Troop 80 Part 1
By Captain J

copyright 2007 by Captain J, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Part 1

Billy Carter was one week from turning 11 and attending his last meeting as a Cub Scout, once his birthday was past, he'd transfer to the local Boy Scout Troop, he and his two best friends were 'graduating' from the Cub Scout Pack to the Boy Scout Troop. Mrs. Baker, their Den Leader had told them all about the Scout Troop; she should know after all since her husband's the Scoutmaster.

Troop 80 was heavily into two things; Camping and Indian Lore (Native American Lore for those of you who are politically correct). The troop went camping at least once per month and except for the dead of winter, twice per month, plus two weeks of Summer Camp at the Scout Reservation. Billy knew the troop had a 'Dance Troupe' who traveled around putting on shows for other Scout groups as well as by invitation at Churches and other organizations in the area and also at the County Fair, each Fall. He'd seen the dance troupe perform several times and looked forward to being part of it.

In preparation, Billy had checked out books at the Library on local Indian Tribes and their dress, history and anything he could find on possible costumes he might be able to make. What he found was the all the Tribes in his area, prior to the arrival of the White Man, were members of the Delaware Nation, but all were gone by the mid 1800's. They were known as 'Woodland' Tribes and their dress was very different from the 'Plains' and other Tribes in the Southwest. He photocopied pictures from the books and had already started working on a bone breastplate having ordered a kit from a supply company.

His 'graduating' Cub Scout meeting was something special. Mr. Baker was there to congratulate the three boys and was accompanied by his Assistant Scoutmaster, Mr. Bowen and the Sr. Patrol Leader, Ed Thompson, an Eagle Scout. Billy was particularly impressed with Ed. Eagle's the highest rank a scout could get, and only a few boys ever got that award; it would take years of work to make it. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Baker lined up the three graduating boys, Billy, Mark Peters and Jimmy Stewart and formally swore them in as Boy Scouts, even though two of them wouldn't turn eleven until next week. They were excited and all the other Cub Scouts congratulated them. At the end of the meeting each of the three boys were presented a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook and told to memorize the 'Scout Oath and Scout Motto' and learn the Scout rules prior to their first meeting which was in two weeks. They were also given a list of uniform parts they would need to obtain and a suggested list of camping equipment.

The next week went by in a blur for Billy as he pestered his Mother to take him to the store and get his new uniform, then got a backpack and bedroll from his grandfather on his birthday along with almost everything else on his lists.

At the first Troop meeting, Billy, Mark and Jimmy were taken off to the side by Ed Thompson as Sr. Patrol leader and tested on their knowledge of the rules and whether they had learned the oath. They were then assigned to Patrols two of them ending up in a group lead by Sidney Cambridge and Billy being assigned to one lead by Paul Edwards. Billy was happy about that, since Paul was in charge of the Dance Troupe and Billy wanted to be part of that group. Billy told Paul about his desire to be a dancer and that he'd researched costuming and was already working on one. Paul looked at the small boy who stood excited before him. Billy had big hands for his age even thought his body was average for his age, if anything a little on the skinny side as he'd just gone through a 'growth spurt.'

"You seem really interested in dancing Billy, at first you'll be in the large dances where almost all of us participate. But you have big hands, so I want you to start learning the Fire Dance, Scott does it now, but he'll be leaving the Troop later this year to go to the Explorer Scouts when he turns 17. I want you to understudy him and hopefully you'll be able to take it over."

"Really! The Fire Dance! I saw him do it last winter, it's really great. Best dance of the whole show! All by yourself, with fire bowls as the only light. Thanks Paul this is great!"

"Good Billy, now we have some shows coming up so you're going to need to practice with the rest of us. We're meeting three times this week with some of you newer guys to teach you the basic steps and dances. Then twice next week and we have a show Friday night over at the First Methodist Church for their youth groups. In the mean time, you'll need to put together at least a basic costume, loincloth, moccasins, we have wigs and headbands, and some extra leather armbands with rosettes and a couple of spare buckskin vests."

An excited Billy attended practice the next night and spent three hours practicing with the group learning the dance steps and moving in the group dances. At the end of the evening Paul announced that they would need moccasins and loincloths for the rest of the practices. "You move differently in moccasins than with tennis shoes, he told them, and you might as well get used to wearing nothing but a loincloth. You'll find it kind of 'breezy' at times," he chuckled.

The next day Billy bought his moccasins and his mother made a loincloth for him, a single strip of cloth about 10 inches wide and five feet long. He tried it on at home before going to the meeting and to his shock found that it didn't cover much. His butt cheeks were clearly visible from the sides and most of his behind when he moved and it flopped around, it really only covered his crotch and the crack of his butt. He'd always been a little shy about his body, he'd always been one of the smaller guys in his grade, only in the last few months had he caught up to 'average' height for his age but was kind of 'gangly' compared to his friends who had muscle mass developing.

That night at practice, he noted that he was both the youngest and smallest member of the dancers, and as they all stripped nude to put on their loincloths, he also was aware that compared to the other guys, his boy parts were tiny, and his bald pubic area emphasized the fact that he hadn't started puberty yet. When he started to use his belt to secure his loincloth in place, Paul stopped him. "No belts Billy, we try to be authentic. You can use a rawhide thong or a piece of rope, the thong is better though." Billy just nodded and got a piece of the leather to use from a box in their supply closet.

The last practice on the next Thursday was a shock for Billy. It was a dress rehearsal, everyone was to meet at the Baker house and put on full makeup and their costumes, then the troupe would practice in his backyard, and shower there in his basement before going home. Billy knew there were four showerheads in the basement of the Baker house, he'd seen them when he was there for Cub Scout meetings, but didn't know what they were for. The basement was ½ garage and ½ general shop all the 'living' spaces of the house were on the first and second floors. When he got to the house, Mrs. Baker met him at the door and told him to go to the basement, that the boys needed to get their makeup on. This troupe used 'full body' makeup called burnt sienna it was water based and put on with sponges and dried a brownish red color on the skin. When he went down the steps he found four of the guys already there, stripping off their clothing and hanging them on pegs on the wall.

