if You

(M+/FF, rp, v, sn, bd, tor)

By Doghead_2000

The convoy of five lorries came down the jungle-logging trail and into the clearing before pulling up. Japanese soldiers exited from the lorries cabs and the back of the first vehicle. They brandished their rifles with long bayonet attached and lined up awaiting orders.

The small officer wearing a Kari style hat with a sunshade flap at the back covering his neck was wearing thick-rimmed round spectacles. He had a thick leather belt around his waist, which was attached to the bamboo scabbard of an old Samurai sword. The sword itself was drawn and in his right hand, which he was using this to gestate and point as he started to instruct his awaiting men.

On instructions, four of the soldiers retrieved two large ancient machine guns from the back of the first truck, along with belts of ammunition and headed off into the trees on either side of the clearing, two men and one gun going in either direction.

After the men had disappeared into the trees, he waited a few minutes before giving instructions to the rest of his men. The canvas flaps at the back of the other four lorries, which had remain sealed up until now were thrown back to reveal a couple more soldiers with rifles and about a dozen prisoners in each vehicle.

The prisoners were all Europeans or Americans, and most of them were women in nurse's uniforms, although a couple of officers in white coats and about half a dozen soldiers wearing bandages made up their numbers. The prisoners, who had their hands tied behind their backs with ropes, were unceremoniously pushed and pulled out of the backs of the vehicles and marched towards the centre of the clearing where soldiers brandishing their bayonets in their direction surrounded them. Some of the soldiers forcing the women out of the trucks seemed to take great delight in prodding the nurse's rumps with the tips of their bayonets if they were too slow moving.

Once all of the prisoners were within the circle of soldiers in the clearing, an interpreter got them to line up in two lines in front of the Japanese officer. The officer walked along the lines of prisoners and selected ten of the nurses, who were dragged back to the side of the circle nearest to the lorries.

When the selection process was completed, the officer crossed over to the area where the selected women were and got some of his men to attach ropes to them, so that they were all bound together in a single line about two feet apart. Once they were secured they were marched off along a path leading away from the clearing on the other side of the vehicles.

On seeing this, one of the captive officers wearing a doctor's white coat stepped out of line and started to protest, at a signal from the Japanese officer, one of his men open fired with his rifle and shot him in the chest. The man's knee's buckled and he sank to the ground fatally wounded.

At another signal from the officer, the men forming the circle started to walk back to the side of the clearing where the vehicles were and formed up in a line, at all times as they moved, they kept their rifles aimed at the lined up prisoners. When the Japanese soldiers were in formation, the officer took a whistle out of his tunic pocket and placed it to his lips.

As a shrill blast from the whistle sounded around the clearing a hail of bullets started to rain down on the defenceless prisoners, from three separate directions in a lethal crossfire. The two machine guns were firing indiscriminately into the mass of male and female bodies. The soldiers with rifles near the trucks were being a lot more selective with their targets, and seemed to be treating the event as a turkey shoot. Or should that have been a tit shoot?

Selecting their targets from the twenty-two remaining women wearing their white uniforms. They were sending hot lead into any bouncing bosoms that crossed their sights. As the women went down under the hail of bullets, the unlucky ones who fell with their legs facing the soldiers would feel the red hot intrusion of bullets entering their cunts and anuses before they died. A couple of really unlucky ones fell with their legs spread wide open, with a target to good to miss, the soldiers would all immediately fire at the unfortunate woman and her sex organs would explode in a bloody mass of gore.

The firing died down to a spasmodic odd shot and the officer once again blew his whistle. All firing now stopped and the soldiers lowered their rifles, while the four men on the machine guns started to return to the main party. Not all of the prisoners had died in the hail of bullets, as some of them were moving their limbs around and moaning. The officer and two men stepped forward and approached the carnage to finish them off.

Using their bayonets, and the officer's sword, any body that didn't show an obvious totally fatal wound was stabbed, if it was facing upwards, a stab in the stomach that was then screwed around in a wide circular motion to completely disembowel the victim. Those bodies facing downwards were stabbed in the back of the neck with a sawing motion to sever the victim's vertebrae and spinal column.

