Little Lisa and
the Monster

(M/g, ped, rp, tort, sn)

By Marica

She was nine years old when I met her and I knew that I would never meet anyone more perfect than her. Her tiny little body was just made for a man's pleasure. She didn't have breasts, just little baby beestings on her flat chest. Through her red one-piece swimsuit I could see that her innocent little mons was just a puffy little fatness between her plump baby thighs.

She had no idea I was watching her. It was so easy to take her.

Her mother was back at the tiki bar, drinking and flirting well past ten p.m., trusting the pool lifeguard to keep an eye on her daughter, trusting a stranger to baby-sit her child as if little Lisa were a puppy and not a delicious little girl.

I waited and watched as the mother got drunker and then made my move.

It was shockingly easy. I, the monster, made conversation with the little girl as she sat at the edge of the pool, dangling her legs in the water. She was shy of me at first but I used my dread gaze to soothe her mind, and soon enough she followed me, without comment or complaint, back into the hotel and up to my room.

I started off slow and gently, not using my mind to dominate hers except to keep her voice quiet. I sat her on the edge of the bed and touched her soft little tummy, her sides, her beestings, and then pulled her chubby thighs apart and ran my hands deliciously between them, kneading and molesting her through the crotch of her red swimsuit.

The little girl began to cry quietly, sniffling as I ran my hands over her, knowing this was terribly wrong but not knowing what to do about it. She was weak-willed and a little stupid, looking up at me with a confused look in her huge brown eyes.

I pulled the swimsuit off of her body with little trouble. She was damp and clammy from the chlorinated pool water but I found this to my liking. Ever so much to my liking.

I rubbed my face against her everywhere, my hands constantly petting her tiny bare mons, my long slender fingers never ceasing, never leaving that delectable plumpness between her baby thighs.

I nibbled her immature nipples and marveled at the flatness of her chest, the soft plumpness of her baby fat tummy. She made soft crying noises like a kitten but didn't resist me.

I was ready for her, but she was dry, and I had a thought. I forced her back onto the bed and pried her shaking legs apart, and lowered my face between them. My long serpentine tongue emerged to probe at and part her soft slit, but though I licked the length of it, and poked the tip of my tongue over and over again into her tiny tight hole, she refused to moisten. She was too young and too scared.

So I sighed, and allowed the fangs in my mouth to lengthen, and I delicately lipped at her swollen puffy baby cunt, and then sucked the tender softness into my mouth, and pierced with my fangs. She sobbed in soft horror. I fed just a little.

Just enough.

I pressed my bloodied mouth to her cunt opening and forcibly drooled her own blood into her innocent virginal hole.

And then I was ready, and finally, at last, so was she.

She lay staring up at the ceiling as I mounted her shuddering body, and just hyperventilated and sobbed quietly as I raped her innocent pussy. I gently parted her baby cunt-lips and set my pale rigid cock to her bloody hole, and slowly I gored and probed and jabbed and drilled and forced my way up into her.

Oh, slick tightness! Impossibly constricted soft puffy baby cunt, sobbing and trembling for her rape, my long thick prong moistly cleaving her innocent channel, ripping her hymen.

I hilted myself in the 9-year-old's body and rubbed my cock-head deliciously against her cervix, suddenly mad with excitement. I made her tell me her name as I began to ride her baby cunt viciously, her tiny body jolting beneath mine as I rammed and probed and poked over and over again into her swollen channel.

At the best moment, as my cold dead seed began pulsing wetly into her tiny immature womb, I sank my teeth into her throat, sucking fluid from her even as I pumped it into her. Her death convulsions milked my aching, throbbing, ejaculating cock of its wet lifelessness.

I withdrew and left the bloodless cum-filled spermy little baby girl lying splay-legged on the bed. Licking my lips, I decided to go downstairs and buy her mom a drink.

Seemed the least I could do, considering.


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