Billy stripped also and saw the boys standing around a couple of buckets on the garage side of the basement near a floor drain and were coating their arms and legs with the reddish liquid. Billy picked up a sponge and started doing his arms when all of a sudden he heard girls voices behind him and realized he was standing there nude and tried to cover up. "Hi boys!" Mrs. Baker called to them, we'll be over to help in a minute!"

Billy looked over his shoulder and was surprised to see not only Mrs. Baker but 5 girls, all looked to be between 8 and 11 years-old. "Wha…What are the girls doing down here… We…We're naked!" Billy sputtered.

"Oh, their members of Mrs. Baker's Brownie troop, they help us put on our makeup and later help get it all off," one of the older boys responded.

"But they're girls!" Billy exclaimed.

"So what! Most are sisters of guys in the dance group and Mrs. Baxter is in charge, so what's the big deal. Afraid they'll see your little dick? Hell they've seen all of us lots of times and even help wash us, ain't no big deal…"

From behind he heard Mrs. Baxter, "Billy are you embarrassed? You boys have no reason to be modest, my girls have seen naked boys all their lives. Just relax and go with the flow here, Susan! Help Billy put his makeup on."

Before he could react, he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over it to see a smiling Susan Cartwright, one of the girls in his classes at school. Billy's face turned bright red and he held the sponge in his hands to hide his groin, it was already too late to hide his backside. "Relax Billy, I know this is your first time, but we help the boys before and after every show," she said as she raised a dripping sponge and started spreading the liquid on his back. Billy trembled, he'd had a crush on Susan for a couple of years but was to afraid to talk to her much; afraid he'd make a fool of himself. Now she was putting makeup on his back and looking at his behind very closely as she did so.

Mrs. Baxter saw his nervousness, "Billy boys, especially little boys like you have no need for modesty around women and girls. You have NOTHING we haven't see before and you DO need help with the makeup. You're also going to need help getting it off even more than getting it on. This dye gets into every nook and crease of your skin. It has to in order to look realistic; so get rid of this modesty and let the girls help you. You don't see any of the other boys acting up do you?"

"No Ma'am," he replied and blushed again at the reprimand. Susan was now working on the back of his legs and then his butt, putting it all over, even down the crack. "That area doesn't show with my loincloth on," he weakly told her.

"Don't bet on it Billy, if it comes even a little loose, the white would show like a searchlight! Better to be safe and have all of you covered."

Looking around he saw 16 year-old Paul their leader being coated by 9 year-old Kathy Karst, a friend of his little sister, who was frequently at their house. Paul was just standing there as little Kathy was running that sponge all over him. Beside Paul was Tom Smith, either 14 or 15 Billy wasn't sure, being coated by his 8 year-old sister who Billy had seen before at school and thought her name was Jane. All around the garage, boys all older than Billy were being coated with makeup by girls all younger than themselves. In fact except for Susan Cartwright and Carol Gifford who were his age, all of them were younger than him and there were now 15 boys and 10 girls in the basement in addition to Mrs. Baker.

Susan's hands and the sponge on Billy rear was also having an effect, he didn't want to happen right now. His cock was getting hard and he was trying really hard to make it go down, but wasn't having much luck. Just then Susan grabbed his left hand from his crotch and pulled it out from his body, then coated it, and also his arm pit and down his left side getting his left chest, hip and then went to work on his left leg, looking closely to make sure she didn't miss any spots. "open your legs so I can get the inside," she told him as she ran the sponge up the inside of his thigh right into his fingers trying to cover himself.

When she'd finished his left side, she started on the right following the same procedure and when she came up the inside of his thigh again, ran into a hand. "Billy you need to move your hands so I can get your crotch and stomach! That loincloth is like a bikini, any area not covered there, will show eventually as you move while dancing." She said as she swatted at his hands covering himself.

"I'll do that area myself," he tried, hoping she'd agree and not see his hard-on.

"NO you Won't! Mrs. Baker told me to do your makeup so I'm responsible for making sure it's done right! Now move your hands so that I can finish you up!"

"Please Susan, I'll do it…"

"Mrs. Baker! Billy won't let me finish him, he's hiding his groin and won't move his hands!"

"Billy Carter!" Mrs. Baker said quickly crossing the room and smacking his butt hard with her hand, getting an "Ouch!" and a jump from Billy. "I told you, you have no need for this false modesty here! Now get your hands at your sides and let Susan finish her job or I'll turn your little behind red for real!" and emphasized the point with two more quick swats, which had everyone in the room both watching him and laughing at him.

The only two parts of his body not covered by makeup were his face and his crotch, and right then his face was as red as the rest of his body! Billy slowly moved his hands and his small hard-on popped out pointing at Susan who was kneeling in front of him, sponge in hand. She took one look at the little 3" stiffy and started giggling. "You are a LITTLE boy aren't you Billy!" which got everyone in the room laughing harder, boys, girls and Mrs. Baker. Everyone but Billy. "Don't worry Billy putting makeup on it won't make in shrink or anything…" and giggled again. Billy was blushing so hard his face felt hot, but there was nothing he could do.

Susan, just calmly used the sponge and coated his groin, then stood up and had him sit on a upside down bucket with his stiff member poking up between this thighs while she carefully did his face and neck; smoothing the dye into his hairline and making sure not to get it in his eyes, but carefully coating his ears. "There all done! Now that wasn't so bad was it Billy?"

