My Name Is Chris Chapter 5
By Sir Cum Sizemore

copyright 2008 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 5

The next morning all three of us wandered into the kitchen naked as the day we were born. Kenny was obviously still so sore he couldn't sit on the chair. There were three deep red welts about four or five inches in length across his bruised backside. Thankfully, his penis, though still pink, definitely looked as though it would soon recover.

I couldn't believe my ears when he said, "Aunt Emily, I'm sorry for what I did to Karen yesterday." Up until that point he was my hero the way he stood up for us. Now, he was backing down to the female contingent. Or, was he just trying to adjust the punishment. I know he hates being exposed much more than I did or even Carl did. At least Carl quit fighting it.

Aunt Emily was indignant, "And well you should, Kenny, but I think you need to be saying that to her."

"Well couldn't we just say the whipping was enough punishment?" Ah, ha, it was his way of trying to manipulate the naked time.

"What and let you wear clothes? I don't think so. When I issue a punishment order there isn't a possibility of parole. Besides, the girls are excited about you boys all being nude for the next few days. They really are. And, I must admit, I like looking at you while you're naked too. You, each of you, are very handsome little guys. And the more of you we are able to see, the more we appreciate your bodies. Look at Chris' body. Not a tan line to be found. His little scrotum is as tan as his back and so are his penis and bottom. He looks very healthy that way. Now look at you, medium brown except for the white Speedo outline. Don't you think you'd be more attactive with a consistent tan?"


"There's no but about it. I want to have three little penises available to my girls and their friends for examining and playing. Oh, and I want three handsome nephews to show off to the rest of the world. Saturday, we're all going to the beach with a picnic lunch. Won't that be fun?"

Carl asked, "Do we have to be naked? At the beach I mean?"

"Of course. Such handsome little boys. You lost clothing rights for behavior, Kenny is on the brink of losing them too, and you Chris are just too young a boy to wear clothes at any time. Yes, three nude knights of my roundtable. I can't wait to see Kenny's humiliation at the public beach should he screw up again. Oh, will you three attract attention or what?" She just kind of chuckled as she went about fixing breakfast. "But, today, Karen's friends are coming over to play with you in particular Kenny. Won't that be fun?" That remark was loaded with a sinster sarcasm. Kenny just threw his toast down and pouted. Aunt Emily laughed at his antics. Carol snorted her milk all over the table.

I don't think there was fifteen minutes between finishing breakfast and the doorbell chime. Yep, there were Tinsel Teeth and Monica with the camera around her neck. Both were giggling. I, well we all, could hear Monica ask, "Is he really naked?" and then our cousin Karen giggling back, "Yeah totally!"

Then Tinsel Teeth asked, "Is your mother going to be home, or do we have him to ourselves?"

Hearing that Aunt Emily shouted, "Yes, Crystal, her mother will be home. Why did you ask? What are you girls up to?"

"Oh nothing. I was just concerned you might not like us taking pictures of the boys and stuff."

"I don't have any problem with you taking pictures, but what exactly do you mean by stuff?"

Crystal and Monica entered the kitchen. Kenny had his legs pushed together under the table. Aunt Emily said, "Uh, uh young man spread 'em." Kenny slowly spread his knees and his hard on sprang to life. "All the way, Kenny. Real wide. Let these girls behold what you've guarded so strongly." There he sat his ball sack hanging more than mine or Carl's and his dick stiff as a board with two notable pink stripes on it from the whipping Aunt Emily gave it the night before.

"Can we touch it?" Crystal asked.

"Not now, let him finish his breakfast and then he's all yours all day," Aunt Emily had a sound of pride in her voice.

"We can have all of them, can't we? I mean I need pictures of them doing things," then Monica continued, "to each other". All four girls giggled at the whispered ending to her comments.

"Yes, you can have all of them. What do you mean, to each other?" Aunt Emily had a raised eyebrow.

"Oh you know rubbing each other's things and playing with each others bags. That kind of thing," Crystal was honest you had to give her that.

Aunt Emily shook her head side to side as she bent over to wipe the table, "Just nothing that will hurt them. Is that understood girls?"

"Oh no, we don't want to hurt them except maybe sticking things in their butts," Karen attempted to quell her mothers concerns, "Or, if I have to whip them."

"I'll be home today. If they need whipping, I will witness the whole thing just to make sure you do it right. Take them out to the pool and have fun with them. You boys had better do what you're told."

As Kenny stood Monica commented, "Ooooooo, what happened to his butt? Look, it's a mess."

Karen proudly boasted, "I got to whip him last night with that bullwhip for what he did to me. Mom whipped his peter and I whipped his butt. See?" She grabbed my brother's dick and showed the girls the pink stripes that remained. "But I did these." She traced the welts with her finger tip. "Mom said we'd be using the whip on the boys from now on. No more belts just the bullwhip."

"I'd love to watch that," Crystal slurred her words through her braces.

"I would too. I'd love to take pictures or a video of it. Wouldn't that be great? A boy with his ass being beaten and his little thing bouncing around each time he feels the whip. That would be so cute," Monica imagined out loud.