The officer though, had himself a bit of extra fun when he came across one of the nurses who still had a bit of life in her and was obviously still conscious to what was happening, as he had missed out on the fun of the shooting. Rolling the woman onto her back if necessary with his foot, he would use his sharp sword to slice open the front of her blood soaked uniform and flip the material open.

Using the extremely sharp metal he would cut off any undergarments or slip to expose her nakedness, with their arms still tied behind them and weakness from their injuries, they were totally unable to resist him in any way. With a skill that could only have come from repeated practice, the officer would slice off the woman's nipples, which would go sailing up in the air.

Once both of the tender little morsels of flesh had flown away to the a compliment of the woman's moans or screams, he would kick her legs apart and place the tip of his sword into the opening of her cunt. With a strong thrust forward, he would drive the blade deep into the woman's sexual organs. Once it was deeply embedded, after cutting her vulva and womb to shreds, he would wrench the handle around in a circle to disembowel her and rip her intestines to pieces, before withdrawing the weapon from her bloodied cunt.

The woman would die a few minutes later in excruciating agony from massive internal blood loss. He dispatched seven of the poor wretches like this before the job was done and only dead bodies littered the bloody clearing.


Leaving the bodies in the clearing and the trucks where they were, the Japanese officer lead his men down the jungle path that had been taken earlier by the ten captive nurses and their soldier escort. After about fifteen minutes the men reached a smaller clearing to find the that the escort party had separated the ten nurses and had bound them to trees with ropes that held their arms behind them around the tree trunks.

Other ropes were wrapped around the tree and around their ankles, holding their feet about eighteen inches apart. Some of the soldiers were busy clearing bushes around a few of the trees with larger branches around the clearing, while other were busy cutting other branches or binding branches into some sort of frames.

Giving permission for the newly arrived soldiers to relax and smoke if they wanted, and to remove their belts and pouches, the officer crossed over to take a closer look at the women captives. One thing that clearly stood out, was the fact that he had selected women that were the traditional image of western females from pre-war movies and magazines, tall (at least by Japanese standards), large breasted, slim waists and rounded hips.

Over half of the women were blonde's, and there were a couple of redheads (hair colours that do not appear naturally on Japanese women) and a couple of brunettes. All the women were aged between about eighteen and thirty, and except for their disheveled look, they were all what would be classed as either very attractive or beautiful to the western eye.

As he studied the women in turn he would occasionally reach out to cup a woman's breasts in his hands over their uniforms, or to raise the uniform skirt of one to stare at her legs and thighs. The women could not voice any objection to his probes or close scrutiny of their more intimate parts, as the soldiers had placed gags around their mouths when tying them to the trees.

Once he had inspected the females to his satisfaction, he had some of his men strip all of the women of their uniforms, underskirts and slips, leaving them bound with just their bras and panties to the trees. The rest of his men watched the process with eager anticipation, as each of their bodies was presented to view without the restriction of their white uniforms. Most of the females were wearing white underwear that was easier to hide under their uniforms, however some of the ones that had been wearing other garments underneath had on an assortment of black and red lingerie.

Before he started to make his final selection of women for the amusement of himself and his men, there was one other thing he wanted to know about the women. He had heard about the strange practices of these western women, particularly the American bitches, in their so-called search for physical beauty.

Crossing back over to the first bound woman, a brunette, he stood in front of her and grasping the waistband of her panties, yanked them down to the middle of her thighs. Her curly brown pubic hair was now on full display to all the watching soldiers and she flushed bright red in her shame at the sudden forced nudity of her most private parts.

The second woman's panties, a redhead, also fell to her thighs to expose a thick mass of curly reddish-brown pubic hair nestling at the top of her shapely legs. The third female's nakedness, a young blonde, actually exposed her to be a natural brunette, with a trimmed pussy area of dark brown hair, thus proving that the rumours that the officer had heard about these women was true. As the officer slowly advanced along the line yanking their knickers down to their thighs to expose their naked pubic areas, to his by now excited men, he only got two more surprises.