"Uh…No,… I guess not, Thank you Susan…"

"My pleasure," she said with a big grin as she patted his shoulder. "I'll be here to help get it all back off when you're done with your practice. Now just sit there until it all dries then you can put your costume on…"

Billy did as he was told and watched the other kids while he waited for the makeup to dry. He wasn't the only one with a 'hard' problem, four other guys were erect too and a few more where at least half erect. Paul was sporting a very hard seven inches as his little sister worked on his left thigh, her hair brushing the underside of it.

Fifteen minutes later, all the boys were done and the girls were washing their hands in a deep sink, then left them and went up stairs for a snack while the boys put on their costumes. In the back yard Mr. Baker had driven stakes in the ground with ropes connecting them and put an upside down trash can in the middle.

"OK Boys, this area is the size of the stage at the Methodist Church and the can represents the stage 'fire' we will set up. It's electric and won't look as good as a real fire, but that's what we'll have. Now I want the drummers over in this corner of the stage and you will be entering from both sides. The Chief (Him) will stand off on the wing and explain the dances and their meanings while you perform. Ok split into your groups as we practiced and we'll go through the whole show, just like you'll do it tomorrow night."

The boys spent the next hour and a half going through the routines they would be doing. Billy watched Scott closely as he did the 'Fire' dance mimicking the steps off to the side as Scott performed it, with two flaming wooden bowls, one in each hand. It was impressive and the girls who'd come out to watch the practice all applauded when Scott finished the dance. One of the things, Billy noticed was that Scott had removed all costume parts except for his loincloth, moccasins, headband with one feather and two leather armbands with beaded tassels; nothing to interfere with his moving the flaming bowls around under his arms or around his body. Nothing not absolutely necessary and certainly nothing flammable.

Scott was the last to practice his individual dance and it was time to go in and get cleaned up before going home. Mr. Baker told them to be here tomorrow at 5:00 so that they had plenty of time to get made up and that they would be transported to the Church in vans with old blankets over the seats to keep from getting makeup on the interiors. After the show, there would be a reception with snacks, then they would return here and shower before going home.

Following the other boys, Billy went inside the garage and began removing his costume, placing it all in a pile along one wall, so it would be all in one spot and ready tomorrow, then Mr. Baker turned on the showers and 15 boys were quickly under four shower heads scrubbing at themselves, trying to get all that makeup off their bodies.

Billy discovered quickly why the showers were in the garage. When he looked down at his feet, a river of red water was flowing towards the floor drain. 'This would really mess up a bathroom,' he thought to himself as he scrubbing at his hair trying to make sure he got the stuff out of it. While his head was covered with shampoo suds, two hands grabbed the top of his shoulders from behind and pulled him back from the shower.

"Move back some Billy and I'll start scrubbing your back," Susan said over his shoulder.

Billy took two steps back while he continued scrubbing at his head, and felt the hands start washing the back of his neck and shoulders with a cloth. With his eyes covered in soap suds, Billy couldn't see anything, and he couldn't reach his back anyway, so he just stood there and relaxed as her soft hands worked their way down his back, over his butt and down his legs. "Now bend over some please," she softly told him and he bent forward and felt one hand on the small of his back as she scrubbed his rear some more, then gave a little jump as the hand on his back moved down and pulled his cheeks apart while the cloth scrubbed directly on his butt hole. This was really embarrassing to have her scrubbing there, at one of his most intimate parts. "Ok rinse off and we'll do the front," she told him and patted his behind, then urged him under the shower.

Once the soap was out of his eyes, Billy was surprised to see all of the girls in bathing suits, washing the naked boys, and when he turned, all but popped a boner when he saw Susan standing there in a string bikini which hid very little. She was absolutely gorgeous! "Come here Billy, let's get you clean…" she said as she took his right hand and pulled him back out of the shower.

Billy started to say something, as she scrubbed at his left arm and underneath at his armpit, then down along his side. Then looked around and saw all the boys just standing relaxed as the girls cleaned them and decided to keep his mouth shut. Besides it felt really good to have her washing him, so why should he complain? Susan never paused, she washed his chest, arms, legs, stomach and finally only had two areas left, his face and his crotch. "Kneel down so I can get at your hair line Billy," she murmured, and he complied and ended with his nose rubbing against her smooth belly as she worked along his hair line getting the stuff around the edges of his face, and working into his ears to make sure they were cleaned. "OK stand up and we'll have you done in no time…" she said smiling down at him.

As soon as he stood, she knelt and her face was only inches from his young cock and balls as she lifted his once again hard member and scrubbed both it and his sack in addition to back between his legs, using her fingers to pull the skin tight on his sack to make sure she got it out of the creases. Then took particular care to make sure his cock was clean, especially the little crevice behind the head. "Ok rinse off and I'll check you again to make sure we got it all," she said smiling up at him and he moved back under the shower into the steaming hot water.

As Billy rinsed, he noticed a couple of the girls using disposable razors on the boys, removing chest hair and also from their armpits. One was shaving a guy's pubic area. "Why are they doing that?" Billy asked as he stepped out of the shower and back to Susan, nodding towards that 'shavers'.

Indian's don't have body hair Billy, didn't you know that? All the hair has to come off except for your arms, and even there if you're really hairy. Now let's look at you and make sure you won't be ruining your mother's sheets with makeup."

Susan then went over his entire body looking closely into every little nook and crevice to make sure all the makeup was off, gently stroking his skin as the moved him about. Billy was so excited by her touch his cock was throbbing when she finally got to it and gently held it as she checked it over. "Like this do you?" she said smiling up at him, then giving it a little squeeze before releasing it. "Well that's OK Billy I like doing it." She added as she stood so that she could look directly into his eyes as he blushed. "You're sweet Billy and don't worry about my little joke earlier, I like your body and it will be even better when you grow some more. You're not into puberty yet, but I think you're going to really fill out good," then gave his cock another squeeze, "especially when this fills out."

"Th…Thanks Susan, I think you're beautiful right now!" he stammered.

