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Tears (m-teen/g-pre, inc, rp, v)
By Anonymous Author

From childhood a brother enjoys making his little sister cry. As he matures his thoughts turn to new ways to produce the tears he loves to see.

I always enjoyed making my sister cry.

I'm not sure why. Maybe it had to do with some kind of power trip. Our Dad used to ridicule me and often beat the shit out of me in the name of "discipline". Maybe I needed to feel strong. It did make me feel powerful when I'd hit her and she'd curl up and cry.

Sometimes she fought back but she was too small to make any impression, she was rather like a kitten trying to fight a tiger. I really felt good when she fought. I am 5 years older than her and have always been strong for my age. My little sister is delicately wrought with slender bird-fragile bones.

Maybe it was because she was so damn pretty when tears welled up in those smoky blue eyes making them sparkle like sunlight off the Atlantic. She was such a little angel. She had a sparkling, sunny personality, was sweet and outgoing and was a flirt right from the cradle.

Even when she wasn't crying she was just about the prettiest little girl I'd ever set eyes on. Long pale gold hair, a perfect roses and cream complexion, a sweet full cupid-bow mouth and lips that were always the darkest pink, tiny teeth like little pearls, high cheek bones, a soft rounded little chin and those eyes. They were a magnificent shade of gray blue that always made me think of rain washed skies. They looked so damn beautiful when they were filled with tears. As if expressly molded for one purpose, she was made for tears.

Maybe it was a combination of both, but whatever the reason, I was addicted to her tears. I remember trying to make her cry in the cradle. Mom always said she was an unusually quiet baby, used to call Kat her "angel baby". I dumped her straight out of her bassinet when she was only 6 days old. That was my first experience making little Kat cry. I was hooked.

It was pretty standard brother sister baiting for years. I'd steal her toys, or knock her down or tease her with cruel names. I particularly enjoyed holding her down on her bed pressing the air from her lungs while she struggled to get out from under me all the while taunting her until I got what I wanted. That sparkling crystal waterfall of her precious tears.

Even with all the taunts and teasing, for some reason, my sister still adored me. She had a big case of hero worship and I reveled in it. We'd listen to music and play the same kind of games, read the same books and generally shut out the rest of the family.

She was smart as a whip, my Kat. The only one in our family who was as smart as me. We even shared the same 145 IQ. Our older sister was excluded from everything we did together. She was ugly, ungainly and stupid. Not to mention she'd inherited all of our father's unlovely personality traits, especially her love of exhaustive ridicule.

Our mother would plead with us to include our older sister in our relationship, but we refused. I know that our parents were jealous of our closeness too. I had such power over my sister that she even shunned them for my benefit whenever I required it.

Whatever the reason, it seemed to me that Kat was my own private little toy. I took advantage of that over the years. When we were young, I merely used her as a punching bag and ego booster. But when she turned 11 that all started to change.

The women in my family have all been early developers and despite my baby sister's waif-like frame she was no exception. While she never over-bloomed like our older sister, Kat started to develop sweetest little tits when she was only 10. It took me a while to notice them. However, one day while I was indulging in my favorite game of hold-her-down-and-tickle-her-until-she-cries-and-begs-for-me-to-get-off, I felt her pointy little nipples grinding against my chest.

I held her hands out to her sides, spreading her like a sacrifice on the cross, I levered myself up and looked down at her chest. What I saw made me hard, instantly. A thin pale blue t-shirt was stretched across her straining and wriggling torso. It revealed two sweet little tits crowned with rock hard nipples.

I glanced at her face and nearly came in my pants when I saw those gorgeous eyes swimming in tears. She was gasping for breath and begging me to let her go. Talk about a power rush! I lowered myself back onto her chest and let her struggle some more, enjoying the feel of her firm little breasts grinding into my chest.

Maybe I need to give you a few visual details, so you can firmly picture the scene I'm trying to describe.

At 16 I was already about 6 feet tall, strongly built (like my asshole father) with big broad shoulders and a rapidly developing chest, thanks to high school football. No, I wasn't the quarter-back, no I wasn't the school hero/stud but I was well respected by the other guys and had little difficulty finding a date when I wanted one. My wavy light brown hair, brown eyes and squarish jaw I inherited from our mother. I've been told that I'm good looking in a rugged way.