The other redhead also turned out to be a brunette and one of the blondes turned out to be completely cleanly shaved of any pubic hair, a practice that is adopted by most Japanese women of higher standing and geisha girl's. However on this tall young western woman the effect seemed to be far more erotic, due to her paler skin and long shapely legs.

Standing back he studied the women and selected five of them, two blonds, a brunette and a redhead, all natural, and the blonde girl with the shaved pussy. Instructing his men to release them from the trees to which they were bound, they were frog-marched across the clearing with their knickers still around their thighs, to a large fallen tree trunk, about three feet in diameter, lying across the ground in an area previously cleared of undergrowth by his men. They were bent forward over the trunk facing the clearing. Their wrists were attached to stakes driven into the ground on one side of the tree, while their legs were spread out wide on the other side and attached to more stakes.

The women's gags were removed and the panties of all five women were now torn off, leaving their now completely naked pussies and arses clearly visible between their wide spread thighs on top of the tree. The only difference between them was the variety of colour framing their exposed love boxes to the eagerly awaiting men.

Choosing the redhead to start on for himself, the officer gave permission for his men to queue up behind the spread-eagled girls and start the orgy of rape and buggery. A soldier eagerly mounted each of the women as he himself opened his pants and took the redheaded female in her arse. Spitting on his fingers, he worked them into the female's anus to painfully stretch the opening before ramming his swollen penis into the opening up to his balls.

He raped her back entrance violently until he shot his imperial seed high up into her bowels. As his cock started to deflate he pulled it out of the misused passage and stepped back from the still sobbing woman, his place behind the female was immediately taken by one of his men who started to rape her cunt viciously.

Lighting up a cigarette he watched as some of his men pumped their seed into the five restrained nurses, most were using the exposed cunts to relieve themselves, some like himself, preferred to enter the females using their tight anuses. Either way the nurses would be either screaming or sobbing as their exposed holes were pummeled and violated over and over again. As some of his men finished he crossed back over the clearing to the other five females still bound to the trees.


Getting his men to strip off the remaining natural brunette's bra, gag and half-mast panties, he had them release her from the tree. After retying her hands behind her back, they dragged her over to a tree that had a two-inch thick branch coming out of the trunk, parallel to the ground. The men hauled her up and sat her on the branch so that one leg was hanging down on either side. They attached large stones to her ankles with ropes to increase her weight.

As they stopped supporting her weight themselves, the girl's naked cunt was ground into the rough bark of the branch. She screamed as the rough bark cut into her trapped pussy lips and her pelvic bone took her full weight. As the girls scream started to turn to painful sobs and pleads for mercy, the officer swung her legs backwards and forwards like a pendulum, bringing fresh screams from her lips as her tortured pussy was ground into the branch. Leaving his men to attach more weights to the screaming girl's ankles, the officer went back over to the remaining four bound women.

Picking the dyed blonde nurse with the dark brown curly pubic hairs next, he ripped off her bra and panties. Getting his men to spread her legs as wide apart as possible, he used a hot smoldering torch to burn off all the hair from between her legs. He took great relish in applying the heat to around her pussy lips. The female was trying to squirm away from the invading heat and scream through her gag.

Finally the girls' pubic hair had all been singed off and all sign of her brunette background was gone, her pubic area and cunt lips were red and inflamed from the searing heat. One of the soldiers produced a form of honey in a tin from his ration pack and started to smear it on to her private area, deftly rubbing it inside her cunt with his fingers. He even slipped one of his fingers into her anus using the sticky stuff as a lubricant. At first the girl squirmed at his touch, but as the soothing affects of the honey on her burnt skin started to take effect, she relaxed and started to enjoy the manipulations to her private parts.

The girl was not to enjoy the sensations for long though, as she was released from the tree and carried over the clearing with her arms bound behind her back, still with her legs spread-eagled by the men carrying her. She started to struggle and fight against her captors when she saw where they were taking her. In the ground was a bamboo spike about two inches in diameter and over a foot long, about three feet way were a couple of small stakes driven into the ground with ropes attached.

