My Decent into Rape
(MF, nc, rp, voy, v, bd, tor)

Written by Floyd (

I was bored walking around at 2 o'clock in the morning. I had been wandering about for 2 hours now and was heading home when she came in sight. She turned the corner ahead of me with her short white dress blowing up at the back; it blew right up to her waist exposing her tight pink panties clinging to her arse.

My cock jumped at the sight of her arse and knickers, she made no effort to pull it back down, she just carried on walking. I followed behind as her arse wiggled and my cock grew with each step, as the wind dropped so did her skirt.

I slowed my pace so as to stay behind her the wind had started to gust as well, nice and strong gusts lifting her skirt up completely front and back I noticed her panties were the type you tie at the sides.

As we walked down the road with her struggling to keep the front of her skirt down, I was treated to view after view of her arse, making my cock swell and throb. I will never know why or when I decided I was going to rape her, I just thought, "Fuck it, I'm having this bitch."

She turned off the main road onto a side street I knew led to a deserted power plant, it was often used as a shortcut to the new estate, I was about 10 yards behind her as I turned the corner, I saw her drop something and bend over to pick it up, she bent from the waist making her skirt rise up over her buttocks making her panties stretch across the gap between her cheeks. She stood up as I got closer and turned to face me; she was holding a lighter, which is what she had dropped into a puddle.

She looked at me and asked "Have you got a light please?" I was about 3 feet away when the wind whipped up and the front of her skirt flew up treating me to a perfect view of her tight panty-covered pussy. The front of her panties was lace see through, so much so that I could see she had shaved herself. She tugged the front of her skirt down and I gave her my lighter, as she lit her cigarette I looked round to she if there was anyone about, it was deserted and far enough from the main road as to be perfect for what I wanted.

I usually carry a flick knife for protection and thought that it was a good thing I did, it would make this so much easier. She finished lighting her cig and passed me my lighter back, I looked at her she was very pretty, nice pair of tit, short dark auburn hair and just how I like my women not skinny, not fat something to grip on.

She thanked me for the light and turned to walk away, "Nice knickers you're wearing girl," I said. She turned and looked at me, "What did you just say?" She asked shocked by my comment. "The little pink knickers your wearing, they would look better on the floor," I knew that what I was going to do register in her face.

"Fuck off you dirty bastard!" she shouted at me, then she turned to run. I was waiting for this to happen, I was on her in a flash, putting one hand round her mouth and waving my knife in front of her face. "Behave and be quiet and I might let you live, and no I wont fuck off, but I will fuck you and enjoy taking my time over it bitch" I snarled into her ear.

I turned her round to face me her eyes where wide in terror and never left my knife, I put it up to her face and told her to be a good girl do as I told her, and she would walk away. I grabbed her head and pushed her down to her knees, pulling my cock out I pulled her head back and forced it past her lips. I took my knife and pressed it against her throat, "Suck it suck it dry, and when I cum swallow every drop slag, do you understand?" I shouted at her.

She nodded her head and slowly started to suck on my cock, I could feel her teeth on each side of my cock. I forced her to deep-throat me making her gag on my nearly bursting hard on, "Lick it while you suck whore, and make me cum." I grabbed the back of her head and started to face fuck her hard and deep. Her throat started to bulge with each thrust as my cock went down the back of her throat, I could feel my cum start to bubble up my prick ready to empty my balls into the waiting and defiantly unwilling mouth of my victim.

With one last thrust I felt my balls then my dick pulse and felt myself start to shoot. I pulled my cock from down her throat and just left the head inside her mouth; I wanted to cum in her mouth and watch this slag swallow. "Suck the head bitch, suck my cum out of my cock."

She sucked hard on the head of my steaming prick, I felt the cum pump into her mouth. As the last of my cum poured out onto her tongue I told her to keep it in her mouth till I said, the last drops of cum dripped onto her lips I pulled my cock out of her mouth, it was still hard and red covered in cum. I pulled her head back so I could see her mouth full of cum it coated her tongue and was a very horny sight. "Swallow slowly slut, I wanna see it slide down your throat."

I watched as my cum slipped past her tonsils and down into her stomach. I shoved my cock back in her mouth and snarled, "Suck it clean slag!" She sucked on the head of my cock cleaning it, sucking the last drops of spunk from the tip. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her too her feet. When she was stood in front of me I told her to turn round and bend over.

