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Rape Stop (M+/F, rp, v)

Written by Imma Scared (

I pulled off the highway into a rest area, and was relieved to see that there were no other vehicles in the small lot. I've always been afraid of rest areas, and try hard to limit the amount of liquids I drank, so that I can combine my "rest stop" with the need to get more gas since using the ladies room at the gas stations was usually much cleaner. But Nature was calling, and I had to answer her.

I couldn't have been in the woman's restroom for more than 5 minutes, and yet someone had pulled in the lot beside my little Yugo. I felt a moment of panic as visions of being attacked filled my head. My hands shook hard as I fumbled for my keys, and I dropped them!!

As I bent down to pick them up, I suddenly felt strong hands grasp my behind, and heard a voice grumble, "Nice ass, uh Pete?"

The man yanked me up close to the front of his body and pulled me up, as the other man, "Pete" stood up, and stepped around my car while unzipping his pants.

"You can have her ass Snake, I want that bitch's pussy. She looks like the Ms Goody-two-shoes type who ain't had a good fuckin' in her life!"

I could hardly breath, I was so scared, "Please, let me...", I began, but Snake's hand suddenly groped my crotch hard, and he said, "Don't' worry baby, you're gonna "please" us, and let us fuck you till we're tired of fucking every hole in you're body, or you're dead, which ever comes first! And if you don't want to get the shit beat out of you while we fuck you, then you just do exactly like you're told!"

Snake's left hand lifted up my skirt and because I wasn't wearing panties, thrust what I can only imagine was his thumb into my asshole. I tried to wrestle away, but Snake just held me tighter with his powerful grip.

The man named Pete now stood in front of me, and I could see him fully now. His face looked as if it had never had a kind expression cross it.

"Look at what I got for you." she drawled.

I looked down, "My God," I cried. "Please no, please it's too big!"

Pete's massive cock was 10 inches long and at least 3 inches thick, and looked as if it was still growing. He just smiled, "You'll take it, all of it! It may hurt you like hell, but you'll take every inch of it."

Snake took his thumb out of my ass, and said, "Okay bitch move, head toward that picnic table under the trees."

I did as I was told, hoping that if I did what they said, I would survive what was obviously going to be a very bad time. When I got to the table, without waiting to be told, I removed my clothes, shivering from the cool breeze that played about my exposed skin.

"Oh, well ain't you the good little fuck doll! Lay back on the table, with your legs hanging down!"

As I hurried to obey, the two men quickly undressed. Snake's cock was even bigger than Pete's, and to my terrified eyes, it looked more like a policeman's baton than a man's penis!

From somewhere, Pete produced a piece of rope, and tied my legs to the table spreading my legs wide. With another length of rope, he tied my hands' together, leaving a very long end, which was handed to Snake.

Snake used the length of rope to pull my arms over my head. "Don't move your arms, unless I give you permission, you hear me fuck doll?"

I nodded. I wasn't going to do anything that might make these crazy men angry with me, not if I could help it.

Now Pete moved between my legs, and began rubbing the head of his slimy cock against the lips of my pussy. To my dismay, I could feel myself growing moist down there -- it did feel strangely stimulating to have his piece of flesh rubbing not just my pussy lips but up against my clit as well. An the really strange thing was that not being able to stop him was making me somehow more aroused than I think I had been in ages. My body was betraying me by hungering for these stranger's cocks!

Pete said, "You look like a smart bitch, beg me to fuck you. Make it sound sincere and sexy, and humble, and I may go easy on you." He looked like he was enjoying this.

I couldn't believe the words that sprang to my head, and out of my mouth! "Please!" I begged "Please! Thrust your hard thick magnificent dick into me, make me pregnant with your bastard child, fuck my brains out NOW! I need your hard manhood rammed up inside me!"

And I found that I meant it too, even as I wished that this was a really just some kind of nightmare.

"I'm eager to please my little fuck doll!" Pete laughed, and then he RAMMED his thick cock violently into my pussy! It felt like a log made of white-hot metal!

I screamed, and suddenly my mouth was filled! Snake had stuck his cock into my mouth and I wanted to gag, I tried to turn my head away, But with the rope- end wrapped around his hand, Snake held my head still.

I couldn't believe the horror of it! Pete was thrusting hard, painfully into my poor pussy, and Snake was pumping his rock hard cock in my mouth. As if they had done this a thousand times, the thrust of hard dick in my mouth, and my in pussy became unified, a long slow slide of cock back through my pussy and almost out my mouth, then forceful slide back in.

Together they slowly picked up speed, Pete's cock stretched my pussy and he thrust so hard that I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, even as Snake's massive hardon strangled and choked me!

But I didn't pass out, I could only lie there and endure them as they thrust into came at a frenzied punishing pace -- until suddenly, there came a red-hot explosion as Pete and Snake came, pouring a flood of cum into both ends of my body.

And then to my further shame and horror, I heard a voice say, "Looked like fun, can I have some of that?"

"Hell, what am I sayin'. Can I have? Shit, just gonna knock me off a juicy cummy piece of that hot sweet nasty cummy meat. Come on boys get your cocks out of the way. Let Nasty Dog in so he can wear that hot nasty thing out just a little bit more. Gonna make her scream in fuck glory, come on hurry up; my cocks just about to bust."

Snake and Pete withdraw their dripping cocks from me, and as I attempted to struggle free, they pushed me back down. Snake turned toward the voice, "Sure man, help yourself, she's a pretty good fuck alright."

