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(FFdom/M+, asian, prost, cast, v. tort, sn, military)

Written by Kim Phan (
A quick edit by Martin.


A young G.I. is forced to watch a Viet Cong General have sex with two girls, then he suffers at the hands of the General's the two beautiful but very sadistic young women.


In 1968 the country of Vietnam was full of sexual violence. Sex in the way of G.Is fucking whores and females in villages suspected of being Viet Cong. Any woman was fair game to some men. And there was plenty of violence in the way men of both sides sexually mutilated their enemy.

In Hanoi there was another form of sexual violence. One instance involved a Viet Cong army officer named General Van Doc Khe and his two sadistic companions Mai Ling and Kim. Khe got off sexually by having sex with his women in front of a naked G.I. prisoner strapped to an X-frame at the foot of his bed. For the unfortunate G.I. it would be a night of macabre sex and violence. Sex performed on the General and violence performed on the G.I.

The story begins with Mai Ling and Kim walking into the Hanoi prison, housing dozens of American prisoners. The girls were sent there by Khe to select a man for their entertainment that night. All the men were tied along the wall. Mai Ling and Kim were dressed in very sexy attire. Short skirts, stockings and heels. Both with low cut tops barely covering their large breasts. Both women walked, swaying their asses and swinging their tits.

Mai Ling announced that they had come to pick a lucky G.I. for a night of sex with them. However, she said, "We tell you when you get hard dick. We walk in room; we pull cock out of pants of some G.I. If you cock be hard, we cut off balls then cock."

All the G.I.s looked at the long bladed machetes that they wore on their hips.

Mai Ling and Kim slowly walked up to each G.I., and then Kim said to Mai Ling, "This man look good for tonight."

Mai Ling said, "Yes, but look there."

The poor guy had a raging hard-on pressing against his trousers. Most of the captives had not had sex for months or even years and couldn't help but to get an erection.

Kim ripped open the crotch of his pants and a huge erection sprang up into view. Kim leaned up against the soldier and rubbed her nylon-encased leg along his cock head. She said, "Hmmm, G.I. like what he see?"

The bound man said with a lump in his throat, "Y-yes."

Kim said, "Well, me no like what I see too." Kim pulled the man's scrotum down hard, whipped out her blade, and swiftly sliced through the skin and reproductive tissue of the unfortunate man, forcing a scream of pain and shock from his lips.

As blood poured out of his crotch, and he continued to scream, Mai Ling smiled, "Man with no balls, no need dick," and she slowly carved off his penis, which was still semi hard.

A male guard came over with a glass jar filled with liquid, and the two women laughing placed the severed ball sack and cock inside it with the newbie eunuchs dog tags wrapped around them.

The man, still bound, slowly bled to death as the female castrators approached another bound man. Terror filled the room. The prisoners knew that these women meant business. They continued to walk around the room, knives in hand, castrating four more men without hesitation.

Finally, they came upon a young 20 year old captive and said, "G.I., this your lucky night." The two women having had their fun, selected the man and escorted him from the room. Kim turned to their captive and said, "You okay G.I., you can get hard now. We no cut it off."

Kim and Mai Ling pushed their captive into a big black car and then climbed in on each side of the handcuffed man. As they sat, their skirts slid up to their crotches and both unbuttoned their tops. Mai Ling took out the soldier's dick and balls from his pants. He grew instantly hard. Both women smiled. Kim said, "You get hard but no cum! If you cum we cut you like other G.Is and make you eat it!!"

Mai Ling put her leg against his dickhead, which was now as hard as a rock. The captive male prayed that he would not cum. This sexual torture lasted the 45-minute trip. Pre cum seeped out of his pee hole and oozed down until it touched to Mai Ling's stocking.

Mai Ling looked at her captive and said, "G.I. pig put cum on my leg." She took out her blade still wet with the blood of her recent castration rampage and put it to the base of his stiff cock.

The bound soldier tensed and then begged her not to cut him. Both girls laughed and Kim said, "No worry G.I. You no cum. All men get sticky dick when they see us." She slid her long fingernail along his cock head and then licked the man's precum off of her finger, looking into his eyes seductively.

The poor soldier felt his semen churning in his scrotum and he squeezed his prostate gland tightly closed to block the flow. He was in agony and needed release like never before.

