Did I
Say No

(M/F-teen, nc, rp, v, sn, nec)

by Sweet Irish

He watched from the bushes along the dark street, knowing that his prey would soon be walking toward where he was hiding. For more than two years, and for the past couple of months he had watched the perky cheerleader as she twisted, turned, did hand stands, and other moves that allowed her to expose the smooth thighs under her sports skirt.

The man was large, and his hands were hard as iron form the work he performed. His cock was erect in anticipation of taking the cherry from the vivacious cheerleader. He knew the boys all spoke about how she flaunted her virginity around the school, and teased even adult males when the opportunity arose.

Jan was not the ideal beauty that the other cheerleaders on the squared were, but she was cute and her looks were good but not enough to make her lovely. The breast on her chest were only 32A, but she knew they stood out from her body and were solid, with the light brown nipples crowing the puffy lighter brown aeroles, that were likely as soft as they looked. When she washed them in the shower, her hands could only lightly brush across them as they were ultra sensitive.

Between her small, but with just the right tone for her meaty thighs, was her pride. Her virginity, and it was covered with just a sprinkling of hair across the mons, and it was not yet traveling or growing down her labia.

Jan felt bad, tonight was homecoming, and her mother refused to let her attend the dance after the game. All the cheerleaders were going and would be wearing their outfits.

The scarlet sweater, with her name and year she would complete her education at the high school, was on the sleeve. Her number 8, on the sweater showed she was the eight of ten cheerleaders. Her skirt flipped as she walked home, and the fall evening was still around 70 degrees, and she did not wear the jacket to her suit.

Why is mom allowing dad to punish me for being in the back seat of the car with Brian, we were only kissing - nothing more! It isn't fair, homecoming and I have to walk home, alone! Shit fire, all we were doing was kissing, nothing more, even through Brain wanted to put his hand inside my bra and his fingers in my panties.

"Please, Jan let me just touch your breast and feel inside you panties, that's all I want, honest." Brian had asked over and over as she grabbed his hands so he couldn't reach his goal. He was attempting to run his hand up her leg as the car door opened, allowing the interior car light to come on. All her father saw was Brian's hand on my leg, with my skirt pushed up until my panties were showing, or so dad had accused her, when he dragged her into the house.

Now she was punished for being a good girl, even if her dad thought otherwise. To add insult to injury, she had to walk home, alone!

Her father had not been the only man who saw her legs uncovered and a boy's hand on her thighs. For the past two years, the man had been looking through her window as she undressed, dressed or just lay on her bed, in her own room. He had observed her as she would play her fingers over her nipples, and down between her legs, but never really touching her sex.

Now she was about to be his, and what he didn't know was why she was walking home from the big game and not going to the dance. For once his plans to be alone with his prey was about to come true. He had made his lair sound proof, and well hidden and knew that the decorations were as near to her own room as he could do, without having the actual furniture. Even the posters on the wall had been replicated and it took some shopping around to find the same ones.

Her thoughts weren't about the dance, but she wondered why she hadn't gone with Brian to his house? After all, his parents weren't home, and they could have had fun, and she could have still stopped him from touching her. Perhaps, she considered, I should have went to his house and let him do it to me and then . . .

Jan felt the hand close over her mouth, with a rag that was soaked in some type of sweet-smelling stuff. The chloroform soon made her unconscious, and Jan was not aware of being placed in the back seat of the large SUV. Her arms and legs were soon tied together, and a gag placed over her mouth.

Pulling into the large garage of the estate located five miles from the small town of seven-thousand people, and using the remote to close the door, Arthur St. Pierce, had reached his goal. Art, as his friends called him, had his desired female in his grasp, and he would be able to do with her as he wished. The best part of it all, when he grew tied of her, he had the perfect way to remove her presence from Earth.

Carrying her into his hidden room, that lead off from the basement of his large home, Art placed her on the bed that appeared to be her own. He untied her arms and legs, then removed her cheerleading outfit. Looking around the room, Art, noted the view from the fake window looked like her on, except the image from this window was a photo he had taken and blown up to match the view from her own bedroom.

