Play a Little, Pay a Lot Part 1A
By Sir Cum Sizemore

copyright 2004 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY.  It contains
explicit  depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If
you are not of  a legal age in your locality to view such
material or if such  material does not appeal to you, do not
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Terri O'Neill was startled out of her reverie in the
psychologist's waiting room.  "Good morning, Mrs. O'Neill,
I'm Doctor Wilson."  

She had come to discuss a problem with her son, Mark.  Mark
was nine years old, soon to be ten.  He was a very handsome
boy from all accounts.  His neighbors and his mother's
friends reveled at his boyish good looks.  Average build,
hazel eyes and black hair were combined to paint a handsome
picture.  When he would occasionally wander out to the pool
in the yard, his mother enjoyed the sight of his well
proportioned muscular legs.  She only wished he'd wear
shorts more often, as she, and some of the other mothers in
the neighborhood, enjoyed looking at them.

"What can I do for you?" asked the young woman who had a
stellar reputation for child therapy.

"I'm here about my son.  I didn't want to alarm him, so I
came alone.  Only his father and I know I'm here," she
nervously responded.

"Why don't you just relax a little and tell me about him."

"He's nine.  Lately, there have been reports from parents of
other children which make me suspect he is having some
sexual development problems."

"What sorts of things are being reported?"

"The lady across the street said her two young boys, 5 and
7, told her he and his friend took them to the woods and
stripped them, paying them a quarter apiece.  They
apparently played with their penises and testicles.  There
was some anal exploration, but nothing apparently damaging.
The mother wasn't overly concerned she just wanted me to be
aware of it."

"Another parent said she found a picture of Mark hidden in
her daughter's dresser.  The girl said Eddie, that's Mark's
best friend, asked her if she and her friends would like to
play hospital.  They could be nurses and Mark would be the
patient.  Eddie apparently got to be the doctor.  Anyway,
she and three of her friends decided to play and were hiding
in another room as Eddie got Mark naked.  Three of them were
seven years old and one, the girl who had the picture, was
in their class at school.

"To make a long story short, Eddie's mother works in the
afternoons sometimes and leaves him home.  He's ten and she
feels he can look after himself with a neighbor standing by
should he need anything.  The house being void of
supervision leaves the boys a big play space.  This day it
was a hospital.  

"According to the account of another little girl who was a
nurse, the "doctor" played with Mark's penis and then told
them to examine him.  They all pulled and squeezed his penis
and testicles for quite some time.  

"Now I don't know if this story is factual, as I can't
imagine Mark letting anyone see him naked.  A couple of
months ago, I had to put some lotion on his genitals for
poison ivy, and he was even hesitant about pulling his pants
down for me.  He was especially embarrassed because I made
him do it in the living room and his brother and sisters
walked in and out while I put the lotion on.  So, again,
with what I know about his modesty, I'm not sure if this is
an accurate account or not.

"The girl who had the picture told her mother and me they
then decided he needed to be restrained for treatment.  So
they tied his wrists to the headboard bed posts and each
ankle was tied to the foot board bed posts.  The girls then
were told to yank on his penis.  The youngest was told to
feel is scrotum and when she found the 'growths' inside to
squeeze them hard so they wouldn't grow.  The girl relating
this story said Mark screamed in pain and begged to take the
ropes off.  But, the 'doctor' said, 'No pain, no gain'.
Apparently, Marcie, the girl in their class, asked if she
could do it, too.  Eddie told her to go ahead as much as she

"Then Eddie said, he was going to need some X-rays so he
produced a Polaroid camera.  The girls took several pictures
of him frontally.  He was unable to cover himself up.  They
kept him erect for the whole process, as if he could go
flaccid under the circumstances, I guess.

"Now, again, I can't imagine Mark being naked in front of
Eddie, much less younger girls and a female classmate, but
she swore the story was true.  And the picture of my nude
son lying on the bed kind of cinched it.  It definitely
added undeniable credibility to the little girl's story.

"After they restrained the patient, Marcie decided they
should have visiting hours, and all the kids in the
neighborhood, who wanted to should come by and visit with
him while he was 'sick'.  So she sent the younger girls out
to round up any other child who wanted to play with Mark's
body.  They were allowed to ask if they wanted to 'see Mark
naked and touch his thing'.  As the story goes they charged
an admission fee of a quarter for a 15 minute visit and
fifty cents for a 30 minute hands-on visit.  The children
who paid the quarter could shout prompts to the children who
were hands-on.  According to Marcie, they were shouting
'pull it hard', 'squeeze his balls', and 'shove this in his
ass'.  All of which was apparently followed.  Those who paid
fifty cents could photograph him in any position for an
extra dime.  I suppose that's where the picture came from."

The psychologist interrupted, "Did you confront him with
this story?  I think your questioning the factuality of the
story is probably a denial reaction.  If there are pictures
and young girls can describe graphically what they did and
his reaction to it, then the story probably holds a
considerable amount of truth."

"No, I was a bit ashamed and afraid he'd go off the deep
end.  I decided to come to you and get your suggestion.  His
father was furious about the story.  I had to say it didn't
sound like something our overly modest child would do.  I
convinced his Dad to wait until I talked to you.  He wanted
to take his pants down and wear him out with a belt."

In an effort to reassure the distraught mother, Melanie
Wilson replied, "Mrs. O'Neill, this isn't a time to despair.
We can work with his problems after we understand them a
little better.  It might be just some normal sex play most
kids engage in."  

"There's more.  Apparently, when he and Eddie had a sleep
over at Eddie's house, Mark was seen running around the
neighborhood completely naked under street lights.  He stood
'spread eagle' displaying his penis and testicles to cars
that passed. One of those passersby was a neighbor from half
way down the block. When she told me, she said it looked
like Mark, but she couldn't be absolutely sure.  She said,
'I wasn't looking at his face'." Both chuckled.  "Now, I'm
thinking, if there are three reports like this, he must be
doing at least some of it."

"Does he have any siblings?"

"Yes, he has an eight year old younger brother, Phillip, a
five year old sister Susie, and a twin sister, Leslie.".

"Do they ever relate stories to you about these things?"

"No.  Maybe they're afraid to tell me."

"Possibly.  But, I would assume had they visited the
'hospital' you would have known quickly.  Children can't
keep a secret very well.  I'm sure some of their friends
were 'visitors' that day, if it happened.  My skepticism is,
they would have heard it from their friends, even if they
didn't go, and it would be very likely at least one of them
would have shared the information with you, even if it was
just intended to get him in trouble."

"Oh, they might not.  He can be very physical with them.
He's quite bossy with his brother and sisters.  That's why I
think they'd keep it to themselves for fear of his

"Mrs. O'Neill, I have to agree we probably have a problem
here.  But, again, it's something we can work with.   I
think though, before I can give you any advice, I need to
talk with Mark. Would we be able to do that? I can fit him
in on Friday at two.  Is that good for you?"

"We'll be here."

"Oh, and Mrs. O'Neill, I would like his father to come with
you too."

"We'll all be here."

The psychologist nodded as Mrs. O'Neill left her office.

The Visit - Parent Session

Mrs. O'Neill shared her visit and the conversation with
Jerry O'Neill, Mark's father.  Jerry was a very successful
businessman with a healthy income.  He was respected in the
community and this latest wrinkle had him concerned.  First,
he was concerned his son was developing into a "pervert".
And secondly, he was concerned how a story such as this
could affect his career.  At any rate, he wanted to do what
ever he could to fix it.

Mark was told he needed to visit the doctor.  No one told
him why or what kind of doctor he would be seeing, but his
parents often had him to the dentist and family physician.
He supposed this lady doctor was some other kind of doctor.
It never dawned on him just what a "psychologist" did, but
it did bother him that he might have to be naked for her and
that he'd be getting a shot. And as tough as taking his
clothes off is at the doctor's, it beats getting a shot any

The wait was quite short.  Melanie Wilson appeared at her
inner office door and greeted the O'Neills.  After the
introductions she said, "Mark, I need for you to wait out
here while I talk with your parents, okay?"  

