Some Highlights of My Naked Summer
By Sir Cum Sizemore
copyright 2004 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY.  It contains
explicit  depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If
you are not of  a legal age in your locality to view such
material or if such  material does not appeal to you, do not
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"Jack, I want you to put on those shorts I laid out for you

"Oh Mom, I hate shorts I'm not a kid anymore.  Why to I have
to wear these shorts?"

"You're ten years old and that isn't what I'd call a grown
up.  You are a kid.  And I want you in those shorts so those
gorgeous legs of yours can tan up.  You have beautiful
little boy legs and I want people to see them".

"But these shorts are real short," I said, disgruntled, as I
held up a pair of gym shorts with elastic waist.  "They'll
see my underwear whenever I sit down".  

"That's okay.  Boys your age shouldn't be so modest.  So
they see your underwear.  So what?"

"But, Mom "

"If I hear another word you'll wear these to school for the
entire last week. Now, put them on and go out and play."

Not having much choice I put the shorts on and went outside
to play.  I was waiting for my friend Kenny to come and we'd
ride our bikes to the park.  

There was a big park about three miles from my house.  It
was actually a huge wooded area with an open spot for
picnicking, hiking, wading in the stream which circled
through it, and there were shale cliffs that could be
climbed by ambitious ten year old boys.  Wildlife abounded
in the park.  And animals were one of my passions.

The park also had some wonderful private spots in the woods
where curious kids could play doctor or other games which
included body exploration.  As with most prepubescent boys,
I was curious about my year younger friend's genitals and
was anxious to try to trick him into nudity so I could see
them.   Last Saturday, Kenny and I were down there and I
proposed a game just to get a look at Kenny's boyhood.
Unfortunately, it backfired.  I ended up losing the game,
was naked and had to stay that way for three hours doing
whatever Kenny told me to do and allowing him to touch and
explore any region of my body he wanted to.  He was
intrigued with my anus and had me bend over as he prodded it
with his fingers and sticks he picked up off the ground.

Well that was last week and this was this week.  We would
ride our bikes to the park, chain them to a tree and
explore.  Maybe, we'd even get to play naked and this time
I'd be the prodder.

The Scam

Margot, Kenny's twelve year old sister was walking by.  I
begrudgingly exchanged an acknowledgment (boys my age
weren't exactly keen on girls yet) with her and asked if she
knew where Kenny was.  She shrugged her shoulders and said,
"Hey, I like those shorts.  Your Mom made you wear them,
huh?"  It was general knowledge I didn't like my legs
exposed.  I was the only boy in my class who didn't wear
shorts to school.  Her remark embarrassed me.

"Yeah."  Was the only reply I could muster.

"I like it when you wear them.  You have the best looking
legs of any of the boys I know.  If you wore them more
often, they'd tan up and really be beautiful."

The truth be told, it was girls and women who used to
comment on my "well shaped little boy legs" that caused me
to be so self conscious about them.  In third grade my
teacher used to squat in front of my desk and as she helped
me do my math she'd rub my legs up and down the calf and
sometimes the lower thigh.  She didn't do that to many of
the other kids.  It was embarrassing even though no one else
noticed.  That was when I stopped wearing shorts.  After my
bath while I was in my briefs, which I slept in, my Mom used
to take my legs across her lap and rub them the full length,
from the crotch to the bottom of my feet, as we watched
television.  She also did similar things relax my younger
brother Anthony, who's six, and my sister Patty who's eight.
I don't think it was anything but her way of showing us

I was quite guarded about my penis and testicles too.  I
remember this past year getting poison ivy on my genitals
from being in the park I told you about.  My scratching in
class apparently bothered Mrs. Parker my teacher and she
sent me to the school nurse.  The nurse asked me to pull my
pants down so she could see what was bothering me.  I
utterly refused.  She called my mother and told her.  After
telling her of my refusal and the need to see what the
problem was, she handed me the phone.  My mother told me to
take my pants down and let her see.  She said if there were
any further problems she'd come to school with a belt, take
them down for me, allow the nurse to examine me, and then
she'd whip the fire out of my bare butt.  Needless to say I
was convinced and reluctantly pulled my pants down.  The
nurse pinched the glans of my circumcised member and
stretched it out, pulling it up and down and left and right.
She then pinched the bottom of the scrotum and stretched it
out causing my testicles to be accentuated.  Leaving me bare
from the waist down she called my mother back and told her I
was "covered in poison ivy rash" and she needed to use
calamine lotion three times a day to dry it out.  She would
take care of the lunchtime applications.

Now, at home, my mother hadn't seen my penis in awhile.  I
was shy and preferred my privacy.  She actually let me have
it for the most part, too.  But now that I needed
"doctoring", I couldn't avoid exposure.  When I got home she
pulled me into the living room the living room! and said,
"take off your pants and underpants" as she shook a bottle
of pink stuff.  I complied.  As luck would have it along
came my eight year old sister.  She was very obvious as she
stopped to eyeball my dick and balls.  Mom just let her

"I think before we put this on, I should wash your penis and
testicles.  Patty, would you go up and get me a wet wash
cloth?  And put some soap on it."

Eagerly, my sister bounded up the stairs to the bathroom.  A
few minutes later she was back with the requested wash
cloth.  My mother stretched out my penis, much the same as
the nurse and washed the pubis and penis to clean any
weeping from the rash.  She then worked on my scrotum
pulling again like the nurse and rubbing hard with the
washcloth in the other hand, both over and under the bag and
its contents.  Again, she shook the bottle of pink stuff.
It dawned on me my sister was watching this whole thing.
When Mom washed me she was dying to have such an
opportunity.  Seeing was not nearly what touching would be.
The embarrassment was too much.  "Mom, does Patty have to
stand there looking at me?"  

"She's your sister and she can look at you as much as she
wants.  Boys shouldn't be so modest.  Let her look."

Patty stood there grinning.  Mom put that lotion on rubbing
it into the rash.  This aroused me.  The itch had subsided
as the lotion was applied but my boy member like being
pulled and rubbed and began to spring to attention.  "Good
now I can make sure I get your penis fully covered.  Let it
get hard, Jack."  My sister's eyes were aglow.  She wanted
so much to reach out and touch it.  Then the inevitable
happened.  Something in the kitchen triggered my mother's
attention.  "Oh shoot, the potatoes are boiling over.  I've
got to get dinner.  Jack you stand there with your hands on
your head and let this lotion dry.  Patty, after it dries
put another coat of it on him."

"Okay, Mom," no arm twisting there.

"Oh my God, she's going to let Patty touch my boy parts",
echoed through my head. The thought of that made me harder.

The lotion dried and my sister grabbed my mushroomed glans
and pulled it harder than the nurse or my mother did.  She
applied the lotion for a much longer period of time too.
Then she started on my scrotum.  She pulled it down and
began pinching each nut.  That wasn't a part of the job.  I
yelled in pain telling her to stop it.  My mother hearing my
displeasure inquired as to what was happening.  I told her
she was squeezing my testicles.  She just said, "Patty be
gentle, be gentle." And went back to the kitchen.  I stood
there naked from the waist down allowing the second coat to
dry.  My sister didn't take her eyes off my penis the whole
time.  Then, after it was dry I pulled my pants up and

Enough of the wandering. Now, back to my predicament with
Margot. She as I have told you was my nine year old friend's
twelve year old sister and she was terribly vindictive.
"Let me touch your legs," she ordered.

"No, just go.  Leave me alone."

Then she said something which was to change my summer.  "How
about I give you ten dollars for you to strip in front of me
and some of my friends?"

"What? You mean naked?"

"Yeah, it's ten dollars.  I'll give you five right now so
you know I'm not lying."

"No way.  I'm not getting naked in front of you or your
friends.  Not for a hundred dollars."

"Well I'll make the deal sweeter for you.  I won't tell my
mother or yours about what you and Kenny did last Saturday,

I felt a lump in my throat.  How much did she know?  Did she
really know anything?  I can't believe Kenny would tell her
about our private times. "What? What did we do?"

"It wasn't what Kenny did, but you were his naked slave down
in the park for the whole afternoon."

"Uh, uh.  Who told you that?"

"Kenny did.  He told me about you running around with a
hard-on and having to expose yourself to passing cars and
other things he made you do."

"I never did that."

"Okay, we'll just let our moms get to the bottom of it

"Wait a minute, Margot.  If I get naked for you, one time,
you won't tell and you'll give me ten dollars."

"Yep, that's the deal. Here's five right now." She handed me
the money and said, "Now go and put it away.  While you're
in there take off your underpants and your shirt and just
come out here in those shorts, shoes and socks.  That way we
won't have so many clothes to keep up with."

I complied.  Mom was in the kitchen as I went to my room.  I
put the five dollars in my private box, took off my shorts
and underwear, put the shorts back on and took off my t-
shirt.  On my way out the door, my mother stopped me.  "Now,
that's how I like to see my boys.  As much skin as possible
and you'll feel more comfortable and tan up too.  I'm really
impressed you are trying to shed that false modesty of
yours.  Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the park with Kenny."

"You be home for supper.  Remember six o'clock.  Do you need
a watch?"

"No, Mom, I can tell when it's time."

Outside Margot was waiting.  As I approached she said,
"let's see if you did what I told you."  Sshe reached up the
short inseam of the shorts and grabbed my dick and balls in
her hands.  My dick was hard from not having underpants on
and the extreme excitement of being open to visual exposure
of anyone was really invigorating.  "Oh, yes, I can't wait."
Releasing them she said, "Let's go."

As we left on our bikes she headed to her friend Amy's
house.  Now, Amy was my age.  In fact, Amy was a classmate
of mine this past year.  In a week we'd be out of school for
the summer and chances were good she'd be in my class the
following year.  We rode up her driveway and parked our
bikes.  Entering the garage through the side door, I saw
Amy, Mary Beth Sinclair, who was an eight year old who
sometimes played with my sister Patty, and her little six
year old sister Melissa.  

"Okay, let's go to the park."

"No, I want to see him naked here first."  Mary Beth was
apparently privy to the plan.

"We'll have plenty of time to see him and to touch him in
the park.  Now, lets go so we have more time."

Walking with those girls through the woods filled me with
apprehension and strangely, excitement.  Maybe this would be
fun.  I'd show them my stuff.  Let them touch it if I had
to, get my five bucks, and go home.