"Well thank you Billy, I'm glad you like me too, we'll have to talk about it sometime…"

"Any…Anytime Susan, I've always liked you…"

"Good, now I'm all done so you should dry off," she said as she stepped into the shower and washed the makeup from herself.

When Billy had finished drying himself he walked over to get his clothes from the peg on the wall, but Mrs. Baker intercepted him. "Billy come with me," she said taking him by the arm and guiding him into the 'shop' half of the basement. Billy didn't know what she wanted but he wanted to get dressed, he'd had enough of being naked for today.

"Billy, I talked to your Mother while you guys were practicing," She said as she sat him on a tall stool by the workbench. "I told her about your modesty problem and we decided to work on if for you."

"What do you mean?" he softly replied getting very nervous at what 'work on it' meant.

"Simply, that you will not be getting dressed to go home, if fact, except for when you're wearing your costume tomorrow night, you will remain naked for the weekend."

"What! But my sister… and… and others… Will SEE ME!"

"THAT, young man is EXACTLY the point! If you are seen naked and get used to it, then you won't have ANY reason to be calling up this false modesty about your body. You shouldn't be modest like that, regardless of who sees you. Everyone has a body and all of you boys have the same body parts, and all women and girls know what those parts are and what they look like; there is NO REASON for you to hide your body from ANYONE. So your Mother and I have decided to tackle your little problem and get it corrected."

"But? I have to get home; I can't go home naked…"

"Actually yes you can and I'm arranging for Susan to escort you home to make sure you don't get in trouble."


No arguing! As soon as Susan is dressed, she will walk you home and that's how it's going to be!

"Yes Ma'am, I guess I don't have a choice do I?"

"No you don't so get used to the idea."

Just then Susan stepped into the room, wearing a t-shirt and shorts. "Mr. Baker said you wanted to see me, Mrs. Baker."

"Yes Susan, Billy's Mother and I have agreed to work on Billy's modesty problem and he will be staying naked this weekend except for the show tomorrow evening. I need you to walk him straight home and make sure he gets there safely and doesn't try to hide or run off somewhere."

"OK," she replied with a chuckle, "I'll walk him home, I only live a little further down the street from him anyway. "How am I supposed to keep him from hiding?"

"Simple," she replied, and produced a short piece of rope, "I'm going to tie his hands behind him and they will remain tied until his Mother removes it." She said as she lifted him from the stool and spun him around and quickly had him secured. Now all you have to do is hold onto an arm while you walk him, and he won't be able to run or hide.

"That works!" Susan replied then turned to Billy. "Come on Billy, we need to get going, I still have some chores to do yet this evening."

Billy was totally flustered. His Mother had agreed to this? Walked home by a girl with his hands tied? God how many houses would they pass along the way? How many kids? He trembled at the thought of it and his face blushed crimson as Susan took hold of his arm and pulled him out of the room.

Billy had gotten used to being naked in the garage, after all he was only one of 15 nude boys and he'd managed to ignore the girls other than Susan who'd been working directly on him. Now he was being pulled outside and about to walk naked 5 blocks to get home; his brain went into panic when they rounded the house, Susan's right arm locked through his left arm, with his hands tied behind him, his privates on total display as they walked. As they neared the street he could hear kids voices playing down the street, right where they were headed. He tried to stop, but Susan pulled him along. Even though they were the same age and he was slightly taller, Susan was heavier and stronger and he soon found himself being moved forward whether he wanted to or not. Susan was already into puberty, and the vision of her in that bikini had proved it. Her breast was filling out and her hips wider than he'd remembered, but she also had powerful legs and had no trouble moving the gangling pre-teen boy forward.

"Hey LOOK AT THAT!" Greeted them at they reached the sidewalk. "That girl's got a NAKED boy and he's tied up!"

"Just relax like it's no big deal," Susan murmured to him as she kept moving him forward while he tried to back-peddle.

"Easy for you to say; you're not naked!" he said back to her, his voice clearly communicating his upset at the situation.

Just then four little girls ran up to them and stood directly in front all of them blatantly looking directly at Billy's crotch, where his cock was still mostly hard and bouncing about as he walked. "Why is he all naked like that?" a little girl who couldn't be more than 5 or 6 asked.

"He's being taught not to be ashamed of his body," Susan answered matter-of-factly.

"But why is he tied?" another asked

"So he can't hide from people seeing him and so he can't run away," Susan responded.

"He sure looks funny with his thing waving about like that," observed another.

"It's called a penis and all boys have them. Haven't you seen a naked boy before?"

"Just my baby brother when my Mom changes his diaper, but he's really small."

"Well Billy is 11 and you are welcome to look at him closely if you want, he's being taught not to be so modest about his body; that's why he's naked so girls can see him and he can get used to it." Susan told them.

"What's modest" one of them asked as all four of them crowded in so that they could look at his privates closely. As Billy blushed brightly.

"It means he's too shy or bashful about his body."

"Oh I know what that means. Can I touch him?"

"What?" Billy whimpered.

"Sure sweetheart, he needs to know that it's OK for girls to touch him there too."

The girls didn't need any further invitation, their hands were all over Billy, stroking his cock which quickly returned to full erection and prodding into his balls, hanging below it, while one was feeling his rear. One of them got carried away with his balls and pinched one which caused Billy to cry out. "Augggh!"

"Careful there girls, boy's balls are very tender and sensitive, don't hit or squeeze them!" Susan ordered.

"I'm Sorry," the little girl said looking up at Billy, "I didn't mean to hurt you…"

"It's OK, just don't do it again, it really hurt," he replied looking into her worried face.

"We have to go girls," Susan finally told them, "Billy needs to get home."

"OK, but can we walk a ways with you? I like to watch it bounce when he walks," one of them said with a big smile.

"Certainly, Billy has to walk home anyway, so it won't make any difference. You can't embarrass him anymore than he already is…" she answered looking at his very red face.

