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1943 - by Rider in the Sky - In the winter of 1943, there were only two places that you would likely find Jews in Poland; a Forced Labor Camp (Zwangsarbeitslager) or and Extermination Camp (Vernichtungslager). The homes and businesses of Jews had been confiscated and even the ghettos to which they had been moved had been virtually completely evacuated. (M/bg, ped, mc, nc, inc)

About Jennifer - by Rachael Ross - Some people will be attracted by the female raping a female theme. But there is snuff in this, so be aware. It could have been a love story, but I was looking one day at growing up. Changing. Never being young again and chances missed in my life and relationships with my family. That is what this story is about, self-loathing and a desire to exact revenge on time. I just needed a younger me to bear the brunt of my anger. (Ff, ped, rp, axphx, sn, v)

Acrophobia - by Marcia Hooper - Romona has a fear of heights. Also a fear of enclosed spaces. Can you imagine her horror then, of boarding a scenic elevator going to the top of New York's third tallest building? Only Romona has no idea how bad her fear of heights can be. (MF, exh, reluc)

A Fate Better Than Death - by Dashwood - A hunter is caught poaching by two powerful German women and soon finds himself on the wrong end of the menu. (FFM, nc, v, bd, sn, can)

A Father Possesed - by Rachael Ross - Rache typed "Demon Summoning" onto the screen ... 87,322 matches. The first 300 were all about some stupid game. She narrowed her search, she tried different combinations, she tried different search engines. She took 3 aspirins. But Rache finally found what she was looking for. (Mdom/F-teen, inc, rp, v, fantasy)

Amazon - by V-Rom - I backpacked right across the Amazon jungle when young and foolish; just follow the major logging tracks and you'll get there... I later met an old Botanist-Anthropologist who told me just how stupid I had been. I will tell you his story first so you can see what danger I was in without even knowing. (MF, rp, v, sn, cannibalism, nec)

Amber is Mine - by Lansara_star - For as long as I can remember I have wanted to fuck my sister's brains out. It started as a fascination but eventually I started looking for females that looked like her. (Mdom/F, bdsm, rp, tort)

Angel In The Night, The - by Slim n' Dusty - A woman finds pleasure in the recklessness of young male drivers. (FMM, nc, nec)

Anonymous Sex - by Otzchiim - Quick meaningless sex, was all she had in mind. (MF, caution)

A Promise - by Francis - The truth was, I just wanted to see him one last time. (MM, nec, rom, suicide)

A Walk In Th Park - by Francis - A teenage boy gets dumped and finds a kind of relief in the arms of a stranger. (Mm, ped, nc, rp, v, sn)

Bad Sister - by LWM - A younger sister is dpminated by her older sibling. (M+FF, gg, ped, orgy, inc, ws)

Bangkok Snuff Film - by SAT - I live in Bangkok, and make about half a million a year in the Asian movie business here. I do what is called procurement. That job entails procuring 'Stars' for all types of movies. This story is about Jennifer, a little girl from the USA, who lived in a small town in the mid-west somewhere. (M+/g, ped, rp, v, sn)

Beauty and the Beast - by Lisa - Hiding in the shadows he watched her. Her long, shiny, blue-black hair and pale skin illuminated by the silver light of the moon. It was late. Past midnight. He watched her make her way up the stairs, and fumble for her keys. (MF, v, sn, nec)

Best Laid Plans, The - by Kelly Berks - Amy was in trouble and needed my help. She had made a stupid mistake years ago and it was coming back to haunt her. Now, she had a plan to eliminate the problem, but she needed my assistance. Her plan was a good one, but not quite as good as the one I had in mind. (MF, v, murd)

Bible Thumper - by Pantyh - Don't you hate it when people come to your door to push or sell you something? This story is a fantasy about what happens when they come to the wrong house. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd, murd, nec)

Blindfolded - by Chac - I woke up. I had no idea where I was. I suddenly realized that my eyes were open but I could only see pitch-blackness. I tried to call out but found my mouth was covered by, most likely, duct tape. Then I noticed my hands were bound above my head. I tried to move my legs and felt the same thing. (MF, rape, bdsm, sn)

Blood Sisters - by Meatlover - The ignorant statuesque blonde secretary sat in the corner of the basement on her bare ass. Her arms tied painfully tight with twine behind her. Knees and ankles similarily bound. Her sheer black nylons had runs in them where the twine bit into her legs. The delicate pink panties she had been wearing were wrapped around her right ankle, and her black patent leather pumps were falling off her feet. The blindfold was beginning to fall down and gave her a view of the dark room. But the tight red ball-gag in her mouth kept her silent except for an occasional muffled complaint. (FF/F+, nc, v, sn, sci-fi)

