He Said He
Loved Her

(Mdom/F, nc, rp, v)

By Newman

He had waited in the same spot at the same time every day for two weeks. He had heard them coming down the path, seen them arm in arm, her in school uniform, him in jeans and T shirt. Each day they had moved from the path into the woods. From his position he was hidden. He had watched through his binoculars.

They had kissed passionately and then fondling each other had fallen to the ground. He had watched as she had taken him in the mouth, as he had moved his head between her thighs, as they had made love. Each and every day they had come but today was different. They were late.

Then he heard footsteps. He saw her turn the corner. She was alone. His mind went blank. He moved through the woods in parallel with her. He took out his pen-knife opening its four inch blade. Still unseen he moved closer to her until she reached the junction. He knew they were alone.

Silently he came up behind her and his arm snaked out, his hand covering her mouth. He pulled her towards him and moved the knife to her neck. She froze. She tried to scream but the knife dug into her throat and the hand became tighter over her mouth.

He led her into the woods, to a place she knew well. Here she had made love to her boyfriend. Many times.

With the knife still at her throat his other hand moved down from her mouth to her breast. Now she realized that she was in danger and the fear took over. She started to cry. He gripped her breast, squeezing hard making her squeal in pain. Still the knife was at her throat.

He grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it open. He pulled up her bra revealing her breasts and again grabbed one. He pinched her nipple, at first gently and then harder until the pain made her bite her lip. He forced her to her knees.

Walking around in front of her he held the knife an inch from her eye. He unzipped his fly and took out his member. He was hard. He moved it to her lips and then grabbed her hair, forcing her head back. Involuntarily her mouth opened and he forced his way in. She gagged as his tool hit the back of her throat and then he slapped her face hard. She sucked. His member was filthy, his smell horrific. He pumped in and out of her face.

He then pushed her onto her back and bending over her pulled her skirt down her legs. He threw it behind him and then grabbed the crutch of her pants. He pulled the material from her body and then using the knife cut through the gusset revealing her sparsely covered triangle.

He knelt and forced his way between her legs. His member reached her and touched against her womanhood. He forced his way inside her. He thrust at her harder and harder working deeper and deeper. The friction burnt him but he felt nothing. He plunged in and out, oblivious of everything but his release. In minutes he came. He was deep inside her as he sprayed his seed.

He pulled out and with his hand he wiped the fluid from his tool. He noticed blood mixed with his come. He cleaned his hand on what was left of her panties. She was crying more now, trying to move away from him. He grabbed her again and leant forward on top of her. He moved his mouth to her nipple and sucked. She was not responding so he bit her hard.

She screamed in pain and he slapped her again. She tried to wriggle away from him which excited him more. He pulled her by the legs towards him and entered her again. It was easier this time as his fluids combined with her blood acted as a lubricant. He thrust in and out, violating her completely and then when he was close again he pulled out. He turned her over and mounted her from behind.

He entered her again, ramming in and out, harder and harder. Then he pulled out of her and guided his tool to her anus. With one thrust he was inside her. Then he buggered her until he was completely satisfied.

On completion he cleaned himself off with her skirt. She was on the floor, curled up in a ball, sobbing. He left her like that knowing that she would be alright because he had told her he loved her.


I lay there on the ground for ages until I was found. I heard the dog before I saw it. It sniffed at me and I realized that it must have been with someone. I called for help and an elderly couple appeared through the trees.

The next thing I remember was waking in hospital. My parents were there and a police woman. My mother held my hand and wept. My father stood across the room. At no time did he look at me. I could tell he was ashamed. I cried.

The CID arrived and arranged for a full examination. They had found my clothes but needed to prod and poke me, taking samples for their investigations. By the time the examination was complete I felt as if I had been raped again.

I was questioned incessantly. Did I know him? Had I met him for a date? What was I doing in the woods? On and on and on until I felt that I was the one at fault.

My boyfriend visited me once in hospital but we hardly spoke. He wouldnít even hold my hand. We didnít really speak again for a number of years.

When I finally returned to school some weeks later people were constantly whispering and sniggering behind my back.

They caught the guy two years later. He had committed ten rapes that were on file but the police said they thought he had done many more that had not been reported.

The trial was an ordeal as I was forced to relive everything he had done to me.

My self esteem crashed and for many years I became a slut, going with anyone and everyone, I suppose looking for the love that I had lost from my boyfriend and my father.


We were deeply in love. Neither of us could keep our hands to ourselves. It was the kind of first time, innocent love that stays with you for ever and then it happened.

We normally walked home from school together. If it was fine we would stop in our little secret place for a kiss and a cuddle. That evening I had football practice so I couldnít be with her.

The first I knew about it was when the police knocked on my door. They questioned me about where I had been, who I had been with, what witnesses did I have etc. Then they dropped the bombshell. She had been raped on her way home from school.

I didnít know what to do. I sat at home like a lemon. I couldnít do anything. I felt let down, disgusted that she had let him do that to her, angry that she had not fought him off.

I had always believed that there was no such thing as rape, as my friends and I used to joke, a woman with her skirt up can run faster than a man with his trousers down.

It took me two days before I could get up the courage to visit her in hospital. When I saw her there in bed, bruised and battered I didnít know what to say. I couldnít even hold her hand. I felt so useless.

We never really spoke again after that which is something that I am not proud of. I gave her no support when she needed it. I just could not cope with the situation. I am still disgusted with myself and have never really trusted my feelings since.

I went to the trial when they caught the bastard. I learned that he had been watching us for weeks. He knew everything we had done together which he had great delight in telling the court. He had even tried to make it sound as though she had wanted sex with him because I was not available that evening.

He was only given ten years for what he had done. Thatís a year for each rape, less than that if you take into account the ones that werenít reported. What kind of justice is that?

What really upset me was that after he had finished, he said he loved her.

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