Who was he to object?  He just nodded and went over to the
magazine rack and picked up a Ranger Rick magazine to peruse
and kill the time.  As he paged through the magazine, Mark
couldn't help but rehash his opinions in his head the two
things that could happen naked and a shot.  He decided being
asked to strip was less painless than a shot for a man
doctor, but certainly not a woman.

In the office, Dr. Wilson began, "I understand your concern
about the reported events, but before we can address them, I
have to gets some more information, from you and from Mark.
Mr. O'Neill, why don't you talk about how this concerns you
and what your reaction is to it."

"Well, Doctor, it's tough on me to think my son is heading
toward homosexuality or exhibitionism.  I don't know what to
make of all of this.  Frankly, I took my belt off and was
going to have a round on his bare bottom the night I heard
it.  I felt a sound spanking would redirect his attention.
Then my wife calmed me down and suggested this route.  I'm
still not sure a sound whipping at the end of my belt
wouldn't fix the problem quickly and easily."

"I know how frustrated you might be.  But professionally, I
don't think beating him will fix the problem.  Don't get me
wrong, I'm a firm believer that a sound spanking plays a
role in the parental toolbox, especially for parents of
boys, but only for what I call power play behaviors,
disrespect and defiance especially."

"I've never heard a person in your profession support
spanking.  It's kind of refreshing to feel you don't limit
your clients."

"Well the latest research tells us moderate use won't bruise
the psyche.  Over use may cause a problem.  Most of my
cohorts don't agree with my acceptance of it.  But let's
face it, over eight five percent of us were spanked as kids,
so if there was a problem with it there would be a whole lot
more screwed up individuals running around.  In fact, lately
most of the screwed up kids I see are that way because Mom
and Dad don't spank them enough.  Truth be told. they don't
do anything.  Let's get back to you.

"If I continue with this case, both of you will have to
agree to do exactly what I tell you.  There can be no
alteration or additions to the treatment plan without my
consent.  Do we have an understanding?"

"If we knew how to fix it we wouldn't be here in the first
place.  And, with what I'm paying you, you definitely will
be in the driver's seat," Jerry said with a chuckle.

"What are your goals for Mark?"

"We want those behaviors I described to stop, if they are
happening," Jerry offered.

Then Terri outlined her goals. "I want him to be less modest
about his body.  You know, I want him in short pants.  I
want him to chill about being naked at home or at places
where I think he should be naked. He should not be concerned
about being touched by his mother, father or other adults
when it's necessary."

"What places other than the home do you feel he should be

"We went to the beach a month ago.  When it was time to
leave, I asked the children to strip and rinse off at the
shower on the platform by the parking lot.  I just wanted
the sand off and then I would give them some underpants to
put on after I dried them off.  Mark as usual refused to
strip.  I offered to hold a towel up so no one would see
him, but he still refused.  He said, 'You would be able to
see me.  And what if the towel drops?'  

"He's nine years old and I told him everyone has seen naked
nine year old boys at sometime or another.  His response
was, 'Not this one'.  I didn't want to take a belt to him at
the beach.  It would have humiliated him.  I did make him
vacuum the car when we got home though."

"There's an instance where using a belt on him might have
been okay," opined the therapist. "He was openly defiant and
you really negotiated too much.  If you wanted his suit off,
you should have stood your ground and used the belt on him.
Humiliation is okay, it adds strength to the punishment.  On
top of that, he picked the arena, you didn't"

Jerry interjected, "I think I'm going to like this lady.
You told her almost verbatim what I did when she told me the
story." Mr. O'Neill continued, "It's confusing.  If he would
strip naked for the neighborhood kids or run around naked at
night, why wouldn't he strip naked for his mother at the
beach?  If he was an exhibitionist, one would think he would
welcome the opportunity."

"It's premature for me to answer that.  There are a few
possibilities in my head, but until I work with him, I won't
know.  Doing so might have lost the thrill because it was
condoned by the authority figure.  Or perhaps, there were
too many possible observers who knew him.  Hopefully, I'll
have some initial plans in an hour or so, after I talk with

At that the somewhat relieved parents rose and exited the
inner office to allow the psychologist to have time with
their troubled son.  Mark was ushered into the waiting
therapist's office by his father.

The Visit - It's Mark's Turn

"Hi, Mark, why don't you have a seat on that loveseat over
there and I'll just sit here." After seating himself where
he was directed, the attractive therapist continued.  "Do
you know why you're here?"

"No." was the somewhat timid reply.

"Well, your Mom and Dad are very concerned about some of
your behavior.  I'm going to try to help them with
correcting what they don't like and help you with things you
might find uncomfortable or confusing.  But first, we have
to talk so I can get to know you better."  Melanie Wilson
continued, "So you're nine and you have two sisters and a
younger brother.  I imagine they can get under your skin at
times, can't they?"

"Yes, especially Leslie.  She's my twin sister and she tries
to be bossy and gets in my stuff, and she's a big tattle

"What do you do when Leslie gets in your stuff or is bossy?"

"I yell at her and sometimes I tell Mom."

"What does Mom do?"

"She tells her to leave me alone.  But sometimes she tells
me to stop complaining and lets her do what she wants.  I
hate girls.  They are always making me mad."

"Do you ever hit her or your other sister?"

"Sometimes, but Susie is only five and she hugs me all the
time.  I don't usually hit Susie."

"What happens then?"

"Mom or Dad takes me to their room, pulls my pants down and
whips me."

"How often do you get spanked?"

"Not too much, maybe once a week."  

"How are your grades?"

"Not good.  I get C's and B's but sometimes I get D's."

"What happens when you get bad grades?"

"If I get an F on a test or a note that I'm not turning in
my homework, Dad whips me.  If I get a bad report card, he
whips me and I usually get grounded.  It's not too bad
though, because they always forget or decide to let me off
grounding early."

"How's your behavior at school?"

"Pretty good.  I usually get in trouble for daydreaming or
not doing my homework.  Sometimes I get in fights with other

"What happens when you get in trouble at school?"

"Mrs. Vincent, she's my teacher, gives me detention or takes
me to the office and paddles me.  Then she calls home and
tells my Mom and Dad.  Then when I come home they make me
take my pants down and use the belt on me. Dad always is
saying, 'If you get a spanking at school, you'll get another
one when you get home.' And, he or my mom always gives me
one when I get home."

"Guess you don't like that."

"Well, duh! Would you?"  This response signaled the
therapist the child was becoming much more comfortable with
her, she was delighted. She could now get to the more
sensitive topics with him.

"Mom says you don't like to wear short pants.  Why is that?"

"Cause none of the men I know wear them except on weekends.
And I'm pretty grown up, I'm not a kid.  Shorts are for
little boys."

"Don't other boys in your class wear them to school and
around the neighborhood?"

"Yes, but they don't have the ladies saying, 'What beautiful
legs you have, young man'.   Some of them even ask if they
can rub them for me.  It's embarrassing!"

Melanie smiled on the verge of chuckling at Mark's
impersonation of the women's voices.  "What ladies say

"A lot of them.  Mrs. Vincent, she's my teacher, said it one
day when Mom made me wear them to school.  Mrs. Calhoun
across the street says it.  Even Mom says it."

"How are you and Dad?  You know, how do you think he feels
about you?"

"I think he thinks I'm a dork."  

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't like playing baseball or basketball.  I don't
really like any sports too much.  I think he likes Phillip
better because he likes to play those things.  You know,
he's into that.  He plays sports at the YMCA."

"Do you do anything at the Y?"