Brittany and Me - by Rachael Ross - Do you have any idea how much I hate Brittany Spears? I mean really, I can't stand her. Pop icons in general really piss me off, but her in particular. It isn't just that she's put up on some kind of pedestal by corporate America and worshipped from afar by all breathing males between the ages of 9 and 90. Not only because she's got more money than me and all my friends and relatives will ever have in our entire pathetic little lives put together. Not because she looks like some catholic schoolgirl supermodel slut who sings songs like "Hit me baby, one more time" and people pretend it's not about a D/s relationship because she's so fucking cute. (FF, MF/F, nc, bdsm, mutilation)

Brutality on the Caribbean - by Complex-man - A pretty young heiress tooling around the Caribbean on her small sailing yacht finds a strange attraction to danger and degradation. (MF, v, rp, fear-fetish)

Bullets With Butterfly Wings - by Rachael Ross - It's strange how you can live with someone for so long and never really know all of his secrets. Rachael had been living with her father forever, since the beginning of time, 19 years before and she'd never known there was a gun in the house. She found it quite by accident, not snooping or anything. (F-teen, solo, mast, suicide)

California Girl - by NecorMan Ross - An Internet interview with a young California woman whose boyfriend got her interested in necrophilia. (MF, FF, voy, oral, nec)

Cancun - by The Lizzard - Teens and college students were everywhere. I had moved into one of the top suites in the hotel, and watched them all very closely. I specifically pegged groups of girls to be watched. (M/F+, nc, sn, v, nec, cann)

Captured by Cannibals - by Sean Renaud - A pair of girls are captured by cannibals. (M+/FF, nc, rp, v, can, sn)

Castrated at the Moment of Ejaculation - by Martin - A pretty young girl teases a male and utterly humiliates him in front of other girls while a friend catches it all on video. Then she castrates him at the moment he cums in her. (MF, voy, castr)

Castrated & Snuffed by a Girl Prisoner - by Martin - The big strong General dominates his men but is teased and castrated by a waiflike girl prisoner who ends up cutting his throat. (MF, v, castr, sn)

Castrated by the Cong - by Kim Phan - A young G.I. is forced to watch a Viet Cong General have sex with two girls, then he suffers at the hands of the General's the two beautiful but very sadistic young women. (FFdom/M+, asian, prost, cast, v. tort, military)

Castration Party - by Jenne - Single men could be lured into making a sex video, without them knowing the true nature of the script. You would want to make sure they were not married or in a relationship (no one to miss his member), and that he had no way of tracking you down for retribution. (Fdom/M, gelding)

Castration Party: The Reckoning - by Vengence - Castrated men get a fitting revenge on the women who did it to them. (M+/F+, nc, v, mutilation, tor)

Castration Party: Sheikh's Revenge - by Angry Greek - A couple of sadistic bitches bit off more than they could chew when they kidnapped the son of a prominent Arab Oil Sheikh. So Jenne and Liz think they can get away with it and that they are mistresses of brutality? These bitches don't know shit; the Sheikh and a few of his henchmen will take them to school! (MMF, v, sn, tor)

Choreographed Death - by thirsty69 - A plan for my own death at the hands of a sadistic couple who will give me the gruesome death I crave. (MF, exh, v, murd, cons)

Claire's Ride - by Michael - This is a parody of the hit HBO series "Six Feet Under" which really takes no more than the daughter's first name and the basic outline of the storyline. But it's just gross enough to make it into the putrid archive. (MF, nec, TV-parody)

Cock Thief - by Dreamtiny - Jennifer hates men, but she loves their sexual organ. In this occult story Jennifer finds a way to get all she wants of the one, without having to deal with the other. (MF, mutilation)

Coffee House Girl - by Anonymous - I walked to a nearby coffee house, when I stepped in the door, I was greeted with a vision that overwhelmed me. She was no more than 18, and as hot looking as a summer's day. (MF, nc, v, sn)

Coma - by Rick - A guy's eighteen year old girlfriend is in a coma after an automobile accident and when late at night strange thoughts start running through his head, he acts on them. (MMF, teens, nc, rp, intr)

Comeuppance - by Luthor - A teenage tease gets her comeuppance. (M/F-teen, mf-teens, v, axphix, sn)

Concert Video - by Damien - As soon as I heard about what happened at the Madonna concert, I knew it was something I just had to see. Madonna was doing a concert video where a volunteer from the audience was supposed to go through a fake hanging. But it turned out to be a real one! (M-solo, exh, hanging, sn)

Consuela - by Michael - A 50-something husband is tied up and raped during a home invasion. Why would a young woman want to rape a middle-aged man you ask? (MF, rp, v)

Convent, The - by Doghead_2000 - A violent story of the sacking of a convent, and of the rape, torture and murder of the nuns at the hands of the foriegn knights. (M+/F+, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

Covered Dish - by Mantis - Cheating Man and his wife are abducted and abused by his evil ex-mistress. Cannibalism and dehumanization and torture are inflicted upon the helpless couple. (Fdom/MF, nc, v, bd, can, tort, sn)