Finally the trip was complete and Kim and Mai Ling escorted the prisoner into a big rustic looking building and then down a long hallway and into a plush room. They sat him down a table and fed him a hot meal. He ate a large amount of food. His body was lean and muscular. He was recently captured and still in good shape. Both women admired his hard body and his huge American-sized sex organ.

After dinner, they walked him to a dimly lit, nicely decorated bedroom. It almost looked like a whorehouse, with a large bed in the center of the room. At the foot of the bed was a wooden X frame with dozens of straps. Kim and Mai Ling stripped the prisoner of his few remaining cloths and tied him to the device.

The straps held his outstretched arms, legs and at his waist. Then the girls left him there for about an hour.

Then soft Oriental music began to play in the distance and the in came a naked oriental man. He too was muscular and in good shape. He looked at the naked American and said, "I am General Khe. Tonight you watch me fuck women. Maybe I let you fuck them too, maybe no."

Khe asked the bound prisoner when was the last time he fucked a woman. The G.I. replied that it had been about four months ago. Khe laughed, "Too bad G.I. all men need to fuck. I fuck many times in last four months. Did you rape Vietnamese?"

The G.I. was getting really worried now and mumbled, "N-no."

Khe looked at his captive for a long moment, and then said, "If you fuck Vietnamese woman, then you did rape them. We no want American cum or babies in Vietnam. You hope I no tell Mia Ling, they cut off many American rapist's dick."

Khe gestured toward a shelf on the far wall with jars filled with flesh colored objects. A look of horror came over the G.I.

Khe smiled and said, "You no worry G.I., maybe I tell them you no rape, you keep dick and go home and fuck bookoo women. If I tell you rape, I put your dick in a jar with others." Khe laughed.

After a while Kim and Mai Ling came in topless but still in stockings and stiletto heels. No panties. Both came over to their captive and stroked him until he became rigid. Then Kim took out her knife and rammed it between his legs barely missing his manhood and stabbing it into the wood frame. She said, "You wait for general to cum first. If no, I make you girl, make other G.I.s and Viet Cong fuck you and you suck cock."

His heavy manhood rested on the knife handle. Then both ladies turned away went to Khe on the bed. Their breasts sticking out proudly, their bodies lithe and full of animal sexuality.

Kim knelt over the General and began sucking his cock as Mai Ling put her tit in his mouth. In horror the prisoner felt himself becoming more erect and he could feel himself becoming more and more aroused at the sight of the threesome. Both girls glanced at the prisoner and smiled.

The women did all the work. Kim sat on Khe's penis and rode it while Mai Ling sat on his face and got her pussy eaten. What they did next was ghastly. The women got off the bed and took a jar and dumped the contents onto the General's body. Penises, dozens of them, some with testicles still attached oozed and sloshed among their writing bodies.

They made love in a sea of men's sex organs. All three were in a sexual trance. Mai Ling and Kim stuffed two of the cut off dicks into their cunts in a mad sexual frenzy. General Khe could no longer hold back and screamed, "G.I. RAPE YOUNG VIETNAMESE GIRL IN ASS!!"

Mia Ling sat up and looked up in rage at the American G.I. prisoner.

What happened next was even more sadistic than mere words can describe. With a limp cut off dick still dangling from her pussy, Mai Ling approached the bound prisoner with a look of rage in her eyes. He groaned, "NO, NO, NO!!!"

Mai Ling looked closely in his eyes and said, "General Khe no lie! I cut off your dick, you no fuck no more." With that General Khe spewed cum all over Kim's body in gushes of glistening pearly fluid. At the same time, Mai Ling chopped off the prisoner's cock and balls in one smooth motion.

The General screamed in pleasure and the prisoner screamed in pain as his blood and cum pumped in large gushes with each of the man's heartbeats. Kim ripped the dick out of Mai Ling's pussy, and shoved it into the open mouth of the prisoner.

Both women fucked themselves with the man's recently cut off cock, which was still warm and hard, until they orgasmed and gushed all over the emasculated sex organ. Exhausted, all three Vietnamese collapsed on the bed in sexual fulfillment.

The prisoner slowly bled to death with a stranger's cock still in his mouth and his detached penis and balls shoved up a Viet Cong bitch's pussy. Sexual violence... and pain was enjoyed that night, now over 30 years ago.

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