She was carried over to the stake and positioned over its sharp point so that its tip was probing her anus. She was slowly lowered onto the spike and was howling into her gag at the pain, as it easily slid into her already lubricated back passage. When her arse cheeks were firmly sat on the ground with the full length of the spike imbedded in her bowels, her feet were tied to the stakes with the ropes, leaving her still spread-eagled legs gapping open, exposing her cunt and totally unable to move.

As the pain of the violent impalement started to subside, the girl started to notice other sensations, starting with a tickling feeling around her cunt and arse. As she looked down between her spread legs she saw a mass of fire ants crawling over her pubic region, attracted by the smell of the honey used on her sex organs. At first the ants on her skin just tickled as they moved around, then one of them would bite her causing a painful sting to the exposed area.

These painful sensations went on for a few minutes until they found the opening to her cunt itself, as they crawled inside her to get to the sweet honey within, her real nightmare began, as they bit into the tender flesh of her inner pussy walls and her clitoris the pain became like a thousand red hot needles being applied to her most sensitive parts. Once again the officer walked away to let the nurse suffer her painful torture alone.

Out of the three remaining women, the two natural blondes were now the subjects for his attention, stripping them of their skimpy remaining undergarments, but leaving their gags on, he had them released from the trees onto which they were tied. Their wrists were tied in front of them, and then a three foot long bamboo pole was slid between their backs and their elbows, painfully forcing their shoulders back and their stomachs in. Long ropes were attached to the women's ankles.

The first nurse was dragged over to a very large tree, which had a big branch high up in the air. Forcing her to lie on her back on the ground, the ropes attached to her feet were thrown over the branch and she was hauled up to be suspended in mid air, the ropes were tied off so as to leave her dangling with her feet about four feet apart in the air.

The second blonde was led over to the tree and another rope was thrown over the branch, this was tied to the pole behind her back. Using this rope she was hauled high into the air, way passed the first suspended girl. Using the two ropes attached to her ankles, they lined her up so that she was suspended at right angles to the first girl and facing her, crutch to crutch.

The officer placed a three-foot long straight branch that he was handed, into the opening of the inverted nurse's pussy. This branch, that was about three inches in diameter, had been shaped with a knife to have two rounded ends. Once the massive dildo was inserted six inches into the girls cunt, the other girl was slowly lowered down, men still holding her legs wide apart with the guide ropes.

As she got lower the officer guided the other end of the dildo up into her pussy as well, so that the two girls were in fact fucking each other with the long shaped piece of wood. The girl on top continued to be lowered so that her full weight was balanced onto the joint dildo, forcing it in to both girls' cunts at the same time. As the nurses struggled against the ropes and the invading branch deep inside their pussies they performed a sort of dance in the air, this had the effect of driving the dildo deeper into the girls love channels.

Finally, and with a little bit of help from the men on the guide ropes pulling downwards, the two nurses had about fifteen inches of dildo forced up into their bodies and the top girl was sat upon the other girls crutch, blood could be seen to be coming from the women's cunt areas. The ropes holding the top girls feet were tied off to stakes in the ground so that her feet were also about four feet apart, creating an erotic scene of the two women having a perverted lesbian affair.

The rape of the five nurses was continuing with some of the soldiers going back over for seconds and in some cases thirds, as the events taking place on the other side of the clearing got them sexually worked up again. First one soldier and then another would break off from the assisting men and rut into one of the spread-eagled and available white whores.

Only one woman remained untouched tied to the trees, the dyed redhead with the brown pubes. It was now her time to entertain the men with their perverted sport. Stripping off her gag and underwear she was frog-marched over to another large fallen tree and bent over it like the raped women, her legs were spread wide and tied down to stakes, so that she could not move. Thinking that she was also to be violently raped and Sodomised by the men she started to plead for mercy. Little did she know that it would not be men's penises that were to enter her exposed openings?

The soldiers lined up about twenty feet behind the girl, each carrying a wooden stick of about two feet long with a rounded end. At a signal from the officer a strange sort of darts match commenced. Taking it in turns they aimed and threw their sticks at the girls exposed spread legs. Most of the sticks would either turn and hit the girls' bottom or thighs side wards, or the rounded ends would raise bruises where they struck her skin, bringing grunts or moans of pain from the girls' lips. Occasionally one of the sticks would find its mark and sink inside the girl's cunt, bringing a loud scream from her lips at the painful insertion.