"You don't go there to swim?"

"No.  They make the boys swim naked and I just can't do

"Well, they don't let girls swim, when the boys are
swimming.  It's just other boys."

"Yeah, well they let everyone's Mom who wants to come watch
us.  They can bring other kids' sisters in too.  When
Phillip goes, my sisters get to go to.  They get to see all
the boys naked. Susie doesn't make a big deal out of it.
She gets bored.  But Leslie begs to go and I know why."

"Do they have a girls' day?"

"Yeah, but they get to wear bathing suits.  It just isn't

"Okay so you don't like sports, you don't like to swim. What
do you like?"

"I like to swim, just not naked where people can see me. But
I also like building stuff, like forts and hideouts in
trees.  I like the woods because they're quiet and there's
animals and stuff like that.  I really like animals.  I like
to make soapbox derby cars with Eddie.  I really like to
ride my bike, too."

"Who's Eddie?"

"He's my best friend.  We do lots of stuff together."  

"Does your Dad like any of these things?"

"I don't think so.  He says 'the closest I want to be to
camping is a Holiday Inn'." Again, the young therapist got a
kick out of this kid's voice change as he related the
remark.  "He isn't into hiking. He says it's like walking
around with no place to go.  He does let me use his tools,
but gets mad when I forget and leave them outside overnight.
Sometimes he spanks me for doing that but he usually just
yells at me."

"And when he likes what your brother is doing, but doesn't
like to do the things you're interested in, it makes you
feel left out?"

"Yep."  Mark felt like this lady really understood, she just
might be okay.  "It's like I'm not a boy to him.  He spends
time going to my brother's soccer matches, but never goes
hiking with me."  

It was time to get to some of the problems, "You know, I've
heard some stories about you. I think we have to talk about
them.  You're probably going to be embarrassed, but don't
be.  I'm here to help you, and if you ask me to keep
something between us, I will.  If I think Mom and Dad need
to know something you tell me, I'll ask your permission
before sharing it with them.  Okay, Mark?"


"You know Billy and Timmy Thomas?"

At the mention of their names Mark's face turned pale.  It
was as if he was wondering what she knew. "Yeah, they live
across the street from us." Then reaching for an explanation
he asked, "Do you talk to them too?"

"No, I don't, but if I did I couldn't tell you anyway.  See
how private this is?  What I have heard though is you and
your friend, Eddie, isn't it, take them to the woods and
strip them and play games with their penises and bottoms."

"We never do that!"

"Why would Billy and Timmy make that up?  Why would they
each have quarters they said you gave them to pay them for
doing it?  Remember, I'm not allowed to talk to anyone about
what you tell me, so let's just talk about this.  Do you
like looking at little boys' penises and bottoms or are you
just curious?"

"They take their clothes off in front of us.  We don't make

"Okay, Mark, I'll let you have that.  So when they are
naked, do you pull on their penises?"

"Maybe we did it once or twice, but it was Eddie's idea."

"What else do you do?"

"Eddie makes them go to the highway naked and dance in front
of the cars.  Eddie put sticks and his fingers up their

"What did you do?"

"I just watch."

"How old is Timmy?"

"He's five."  

"Didn't you try to put something in his penis?"

"Eddie made them put each others penises in their mouths.
He let Timmy bite Billy's."

"No, Mark.  What did YOU do to them?"

"I made Billy run though sticker bushes while he was naked
and Eddie used a switch to hit his bottom the whole time."

"Didn't that hurt him?"

"I'm not sure, he didn't cry.  He just kept telling Eddie to
quit it."

"Aren't their penises the same as yours?"

"I guess so, just a little smaller."

Just as Mark was dealing with the embarrassing reality that
his mother knew of the exploits with the boys from across
the street, the therapist landed another bomb on him.

"Another story I heard was you allowed Eddie and some little
girls to tie you to a bed while you were naked.  Then they
called the neighborhood kids in to play with your penis.
What's the story behind that?"

Again he flushed, his face definitely had the look of "God,
where'd she find all this stuff out?"  One couldn't help but
feel he sure hoped his Mom and Dad didn't know this.  His
eye movements indicated his mind was working quickly but
carefully.  He couldn't believe his parents knew this stuff
and didn't tell him, spank him or in some way let him know.

"Eddie and I played this strip game with cards.  We cut the
cards.  The low card has to give the high card a piece of
his clothing.  If someone gets naked, the next cut is for
the naked boy to do whatever the other one wants for three
hours.  When that happens the other boy can put all of his
clothes back on, but the loser has to stay naked for the
whole three hours.  Eddie won the game the day before, but
because his mother was coming home he made me pay up the
next day."

Melanie chuckled to herself realizing this sounds like a
normal developmental game.  Boys his age tended to
concentrate more on boys. Soon he'd awaken to girls.  She
snapped back into focus as Mark continued, "When I got
undressed, Eddie got my clothes and put them some place and
said he was going to play doctor.  He said he would need
some nurses and because I lost I would have to be naked in
front of some girls.  The girls were all in the next bedroom
hiding.  After I was naked he went and got them. I couldn't
hide anywhere and Marcie said if I didn't do what they
wanted she'd tell my Mom what we were doing.  She made me
put my hands behind my head so she and the other girls could
feel my penis and balls.  They pulled on it and squeezed it.
One of them squeezed my balls and they all laughed when I
fell down in pain.  I wanted to get dressed after that and
Eddie said, 'No way, you have to do this for three hours'."

"So why didn't you just get dressed and leave?"

"I already told you, Eddie hid my clothes and said I
couldn't have them back until I played for three hours, and
if I did leave Marcie was going to tell on me.  Guess she
did anyway."

"Then what happened?"

"They took me to a bedroom and tied me to a bed.  Marcie and
Eddie told them to go get the neighborhood kids and bring
them to see me.  I tried to say no and get up, but I
couldn't get the ropes loose.  They charged them money to
see me and to touch me.  Some of them got to take pictures
of me, too. I was real mad at Eddie for doing that."

"What about the time you were running around the
neighborhood naked at night?"

"How'd you know about all this stuff?" He was remotely
holding on to the hope his parents weren't the source.  If
they knew all of this he'd never be able to look them in the
eye.  The recurring problem with this thinking is that the
adults he knew kind of stuck together in these things.  If
one knew, they'd tell the other.

"Let's just say I know."

"I was spending the night at Eddie's house and we were
camping in his yard.   We played the card game and I lost.
During the three hours he pulled my penis and poked my butt
with his finger.  He put it all the way in there, too.  I
didn't think you could do that."  The therapist smiled at
the boy's spurt of amazement about that bit of
enlightenment.  Mark continued, "Anyway, he made me go under
the street light and any time a car came by I had to wiggle
my hips so my penis flopped around."  Dr. Wilson was
impressed with his use of the grown up words for his body
parts.  Actually though, the boy knew if his parents heard
he was using slang words for them they'd make him suck on a
bar of soap.

"Weren't you afraid you'd get caught?"

"At first I did, but then it became exciting.  I felt really
good.  I mean my body did.  I had a hard-on and it felt
good.  I liked it when the kids played with my di penis,
too. I didn't think I would but I did.  I didn't like it
when they squeezed my ba testicles though.  That hurt."  

She smiled when he made the mid-stream corrections for his
body part names.  It was a plus that Mom and Dad were
teaching their kids proper terminology.  It usually
demystifies those parts when parents do.  But, somewhere,
there was have a problem with this nine year old.

"Didn't Eddie ever lose?"

"Yeah, sometimes.  I'd make him run around naked, too.  One
time, I made him run up to a house while he was naked and
ring the doorbell. You should have seen him run.  I thought
about making him stand there and show his hard-on to the
person who opened the door.  But everyone knows us in the
neighborhood and they would squeal on us."