Dance, The - by Old Dreamer - A young woman goes to a dance after breaking up with her fiancée and meets a smooth handsome man. She accepts a lift home from him and an invitation to coffee in his apartment. She only wants to be friends, but he becomes violent and rapes her. (MF, nc, rp, v)

Dark Desire - by Mat - Do my desires make me a monster? Does giving into my desires make me weak? (M/f-teen, nc, rp, sn, nec)

Date with the Dead - by hadit69639 - A man is talked into performing an unspeakable act by his seductive girlfriend. (MF, nec?, voy)

Dead! - by Pat O'Brian - At some stage during our Wednesday afternoon fuck session, he died. (MF, nc, can)

Dead Love, Is Still Love - by Somber Angel - Max had always felt a strange appeal for dead people, even since he was a child. (MF, nec, exh)

Dead Pool - by Rachael Ross - A sub wife is totally dominated by her husband, his girlfriend and anyone else for that matter. (M+/F+, bdsm, reluc, amp, tor, sm, v, preg, sn)

Death Of A Princess - by Old Nick's Man - Young, beautiful Princess Jessica is caught red handed in her lover's bed. Her husband, the Prince sends her to be tried for treason. She and her lover are convicted and sentenced to slow, painful deaths as traitors. (MF, nc, v, tor, nec)

Death Room - by Navakantam - A story of a man so depressed by his wife's brutal murder, that he decides to end his own life in a similar manner to join her. (M-solo, drugs, v, tor, suicide)

Did I Say No - by Sweat Irish - Jan, at seventeen was a vivacious flirt and sparkly cheerleader, who believed she was above reproach of any boy who wanted her. Not the most attractive of the cheerleaders but she was, and everyone knew it, the only virgin. (M/F-teen, nc, rp, v, sn, nec)

Dinner with Sadaam - by UN-2003 - In the final days of the second gulf war many events happened that might never come under public scrutiny. One such event was what really happened to Saddam Hussein. (MF, v, castr, tort, bdsm)

NEW Donor - by Slim n' Dusty - Sometime in the future: Leanne was desperate for a baby at a time when sperm was becoming rare and expensive. Just as she is about to give up, a perverted stranger arrives in her neighbourhood, but this would require some careful planning. (MF, nc, v, bd, tor, sn, nec)

End Of Him, The - by Meeah Soo - A submissive sissy obliges his ex-wife and her new lover by hanging himself. (MMF, tv, fetish, v, scat, tor, sn)

Enjoying Ashley - by Anon NixPixer - He saw her outside the Science building, a tiny perfect woman, all tits and ass, with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and very white, smooth skin. He loved to get these snotty, rich, know-it-all white girls and drag them through the dirt, show them who was boss. (MF, co-ed, intr, rp, v, sn)

Executive Learns His Lesson - by Anon - A corporate executive who is a womanizer gets payback from a woman who works for him. (FFM, nc, tor, cast)

Exsules Filii Evae - by Rachael Ross - I castrated my brother because he was abusing me. (MF, inc, nc, v, castr)

Family Gathering - by Steven S. Davis - A sadistic man gathers like-minded men and attacks a happy family, causing mayhem and murder. (extreme-sn, nc, v)

Fantasy Fulfilled - by Libertine - Horace was excited. He'd spent every penny he had saved, working hard, for this one chance to live out his secret fantasy. (Fdom/M, tor, huml)

Fatal Phone Sex - by Anonymous - She was a lesbian who worked at phone-sex job. It turned out fatal for her. (MF, nc, rp, ws, sn, nec)

Fathom 5 - by Rachael Ross - A brutish domineering boyfriend gets what he deserves. (MF, alien, rp, v, sn)

Flatliner - by Rachael - An experiment gone terribly wrong. (MF, nc, rp, sn, nec)

Fun Cargo - by Anonymous - A guy sailing single handed around the world takes on board a fugitive family of a mother and two daughters. (MFff, nc, rp, v, tor, sn)

Gift, The - by Slim n' Dusty - A bisexual flat-mate offers the ultimate gift to sate her female partner's fantasy. (FFM, nec)

Gina's Execution - by Elecutrix - Gina in the Electric Chair. (FF, nc, v, tor, sn, sci-fi)

Girl in the Basement - by The Happy Hangman & AB-2003 - He pressed his back against the wall, next to the closed door. He tried to control his breathing; he felt his heart pounding in his throat, breathing in ragged gasps. His hands clenched white knuckled on the coil of rope... (MF, asphyx, sn, nc, hanging, nec)

Gladiator: Special Women's Day - by Doghead_2000 - The Emperor's "Special Women's Day" events were not really the sort of thing that any woman would really want to get involved in, in the arena. But for the hundreds who did, it was the last thing they ever got involved with. (MMF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

Goblin King - by Anon - The raucous shouts of hundreds of orcs echoed through the rough-hewn cavern as the guards hauled Celebrain across the floor towards the throne. At the foot of the dais she tripped on shreds of green cloth that were the remnants of her dress. (beast/f, fantasy, rp, v)

