(MF, beast, v, tor,
sn, sacrilegious)


A nun has an encounter with a demon. (MF, beast, v, tor, sn, sacrilegious)

Keren walked briskly down the ancient street. Her black clothing, the draping that identified her as a nun, weighed heavily upon her, seeming to intentionally retard her progress. Passing across an alleyway, she drew a pair of shrill whistles. Though the cloth was loose and baggy about her body, the sheer size of her bust made it impossible to disguise. The black smock hung downwards off her breasts like a cliff face.

The young Nun stepped quickly away from the group of earthy youths and onto the next avenue. She had arrived at The Prophets, or Hanevim in the Hebrew. Keren's habit did sufficiently hide away the long athletic legs that propelled her tirelessly in her cloggy shoes. Rapping on the stone streets.

It was a partly cloudy day over Jerusalem. The fiery sun stabbing through holes in the sky, the rays of light dragging across the city like bright scimitars. Keren, whose name meant "ray of light" in Hebrew, walked through a large moving sunbeam. Her youthful brow furrowed with dark confusion.

She reached the church. Ringed with a fence of elaborate steel spears pointing skywards. The large ancient stones of its construction seemed to swallow the sounds around them, hold the sounds in their bellies. To release them again in the night as whispers.

Inside, Keren moved down the center of the cathedral.

"Father, I must speak to Father Moy." Keren spoke softly to the first figure she reached. Clearly, the girl was troubled. Sweat ran down her beautiful young face, which was flushed from the exertion of nearly running the distance to her destination. Her massive breasts heaved mightily. The large round shapes pushing her plain black smock upwards and out from her body.

"He is taking confession now."

"Then I must make confession now!" Keren hurried to the wooden kiosk that he nodded towards. He watched after the troubled Nun, as she worked her hips and buttocks to quickly move further into the structure.

Father Moy heard someone enter his confessional.

"Father Moy?" Who was this angelic female voice in his confessional? Tossing aside the anonymity of the confessional?


"This is Sister Keren, from Syria. I must talk to you please about the scrolls recently acquired from Iraq."

"You sound very troubled my child."

"Yes", Keren continued. "The other two translators working with me took ill, they are both very old. So I worked on alone. I...I began reading all the pages."

"You were instructed to translate every third page, were you not?" The disobedient wench!

As instructed, Keren followed the massive priest out of confessional back into private chambers. Keren marveled at the physical dimensions of Father Moy. Near 7 feet tall! Meanwhile, he was equally taken by the young Nun. Very beautiful! Her bust pushing out the front and sides of her habit, while her hips and legs must be slim indeed as they were invisible behind the black cloth hanging to the floor off her big tits.

Once they reached a Spartan chamber and Father Moy turned towards her, Keren could wait no longer. Her words spilled from her like she was bursting to let them out.

"Father, the scrolls from Iraq, they concern..."

"Slow down my child, I can barely understand you." Indeed her plumb breasts were heaving like a pair of balloons on a stormy sea.

"They tell of the Roman Emperor confiscating the leadership of our faith by declaring himself a Pope. They note that other Christian theologians were silenced and never heard from again throughout the empire over a very short period of time."

"These are hostile scribes from outside our religion, my dear."

"More importantly, they contain the description of the Roman Emperor's destruction of the most basic law of God and Jesus. The worship of idols. It is the rite of Satan to transfer faith from the living to unliving carvings."

Trying to calm the excited young lady, Moy placed his meaty hand upon her shoulder. "Christianity has nearly eradicated the practice of idol worship wherever we have been able to reach."

"No, we haven't." With those words Keren points a shaking arm at the large sculpture of Jesus upon the cross that was on the wall. An elaborate kneeling station was beneath it for worship.

Moy tightened his grip upon her shoulder. "We need to calm you down, Sister Keren. Please come with me."

Keren sensed something wrong, and twisted out from under his grip. The resistance infuriated Moy. Grabbing Keren by the neck with one arm, he lifted her off the floor and slammed her against the wall. Choking sounds from her strangled throat. Veins immediately bulged at her temples and forehead. Her arms and legs moving without purpose, her shock showing in Keren's wide eyes.

Moy enjoyed the look on her face. He also enjoyed the feeling of power over her. Perhaps he would demonstrate that power, and see more of this hot fucking Nun. With his free hand, he roughly swiped her headgear off her head, and was wonderfully surprised as long silky red hair cascaded freely down past her neck, past her shoulders, to her waist.