Moving from the room, he turned on the videos so he could tape the movements of Jan as she woke from her induced sleep. Her eyes opened slowly, and then she looked around her room, then wondered out load, "What happened, how did I get into my room naked, as it seemed like I was still walking home.

Jan felt funny and knew something was different, and she reached for her stuffed puppy, and held him to her. "Buffy, what is different, something, tell me what is different," Jan asked her stuffed animal?

Then her bedroom door opened, a man she did not recognize at first entered the room. She moved to cover her body, when a shape command, matching the slap she received on the side of her face, stopped her short. "Leave your clothes as they are, and lay back on the bed, now!"

"Now," the man shouted at her as she hadn't moved.

"Who, who are you, and why are you in my room?"

"I'm your savior," he spoke as he began to remove his clothes.

"No, stop get out of my room, DAD - DADDY, SOME MAN IS IN MY ROOM, HELP ME DADDY!"

"No one can hear you," then Art told her about the room, and that she was going to get fucked. "Get up, look at the window, it is only a photo outside, and no one is going to be able to help you.

Jumping up from the bed, Jan checked out everything in the room, and found the man was telling her the truth, he had duplicated her room. Now she was going to be raped.

Her lithe body shook with fear, knowing that she was like an animal, trapped and unable to escape. The fact she was going to be raped was the worse part of being held like she was. Jan had thought she would be a virgin on her wedding night. She hadn't considered herself better than the other girls on the squad. She did not want to give her virginity away just to be doing it, or the fact of getting it over with. Some of her friends explained that was why they had let a boy "pop" their cherry, as they referred to it as being popped.

Moving to the chair in the room, and finding it exactly like hers, she sat down and pulled her legs up so they covered her breast and her sex. Looking at the man, it came to her who he was. He was the wealthy man who had the large house in the country, called 'ST. PIERCE ESTATE" on the brass signs on each side of the rock walled entrance, with heavy steel gates across the drive.

"You're Mr. St. Pierce, aren't you?"


"Please let me go, please Mr. St. Pierce?"

"Get on the bed, actually just sit on the edge and lay back with your legs hanging down over the edge of the mattress."

When she didn't move, Art picked up a leather strap, made into a paddle shape, and moved quickly over to where Jan was sitting in the chair. He reached down, pulled her to her feet, and flipped her around and she landed on his legs as he sat down on the side of the bed.

With her body over his lap, she heard the whoosh of the leather paddle before she felt the horrendous sting across her hips. "NO - THAT HURTS - STOP IT STINGS," Jan was crying out as she felt the heavy leather strap strike her tender white buttocks.

After ten strokes across the ass of the girl, Art asked her, "Now will you do as you're told, or do you want more?"

"No, I will do as you tell me, just don't strike me again, please she pleaded with tears running down her cheeks, from the pain and being held captive.

Jan lay back on the bed, and held her legs open as she was asked, then saw him move onto his knees between her legs and his face disappeared from view, but then felt his lips on the lightly haired labia guarding her virginity. "No, please don't hurt me," Jan cried out when the man's tongue flipped across the small slit between the lips of her sex

Not even during her periods had Jan used sanitary items that fit inside her, as she did not want to chance losing her virginity with some object. She had used pads, and now she was feeling a man push his tongue between her small labia.

When the tongue moved from between the lips of her sex, and flipped up to caress her clit, Jan moaned out and her hips rose from the bed. "Ohhh," she moaned out, in spite of her believing she could withhold any feelings of pleasure from the man as he forced her to do things she didn't wish to have done to her body.

Then she felt the man move up across her stomach, kissing and licking his way until his mouth closed over her right nipple. The puffy nipples of young girls just getting their breast always fascinated Art. These were perfection, they were so soft and puffy. Young girls breast were always softer and puffy, or so he believed, on girls with small tits.

His mouth caused Jan to wiggle, and her hands grabbed the duvet on the bed to stop from taking the man's head into her hands. Then, almost to her disappointment, the man stopped nursing at her young tingling nipple. She let out a soft moan of what was assuredly disappointment, Art knew, when he moved his lips and tongue from her nipple and breast.