The girls ran beside them for the next block, giggling and laughing every time his steps caused his cock to bounce or bob about. Billy remained beet red until the girls finally dropped back and let them continue alone.

Two blocks further it was a group of boys who saw them, all of the boys were from his old Cub Scout Pack, and it was even worse for Billy, since is was a girl who was escorting him with his hands tied behind him. "What a pussy assed wimp!" was the consensus of his situation. Billy was more embarrassed by that confrontation than by the girls pawing his privates.

When they got to his house, his Mother was waiting at the door. "Hello Susan, thanks for bringing Billy home."

"Hi Mrs. Carter, glad to do it, Billy had a little bit of a hard time" <giggle> pointing down at his erection, "on the way home. We got stopped by a group of young girls then back about a block some of his friends. He's probably a little upset right now."

Billy's Mother looked at her son's red face and tears leaking down his cheeks as his lip trembled. "Well Son, I know you don't like this, but you really DO need to get over this body modesty. So as I'm sure Mrs. Baker's already told you, you will remain naked this weekend, except for the dance show tomorrow. Additionally, you will be seen by a number of people, because, your sister's birthday party will be on Saturday and there will be quite a few girls here for the party. Here are your rules for the weekend.

You will remain nude.

You will not attempt to cover yourself, any attempt will result in you being spanked immediately, no matter who is present.

You will be present in the room when anyone is visiting the house; no hiding in your room or elsewhere.

Last, any female may touch you any way they wish.

You have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about your body and you will learn that lesson. Am I clear on this?"

"Yes Mother, I understand. I really HATE this but I understand the rules."

"Good! Now come inside and I'll take that rope off your hands. You will remain in the living room until bedtime; you will not hide in your room."

Inside his 7 year-old sister Anne was waiting gleefully. For the past week everything had been about her brother. Now she was planning on taking him down a notch or two. Billy was always the 'shining light' of their family and she was seriously jealous of all the attention he got. "Hello Billy nice to SEE you," she smirked as she stepped forward and hugged him, taking the opportunity to reach down and fondle his stiff cock. "We are going to have lot's of fun this weekend Billy, I really want to help you with your problem. Mom's already told me all about your rules, so I'll do my best to make sure to don't break any." Then gave him a sisterly kiss on the cheek as he blushed even redder.

Billy tried to pull back from his sister's grip on his cock, when his Mother noticed.

"Billy, I just told you females may touch you however they want. Apparently that rule needs to be reinforced," she said with a scowl and took him by the arm and pulled him to the couch and quickly had him over her lap, his hands still tied behind his back. Without further comment, she started spanking him and quickly had him yelling in pain and humiliation as his rear end first turned pink then started getting very red; almost a red as his face as he cried and pleaded for her to stop. Finally, she slowed down and pulled her wailing son from her lap. Billy danced about the room for a few minutes in pain and then his mother stood him before her. "You will go to your sister and apologize to her, then present your body to her and allow her to touch you as she wishes. UNDERSTAND!"

"Yes Mother…"

Billy turned and went to where his sister was sitting in a chair, with his head bowed and tears flowing down his cheeks. "Anne… Anne, I'm sorry for trying to pull away from you… will you forgive me?"

"Billy, I love you and wanted to help you and you acted like you didn't like me. Are you going to let me help you get over your problem or are you going to pull away like that again?"

"No Anne, I'll let you help me…Thank you Anne, I love you too…" he whimpered with tears streaming. "Anne please touch me like you wanted to do…"

"Sure Billy, just step a little closer here so I don't have to lean so far forward," she said grinning widely at him.

Billy shuffled forward and Anne's hand was immediately feeling his balls and rolling them in her fingers, then reached up and stroked his still hard cock causing his body to tremble at her touch.

"You kids play for awhile, I'll be in the kitchen, working on dinner. Anne, If he does anything against the rules, just go ahead and spank him, I'm going to leave his hands tied for awhile longer."

"OK Mom!" she said smiling at her brother, as he trembled again at the thought of his little sister actually spanking him.

For the next hour, Anne had her brother stand beside the chair where she could play with his privates while she watched TV. She discovered how tender his balls were when she squeezed one between thumb and finger increasing the pressure until he cried out in pain, then released her grip and massaged the sore spot for him. She also spent a lot of time running her hand on his butt, and particularly liked how nervous he'd get when her fingers played around the entrance to his rear hole.

Finally, their mother called them into the kitchen for dinner. She told them that their father was still at work and wouldn't be home until very late. As usual the two kids sat beside each other on one side of the table, their mother on the other side. The difference, was Anne ate her dinner 'one handed' the other hand being in her brother's lap playing with his cock and balls, keeping him in such an excited state that he 'fidgeted' throughout dinner, as his sore rear, was aggravated by the plastic seat cover, sticking to his hot skin.

After dinner, his mother untied his hands and told Billy to do the dishes. Anne decided to stay and 'help' him and all throughout his work at washing and drying the dishes, ran her hands all over him, but mostly keeping him hard and teasing his asshole with her fingertip; which had him squirming about while he worked. When he was done, she took his hand in hers and lead him back to the living room and sat beside him, watching TV while her hand constantly worked his body, but never enough to permit him to orgasm.

By the time Billy was told to go to bed, he'd been teased by his sister's hands for several hours and he all but ran to get away from her and jacked his cock off for some relief.

Billy woke with a start, fingers were tracing up and down in the crack of his butt. "What?"

"Wake up sleepy head."

"Anne? What are you doing?"

"Waking up my sleepy brother, what did you think I was doing?"

"Playing with my butt!"

"Well, I'm doing that too. But you need to get up, Susan and Karen will be here in a little while, and under Mom's rules, you have to be in the room with them."

"Susan? Who's Karen…I'm confused… Still half asleep…"

"Susan Cartwright and her sister Karen are coming over and will be here shortly, now get your lazy behind out of bed!" she replied, then gave him a swat on the rear to emphasize the point.