We reached a clearing which was quite private.  It was here
that Margot said, "Okay, this is good.  Now, Jack, put your
hands on top of your head."  I did as instructed.  "Melissa
you're the youngest, you can pull his pants down."  She
squealed in delight and jumped right over not pausing for
anything and yanked my shorts down exposing my four inch,
cleanly circumcised penis.  It bounced and slapped my belly
as the elastic released it.  Again, without hesitation the
six year old grabbed it firmly and yanked on it.  It really
was exciting with that little fist grasping it.  The yank
didn't hurt as much as the enjoyment I felt as the penis
pushed harder. "Okay, Melissa, take them off of him."
Margot slapped my ass, hard and said "Lift your feet."  I
did.  Melissa gave the shorts to her waiting sister who had
removed a paper bag from a gym bag she was carrying.  "Now,
Jack, get the shoes and socks off.  And, keep that wiener
where we can watch it while you do."  Again, I complied.
"Give the shoes and socks to Mary Beth."  She put them into
a bag too.  When she had done so Amy smiled and took the bag
off into the woods.

"Stand up, Jack".  I did so, half coving my crotch from the
prying eyes of the other two girls.  "Mary Beth, get the
stuff out of the bag."  She unloaded a stainless steel
spatula the kind my mother flipped pancakes with, a belt
which was obviously one of the dads' as it was too long for
a boy, and a Polaroid camera.

"What's all that?"  I was starting to get scared.

"Well this" she said holding up the spatula, "and this,"
holding up the belt, "are to discipline you if you don't
follow directions.  Either may be used to hit your wiener or
your ass, if you aren't careful."  At that the other girls

"I want to use the spatula on his wiener," giggled Mary

"I'm sure you'll get the chance before we're done with him",
reassured the bigger girl.

"Hey, Margot, you said look and touch.  You didn't say
hurt."  I offered in a firm but frightened voice.

"Just behave and you won't have to worry.  This," she said
holding up the camera, "is to take some pictures of you and
your wiener for a keepsake.  Each of us has a ten shot pack
of film in the bag and we're looking forward to using it.
Besides, Amy wants to show the other girls in your class
what a great little dick you have."

"No Margot, no pictures and no hitting." I said as Amy
rejoined the group.

"All set Amy?"

"Yep, I hid them really well."

Margot reached in the bag and produced a can of charcoal
lighter fluid and some matches.  This really had me
concerned.  I would hurt them before they could burn me.  As
it turned out, that's not why they brought that stuff.

"These things," the dominant little bitch continued, "are to
burn your clothes if we feel you have been unmanageable.
That means you'd have to ride your bike home naked.  Ooops,
was his key in the shorts?"

No, they didn't have a pocket. It was in one of his shoes,"
replied Amy who had apparently pilfered through my stuff.

"Uh,oh, you mean his bike would have to stay locked to the
tree and he'd have to walk almost three miles through busy
streets to get home.  And, he'd be totally nude and on
display to everyone?" she added sarcastically.

"Guess so," said Amy smiling an impish grin and shrugging
her shoulders.

Margot took over, "Here are the rules.  You will do whatever
any one of us tells you.  You will allow us to touch or do
whatever we want to your wiener, balls or butt.  And, you
will never cover your dick with your hands, so you better
move them now.  If you break a rule one of us gets to spank
your butt or your wiener with a belt or the spatula, or if
you're really bad, both. Do you understand me?"

What could I do but comply.  "How long do I have to be

"Let's see, it's about nine thirty and my mother wants me
home at five this afternoon.  So, probably from now until
four thirty."

"You didn't say I'd have to be naked all day.  I'll give you
the money back and you can tell on me, I don't care, but I
want my clothes back and the deal's off."

Amy had me by the balls literally. She gave them squeeze and
said, "Not till I get my pictures of this pretty little
thingy.  I want all the kids to see it."

"No, no pictures.  Go get my clothes."  

"Guess you can leave then, if the deals off.  We'll see ya."
Margot started to pack the things away but handed Amy the
lighter fluid and the matches saying, "Amy, you know what to

I stopped her.  "Okay, okay.  Don't burn my clothes."

"Now for your first spanking."  Mary Beth was warming up
with the spatula swishing it through the air.  Little
Melissa was giggling in anticipation.

"Why? What did I do?"

"You complained about what I told you to do.  You wanted to
leave.  That's a violation of the rules."

"Can I smack his thing with the spatula? Pleazzzzzze,

"Okay Mary Beth you've been very patient. You can spank his
wiener with the spatula."

"Come on, Margot.  That could really hurt me.  Don't let her
do that."  I begged with reason.

"Nope two to the dick with the spatula.  Put your hands on
your head," she held up the lighter fluid as a further
enticement.  I complied slowly.  My erect penis was standing
parallel to the ground.  Mary Beth took her position and
swish, slap, a painful blow landed right on the glans.  My
dick bounced up and down in pain.  When it had finally
stopped, swish, blong, and again pain went through my body
as my boyhood was assaulted by this eight year old.  All
four of the girls were giggling.

"Now give him ten to the ass with it Mary Beth".

"Hey no more, that's not fair."

"Hey, Jack, life ain't fair.  On second though Mary Beth,
let Amy do his ass."

Amy eagerly grabbed the spatula and pushed me over to a
fallen tree where she bent me over and began to pepper my
ass with the spatula.  It stung like nothing I had ever felt
before.  My Mom and Dad used a belt on my bare butt, but it
hurt worse and she was just a little girl. Each painful whap
left a sharp pain that stung a good quarter of each cheek.
When she had done the ten, my butt hurt badly.  It was a
good twenty degrees hotter than the rest of my body.  But
now the exploration was to begin.  I would be touched and
poked by many little hands.  Things were done which hurt.
They penetrated my anus with fingers and sticks.  Nothing
was out of bounds.  All the while, Amy was taking her

At one point I was being disciplined by Mary Beth. She was
putting three spatula hits on her favorite target, my dick.
Amy took pictures.  In one of them she captured the spatula
as a blur coming down toward my very red penis.  They all
were impressed at her photographic skills.  "This one is
mine," Amy laid claim and I knew it would be the prize item
at show and tell on the playground.  I was totally

As the day progressed, they took me on a hike and every time
we'd see picnickers I was made to put my hands on my head
and approach them.  Even some adults.  I had to ask if they
would "like to feel my wiener" as I was instructed by
Margot.  The girls would hide and watch from a distance.
The adults would ask if my parents were around.  Some would
say, "Does your mother know you are walking around naked?"
others would just reach up and rub  my penis and testicles.
One man actually sucked it until I got a weird feeling.  My
butt cheeks clenched, my legs tightened and my breathing got
heavier.  It felt really good.  He said, "I'd love to be
able to do that to you forever.   Do you come here often
like this?"

The day went on an on.  I was embarrassed and humiliated.  I
just wanted it to end.  What could I do. I was a captive.  A

Amy and Melissa loved to pull me around with a death grip
squeezing the shaft of my penis leaving the glans protruding
out the end.  They and Mary Beth played and experimented
with my penis off and on all day.  Margot was into my anus.
She loved putting things in there, especially her finger.
Truth be told I was beginning to like her finger up my ass
while the other kids played with my dick.  A couple of times
they gave me the same feeling that guy did when he sucked
it.  I didn't know what that was, but I sure enjoyed it.
Later I was to find out it was an orgasm.

The day was coming to a close.  Margot grabbed my ass and
inserted her finger all the way up through the anus.  As she
toyed around in there and played with my glans at the same
time, she nodded over to Amy who then picked up the lighter
fluid and matches and snuck out.  I turned as I heard Amy
approaching and noticed she was carrying the lighter fluid.
I panicked.

"Your clothes are toast," she announced with a grin.
"You'll have to go home naked."

"Nooooo, you go get me some more clothes.  I mean it Margot,
get me some clothes."  

She giggled and picked up the bag and they left.  God how
was I going to get home?  I was supposed to be home at six.
If I waited til dark I would run less risk of being seen,
but my family would be home and I couldn't sneak into the
house without detection.  It would be easier to try to get
past Mom while Dad was at work and my siblings were playing.

I Get Sentenced for My Misdeeds

Little did I know, my problems with the girls weren't over.
I later found out they were at Kenny's house telling their
Mom about my being naked and showing other people my private
parts.  They even shared some of the pictures.  (Each had
kept one or two favorites hidden from Dr. Michaels).  They
told her they hid my clothes so I would have to go home
naked. They didn't tell her why I was naked.  Mrs. Michaels
thanked the girls and called my mother.  Over the next few
weeks I learned from the my mom and the girls details of the

"Hi Kathy, this is Marsha Michaels.  I want to talk to you
about something Jack was doing today, and apparently has
done on other occasions.  The girls told me he was naked in
the park and was exhibiting himself to people who were down
there recreating.  Kenny tells me he was naked for him too
and would exhibit himself to passerbys on the road." (Kenny
failed to tell he made me do it as part of the game.)

"Marsha, that doesn't sound like something he'd do. He's
very shy about his body.  He's over modest for a little boy.
He won't even wear short pants without me making him.  I
can't imagine him exposing himself to anyone."

"Well, I know it's like a ton of bricks to you, but I have
some pictures the girls took of him wiggling his penis in
front of them.  There are photos of him walking up to
complete strangers naked.  There's even one here of some guy
sucking on his penis.  It's really bad Kathy.  If you'd like
I could bring the photos by."

"Yes, I'd like to have them.  Marsha, you're a practicing
psychologist.  What do I do?"

"Exhibitionism can be a tricky matter.  Men and boys with
this problem like the anticipation of getting caught.  It
excites them.  Sometimes, however, it is a sign they are
insecure about their maleness and exposing themselves
vicariously shouts, 'See I am a boy', so everyone can
acknowledge it."

"What would you recommend we do?"

"Kathy, if he were mine, I'd disarm him of the excitement of
exposure by making him stay naked for a period of time.
Exposing him to everyone all the time would take away the
excitement, and, at the same time, reassure him the world
was aware of his gender. If he were post pubescent we'd have
to think of another alternative, but he isn't so he can be
publicly exposed at your whim. If you decide to strip him,
I'll write a letter of prescription for his nudity just in
case you run into any problems with the authorities, but I
don't anticipate that happening."

"Maybe we should try it."

"Well, if you do there are some rules to lay down.  First,
he must keep his hands away from his crotch.  Don't let him
cover his boyhood ever.  Second, you should allow whoever
wishes to touch or fondle him as much as they like.  Let
folks explore his body within limits you set.  Third, when
you do feel he must wear something like to church or school,
make it something which will occasionally flash his boy
parts so other can see.  It will be a way to monitor his
growth with the program.  Fourth, use a belt on his backside
for any violations and be strict.  Leave marks if you have
to, but punish him hard. I guess that's where I'd start."

"When he gets home, I'll begin and iron out the details with
John tonight."