As she bent over her skirt rose up over her arse, I ran my hand over her arse down to her pussy, pushing my finger into her pussy through the side of her knickers, I sank it to the knuckle. I put my hand on her back and pushed my fingers deep into her cunt twisting them until her pussy got wet enough for me to move them easily, I pulled them out and pulled her to her feet, I shoved my fingers into her mouth. "Suck them clean bitch," I told her.

She gagged on taste but she sucked them clean. I made her pull her skirt up to her waist and hold it there while I rubbed her cunt through the front of her knickers. I grabbed hold of the waist band and went to rip them off, "S-stop please just undo them, please."

I stopped what I was about to do and reached to each side to untie them, they slid down her legs and hung from the crotch. I pulled her legs apart and they fell to the ground between her legs, she stood there in front of me with her skirt round her waist and I felt my cock grow, her head was hung down and she could see my cock growing.

As she watched it grow she started to sob, I ran my hand over her pussy and felt how smooth it was slipping my hand between her legs to rub her cunt lips, I forced two fingers up into her and she squirmed under my touch. I reached up and pulled her blouse open to reveal her tits, pinching her nipples hard, I made her gasp. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and stuck them in her mouth, "Suck bitch clean them."

She sucked her juice off my fingers, watching her do this made my cock throb. I was getting a bit to excited my cock was leaking pre cum already, "I am so gonna enjoy sticking my cock up your cunt, I am gonna make you so sore." I spun her round and pushed her towards the wall, "Lean over slag show me what you've got."

She leant over and put her hands on the wall, sticking her arse out and up. That arse was gonna get a pounding tonight, but first I wanted to pound her cunt. I walked up to her with my cock sticking out ahead, as I got up to her I told her to spread her thighs, she was scared so much so she was not going to argue with me, this is just how I liked them compliant. I rubbed the head of my cock over her slick pussy lips, slowly sliding it in past the opening. Then grabbing her hips I thrust my cock right up her, resting for a second I started to thrust slowly at first then building up speed.

Grabbing her hair I started to pound into her pussy making her gasp with each thrust, pulling my cock out till just the head was in then thrust it right to the hilt. I started to slap her arse this was so fucking horny I was having problems holding back from blasting my cum into her womb. I slowed down and pushed my cock has far up her cunt has I could, I leant against her and ground my cock into her, waiting for the feeling to subside, when it did I resumed my assault on her pussy.

Each time I thrust into her she would gasp and her head was thrown back, I looked down at my cock as I thrust in and out, that was my mistake the sight of her arse stuck up with my cock up her cunt and her skirt bunched up made me lose it, with one final thrust I felt my balls tighten and the cum boiled up the length of my prick, blasting into her pussy, I felt like I would never stop cumming.

When I had finished cumming I rested inside of her for a few minutes, feeling my cock start to soften, she was sobbing and gasping for breath as I pulled my cock out of her. Turning her around I pushed her to her knees, "Suck my cock slag, I want you to clean my cum off it now."

She hesitated so I grabbed her head and pulled her to me, "Open your mouth slut or ill kick the shit out of you!" I ordered.

She opened her mouth and I slid my cock in, she started to suck cleaning my cum and her juices off it. I thought about leaving at that moment but she looked up at me whilst sucking me and fuck me if I didn't start to get hard again. When she finished cleaning my cock I dragged her to her feet and pulled her head back exposing her throat, I put my knife to her throat and snarled into her ear, "I'm sick of you hesitating; I am going to mark you for life so every time you look in the mirror you will remember me."

she started to shake and cry harder, "P-please don't!" she begged, "I will do what you want, please don't hurt me!" I dug the knife into her neck. "P-please, please don't, I'll do anything you want, anything!!"

Those words my cock throbbed and started to grow. Putting my cock back in my pants and told her to walk ahead of me but to keep her skirt up above her waist so I could see her arse all the way to the power station. I walked behind her watching her arse wiggle and thought about ass fucking her, a long time fantasy of mine. First though I was gonna find out just how compliant she was.

"Stop there and bend over," I told her. She stopped and bent over, "Open your legs slag I wanna see your cum filled pussy," was my next order.

She opened her legs about 3 foot wide giving me a perfect view of her arse and used cunt. Walking over to her I ran my hand over her tight arse and slapped it, "On your hands and knees doggy-style bitch and be fucking quick about it."

She dropped down onto her hands and knees. Taking her knickers, which I had picked up as we left the site of her first rape, I balled them up and shoved them in her mouth, filling her mouth completely so she wouldn't be able to make a sound.