"Ouch! That hurt!"

"It'll hurt a whole lot more, if you aren't up when they get here and get spanked."

"OK…I'm getting up…"

Thirty minutes later, Billy was sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when the girls arrived. "Hi Billy!" a smiling Susan said as she entered the kitchen.

"Morning Susan," he said in a still somewhat sleepy voice.

"Grumpy this morning?"

"Just not fully awake…"

Susan sat in one of the chairs at the table and looked directly into his eyes. Billy blushed as last night's events flashed through his mind. Susan's mouth curled into a grin as she realized what was happening. Reaching out she put her hand on his forearm and stroked it. "No reason to be embarrassed Billy, I'm here to help you and you have nothing to be ashamed of."

"I know," he sighed, "It's just all so hard and I'm having trouble getting used to it. Susan I really like you, I always have and I'm glad you were the one helping me last night rather than someone else. It's…I don't know just so new, all this…"

"For what it's worth Billy, when I found out you were joining the dance troupe, I went to Mrs. Baker and told her I wanted to be the one to help you with your makeup and washing. She'd been trying to figure out who to assign and it solved her problem." Susan stood and moved around the table to stand beside him, then pulled his head against her tummy and ran her hands through his hair. "I wanted to be the one Billy and I'm glad I'm the girl helping you. Maybe we'll get a lot closer as a result. I hope so…"

"If I have to have a girl helping me, then I'm glad it's you doing it, you were very gentle and understanding with me, and I really appreciate it."

Susan hugged his head tighter to her body, and stroked his bare shoulders, then leaned downed and kissed his forehead. "I'll never hurt you intentionally Billy, I like you too much." She said patting his shoulder as she released him and went back to her chair.

"Billy, Paul said you would be taking over the Fire Dance and that requires special preparation. I don't know whether you've really looked at Scott, but he has zero hair on his body below his neck. He has to keep it that way because of the fire bowls. Any hair would get burnt off anyway, the way he tosses the bowls and circles every part of his body with them. Those flames reach up 6-10 inches depending on how much wood alcohol he puts in the bowls and it's a dangerous thing to be playing around with. I've seen him with blisters a couple of times, when he slipped, but the audience never knew."

"How do those bowls work? I've never had a chance to really look at them?"

"Well you know they're wooden bowls, salad bowls actually. Inside is some kind of cloth in the bottom of the bowl, with a wire screen over it. The screen is attached to the bowl with screws so it won't fall out when he turns them upside down. Just before the dance he pours the alcohol in and puts one bowl on the stage, the other he has lit when he comes out. As you know he starts the dance with just one, then half way through adds the second one, lighting it from the first one. I'm not sure what the cloth like stuff inside is but I know it only lasts about 4 or 5 times before he has to replace it. I've seen him in Mr. Baker's shop making the bowls and also replacing the cloth a couple of times."

"He's been burnt?"

"Not very often, and usually just 1st degree, like a sunburn. But a couple of times I saw blisters. It's dangerous Billy and the audience knows it! That's why everyone is always silent when he does that dance. No one wants to be the one to distract him and have him injured; the only sound you EVER hear during that dance is the drum. Half the crowed is holding their breath. Are you REALLY sure you want to do that?"

"Susan, I've always thought that was the best dance ever. Paul say my hands are bigger than most and that he thinks I can do it. I'd really like to try."

"Then we'll have to get you ready for it. We need to remove the hair from your arms and legs, and you should get some bowls to practice with; without flames until you get used to holding, throwing and catching them. Scott can help you make them, with the cloth and wire inside, so they'll handle like when they're lit. I'm sure they balance different than an empty bowl would. Just please be very careful Billy, I don't want to see you get hurt. As far as getting you ready we can start that right now. Come on let's go to the bathroom."

Billy stood and put his empty bowl in the sink the followed Susan to the bathroom. Once there, Susan looked in the cabinet and found a bottle of something, then got a disposable razor and his dad's can of shaving cream. "This stuff will make this easier," she announced holding up the bottle.

"What's that?"

"Nair hair remover, your Mom probably uses it instead of shaving her legs. Just stand there in the bathtub and we'll put it on. Then we'll have to wait awhile before rinsing it off. If it works like it's supposed to, when we get it off the hair will be gone."

"OK, I guess… do we have to do it now?"

"If you're serious about doing that dance, you might as well get used to being hairless, you'll have to do this at least once a week from here on out to keep yourself that way."

Without further discussion, Billy stood in the bathtub and Susan spread the white lotion all over his arms, legs, chest, then his rear and his groin, where he had at best 'peach fuzz' for hair. Then told him to stand with his arms and legs spread until the time to rinse it off came. "15 minutes" according to the directions.

Billy stood there like a statue, but after about 8 minutes his balls started burning. "Susan! This stuff is burning the skin on my balls! You have to get it off!"

Susan walked over to him, "does it hurt anywhere else?"

"No but my balls are on fire! Get it off!"

"What's going on?" Billy heard from the hallway and saw two heads peeking around the doorway. His sister and another girl who must be Susan's sister.

Just a little adverse reaction to the Nair," Susan said as she took a washcloth and wetted it in the sink, then gently wiped his sack, noting it looked very red and tender. "That better?"

"Yeah thanks! Doesn't burn like that anywhere else, just on my balls. Still feels kinda hot, but it's not burning now anyway…"

"OK, we still have to wait longer for the rest of you, have to give it time to work. Let me know if it starts burning any other place OK?"

"Absolutely! Don't want that again…"

Both of the girls giggled at the discussion of Billy's balls and the chemical reaction. "My Brother has 'HOT BALLS', maybe we should get him some ICE!" his sister snickered.

"It's NOT FUNNY Anne," Billy yelled, "It burnt like hell!"

"No it's not girls, Billy has a slight chemical burn on his skin, so leave him alone about it!" Susan commanded.

