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Jamie Gets A Tutor and More
by Captain J
This story stars a 15 year old boy named Jamie who’s failing at school and needs a tutor, his mother locates a 13 and a half year old girl who happens to be in the same class as Jamie having skipped a grade due to her intelligence. That she also happens to be the tallest girl in the school just lends her more of an intimidating presence. The girl soon discovers that Jamie is taking Puericil but that neither he nor his mother know of all the side effects of the drug. One thing leads to another and soon it’s discovered that quite a few boys are in the same position and eventually the school must make major changes to accommodate all of these Puericil boys and protect them from abuse.
Chapters 1 to 5 February 11, 2016
Chapters 6 to 10 February 11, 2016
Chapters 11 to 15 March 14, 2016
Chapters 16 to 20 April 12, 2016
Chapters 21 to 25 April 12, 2016
Chapters 26 to 31 May 8, 2016

Exposed by Mrs. Foster
by Sir Cum Sizemore

On a sleepover, twelve year old Jack loses at cards to his friend Rich. To pay up, late at night with Rich in tow he runs around the neighborhood naked only to have the prank discovered by Rich's mother. She punishes both boys and in consultation with Jack's parents devises an embarrassing and humiliating remedy intended to make him realize his body isn't something out of the ordinary.
Exposed by Mrs. Foster Chapter 1 May 4, 2010
Exposed by Mrs. Foster Chapter 2 May 15, 2010

Roundball Anyone?
by Sir Cum Sizemore

At the annual sixth grade boys versus girls fundraising basketball game, a new tradition is born that for the embarrassed boys' team has skins versus shirts taking on a whole new meaning.
Roundball Anyone? April 9, 2010

Swimming Pennsylvania Style
by Sir Cum Sizemore

On a winter break vacation visit with his aunt and cousins twelve year old Jack discovers to his dismay that swimming Pennsylvania style can be a very embarrassing and humiliating undertaking. Adding to his chagrin, he further learns that when surrounded by people who believe boys shouldn't be so modest the embarrassment and humiliation occurs not only at the high school swimming pool but elsewhere also.
Swimming Pennsylvania Style Chapter 1 January 23, 2010
Swimming Pennsylvania Style Chapter 2 February 2, 2010
Swimming Pennsylvania Style Chapter 3 February 10, 2010

My Name is Chris
by Sir Cum Sizemore

WWith their mother seriously ill, seven year old Chris, ten year old Carl and twelve year old Kenny are sent off to spend several months with their Aunt Emily and her two young daughters. Aunt Emily is quick to establish that she is a strict disciplinarian who strongly believes that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."
My Name is Chris Chapter 1
My Name is Chris Chapter 2
My Name is Chris Chapter 3
My Name is Chris Chapter 4
My Name is Chris Chapter 5
My Name is Chris Chapter 6

Sharing My Mail - A Response to Swenson
by Sir Cum Sizemore

In response to the "Horny Mother" a mother of an eleven year old boy writes detailing her own experiences in sharing her son.
Sharing My Mail - A Response to Swenson

Sharing My Boys: The Memoirs of a Horny Mother
by Sir Cum Sizemore

A mother relates her experiences with sharing with others the natural beauty of her boys' bare bodies. Experiences that the boys are much less enthusiastic about than their mother since they often find themselves in embarrassing and humiliating situations.
Sharing My Boys: The Memoirs of a Horny Mother

Green Street Boys Club

When the sisters of a group four boys ages 12 to 15 boys discover what really goes on at their by invitation only "boys club" the boys are in for a very embarrassing and humiliating time. A time that can only get worse when their moms concoct a plan to teach their sons that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" and females of all ages are to be respected.
Green Street Boys Club Part I
Green Street Boys Club Part II

by Sir Cum Sizemore

When he visits his pediatrician's office nine year old Timmy is put on a new experimental treatment plan to deal with his behavioral problems.  The treatment protocol calls for frequent and prolonged maximum skin exposure to the environment, frequent physical contact with the patient by others, severe corporal punishment for disrespect and defiance, and repeatedly imparting the lesson that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."  All of this quite naturally proves to be very embarrassing and humiliating for the young preteen while at the same time fostering a deeper bond between father and son.
Manhandled Chapter 1
Manhandled Chapter 2
Manhandled Chapter 3
Manhandled Chapter 4
Manhandled Chapter 5
Manhandled Chapter 6
Manhandled Chapter 7
Manhandled Chapter 8