When one of the sticks rounded ends hit the girls anus but failed to penetrate, the officer paused the game and rammed the stick into her arsehole by hand, The girl screamed out at the top of her lungs, as its dry rounded end prised the opening apart. Twisting the stick around, and from side to side the officer stretched her opening wide before signalling the game to continue.

As the sticks flew again, the girl was now defenceless when the next well aimed missile slid up her arse accompanied by her screams. Once all the men had had a throw, the best shots were selected for a play off match. This time the nurse's openings were invaded time and again by the accurate throws causing her to scream over and over again.

Tiring of the game the officer selected the four most accurate throwers and handed them longer, heavier spears with sharp pointed ends. The first man took aim and threw his spear, which flew straight into the girls' cunt, burying itself deep inside her body, creating massive damage to her internal organs. The second thrower was off his aim and his spear entered the nurses' right buttocks, shattering her pelvis bone before digging into the tree trunk beneath her.

The third man was far more accurate and his spear sailed cleanly into the opening of her anus, and buried itself deep into her bowels, piecing her intestines and creating massive damage. The last man with a spear had less to aim for as the previous weapons were left in place, protruding from the girls' body like long straight tails.

When he threw the spear it bounced off of the one imbedded in her arse and glanced down into the gap between her two holes. As it pieced the skin and impaled itself between the other two spears, it split her completely open and blood started to gush out of the gapping wound. The girl was fatally injured and was dying of her injuries before their eyes.


With the rape and buggery of the five nurses over, and the fun and games with the other five women completed, one of which was already dying of her injuries, it was time to execute all the nurses. In true sadistic fashion, the officer was either going to make the deaths grotesquely painful, or use the executions to show his men his inherited skill as a samurai warrior.

He approached the brunette girl sitting with her pussy being crushed with the branch. She was now just whimpering at the pain in her blood soaked, splintered and crushed cunt lips. Yanking her forwards by her hair, until her face was on the branch she was sitting on, one of his men passed a rope around her shoulders and the branch to keep her in this position. With her sitting forwards on the branch like this her arsehole was now exposed. A long thick pointed stake was placed against her anus, and at a signal from the officer it was hammered into her rear. She was dead before the sharpened point exited her body again through her mouth.

Drawing his sword from its scabbard, the officer crossed over to the nurse who was being eaten alive by ants, while impaled with a stake up her arse. With one clean swing of his sword arm he took the woman's head clean off of her shoulders. Her head rolled over a few times on the ground between her outstretched legs, its blank staring eyes came to a standstill staring at her own mutilated pussy.

Maybe if her brain had stayed conscious long enough, she would have got a close-up view of her own tortured cunt, before the world went black. The nurses blood soaked shoulders sagged forwards slightly as her body was held in place by the impaling stake up her arse, blood was pumped out of her severed neck for a while waiting for her heart to realise that she was dead.

Two soldiers gutted the two suspended blondes with their bayonets on instructions of the officer, opening up their stomachs and allowing their intestines to pour out in a steaming pile on the ground below them. The trailing ends were cut off leaving them with hollow stomachs. Once empty, the soldiers pushed their bayonets into the gapping holes and pierced the bottom of the women's lungs on each side. The nurses died horribly trying to suck air into their now useless lungs.

Only the five misused, raped and sodomised nurses now remained alive. From their position they had been able to watch the torture and murders of the other women, while being brutalised by the men from behind. They knew that they were next and that they would die painfully at the hands of these cruel sadistic yellow men.

The first to be taken was the redhead that the officer had used himself. She was moved to a thin tree and retied with her arms tied behind the tree; her legs were also bound to the base. Some of the soldiers placed piles of twigs and grasses at her feet. Once the kindling was ready the officer used his cigarette lighter to ignite it. The redhead's screams went on for nearly ten minutes as her flesh burned.

As her bra burnt away, the fat of her breasts seemed to melt and drip into the flames to explode in sparks of hot oil. Before she actually died, her feet and lower legs were burnt completely away and she slid down the burning tree further into the flames. As the hair on hear head caught fire it turned an even brighter shade of red for a few seconds before flaming out to exposes her blistered burnt scalp.