"Well, Honey, you were caught in all of those situations.
You just didn't know it.  These are the things your Mom and
Dad were concerned about."

His face reddened and he unconsciously whispered to himself,
"Holy shit.  They know.  I'm never going to be able to look
at them again.  Man Dad is going to tear me up."

Unaware the beautiful lady doctor heard what he said he was
startled to hear, "No they won't tear you up for that.
They've known this for some time.  They just want to know
how to help you get your act together.  Now I'm going to
talk to your mother and father again.  I'm not going to tell
them anything you told me.  I am going to recommend a plan
for helping both them and you.  You probably aren't going to
like my suggestions, but you are going to have to do them.
I'll call you back in after I talk to Mom and Dad, okay?"

"Okay," he responded half hoping it wouldn't involve a
whipping.  But it would mean he could get by without looking
at them or talking about it for at least a few more minutes.

A Plan Is Offered

"Mr. and Mrs. O'Neill I think we can begin to get down to
business, now.  You want to come back in?"

"Well what'd you find out?" Terri asked pensively.

"First let me say, when I talk with Mark, he owns the
discussion.  In other words, I won't breech his confidence
by telling you what he says.  If I feel you have to know,
I'll ask his permission to discuss it with you.  I have to
keep it this way for him to open up to me."

"Even though we are paying you, you won't tell?" retorted

"That's right. And if this policy is going to be a problem,
I'll have to invite you to shop around." Melanie responded
back in a businesslike manner.

Realizing she didn't pick up on the joking nature of his
remark he responded, "No, it's no problem.  I was just
teasing about it."

"Okay.  My preliminary diagnosis is that Mark is having
gender identity problems.  He is also having problems with
attachment, particularly to you Mr. O'Neill.  His behavior
is screaming out, 'Look, I'm a boy, too'.  He has confusion
about nudity.  In other words, he gets an overly modest
instruction from you and yet he feels aroused by being naked
in defiance of that modesty.  Let's say part of the
excitement also includes the possibility of being caught."

"So what are you recommending?"

"We are going to begin with a jolt and move to refining the
intervention plan as we go.  Too start with, I want you to
get rid of all of his pants and replace them with short gym
shorts in the fall for him to wear to school.  You know the
kind with the elastic waist band and baggy legs?"  Both
parents shook their heads.  "Make sure they are the shortest
you can find.  They should be hemmed to just below the
crotch so his legs are fully exposed.  He won't have any
long pants ever until he reaches puberty. So you can pack
them away as hand me downs for his little brother or discard
them completely.  He's to wear these shorts summer, spring,
winter, and fall when he has to be dressed."  

"Won't he get cold in the winter?"

"No, Mrs. O'Neill, his legs might get cold, but he won't get
sick, if that's what you're asking. Remember years ago
little girls wore dresses and skirts with bare legs in the
winter and they survived, didn't they?  He can wear heavy
winter coats, but I want his legs exposed all the time.  The
latest research suggests temperature extremes are actually
healthy for him.  But what I want, is for him to build body
acceptance and his legs are an issue."

"What about when he has to dress up for Church and such?"  

"Buy a pair or two in conservative colors, put a long sleeve
dress shirt and tie on him and he's ready to go.  I'm sure
you can think through these eventualities; just remember he
should never wear long pants again. Are you both on board?"

Both parents just nodded affirmatively.

"Next I'm going write a nudity permit for you.  This will
protect you from social services and law enforcement while
he's is under my care.  What the permit does is gives you
permission to make him go anywhere you wish while he's
completely naked.  You can take him to the store naked, you
can take him to your other son's soccer games naked anywhere
you want.  The only exception is restaurants.  The health
department requires he be clothed.  The schools don't allow
nudity usually so he will have to wear shorts and t-shirts.
When he's in his shorts, especially when he's going to
school, no underwear is to be worn.  I want his penis and
testicles semi-exposed in those environments.  No underwear
means he will be giving occasional flashes of his boy parts
to his peers, during the day.  They'll laugh and tease at
first, but then they'll settle into acceptance and so will

"Why are we going to need to do that?"  asked Jerry O'Neill
with a look of concern about this plan.

"Because beginning today he's going to spend a lot of time
nude.  If he's exposed we do a few things.  First, we take
away the thrill of nude play.  It'll become run of the mill
and he will not find it so exciting anymore.  Secondly,
while nude he has to allow anyone who wishes to play with
his genitals any time they desire.  The extent of what the
player can do is pretty much up to you. But you must at the
very least allow fondling, pulling, squeezing of his
testicles and finger penetration of his anus.  It'll help
him with self acceptance.  If others think his body is cute
or fun, he will begin to realize he's okay."

"Who gets those privileges?" the still skeptical father

"Anyone who wants them, you must make him comply with
anyone's request to touch.  What we hope to achieve here is
open expression of his maleness, body awareness and

"When should he be made to be nude?" Terri O'Neill asked
showing more acceptance than her husband.  She wanted to be
able to see and touch the boy's skin and boy parts, it was a
very attractive plan to her.  He was her eldest, he was
beautiful, and she couldn't wait to show him off, all of

"Well certainly anytime he's home, at friends' and
relatives' homes or playing in the neighborhood. I would
suggest you take him to the beach nude often.  I'd make him
go nude in the woods when he wants to go.  Require him to
swim at the Y with his brother.  Probably be good to send
him nude to Eddie's house, and for that matter to play nude
outside with other kids."

"We weren't going to let him play with Eddie anymore," Terri

"Why is that?"

"Well had it not been for Eddie, he wouldn't be here."

"Yes, I'm afraid he would.  These were Mark's decisions too.
Had it not been Eddie, it would have been someone else.  It
also kind of disarms Eddie's excitement for playing with
him.  Mark will be readily available and that will
eventually make it a whole lot less arousing for both of
them.  What used to be play has a good chance to turn to
annoyance instead."  Then as an aside Melanie mentioned,
"Eddie might benefit from a similar program and this way you
can begin the dialog with his mother.  Just call her and say
Mark is in a therapy program and when he comes to their home
from now on he is expected to remain completely nude, all
the while he's there.  You can tell her, she and anyone she
wishes can play with any part of his body they wish and he
must obey her when she asks him to do something.  And she
should be allowed to take a belt to his bare bottom,
whenever she feels it's needed."

"Marsha already knows she can do that if she needs to.  We
always empower the parents of our children's friends and
make it clear we expect them to spank them if they need to."
Terri related with a great deal of self-righteous pride.
"That brings up another question, tough.  What do we do when
he disobeys or argues about being naked?"

"You forcibly strip him and take a strap and wear him out
with it.  Now, he should be spanked by whomever he defies.
If for example you have a babysitter, he or she will be
permitted to spank for disrespect or disobedience.  His
young siblings and the neighborhood kids can spank while you
supervise, if Mark refuses to do as he's told or if he
refuses to allow touching.  He should be spanked any time he
covers his penis or testicles with his hands.  He should
have to be fully exposed at all times.  He should be made to
sit with is legs spread whenever he sits.  Before you leave
today, I'll also teach him some standard positions you or
anyone else might use to examine or spank him."

She continued, "Now each night he needs to be massaged by
you or a designee.  His genital area should receive the
loin's share of the attention during those times.  Pulling,
rubbing, and kneading his penis and testicles or whatever
you feel would help make him reach orgasm."

"Oh, what a mess that'll be," offered a concerned mother.

"No, Mark is too young to make a mess.  He will dry cum.  In
other words, he'll orgasm but nothing will come out.  But by
making him reach orgasm we will instill how good those parts
are and that they are capable of making him feel good.  It
gives him the green light for his best natural stress
relief. I would encourage you to allow him to masturbate,
but you can set some rules.  Like never when you are alone,
announce the orgasm loudly before it happens, you know
things like that."