Goodbye Sissy - by Meeah Soo - Jamie is surprised by the black intruder that his wife has hired to get rid of her sissy husband once and for all. (MF, MM, nc, rp, tv, intr, anal, scat, fetish)

Good-Bye to a Skater Dude - by Ricky D - A gay friend of mine had just finished his courses in funeral management and a group of gay buddies were having a few drinks with him in celebration. He had also just landed a job at a local funeral home, so we had a lot to celebrate. (MM/M, nec)

Grill, The - by Anonymous - This is the part I like the best. This is the part where I get to fuck them while they're roasting. Andrea was brought struggling and whimpering behind her gag to the grill. This is a simple but elegant device that secures the victim in various positions to facilitate different forms of torture. It is made, as you will see, of thick steel tubing, mesh, and plates, and is entirely adjustable to accommodate the bodies of our playmates. (MMF, nc, bd, v, tort, canib, sn)

Hanging Johnny - by Jake - This is story is based on a true incident in my life, it happened to me about a year ago. This lady hanged me. (MF, teen, asphyxia, hanging)

Hangman's Wife, The - by Slim n' Dusty - Learning the tools of the trade, a deprived hangman's wife finds the utmost in pleasure with the men she has freshly executed. (MF, hanging, nec)

Hangman's Wife II, The - by Slim n' Dusty - The infamous gang, the McKell Brothers, are caught and hanged for robberies. The hangman's wife gives them are pleasant surprise before their execution, and finds pleasure following it... (FMM, voy, v, hanging, nec)

Happy Wife - by Easy girl8 - I thought I married a great girl, but within a few years we decided to divorce. We stayed fuck buddies for a time and then she decided to do something that would make me forever hers. (FFM, reluc, v, bd, cast, bd)

Her Bedroom - by Lynn - A late night attack in a girl's bedroom and its aftermath. (MF, rp, v, sn)

Her Choice - by Navakantam - A story of a truly demented BDSM couple who live on the edge until one scene that ends in death. (MF, hanging, sn)

Heresy - by TDM - A nun has an encounter with a demon. (MF, beast, v, tor, sn, sacrilegious)

He Said He Loved Her - by Newman - For all those that get titillation from rape stories here is a true story for you. (MF, nc, rp)

Her Toys - by Zturgeon - My relationship with Maria started out normally enough. She was a second-generation Mexican-American from a devoutly Catholic family, and I hardly expected her to be sexually daring. But boy was I wrong... (Mdom/F, castr, v)

Hiccups - by Rachael Ross - A case of mistaken identity turns deadly when Jillian from down the hall asks for so medical advice from her new neighbor. (MF, asphyxia, nc, rp, sn, nec)

His Victim - by thirsty69 - A man searched the internet for someone to help carry out a depraved wish of being horribly tortured and snuffed. He found such a sadist and went to him. He got his wish. (MM, v, tor, sn)

Holy Duty - by Rachael Ross - I'm 19 but it started when I got my first period at 12. When my period started, my Godfather told me he needed to do his Holy Duty and check my hymen and so he became the guardian of my virginity. (Mdom/g, ped, cathloicism)

Humans and Dragons - by Anonymous - A couple find themselves in a new world ready to experience all that the place has to offer. (MF/beast, sci-fi, sn)

Hunter - by Lynn - A man who becomes addicted to snuff sex and the powerful feelings that he receives from the act. (MF, rp, sn, nec, v)

Illegal Alien - by Loch Raveena - 'Oh, what a job,' thought Ned as he rolled off of the dead young Mexican woman. Both of them stared up at the night sky now, one pair of eyes seeing the stars and wondering about them, and the other pair seeing nothing at all. (MF, sn, nec, rp, v)

Incident At Seagrove Caravan Park - by Slim n' Dusty - Unless you know what you're in for, moving to a new locale may not be a good idea. (MF, voy, nec)

Interracial Couple Desexed - by Anon - A Jewish woman and an African American man fall for each other, but their communities dislike it and take matters into their own hands. (MF, nc, intr, tor, v, mutilation, cast)

Interview With M - by Slim n' Dusty - This is an interview exploring female necro-sexual behaviour with 'M' is a funeral worker whose interest in necrophilia began at the age of 9, when she grew fascinated with the dead naked men that lay in her father's funeral home. 'M' gives a fascinating insight into her growing sexuality, her relations with people living and dead. Most interestingly, 'M' shatters the myth that people have to come from a traumatised background to share an interest in necro-related behaviour. (MF, inc, funeral, nec)

In the Dead of Night - by Me2u1time - Both girls were hot as fire. I watched them closely as I got back in my car and slowly drove away from the gas pumps. Their boyfriends were getting party supplies while the girls stood next to the dark green Mustang GT convertible. It looked like they were in for a party but none of them looked sobor enough to drive. (MF, nec, cannib, extr-v)