"Kathy, he'll be coming home nude.  The girls hid his
clothes and so he will have to travel the three miles from
there to home naked.  If I were you I'd lock all but one
door and monitor so you can catch him as he comes in.  It'll
save on a lot of denial."

"Good idea.  Marsha, thanks."

"Oh, you might want to consider how you will limit skid
marks on the furniture during his nudity.  You'll have to
plan to keep an eye on his little anus to make sure he's
clean. All joking aside, Kathy, you and John know my
practice is open to you for this.  You're a neighbor so
there won't be any charge.  If you need help or feel he
does, make an appointment at the office."

"Thanks Marsha."

"If you bring him to the office, bring him nude.  No shoe,
no socks, totally nude.  That boy is a looker and I'd really
like the opportunity to examine his package.  God, Kathy,
those legs of his are beautiful."

"We will.  Thanks again, Marsha."

When I reached home, I slowly opened the back door by the
kitchen.  I had made the trip sneaking from one neighbor's
shrubs to another, running full speed between houses and
across streets.  Only a couple of times did doors open and
screams of, "Where are your clothes little boy," bellow
forth.  Try as I might, occasionally, I'd be caught mid-
street by motorists who almost always smiled and blew their
horns to let me know I'd been seen.  Luckily, no cops.
Though I'm sure some observers called them.

Now, if I could just sneak past Mom, I could get into my
room and get dressed. I tiptoed through the door and past
the opening to the kitchen when, "Jack is that you?"

"Yes, Mom," I replied as I continued the trek to my room.

"Jack, come here."

"In a minute Mom, I have to get something from my room."

"No, not in a minute right now," came the strong demand of a
determined mother.

"Please, Mom, in a minute."

"I said now."

Not wanting to risk a major problem, because she would storm
into my room before I could dress, I walked to the kitchen
opening and peered in, hiding my naked groin behind the wall
surrounding the doorway.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"Come in here."


"I said get in here. I'm going to get the belt if I have to
repeat myself."

I presented my nude body covering with my hands as I

"Why are you naked?"

"I was skinny dipping in the park and lost my clothes."

"No, you were running around the park naked all day today.
I talked with Dr. Michaels and she said Margot told her you
stripped in front of her and her friends.  She said there
were pictures of you going up to strangers while you were

"They're lying, Mom.  That's not how it happened."

"Take your hands away from your penis." I complied. "I'm
going to get he photos from Dr. Michaels tomorrow and that's
all the evidence I need.  Kenny said you were naked and did
whatever he told you last week."

"He made that up to top Margot's story."

"No, he didn't.  I think you have the problem.  Get those
hands away from your penis and don't put them there again."
I moved them away again.  "Now go and get a shower, dinner
will be in forty five minutes."

"Eewww", maybe it was over.  But I knew she and Dad would
talk about it and I'd probably get the belt.  I deserved it.
Dad would leave welts though, but I guess they'd serve as a
reminder for awhile.

I went to bathroom directly from talking with my mother and
got into the shower.  After a ten minute stint under the
water I got out and dried off.  Wrapping the towel around me
I made my way to my bedroom.  Finally, I was going to get
some clothes on and try to recapture any modesty left.

Pulling open my top draw my underwear drawer I was startled
to see it empty.  Frantically, I pulled drawer after drawer,
they were all empty.  My closet was empty, too.  Wrapping
the towel around myself, I open my bedroom door and yelled,
"Mom, I need to see you."

She responded by coming to the door.  "What's the matter?"

"I don't have any clothes to put on."

"Oh, I decided since you like being naked that you could
stay naked all summer.  You won't need clothes, your Dad and
I will figure out the rules later, but for now," she grabbed
the towel and tore it from my hips, "you'll just be naked."
She turned to walk away, "Oh, you do know the first rule.
Keep your penis open to everyone's inspection.  If you cover
it, even to scratch without permission, I'll tear you up
with a belt.  On second thought, Margot says you really hate
spatulas.  Now, how would she know that?  Maybe, I'll leave
a spatula out just for you."

Dinner came and I walked to the table nude not daring to
cover my boy parts.  My eight year old  sister giggled not
knowing what was going on, "Hey, Jack, did you forget
something?"  All of my family laughed, even my Dad who was
seated at the head of the table.

"Children, your brother is being punished for something he
did." Mom explained.

"You mean that naked stuff in the park with Margot, Mary
Beth, Amy and Melissa?" asked my sister.

"Yes, how did you find out?" my ever inquiring mother asked.

"Mary Beth called me and told me about some of it.  She said
she smacked his wiener with a spatula for being bad.  She
said he did some pretty bad things down there and that they
had some pictures of him," Patty continued to rattle on,
"They took his clothes and hid them."

My brother Anthony snorted milk out his nose with laughter
getting a weird look from my mother who was a stickler for
table manners.  "Sorry, Mom, but that was funny."

"Well we've decided your brother will stay naked all summer.
Your father and I will be the only ones who can give him
permission to dress on the very few occasions he will need

"Mom? Dad?" I looked side to side.  Neither was sympathetic.

My father spoke, "You need to accept your body better.  Boys
should be able to be nude without embarrassment.   You know
when we tried to get you to the pool at the Y, you wouldn't
go because you had to swim naked.  So were all the other
boys, but they didn't show embarrassment.  Anthony swam
there nude and he wasn't embarrassed.  We have to get you to
feel better about your body and this is a way that was
recommended to do it."

"Dad, at the Y mothers and sisters could sit and watch as
everyone swam naked."

"And again, I say, boys are made to be naked at times and
you shouldn't have worried about being seen.  At least none
of those girls or women had a spatula."  He thought that was
funny and chuckled.

"Okay, I'll swim naked at the Y.  How's that?"

My father turned toward me and said, "I guess you will,
there'd be no way to avoid it, because you'll be naked all

"I'll get arrested being naked and so will you for making

"Mr. Conway our attorney checked that out after your mother
called me.  He said the ordinance is for post pubescent
individuals.  That means, if you have hair on your private
parts, you can't be nude, but children, those without hair,
are at the parents whim when it comes to nudity.  Dressing
kids in public is done only because people feel more
comfortable, it isn't due to a law. And Dr. Michaels has
offered to write a letter of prescription for you to be nude
in public."

"Children, one of the rules we'll have is Jack's body is now
family property.  You may touch him anywhere you want, as
much as you want, whenever you want.  You may allow your
friends to touch him too.  I'm sure many would like to
explore his penis and his testicles, and, as you children
put it, his butt hole.  All of those things are now your
toys and remember to share your toys with others," My father
finished with a chuckle.

"Daddy, what if he doesn't let us touch his wiener?" asked
the ever inquisitive Anthony.

"If he doesn't we'll have to defer to Mary Beth's idea and
slap his penis with a spatula.  Probably be good to do his
bottom too while we're at it," turning toward Mom he said,
"I still think the belt may be the weapon of choice, but
we'll see."  She smiled and nodded.

"Patty", the matriarch spoke, "you know how you have had to
clear the table?" Patty nodded yes. "Well starting tonight,
I'm changing your job. For the summer, your job will be to
bathe Jack.  It's important his bottom be clean all the time
so he doesn't mess up the furniture.  So you will have to
bath him after each bowel movement and every day at least
once.  You can do it ,or if your little friends would like
to help, let them. After dinner we'll go in the bathroom and
I'll show you how.  Okay."

"Okay? Okay? No, it's fantastic!  My friends can help do it
to him too, that's unbelievable, wait till I call Carol,
Joanie, Mary Beth, Janice and Denise.  Will we get to clean
his penis too?"

"Sure, Honey, that's part of him isn't it?" my father joined
the discussion.

"Oh God, Mom, Dad, can we finish dinner, I want to do it
now." She was ecstatic

My parents chuckled, Anthony giggled and I wanting to
protest was resigned to the fact that it would be futile.
Actually, at this point my argument would reinforce their

"Mom, can I give him a bath sometimes?" asked Anthony not
one to be left out.

"Sure, but you will have to let Patty supervise you."


"After Jack's bath your father and I will decide on the
other rules we have to have.  Once we do, we'll share them
with all of you.  And, especially you, Jack."

My little brother Anthony, who was seated next to me at the
table, reached over and grabbed my dick.  He did it slyly to
avoid possible correction by Mom or Dad.  I hit his hand and
shoved it away, saying leave me alone.  He withdrew his hand
and awaited for some form of corrective remark from one of
our parents.  Instead, Mom said, "It looks like Jack's first
spanking on the new program will come from Anthony.  He will
spank you after your bath.  I'll call everyone to the living
room when we're ready and Anthony can deliver the spanking."

"Wha " before I could ask, my mothers index finger was
raised in the posture she used to make a point very plainly.
"I told you anyone could touch anything and do anything with
it.  I told you that meant your penis, testicles, or bottom.
Didn't I?"


"What did I say would happen if you didn't cooperate with
the person who wanted to feel you?"

"A spanking with the spatula."

"Okay then."

Anthony was scrunched up like a little chipmunk with a shit
eating grin on his face that advertised his excitement at
the prospect of spanking his big brother.  I knew he was
looking forward to it with joyful anticipation.  I, on the
other hand, was glad it was him. I mean, "how much hurt
could this little six year old impart? Even with a spatula?"
was my way of thinking.  

"Okay, Jack and Patty to the bathroom.  Anthony, you need to
clear the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher."

"Mom, can't I watch you give Jack a bath and then do the
dishes? I want to know how to do it, so if Patty and her
friends aren't here I can do it for her," asked the still
impish looking little boy.

"Go ahead Anthony, I'll clean up down here," offered my

"Come on Mom, I can bathe myself.  Please don't let them
bathe me.  Patty is younger than I am and this is

"It seems to me the story I heard was that Mary Beth who is
Patty's age touched your penis and anus.  So did Melissa.
She's only six.  If they can then your brother and sister
should share the privilege.  Patty and her friends are going
to bathe you."

"Me and my friends too, huh, Mom?" Anthony asked.

"Anthony, you and your friends can help, but Patty is the
boss of Jack's bath," she straightened him out.

As I stood there in front of Mom, Patty, and Anthony my
mother grabbed my penis and jerked it to a specific spot,
turning me with it toward my siblings.  "Patty, use his
penis as a handle anytime you want to position him or pull
him somewhere.  It's his 'boy handle' and it is very
effective to position him this way.  See if I want him to
face this way, I just give the little handle a tug and he
turns.  To paraphrase the adage, 'If you got him by the
penis, his heart, mind and body will follow'.  You and your
friends can use it to pull him around the neighborhood for
practice if you like."

"Me, too, Mom?" asked the persistent Anthony.

"Yes, Anthony you can do it to him too."