Troop 80
by Captain J
Newly turned eleven year old Billy Carter is extremely excited to be graduating from the cub scouts to the boy scouts and their Indian dance troupe.  At his first dress rehearsal he discovers to his embarrassment that both his mother and the scoutmaster's wife are in strong agreement that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."
Troop 80 Part 1
Troop 80 Part 2
Troop 80 Part 3
Troop 80 Part 4
Troop 80 Part 5
Troop 80 Part 6
Troop 80 Part 7
Troop 80 Part 8
Troop 80 Part 9
Troop 80 Part 10
Troop 80 Part 11
Troop 80 Part 12
Troop 80 Part 13
Troop 80 Part 14
Troop 80 Part 15
Troop 80 Part 16
Troop 80 Part 17

Tapping Day

In the Feminist world of the future, males of all ages are subservient to females. Up to age ten, boys are allowed unlimited orgasms; girls and boys are both encouraged to frequently masturbate these younger boys. At age 10 boys orgasms become regulated and restricted to a much less frequency. When a boy first becomes capable of ejaculation, he is subjected to a ceremony in which a young girl publicly "taps" him. he is thereafter under the control of his "tapping mistress."
Tapping Day

Chaperoning the Weeblos
by Sir Cum Sizemore
Nine year old Kevin and his fellow pack of nine to twelve year old cub scouts are looking forward to their weeklong camping trip. Without anither father to help his dad to chaperone, Kevin's mother, thirteen year old sister Jenny, and his sister's friend Mary step in to assist. His father insists that despite females being present the boys do as they traditionally always do on their camping trips. These traditions include skinny-dipping and periods of running about nude. Spankings for non-compliant boys as well as frequent embarrassment and humiliation quickly becomes the norm for the week for Kevin and his friends. 
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 1
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 2
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 3
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 4
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 5
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 6
Chaperoning the Weeblos Chapter 7

by Sir Cum Sizemore

Soon to be thirteen years old Joey discovers to his dismay that vandalizing a bathroom door at school was a very bad idea.  With his parent's blessing, the principal assigns him  to paint all the bathroom doors as punishment and restitution.  The required uniform for this task, intended to keep him from getting paint on his clothing,  proves to be very embarrassing for him and very educational for many of his schoolmates, particularly the female ones. 

The "Adventures With Aunt Sue" Series
by Sir Cum Sizemore
Jack's parents decide that he must learn that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."  His Aunt Sue knows just the medicine to use to "cure" him.  These are the stories of Jack's adventures with Aunt Sue.

Teddy's Turn, or So I Thought
the final saga in the "Adventures With Aunt Sue" series
Now that he's in puberty and thirteen, Jack believes that on his family's annual summer visit to Aunt Sue's beach house that only his nine year old brother will be subject to his aunt's "little boys shouldn't be so modest" rules.  But his aunt and female cousins think otherwise and quickly have his parents agreeing with their way of thinking.
Teddy's Turn, or So I Thought

European Vacation - My Second Summer With Aunt Sue and the Girls
It's the next summer, Jack's now twelve and growing "down there."  His Aunt Sue decides that he needs a refresher course in "little boys shouldn't be so modest" and that two weeks in Germany is perfect for imparting the lesson.   A lesson that involves Jack going around very naked in many very public places in Munich.
European Vacation - My Second Summer With Aunt Sue

Same Summer, Different Beach
After returning home from his stint as a naked boy toy for Hampton Beach, Jack's mother decides to take him and his siblings to Jones Beach in New York.  They're joined by Aunt Sue, guaranteeing another humiliating and embarrassing experience for the eleven year old.  At least this time Jack has company in his misery, as his mother makes his younger brother, seven year old Teddy, join Jack in being a member of the bare boy beach brigade.
Same Summer, Different Beach

A Boy Toy For Hampton Beach
Jack is eleven when his parents arrange for him to spend the summer at the beach with Aunt Sue and her two daughters, aged eight and thirteen.  The plan is to help him overcome his excessive modesty by having his Aunt keep him as bare as she's comfortable with.  Not only is she very comfortable keeping him completely naked at home, at the beach, and elsewhere,  but she also has no problem making his privates very public toys available to anyone who wishes to play with them.
A Boy Toy for Hampton Beach