"How are we going to get him into this naked stuff without a
fight?" Terri O'Neill asked with definite interest in the
plan which excited her.

"First, before you leave I'm going to call him in here.
I'll get him naked and tell him the new rules.  Then you'll
take him out of here naked and leave him that way until you
feel he needs clothing.  To some extent this will be a time
for you to feel out when and where, but since he's out of
school for the summer he should be naked most all the time."

Terri confirmed her excitement asking, "Would it hurt him to
make him stay naked all the time?  He's a beautiful boy, if
I do say so myself, and I like the idea I can show him off.
On top of that he really tans well."

"No, that would be the ideal situation.  The second
suggestion is when you get him home you call a meeting of
your other children and tell them they can touch Mark
anytime and anywhere they want.  Then at the very least I'd
guide them through some genital exploration.  You might
coach them about anal exploration. Then, I'd have them go
and get their friends to come by and allow the same,
especially Timmy and Billy across the street.  You two may
have to restrain him at these initial meetings to force him
to give access, but if you do have to hold him, wear out his
bottom in front of the others, and I mean WEAR IT OUT.
Remember, the harder the spanking initially, the less
spanking you will have to do.

"You will find yourself explaining all of this to the adults
in the neighborhood.  They should understand.  Be sure to
tell them they're free to explore as well as take a belt to
him. Most will feel fine after you announce those

Sliding her desk drawer open, Dr. Wilson pulled out a piece
of flexible vinyl.  It was three inches wide, what appeared
to be half inch thick, and approximately eighteen inches in
length.  Six inches of one end were indented with what
apparently was a handle.  Handing it to Mr. O'Neill she
said.  "This is for spanking.  When I was a young girl, I
was raised on a ranch and we used these to break horses.  If
it stung them through their thick hide, I assure you it'll
work well for us.  It should be used when he is disobedient
and/or disrespectful.  It must be used every time either of
those behaviors occur.  He should be given a minimum of ten
hard swats and a maximum of thirty each time he violates
those two rules.  He should be spanked by the person or
persons, regardless of age, who he offends.  He may never be
spanked for any other reason than disobedience or
disrespect.  Do we have an understanding here?"

"Yes, I guess that means even kids he disobeys or is
disrespectful to?" asked Terri.

"Anyone he disobeys or is disrespectful toward, kids or
adults. You can decide who gets to spank, but it must
happen. Also remember, he must be spanked for covering his
penis or testicles at any time when he's naked.  Always
remember, he must be spanked EVERY time he breaks one of the
rules.  Also remember, the more severe the spanking
initially the less likely you'll have to do it later."

"I encourage you to frequently make him be erect, the more
the better.  If he has a hard time getting hard, you should
use a wooden ruler on his outstretched penis. Is he


"Using the ruler on his glans will be exceptionally
effective then. I'm not going to give you limits on penile
punishment.  But I will say punishing his genitals would be
most effective for younger children.  They can make their
point more painfully there than they can by hitting his

Jerry shook his head with an almost empathetic pained

"What about photographing him?  The man next door is a
photography buff and I know he's going to want pictures."  

"Again, that's your decision, but I recommend you allow it.
It kind of tells Mark, his body is attractive enough that
someone wants to immortalize it.  It also makes all those
loose pictures of him out in the neighborhood less of a
collector's item."

"Now here are some additional considerations.  Don't allow
penile penetration of his anus.  Fingers are okay, but not
penises.  If he's going to be used as a sex object, I prefer
it be by the girls, but little boys should also be allowed
to enslave him and explore as desired with their fingers.
Oral sexual contact may be made by you two, and if you wish,
others, especially  family members, friends, and neighbors.
In fact, Jerry, I would suggest you might have him orally
stimulate you."

"Oh shit, that's where we draw the line.  That's just plain
sick, lady.  We were on the same page until you said that,"
Jerry said in utter disgust.

"I know how it must sound to you, but this little boy
doesn't know how to make you happy.  If he could do anything
that brought you satisfaction and made him feel he pleased
you, he would be much better off.  You must understand he
isn't sure you even like him. Allowing him to excite you
would tell him you have accepted him and he can do things
that please you.  If you choose to allow this, make him
swallow the semen when you reach orgasm.  Subliminally, he
will accept that as an actual physical indication he has
part of you in him. We'll revisit these issues if needed,

"I can't believe what you just said.  You think letting my
nine year old son suck my dick will be a positive thing.
You must be out of your head," he continued his verbal

"Well, look where your relationship and methods have gotten
him so far.  Maybe you need to understand we can't make the
omelet without breaking some eggs."

Terri entered the fray, "What she just told you made sense.
I know you aren't gay, I also understand the reasoning.
Jerry he's our child and letting him excite you is just fine
with me.  We can just keep it to ourselves. Besides, I'd
like to watch him doing something that appears to pleasure
you, and your erotic acceptance would be beautiful to see."

"No Terri, it's just unnatural.  And I'm not sure I want to
risk making him a little cock sucker.  What if he likes it?"

The therapist backed off and let the parents hammer it out.

"I think the idea is that he will like it, if it brings you
pleasure.  We can deal with other problems if they arise,
here, with Dr. Wilson. You know, like it would be kind of
fun for me to coach him, I want to watch him do it.  Promise
you'll give it a try and allow me to watch."

"Well, it has been a long time since you did that for me,
maybe HE can give YOU some pointers.  I'll try it, but I
still think it borders on perverted to have a little boy
suck on my dick."

"Penis, Jerry, penis.  Let's not get guttural here," Terri
smiled very excitedly at her victory with the issue.  She
was also excited at the prospect of arousing her own
sexuality watching such an intimate sight.

"How do I approach him about doing this?  I can't just order
him to suck my di penis!  Oh, this is disgusting.  I still
can't talk about it," Jerry expressed his second thoughts.

Melanie reassured him, "Look if you are having trouble with
it, don't do it.  You being up tight about such a thing will
only make it worse. Just forget about it totally, Mr.
O'Neill.  We'll get there some other way.  Maybe you can
start taking him camping regularly."

"That's not going to happen." the father quickly nixed that

"What isn't?" inquired the therapist.

"Camping" Terri replied for her husband. "Jerry only camps
at the 'Holiday Inn'.  I can't tell you how I tried to get
him to go camping with Mark and his Cub Scout or Indian
Guides groups.  Jerry is not a camper."

"She's exactly right."  Jerry replied.

Scared her husband would change his mind as a result of the
therapist's earlier comment, Terri went back to the sales
role, "Jerry, I will make him do the oral thing. You can act
like the unwilling recipient.  I will tell you, in front of
him, I want you to let him do it.  Then he'll think you both
are doing it for me.  Sure beats camping, doesn't it? I'm
going to video tape this for posterity."

"That's not an option.  We don't need a video record of such
a sick thing.  I'll be put away and they'll throw away the
key.  Besides, I don't want my dick publicly exposed for all
to see."

"Penis, Dear, penis, not dick."  Satisfied she had him back
on track, she added, "But I don't know why, it's such a cute

Jerry playfully slapped his wife on the shoulder and both

"Should any problem arise, I will stand by the therapeutic
value and you won't have a problem," Melanie reassured him.

That settled at least for the moment, Melanie went on. "This
fall we are going to discuss the school's role.  But, if you
want to get a head start, here are some expectations.
First, he may be made to strip naked at anytime any adult
employed by the school demands it.  Second, when he violates
the disrespect or disobedience rule he is to be discipline
in the nude with a vinyl strap I will provide for them.  His
spankings can happen in the office or in his classroom, it's
totally up to them, but it must happen each time it's called
for. You might want to discuss this with the principal and
sign the necessary releases now rather than waiting.  If he
needs a letter from me, I'll send it. Okay are we still on
the same page?"