"Thanks man, I kin' barley wait to get on top of this fine hot nasty slut. Luvs these cocks don't ya baby? Look so purty cum runnin' out your mouth and pussy like that. Boys ya all done?"

Unlike Pete and Snake, my new tormentor seemed to get a real kick out of talking, which somehow made things worse. I remember every word he said...

"Hold her good and tight to make ready for Nasty Dog. Roll her over on her belly get that hot ass stickin' up in the air fer me. Got to have me a clean hole to fuck. Looks like y'all ain't cummed up her ass yet. So that asshole be mine all mine. Ya ever been dry fucked in the ass sweet little fuck doll?"

I whimpered, "No, please..."

"Well makes no difference once my cock's been in a bit that asshole will get juicy as hell. Can't get away my two friends here got your arms, and I'm between your legs with my big ol' horny joy stick gettin' ready to make and take your hole. Gonna ream your hot tight asshole baby doll. Spread her ass cheeks apart real wide boys so's I can get good aim on her tight little asshole. Can you get a rag stuffed in her mouth? Otherwise someone might hear her screamin' bloody murder. Raisin bloody hell." As the rag was stuffed in my mouth, I felt the last flicker of hope of rescue recede.

The stranger continued, "Gonna raise my hard cock dog up that hot hole.You gonna Luvs this cutie pie. Cockhead on that tight ass ring givin' a little so I know where I'm at. Feels like I'm at the door to sweet fuckin', yeah."

I can hear Pete and Snake laughing "Yesss... fuck you now baby -- hard as this hard dog can be pushed."

If the rag in mouth wasn't there, my screams would have been heard for miles. Never had I felt such pain! It was unbelievable how much pain there was. I wished someone would come along and blow my brains out -- if that would stop the incredible agony! Each stroke of this man's cock only seemed to give him more pleasure, and energy, and me more pain.

"Uhhh...all the way in to my balls. Hold her tighter she's squirmin' hard now. Damn bangin' so hard the tables shakin'. Hope I don't break it, the table that is. Fuck the asshole gonna tear it up. Shit so tight so hot, gonna make it hotter filled with my hot cum. Burn ya baby... burn ya baby... shootin' all up in ya... feels so good. How yah like it? Bet ya like it hard and heavy, huh? No matter anyways. Great big full load of cum. Aaaahhh... Yeeesss...sweetbitch... last ass pump for good fuck...cock popped out just like a toaster pop-up... drippin' with cum icing."

The man stood up looking down at me trust up, laying on the table, I couldn't help the tears that were running down my cheeks.

"Ain't she a sweet sight boys? Lookin' all like a cum cake... cum runnin out her ass... mixin' with the cum... drippin from her pussy... cum drippin' down her chin. Think she deserves a good smack on the ass for a job well done. Don't ya think so boys?"

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! His hand came down hard on my ass, but compared to the aching of the inside butt, it was minor. "Let her up boys. You can let her go now. Just leave her. Don't worry, looks like she's passed out from all the fun and excitement. Probably got to much... Cum that is..." Ha ha ha!

The stranger was wrong. I had not passed out, and somehow Pete and Snake knew it. I felt myself being turned over, and heard Snake say, "The night is still young fuck doll, I want my turn at your pussy! And then Pete and I will take turns at your sweet little ass ourselves." He was, to my surprise, easing his cock into me.

It still hurt like hell, because his dick was so massive, but he was taking it slow, almost like a lover. He pumped into me slowly but firmly, each stoke seeming to go deeper and deeper -- my body began to rise upward to meet each stoke as if on autopilot.

His hairy body was hitting my clit just right, sending waves of pleasure like I had never known. The long hard slow strokes of my rapist seemed to touch every pleasure button in my body, and I could feel my cunt contract to hold Snake's cock inside me when he was fully thrust into me.

Snake began to thrust faster and harder, I realized that the gag had fallen out of my mouth and I was screaming "Pleezzee Fuck me Snake! Fuck me harder. Feels so fuckingood!!"

Snake's dick seemed to grow harder, it seemed to be a mile long and half a mile thick as he seemed to enter every inch of me." He thrust, and plunged and pounded, his hard body slamming into me, and suddenly we...he... I exploded in a white hot flash of pleasure.

Snake, his cock still inside me, bent and kissed me. "Loved that didn't yah fuck doll?"

I nodded dumbly looking up at him, still with my hands tied over my head, and my legs spread wide for my attackers.

"You want me to fuck you some more?" he asked.

I nodded again. I did want Snake as I had never wanted any man in my life. Snake turned his head towards Pete, "Yeah, we need to fuck this honey a lot more, don't we Pete?"

Laughing, Pete said, "Yeah, fuck your little cockslave until the sun comes up! And when we're done, we won't leave her here. She's much too good a fuck doll to throw away! Oh no, we ain't gonna throw you away baby..."


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Why shouldn't a woman like to read and write rape fantasies? I am a woman, but I'll admit that I love rape fantasies. I love to imagine that I have been taken my force... Why should I be ashamed of that?

And I rather find myself turned by men who fantasize about rape...

Fantasies harm no one.

"Here I wonder, if my fantasy were to become a reality: If a Totally bald man were to take me against my will, to punish my poor pussy with his powerful piston-like prick, would I not find freedom and joy?"

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