At age 11, my sister was still as fragile looking as ever (she's not as breakable as she looks though). She was just under 5 feet tall and weighed no more than 80 or 85 pounds. Amazingly long legged for her height, she had slender hips a tiny waist and I had just discovered those sweet budding breasts.

Realize that she usually dressed in fairly baggy clothes, it wasn't until her position under my much larger self stretched that t-shirt over her chest that I realized she even had breasts.

It honestly was the first time I thought about my sister as a female (IE as someone who I wanted). However, as I crushed those wonderful little tits against my chest, my thoughts were of nothing but how the rest of her would feel writhing against me.

Innocent of what her gyrations were doing to my 16 year old libido, my sister was quickly running out of air. So I lowered my crotch against her legs and eased up off her chest.

As soon as the pressure was off, she lay still gasping to refill her lungs. Tears were streaming down her beautiful face and her chest was heaving with effort. It took all my self control not to grab those sweet tits in my hands.

Finally, I rolled off her and lay with my back to her on the bed. Fighting my erection I felt her curl up against me, still crying.

"Your such a baby," I jeered at her. I felt her panting breaths subside and her sobs soften to silence. I rolled over to look at her and my erection blazed back to mammoth proportions.

She was curled up on her side, with her eyes closed and her thumb in her mouth. My sister has always sucked her thumb, I'd seen her do it a thousand times. But this time, I had an instant vision of those succulent lips wrapped around my thick cock instead of her thumb. I had to get the hell out of there before I came in my pants.

Back in my own room I ripped my sweatpants down and only a few strokes later was spraying the wall with my jism. I was in shock. There wasn't a girl in my school who I'd ever wanted to fuck as bad as I wanted to fuck my baby sister at that moment. Hell, there wasn't a female I'd ever laid eyes on that I wanted to fuck that badly, and for a 16 year old guy, that's saying something.

Even after exploding all over the wall, my cock was still rock hard and ready. I kept seeing those storm washed eyes running with tears, kept feeling those perfect little tits rubbing my chest, her hips writhing against me. I groaned loudly. I kept on stroking, knowing I had no choice. If I didn't, I'd go straight back in her room and rape the shit out of my sister with my entire family home.

I was lost. My room was right next to hers. Her bed was right up against the same wall mine was. I could hear her right then, moving around on it. I imagined going back in there, pushing her down on that bed and tearing her clothes off. I saw myself force her mouth open, slide my cock in and fuck her throat till she choked on my thick meat. All the while, her sweet tears falling.

I groaned again, stroking, stroking. After I raped her mouth I would... "Drew, are you okay?" I heard my mother's sweet voice inquire through my locked door.

I swallowed several times before I could reply in a semblance of normalcy. "Yeah Ma, I'm great." My wonderful mother wisely decided to leave me alone. Maybe she realized I was beating off, but she'd have personally castrated me if she ever realized that I was fantasizing about raping her little angel.


For the next several months all I did was fantasize about Kat. I still hung out with my baby sister, and her tortures continued, I was even more addicted to her tears than ever. But I never had an opportunity to fulfill those fantasies, and they were getting quite desperate. My parents worked, but not at the same time and then there was my tattle tale older sister, always there, always trying to squirm in on our time, trying to break us up.

I was getting rougher with Kat now. My frustrated need to fuck her silly was bringing out my aggression. Sometimes I'd just walk straight into her room, lock the door behind me and take a flying leap at her. I'd land on her and pin her to her bed, then I'd mercilessly tickle and pinch her while grinding my violent hard on into her crotch.

I lost my struggle to keep my hands off her tits but was still scared to do exactly what I wanted with them. So I settled for tickling and pinching them seemingly at random. She never noticed my hard on, because she was always struggling to breathe.