"Oh Sister Keren, you are delicious." He leaned forward, and from his mouth his tongue snaked out. Longer and longer! 5 inches of the pink muscle, then 10 inches, then 15! It licked over Keren's closed lips. Keren squeezed her eyes closed when the tongue mopped across them.

Moy roughly grabbed a breast through the Nun's heavy clothing. Oh, the huge fleshy orb! How could a breast so big also be so firm? Keren gasped at the touch, and the tongued speared into her mouth. It tasted Keren's tongue, which tried to hide. Moved all about inside her mouth. Pushed deeply, touching the entrance to her throat.

Keren could not cry out. Her throat being squeezed by an unimaginably powerful hand, and now an impossibly long tongue now working itself down her constricted neck!

Then Moy used his free hand again. Taking hold of the front of Keren's clothing, he ripped it away. The strong cloth held a moment, pulled taught against her back and buttocks and legs, then began to tear. The tear started right in the center of her bosom, ripping vertically up towards the neck of the garment, and down towards beautiful Keren's waist.

Keren's plain bra became exposed, with an expansive amount of breast flesh which the bra could not contain. The tops of her breasts like half globes pushed up by her bra. Indeed, her belly and waist proved to be as slim as expected as her clothing tore further to her waistline.

Desperate, Keren thrust her fingers into Moy's eyes. It worked! Moy dropped her, bringing his own hands to his eyes. His serpent like tongue retracted into his mouth. With her clothing tore open, breasts bouncing within their bra cups, Keren dashed for the door. Stopped to take hold the elaborate handle. Each moment awaiting Moy to take hold of her from behind. She turned the heavy handle. The door opened heavily. A dry hissing sounded behind her, but she could not bring herself to turn and look back. She was then through the door and in the hall.

Taking no heed of her breasts doing a sexy disco dance, Keren ran blindly. She did not remember exactly the way back, but wanted to reach the main cathedral, where there were other Fathers. She prayed that God would guide her.


"Why was she not taken care of years ago?" The Head of the Church was asking Moy.

"She is extremely gifted translating the Arabic scrolls. She doesn't realize, but she has given us good fixes on the birth areas of the next two prophets. We are in good position for the next 150 years."

Isolating and neutralizing prophets of the Lord was of course the highest priority. The Church must remain the only proclaimed voice of God. The locating and handling of the prior prophet in Eastern Europe in 1943 had taken such drastic action as to nearly expose the extent of Satan's direct power on earth.

Moy continued. "We have had her since age 3. We have administered narcotics through her diet continuously since then. There is no way that the Holy Spirit has spoken to her."

"Then what is she doing?"

"She has found the truth on her own, without Holy guidance." Moy saw his master's eyes harden.

"A prophet not needing Holy visitation... take her out immediately! An insane asylum will not be adequate, lobotomize her." The slaying of prophets always had severe effects, most often magnifying their power as Angels. The recourse was to render them lifeless, then await them to die naturally.

"She is still within our walls. The other priests are searching. She must have gotten lost, because she hasn't made for the exits as expected.


Keren was lost. Halls and doors and stairwells. Then a door opened into a pantry. Several young nuns were here! As each saw the shaken figure, they one by one fell silent to look at her. Keren then realized her bra and bosom were exposed by her torn habit!

Keren closed the door behind her. "Please I need some help."

Minutes later, the others found it hard to believe the matter concerning Father Moy. Yet a large man must have made the bruises along Keren's neck. Keren noticed young Sister Tali fingering the silver crucifix she wore as a necklace.

"Tali, Jesus did not wear silver, he never wore gold. He carried no emblem of God. There IS NO emblem of God. To worship him you must look inside yourself."

"Why do you say these things Sister Keren?" Sister Miri asked. Sisters Orit, Sapir, and Inbal looked on.

"You do God's will so that you may enter into His Heaven, am I right?" Keren asked, and Orit nodded.

"Don't you see that to do a good thing, it must be done without thought of reward? It is Satan's trick to teach you to seek out the reward of Heaven. It must be given to you as a gift, not as a wage of labor."

The door to the pantry burst inwards suddenly. Father Moy with several other priests burst inside the room. He surveyed the scene. Keren, with her clothes seductively torn, showing her great chest. Her fellow young Nuns Sisters Sapir, Tali, Inbal, Orit and Miri also occupied the chamber.