One of the blondes was next, her arms were tied behind her back and she was dragged over to between two thick saplings. The saplings were bent over by the soldiers, and it took five men on each one to haul it down with ropes. The blonde nurse's ankles were tied tightly to the tops of the saplings.

At a signal from the officer the young trees were released, hauling the girl off of her feet and into the air. As the trees recoiled under the released pressure of their built in strength, the nurses' legs were pulled violently wide apart. The loud crack of her pelvis bones shattering and her hip joints popping out could be heard above her agonised screams.

As her legs reached the absolute limit of their forced stretch before being ripped off her body, the officer swung his sword and sliced downwards into the girls cunt area, with the pelvis already shattered, the sword cut down deep into her body, only coming to rest as it hit the bottom of her breast bone. The nurses' body was literally spit in two as the saplings did their work and pulled the girls' torso apart. She was dead by the time that one leg and half of her lower torso was ripped off the rest of her body in a gory mass of blood and guts.

The brunette was then released and frog-marched over between two trees and suspended with her arms tied high to each tree. Her legs were spread wide and tied to the base of the same trees. This time the officer allowed the nurse to be used for bayonet practice. With instructions not to inflict any fatal wounds to early, he watched as his men took it in turns to run up with their rifles and stick the girl with the ends of their bayonets as she tried to wriggle her body away from the lunging long-knives.

Within a short time the girl was covered with cuts and blood, she was no longer able to struggle in any way at the repeated attacks, so he ordered her to be finished off. His men then stuck their bayonets into her guts and ripped the weapons out again as they made their attacks. It was impossible to know which of the soldier's attacks finally finished her off, but they all seemed to have fun sticking her anyway, so none of them really cared.

With only two females remaining, the officer decided to allow his men to have a bit more of a chance to show their soldiering skills. He had the last blonde tied between four trees, so that she was suspended in the air face down, with her limbs stretched out wide. From about forty feet away the men took it in turns to try to shoot her nipples off her hanging breasts.

As first one tit was shot away, and then the other by near misses, the shooters changed position so that they had a clear view of her open cunt area. She died as the red-hot lead bullets that entered her cunt made their way up into her internal vital organs, ripping her insides apart.

It was now his turn to show the skill with which he could wheel his superb Samurai sword blade, reputedly the sharpest and strongest blades in the world, which had been handed down through long generations of his forefathers. The blonde girl with the shaved pussy was laid out on her back on the ground in the centre of the clearing. Long ropes were attached to her four limbs and stretched out along the ground.

The officer flicked his sword to remove the nurses' bra from her chest before giving the signal for them to proceed. At his signal, ten men on each of the ropes started to play, four ways Tug-of-War with the naked girls' body. As she slowly rose off the ground, her arms and legs were pulled wide apart in opposing directions. She started to scream out as the strain on her joints became unbearable.

The officer waited until he heard the distinctive popping of her hip and shoulder joints as they became dislocated from their sockets, before he raised his mighty sword in a two handed grip. Swinging the sharp blade down in a wide swinging arc, he cut it into her soft belly. Keeping the blade moving downwards, it sliced through her guts, liver and backbone, until it exited through her back.

In one stroke he had cut the girl cleanly in two halves. His men on the ropes started to laugh out aloud as the two halves of the girl separated and they fell back on their arses, with a thump. The girl's upper torso twitched and heaved for a good minute on the ground, while the still alive girl could make only gurgling sounds as the blood from her severed internal organs flooded onto her mouth and lungs. Unable to breath she finally passed into unconsciousness and died in front of the still laughing soldiers.

Leaving all the bodies where they were, the soldiers straightened their uniforms, donned their discarded belts and pouches and started to head back to the awaiting vehicles. As each of the soldiers passed the officer they put their hands together, bowed deeply in front of him and thanked him for an enjoyable afternoons sport.

After the last man had filed passed, the officer took one final look at the carnage around the clearing, as he walked after his men, he thought to himself, "It certainly does beat the usual Saturday afternoon kick-about with a blown up pig's bladder."

The End

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