My mother drew about six inches of water in the tub.  She
pulled out a wash cloth and a towel.  Putting the bathroom
rug in front of the tub, she told Patty to kneel down.  I
was told to get in the tub and sit.  

"Patty get him wet with the water.  Just rub some water on
his face, back and chest." My sister complied.  "Now, take
the wash cloth and get it wet and put some soap on it.  Jack
close your eyes.  Patty wash his face with the washcloth and
scrub it good."  My sister began rubbing hard with the
washcloth and it was not what I'd call pleasant.

"Now put some more soap on the cloth and wash his chest.
Good, now do his back.  Jack lift your arms so she can get
the arm pits.  Okay, Patty, now do his arms all the way from
his shoulders to his hands.  Good.  Jack stand up."  My
penis was erect from the touching and anticipation of what
was to come.  

"Look, Mom, his penis is sticking out," noted my little

"Yes, Honey, and that's good it will make it easier for
Patty to clean."  "Patty get some soap on the wash cloth and
wash his belly and belly button."

My sister was purposely letting the cloth hit against my
hard penis so she could watch it bounce around.  Though she
rubbed my stomach and cleaned my navel, that's not where she
was looking.  Nor was it where Anthony was looking.

"Now, do his legs with the cloth.  Good.  Turn around Jack."
You could feel Patty's disappointment as there was a part
she didn't clean.  I was relieved that perhaps Mom would let
me wash my boy parts.  Even Anthony audibly said, "Oh.".

"Now, wash his butt cheeks.  Rub hard.  Go down the back of
his legs. Good.  See the scrub brush over there?  You need
to pick it up," Mom continued to direct.  "Jack turn around,
hold your elbows up.  Patty scrub his elbows with the brush.
Now do his knees."  She complied.  "Now take the brush and
put some more soap on it.  Grab his penis and use the brush
to scrub the mushroom shaped part at the end there."

My eight year old sister had a death grip on my penis and
was beaming from ear to ear as she roughly scrubed my glans
with the scrub brush.  My mother then directed her to to put
the brush down.  

"Now put some soap on your hands and wash his penis and
testicles.  Take your time and work the soap in really
well."  She didn't have to give that instruction more than
once.  My sister was eager to do this part.  All these years
she was occasionally lucky enough to see my penis, but now
she was actually getting to touch it all she wanted, and in
front of Mom.

"Rinse it and do it again."  As my sister rubbed the soap on
my erect penis I reacted with another orgasm.  My sister and
little brother laughed at my contorted movements and heavy

Completely ignoring the orgasm, my mother then said, "Jack
turn around."  I complied.  "Now soap up your hand again,
Patty and rub the soap into his crack.  Okay, Jack lean
toward the wall spread your legs and point your toes in.  My
mother guided my legs to the position she wanted me.  "Now,
Patty soap up this finger".  I couldn't see but my sister
told me later it was the middle finger.  "Put it right in
the hole.  Just hold it there and push until his hole lets
you in.  Keep pushing, more, more".   I felt my sphincter
finally giving up and allowing entrance.  "Now move your
finger around in there and then pull it out a little and
push it back in.  Okay, keep pulling it out and pushing it
in.  Okay, now pull out your finger and soap up the middle
finger and your index finger and shove both in."  I could
feel my muscles resisting her penetration, but as before she
gained entrance.

After she slid the two fingers in and out a dozen or so
times my mother said, "Now take them out."  The finger
movements had caused a pulsating erection, but I didn't have
an orgasm.  I'm not sure Mom didn't deny me that release
just to punish me further.  "Patty, his hole will be a main
place for you to spend time.  When he has a bowel movement,
he must be clean so he doesn't dirty the furniture.  Okay?"

"That was fun, Mom.  I never knew I could get my fingers in

"Well remember two fingers are needed to clean him."

"Mom, can I give him a bath now?"  Anthony was really eager.

"No, Anthony, we don't have time.  How about if you wash his
penis and testicles and clean his bottom though."

"Yeah, yeah! Those are the parts I wanted to do anyway."

"Well, since he's got his bottom toward you get some soap on
your fingers and push them in."

I thought he was on my side in these things, but I was
wrong.  In went his little finger with less resistance than
my sister's.  Then he put two in and kept the in and out
thing going.  I was at the point of orgasm and lunged
forward pinching his fingers with the sphincter muscles as
my legs tightened and I found myself on my tip toes.  Again,
Mom ignored it.

"Go ahead Anthony, your fingers are small try three or four
at a time."  The little shit was inserting four of his
fingers at the same time and there wasn't anything gentle
about it.  After he had his fun my mother made me turn and
allow him to wash my penis and scrotum. He did it with
gusto.  As he did my scrotum, he pinched my right testicle
on purpose and I fell to the tub in pain.

Then Mom made me stand back up.  Anthony grabbed my dick and
began to pull on it.  Engorged from the anal reaming I was
loaded for another orgasm.  As he grabbed the scrub brush to
do my glans as my sister had been instructed to do I again
felt the discharge of my nervous system, my butt cheeks
squeezed together, I thrust my pelvis forward, my legs
tightened and I went up on my tiptoes.  "What was this
feeling?  What was happening to me?"  I hadn't experienced
these tingles before but I sure did like them.  Again, my
mother didn't draw attention to the orgasm.  My brother
waited until the spasms ceased and said, "Mom why does Jack
do that?"

"It's normal for little boys to do that after their hard
penises are rubbed and played with enough.  It's called an
orgasm.  I'm sure, Anthony if you had your little penis
rubbed while it was hard you would bounce around, too.  When
you boys get bigger, your penises will shoot semen out the
end through the pee hole or what grown ups refer to as the
urethra.  But because you're both still young nothing comes
out you just get a really good feeling and that's okay."

"My penis is hard right now, Mom.  Can I do what Jack did?"

"I imagine you could, but it would take a lot of rubbing."

My sister is intrigued with the conversation.  I could see
her mind churning.  Anthony's little wiener was never a
problem for her to see.  He hadn't reached the point where
he showed much modesty.  To him exposing it wasn't exciting
it was just comfortable so he would often walk around the
house naked.  Mom would ask him to go and get something on
at times.  At other times she just left him alone.  But
having him with a little stiffy and knowing what she had
just learned about orgasms, she was excited over the
prospect of seeing him in the throws of orgasmic spasms as
his little boy toy bounced around.

"Mom could we make Jack rub Anthony's penis so he could have
an orgasm too?"

"If Anthony wants to, I don't think that would be so bad."
I was surprised this overly religious woman would approve of
such a thing, but she did.

Patty asked, "Hey, Anthony do you want to try having an

Still standing in the tub, I watched as my sister stripped
her little brother completely naked.  Anthony wasn't lying.
Bathing his big brothers boy parts had caused him to develop
quite a woody. His rather well endowed little dick bounced
up and down as my sister took his underpants down.  She
pulled them off.

"Jack it would help if you soaped up your hands."  My mother
suggested in a tone that made you realize it wasn't just a
suggestion.  I complied and put soap on my hands.  I still
was uneasy about playing with another boy's dick, but
Anthony was my brother and he was soon to be spanking me.
If I made him feel good, it might lessen his desire to hurt
me during the upcoming spanking.

As I mentioned the boy was well endowed for a six year old.
His little stiffy would measure in at three maybe three and
half inches.  His little glans was engorged it was kind of
purplish red and the shaft was as hard as a steel rod.
"Jack, grab his thing," my sister commanded.

"Patty, you're not the boss here." Was my indignant

"Oh, but, yes she is."  Mom said with a verbal slap to my
dominance in the situation. "You will do as she directs,

Not wanting Patty to have the opportunity to spank me, I
nodded my head.  Patty just gloated.  She had Anthony by his
dick.  She had never touched him before to my knowledge, but
the current situation had made her less timid about handling
her brothers and her confidence was quite assured.  That
last remark of Mom's really boosted that.

"Come over here, Anthony" pulling him gently by his dick she
directed him to me.  "Jack grab his wiener and start washing
it." Came her direct and authoritative command.  

Grabbing the little boys erect penis my hand began to slide
back and forth.  Looking into his eyes I could see he was
really enjoying it.  First I did it slowly then my pace
began to quicken.  Probably due to the look of enjoyment on
Anthony's little face.  His eyes had a far away glow with
the element of a twinkle.  I had stroked him until the soap
lost its lubricating qualities.  I stopped to resoap.  My
sister yelled, "Don't stop!" She was hiding her giggles of

"My hand is heating his penis up.  I need more soap on it."

Mom turned toward the medicine cabinet and said, "Just a
minute."  She brought down a jar of Vaseline. She told me to
hold my hand out and then she coated the palm with the
lubricating gel.  "Now you should be able to rub him for
quite sometime."

"Yeah, Jack, get back on his little wiener, now!"  Patty
said firmly. God, she was getting bossy with her new found

Again I encompassed my brother's erect penis and began
sliding.  That contented look came back on his face.  The
far away gazed returned.   His breathing got heavier and
faster I felt his little pelvis jump forward as his legs
tightened and he rose to his tiptoes momentarily.  His whole
body seemed to writhe in spasmic throws.  

"Wow, that was neat," was his verbal reaction after he
regained control and his body functions returned to their
normal level.  "It felt good."

Mom retook control as I reached down to continue stimulating
my brother.  I did like the fact that I could make him feel
so good.  After all he was a pain but I loved him and it is
a good thing when you can make people you love happy.  

"That's enough.  Jack, get out.  Patty, dry him off.  He's
not to take a towel out of the bathroom.  Anthony, you want
to get dressed now?"

"No, Mom, I want to stay naked."

"Suit yourself, Honey."

"Mom,"  Patty chimed in as my mother was leaving the
bathroom, "why don't we make Anthony stay nude all the time
too.  He likes it and I like looking at him.  He has a cute
little wiener."  She was really thinking she wanted to grab
hold of that little devil whenever she wanted and she wanted
to use both of our boy toys as party favors for her friends
when they visited.

"Do you want to be naked all the time, Anthony?"  Mom asked.

The little guy thought for a moment and said, "Okay."  I
think his answer was probably partially predicated on the
feeling I had just given him with the hand job.

"Anthony, if you choose this you will be under the same
rules and punishment as your brother.  If you say yes, you
will be naked all summer and can't change your mind.  So be
very sure."  Mom explained she didn't have time to be
handling one child one way and the other another.

"Will Patty and her friends have to give me a bath, too?"
This was obviously not something he wanted in his

"Yes, she will bathe you just like she does Jack.  Her
friends will be able to bathe you and play with your penis,
testicles and bottom just like they can Jack's."