"Yeah, I'm kind of excited about it.  What do you think,
Honey?" Terri asked her husband.

"Sounds like a plan. I still have a problem with him blowing
me though."

"Okay, lets get him in here so we can strip him to begin the
therapy. I have another family scheduled and they are
probably out there waiting."

They went to the door, but Mark was still alone in the
waiting room.  Dr. Wilson was relieved the other patients
weren't there quite yet.  This session was in overtime.

The Visit -  Mark's Em-bare-assed

"Mark you can come in now." Dr. Wilson beckoned.

Mark entered the room.  His Dad was looking a little somber,
but smiled at him and gave a reassuring wink.  His mother
was smiling.  He wasn't sure what to expect.

Running late, Dr. Wilson jumped right to the point, "Mark,
we are going to start working on your behavior, but first I
need for you to get yourself undressed.  Then I'm going to
show your parents some things about your body and we'll go
on from there."

"I don't want to take off my clothes."  He pouted.

"She didn't ask you, son.  She told you to take off your
clothes.  Now get to it!" Jerry said with sternness it would
be foolish to ignore.

"But I ." he didn't get a chance to finish before his father

"I'm not telling you again," Jerry slapped the desktop with
the vinyl strap to loudly punctuate the seriousness of his
threat. "If I have to undress you, I'm going to finish up
with a very painful spanking.  Now, you can do it and keep
your bottom cool, or I can do it and your bottom will be
warmed.  You decide."

Mark slowly began taking off his shoes and socks all the
while looking with a mixture of fright and embarrassment
toward his father.  After his shoes and socks his mother
said, "Now, let me have those pants".  Fumbling to undo his
belt, the pants button and zipper, he complied with due
slowness.  His mother felt exposing his penis early would
relieve some of his apprehension so next she told him to
remove his underpants.

"Do I have to be naked?"  He asked hoping to reverse the

"You didn't seem to mind being naked on at least two
occasions I'm aware of, why is it a problem now?  Let me
have those underpants now," Terri jumped to her sternest

Looking at the three adults watching him he said, "I don't
want to."

Mrs. O'Neill reached over to her husbands lap and grabbed
the vinyl strap.  She then pulled Mark over to her, yanked
his underpants off, placed him over her lap and began
slapping Mark's bottom with the strap.  She connected firmly
and solidly leaving white welts, which quickly faded to red.
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP she kept going with rapid fire.  

Remembering the plan she continued, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP.  The
strap is more effective than the belt she was used to.
WHAP. WHAP.  Each swat left a white impression which quickly
turned to dark pink.  The boy was definitely in agony.  His
pleas and promises to obey were ignored.  His legs were
kicking as he tried to win his release.  Jerry reached over
and held him still while she continued. WHAP. WHAP.  Having
completed the prescribed minimum dose, she rested. His
crying was punctuated by an explanation, "I

"That's too bad.  You were told to do it.  You need to
listen and I think this will help you remember.  Now get the
shirt off."

Hiding his genitals from the gazing eyes of his
psychologist, he turned to face the wall and removed his

"You can turn around, NOW!" his father ordered.

Preferring to give a backside shot rather than a frontal
view to the prying eyes of the three adults, especially Dr.
Wilson, "Please...evhaaaa...Mom...evhaaaa...pleeeeease
don't...evhaaa...make me,"  The boy's sobs still punctuating
his words.

She grabbed the boy and applied nine more thrashes to his
already red bottom.  Following the spanking she asked,
"Didn't you learn to obey the first time?" Turning to the
therapist, she said "Boy, this strap is great.  Mind if I
use it on my other ones, too?"  It was a rhetorical remark
and didn't receive an answer.

His hands were covering his boy parts.  He was embarrassed
to be completely naked in the company of a woman he only met
today.  I mean it was bad enough in front of his parents,
but much worst with a stranger.

"Mark put your hands down to your sides," his father
directed. Not wanting to push for nine from him, Mark put
his hands to his sides exposing an extremely hard erection.
Dr. Wilson couldn't help but note his penis was about
average size for a boy his age.  His testicles didn't appear
to have been descending to signal puberty yet.  He had a
neat little glans which stood out from the shaft quite
prominently.  Other than some loose skin bands behind the
cleft, whoever had done his circumcision didn't leave
remnants of a foreskin.

"Okay, Mark," Melanie took the lead, "here are some changes
we have decided upon. You need to pay close atninetion so
you don't get spanked.  First, you will be spending a lot of
time naked in front of your family, friends and strangers.
When you are, you may never cover your penis for any reason.
It must be on display whenever you are naked.  You

"Evhaaaa...Yes," replied the much tamer, still sobbing boy.

"If you cover it, you'll be spanked." Melanie continued,
"You must allow anyone who wishes to touch your penis and
testicles to do so as much as they want.  That includes
other older and younger kids, adults, anyone.  Got it?"


"Yes, what?" His father shouted.

"Yes, Doctor."

"If you don't, whomever you deny will spank you with the
strap.  It could be a brother or sister, teacher, parent,
neighbor or stranger.  Next, you must do whatever someone
asks you to do with your body.  If they say we want you to
make your penis hard, you must stroke your penis until it's
hard.  If someone else is instructed to make you hard you
will allow them to do it.  Any questions so far?"

"How long do I have to do this?" asked the now humiliated

"For at least four more years".  She continued, "You will be
naked in public, a lot.  Remember, never cover your penis.
When you're not naked you will be wearing short pants.  Your
mother and father have been instructed to get rid of all of
your long pants and they are to not allowed to buy you long
pants again until you're thirteen years old."  

"Four years?  I won't do any of that other stuff again, I
promise. Please don't make me be naked for four years."

"Unfortunately, Mark your behavior has shown some much
deeper problems than merely showing your penis to others.
Consider this therapy, a way to fix the problem, not
punishment."  Dr. Wilson counseled. "Now, I'm going to teach
you and your parents the three positions you must assume
when told to do so.  Come over here." The boy approached the
new woman in his life with a little apprehension.  His hands
naturally went to cover his parts as he approached.  She
reached out and slapped the glans of his circumcised three
and a half inch erection.  His penis bounced at the strike
and the head did throb from the slap. "Don't cover up.  Next
time I'll use that strap on your penis and testicles, keep
your hands away."

"Now stand up straight, put your hands behind your head.
Spread your legs apart further, further, some more."  His
scrotum was extended by the warmth of the office and was
dangling as freely as an immature sack could dangle between
his fully extended legs.  "Okay, this is the standing
position. When someone says get into the standing position,
this is what you need to be doing.  What did I call this?"

Still sniffing he repeated, "the standing position".

"Now, I need for you to get down on your back." The boy
quickly responded which made it much easier. "Put your hands
behind your head.  Good, now bring your feet up toward your
bottom until the soles of both feet are fully touching each
other."  He found this position to be particularly drafty to
his private parts. "This is called the lying position."
Turning to the watching parents she explained, "While he at
the beach he should spend a lot of time in this position.
It makes application of sun screen easier, but it also gives
maximum exposure of his genitals to passersby.  And we do
want people to notice his beautiful little boy parts,"
rubbing his penis and testicles with her hand she concluded,
"don't we? When he's in this position it is good to place a
pillow under his backside so his penis and testicles are
more prominently displayed. It's also a great position to
allow other people to fondle him unobstructed.  Mark, what's
this position called?"

"The lying position."

"Great, Mark, see this isn't so tough. One more and you can
go home."  She then said, "Now, pull your knees up toward
your shoulders.  Be sure to spread your knees as far apart
as you can.  Use your arms to hold your legs in position.
Good.  This is the inspection position.  Mrs. O'Neill please
come over here."  The highly focused mother left her chair
and stood next to her son.  "I want you to take the glans of
his penis and pinch it tightly between your thumb and index
finger and stretch the whole penis straight up."  She
complied eagerly.