"Young lady, say buttocks or bottom. Ass isn't going to be used in my house. Each part of their bodies has a name. Use them. This is a penis and she held mine out, this is a scrotum not a 'bag' and she pinched and stretched mine out, these little lumps are testicles not 'balls', and" she turned me around and gave me a rather hard love slap on my backside, "this is a buttocks, bottom or backside. Between these cheeks is an anus or rectum whichever you wish. And, that's all the anatomy lessons I'm going to give."

"Yes, ma'am," Monica blushed and if she wasn't black I'm sure you'd see the red in her face.

"Take them out and have fun. Be sure to get the sunscreen on them and keep them protected. Go on now."

As we left I wasn't hard and neither was Carl. I guess we were getting used to it. Kenny was pointing about five inches out in front of him and it was swaying back and forth as he walked until Monica grabbed it. He flinched. I'm sure it had been years since someone else was feeling his penis and he wasn't too happy with it. I think he started to complain but correctly thought better of it.

"Oh God, it's much bigger than Chris or Carl's. It's fatter and longer than theirs. Well, maybe Chris' is this long when it's hard, but this is a real handful. Look at the pee hole." She pinched my brother's glans to open the hole. "Let's put something in there today."

Karen jumped in, "Keep it down. We don't want Mom to get upset with us. We'll do things to them, but watch what you call different parts and don't shout what we're going to do."

"I want to see that semen stuff come out of his penis," Monica was definitely excited.

Carol joined in acting like a real expert, "You gotta rub it for a little while before it comes out. Like this," she bumped Crystal out of the way and started sliding her hand up and down Kenny's shaft. "If you do this for a little while it'll squirt out. It's real sticky." She relinquished his penis back to her sister's friend. Crystal began stroking and Monica started focusing her camera.

"Oh wait, Dad showed me how to video stuff. Let's get some action footage of this," she started twisting buttons on the camera re-aimed and said, "Oh, it's recording. Keep going Crystal. Okay, I'm closing on his dic... I mean penis. Rub that bad boy."

Kenny's eyes told the whole story. He was totally humiliated but I think found some pleasure in what Crystal was doing to him. Carol and Karen just stood there transfixed on the eminant erruption. Kenny's gaze became glassy and he just stared straight forward. Soon his hips thrust forward shoving his penis well out in front of him and sure enough out came three or four globs of that white goop. It just flew onto the pool deck.

"Whoa. That was awsome," Monica acknowledged. "Look his bag is tight now. It's not loose like it was when we started. Where is that stuff?" She began looking for the semen on the pool deck.

Carol pointed to a small pearl of cum. "Here's some. Touch it Monica. It's real sticky." Monica put her finger tip on the pearl and removed her finger rubbing it over her thumb.

"Yeah it is sticky. So this is the stuff that makes babies, huh?"

"According to Mrs. Simmons it is," Karen answered.

"Who's Mrs. Simmons," Carol inquired.

"She's our P.E. teacher and she teaches us sex ed. She told us about boys and what comes out of them," Crystal explained.

"Hey Crystal, feel that stuff," Monica suggested.

Crystal touched the same glob of semen her friend had sampled and followed approximately the same analysis. "Yeah, it is sticky. Uck."

Kenny was recovering from his orgasm and showed the signs of being completely humiliated by the violation of his penile privacy. He got tears in his eyes over the ordeal.

"Hey, Kenny, don't cry about it. It felt good didn't it? I mean you looked like you liked it when she did that," I tried to calm my brother.

Carol noticed, "Hey his wie..., I mean his penis is soft again. I wonder why."

Aunt Emily walked out with a pitcher of lemonade. "Boys have to reload after that happens girls. He'll be ready to go again in an hour or two." She didn't even flinch at what had happened. "Crystal next time rub slower and play with his tip for awhile. The longer you take to get him to ejaculate, that means shoot his semen, the more he'll shoot and the further it'll go. Sometimes when boys get some oral sex, that's when someone sucks their penises, they really shoot a lot. But you don't need to know much more than that."

"Ooooo, you mean someone would put their peepee in their mouth?" Carol asked. "Oooooo what if they peed? Uck. I can't believe someone would do that."

"Well, baby girl, sometimes it happens. You'll understand better when you get older. And it's penis not peepee."

"Mrs. Simmons never mentioned that," Crystal mumbled.

"Well, that's because there are some things best left up to experience. Forget I even brought it up." Aunt Emily dried her hands on an apron and went back into the house.

"Hey, I got an idea. How about in an hour or two we let Carl or Chris suck on Kenny's penis when it's hard. Imagine how cool that would be," Monica began to conive.

Karen took the lead, "Well, maybe in an hour or so we could watch that happen. Let's just get some lemonade for now. Boys keep those legs spread while you drink. And Kenny, I think you'd be more comfortable on a chair with a cloth cover so your welts don't stick like they did on the kitchen chairs."

All I could think was that was the most decent thing Karen had done for my brother since we arrived almost a week before.

