Mr. Black's

(Mm, ped, nc, rp, v, bd, huml)
By dale10

The teenage boy lay strapped to the bed, moaning as Mr. Black entered the room. He stopped for a moment at the foot of the bed, to check the boy's chart. Name: Josh Fortnum. Age: 15. Enrolled in the institute program:

Sept. 4, 2005. Sexual status: Virgin Last orgasm with emission of cum: Sept. 5, 2005. Medication: Four Viagra every day.

Mr. Black stood for a moment watching the twenty-two year old assistant seated by the side of the boy's bed. The assistant was naked and very handsome. They were kept naked to further stimulate the teenage patients. The assistant was slowly stroking and masturbating Josh's obscenely swollen teenage cock. After a few strokes and pumps, the assistant would remove his hand and carefully study the throbbing prickflesh.

The boy would push his young strong body up off the bed, trying to reach the assistant's hand. He would moan and thrash his body so the dick would bounce and slap his stomach. His balls looked gigantically bloated and heavy. The boy would groan and sob, trying to touch his flopping dick to something to help bring it off, but it was no use. Lashed as he was to the bed, he could only suffer in his sexual need. Then the assistant would gently touch the swollen dick and begin to stroke it again.

The assistants were well trained to judge how close a prick was to shooting. If he made a mistake and the boy shot a load, both the assistant and the boy were punished. The punishments were horrible. This time Josh's big dick began to leak clear pre-fuck solution.

The assistant carefully scooped up the pre fuck slop on a spoon and deposited it in a small bottle which marked how much emission there was. Mr. Black's goal was to get a boy leaking almost constantly without cumming. Josh had not cum for two months. His first day at the institute he had been masturbated six times, until he was totally empty and then his participation in the experiment had begun.

Mr. Black stepped closer to the bed, looking down at the agonized boy. The teenager's eyes flicked open for a moment, and then closed again as he licked his lips and threw his head from side to side. Mr. Black smiled.

"What is young Josh's schedule?" he asked the assistant, leaning down to run a hand up and down the sweaty naked body of the teenage patient.

The assistant grew tense. "Be careful sir, please. He's at the point now that even touching his body in any way, might send him over the top. Every second is sexual agony for him." The assistant carefully released the throbbing teen dick and then with his fingertips gently probed the swollen teen fucksack. The boy threw his head and moaned. "He is almost senseless to anything and everything except for sexual stimulation."

"Good, that's how we want to keep him. I want to try to go another two months at least with him." Mr. Black leaned over the face of the cute boy. "Did you hear that Josh. Only two more months to go, and we will allow you to cum. You are halfway there! But don't cum before then, or you know what will happen!" Mr. Black knew the ultimate fear of each boy in his institute.

Josh's great fear was snakes, and Mr. Black had put the boy in a room with hundreds of them, just for a moment, threatening that if the boy came before he was allowed to, he would be shut up in the snake room overnight. "Whenever you think you might lose it, that you might go over the edge and blow a fuckload, just think about the snake room. That will help you." Mr. Black lightly flicked Josh's nipples. The boy yelped as if he had been burned. Mr. Black laughed.

"I asked you a question, Carlos, what is the boy's schedule?"

"He wakes each day at eight o'clock. He is masturbated with a piss hard for twenty minutes. Then we release him and walk him to the bathroom where he shits, pisses and we bathe him. Then he is masturbated for one hour, bringing his first leakings of the day. Then he has breakfast, but must maintain a full hard on during the meal.

"He is then masturbated for two hours. Then he goes to the gym and works out, maintaining a full hard on all during his exercises. Then he eats a light lunch, and then he is strapped to the bed for five hours of continual masturbation. He is allowed a nap in the late afternoon, and some recreation reading fuckbooks or watching porno videos.

"During these times he is not allowed to touch himself and no one else touches him. He then goes for a walk and is allowed to visit with the other boys. All boys must maintain hard-ons at all times. Assistants are always present to help as the boys can no longer touch themselves without shooting. After a good healthy dinner, we have five hours of evening masturbation.

"A good solid program. Make sure he uses the gym time properly, I want him to keep his nice physique. And a sauna every day. He's a really good looking boy. In the evenings, I want his schedule varied for tit and pussy work.

"Josh, listen to me. We are going to vary your exercise program just a bit. In the evenings, we are going to start to stimulate your pussy and your titties. We are going to make them both very sensitive. We are going to turn your young asshole into a full pussy. It will feel awkward at first, but soon you will derive much sexual pleasure from your pussy stimulation.

"Your tits too will give you pleasure. At first the constant nipple work will drive you crazy, like someone tickling you and never stopping, but it will take your mind off your swollen dick a bit. Eventually your tits and pussy will feel sexually connected, and you will find sexual pleasure with their stimulation. Your cock will become more like a clit, and your cunt will replace it as your greatest area of sexual delight.

"I know all of this sounds horribly unbearable and impossible right now. But I assure you, I have done this with over sixty boys. Boys who leak almost all the time, but no longer have to cum. They are in a kind of constant sexual hypnotism. They can think of nothing but sex. They have learned how to find some relief by sucking cock, and taking cock up the ass-pussy. They need it ten to fifteen times a day, to keep from going mad, it's very like a heroin addiction.

"The pleasure you will learn to feel in your pussy and tits will somewhat relieve your sexual insanity. You will be controlled partially through drugs. I will let you meet some of our more successful patients. Boys ranging from thirteen to eighteen. They crawl around on the floor crying and moaning for cock, and will virtually attack any male who enters the room, begging to be fucked or to be allowed to suck dick.

"It's amazing how a big fat cock in the mouth, will instantly calm a boy in this state. Rather like a pacifier to a baby. But first, we have to learn how to conquer your foolish teenage boy need to cum. We have to turn that hunk of teenage fuck meat into a quivering clit!"

Mr. Black turned to the assistant. "When you first begin his pussy stimulation, just use finger tips and gently rub the asshole lips. Too much stimulation too soon, will cause the boy to cum. Stimulate the asshole ring for at least a week before you begin to probe.

"We have all the time in the world. We are in no hurry, as long as he is a full fledged cunt-boy before he turns sixteen. As for his tits, in two months time, I want them standing out two inches when erect. Change his bed bindings so his legs are spread and up against his chest, opening up his pussy. Be careful as this causes more stress on the fucksack and it will want to shoot."

The assistant was an expert and hated it when Mr. Black told him his job. Still, you didn't criticize or correct Mr. Black. Besides, it was due to Mr. Black that Carlos had this wonderful job. One of the perks of which was lots of young boy ass to fuck.

"I have to go see how our young fourteen year old is doing in the next room." Mr. Black smiled and ran his hand across Josh's head. The boy moaned and his dick gave a jump. Mr. Black knew that this was the critical time for the boy, the time when many boys were lost to total insanity.

Mr. Black licked his lips. Jesus, what a fine cock the teenager had, so virginal and thick and throbbing and leaking. Two more months without cumming, and then two more, and then two more.

Mr. Black chuckled and kissed the boy on the forehead.

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