"They have been too long with her. They must all be taken care of." Moy spoke in a voice devoid of emotion, causing some unease in a few of the Sister's. Keren was terrified upon seeing them, and stepped backwards away. The horrible transformations that followed were enough to send a person into insanity, as each priest became a demon. Of different color, amongst them appeared fangs, horns, mandibles, claws, tails, tusks, spikes and talons. Their religious garb fell to pieces as the demons grew too large. Largest of them all was Moy, a sickly bright yellow skin color, his curved horns upon his head scraped against the ceiling more than 20' above the floor.

The Sisters screamed in horror and panic as the beasts closed upon them.

A green scaly demon sporting a rhino like horn out the center of his forehead, crashed towards a fleeing Sisters Inbal and Tali. Tali saw out the corner of her eye the Rhino horn emerge from the breast of Inbal beside her, covered in blood. More blood splashed out Inbal's mouth. Tali cried and screamed as her friend was tossed to the floor and trampled. Suddenly in a corner of the room, Tali turned to see two hellish creatures approaching her with evil grins.

Sapir watched as a mantis like demon closed its mandibles about her waist. Forelimbs smaller than its massive hind legs began ripping the girl's black Nun attire. Then her bra was torn away, her young teardrop shaped tits were silky smooth. From between the demon's legs grew a phallus of inhuman dimensions. As thick as an arm, it was easily 11 inches long. Sapir's remaining clothing was torn harshly from her body. Her naked body was thrown face down over the nearest appliance. Her shapely ass jutting outwards invitingly over the edge.

Sapir's screams of agony filled the room as the penis head pushed into her anus. The demon delighted in her agony. Wanting to push deeper. The virgin ass was tight and unyielding. The mantis demon gripped hold the counter to anchor itself. Then rammed deeper into the Nun's anus. Fucking as deep as it could. Yet still, 6 inches of its member awaited entry. It would have to pound its way. Pulling out and fucking inwards, the massive cock tried to work deeper with each thrust into her tight Nun ass.

The demon's spike lined tail curved up from behind and approached Sapir's crotch. Sister Sapir felt it pushing the bony tip against her virginal pussy lips. She would have cried out No! Begged mercy. Anything. The terrible pain of the impossible cock fucking itself deeper into her ass left her without voice save for incomprehensible screams.

Then the bony tail entered her. Pushing inch after inch inwards. The hard bony spikes dragging against her pussy insides. It tore her virginity, going further into her body. When it reached the cervix, it felt it was deep enough to begin thrashing wildly in all directions without having it fall back out. So the demon flicked its tail back and forth, and the tail bowed side to side. Until it reached Sapir's pussy. The increasing portion of the tail inside her thrashed like an eel out of water. Her insides were stirred like a blender.

While its demon cock rammed deeper up her small ass, 8 inches deep, then 10 inches deep. The sensations were incredible. The only real fuck is a virgin fuck. It broke the Nun's ass hard and deep. Her screaming, spastic convulsions beneath him made the scene. It was nearing ejaculation when it noticed that Sister Sapir was bent forward over an oven. Her two breasts pressed onto the front two burners on the stovetop. The demon cackled with joy! This was going to be delicious! He held back his cum load, by slowing slightly in his fuck thrusts. Gazing at the bulges of the breasts pressed down against the stove burners.

As its hellish eyes looked over the controls for the appliance, the evilness of its thoughts surged into its penis, it expanded to a 12th inch, redoubling its width. Fucking the tight ass harder and harder, then it succeeded in sinking it all, the whole huge fucking cock, up his screaming victim's ass.

Sapir's eyes began to cloud with the pain filling her brain. But she saw the claw reach past her to turn the stove's controls. She knew what the controls did. Her screaming face turned to look down at her own nude bosom, pressed against the round burners. This was difficult because each fuck thrust up her ass shoved her whole body back and forth, and the tail snaking nearly two feet up her pussy was whipping around viciously inside her. The heating element was a long circular pattern that twirled inwards, she felt its coldness against her sensitive tit flesh and nipples.

Sapir knew what was next. She knew. There was nothing she could do. She was pinned in position and helpless against her brutal rape. There was the pain of her broken virgin pussy, and her broken virgin ass. Now Sapir's tears covered eyes watched her breasts. She saw the heating elements begin to turn red beneath her.

Sister Miri heard the screams of her sisters throughout the room. Her black habit ripped from her, a reptilian webbed claw around her neck held aloft Miri's sexy nude body. The bluish hued demon lowered her downwards towards its cock. It was 13 inches long, corded with bulges along its length. Lowered her virginity slowly, closing the distance deliberately, so that it could drink her terror. Miri managed to grab hold her crucifix, and held it toward the demon with trembling hands.