His face turned pensive with a look like he was

Patty was showing signs of apprehension.  It was obvious she
didn't want him to change his mind.  She quickly said,
"Don't worry, Anthony, I won't let anyone hurt you."

I couldn't believe this kid had no sense of modesty.  He
looked at Mom and said, "Okay, I want to be naked."  Mom
left the bathroom and emptied his drawers and closet.

Dry I was told to go to the living room.  In all the
discussion of Anthony's nudity, I had almost forgotten what
was to happen there.  My little brother didn't though.  

"I get to spank you now."

"Yes, Anthony you do.  Go and get your father so he can
watch too.  Tell him you need the spatula."

Anthony skipped to the kitchen.  "Dad, I need the spatula.
I'm going to spank Jack and you need to come watch."  Dad
dried his hands and gave the little snot the stainless steel
pancake flipper to use on me. My father wasn't a bit
surprised at Anthony's nakedness as he often ran around the
house au natural.  They both entered the living room.

Patty with a satisfied look on her face announced, "Daddy,
Anthony is going to be naked all summer, too.  Mom asked him
if he wanted to and told him he'd have to be under the same
rules as Jack.  He said he did, so she's going to let him."

Dad shrugged and said, "I'm not surprised.  He likes be
naked and isn't the least bit shy about it.  Maybe, this
summer will help cement his healthy self image in place
permanently.  I'd hate for him to get into Jack's

"Mom, would you have made me be naked if I had done what
Jack did?" Patty asked.

I was interested in this answer.  Intently, I look to the
family matriarch for her wisdom laden reply.  "No, Patty,
you're a girl.  Boys are made for public nakedness; they
aren't supposed to be as secretive or shy about their
bodies.  Girls must keep an air of suspense about their
bodies.  No, I don't think we would have chosen this
punishment for you."

All I could think was, "Well that's really fair."  But I
knew she would just say, "Sometimes life isn't fair," if I
had verbalized that observation.

Mom broke the reverie, "Jack come over here.  You need to
straddle the arm of the couch facing out."  I couldn't
figure out why I was assuming such a weird position.  "Now
bend back."  So there I was with my penis and testicles
exposed and protruding.  It was then it dawned on me what
was about to happen.

My father grabbed my upper body while my mother held my
feet.  "Okay, Anthony use the spatula and spank his penis
and testicles hard."  My sister was captivated and almost
drooling.  SWAAAP! Anthony was excited, but without a word
landed a solid hit to my erect penis.  The flat of the
spatula striking right on the tip of my penis forcing it
upward until the whole flat part contacted my balls causing
a very painful result.  My parents were holding me, I
couldn't comfort my especially hurt testes.

Suddenly, SWAAAP, another blow hit the tip my penis.  This
time knocking it downward on top of my testicles. I was
crying wildly and screaming with the contact of the spatula.

"Anthony you need to give him four more.  Make them count,"
my father directed.  Each successive hit hurt like hell.
Each hit was accompanied by my little brother's member,
which had sprung to full attention, bouncing up and down.
It was obvious my sister and my parents didn't know which
show to watch my spanking or my little brother's bobbing
penis. Each caused me to scream in pain, trying desperately
to wiggle loose from my parents' hold.  I was crying
uncontrollably.  After his sixth swat, he was told that was
enough.  I was told because Anthony was under eight he would
spank my penis and testicles rather than my bottom.  It
would hurt more that way.  I didn't want to give him a
reason to spank ever again.

Even at bedtime I was still hurting from the penis and
testicle spanking.  My nuts couldn't be manipulated without
pain.  I lied down on my back and was afraid to move fearing
my jewels would shift causing a pain I'd regret.  I
eventually fell asleep.  The next morning, I had recovered.

"Jack, get ready for school.  Here are your clothes."  My
mother handed me a pair of the short gym shorts with the
wide legs, a pair of white ankle length socks, a t-shirt and
some athletic shoes.  The shorts were bad enough.  I had to
go to school with most all of my legs exposed and that was
sure to get comments from the ladies and some of the girls.
For some reason they liked my legs calling them "shapely"
and "gorgeous".  It was embarrassing.  None of the other
boys to my knowledge fielded such remarks and most of them
wore shorts all the time.  Of course, their shorts were
stylish, most below the knee in length.

"Mom, you didn't give me any underpants."

"Oh, you won't be wearing any.  Since your bottom is being
cared for by your sister, skid marks will be few and far
between.  Just shorts will be fine."

"Mom my penis will show in these. Look, the legs are wide
open, everyone can look right up here."

"That's the idea.  I told you yesterday little boys should
not be embarrassed to have their penises exposed. Little
girls like to look at them and so do most women. Just put
them on and get off to school, you'll be late."

"Please Mom."  She grabbed the spatula, pulled the shorts
down and told me to lean over the kitchen counter.  Swooappp
the flat of the spatula hit my left cheek with a burning
sting.  Swoooappp another to the left cheek this time so
blistering I couldn't stand it.  I screamed in pain.
Swoooappp another this time landing at the crack between the
cheeks.  I was hysterical.  Swoooapp another hit to the area
where my right leg met my bottom. Swoooapp again a hit
covering two cheeks.  My ass was on fire.  I was begging her
to stop.  Swoooapp another hit to the left cheek.  I was

"Don't argue with me.  When you do, I'm going to spank you.
I told you that.  Now, pull up the shorts and get ready for
school.  I called Mrs. Richardson last night and told her
what to expect and also told her to pull em off and wear you
out with a belt if she had any grief.  So, mind your

At breakfast I was still crying from the sound spanking I
had received for arguing with Mom.  But I was curious if
Anthony really was operating under the same rules. He came
to breakfast dressed in the same attire.  Looking up his
shorts leg I could see he was fully exposed.  That satisfied
my interest in fairness.  Only trouble was, it didn't bother
him.  He was likely to pull those things down right in his
kindergarten "Show and Tell" just to show he wasn't wearing
underwear. Kids his age just aren't into caring about
nakedness or body differences.  As such, it was much easier
for him.

I went out the door with eyes as red as roadmaps.  Hoping
desperately to have my composure back by the time I got to
school.  I didn't need the other kids to know I was spanked.
Wearing these short shorts with no underwear was bad enough.

My Last Week of School

Mrs. Richardson greeted me in the hallway.  "Jack, I talked
with your mother last night.  I know what's happening and
why.  When you go to your desk you are to sit with your legs
spread as widely apart as you can make them.  You are not to
cover up.  I want you to sit like that in the cafeteria and
on the playground as well.  If you don't or if you cover up,
I'll have to pull those shorts down and spank you in front
of the others. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I want you to let anyone who wishes to run their hands
along your legs and to reach up in your shorts to play with
your penis and testicles.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

She ran her hand up and grabbed my penis giving it a playful
tug.  Then she squeezed the glans making my little fella
begin a salute.  I was sent to my seat, spread my legs apart
and awaited my class to begin.  Boy was I stiff.  Carol
Atkins turned around and began to point and giggle.  "Hey
everybody, I can see Jack's wiener.  Look!"  The entire
class came to look. Amy wouldn't be topped.  "I got to touch
it in the park this weekend."

"I want to touch it exclaimed Carol."

Mrs. Richardson moved to regain control.  "Boys and girls
you can all feel his penis at recess, but now let's get our
math books out."

Half the class was still staring at my erect member down the
open legs of my shorts.  

"I want you to do the problems on pages 277 and 278.  Get
busy."  The class went back to the assigned task.  Mrs.
Richardson came to my desk half to comfort me in my
embarrassment and half to feel me up.  She began massaging
my claves and moved to my thighs. Then her hand rand up
under the shorts and she began pinching and pulling my erect
penis as she quietly reassured me.

I couldn't help but notice.  Rather than a natural
protective reaction to her playful touch in my crotch, I
actually spread wider apart to allow her better access.  As
I think back, I liked it.

Recess came and we went outside.  Almost every kid in the
class was anxious to touch my once private parts.  Mrs.
Richardson acted like a traffic cop lining the kids up for
their turns.  "Let's make this easy.  Jack, take off your
shirt and shorts."

"What?"  She wanted me to take off the only covering I had.
To be nude in front of our class and Mrs. Miller's, the
other fourth grade which came out to recess with us.  I
couldn't believe it.

"Jack, did you hear me?  Get your shirt and shorts off,

I did as I was told and the kids laughed and clapped.  

"Spread your legs and put your hands on your head."

I did.

"Children each of you may play with his penis and testicles
for thirty seconds then you must move on and let someone
else have a chance.  I'll time you."

Carol was first and she didn't waste a second.  She really
liked feeling me up.  My boner was getting harder.  The
third kid in line grabbed my glans and rotated it between
his thumb and fore finger.  I couldn't hold it any longer
and my hips thrust forward, my back arched, I groaned as my
legs straightened and I rose to my tip toes.  "Children,
that was called an orgasm.  It made him feel really good."

"Mrs. Richardson, my father said when boys have orgasms
stuff comes out of their penis.  Nothing came out of Jack's

"Right, Dennis.  Jack is still a little boy.  He has to grow
some more.  Maybe two or three more years before anything
comes out of his penis.  But you saw him move and his
muscles tighten.  That happened because you kids are playing
with his penis.  He can make that happen to himself if he
rubs his penis.  We call that masturbation.  Maybe tomorrow
instead of us touching him, I'll make him get naked and show
you how he can masturbate."

One thing for sure, my modesty was on the way out.

While all this was happening, as I later found out, Dr.
Michaels, Margot and Kenny's mom was at our house with a
letter and sharing what pictures she had.  Both ladies were
unaware of the pictures each of the girls decided to keep
for their personal collection.  

"Kathy, I must admit if I were a little girl, I'd want my
fingers around Jack's penis.  He's beautiful.  I used to
look forward to the summers just to see those muscular
little legs of his, but the view of them was few and far

"I know, he just wouldn't wear shorts.  Guess that's not
going to be a problem this summer.  I've thought perhaps I
won't let him have long pants again until he begins high
school. I'll make him wear those athletic shorts year round
and just give him underwear after the punishment, but keep
those legs exposed.  Do you think he'd weather the winter
with bare legs?"

"Why not?  When we were growing up, our parents made us wear
dresses and skirts to school in the winter.  Remember?  Up
to our asses in snow, but our legs were bare.  Why should
boys be any different?"

"By gum, Marsha, you're right.  We survived it."

"If you do that, my request would be to be sure you kept him
in those athletic style shorts, his little thighs are a
sight to behold.  God, that kid's legs are beautiful."

"Oh, I will.  Besides, those athletic shorts are really
inexpensive.  You can buy ten pair for the price of one or
two pairs of the designer shorts."