Standing up and away from the bed, he looked down and saw the young virginal pussy was slightly open. Art knew he had teased her enough to cause the action, and this pleased him. Thinking to himself, he decided to wait at least a week to take her cherry, but in the meantime, he would build her up but never let her go off.

For the next six days, he would tease the girl, and she eventually had stopped struggling with him, and he knew she was becoming the non-combatant prey. Jan, he thought, tomorrow you are going to see the first cock of you life, and then it will split your little pussy in half.

The next morning, Art brought a dozen red roses with him into the room with Jan's breakfast. He watched her eyes, as he had informed her that when he gave her a dozen red roses, it would be the day he made her bleed, as he tore her cherry from her tiny pussy. Art knew she was tight from when he licked her, and it seemed she had a pussy like the little girl of eight had. Art remembered how the eight year old cried and begged him to stop as he took her. Pushing into the young girl took some time before he was able to drive into her pussy and split her cherry.

"Oh no," Jan cried out as she recognized the roses as the sign he was going to rape her sometime during this day. She had some trouble eating, as her eyes continued to see the roses, and what they represented.

After Art left, Jan lay on her bed and wondered what having sex was like? Does it really hurt, and are some guys bigger than others? Once she had entered her parent's bedroom and found they having sex. The memory of seeing her father's manhood entering and then withdrawing from her mother's sex had never left her mind. She thought her father was big, at least six inches which is how other girls said they measured in length. One girl, Sue, said she had sex with a guy who was so big he could hardly get in her, and after he did, she begged and cried for him to take it out. He wouldn't until he shot his cum, then he pulled out of her, and she was bleeding more than when she lost her cherry.

Sue had said, "He was so fucking big, that it took me a month to get over the hurt and bruising inside my pussy." She said she went to the doctor and the physician asked what had done her, even asking if she had let a small horse do her?

Around three that afternoon, Art entered the room - NUDE. Jan saw, and her eyes took in the large penis hanging down from Art's groin. My god, she thought, he is bigger than my dad, when he was in my mom, and was hard. "Art, how - how - long are you, and how big around, you know," Jan asked with fear in her voice, knowing he was huge and would hurt when he went up her.

"Soft like this, or when it gets hard, honey girl?"

"I don't know, both I guess?"

"Hanging down is eight inches of pure delight, and when it is ramrod stiff, and pointing out in front of me, headed for a cherry like yours, it is nearly a foot long." Then he told her, "Look at this," and picking up a glass, she watched as the head was almost as round as the opening of a drinking glass.

Hold it in your hand and get it hard pretty girl," Art spoke softly.

Jan was nervous and unsure what she should do, so she simply held the large cock in her hand. Her grip was both firm and soft, and within moments she felt the object she was holding begin to stiffen. Then it reached the full length, and she knew fear. No, my god, that thing surely can't fit inside me.

Then she felt Art move and pull her to the side of the bed. This she knew was a sign she was going to be licked again, and this time, after seeing the roses, knew Art would keep his promise to let her get her first climax when he ate her out, before taking her cherry.

In spite of her fears of being speared with the large penis, Jan could not stop the feeling of building toward a climax.

"Art, oh stop, I feel like something is going to happen," she cried out as her climax was building to a peak, as she did not know what was happening. Jan had never masturbated, so she was not familiar with the feeling of going off, now she was feeling her first orgasm building in some part of her body, no all of her body. She listened as she heard Art speak as he pulled his mouth from her sex, and he told her, "You're ready to get your first cum, so cry out or tell me any thing you want, and do as you want with your body."

Then Jan felt his tongue licking the tiny button, her clit, and her body rose up from the bed. Art reached under her hips and gripped the small round globes of her tight butt. As he ate her out, to her release, he eased a finger into her tiny pucker. Jan was not aware of his finger invading her rear hole, only the feeling at her clit.

"Yes, oh my, oh my, it, it, it is so different, augh," Jan cried out as her first climax, crested and peaked, and then her body seem to ride wave after wave on a large sea. The intense feeling was beyond belief.