Woods Woodies Point Homeward
by Sir Cum Sizemore

Eleven ear old Joey and his best friend Steven regualrly play naked sex games with two younger neighborhood boys. Learning of their secret, the older sister of the two younger boys con Joey and her brothers to play similar naked games in her presence. This leads to Joey's parents learning of his activities. As a consequence of being found out, Joey, Steven and the two other boys are made by their parents to become charter members of the "Bare Boy All Summer Club." 
Woods Woodies Point Homeward

Just like NASCAR and Boxing
An eleven year old boy relates his experiences learning that spanking isn't anything when it comes up against humiliation. 
Just like NASCAR and Boxing

Rule of All the Land
by Sir Cum Sizemore

Researchers have determined that boys without false modesty who also subject to corporal punishment are much less aggressive and much more well behaved.  In school these boys are more attentive and focused, resulting in higher grades.  Based on this evidence, it becomes the law and rule of all the land that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" and are subject to bare bottom spankings whenever and wherever needed. 
Rule of All the Land

The Right Teacher
by Conor
Emily Greer just knew that taking a teaching position at a middle school in South Dakota was the right job for her.  Within days of starting her duties, school administrators and parents alike both just knew that she was the right teacher for the job.  She was especially right in a school that was adopting new methods of behavior control and correction.  Methods that the male students were finding particularly embarrassing, humiliating and and at times painful.
 The Right Teacher Chapter 1
The Right Teacher Chapter 2
The Right Teacher Chapter 3
The Right Teacher Chapter 4

Strings and Sacks, Inc

by Sir Cum Sizemore
Eleven year old Steven's mother and her best friend Andrea believe that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."  Hoping to influence the community to their way of thinking, the two women form a company to manufacture a new line of boys swimwear.  Swimwear literally consisting of nothing more than strings and a small sack.  Unfortunately for him, Steven is the unwilling chief model for this very revealing attire, some versions of which leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.  Along the way, the reluctant preteen earns himself some very embarrassing public bare bottom spankings and naked time.  Worse for him, his mother declares that when naked or in his new swim costume, his privates are community property.  Misery loving company, it isn't long before Steven is joined by other equally unwilling boys  parading around town wearing nothing but this latest trend in modesty destroying boy fashion. 
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 1
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 2
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 3
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 4
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 5
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 6
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 7
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 8
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 9
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 10
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 11
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 12
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 13
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 14
Strings and Sacks, Chapter 15

Terrible Liar
by Conor
Twelve year old Eddy's life takes a definite turn for the worse when his two female cousins come to spend the summer.  Shortly after the sixteen and twelve year girls arrive, Eddy becomes enmeshed in an ever widening conspiracy among the females in his life to teach him that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."  The net tightens more and more and the stakes grow higher and higher as more and more females unite together in an team effort to make sure he learns the lesson.  His cousins, mother, teacher, classmates, neighbors young and old, and even the school nurse all become involved in the twin missions of helping him become less modest and better behaved.
 Terrible Liar Part 1
Terrible Liar Part 2

Naked Handcuffs

by Dare Fenwick
In a female dominated culture, the Society of Ruling Woman firmly believe that boys growing into puberty are simply too modest and that the relaxing of conventional dress codes helps to lessen their aggressive behavior.  A staunch SRW supporter, presiding juvenile judge Mary Finlon routinely approves petitions from families requesting  their male children be court ordered to be naked in most public places.  On occasion, she also imposes public humiliation and punishment upon boys who break the law.  Unfortunately for twelve year old Tommy Foster, his mother is a big believer in the Society's doctrines and has filed her own nudity request with the court.  Naked Handcuffs is not a bondage story. It merely refers to the subordination of boys in a female dominated society.
Naked Handcuffs Chapter 1
Naked Handcuffs Chapter 2

Last Boy Standing
by Nialos Leaning

Three boys, ages thirteen, twelve and eleven, make a weekend visit with their parents to the town of Edwardsville in Benjamin County.  To their disbelief and shock, the boys quickly learn that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" is county law.  A law that their parents wholeheartedly agree with.  A law that's strictly enforced with very painful, embarrassing and humiliating court ordered punishments for those boys who dare not to be bare in public.  As a result of  their refusal to undress in a public parking lot, the court sanctions the three boys to seven days of Public Nude Juvenile Punishment and along with a fourth boy to take part in a show designed to literally determine who will be the "Last Boy Standing."
CAUTION! while within this site's guidelines, this story tends toward the extreme side and may be too intense and/or graphic for some readers.