After lunch, we were all playing in the pool. Kenny said the water was cool on his butt and it felt good. I think he also liked the fact his penis was hidden while he was in the water. Carl and I would get out and cycle back and forth from the diving board and the side of the pool, but Kenny just stayed in one place watching us. At about two o'clock Karen announced, "Kenny, oh Kenny, it's show time."

He looked perplexed, "What?"

"Get out of the pool and come over to the lounge chairs. I said it's show time." Then she yelled, "Chris, get over here."

I approached and she said, "You're going to be a star in this film."

"What film?" I asked. Monica had a tripod under her camera and it was pointed at Kenny's well exposed crotch. He was spread out by Crystal on the chaisse lounge.

"Chris go rub Kenny's penis until it gets good and hard. Go on now," Karen directed me.

I balked. I made it sound like I didn't want to, but I really did want to feel his penis as it was bigger than mine. I just wanted a comparison. I balked to make it look to Kenny that I tried to avoid the contact.

"Chris do I need to get the whip? Now, Mom ran to the grocery store, but if you'd like we'll whip you instead when she gets home. That's your choice the whip or play with Kenny's peepee."

I fell to my knees and took my brother's already hardening penis in my hand. It was unfolding right before my eyes. Anyway I rubbed it and pushed up at the cleft of his glans with my thumb. I actually did enjoy feeling it. Before I knew it, it was long and hard. His glans actually began to throb.

"Okay, now Chris, put it in your mouth and suck on it," Karen directed.

"Uh, uh. I'll feel it but I'm not putting it in my mouth."

"Oh yes you will!" She held up the whip.

"I don't want him to do that, Karen," Kenny blurted out.

"I don't care what you want. It's not about you. It's about us. Now put it in your mouth Chris."

I knew I didn't want to be whipped and I reasoned that my brother's penis didn't have teeth. I mean if I had been told to put his finger in my mouth I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Slowly, I lowered my head down on his penis. Just as I was about to engulf it, his hand covered the glans. "No, Chris. You don't have to do it."

"I'll do it Kenny. Just so we don't get whipped."

"Good choice, boys," Karen had an evil twist to her voice. "Go on now Chris and Kenny you keep your hands on your head. Monica, are you taping?"

"Yep, go for it!"

Again I opened my mouth and slowly closed in on my brother's erection. I could feel the rubbery glans as it passed my lips and teeth, then the smooth shaft was rubbing against my tongue. I wasn't sure what to do. Karen helped me decide.

"Close your lips around it and suck it," she hollered.

I heard Carol come up, "oooooo, what if Kenny pees in Chris' mouth?" When I looked at her there was Carl hard as a rock just staring at the whole scene.

"I said suck it. Now do it."

I started sucking his penis and within seconds I could feel him lurching. Then he automatically grabbed my head and pushed it down further against his groin. His hips began lunging forward and his penis went deeper and deeper down my throat. Momentarily warm liquid was being squirted into my mouth. It scared me. I remember thinking, what if I got a baby from that stuff. My first impluse was to move my head away, but Kenny had it in a death grip. Karen just stood there shouting at me, "Swallow it, you just swallow that stuff. Don't you dare take his dick out of your mouth." I swallowed it. It was kind of salty tasting and wasn't all that bad, but I knew it wasn't something I should have been doing. I only hoped Kenny didn't hold the whole thing against me. After he was done pumping, Karen said I could take it out of my mouth but I had to lick off the tip. I did so. I had finally come to tears over what had happened and all I could say was, "I don't want to have a baby. I'm just a kid."

"You can't have a baby stupid. Only girls can have babies." Crystal sarcastically spurted out.

"But, you said that goo would make a baby."

"Only if it goes into a girl, not a boy. And it doesn't go in their mouth. It goes somewhere else," she continued.

Karen punched her shoulder and said, "That's enough. Don't tell him any more. It's embarrassing."

Carol took the cue and asked, "Where does it go?"

"Never mind. Ask Mom."

Kenny was still breathing hard. He didn't seem the least bit mad at me. Later he just said, "You did what you had to do. Don't worry about it. I still love you, Chris." That put me at ease.

Monica was reviewing her camera work, "Oh, God, this is great. I'm in focus the lighting is good. Look there's Chris. Look at his eyes. Man they get wider and wider as Kenny shoved his head down on his hard on. Look. Oh, watch this. Man, this is great. I can't wait to show this to Rachel and the other girls. Oh man, look at Kenny's boner with all the spit on it. It's shiny. The mushroom part is really neat. Look here."

"I wonder if Mrs. Simmons would like to borrow the film for her class?" Karen joked.

"Oh hell no, and I better get it on a disk before my father sees it. Man he'd kill me if he knew I was taking these. He saw the pictures of Chris and Carl naked and didn't seem to mind, but this would really get me in trouble."

The slider opened and out came Aunt Emily. "Did anything happen while I was gone?"

"No, nothing out of the ordinary. The boys have been fine," Karen covered up the situation. Even Carol denied any wrong doing.

I was to naïve to complain and Kenny, I think, liked what happened. He never brought it up.

Well, tomorrow would be another day. The girls were running short of Kenny naked time and that meant Karen had to find a way to get him in trouble with Aunt Emily again.