"Yes! Yes! Pray to your idol!" The demon was charged with Miri's desperate act, its cock grew 2 inches larger! Driven to a sexual frenzy, playtime was over. Thrusting wildly, the cock speared like a missile up between Miri's young legs. The cock burst into her pussy, meeting her virginity two inches later. The gate shredded and the cock continued deeper. 4 inches deep. 6 inches deep. 8 inches deep. Miri felt her body being plungered. Felt each cord and bulge and knot of the dick as it stretched her pussy wide and deep.

Her head tilted back, and the reptilian loosened its claw slightly around her neck so that the melodic scream of agony issued from the violated Nun. Lifting her by the neck with its muscled arm, Sister Miri was pulled back up the long cock. Then the beast let her drop back down on it. In this manner young Miri's virgin pussy was pounded at by the demon.

Miri's legs and arms shook with each drop down onto the rock hard penis. Her tits swinging like ripe fruit, banging into each other and bouncing out from her chest. Her pretty face and long brunette curls bounced as well in time to the rape. Each fuck forcing a scream of pain from Miri's lips.

"Aaghh! Aaggh! Uhhwww! Ohwwwg!" Her screams in perfect time to the rhythmic rape like a musical instrument. Miri's eyes cried twin rivers of tears down her face.

"My dear child, I must not deny you the complete sexual experience in your brief amount of life remaining." The reptilian said while it fucked deeper. With its other webbed claw, it grabbed hold of the wooden rolling pin it had spied on the near table. 10 inches then 12 inches of penis were fucking up the broken virgin pussy of the tiny girl.

It shoved the rolling pin into Miri's button nose face, into her mouth. She choked on it, and her fuck screams were muffled wetly by it. Three fuck screams later, the demon removed it from her gullet. Then placed the now saliva coated club to her tight virgin ass. It braced the bottom end of the rolling pin against the tabletop.

"Say ahhh!"

With one claw on her neck, it wrapped the other completely around her small waist. Miri was jammed downwards onto the rolling pin, and it rocketed up her ass. Just as the creature managed finally to completely impale the youngest nun on his own love pole. All 15 inches of cock meat pounded into her. Fucking her body in a violent rape. Sister Miri's juices were running inside the pussy, making each 15-inch thrust exquisitely pleasurable. The demon quickened its pace. The massive prick a blur ramming into the girl.

Miri's screams raised octave after octave as the wooden log pummeled up her ass. Deeper and deeper. Until only the opposite handle of the rolling pin jutted from her ass. The hell spawn squeezed off Miri's windpipe. Her screams were wondrous, but it wanted to listen to its ejaculation now. Continuing to hold her down with the rolling pin all up her ass, its fucking cock made moist wet noises with each fuck thrust up the Nun's pussy.

With clenched fangs, cum rocketed into the virgin. Its dick rammed and jammed the cumshots deep into her womb. Spurt after spurt like hose blasts pounded thick syrupy sperm into her deepest crevasses. Miri's eyes bulged from the strangulation. Her face flushing, veins pulsing on her forehead. The demon squeezed her neck harder as it thrust its cum seed between her thin legs.

Sister Sapir writhed and screamed beneath the fucking mantis demon. Her plumb breasts now sizzling loudly as they cooked. Her tremulous screams were deemed by her rapist to be the best of all the girls' screams. It was balling itself up her ass. Her shaking in horrid pain increased the pleasure of its fuck thrusts. With its spiked tail twisting and turning inside the Nun's pussy, it let loose its cum load finally. Firing up her ass. Each thrust launching the thick rich cream deep into her.

The demon's climaxes caused it too suddenly straighten out its tail, inside the rape victim's pussy! It thrust out straightly, fully 20 inches up her vagina. Sapir felt it all. Her tender breasts boil and burn, the cum fire up her ass, the spiked tail spearing up her cunt. She felt all of her torture that could only originate in hell. She suffered the beasts orgasm, its cum flowing endlessly between her tight ass cheeks, deep inside her broken ass.

Keren emerged out the small door onto a terrace high above the city below. Her short flight out the back of the pantry was done with the echoes of her sister's crying screams, and the wet sounds of their rapes in her ears. There were no other exits from the open aired terrace, unless she meant to fly! Fearfully, she hugged her arms across herself against the wind. Perhaps none of the demons would follow her. They all seemed engaged with the other Nuns. It was a selfish hope. But it was all she had. She was trapped.

Then the upper torso of the Moy demon emerged in the doorway!

