Castration Party:
    Sheikh's Revenge

            (MF, v, sn, tor)
      Angry Greek

Disclaimer; this is strictly an adult revenge fantasy. It is not my intention to encourage, condone, or participate in such behavior. Nevertheless; I can't think of a more fitting punishment for women who unjustifiably castrate men for no better reason than this one. Still, leave those matters to the proper authorities.

* * *

Ahmed had committed suicide shortly after the grisly occurrence he was forced to endure at the hands of Jenne and Liz. Being the only son of a wealthy Oil Sheikh, the man was devastated at his son's death. Not being one to be made a fool, he used his vast billions and influence with the feds to launch an investigation.

What was discovered was a ring of sadistic women who took pleasure in castrating males. The way they operated was by digging into the lives of the men in question, making sure they were single, seducing them, sedating them, and, finally, castrating them.

The women found nothing on Ahmed which indicated that he was the son of a Sheikh as he was traveling incognito. He had shaved his beard, decided to pursue a master's degree, and, used the alias "Vincent Valerio."

Given how the Arabs had conquered the southern portion of Italy and mixed with many of the locals, many Italians have an "Arab" appearance. This fact was not lost on Ahmed, who wanted nothing to do with the wealth, or the easy life he lead. He wanted to try an ordinary life.

When Jenne and Ahmed first met, he was a perfect gentleman. He wanted nothing to do with sex, and treated Jenne which she, quite frankly, did not deserve. Although Ahmed fought of all her advances, finally he yielded. Reason being, Jenne had used tears as a weapon. Even though he was not at all interested in having sex with her, she was rabid about castrating him.

Jenne proceeded to do to him what she had done many other males. Ahmed watched in horror as his manhood was taken from him as his body was mutilated. The pain was too much and he fainted. Miraculously he survived the ordeal but he was not the same. He had tried so hard to be a moral man, and succumbing like this cost him his genital organs. Unable to cope with the pain, he hung himself.

When his father heard the news of his son's death he screamed in agony and rage. Ahmed's father was an intelligent man, he knew Ahmed was not a depressive, suicidal type, so he because justifiably suspicious. This is when the investigation was launched. After their castration den was discovered, the Sheikh planned a terrible vengeance.

Once again using his influenced with the feds, he arranged for the release of the worst serial killers the country had. The most sadistic rapists, torturers and psychopaths; they were all there. Now, the Sheikh was not planning on having the men live; he only wanted to watch the women suffer.

Jenne, Liz and the women who watched Ahmed get castrated were all kidnapped. For every woman there were 10 men raping and torturing them. Liz and Jenne had something special awaiting them however.

Two of the serial killers had 10 inch dicks that were thicker than beer cans. Jenne and Liz were forced to deep-throat both of them and their hair was tightly held in place, "so you like to cut of men's balls you little bitch! you have to worship my cock now, and your friend has to worship my buddy's cock over there!"

Jenne and Liz were in a deep rage at being dominated as they were not used to it. After a while, two of the serial killers produced syringes normally used for enemas. The killers filled five of the syringes with bleach and acid.

"Let's see how you like your parts removed! Since you're bitches and we can't really cut of anything the way you can with us, we figured a little bleach injection would do the trick!" the killers said as they approached Jenne and Liz, whose were naked and bloodied and whose legs where being held wide apart, their pussy lips dripping the cum from their repeated rapes.

What's more, the rapists did not make it a point to pleasure them either; they were "dry raped," meaning there was a lot of torn vaginal tissue. The killers made certain they would feel the bleach injection.

With a harsh thrust the bleach and acid filled enema injection was shoved into her pussy. Ever so slowly, one of the killers began injecting the liquid into Liz. Liz led out an agonizing yelp as the mix burned her womanly insides.

"Vengeance," the Sheikh cried out, "vengeance for my son's death you whores!"

The killers obliged him.

"Like what you see?" the killers told Jenne "you're next you little bitch!"

"You bastards you'll pay for this!"

They all laughed hard.

"Not if you become a vegetable honey! We'll see to that!"

Jenne suffered the same fate as Liz. The bleach/acid mix burned her insides and it was the most intense pain she'd ever felt. She did not imagine there was a way guys could get revenge at being castrated, other than slicing of breasts (which wasn't the same), which involved such pain. Apparently there was.

The acid seared and burned her insides, ever so slowly. The bleach reacted with her body chemistry, and the pain spread to her stomach. She could not faint, as the killers had injected with a powerful stimulant which kept her awake the whole time.

She sheikh watched with a stern but approving glare. He had avenged the death of his son.

The serial killers were summarily executed; they had served their purpose.

Jenne and Liz had to be put into a mental hospital as the torture they were made to endure basically turned them into walking vegetables who had completely lost their sense of self.

The audience of the castration party was stripped naked and dropped into the Nefud desert with no provisions far away from any civilization. Pale European skin and the Nefud do not go well together as the women soon discovered.

To make certain the women would not hurt anyone else, Liz and Jenne were lobotomized.

The Sheikh, using his fortune, started an underground movement which hunted down women who kidnapped men just to castrate them. Many women had bleach injections in their cunts and butt holes and where lobotomized around the world.


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