One day while I was straddling her waist, pinioning her wriggling body between my thighs, I almost gave in to my need. I knew my parents were home, I knew the snitch bitch was home, but my hand went to my zipper anyway. Kat was writhing against my hard on, her eyes awash and her beautiful face glistening wet with tears, she arched her back and bucked against me trying to throw me off and I lost it. But before I could yank down my zipper, I came in my pants. I beat a hasty retreat to my room while she was still limp and panting with exhaustion.

Soon after that episode, the snitch bitch got herself a job. One down, 2 to go. Unfortunately my parents never went anywhere. Not together or separately. They worked, and then they would come home and vegetate. However, enter my Aunt Jill with comp passes for Atlantic City. Finally, my parents were off to gamble and the bitch was at work. I was left in charge. And in charge was what I meant to be.

They left at 6 and said they probably wouldn't be back until really, really late. Perfect. The bitch worked until midnight, but was taking the opportunity to stay out with some friends that night. Heaven.

It was me and my baby sister. I was finally gonna have her.

I waited long enough to be sure they wouldn't be coming back for some forgotten item and then I moved. Kat was in the living room watching TV. She was splayed out, tummy down on the floor wearing a long night shirt that had been rucked up to mid thigh. Those baby smooth, creamy white thighs disappeared under the edge of lilac cotton knit and I was dying to spread them. I wasted no time.

I quickly straddled her hips and sank down to my knees, imprisoning her between my thighs. She rolled over and looked up at me pleadingly. "Please Du-bear," she said cajolingly, using her pet name for me. "Please, can't I watch this show?" She pouted up at me enticingly, flirting with those mesmerizing eyes to try to bend me to her will.

All that did was bring my hard on to peak fullness. I grinned down at her, taking in those luscious lips, sweet little tits and long legs exposed almost to the crotch by her position. I dropped to my knees and my straining cock made contact with her crotch through my sweatpants and her nightshirt.

She felt it this time and looked down at where our bodies met.

"No, you can't watch this show. I have something better in mind."

She was frozen still, staring at the hard bulge tenting out my pants. I leaned down and finally took those sweet tits into my palms. She dragged her gaze from my crotch and her eyes met mine. They were just starting to glisten. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

I leaned close to her ear, while massaging her breasts in my eager hands, I whispered back, "I'm gonna fuck you, baby sister. I'm gonna fuck you raw."

The tears welled and spilled over. My hard on gained another half inch. She just stared up at me for several moments, disbelieving. She was innocent yes, but not ignorant. She knew what I was about to do. I took advantage of her inactivity and whipped the nightshirt up and off her body. She was naked beneath. No panties, no bra, naked, gloriously beautifully naked. The cool air stiffened those luscious strawberry nipples.

She stared at me crying. I ripped off my own t-shirt and slid down her body until my flesh met hers feeling her pointed nubs against my skin. I groaned from the feel.

Keeping her pressed to the floor I reached down and shucked off my sweats. My cock sprang free and pressed against those satiny thighs. I leaned down and took her mouth. I thrashed her tongue with mine and explored every inner surface of her lips and mouth. I felt the tears running down her face. I drew back and licked at them, reveling in the salty sweetness.

"Please, don't do this," she gasped.

"Oh, my sweet Kat, I have to, I've been dying for you. I've got to!" My words started out softly, but ended in a stern commanding tone. I leaned away from her so that I could finally see her sweet tender flesh exposed for me.

She had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen, creamy ivory blushed with rose. So soft and velvety to the touch. I saw bruises in many places, bruises that I put there and I smiled. My eyes were drawn down to her baby mound.

"Spread your legs Kat." I demanded, she refused. "Don't make me spread them for you slut." I reared back and slapped her full across the face. Crack! Crack! Crack! My hand fell three times before her thighs fell apart.

I eased down her body and examined my trophy. A pale golden fuzz clung to her as yet undeveloped cunt. Her lips were puffy, the petals within tightly curled. A miniature button crowned the top and a tiny hole peeked out below.

I slid my tongue into that hole. She gasped. I licked her from bottom to top and sucked that little nub into my hot mouth. She whimpered. I tasted every millimeter. She was the most delicious thing I ever had in my mouth.