"Oh…OK but it sure sounded funny!" Anne replied.

When the time was up, Susan used a washcloth and the handheld shower head, to wash the lotion off of him. When she was done, his body was totally hairless, soft like a baby's. Fishing in the cabinet again she came out with a bottle of Aloe Vera lotion and after patting him dry with a towel, told him to take the towel into the living room and lay on it. Billy didn't argue, he followed her directions, while gently massaging his scrotum with his fingers, finding the skin hot and very tender. "It still hurts some Susan…"

"I know Billy, this Aloe will help, just go lay down with your legs open and we'll take care of it. OK? "

"OK," he said and headed out the door. Susan following him and two curious young girls following her.

Billy put the towel on the floor then lay on it on his back with his feet wide apart and his body totally exposed. Susan knelt beside him and his sister and Karen took seats on the floor beyond his feet where they could see everything. "WOW! His balls are sure red!" his sister exclaimed then leaned in so she could look at them closely, accompanied by the other girl.

Susan poured a big glop of Aloe into her hand and reached down and gently spread it on his sack, getting a moan and big sigh from Billy. "Better?" she asked.

"Much," he moaned as the burning pain reduced as the lotion took effect.

"Can I do that?" Karen asked her sister.

"I suppose so; but be VERY careful, Billy is really sore right now and his balls are very tender, we don't want to hurt him." She told her sister, handing her the bottle. Then looking at him said, "Billy this is my sister Karen, she just turned 8 and will be joining the Brownie's next month, so she'll be around when we're helping you boys. If fact I understand your sister Anne will be joining at next month's meeting too, so both of them will be seeing you frequently anyway. I'll watch her to make sure she doesn't hurt you, I know how tender boys are there even without the chemical burn…"

"OK," Billy croaked then blushed as the young girl leaned over him and was looking directly into his eyes as her hand gently applied more lotion to his tortured balls, rolling them in her hand as she stroked the tender skin. Billy let out a low moan at her ministrations.

"Am I hurting you?" she asked worried.

"No… Feels good…"

"Oh good, I was worried I was rubbing to hard or something…"

"It's OK, just keep doing what you're doing, no harder though…"

"Billy we should spread the aloe all over you, it will help neutralize any remaining chemical. There shouldn't be any after I washed you, but it can't hurt any and will help your skin if you have any other areas than reacted."

"OK, whatever you think is best; I don't know anything about this stuff."

"Just relax and we'll take good care of you…" she said as she poured a big glob on his chest and passed the bottle to his sister, who poured some in her hands as did Karen. Billy closed his eyes as hands were everywhere, massaging the lotion into his body.

"His skin is so smooth and soft like a baby's," Karen murmured.

"Yeah, the little bit of body hair he had is completely gone, it makes him look younger, I have at least a little bit of hair. I think I like it though…" his sister commented. "Really smooth like you said…"

"Turn over Billy, we're done with the front," Susan told him and he rolled over and was quickly enjoying six hands working on his back side, until a finger started poking at his hole, and as slippery as it was coated with the lotion, slid right in to the knuckle.

"Hey! What're doing?" He said upset by the intrusion.

"Feeling the inside of your cute little butt," his sister replied.


"Because I can, and I want to," she replied.

"I'd rather you didn't do that, it's really embarrassing…"

"I know! And you turn such a lovely shade of red as a result," she snickered, then removed her finger and patted his rear, giving one of his cheeks a couple of little squeezes. "I really like your buns Billy, nice and firm and they dimple so nice when you walk..."

"Wonderful! Are you guys done now?"

"Yes, Billy we're all done, you can get up now if you want. But first turn back over, I want to check your balls again to see if the lotion helped with that redness." Susan told him.

Billy rolled over and his legs flopped open for her as he sat there and looked down at himself, while Susan and the girls inspected his balls. All that handling had given him a hard-on which got a giggle from Karen, who flicked it with her finger, but Billy just sat there blushing as he felt three breaths blow across his privates.

"Looks better Billy, not as red and raw looking, I'd put more lotion on it in a couple of hours just to help it along if I were you though," Susan told him and he nodded acknowledging her instructions.

"We have to go Billy, I'll see you this afternoon over at the Baker's and get you ready." Susan announced.

"Do we have to? I like playing with Billy," Karen whined.

"Yes we do, Mom's taking us shopping this afternoon, so let go of Billy's balls and let's go Sis."

"Oh, all right! But you're no fun…"

Billy spent the rest of the morning and all afternoon doing his chores naked, with his little sister, constantly running her hands all over him, keeping him erect but never handling his cock enough to get him off. It was a very frustrating day for the eleven year-old. At 4:30 he went to his mother who had returned home only 15 minutes before, arms loaded with stuff for his sister's birthday party.

"Mom, I'm supposed to be at the Baker's at 5:00 to get made up for this evening. How am I supposed to get there?"

"Oh I forgot to tell you Mrs. Baker will pick you up in a few minutes, with her van, she said she'd stop by on her way home from picking up some of the girls."

"OK," I'll wait for her then…"

"Good luck tonight Billy, I guess I should say 'Break A Leg' like the theater people do before a show. Anne says you've done really well today and I'm very proud of how you're adjusting…"

"I still don't like it Mom, but I'm getting used to it… I guess…"

"I know you don't like it Son, but it's for your own good, false modesty is not a good attribute in a person. So just deal with it. OK?"

"Yes Mother, I'll go wait for Mrs. Baker…"

Billy waited nervously in the living room, looking out the window at the street waiting for Mrs. Baker in their Ford Van. This was the big night, his first real dance show, what if he made a fool of himself or tripped and caused another guy to fall or something. That stage wasn't going to be very big and they were going to be crowded. Mr. Baker had already reduced the number of dancers in a couple of dances and had the others just standing as a backdrop. Just as he was considering everything that could go wrong the van pulled into the drive and honked it's horn.