We'll I've gotta run.  There are some early appointments
today. If you or John or Jack needs to see me about anything
during this process, you know how to contact me.  I'll check
with you off and on during the summer just to see how things
are going."

"Thanks, Marsha.  You've been a true friend though all of

"Here's the letter explaining as a licensed psychologist,
I'm suggesting public nudity for the boy as a therapeutic

"Thanks Marsha.  I'll need one for Anthony too."

The interested neighbor grinned.  "Are we having problems
with Anthony?"

"No he wants to do the same thing as Jack.  He volunteered
for it.  When you're six, your body isn't a concern.  The
only concern he's ever had is whether he could shed his
clothes and run nude.  He loves it."

"Okay, I'll have the secretary redraft it with Anthony's
name on it too.  She'll fax John a copy at his office."

The Pricherts Throw a Party

Across the street from us lived two sisters.  They were
spinsters who had taken care of their ailing father.  He
must have been a hundred when he died.  They were long
retired as teachers in the school system.  The old man died
two summers back.  We never knew their mother.  She had been
dead since before we moved here.  Their favorite pastime was
to call my parents and complain about us.  Everything we did
annoyed them too loud, their ball is in our yard, their
friends are walking on our grass, and on and on.  They were
just plain mean to kids.  I don't see how they could have
been teachers for so long. They probably only picked that
profession so they could spank kids.

My parents were big on obeying adults and respect.  So even
though they were put out by these two, both they and we were
respectful they because the two old ladies were way their
seniors and we because they told us to be.  In our family
disrespect was automatic bare butt spanking with a belt and
I'm not talking the usual two or three lashes, Dad would
land at least ten for disrespect or out and out defiance of
any adults' directive. We were taught respect for and
obedience to any adult in authority.

Anyway the younger Miss Prichert came over to see Mom.  Had
I been home, I would have wondered what we did wrong this
time.  Mom apparently invited her in and the two had coffee.
She asked Mom about my naked butt.  Mom told her I was in a
therapy program designed to build my acceptance of my body
and lower my modesty.  She told her I would be nude all
summer and that she or her sister could savor my jewels
anytime they wanted (I'm sure she didn't put it that way,
though).  She also told her Anthony was fair game too.  Miss
Prichert was only interested in me though, as I was the only
one to get the assignment.  She wanted me for the afternoon
of the 7th of June to wait on her party and avail myself to
the fondling desires of the elderly women.

Mom didn't feel that was a problem apparently and agreed to
send me over there.  As Mom tells it, she mentioned to her
that a belt could be used liberally across my bare bottom if
she needed to straighten me out.  Not just for the party,
but anytime during my childhood.  She gave the old biddies
carte blanche with disciplining me.  Mom said Miss Prichert
told her that she would prefer to use a cane she picked up
when she visited the schools in Great Britain.  She
explained it stung and would leave some welts which might
last for days as a reminder to the offending boy.  She told
her most schools in England administered the cane to little
boys and many chose to do it to their bare bottoms.  Girls
weren't as likely to get caned but they were spanked.  She
also said she agreed with the idea that boys needed harsher
punishment than girls, it was in their makeup.  Mom, and I
really don't know what she was thinking, told her while I
was in her care she could use whatever she felt was best to
straighten me out.  Prichert told her that would be the
cane.  And Mom let it go at that.

Mom said she would bathe me prior to sending me over.  Miss
Prichert said she and her sister would take care of that.
She said they wanted to play with my penis and the bath
would be a great place to start.  Mom encouraged them to
play with any parts they wanted.  She said it would help in
the 'therapy'. Prichert told her the party began at three
and would go to seven or eight, but she and her sister would
need to bathe and train me so I was to be there no later
than nine in the morning.  Do the math, six hours of bathing
and training?  

I was apprehensive about even going on the lawn at the
Pricherts.  As I walked to the front door, the older sister
answered.  She immediately beamed and said, "Why Jack so
good to see you, all of you."  She opened the screen door
and grabbed a strong hold on my dick and pulled me into the
house.  I remember it smelled like old people and I found it
unpleasant.  All the furniture was the old stuff.  You know
the Victorian style.  The drapes were heavy and there were
the old time carpets on the hardwood floors.  In the living
room there were three card tables set up.  A fourth was in
the dining room which adjoined the living room.  Still
holding my erect penis, the older lady pulled me along
stopping at a chair she sat and began to push on the glans.
She tired to stick her pinky finger into the urethra.
Pressing harder and harder until I whinced in pain.  I moved
my hips in a protective fashion adjusting for comfort and
that boney hand slapped my side hard.  

"Stand still," she commanded.  Then she pinched the glans
and pulled my penis outward. "Let's see how long we can make
this little peepee."  She kept pulling but it wouldn't
stretch any further.  Then she squeezed my still boy sized
scrotum until the contents were shooting pain thoughout my
body.  "Oh, his little balls are so cute."  Then she did the
damnest thing, she had me get a little step stool by the
fireplace and stand on it.  She made me put my hands on my
head and she began licking my scrotum and penis.  It was
disgusting. I mean the age of this old lady and she's doing
something like that to my dick.
In that moment I remembered the not too distant days of
"girls have cooties".  Now this ancient saliva was coating
my boy parts.  What could I do?  I had to do what she said
or pay the consequences, which my Mom said would be caning.
Whatever the hell that was.

Her sister came in as she was licking my ball sac.  Seeing
what was going on, she said, "Shouldn't we wait until he's
bathed? Sister, I'm not sure he's clean."  

The older one then said, "I want the essence of his boyhood,
not the essence of Dial soap." And she went back to licking
and then sucking.  Needless to say, the sucking brought me
to orgasm and both of the old biddies were delighted at my

The younger sister observed, "Oh, we'll have to show the
girls this little performance while they're here.  Madelyn
will love it."

I didn't know the first names of either of these ladies.
I'm not sure even Mom and Dad did. They were secretive and
our family pretty much steered clear of them.  We only knew
the "the Old One" and the "the Younger One".  They weren't
helping by calling each other "Sister".  It certainly makes
telling this story more difficult.

The younger one wanted to begin my bath.  She specifically
told her sister she wanted to bury her middle finger up my
"luscious bottom".  I knew what was coming.  Thank God my
sister and sometimes her friends had engaged in that
activity.  I knew I could take it.  Up to the tub we went.
It, too, was the Victorian type.  You know free standing
with the claw style feet.  The faucet was really small with
two ceramic water control handles on either side.  She used
a rubber plug to cover the drain as it filled.  Talk about a
trip back in time. Grabbing my penis, the older one yanked
hard.  She said, "Now, Sister, is going to give you a bath.
I'd be a good boy because she is looking for a reason to use
her cane on your bottom."  

She was "looking for a reason" lingered in my head.  The old
biddie wanted to whip me.  At least at home Mom and Dad
didn't look for reasons.  I don't think they enjoyed it.
But maybe I was wrong.  Anyway that remark scared me.

The bath began as most do.  Rather than waiting until last
though she washed my hair first.  Then she worked the upper
torso as I sat in the tub trying to slide on the slippery
surface below my bottom.  Then I was told to stand up.  My
peter was at full salute.  "Look, Sister, his boy toy is
stiff. I think he's enjoying his bath."  She spent a  lot of
time washing my penis and scrotum by hand.  Occasionally,
she'd slap it with her hand, and I mean hard too, as they
watched it recoil side to side.  "Oh, how cute."  

She spread a towel on the floor and said, "Please get out
and lie on the towel on your back".  I guessed she forgot
her desire to explore my inner regions.  Lying on my back in
front of these two probably seventy year old ladies was
weird.  "Now pull you legs up toward your shoulders and hold
them there with your arms."  Doing so suddenly pointed out
how wrong I was, I knew my butt hole was plainly visible in
this position and my vulnerability to digital exploration
was quite apparent.  "You are to remain in this position
until I tell you otherwise, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

She soaped up her finger and began rotating it around my
anus.  It helped regain the erection I lost when she was
slapping my penis around.  Then she put her finger dead
center in the opening of the anus and began to apply
pressure.  Having had the workouts from my sister and her
friends, my sphincter wasn't nearly as shy as it had been
only two weeks before.  Entry was soon allowed and in went
the old girl's finger.  She giggled like a school girl with
joy.  While she was in there she started flicking my
testicles with the index finger of her other hand.  I was
hard as a rock.  The older sister noting this began stroking
my penis with her hands.  Two boney hands working over the
smooth body of a good looking ten year old boy.  They were
in heaven. They played with me until I reached orgasm.  They
were amused as my body responded to the sudden burst of

So far I hadn't done anything to warrant a caning, whatever
that was.  I had visions of one of them hitting me with her
walking cane.  But suddenly as I lied there with my legs up,
anus and genitals exposed, I felt a slap to my backside
right near the hole.  I think she thought of it as a love
slap, but it sure hurt more than that.  "Okay, Sonny, let's
get busy we have a lot of rules to teach you."  Taking me
downstairs they sat me on a chair in the living room.  

"First, whenever you sit, but you probably won't be sitting
much, your hands are to be on your head and your knees
spread wide apart.  Never, ever close those legs.  Got it."

"Yes, Ma'am, I'm not allowed to cover up at home or when I
was at school."

"You were nude in school, too?" asked an interested ex
teacher with a definitely aroused interest.

"Only once on the playground.  My teacher made me stand
naked while the other kids in my class and the other fourth
grade got to come by me and play with my penis.  But I had
to wear shorts and no underwear and they told me to always
have me legs spread apart so they could look up my shorts to
see my penis.  Sometimes Mrs. Richardson would reach up
there and pull it down so it stuck out the leg of my

"Tell me, did she rub it?"

"Who, Mrs. Richardson?"

"Yes Sylvia Richardson."  It was obvious they knew my

"When she came to my desk to help me with my math or
something she would rub my legs all over and then reach up
there and rub my penis.  Sometimes she'd just twirl this
part (show my glans) between her thumb and fingers."

"Did you like that?"

"It felt good, but I was embarrassed.  The other kids would
giggle and watch.  I really didn't like letting them see me
and I didn't like being touched by everyone.  Now I don't
mind it so much."

"You're getting used to it."

"A little bit."

"Another rule.  You must always keep your peepee hard.  All
the time you're here.  You may not rub it to make it hard
unless we tell you to.  You have to ask a lady to rub it for
you.  Is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am".

"If a lady asks you to rub it yourself, you are to rub until
you do that little dance you do where you wiggle and breathe
heavy. Understood?"

"You mean an orgasm?"

Looking at her sister, "Kids today are too informed about
sex".  The elder nodded in agreement.  Then turning toward
me, the younger sister said, "Yes, Jack, an orgasm.  You are
to rub it until you have an orgasm."