I leaned up and stared down at her. Her face was striped with silver tears, glistening in the dim lamp light. I fell on her beautiful breasts like a starving man. I mauled them, ravaged them, sucking the nipples and twisting, biting, lashing them with teeth and tongue.

I slipped a finger into her tight snatch, wet with my saliva. I twisted it back and forth trying to open her up for my thick straining cock. I knew this was going to hurt her but I didn't care, I wanted it to hurt. I loved hurting her, I was addicted to her pain, her tears her whimpers and gasps, her pathetic pleas for mercy.

I rammed another finger inside and she cried out, not quite a scream, not yet. Her tight cunt walls resisted the intrusion of my thick fingers, but I twisted and reamed her open little by little. I felt her hymen but left it intact for now, I wanted to sunder it with my cock, piercing her and filling her in one thrust. I had dreamed this moment into being, I knew exactly what I wanted from it.

I lavished more attention on those gorgeous little tits, those tits that had started me down this road, so many months before. She was sobbing outright now, crying my name and asking, "Why, why?"

I told her. I told her of the months of yearning, the frustrated desire, the need to own her, to own her pussy and her tits and her mouth. I told her when it started, I told her everything. How I would jack off fantasizing about raping her, how I would tickle her so she couldn't breath and grind my yearning prick against her straining crotch, pinch her nipples and ass when all I wanted to do was tear her clothes off and fuck her senseless.

As I spoke, I reared up, my thick straining cock towering menacingly over her. I pressed her thighs wide as I described everything I was going to do to her helpless body. Then I slipped lower, grabbing her knees in my hands and pulling them up over my hips as I leaned forward lining up my cock with her tiny little slit. My baby sister, my 11 year old sister.

My 16 year old cock straining to get inside, was almost as long as one of her thighs, thicker by far than one of her tiny ankles. I was going to tear her wide. I grinned as I pressed forward. My cockhead bumped her slit. I smeared the leaking precum over her lips, lubing her with my juices. I slipped the tip in and she gasped.

Her hands grasped my forearms as she attempted to brace for what she could not prevent. My hands gripped her waist as I simultaneously pushed forward and pulled her to me. My cock surged forward, dragging against the dry walls of her tunnel. She screamed as I drove through her maidenhead, I felt the blood fountaining and slicking down her passage, easing my forward thrust. I bottomed out against her cervix with 2 inches of my meat still unsheathed.

She was bucking wildly and screaming in agony. I stilled for a moment and savored it. The sticky blood stained glove of flesh was squeezing me so tightly it was painful, but I savored the pain, for her pain was greater. Her head thrashed from side to side, her scream subsided only to draw breath for the scream behind it. I pulled back a few inches, determined to get all of my cock into her body.

I knew that this could cause permanent damage, I didn't care, I was going to get inside my sisters baby uterus. I rammed forward and felt the hard ring of her cervix resist, resist and then finally yield as I forced the last two inches of my meat into her body and felt my balls slap her ass.

I shouted in triumph as my sister continued to scream beneath me. I settled back and started to hammer her with hard brutal strokes. The blood made her slick and I felt the most exquisite pleasure as her cunt tried to squeeze me out. My tiny fragile little sister never had a chance.

I gazed at her pain glazed eyes, her screams settling into a hoarse grunting as I sank balls deep into her with each brutal stroke. I twisted my hips, rotating my tool in her already impossibly stretched pussy. She moaned and struggled to breathe through her pain.

I could read every exquisite spasm of agony in her magnificent eyes. Those eyes that continued to pour out those addictive tears. Her ripe red lips were parted as she fought the pain for air. I redoubled my efforts to ram my cock through her spine as I felt my crisis approach. My thrusts were frenzied, violent, I felt her tear further as I reamed her mercilessly. I felt the cum boil up in my balls and force it's way through my constricted cock.

I rammed her one last time and held her tightly to me as I sprayed her immature uterine walls with my sticky cream. I screamed as I emptied my soul into her body and then I collapsed on her, my slowly shrinking cock still lodged firmly within her ravaged cunt.

I looked at the clock, 9 pm. I grinned anew knowing I had plenty of time for the rest...

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