Wiggling his penis back and forth she said, "You know it's
been months since I've seen and years since I've touched
this 'little guy'. It's going to be fun to get

The adults smiled and Dr. Wilson continued.  Twist his penis
right and left and examine the cleanliness."  Rhe smiling
mother did as directed.  "Now, take the bottom of his
scrotum and stretch it out, don't be gentle, really pull it
down.  She did and Mark's two little testicles showed up
like grapes.  Using your other hand, take a testicle between
your thumb and index finger.  Okay, squeeze it, again don't
be gentle."  The pain was quick and searing.  Mark's hands
reached up to protect the little jewels, but were quickly
slapped away by the therapist's hand.  "Don't cover.  Now,
the other one, roll it around momentarily and then squeeze."
The mother did as she was told.  The pain repeated this time
on the other side.  The boy's hand began to move toward the
testicle, but he stopped half way, thinking better of it.

"Now, with a naked boy running around we want to make sure
we protect against 'skid marks' on the furniture and
carpeting.  Take the middle finger of your left hand and
gently encircle his anus.  That's it.  Now, gently apply
pressure to the center of the pucker and continue to add
more and more pressure until he's let you in."  Having
followed the directions Terri's finger slid deep into her
son's bowel.  The instruction continued,  "Feel around in
there for awhile.  Do you feel a little lobe?" She affirmed
she did.  "That's his prostate.  It's still small because of
his age, but even still playing with that little button will
make his penis jump around amusingly."  

Terri did so and watched her son's penis bob around.  "Hey,
this is entertaining."

"If you do that and play with his penis and testicles, you
can easily bring him to orgasm. But you can do that at home,
I'm kinda pressed for time."

"This is an ideal alternate position for strapping him.  If
you connect a few of the swats with his little anus it'll
send a sharp pain though his body and get your message
across more effectively."

"Geez, I should have talked with her nine years ago," his
father broke his silence.  "I like it, if it'll work better.
The belt hasn't done much good, we'll have to use this
position from now on with all four of them."

"Mr. O'Neill if you secure his arms to his knees, he can't
get his arms in the way either."  

"Now, it would be good to instruct all of your other
children and any adults who will care for him how to do the
inspection, including the anal penetration.  Looking at
Terri she said, "You , Mr. O'Neill or his sister Leslie
should examine him this way every morning and as needed or
desired. It will serve to help him get used to the
humiliation of his nudity."

"I'm sorry, but I'm running behind, and I'll have to answer
any questions next visit. Let's set an appointment for next
Thursday at 2, so I can check on his adjustment to his new
way of life.  You can dress him in the attire I've outlined,
if you go out for dinner or to church otherwise make him
stay nude so the other kids can work out that penis of his.
Mark, come over here."

Coyly, he approached the psychologist.  After looking him up
and down, she couldn't help but notice two particular
things.  His penis length, which would tip the ruler at the
top 20 percent of nine year olds, and his muscular and
shapely legs.  She reached out and cradled his testicles and
rubbed the tip of the circumcised penis, toying with his
urethra opening with her fingernail.  His half erection was
soon standing right straight and hard.  Giving him a hug,
she said, "Frankly, I don't know why you are embarrassed;
your penis is a nice one.  Many nine year olds aren't quite
as gifted with length.  Oh, and, by the way, your legs are
very perfect.  The ladies aren't wrong.  I'm anxious to see
how tan they are on the next visit." She punctuated her
words with a firm but loving swat to his bottom.  He
flinched on the contact. Maybe it would have been considered
more loving by him twenty swats back.

"Here's that prescription I told you I'd write.  Keep it
with you when you take him places in case you're challenged.
See you next week. And I think it goes unsaid he's to be
completely nude whenever you bring him to the office from
now on. Oh, don't forget his clothes."

"Oh, Doctor, just throw them away, he isn't going to need
them.  He's going to be completely nude wherever we go from
now on." Jerry replied.

Homecoming at the O'Neill's House

On the way out the door, Mark was shocked to see a young
girl and her mother waiting for the Doctor.  In that moment
it was apparent it was Michelle Michaels, a girl in his
class at school last year.  He retreated behind his father's
legs to avoid being seen. How could he possibly get by her?

Mr. O'Neill grabbed him by the arm and placed him squarely
in view of the gawking little girl.  Mark instinctively
reached down to cover his genitals.  At that his father
grabbed him and sat down in an open chair. "You don't cover
up" was his only retort.  Using the vinyl strap he applied
ten very aggressive swats to his already deep pink bottom,
as the little girl and her mother watched with a combination
of shock and awe.  

Mark was in agony.  His bottom was hurting more than any
other occasion in his short life. And now, he wasn't just
naked in front of a female classmate, but he was humiliated
and crying too. After Mark regained his ability to stand
still, Mr. O'Neill asked the girl's mother if her daughter
could touch him.  Perplexed at what she had just witnessed
she was hesitant. I mean a nude boy in public, spanked
soundly in front of them, and now wanting her daughter to
have some fun with his genitalia.  Who are these people?  No
wonder they're here, in the psychologist's office.

A quiet and collected voice came from the inner office door.
"Mrs. Michaels, it would do the boy a world of good to be
fondled by Michelle.  It probably would give Michelle some
needed anatomy knowledge, too."

With the therapist's prodding, the mother nodded her

"Get over there in front of the little girl now, Mark.  Get
into the standing position."  He complied like a soldier
given a command to come to attention.  "Now tell Michelle
she can touch you wherever and however she wants."


"Next spanking is going to be in the inspection position, do
you think that would help?"

"Michelle... evhaaaa... you can... evhaaaa... you can...
evhaaaaa...touch me...evhaaa...wherever... evhaaa...
wherever you want."

"Can I pull it?"

"Tell her whatever she wants," ordered his father.

"You can do anything you want," Mark repeated between sobs.  

She reached over to the boy's erect penis, grabbed it and
yanked firmly.   Mark grimaced.

Mr. O'Neill prompted her, "Feel his little bag here.  It's
called his scrotum.  Put your fingers on it.  You feel those
things in there?  Pinch one of them.  Go ahead you can pinch
hard."  When she followed the man's direction, Mark felt a
pain so sharp and so painful it rendered him helpless as he
rolled around on the waiting room floor.

After Mark regained his composure as much as he could.  Mr.
O'Neill told him to stand up.  

"Do you want to do some more things to him?" asked the
amused father.

Then the smiling girl asked if she could hold the vinyl
strap.  Mr.O'Neill handed it to her.  In a flash she began
slapping the strap against Mark's now erect penis.  Each
time it connected it made an audible sound resulting in
Mark's inclination to grab his stinging member.  Mrs.
O'Neill piped in, "Go ahead, Honey, you can hit it all you
want. Hit it harder. It got him into this and it needs to be
punished".  After a dozen more slaps the swollen glans
showed redness mostly as a result of the beating she gave

Finally, Dr. Wilson called Michelle to her office and the
phallic pain began to wind down.  As he turned to leave
Michelle's mother turned to Mrs. O'Neill asking, "May I?"

"Why certainly, he's all yours. Mark, standing position,"
was the quick reply.

Michelle's mother grabbed the swollen member rubbing back
and forth with her right hand while playing with his balls
and scrotum with her left.  He couldn't believe this was
happening and his mother and father were just looking on.
They were encouraging it!  As the lady rubbed Mark began to
close his eyes.  His penis began to throb, it felt as every
muscle in his body tensed, he thrust his hips forward,
raised to his tip-toes, and shook.  "Did you like that,
son?" asked the lady with the masterful touch.  "I wish I
could do that to you six or seven times a day.  I have two
daughters, but if I had a boy, I'd do it to him.  I sure do
like little boys' penises and balls.  I don't believe
there's anything cuter. Do you?"