"When you wait on these ladies, you will touch them with
your peepee every time.  You can push it against them as you
fill their coffee cup or bring a cookie or such, you may
place their hand on it, if you wish.  But as you wait on
them you are to make sure your penis is touching them.
Another rule, any time one of them wants to play with your
boy parts you are to let them."

"Yes, Ma'am.  That's a rule for me for this summer.  My
mother and father have said the same thing."

"Good.  We might even be nicer to you this summer if we can
play with your little thing," remarked the less dominant
older lady.

"If you don't let them touch you, if you don't press your
penis against them, if you don't keep it hard or you spill
anything, you will be caned as they watch.  Believe me you
don't want that."

"Sister is going to watch you like a hawk.  She really wants
a piece of your little butt with that cane of hers and
she'll find a reason to do it sometime today.  I can
guarantee it."  Now that little tidbit scared me.  The
younger of the two was out to punish me and it looked like
any little thing would trigger it.

I managed to be on my best behavior before the ladies came.
The rest of the morning was really constant fondling of my
penis and testicles by the older sister as her sibling
prepared little finger sandwiches and coffee.  They did take
quite a few pictures of me in various poses all showing my

Then the doorbell rang.  "Jack you must answer the door.
You are to say, 'Welcome to the Pricherts', I'm Jack and
I'll be your boy toy and waiter today. Feel free to use me
at your whim'."  Repeat it.

"Welcome to the Pricherts', I'm Jack and I'll be your
waiter, today. Feel free to use me."

"No get it right or it'll be the cane for you.  'I'm Jack
and I'll be your boy toy and waiter today.  Feel free to use
me at your whim."

I repeated it perfectly and was sent to answer the door.
There were two elderly ladies who saw my erect dick.  One
turned to the other and said, "Oh Blanche, we must be at the
wrong house, sorry little boy."  I then gave the rehearsed
greeting, "Welcome to the Pricherts', I'm Jack and I'll be
your boy toy and waiter today.  Feel free to use me at your

"Good Lord, how cute." And in they came.  Seeing the elder
said, "Girls you can touch him anywhere and do anything you
want to the little 'boy toy'".

"Well I for one would like to examine him thoroughly."  I
went to her beckoning hand and she grabbed my erect penis.
Cradling it with one hand and patting it with the other.
Then the door bell rang again.  I wasn't sure which took
precedence and looking at my temporary masters, the younger
said, "Blanche he has to get the door, you can play with him
all you want later."  

The lady released me and I got the door.  Time and again the
bell rang and I answered.  The second to last group of
guests included none other than Mrs. Richardson.  She went
right to work on my penis even before the lady with her was
through the door.

I began to serve the ladies.  Coffee and bring a tray of
cookies.  It was kinda hard to figure out how my erect penis
could be pushed against them while I held the tray, but I
figured it out.  I'd just hold the tray to the side and
press my penis against whichever one it was.  Unfortunately,
the first time I did it I held the tray to the side and
pushed my erect penis into an elderly lady's arm, it
startled her and she quickly turned, knocking all the
cookies onto the floor.  That was the window the younger
Prichert was looking for.

"How clumsy.  How in the world did you spill all those

The lady who had been startled said, "Now, Wilma, it was my
fault. (so that was her name, Wilma).  I knocked them out of
his hands."

"He should have had a better hold on them.  Now, we are
going to have a little lesson in international discipline.
I have a cane I brought back from England. They use these to
discipline little boys who misbehave quite effectively.  I
was able to observe a couple of canings in the headmaster's
office.  They applied these," she said as she held up a long
narrow stick, "to the nude backside of 'naughty' boys."

The group of old biddies listened attentively.  Even the one
who sprang to my aide was now enjoying the concept of
observing the spanking.  

"Jack, come over here."  I complied for fear of what would
happen at home if I didn't.  "I want you to bend over this
hassock and spread your knees apart."  I did as told.  Then
she reached between my legs and pushed my balls and dick
upward to give my bottom a little rise, releasing them and
making sure my ball sack and dick were visible to the
audience.  "I'm going to give you four welts.  Each time you
move I'll add two more."

She then swung the stick (cane) she was holding in a
practice swing.  It whistled in the air.  I felt her tapping
my ass with the end of the thing.  Then it went back and
whistled again ending with the sharpest pain my ass had ever
felt.  She crossed both cheeks midway down my buttocks.  The
ladies all gasped and "oooo"d   at the spectacle as the red
welt rose.  After what seemed an eternity I heard the
whistle again and it crossed right where my legs met my
cheeks.  I screamed in pain, "Please no more".  

One of the ladies countered, "Yes, more, more."

Again a wait then the whistle and sharp pain. It crossed
over the first welt. I was sobbing uncontrollably.  This was
worse than any belting my father had given me.
Again the whistle, but before I could control it I shifted
and it caught my right hip.  Still unbearable pain.

"Young man you just earned two more."  

"No, please no more.  I begged."  I thought about just
running home.  Surely my Mom would protect me from this
brutality.  She believed in spanking, but I don't think
she'd condone this beating.

Wilma grabbed my balls and dick and twisted me back on the
hammock.  She adjusted me all the while I was begging for
her mercy.  Again, the whistle and the cane left another red
stripe across my butt.

The elder Prichert held my head and whispered, "Come on,
Jack, just one more you can do it, don't move."  It was
strangely comforting.

"Sister, you better move, if I slip you might get hit."

"I think the boy needs comforting, I'll stay right here and
hold his head."

The whistle came but the cane didn't cross my buttocks it
went right down the crack on my butt, the long way.  It
crossed over my anus causing more pain than either of the
other five.  My scream could be heard at the park three
miles away I'm sure.  Letting me up, I reached during a full
cry to comfort my sore ass.

"Don't you touch that butt, young man.  You let it sting.
If you touch it, I'll give you more."  I was convinced.

As I tearfully went back to my waiter tasks one old lady
took her glass of lemonade and she snuck it around me and
rolled the cold glass against my burning ass.  Some of them
really were caring.

When I crossed the street after cleaning up, my mother
turned me around and said, "Guess, you got out of hand at
the Pricherts' huh?  Maybe I'll let them take over the
spankings for you boys."  I felt betrayed.

The First Public Outing

"Kids, I think Dad and I will take you to the beach this
weekend.  The weather's supposed to be nice.  It might be

Yes, the beach.  That'd be great.  I liked to body surf and
hoped the waves were substantial.

Dad came home from work and Mom announced she had booked a
room at a motel on the beach for the weekend.  Dad had a
rough week and a couple days in the sun and surf sounded
good to him.  

Mom put a bag together hurriedly and directed everyone to
the car.

"Mom, Anthony and I are naked. Shouldn't we wear something?"

"No.  Just get in the car.  You and your brother are to stay
naked all summer, remember?"

"But, there are going to be a lot of people there.  People
we don't know."

"Yes, and you and Anthony will be as open and accepting of
them as you are the neighbors.  You will be their toys if
they want to play.  Now, get in the car."

Dad laughed at my embarrassment.  Patty was just sitting
there grinning as she grabbed Anthony's penis.  "Yeah, you
guys have to show it all to everyone."

"Mom can I stay at Kenny's instead?"  I could take Margot
and Kenny's roving touches better than a beach full of
strangers.  Besides, my ass was still sporting remnants of
the caning I'd had three days before.  They were faint but
visible. I didn't want anyone to see them.

"No, you will get in this car and if I have to say it again,
I'm going to borrow Miss Prichets' cane."  That was all it
took.  I was in.

As we arrived at the motel Dad pulled up to the portico
outside the office.  As he got out Mom said, "Jack go in
with your father".

"Why Mom?"

"I want to show you off to the lady at the desk.  And, you
just earned a round with the spatula when we get out on the

"You're going to spank me on the beach?"

"Yes, I certainly am.  And, I hope it's crowded."  

My sister was delighted.  She spouted out, "Oh boy, I can't
wait to see this. Good thing it wasn't something Anthony
could spank you for."  I mean the sadist brat was
overwhelmed with anticipatory joy.  A public spanking, could
it get any better?

I walked in naked as a jaybird.  The clerk paused and said,
"Sir, your son is naked."

"Yes, he and his brother will spend the weekend nude.  I
hope that isn't a problem."

"Shouldn't be.  There might be an ordinance, but seems some
of our other guests in the past stripped their little one's
for the beach.  He's a good looking boy.  Oh, look he's got
a woody."

"Yeah he keeps one."

"How sweet.  Honey, if your little woody ever gets to
hurting, you come see me I'll rub it for you."

"Would you like to rub it for awhile now?" My father offered
with a smattering of pride.

"Dad, ple ."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"No, why don't you play with his penis while we unload our
things.  We'll pick him up on the way to the beach.  Oh, and
don't be shy about exploring his body, you can probe

The lady was in heaven.  She opened the side of the counter
and beckoned me in.  Almost immediately grabbing my penis
and pinching my glans.  Dad left to unload the car.  This
lady sucked my cock until I did my little orgasmic dance.
She had a feel of pride.  "There's something special about
doing little boys.  They don't shoot a wad (what the hell
does that mean) but they are so sweet. Their hairless little
sacks and all. I think I'm in love."

"Yeah, well I'm not," was my thought at that remark.

Mom and Dad, Patty and naked little Anthony came into the
motel office to get me.

The clerk almost jumped the counter.  "Oh my God, look at
that little one.  Honey, before you leave let Sylvia vacuum
that little head of yours."  

"Why does she want to vacuum my head?  Is there dirt on it?"
he asked brushing his hair with his hand.

"No, Anthony, that's not the head she's talking about."  Dad
chuckled with the corrective hint.

"What head?" the inquisitive six year old asked.

Patty grabbed his glans and said, "This head, stupid.  This

"Easy Patty, he's just a little boy," retorted Mom, clearly
amused at the conversation.

"From where I standing he's only little in height.  His
little third leg there is pretty impressive.  Will I see it

"You can see it all weekend.  He's wearing all he's
brought."  Dad answered.

"Maybe I could have a little time with both boys before you
check out."

"Depends on the service.  I mean here are two 'tips', you
earn them."  Dad thought he was clever with his puns.

Out we went.  The beach was crowded and everyone, I mean
everyone, else had on a bathing suit.  I went to cover up
with my hands as many diverted their attention to the naked
boys walking on the sand.  Anthony just let his hang,
swinging with each step he took.  Mom said, "That's two
spankings.  You don't cover even for a second.  If you do it
again, I'm going to let Anthony give you the spanking and
you know where that will be."