"She's here Mom! I'm leaving now." He called out to his mother as he headed for the door and ran for the van, with it's side door open.

Billy got to the truck and started to step inside, but paused looking for an empty seat. It was full, nine girls were inside filling every seat. "Where?" he mumbled to himself when his hand was grabbed and he was pulled inside, right onto the lap of Cindy Stewart, a big girl he knew from school. "Come ON Billy," she'd said as she all but lifted him into the vehicle and onto her lap.

Cindy was HUGE in Billy's mind, they were the nearly same age, she was two years older at 13, but she was 5'9" tall and the center on the girl's basketball team. She was as big or bigger than most women and had started growing 'all over' at about age 8 or 9. Once she had him in the door, she'd just grabbed his hips and bodily lifted him onto her lap then wrapped her big arms around him trapping him and hugging him to herself.

"All comfy Billy? I just love holding naked little boys on my lap and you are such a cute little one." She said as she pulled his head onto her shoulder and planted a kiss on his forehead. Then held him in place with her arm around his shoulders while her big hand roamed over his back and down to his butt, which she patted and squeezed, then slid down and stroked his thighs before returning to his rear. "You're such a cute little cuddle puppy I may take you for myself," she whispered to him, getting a deep blush from him. He felt totally helpless being held by her, so he just sat there and didn't say anything.

It was actually a relief for Billy when the van pulled into the Baker drive and pulled around back to the garage entrance. Cindy's hands had never stopped, stroking every inch of his body, but she seemed fascinated by his butt, squeezing and patting it continuously during the short trip. When the door opened, Susan was standing right there and seeing his helpless situation, got his release. "Let him go Cindy, he's assigned to me! COME ON BILLY, I've been waiting 15 minutes for you!" and reached for his hand, then pulled him from Cindy's lap.

Once he was on the ground, Susan wrapped a 'protective' arm around his shoulders and quickly guided him inside and away from the others. "Thanks Susan, she was all over me like I was her property or something," Billy softly told his friend.

Susan stopped and turned Billy towards her, then gave his cheek a little caress and a little peck of a kiss on the lips. "Yeah, she's like that, she's all over all they boys she can get her hands on, that's why I got you away from her as fast as I could. YOU, Billy Carter belong to me and I don't want her touching you. That's MY job, one I plan on doing as much as I can. Now let's get you made up and ready. OK?"

"Yes Susan, and thanks again. I mean she's a nice girl but I don't like being helpless and pawed like that, it was so humiliating…"

"No one likes that Billy, girls get it all the time from their boyfriends. You might want to remember that when you start dating."

"Believe me, I'll remember. I'd never do that to a girl. These last two days have showed me a lot of new things, I'll never forget!"

Susan guided him over to one of the buckets with the makeup dye and Billy calmly stood arms and legs spread as she started coating his body. Susan worked quickly and he felt no embarrassment as she applied the stuff to his body. 'Guess this modesty stuff was all in my brain like they said, he thought. But then it was Susan doing it and he was getting used to her handling him, in fact he liked her handling him. Would he feel the same with some other girl doing this to him and handling his privates? Don't know. He decided as she was rubbing the sponge up the crack of his rear. But I like Susan doing it. She's my friend and she's beautiful, what more could I ask for?' His thoughts were interrupted as she guided him to sit so she could do his face and head without having to reach up to do it.

"You're much calmer about this Billy than you were yesterday," she said smiling and looking directly into his green eyes, her blue eyes locking with his and it felt like she could see his thoughts in his mind. Her finger moved his hair back as she worked the sponge along his hairline, but her eyes remained locked with his.

"Only cause it's you doing it Susan," he whispered and her smile widened. "I like you doing it, you're gentle with me, and I like that." Susan raised an eyebrow in question. "My…my sister and those girls yesterday, and your sister this morning and then Cindy, they all treated me like; I don't know a piece of meat or something… rougher and they don't talk to me…they talk around me like I wasn't there or something…"

"That's because I like you too Billy and I like helping you," she smiled and then gave him a light kiss on the lips, before resuming coating his face with the makeup. A few minutes later she had him stand and then inspected every inch of him, touching up a couple of places where either she'd missed or where it had rubbed off. Finally she pronounced him 'Done' and told him to stand for a few minutes until it was all dry. She just sat on a stool looking at him spread eagle standing before her as they waited. "He's really cute and such a nice guy,' she thought, 'I think I'll keep him…'

Ten minutes later, Billy was putting on his loincloth and stepped in to his moccasins, while Susan tied on his armbands and straightened his wig. "You know you wouldn't need this wig if you let your hair grow longer like some of the other boys. It's dark enough, you wouldn't have to dye it or anything and I think I'd like you with long hair…" she suggested.

"Good idea, but Dad won't like it," he replied.

"Just tell him it's for the Scout dance troupe, look around, half the guy have shoulder length hair, they just tie it back, for daily wear, but you don't see them wearing wigs that might fall off or get knocked sideways. Besides for that fire dance you don't want flammable materials dangling about."

"I'll talk to Dad about it; maybe have Mr. Baker say something to him too. I'm sure if Mr. Baker suggested it, he'd not fight over it."

"Good idea Billy, I'll suggest to Mr. Baker to talk to your dad for you, so it's coming from an 'impartial third party,' it'll go easier if your dad doesn't think it's your idea."

"Ten minutes until we leave. Everyone get your stuff on and make any final adjustments! Then go out and load into the vans parked outside." Mr. Baker announced and Billy looked over to see the 'Chief' standing there in a full buckskin outfit, with strips of fancy beadwork down both arms and legs and a big design on the chest of the leather shirt. He had a big round box in his hand that Billy knew had to contain the bonnet with it's crown of feathers and a feather trail than ran down his back almost to his knees. It was time to load up in the vans and go to the show.