"No I'm inclined to agree with you.  Listen, we have a
standing appointment with Dr. Wilson every week at this
time.  Mark has to be nude when he's here as part of his
therapy.  Perhaps we'll see you again."

"Michelle is here every week in this time slot, too.  I look
forward to next week more than you can imagine. Do you think
we can play with him next week?"

"Sure, maybe we can arrange with Dr. Wilson to use your time
with him as part of his therapy time. We'll see you next

When the family reached the door to the parking lot, it
dawned on Mark he would be nude in public in a matter of
seconds.  Everyone who wanted to could see his penis.  Worse
yet, anyone who wanted to could play with it, torture it, or
assault his bottom.  He hesitated about going out but his
father gave him a firm push out the door.  In a way, it was
good to take his chances rather than spend more time with
that woman and Michelle.  

He knew next school year what the story would be.  I mean
"Bigmouth" Michelle would share her knowledge of his body
with all of the other kids.  It's bad enough she got to SEE
his penis, but wait until she tells them she got to spank it
right in front of her mother and his parents and nobody
cared.  Whoa, would that cause some problems for Mark.

Cars passed on the busy street fronting the office.  Nobody
stopped though.  One car with some little kids in it was
stopped for the light on the corner occupied by the office.
When the little boy and his sister saw him they excitedly
reported to the woman driving what they had seen.  Other
than that, the walk to the car was uneventful.  

All the way home, Mark wondered who would be out playing.
Then there was a break in the revelry as his mother began:

"You know, Honey, we only want what's best for you.  If this
will help you with your problem then we are going to have to
follow the plan to the law.  I'm sure after awhile you will
just adjust and your little penis won't get the same workout
in a year or so.  Before we get home lets go over the rules
again so you don't end up getting spanked like you did in
Dr. Wilson's office.  Remember never to cover your penis or
testicles.  You have to let anyone do what they want to your
boy parts.  Your bottom and anus, what you call your butt
hole, are free game too. Do we understand?

"Yes, Mom, but I don't know why I have to do this.  It's
embarrassing.  It can't be a good way to fix things.  Please
don't make me be naked."

"Doesn't matter what you think, young man.  We've made the
decision and you will do it." Mr. O'Neill added.

Terri tried to console her son, "Mark just think about how
good it will feel to have the other kids rubbing your penis.
It has to feel good to you.  You will feel cool and free all
summer and that's a plus.  You're just a little boy, so you
shouldn't worry about being exposed."

As the car turned on to Emory Street and headed toward home
two blocks away, Mark began to look over the dash to assess
what damage was about to occur as he tried to get secretly
into the house.  "Oh shit," he whispered under his breath.
Timmy and Billy were playing in their front yard and that
put them smack dab across from the O'Neill's driveway.

As the car pulled into the driveway, stopped and the engine
shut down, Mr. O'Neill instructed his highly exposed nine
year old son to "Get out! I'm hungry and we'll have to call
out for a couple of pizzas."

Mark hurriedly left the car in an attempt to get into the
house without detection by his young neighbors.

As he got out of the car, his mother, I'm sure on purpose,
yelled, "Hi, boys!"

It wasn't any time at all before he heard Billy's voice
shouting, "Look, Mark's naked." This was followed by both
little boys scurrying across the street for a closer look.

"Mark, standing position", was Mr. O'Neill's reminder.
Mark's now erect penis was pointing straight ahead and
parallel to the pavement as he froze in position with his
hands behind his head and legs spread wide apart.

"Wow, does he have to stay like that?" asked the more junior

Mrs. O'Neill was quick to respond, "Yes, for a long time.
And you can touch him anywhere anytime you want.  If he ever
tells you 'No' you come and tell me and I'll let you spank
him. How's that?"  

"Can we touch him now?"

"Sure. Do anything you want," permitted Mr. O'Neill.  At
that, the five year old reached out and put a death grip on
Mark's penis.

With the shaft firmly in his grasp he looked toward Mr.
O'Neill and asked, "I can even play with this?"

"Any time you want," the watching father replied.

"Can I make him run through stickers like he did to me?"
asked Billy, the elder boy.

"Sure can.  In fact, if you want to cut a sticker branch
off, you can spank him with it while he runs through them,"
his mother added with a sense of justice.

"Well, we have to take Mark in now," she added momentarily.

"Wait, I didn't get to pull on it."

"Okay go ahead, Billy, pull on it.  Better yet let's turn
him around here."  Mr. O'Neill bent his son over and spread
his cheeks.  "Go ahead shove your finger in his butt hole."

Mark could feel the little seven year old's digit pressing
against the opening.

"Go ahead, Billy.  Shove it in there.  It's okay if you hurt
him.  Go for it."  

Momentarily the little boy's finger was inside Mark's most
private orifice.  

"See if you can get two fingers in there at the same time
Billy," Jerry coached.

The kid was giggling and thoroughly enjoying this.  The
intrusion of two fingers sent a shot of pain through the no
longer virgin Mark.

"Okay, we have to go in now.  Mark will be naked all summer
so you can do this whenever you want.  If he ever has
clothes on somewhere, like when you're coming home from
school or something, and you want to do these things, just
tell him to strip. If he doesn't come and tell us and you
can spank his bare bottom after I do.  Deal?"

"I can't wait to tell Mom about this.  It's gonna be fun!"

As they approached the house Mark couldn't help but notice
his three siblings, and, unfortunately, Jenny the
babysitter, standing at the living room picture window.
Obviously, they had just witnessed the visit from Billy and
Timmy and saw the boys pawing Mark's erect penis.  He also
was aware that as he walked toward the house, that same
member wiggled back and forth horizontally and the movement
amused those gathered at the window.  Jenny was obviously
glued to looking at his boyhood the whole walk up to the

Upon entering Susie, his five year old sister, ran to the
door and asked, "Mommy, why is Mark naked?"

"Daddy and I will talk to you children in a few minutes and
we'll tell you about it."

"Hi, Jenny, any problems?" Terri asked the thirteen year old

"Nothin' that can match his problem."

"Oh, let me tell you about this since you babysit so often.
Mark will be naked anytime you come.  Actually, he'll remain
naked even when you aren't here.  The rules are he must keep
his penis in clear view at all times.  He must never cover
up with anything.  He is to perform any act requested by
anyone, no matter what their age.  He also must allow
anyone, no matter what age, to play with his genitals and
his anus as much as they want.  If either of these rules are
violated he is to be severely spanked with a vinyl strap
that I'll leave with you.  He should get the strap for any
disrespect or disobedience also.  Seeing as you are only
thirteen, I want you to give him at least twenty swats with
it whenever you determine he needs it.  If while we're gone
another child complains about him not doing as told,
covering up, or refusing to allow them to play with his
penis or anus, they will get the privilege of spanking him
while you hold him.  Should that happen don't count any
strokes that don't leave an impression.  If it's a little
guy let them use the strap on his penis and testicles, it'll
leave a more lasting impression."

"Wait a minute, you mean I can play with his thingy as much
as I want to?" asked the still immature teen.

"All day long if you want to and you can invite friends to
do the same.  In short, his body is community property now."

"Can I play with it now?"
"Sure, you want to stay for dinner?" after her affirmative
response, Terri further directed, "Go grab him by the balls
and have fun.  While you're at it, let the little one's
watch.  Spend some time showing them what they can do. You
know, like let them stick their finger up his ass and stuff
like that.  Here's the strap if you need it."

"Testicles, Terri.  Grab him by the testicles.  Turn around
is fair play," Jerry corrected his wife with a grin.

"I'm excited. You know he's the cutest nine year old, I've
ever seen. And now he's even cuter. I tried last year to get
him to let me bathe him but he wouldn't cooperate."

Continued in part 1B...