Jane's Burial - by The Undertaker - A strange urge overtakes a young woman while she is attending the funeral of a friend. She has an overpowering urge to experience the sensations of burial herself, and she acts on that urge with a little help from a stranger. (F-teen, fetish, sn)

Journey Complete - Phallus Symbol #5 - by Rachel - A screwed-up teenager gets some "help" from a suicide hotline. (F/F, mast, edgeplay, suicide)

Keiko - by Jack B. - I had special ordered Keiko, a 19 year-old Japanese virgin, from a friend in Hong-Kong. A fresh kidnapping cost me extra, but it was so well worth it. Keiko was tall for a Nip, with huge fucking breasts. They were so sensitive that my slightest touch brought moans to Keiko's tiny pouty mouth. I imagined ramming my cock down that mouth, hearing her gag around my think meat, then choke and gargle as I flooded her throat with my juicy cum. (MF, FF, asian, rp, tort, sn)

Komodo Dragon - by AB-2003 - A woman with an overpowering need to take anyone up on any dare, does something over the top, even for her. (F/reptile, exh, dare)

Last and First Time - by Ozymandius - My old girlfriend was about to go into the Air Force, and as we had not spent any time together in several weeks, I called her on a Friday night to get an evening together. I figured it might very well be the last one. (MF, cons-asphyxia, oral)

Late Date - by Kathy - A teenager has a little too much to drink at a party and is seduced by her older boyfriend into having sex with him up against a tree at the edge of the dark parking lot at night, only to find that there is someone else present. (MMF, rp, v)

Liar - by AB-2003 - I contracted HIV back in the 80's and have full blown AIDS now. That didn't slow me down all that much though, I still fuck at least one new female a week and they never know that I'm infected. (M/F+, nc, huml, death?)

Librarian - by Mojado dude - This librarian really turned me on. Things would have been fine if she wouldn't have threatened to call the cops on me. (MF, nc, sn)

Lisa's Castration Fantasy - by Rachael Ross - The thought of castrating a boy is a real turn on for a 17-year-old girl. (f/m, teens, castr, cons)

Little Lisa - by Marica - Nine-year-old Lisa meets a monster who enjoys her little body in more ways than one. (M/g, ped, nc, sn)

Loving Amy - by TimberWolf - He came all the way across the nation just to see Amy, just to hold her in his arms, to snuff her life out with her willing anticipation. (MF, intercourse, v, sn)

Mardi Gras - by Slavegirl_4ever - As I lay there, blindfolded, bound, and gagged as I thought back to how it all had started... (M+/F, nc, bd)

Mark Gets What He Deserves - by Looney - Mark screws the wrong woman. (MF, v, bd, tor, cast)

Master of Darkness - by Kelly Berks - The night belongs to unseen creatures who have mastered its darkness, waiting quietly and patiently for those who would recklessly venture into their unforgiving domain. Violate their space if you dare, but be advised that you may pay the ultimate price for your foolishness. (MF, nc, v, murd)

Melanie and the Zombies - by PJurado - "No! Greg! My parents might see!" protested Melanie while her boyfriend slipped his hand underneath her black t-shirt to squeeze her breast. (Mm+/f-teen, rp, can, sn)

Mexican Hooker - by Michael - A teenage boy takes unfair advantage of a Mexican Hooker while visiting Tijuana when they cut school on a Friday in Southern California. (mf-teens, v, mutilation)

Misty's Sexual Encounters - by JohnnyCumLately - Misty had always craved cock. There wasn't one day where a guy hadn't fucked her since she was old enough to remember. She loved being degraded and was an excellent slave. The feel of a huge dick inside her ass always got her off. The degradation was something she loved. (MF, orgy, v, bd, huml, sn)

Mr. Black's Experiment - by dale10 - Mr. Black conducts some research in cum control with a teenage boy. (Mm, ped, nc, rp, v, bd, huml)

My Decent into Rape - by Floyd - A short story about raping a woman. (MF, nc, rp, voy, v, bd, tor)

My Fairy Princess - by Honda-Matic - A distracted burglar finds his heart's desire in the city morgue. (MF, nec)

My First Anal Sex - by Sweetmeat - Two young women are touring Europe when one of them decides to spend the night with a handsome man. (MF, rough-sex, oral, anal, ws, alcohol)

My Little Piggy - by Yukon Tom - I was at a local bar not having much luck, when this beautiful redhead came up to me and introduced herself as Andrea. (Fdom/M, sn, cannibal)

Necro Lover - by AB-2004 - A guy gets tired of the head-games his girlfriend keeps playing on him and takes control. (MF, axp, nec)

Necrophilia: A Beginner's Guide - by Theoderich - Very few text files have been written regarding the sexual tendencies and practices of necrophiliacs. This is one of them. (FAQ)

Necromancer - by Rachael Ross - A guy grieves over his girlfriend's death in her very own way. (m/f-teens, nec, rom, humor)