Last Boy Standing Part 1
Last Boy Standing Part 2
Last Boy Standing Part 3

The Games
by Big Paul

The Games are an international athletic competition for boys ages 14 to 17, held once every ten years in Greece.  Fourteen year Tom is selected to represent his home state of Montana in the regional trials.  If he succeeds at that level, he'll move on to the nationals.  And, if he succeeds there, he'll be in the Games, bringing much honor to his country and state.  Like the ancient Greeks, all competitions are done in the nude.  If Tom is to make it all the way to Greece, his determined trainers must quickly help the shy Tom overcome his excessive modesty and learn to proudly show off his body in all its magnificent glory.
The Games Parts 1-5

Chad Gets a Taste of Aristocracy

by Sir Cum Sizemore
Chad's mother is invited by her boss, Mr. Andrews, to spend the summer at his family's estate.  After some initial hesitation caused by the Andrews family's rules concerning young boys, she accepts the offer.  Almost immediately upon arrival at the estate, eleven year old Chad embarrassingly discovers when he's introduced to ten year old Scott Andrews that in this household "little boys shouldn't be so modest".   It doesn't take him long to learn that part of being "not so modest" means allowing whomever so wishes to examine and touch him, however and wherever they want.  He quickly finds out firsthand that in his house little boys are very painfully punished for misbehavior and defiance.  But he soon has company in his misery,  as due to their misdeeds, three of Scott's visiting friends  - ages 9, 10 and 12 - are made to involuntarily join Chad and Scott as members of the "not so modest" bare boy brigade.
Chad Gets a Taste of Aristocracy Part 1
Chad Gets a Taste of Aristocracy Part 2
Chad Gets a Taste of Aristocracy Part 3
Chad Gets a Taste of Aristocracy Part 4

Natural Boys Love Nature
by Sir Cum Sizemore

Much to the embarrassment of nine year old Joey and his seven year old brother Tommy, their mother and grandmother discover that ongoing prolonged exposure of the boys to a variety of natural environmental stimulations while they're in a natural state of complete undress provides an effective natural remedy to improving behavior and school performance.   A remedy that's even more effective when coupled with a liberal use of bare bottom spankings and making private parts public property.
Natural Boys Love Nature Part 1
Natural Boys Love Nature Part 2
Natural Boys Love Nature Part 3
Natural Boys Love Nature Part 4
Natural Boys Love Nature Part 5

Go Ahead and Tell

by Sir Cum Sizemore
Twelve year old Richard's twin sister Andrea and friends challenge him and his best friend, eleven year old Jack, to a bet the two boys are sure they can't lose.  A bet they do lose.  A bet that's part of a setup by the girls to get the boys in trouble with their parents so that they'll have to spend considerable time as naked 'boy toys' for the amusement of the girls and their friends as all learn that "Little boys shouldn't be so modest."
Go Ahead and Tell

A Little Foreign Culture Comes to New York
by Sir Cum Sizemore

The Chamblee family hires Eva, a Nanny from Sweden, to take care of their three boys, ten year old Jack, eight year old Steven, and six year old Jeff.   The Nanny is given instruction to instill some of her foreign culture into the boys, and to help them, especially Jack, to become less shy about their bodies.  Under mom's insistence and Eva's guidance, assisted by the Nanny's eight year old daughter Ula, modesty and bodily privacy quickly become a "foreign" concept for the boys.   The end result for Chamblee boys, and two boys from another family under the care of another Nanny, is forced nudity, embarrassment, spanking, sexual humiliation, and some very unwelcome, very painful attention to their little but no longer private boy parts.
A Little Foreign Culture Comes to New York Part 1
A Little Foreign Culture Comes to New York Part 2
A Little Foreign Culture Comes to New York Part 3
A Little Foreign Culture Comes to New York Part 4
A Little Foreign Culture Comes to New York Part 5