"Now slag are you still going to do what I tell you, nod your head if you are." She started to nod her head furiously. "Good, now if you move an inch I will mark you for life, do you understand me whore?"

She nodded her head again. I looked around to find the place I wanted, over in the far corner was just what I wanted; an old wooden beam had fallen and was at just the right height for what I had in mind. Luckily for me there were loads of old electrical cable hanging around, I slapped her arse and dragged her over to the beam, I pushed her over so that her arms were level with her ankles and she was stood on tiptoe.

Grabbing two pieces of cable I tied her wrists to her ankles, when I had tied them tight enough, I found two more pieces of cable and spread her legs, tying the two pieces one to each ankle then to a post either side of her, so her legs were spread as far apart as was possible.

I pulled my belt out of my trousers and folded it in half, going behind her I ran my hands over her cheeks, then raising the belt above my head I brought it down over her arse. It left a red mark across both cheeks, she tried to pull away shaking her head and trying to scream, all I could hear was a muffled sob, I proceeded to thrash her arse with my belt harder and harder, leaving welts all over her cheeks, by now she was unable to move with the pain and my cock was rock hard and throbbing.

When I stopped and looked at her, her arse was pure red and cut in some places, I had also managed to mark her thighs as well. Untying her hands from her ankles I grabbed her by the chin and pulled her face up so I could see her eyes, tears where streaming down her face, "Right little bitch time for the best bit, if you do not do what I say I will tie you up again and thrash you till your arse is ripped to shreds." I dragged her to her feet and pulled her over to the wall; where there was more light and I could see more clearly. "Get undressed bitch completely, I want to see you naked."

She stood there and stripped off, her top first then bra, I made her turn round and bend over as she took her skirt off. Her arse was still marked and red just how I like them, I ordered her to sit against the wall with her legs wide open and her knees rose. She sat down and raised her knees making her cunt open as well, "Finger yourself slag, pull my cum out of your cunt and suck them clean."

She didn't even hesitate, her hands went between her legs and she started to finger herself. "Pull my cum out and suck them clean bitch," I ordered she put two fingers inside her cunt and pulled a load of cum out, she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean, she did this till there was no more cum inside of her pussy.

I told her to get her arse back over to the beam and bend over; she stood up and wandered over to beam, I could tell from the way she walked she was broken. She walked with her head down and her arms hanging at her side straight over to the beam, when she got there she bent over the beam sticking her arse in the air.

Her arse looked really horny sticking up just waiting for my cock and boy was she going to get it. My cock throbbed as I came up behind her "pull your arse cheeks open bitch, its time for some anal fun." I thought she would hesitate at this order but she didn't she just reached round and pulled it wide open. She was totally under my control and I was gonna enjoy this, my cock head butted against her anus and I gripped her hips, "Don't move or you will regret it understand bitch?"

She just nodded her head. I spat on the head of my cock, just to start it off, I drove my cock right up her arse, I was that hard any resistance disappeared, with just one push I was in to the balls, she screamed out loud, music to my ears that scream was, I had to rest and wait or I would of cum straight away, she was so tight up there.

When the feeling had subsided I pulled my cock out to the head and started to fuck this tight little ass, each thrust brought a cry from her lips but they were getting quieter and less of a scream now, I started to pound her arse like a jackhammer, long deep strokes making sure she felt every inch of my rock hard prick, burying my cock deep in her bowels I ordered her to push back to meet my thrusts.

As I pulled back she moved forward slightly, then as I drove my cock into her arse she pushed herself back onto my cock, "Harder slag!" I ordered and thrust again, this time she rammed her self back onto my cock, making herself scream. I continued to fuck her arse like this for fifteen or twenty minutes, at one point she was doing all the work, fucking her own ass on my cock.

Feeling my balls tighten I grabbed her hips and forced my cock as deep in to her bowels as I could, pulling her backwards to bury myself deeper, I felt the cum shoot up the length of my cock and I emptied myself into her sore red arse. Two more thrusts and I was done, my balls were empty, I pulled out and stood back admiring the view there was spunk dribbling from her ravaged arsehole, I gave her arse a slap and thanked her for a good time.

As I left I picked up her panties as a souvenir, as I picked them up I saw her hand bag. Opening her bag the first thing I saw was her child benefit book, nice one now I had her name and address, she was a very easy lay and I did not want to lose her.


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