"There is my precious!"

It made its way with difficulty through the door. The creature was 20' tall and 10' across at its massive muscled shoulders. Bearing bull's horns atop a goat head, the bright yellow demon smiled down at Sister Keren's fragile frame. It was supremely heavily muscled throughout its body, it legs, chest, arms, midsection. Ripped with huge sinewy flesh. It looked as if it could lift the castle if it wanted!

The beast had a penis of size equivalent to its mass. As thick as Keren's two shapely legs together, it was more then 3 feet in length. Curved slightly like a banana, it was pointing skywards in erection.

"We have something unfinished between us, don't we Sister Keren?" The hulking 20' being stepped toward a cowering Keren, who was near 5 and a half feet tall in her shoes, her height up to the demon's knees. She looked with anguish up at the massive member, whose base at the demon's crotch was more than 6 feet above her head. Grabbing Keren by her long red hair, she was lifted easily with one arm into the air.

Upwards the muscled arm lifted her. The thick strong thighs of the creature passed before her eyes. Then the massive basketball sized testicles. And finally the thick shaft of its weapon. Then she was dangled in the air with her face level with the bowling ball sized cock head. Keren's feet treaded air nearly five feet above the terrace flooring. Thick pre cum ooze was leaking out the dick, beginning slowly to run down the underside of the head of the prick.

"You did want a closer look didn't you?" And the beast laughed down at her.

"You have never seen male juice have you? Hell, you've never seen a cock! I can tell by your eyes!" Again the massive goat head guffawed at her, buffeting her with rancid breath. The agony of her hair pulling out by its roots was building. Keren's painful squirming only made it worse.

"Then it is time for introductions... Sister Keren, meet my cock which is going to fuck your pussy past bursting with every inch of its size." Keren's face was pushed into the disgusting thing. She held her hands palms forward as if to ward it away, but when she contacted the cock, she pulled her hands back. Reluctant to touch it. Her pretty face was mashed into the trail of slimy pre cum, then rubbed against the sticky cock head. When she was pulled back, strands of the syrup as thick as ropes clung to her face. Keren's beautiful features were turned in revulsion. The goo was all over her face.

"Feel how slick and slippery it is? What do think its purpose to be?" Again the laughter. Then its attention turned to Keren's torn open clothing. The inside of each big tit was visible, forming a deep cleavage that plunged into her bra. The demon's other giant clawed hand (big enough to wrap completely around her torso) came at her, fingers splayed so as to grab. It took hold her Nun's habit with the intent to finish what it had started earlier today.

Ripping sounded as her smock was rended and shredded off her form. Keren's huge plump melons in their bra were violently uncovered. It was a plain bra, but on Keren's chest, it was a marvelous sight. Also exposed was her conservative undergarment covering her lower body. The best part of the rape was the look on her face. The pain from more and more of her red hair pulling out, plus the humiliation of being stripped, and the fear of the threatened sexual assault. Keren's nipples were hardened and extended against her will. First making points into her bra, then as they grew larger, actually tenting the material.

The Moy demon shook Keren like a doll, just to watch that bosom jump up and down. The Nun's sleek sexy legs also shook very nicely, providing views of the hard calves and thighs. Moy remembered the monastery in Syria had no automobile. Keren surely walked many miles each week just to complete chores. Damn those legs sure showed it! Shaped like Barbie Doll legs!

A thumb as large as Keren's head started roughly rubbing against the defrocked Nun's chest. Pressing the big breasts, playing with them. After a couple minutes of this, the claw of the thumb reached under the bra material, and sliced it away. The bra fluttered over the edge of the terrace to descend slowly towards the city street many stories below.

As the hideous creature took hold of her by wrapping a prehensile hand around her waist and releasing her hair to fall down over her shoulders, reaching for her waist with its red length, Keren found some strength to resist.

"I know God, and I know that you can not harm me." The demon was again rubbing his thumb into her (now bare) breasts. It liked the way the nipples were so hard! Like buttons at the end of her tits. It smiled a malevolent fanged smile at her.

"I suspect you know more of God than we realized, but I suspect I know more of 'Harm' than you realize. HAHAHA" With that it ripped away the last of her garments, revealing the virgin pelvis of the young Nun. Keren's hips were only slightly wider than the monstrous cock that quivered in front of her!

The young lady had been held aloft now for several minutes, with the precipitous fall of several stories close by with the ending of the terrace. The wind of such high height blew across her completely nude body. She felt the sweat of the hot meaty flesh where the demon fingers wrapped abound her. It was all disorienting, her mind growing faint.