Necromantic - by AB-2003 - A woman's journey into darkness and violence all for the love of a man. (MMF, rp, v, sn, nec)

Necrophilia - by SAT - A teenage boy finds his first lover. (mf-teens, nec, 1st)

Necronomicon: Book of the Dead - by Dracthyus - Kristen had been on some odd dates before, but this one took the cake. That was the price she accepted for using that voice-mail dating service she'd seen advertised during Oprah. She'd talked to some real losers, and had gone out with the few that seemed, at the very least, normal. Will turned out not to be normal at all, though. (MF, alien, rp, bd, v, sn)

Nicole Kidman's Discipline - by Spineless - Nicole Kidman's jealous husband gives her a computer-controlled slow hanging in this story, oh what fun! (MF, v, nc, hanging, sn, parody)

Night At Jennifer's - by Slim n' Dusty - Jennifer gets to live out her fantasy with Steve a school acquaintance who happens to be a virgin and just what Jennifer is looking for. (FMM, asphyxia, 1st, sn, cons)

Nurse That if You Can - by Doghead_2000 - After the Japanese overrun a military hospital during WW2, they massacre most of the personnel. Then they have some fun raping, torturing and executing a few specially selected captive nurses. (M+/FF, nc, rp, v, sn, bd, tor, asian)

Nurse Wendy - by Slim n' Dusty - A nurse uses a dead man for her pleasure. (MF, work, nec)

Objections - by Tigger - Jerry Parks and Mark Jenkins object to being drafted into the military afer a national crisis starts a drive to ilist the youth of America again. What they didn't realize was what their status would mean in the long run. (tg, military, medical, preg, castr)

Our First Time - by Francis - An older man mourns the love he lost. (MM, nec, rom)

Pacta Sunt Servanda - by Francis - A young man finds himself struggling to pay his debts. (MM, nc, v, ax-play, bd)

Party for Claire - by TLeg Man - I considered myself to be a good lover and she agreed. Nevertheless; my wife Claire had numerous affairs and she even left me several times for other guys. She eventually would grow tired of them or the other way around and would return to me begging for forgiveness and I would always take her back. (M+F, nec, orgy)

Paying For It - by Francis - What was just another night at work turns really nasty. (MM, nc, v, bd, fist)

Past Tense - by Rachael Ross - A young woman is grieving for a lost love, it's almost too painful to bear, but should she be grieving for "this" lost love? (MF, rom, nec)

Payment In Full - by thirsty69 - A man in debt must chose between his own death and his family. He decides to be the object of a snuff to repay the money and save his wife and children. (MF, nc, v, sn)

People Like Them - by Wednesday's Child - She was oblivious to his threats and pleas. She tore the medicine-cabinet open, the mirrored door shattered; glass shards flew everywhere. She knocked over expensive bottles of perfume, in her frenzy to find the little packet of razors she hid there just a week before. Bottles tumbled and crashed into the white porcelain sink. (MF, self-v)

Piano - by ChronicFantasist - This is a story about someone who plays the piano. It's kind of inspired by a Smiths song - when I was very young, I thought a line in the Hand that Rocks the Cradle was "there will be blood on the piano tonight" which made an impression (this isn't what he says). Also, the idea of Charlie Mingus's clown that realises that the more he beats himself up, the more applause he gets was an influence. (M-solo, v, ritual, suicide)

Poke-Her Night - by PervertedFemale - He and all the other husbands told their wives that it was poker night and not to disturb them in the basement, when really it was 'Poke Her' night... and the main attraction was his own daughter... (M+/f-teen, exh, inc, orgy, sn)

Princess Bride - by Doghead_2000 - Princess Clarrisa and her maid are captured on their way to the wedding alliance. Both are raped by the enemy knights in gangbang orgies, before the Princess is tortured and executed as an example to the rival king's enemies. A fantasy mediaeval story of castles and dungeons, and what goes on inside. (MMF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

Quickie - by Panting - Keeping a sharp eye open for a rich bitch, then taking advantage of an opportunity keeps a man with a grudge on the move. (MF, rp, v, sn)

Rebecca - by Phantom - He enjoys Rebecca for the last time, again and again. (MF, nec)

Rage - by Telerant - They may weep as I take them; they may cry and struggle. On occasion, they cry out to the world, pleading for help. Fools. Don't they know that they will receive no help? Don't they know that the world is a cruel and unjust place, and if I didn't do this to them, somebody else surely would, whether it is another person not unlike myself or if it is their true love. (M/f-teen, rp, v, sn, can, nec)

Rage! - by Jack Tompson - A white teenage girl is sexual abused by a black man. But in the end she finds her way to avenging his wrongdoing. (M/f-teen, nc, rp, intr, v, sn)