Taking Back Control
by Nialos Leaning
A community wide effort is implemented by the adults to "take back control" from their "out of control" kids.  In the process, they're determined to eradicate the excessive false modesty prevalent among the younger generation.  Boys up to the age 14 quickly learn that there's a very high price to be paid for defying adult control and rules.  They just as quickly learn  that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" means exactly that; a few girls also have their modesty taken down a peg or two.  Forced nudity, embarrassment, sexual humiliation, spanking and other very painful punishments are among the adults' weapons of choice to forcibly demonstrate to the kids "who's in charge here."
CAUTION! while the above story is within this site's content guidelines, especially starting with part 3, it tends toward  the extreme side and may be too intense and/or graphic for some readers.
Taking Back Control Part 1
Taking Back Control Part 2
Taking Back Control Part 3
Taking Back Control Part 4

Doctor, Pleaaazzzzz!
by Sir Cum Sizemore
Ten year old Jack's mother makes him play "doctor" with his younger sister and three of her friends.  He's the patient, his classmate Crystal is the doctor, his eight year old sister Cindy and her friends Anne and Tanya are the nurses.  Mom insists that the resultant exam be realistic and thorough, which proves to be embarrassing, humiliating, and at times painful for young Jack.  To his dismay, the treatment plan the "medical team" team devises for their diagnosis of his problem ensures that his embarrassment and humiliation will continue for days past the exam.  A treatment plan his mom insists be fully followed, as it is, after all, "doctor's orders."
Doctor, Pleaaazzzzz!

Petey's Adventures in Babysitting
by Marcos
Twelve year old Peter believes he's too old for a babysitter.  His mother believing otherwise, hires sixteen year old Mary to babysit and and straighten out her defiant, disobedient, disrespectful, and rude son .  Petey quickly learns that Mary knows exactly how to deal with little boys like him.  Much too soon for him, his clothes come off and his spankings begin as she sets out to teach him to respect and obey all women.  To his utter dismay, he rapidly learns that "little boys don't deserve modesty" is to be a very big part of the lesson plan.
 Petey's Adventures in Babysitting Part 1

Chad's Long Weekend
by Sir Cum Sizemore
As punishment for not properly cleaning himself, ten year old Chad's mother declares that while she's away for for a long weekend, he's to let the baby-sitter, fourteen year old Alissa, inspect his body, all of his body.  When on the first night he refuses inspection, he sets himself up for an embarrassing never-ending weekend of painful spankings, public nudity, and sexual humiliation.
Chad's Long Weekend

A Modest Proposal
by Conor
Nine year old Melvin's excessive modesty gets him into trouble at school.  In an effort to help correct his problems, mom agrees to enroll him as the first participant in his state's pilot "Modest Boy" program.   Embarrassing public nudity, humiliations and spankings ensue as Melvin's "little boys shouldn't be so modest" treatment progresses.
A Modest Proposal

UAABB Code of Conduct
by Aldric
On the second day of the school year, thirteen year old Clark becomes the first student at Briar Woods Middle School to experience the consequences for violating the school's new code of conduct.  The code, widely supported by the community, is designed to help correct the excessive modesty and poor body image that has been identified as a major contributor to the unacceptable attitude, aggressive behavior and bullying exhibited by male students.  Nudity, humiliation, and spankings all are part of the formula used to effect positive change and bring home the message that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 1
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 2
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 3
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 4

Play a Little, Pay a Lot
by Sir Cum Sizemore
 Normally exceedingly modest and shy about his body, nine year old Mark has inexplicably been caught on several occasions exhibiting himself to strangers, and other times forcing other children into naked sex play.  The psychologist his perplexed parents engage to treat him recommends a program of prolonged public nudity and strict corporal punishment to address and cure the underlaying problems causing this atypical behavior on his part.  One thing leads to another, and soon Mark isn't the only child in the neighborhood learning that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" and that defiance and disrespect have very painful and embarrassing consequences.
Play a Little, Pay a Lot Part 1A
Play a Little, Pay a Lot Part 1B
Play a Little, Pay a Lot Part 2A
Play a Little, Pay a Lot Part 2B
Authors, you're invited to write a sequel to this story!

Some Highlights of My Naked Summer
by Sir Cum Sizemore
Despite his excessive modesty, ten year old Jack displays some exhibitionistic tendencies, somewhat willingly participating in games that result in his exposure.  As a punishment for his behavior, and as a method to lessen his modesty, his parents decide to keep him naked all summer, at home and in public.  His private parts are declared family property, toys available for the entire community to play with as they wish.  As a result, Jack suffers through a summer of forced nudity, embarrassment, spanking, and sexual humiliation.
Some Highlights of My Naked Summer

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