Then the rotten exhale of the beast brought her back to a sharp focus. Though it was clear as it repositioned her that she would rather not be seeing what was next.

"It's time to take my love baby!" The horrid pole like cock was pressed in between her two legs, forcing them far apart.

"No! Oh God No! Please!" Keren's desperate plight drove her into panic. The bulbous head pressed against her vagina. The size scale was ridiculously out of whack. Yet the demon pressed against her. It's bright yellow abdominal muscles tensed and clenched, as did its massive arm that was holding Keren's flailing body in place. Pushing harder. 50 pounds pressure, than 100, then more.

"This is the good part baby Nun! Really my favorite!" Pain shot from her groin, Keren threw her head wildly back in a piercing scream. Her body jerked and convulsed. The virgin Nun's pussy opened, opened slowly wider. Wider than any birth could stretch it. Her legs kicked in agony to each side, while Moy licked his lips, watching his hard cocked ease torturously into his sweet toy.

Oh how she screamed! Incredible! Legs kicking, arms flailing, back arching, and those tits! Those juicy melons jumping and swinging in her agony! Moy was close to Cumming just as he ripped into her, but that would not do. No way. No 'quickie' was good enough for his Keren. She deserved a real fucking on the day she lost her virginity.

He began to slowly impale her on his maleness. Pushing into her, distending her body as it moved itself up though her pussy. She was so tight! Keren soon ran out of breath, her screams expelled it all. Leaving her gasping greedily to fill her lungs. The heaving expanded her tits in an awesome display, and the desperate noises of her struggling respiration were also pleasing to the ear. Deeper, stopping at 12 inches penetration. Stopping only to begin the fuck process.

Wet sounds from Keren's crotch. Her virginity long dead now. Her pussy ruined, being destroyed further as the demon began to piston into her. Moy took hold her head with its free hand, so that he could look into her eyes. Holding it gently between thumb and index finger (so as not to crush it by mistake), he saw her entrance to hell in her eyes. His fuck thrusts pushing her body back and forward.

Ramming near one third his length into her. Feeling inside her body with his prick. So delightful. Grunting now with pleasure, as Keren found strength to scream more. Grunting like an animal with each inward push. Faster. Feeling his crown and shaft harden in preparation for his orgasm.

"Oh my Nun! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum baby!" Ramming deepest yet, further by far, to fire his load into the core of his Fuck Nun. 15 inches went into her, 18 inches between her legs. Up inside. Pumping her. Fucking her like a tiny doll.

His hot load erupted like a volcano. Surging like a molten river. Hosing her insides with the thick syrupy goop. Moy watched her mouth, expecting some of it to wash out the other end of her. The first cum load hit her insides like a baseball bat. Then she felt the second cum shot pound into her. Her cunt sounded wetly, pussy lips smacking with each fuck.

"Ought! Each!" The bright hued demon pounded on. The bitch's small tight body coaxing cum and cum and cum out of him. He was shaking in joy. Tremors of purest pleasure flowing through his dick in great orgasm. Keren felt the cum inside her, inflating her like a balloon. The sperm poured back out her pussy, adding to the slippery wetness of the fucking rape. Her legs were soon coated with the opaque white semen.

"Yeaagghh! Take it bitch!" The height of orgasm for the demon. Moy dropped to his knees, his grip loosened on the girl that was his cock sleeve, his happy member dipping below the horizontal in contentment. Keren had gone limp several minutes before. Now she began to slide off the soaked cock. The goat beast didn't notice at first. Then she was sliding faster, sliding right off him.

"NO!" Lunging for her. Too late.

Keren's broken naked body toppled over the edge of the terrace. Falling in a slow tumble towards the street far below.

She reached the wall of spears, crashing down upon them. Three of them skewering her midsection. The force of her fall driving them completely through her. She fell all the way to the ground, the 10-foot spears running red above her.

A mother with her daughter dropped her sack of groceries and screamed. Keren heard her. She lifted her head, feeling the terrible pain of her disembowelment. Her eyes met those of the little girl, who was staring back at her. While the mother stood in complete shock, the child approached Keren as if there was something that she could do.

Drawing close and taking hold Keren's trembling hand as the Nun suffered her last few moments. Keren spoke, her voice soft. The mother, only a couple feet away, was unable to hear.

"Do good..." She rasped, blood spilling from her mouth.

"Do good without thought of reward." Then Keren moved no more.

The mother grabbed the child and forcibly led her away.


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