Rape Chronicles - File #6 - by Kelly Berks - Debbie had found the perfect apartment. It was within walking distance of her job and was quite affordable. Most importantly, it seemed like a safe place for a single woman to live. Debbie would discover that some of the other tenants in the building were bad news, but that would be the least of her problems. (MF, nc, rp, v, tor)

Rape Stop - by Imma Scared - I pulled off the highway into a rest area, and was relieved to see that there were no other vehicles in the small lot. I've always been afraid of rest areas, and try hard to limit the amount of liquids I drank, so that I can combine my "rest stop" with the need to get more gas since using the ladies room at the gas stations was usually much cleaner. But Nature was calling, and I had to answer her. (M+/F, rp, v)

Raping Amy - by Wiley06 - During my second year of college I moved into a group living situation, much like a dorm, but without big brother looking over your shoulder all the time. Well, after about a month, one of the girls there caught my eye... (MF, rp, v, dom)

Rich Man's Pleasures - by b biddle - An obscenely rich man fulfills his every violent and lascivious fantasy. (Mdom/F+, nc, v, bd, tor, sn)

Ritual - by S.A. Talley - There was a unique sect of paganism that began as a cult and turned into almost a religion in late 14th century England. The sect was called "The Bringers" and their most sacred ceremony required human sacrifice. (MF, nc, bdsm, sacrifice)

School Restroom Rape - by Adiemus Baccante - He grabbed her as she stepped out of the bathroom stall. The girl barely having time to scream, the surprise at being grabbed suddenly by a large, dark clothed man in the girl's bathroom at school overwhelming her momentarily. (M/F-teen, nc, rp, preg)

Server - by Phoebe - In the future, some people are trained from birth to give exceptional sexual pleasure. They're bred to be pleasing in appearance and actions. But when one of these people is "misused" there are consequences. (FF, nc?, si-fi, sn)

Sexual Restraint - by Phoebe - A woman who is extremely bored with her life meets an interesting stranger. (MF+/F, exh, bd, gb)

Sex With Satin - by Psycoe - My life had been very boring and drab. My subscription to Penthouse and National Lampoon was about to expire so my life had no meaning. I had been working mowing lawns, trying to get enough money to buy a hard drive, since my ex-girl friend told me that hard things were nicer than floppy ones. My parents were in California for US '84. My dad posted a note on the local college job board that he needed a baby-sitter to watch his 15-year-old son and sit by the pool and suntan. We got many phone calls. My babysitter's name was known to me only as "34-24-33". (F/m-teen, sn, v, orgy)

Shannon and the Snake - by Dashwood - A vivacious young high school senior is kidnapped and fed to a giant snake for the amusement of a cruel Middle Eastern man. (MF, voy, nc, v, sn)

Shelby's First Party - by Anon NixPixer - The evening was not going well and Shelby knew it. Only fifteen, she had almost passed out when a college junior had asked her here. Telling her mother and father that she was going to a girlfriend's house for the night, she met her date, Craig, at a convenience store near her home. Just getting in the car made her feel much older than her years. (M+/f-teen, alcohol, gangrape)

Ship's Rations - by TheKnecht - Castaway on the wreck of their boat, with all their food swept away, a man and a woman seem doomed to die of hunger before they drift ashore. But really, there IS meat aboard, isn't there? (MF, mut, can, v, nec, rom)

Siren, The - by Slim n' Dusty - A woman is housed in an institution where she is caught in bed with a young, dead man. The case is a complete mystery and, as such, her trial has been postponed. Rumour has it that she can lure young men to their death by harnessing their lust. (MF, v, axphixa, sn, nec)

Sisters - by Parker - A sister helps her black boyfriend rape her sister. Then she starts to force her sister to do other things against her will. (MFdom/F, inc-bi, intr, rp, v, preg)

Snake in the Grass - by Hullo Nurse - A story about a woman who has an "unhealthy" fascination with snakes. (F/snakes, mast)

Soccer Mum - by JAX 8 - Even across the width of the football field he could pick her out, even though dhe was wrapped up against the cold wind that whistled down Welsh Valley. No clothes could hide her fuckable body and long flowing brunette hair. (Mdom/F, rp, tort, v, sn)

Stopless - by Rachael Ross -A teenage girl, dissatisfied with her home life runs away only to be picked up by a prostitute. As they drive along the teen decides that selling her body might be a good way to support herself and begs the older woman to help her. If the girl had stayed home she might still be alive today. (F/fteen, MMM/fteen, M/F, oral, rp, v, sn)

Surprise Guest - by Slim n' Dusty - When a robber enters her apartment, Vanessa doesn't even seem to mind. It's not until later that you discover she has her own agenda. (MF, nc, sn, nec)

Susan Gets What She Deserves - by Looney - Susan gets it when she drives her boyfriend over the edge. (MF, rp, v, feet, sn)

Susan Let's It Go To Her Head - by Looney - Scheming Susan gets more than she bargained for in a breast enhancer. (MF, v, sn, size)

