(MMF, teens, nc, rp, intr, blkmail)
By Rick
(address withheld)

So, yeah, this isn't about the Smiths or anything. I've been at the hospital for the past few days, all day. My girlfriend Susan got into an accident when she pulled out to turn onto a street and her driver's side got hit by a semi-truck. She's now in the intensive care unit, in a coma, with extensive damage to her brain stem apparently. Her chances don't look too good.

She wouldn't let me make love to her when we were dating but we saw a lot of each other and she liked to kiss and let me touch her boobs a lot, so I was happy enough. Now it seems like I'll never get the chance to go all the way with her.


It was after visiting hours in the hospital. I was sitting beside Susan's bed as usual. It was dark in the room and I looked at my wristwatch, it was 11 pm. I looked at my Susan lying in bed as if she were sleeping; she looked just like an angel. She didn't even look like she had been in an accident; all the injuries were mostly internal. The doctors say she is stabilized and its just a wait and see thing until we know more.

I got up to kiss her good night and as I leaned over to kiss her my hand accidentally rested on one of her breasts. It was like a shot of electricity shot through me, ending up in my dick. I started getting really horny as I caressed her breast while she lay their helpless.

It occurred to me that nobody would enter the room unless I called them, so I figured I had at least a good 60 minutes of privacy with my girlfriend.

My hand moved lower, and I started rubbing my cock with my other hand, thinking about all the sex we would never have now that she was in a coma. My penis started rationalizing that Susan wouldn't want to die a virgin and if she got better, well, we would be doing it eventually anyway. Besides, nobody would ever know.

I went to the door and looked out into the hall; I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I opened my pants and started rubbing my dick while I slipped my other hand lower to play with Susan's pussy. It felt dry, but I started rubbing around her clit, getting her warmed up while my dick got harder than ever, due to thoughts of what I was doing to her.

Before long, pre-cum started leaking from my penis and Susan's pussy was getting moist from my finger penetrating her slit. It was now or never. I pushed her hospital gown up her prone body and climbed on top of her. Lining my leaking cock up with her tight slit, I pushed the head of my cock into her vagina.

I could feel the muscle at her entrance reluctantly stretching around my cock head, only allowing me to go in about an inch. She felt incredibly tight, but wet, so I started moving in and out slightly to spread her natural lubrication and I gained a little depth with every stroke.

I didn't want to waste a moment because I could feel my cum boiling up in my balls and knew I wouldn't last long. I shoved all the way in to her until my balls were pressed against her pussy lips. My dick going where nobody else had ever been before!

My ass bounced as I pounded into my girlfriend for all I was worth. I needed too get off and excited by her passivity as well as her tight vagina squeezing me as only a virgin's deflowering can be.

After a few minutes I felt myself cumming. It was more than I'd imagined, my body jerked with the intense pleasure of release and I thrust again and again expelling every ounce of cum I'd stored up for so long.

I was totally lost in the sensations, the wonderful sensations of filling my girlfriend's pussy with my hot spurting cum and I didn't notice the door opening on my left as an older black janitor silently entered the room.

He stood there and watched as I pumped and squirted into my comatose girlfriend's pussy and then he smiled as I collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath, exhausted from all the frantic physical exertion.

I looked up in surprise when he said, "I'm next."

I finally noticed he was in the room. His cock was already out of his pants by the time I climbed off my girlfriend and stood next to her bed, using a tissue to clean myself off.

Susan's "no longer" virgin cunt was glistening with a mixture of my cum and her maidenhead blood. I stood there the black guy started to climb on top of my girlfriend. I wanted to object as I watched him spread her legs with his knees and push his cock into her freshly used pussy open, like a flower and leaking.

He just looked at me as he sank his big black cock home and said, "You don't want me to report you, do you?"

I wanted to say something; I didn't want him fucking Susan, some strange older black guy cumming in my girlfriend, but realized I powerless to stop him. I watched as my beautiful angelic "comatose" girlfriend got raped by this stranger.

Finally, I picked up my coat and left the room. The last vision I had was of him pumping in and out of Susan's pussy, seeing her slit stretched around his cock as it pistoned in and out of her. Then he whispered, "Don't worry sonny, your secret is safe, I'll clean her up nice and good when I'm done."


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