We put the cooler down and spread out the towel.  Mom then
grabbed me by the arm and said, "Bend over the cooler," as
she produced the spatula.  It gleamed in the sunlight.  What
could I do?  I bent over the cooler and she released a
barrage of painful swats with that spatula.  When she had
finished, I jumped up crying and shouting about my loss of
affection for her.  As I rubbed and danced, a group of
people who had watched applauded and whistled in agreement
with my mother discipline choice.

Thirty minutes into our beach visit, a man and woman came
over to the blanket where I laid sunning spread eagle as my
mother had instructed.  "Where in Europe are you from?"

"Oh, we aren't from Europe.  Why did you ask?" inquired my

"Well Europe is the only place we've been where parents
aren't afraid to strip their kids publicly.  They are naked
at the beach, they are naked in the parks, they play naked
in the fountains.  We think it's cute and gives the kids a
healthy body sense.  We just assumed you folks were
European.  Wouldn't it be great if we lost our Puritanical
bullshit beliefs for healthier kids?"

"I must admit I like seeing my boys run naked.  I like
watching their bobbing little penises and their shapely
little legs and butts.  I'm also glad to share that with

"We're the Johnson's.  Our children are grown.  Betty over
there is eighteen and she's the youngest.  She plans on
Princeton in the Fall."

"Oh how nice.  Jack, I need to put some sunscreen on you."

"Oh allow me," the new found friend took the bottle from

"Be sure to coat his scrotum and penis well.  They are just
beginning to get used to the exposure."

"By all means."

Now here I am, spread eagle.  Hands in the required position
behind my head and this strange lady we've known for five
minutes is squirting sun block on me and rubbing it in.  
My penis swelled and stood straight up.

"Look, Honey, I think Jack, is it?" Mom nodded yes, "I think
Jack is gald to see you."

"I was kind of hoping to get it hard before I rubbed it."  

Wait Marcie, let me get the video camera.  This would be
great to show our friends."  The man ran back to the blanket
and came back with the camera.  Looking toward Mom he asked,
"Do you mind?"

"No, not at all, knock yourselves out.  I'm going to join my
husband and other two in the water.  Would you mind doing my
other little boy too, if I send him up."

"Oh my God no send him up. Thank God for the new cameras.
I've got lots of memory left."

"Why not have Betty apply a second coat for posterity.  Go
wake her up and see if she'll join the party."  The man left
to get his daughter.  The woman didn't touch me while he was
gone.  It dawned on me they wanted to film the orgasm she
was about to induce.

Anthony dripping from his time in the water came up to the

"Hi little guy, what's your name?"  the lady asked

"Anthony.  Mom said you were going to put sunscreen on me."  

"I am.  My name is Mrs. Johnson and my daughter Betty and I
are going to make sure you don't burn from the sun.  Mr.
Johnson here is going to take a movie of us putting it on

Betty, a good looking teen approached the blanket.  "I've
been watching these boys.  Secretly I've wanted to caress
their little penises.  Aren't the cute, Mom?"

"Yes, they are.  And, it's your lucky day.  Caress away."

Betty helped Anthony down on his back and spread him out for
access to his boyhood.  She began rubbing his scrotum and
penis immediately.  "I'll just warm you up until we can get
some of that sunscreen to put on."  Anthony just smiled and
enjoyed the touch.  Quite quickly he went hard.

Mrs. Johnson squirted the cream in her hand and began doing
the same to my erect penis and testicles.  Making sure she
traced around the ridge between the glans and the shaft with
the tip of her index finger.  When she released my dick it
slapped down on to my stomach with an audible pop.  Mrs.
Johnson just kept smearing the sunscreen on, making sure as
she was instructed my penis and scrotum would be well
protected.  Making very sure.

Betty was kissing Anthony's dick head.  Giggling, "Isn't
this just the cutest thing?  Maybe, I'll become a
pediatrician.  Then I can play with these all day."

"And you'd make a good living too," her father added from
behind the ever scanning camera.

Her father, the amateur film director remarked,  "Betty,
don't just kiss it.  Mom's busy with Jack here.  Take
Anthony's and suck on it.  You know suck his balls and
things.  Just let yourself go.  Maybe the saliva will
protect him until you get the lotion."  Down went Betty.
She didn't need any more clearance for the activity and she
was eager.  Anthony wiggled in the excitement.  He was
grinning from ear to ear as that teen sucked on his little
boyhood like there was a tomorrow.  All of a sudden his hips
lifted off the towel and his little legs tensed.  His facial
expression showed the ecstasy of the moment.  She had really
pleasured him.

"Oh, please lady, do that again."

"You liked that did you?"  

Anthony nodded affirmatively.

"Maybe later. Now, I need to rub this on." Taking the bottle
and returning it the ladies now shared.

"Dad, did you get that?"

"You bet I did, all of it."

"I'll want a copy to take with me to school."

"Sure, Honey, no problem."

"Jack you need to roll over now."  I complied.  The lady was
arousing but gentle.  I hadn't had the throes of orgasm yet
and I was sure her work on my penis would have spurred one.
She continued on my back, she took a long time doing my
calves and thighs.  She kept mumbling, "These little legs,
these firm little legs.  They're beautiful."

Again the thought came, "What the hell is it about my legs?"
Was it just a master plan to convince me I should feel
better about wearing shorts?  Now I was nude and there
wasn't any further need.  My thoughts were interrupted as
the lady's finger entered my bowels.  I mean there was no
warning.  The sphincter didn't repulse the well lubricated
digit, it just accepted the intrusion.  I was startled.
Mrs. Johnson lightly slapped my cheeks with her other hand
and said, "Relax, we don't want any sun to get in here, do

Truth be told.  It felt good.  I just stayed still as she
played.  Then it became evident I was now the subject to a
close up for Mr. Johnson's camera.  "Roll him on his side
now and keep pushing his button while you massage his dick."

She did as instructed and it wasn't long until my orgasmic
dance number was in full swing.  Oh God, it felt good.  I
could let this stranger do this to me all day.  Why did the
guidance counselor feel this was a bad thing to happen?  I
couldn't figure it out.  She said this was sex abuse, but I
got news for her.  I wasn't feeling abused.  Embarrassed
initially but not abused.

Looking up at Anthony, he was getting the very same
treatment.  Mr. Johnson was now awaiting the pleasureful
writhing of the six year old's body. And bam there it came.
Anthony was groaning in pleasure.  Right there on the beach.

Looking around, I don't know how this behavior went
unnoticed.  But it did.  Maybe it was that they had put the
beach chairs so they would block all but the side view.  I
don't know.  But I'm glad they did.  It felt so good to have
this lady do that to me and Anthony certainly wasn't

Then the mother and daughter switched boys.  As they started
Dad came up to get a drink.  As he approached the two women
acted as though they were just smearing the lotion on.  Dad
smiled and said, "You can do what you were doing.  It didn't
appear to us they were uncomfortable with it."  The women
went back to work penetrating our buts and massaging our
dicks.  Dad stayed and watched.

Guess I was wrong.  If he could see it from the water, then
lots of people could see it.  Everyone who might have been
watching must have enjoyed it too.  A public audience
watching anal and penile stimulation and nobody objected.
Guess the 'bad' angels supposedly against such behavior were
on vacation too.  I'm glad they were.  So was Anthony.

"We're staying here for the weekend," Mrs. Johnson pointed
toward the same motel we were in.  

"We are too.  Maybe we can get together for dinner tonight.
We'll have to eat in though as the boys are wearing all
their allowed to wear this summer and they can't go into
restaurants like this."

Betty turned with a big smile, "You mean they're naked all
the time?"  

"Yep, all summer and anyone can do to them what you have
been doing whenever and as much as they like.  They're what
everyone is calling 'boy toys'.  They're here for public

"We'd love to have dinner.  Maybe we can become Jack and
Anthony's permanent sunscreen applicators."

"Why not?  It'd be one less chore for my wife.  She finds it
a chore to rub these fine little bodies with sunscreen?"

"She won't mind?"

"No, she can have them whenever she wants them.  She loves
to share."

"See you tonight."

That night was relatively uneventful.  Pizzas were delivered
and we ate.  We were bathed by Patty and the two Johnson
women.  Of course, the anal reaming had to be done by each
of them to each of us.  Mr. Johnson filmed the bathing and
the reaming.  It was recorded for posterity, and, as it
turned out later, the internet.  

Patty and the adults went to the hot tub by the motel pool.
Betty asked to take Anthony and me out for a walk down the
main drag of the beach town.  I wasn't sure about being
naked and walking down a busy street.  People honked and
whistled at our naked bodies as Betty prided herself in
showing us off.  After awhile Anthony and I ignored it.  We
both sported boners thoughout the walk and lots of girls and
women knelt down and said, "How cute."  Of course Betty
offered, "Go ahead, you can touch them."  Most did.  

The next day Betty and Mrs. Johnson played with our penises
for a great deal of the time we were on the beach.  I don't
know why we didn't attract more attention as people could
see these two grown women playing with little boys' penises
and ball sacs.  I guess it was because they had the bottle
of sunscreen there and people must have thought they were
just "protecting" us from the sun.  No one really stopped.
Sometimes couples would walk by and you could hear, "How
cute" or "All little boys should be made to swim naked at
the beach".

As the summer progressed, I became much more comfortable
with my body.  Being naked in public wasn't as embarrassing.
People in the neighborhood just referred to us as those two
naked boys.  We'd lost our novelty.  Thinking back, all in
all, the worst thing that happened to me was the caning Miss
Prichert gave me.  Oh, and the fact that my mother was given
the cane and I don't doubt if I'm disobedient or defiant
she'll stripe me good. But if she does, I probably will have
deserved it.

Now I've begun the fifth grade.  I have to wear short shorts
to school, but I can wear underwear again.  I think my legs
are great and I like the ladies to rub their hands on them.
They are brown as they can be now.  This winter I'm sure
they'll lose much of that tan, but the cold of the winter
will make them pink and I'd bet the ladies will enjoy them
that way like they do pink cheeks.

Anthony and I still spend time outside naked.  We don't have
to, but we like the feeling of freedom and airiness it gives
us.  Yes, we still let Patty and her friends pull on our
penises when they want to, but we don't have to anymore.  We
let them bathe us some times and stick their fingers up our
butts, because it feels neat.  But I think the thrill of it
all is gone for Patty. And if Margot ever steals my clothes
again, I won't dread the walk home.  Everyone thinks of me
as one of those two naked boys and don't stare near as much.

Mom still makes Anthony and me stay naked at the beach she
calls it practice time.  She says I have to be nude on the
beach until I grow pubic hair.  But, I don't even get a
boner until someone plays with it. Maybe I am 'cured'.  I
have to say, "I think all little boys should have to be
naked at the beach, too."