Son of Necrophilia - Igor Mortis - A sick and disturbed man becomes a coroner in a small town where one day he falls in love with a patient. (MF, nec, preg)

Sorority Feast - by The Lizard - I've always wanted to waste an entire sorority. Call me ambitious, but even killers have their goals in life. No one had ever done it before, and something this monumental would truly make a statement, ya know? (MF, bd, nec, can, v, mur)

Stephanie Brown's Wake - by Delbard - A father visits his dead daughter one last time. (M/f-teen, inc, nec)

Swimming Pool Submission - by Phoebe - I'd done it a dozen times before. Sneaking into my neighbor's backyard pool late at night was something I was getting used to doing. I always thought that if someone caught me I'd be able to talk myself out of trouble. (MMM/F-teen, rp, v)

Tears - by Anonymous - From childhood a brother enjoys making his little sister cry. As he matures his thoughts turn to new ways to produce the tears he loves to see. (m-teen/g-pre, inc, rp, v)

Ten Dollar Fine - by Wollstonecraft - Ten dollars. The fine was only ten dollars but she wasn't going to pay it. Not to that hick bastard sheriff or judge or whatever else he was is this ugly little southern town, that's for sure. (MF, tort, rp, v, nc, preg, sn)

Taken - by Twisted - I have always wanted to be taken. When I was a child I was fascinated by aliens and daydreamed about being taken by them. As I grew older my fantasies turned to be taken by a man. I masturbated to being raped, but not a vicious violent rape. Finally my fantasies came true. (Mdom/F, teens, nc, rom, ws)

Traveling Salesman, The - by Jamal - The Pressure was beginning to build. The need, the desire was welling in side of him. He wanted to relieve it and release it. To get rid of that pressure, that need, that desire he had to rape and kill. He would have to humiliate and control some fucking worthless brunette or redheaded bitch, but he didn't want to do that anymore. (MF, v, sn)

Treasures in Her Cave - by Slim n' Dusty - This bone-loving female soldier doesn't keep her skeletons in a closet, she keeps them safely tucked away at an undisclosed site - ALL FOR HERSELF! (F/M+, v, nec)

Twist, The - by Albatross - Sarah read the story under the "Serial Rapist-Killer Strikes Again!" headline for the tenth time. She grew wetter each time she did. She had been following this story since it first broke nearly a year before. The killer, nicknamed SRK, preyed on young attractive women in their twenties. (MF, rp, tor, sn)

Unrepentant Necrophile - by Jim Morton - Karen Greenlee is a necrophiliac. Five years ago she made national headlines when she drove off in a hearse and wasn't heard from for two days. Instead of delivering the body to the cemetery she decided to spend some time alone with the corpse. Eventually, the police found her in the next county, overdosed on codeine Tylenol. (MF, nec)

Vietnam 1968 - by Jack Milton - None of us ever talked about it after the war, but I think it should be written down while I still remember so vividly the details of what happened on July 11, 1968 in a small village close to the Cambodian border in Vietnam. That was the night that my squad captured a female Vietcong agent responsible for a number of terrorist attacks, including the blowing up of a Saigon club filled with Americans. (M/F, asian, rp, sn, voy)

Vietnamese Cockbelt - by Kim Phan - The widow of a Viet Cong soldier enjoys her new occupation, castrating G.I.s and attaching their cocks to her belt. (Fdom/M, bd, trot, cast, sn, asian, military)

Viking Raid, The - by Doghead_2000 - The early dawn raid by the Vikings on the small village was sudden and violent. However it lead to much enjoyment for the ship-bound warriors before catching the tide home. (M+/F, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

Wanting - by PervertedFemale - The putrid smell invaded his awaiting nostrils, he loved the smell, so inhumaningly rank, yet it smelt like a fragrant flower to him. (MF, nc, v, tort, nec)

WAR - by Crimson Dragon - A story about the perversions of war, with all the vises; murder, rape and mayhem. (FF, cons, war, v, sn)

Weekend - by OGF - A young woman is going to make a weekend out of enjoying her favorite band at a nightclub in town. But when she meets a man at the club, she gets sidetracked? (Mdom/F, bdsm, rp? tort?)

Wendy Hates Me - by AB-2007 - Always treat those nerdy boys politely because one day your life might depend on it. (mf-teens, nc, rp, v, sn, nec)

When I Lost It - by Phoebe - From the very first moment that my father started acting scary and different I realized something bad would happen to me, I just didn't know that I'd end up killing him. I never thought it would come to that... (M/g, father/daughter, inc, ped, nc, sn)

White Boy's Dick - by AB-2003 - I hate men, fuck them all, but I love their dicks. I love the way their dicks feel pounding in me, making me go crazy with lust. Black brothers fuck better, but white boys are more willing. (MF, intr, castr, v, bd)

You Really Can't Eat Just One - by Julia - The men had this once a year opportunity to win back their balls. It was not an opportunity they were likely to refuse. (MF, cast, bd, v)

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