. He knew very well how the secret game was played.

"Do not be afraid to be rough with him," Milos prescribed. "I wanna see you without restraints, none."

I crept to the boy, stretching behind him, desirous of hearing him squeal like the day before. The slender body of the child, nestled in the pit of my hairy belly, was warm and soft. I slid my arm under his knee to raise his leg and ensure that his father would see clearly the penetration. Jakub yelped when my big cockhead pressed against the barrier. I backed off and came back.

"Awwrh! Awwwwrrhhh! ANNNNGGH!"

Despite his protestations, the kid's penis was stiff when I grasped it. He was really primed as I tried to slip into him. The often defeated muscle resisted valiantly to the more massive invasion. It loosened up and capitulated after some efforts. I thrust my cock into the vise and the howls of the little redhead resounded.


I paused to allow him the time to adjust, already pleased of the reward. At this point, I knew I would not back off, I would teach him better than his dad how a nine-year-old boy should be fucked.

Slowly, I continued to penetrate in his rectum, until my pubes touched the cleft of his butt. My huge prong seemed grotesque, lodged deep between the small melons. His anus stretched around the diameter like a pink donut.

With measured lunges, I slid the full length of my member in and out of him, carrying out a gentle but firm ploughing of his guts. Jakub continued to grunt, "Annggh! ANNNGGGH! ANNNGH!" The muscles on his immature frame were tensed, his toes were curled up, he held his breath with each intrusion.

"Oh Yes! Fuck-him! Fuck-him!" His father exulted.

In a snap, I arranged him on all fours and plunged again in his hot narrow hole. In this position, his father could see my fat cock pump his son's ass. Holding the kid's waist, I sodomized him for long minutes, savouring the elastic ring strangling the shaft of my prick like a noose.

"I'm fucking you good, uh!" I exclaimed

"Ouuuhh. It's HARD! Ouuuuuhhhh." Jakub mumbled.

I raised myself behind him and gripped his shoulders to give him deep ferocious strokes. The kid's heels hammered my buttocks as I rammed into him like a barbarian. My heavy balls rebounded against his butt, the bed squeaked and Jakub hollered, "Aooow! ANNGGH! AOOOW!"

"Oh yesss, like that!" Milos sang, seeing me more aggressive.

In the middle of the copulation, I murmured a sentence to the boy's ear for him to repeat to his dad. Jakub complied and said, "Oh daddy, I love the man's big cock in my ass."

Milos jacked off faster, overjoyed, as I went on with the agreeable deed of fucking his son. The kid's penis was still hard. I tugged on it while I pistonned him. He shivered and yelped.

Hearing Jakub get off, in spite of the brutal sodomy provoked my orgasm and I pulled out from his moist rectum.

One hand on his left butt cheek, the other pointing my cockhead at his anus, I started to ejaculate. The little boy's asshole was scarlet and gaping, wide enough to put in a tennis ball. I guided the powerful jets in the crater, filling it up with my thick cream, groaning out of pure bliss.

The boy's father approached and emptied his balls on his son's face. Jakub remained passive, receiving the flood of sperm. Little did I know, that it would be the last time I would see them. The next morning, they had vanished, leaving me with nothing but a brand new set of fading memories to enliven my wet dreams.

The End