She was only vaguely aware of Art moving up between her legs and scooting her into the middle of the bed. His massive organ was posed to take the virgin girl. The tip of the large ball on the end of his cock push apart the few hairs along side the slit marking the entrance into her inner body, and cherry. She was about to feel his cock push up into her, Art knew, and he wedged it so he could take her without her assistance, which he knew would be necessary.

Jan felt the first penetration, and already she was hurting, the tiny flaps on each side of her pussy were spread wide, and the man was only commencing to push up her.

Then she felt what she had learned was the head of his cock as it slipped past the inner labia. The minora labia was so small they were barely visible inside the pussy being opened for the first time.

Then Jan felt him pull back out like, then push back inside her, it hurt and was begging him to stop. Yet he continued working more and more of his massive thing up into her body.

Finally she felt a slight sting inside her body. The fact that her cherry was feeling the first contact with a cock, and was being told to expect more, and was about to be split, Jan didn't consider.

Then Art pushed up into Jan's tiny pussy, until his cock head was firmly against her hymen. "You ready to get your cherry torn out little girl," Art asked?

"No, please don't no more, "OH MY GOD STOP!!!"

Jan had just felt the beginning of the tear of her cherry, and her reaction was of shock, as the hymen was resisting, and didn't want to let the intruder enter his place of rest.

With a short pull back, and then with a brutal and tremendous shove, Art jammed his cock through the resisting hymen. It was necessary for him to jam inside the girl's pussy four times before he was successful in ripping out and tearing the cherry from the screaming girl.

Hell, Art thought, she is seventeen, and her pussy and cherry is the tightest he had ever encountered. Even the eight year old wasn't this tough to push out, and damn I still can't get all the way in and she is wiggling around like a fish out of the water. Damn she is tight!

For the next ten minutes, Art rode the young girl, and when he shot his cum up into her, he knew she was bleeding profusely. His cum mixed with the virgin blood and when he pulled his cock from her depths, it flowed at first from her opening. As the lips on the pussy closed shut, Art watched as the red mixture seeped from the torn cunt.

His cock begin to stir almost immediately as he watched the results of his taking the girl's cherry. Moving back on top of the tiny girl, he soon had his cock buried back up into the girl and he rode her deep and hard. Art thought about the motto the girls in Nevada's brothel, 'Get up - get on - get off - Get out," and the other, "Rode Hard and Put Up Wet" and he knew this one was getting the latter.


Art pulled the small shapely legs up onto his shoulders and fucker the small girl as hard as he could do her. Jan passed out from the pain of being taken so deep and hard.

For several minutes Art fucked the girl, then he went off, he pulled her around so only one leg was up in the air, and he was splitting her open as if she was doing splits on a cheer. He tore her open and her insides were being battered harder than even a street crack ho could take.

After he had stopped having sex with her that afternoon, he got up and led her to the shower and told her to wash good.

For almost twenty minutes, Jan stayed under the water. The spray did not relieve the sore and torn feeling inside her body. She knew fear of what she was facing, that he intended to have sex with her whenever he wished. Her fingers reached inside the opening between her legs, something she had never done before. She could feel what felt like ragged skin, and she was so sore, it burned from her touch.

Blood ran out from the opening, and she cried as she knew her virginity was gone. She wouldn't be a virgin on her wedding night, and this caused her to cry even more. After seventeen years of saving herself, and for what? Why didn't I allow Brian to be my first?

Then she saw Art walk into the room, and he was nude and his cock was sticking out in front of him. "Come on, time for some more fun, and hurry."

"No, I'm sore and bleeding you bastard, never again."

Grabbing her right arm, Art pulled her, dripping wet from the bath room and lead her to where a door was hidden in the room. He opened the door in some way she didn't see, and pulled into the room. There was some type of a table like in the center of the room.

Jan was led to the table, and told to climb up on the footrest at the end and to lean over the end. Doing as she was told, Jan saw that it was not a table, but some emblematic device, with no middle section.

"Lean over, and do it quickly," Art said harshly.

Jan leaned over and soon found her arms being fastened with wide leather straps, then her legs were strapped to the legs of the device, with straps large enough to cover from her ankles to mid-calf. A large strap was draped around her neck, and then fastened with a clip, that he attached to round weights from a bar bell. Art moved a board that fit under her forehead, and then told her if she moved the weights would pull her head and likely her neck until she strangled to death.

"So, you call me a bastard, will I let me show you another reason to call me such a foul name."

"Look under the rail and see how hard my cock is, and guess what I aim to do with it, honey girl?"

"I don't, know, I - I'm sorry, I called you a bad name, please give me a chance to prove I won't do it again."

"You're about to get that chance, and if you're looking at how hard my cock is, then think what it will feel like when I shove it up your ass."


"Yes, you are about to get butt-fucked, but do you remember the last time you did not respond, and what happened?"

Where he got the leather paddle from, Jan did not know. All she knew was how it had hurt the last time. Only this paddle had different size holes all over the surface.

Whoosh, whoosh, over and over she heard the strap moving through the air, and the slap as it hit hard across her hips. Her tears and pleas for him to stop were ignored.

Then he stopped and she felt him running his fingers across her anus opening. He was smearing something over and into her tiny opening. Then she knew he was putting some type of stuff on her anus so he could push his thing up into her. He had said he was going to butt-fuck her.

"Please not up there, no don't do me in the back, oh please no, it hurts enough in the front!"

Jan felt him move behind her and pull her hips open even wider with his hands. Then she felt the large end of his thing pushing at her puckered hole.


Art did not stop until he had sodomized the seventeen year old girl for nearly a half hour. Each time Art was ready to ejaculate, he would stop, bury his cock deep up into her ass, and feel her spasm around his thickness. Then he would fuck her ass some more, finally Art let his cum fly up into her bowels.

Moving from the room, he left the girl where she was strapped down, believing that she needed to be punished for her calling him a bastard.

Walking into the shower, he decided to keep her around for a while and see if he could get her pregnant before disposing of her in his own way. Art knew of people with connections to the Orient that would love to have a petit little blonde, especially one who has been subjected to extreme sex.

For the next two months, Art rode the young girl in every conceivable way that sex could be performed. Jan had at times become so attuned with sex, she would willingly allow him to poke her with his hard cock how or when he desired.

After the fourth month, he allowed Jan to read the newspapers that he had collected with her pictures and the stories of her missing. Her parents had admitted about being firm with her the night she disappeared, and said they would not keep her from her next dance if she would just forgive them and come home.

Art had her write a letter, and place some of her hair in the envelope, and after she sealed it, put it in a plastic bag. The next day, he flew his personal plane to Chicago, then rented a car and drove to Gary, Indiana. Carefully, to be certain that none of his DNA got on the envelope, he slipped it into a curb-side mail box, where he ensured that no video cameras were nearby.

The following Saturday, a newspaper article told how a letter had been received from their daughter, Jan, but she would not likely ever come home, especially what her father had done to her. Art knew the police and public would think that meant sex, and that is what he wanted.

When Jan did not start her period after the first of May, they both knew she was pregnant. Art prep talk about her being pregnant and having a baby worked. Soon, Jan begin to believe he was going to let her leave and when she had their baby, they would be married.

Art continued to sodomize and fuck the girl daily. When Jan reached her seventh month of pregnancy, Art fastened her to the post in the torture room.

He had her stand with her legs spread wide apart and he fastened them to the metal rings inserted in the concrete floor. Then he fastened her arms to a cross bar he attached to the post, and she was now secure.

Jan stood for more than ten hours before Art returned to the room. Her arms and legs were so painful from the position she had been in, she begged him to release her. Unfastening the locks that had her secured to the post, he walked her back into the room where her bed was located.

Jan was big around her stomach, and Art believed she was having twins. He fucked her until she cried for him to stop, then he turned her over and did her ass.

Getting up from the bed, he fixed dinner for her, then as she ate, told her she was being released from captivity.

"The food you just ate is laced with a mild drug that will put you and your babies to sleep, a deep sleep, one that last forever."

Jan could not make out the telephone conversation Art was having, but she heard him say $200,00, and yes she is young and having twins, so you get three-for-one. Deal, perhaps.

Again Art asked, are you sleepy enough for your final days?


Jan saw the smile on her face as the drug was taking effect, and she tried to rise from the table, her mind on her babies, and that they would not be . .

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