Sharing My Boys: The Memoirs of a Horny Mother
By Sir Cum Sizemore

copyright 2008 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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My name is Carolyn Swenson. I'm a thirty five year old mother of three-two boys, Anthony, age 11 and Peter, 8 and a girl Emily, who is 12. I must admit I love my kids. I think they're beautiful. My two boys are very handsome kids. Anthony has black hair, hazel eyes and is very muscular. If I had to pick one body part that best defines his boyhood, it would be his well shaped and muscular legs. I think all of his bike riding, running and soccer playing has helped form them so well. They are brown, not because he wears shorts without a fight, but because I refuse to allow him to wear anything but, even when there's snow on the ground. It embarrasses him to wear them year round and he used to get teased by other kids, but now they've pretty well accepted that Anthony's legs are always showing. In fact, his unprecedented appearance with shorts at school in 20 and 30 degree weather has become a mini-fashion statement for many little boys who hate long pants. Now there must be ten or fifteen preteen boys who don't wear anything but shorts to school all year.

Peter is a good looking little boy who seems to have benefited from his father Scandinavian genes. His hair is blond, his eyes are blue as the sky and he too is a good looking kid who I keep in shorts as well. Now, both boys have argued that the shorts I put them in are too short. I believe if you're going to be in shorts they ought to show off those good looking little legs of theirs, so I insist on inseams not much more than two or three inches. There's a lot of skin between the top of their knees and the hem of those shorts. Again, the teasing has lessened as the community has become more accustomed to their attire.

I absolutely love seeing as much of my little boys' skin as possible. I don't hide the fact from anyone. I make them skinny dip in the backyard pool in front of friends and neighbors as well. If the public pool would let me make them swim nude, I'd do that too. My feeling is they're beautiful and they don't need to be developing false modesty. I am actually turned on by their embarrassment at times when I make them expose their boy parts to complete strangers. Their sister, Emily likes it too. She seems to have a large group of friends who always like to come to our house. I think they like the fact there's always a penis to watch while they're visiting. Oh well, if they haven't seen or felt one before, there's no time like the present.

Emily, being my only girl, is permitted to select her own clothing. I do insist on modesty in her attire though. After all, if God wanted girls to be less modest he'd have put their 'private' parts on the outside of their body rather than hiding it elsewhere. At least, that's my thinking, and I may be wrong.

I know not many other mothers will admit this, but most of us really like seeing our little boys running around naked whenever we can. Most would tell you they're beautiful. As for mine, Peter is still at an age where I will occasionally go in and bathe him, or, if I'm busy, I send my husband or daughter in to do the honors. With Anthony, my eldest boy, we've noted an unhealthy tendency to be more secretive. We believe he picked it up from his friends. It really bothers me that I have to act as though I didn't know he was in the bathroom and kind of barge in on him. Sometimes I send Emily in for something, anything, just to give her the opportunity to see her brother's naked body. We've always had a rule that neither boy is allowed to lock any doors. Emily, however, being the girl, needs her privacy and isn't required to follow the open door policy.

Anyway, Anthony clutches his crotch whenever I enter the bathroom while he's in there. I make him put his hands down and I act as though I'm not interested in the development of his boy parts. But, I am. I truly am. I love seeing either of their cute little penises standing up and saluting. I also like to keep an eye on scrotal development. At times I make up reasons to physically examine their tallywackers and ball sacks. I love to be cradling their boy parts as their penises begin to stand up. Often I have my husband take photos of them running around naked for posterity. Here in the States, some people have pushed the self-righteous belief that any pictures of nude kids are pornographic. It had started to become harder and harder to find photo processors who would develop and print even the most innocent of photographs of naked children. Thank God for digital cameras. Now, I decide what's pornographic and what isn't. I do believe, and this is based on discussions with my closest friends, these new definitions of what's porn and what isn't are not held by most mainstream people. It's the religious fanatics who have such twisted perceptions of the naked body who have sickly altered public attitudes. These same people would be appalled at my belief that my boys should be nude and on display to anyone who wants to see them. What? Was it Shakespeare said, "Me thinks thou doth protest too much!"?

At my house, my daughter and I give Peter massages every day. We make him strip naked and lay him down as we gently rub all of his body parts. I do make sure Emily handles his penis and testicles carefully, but I won't let her forget to massage them either. Come to think of it, I don't think she's ever missed an opportunity to stimulate him. Peter also has a tendency to remind us to "do my peepee" as well as other parts of his body. In our family, the boys' parts aren't anything sacred and they are treated just as you would a toe or finger. Sure, they get hard and that does make rubbing them even more pleasurable for both the massager and the boy being massaged. There are circles that suggest rubbing their penises is abusive. The truth be told, they usually remind you not to forget them and ask for more. If it's so abusive, why do the boys enjoy it so much? We massaged Anthony up until my husband thought he was getting too old for that.

Lately, I discussed the massage idea for Anthony. I wanted to start again. So, I moved him from his male pediatrician to a nurse practitioner I knew from high school. She was less male sensitive when it came to certain functions. I remember the fight I had when I asked Anthony to strip naked for his physical when he found out the examining professional was going to be a woman. But strip him I did. I remember Gladys spent an inordinate amount of time rolling his circumcised glans between her fingers as she chatted with me. Anthony was hard as a rock. His face was red as a beet, too. I mentioned his shyness about his body and she said the only cure was imposed periods of forced public nudity. She recommended we return him to the massage regimen. I felt fully aroused as the thoughts of such things really fulfilled my need to dominate my boys. I went home and talked with Frank and he reluctantly agreed that Anthony was abnormally modest and might be better off if we broke that problem. So, it was my pleasure to inform my eleven year old that he would again be subjected to massages by me and his sister and her friends. I also informed him he would be kept naked when he wasn't in school so members of the community could see one of my "masterpieces"-one of my most interesting creations was going on exhibit again. He of course was quite embarrassed with the new rules, and that, as I have said, is a real turn on for me. I love his discomfort at having to expose his penis to people who have never seen it before. I also love his face and hesitancy when I make him let other people feel his genitals. But one of the best reinforcers for me is the discomfort of social do-gooders who pretend to be absolutely infuriated at the boys' nudity. (I still contend that discomfort is a cover up for the enjoyment such people really feel at such opportunities. It's all show. They feel they have to act the way the do to cast doubt lest their enjoyment show through.) Anyway, it was that very day I collected Anthony's clothing and told him to go outside and play. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that slim well developed boy, penis bouncing to and fro, walk out the door into the backyard. I also loved the argument he tried to make to avoid having to expose himself. These factors just added to my arousal as I sent him outside nude to his barrage of pleas not to have to show others his body. Alas, out he went, tears and all, acting as if he was being fed to the large group of Emily's friends who had gathered for the unveiling. I know his penis and scrotum were handled more that day than they had been in the prior three years. Those little girls couldn't keep their hands off of him. He was stiff for hours. God, how cute is that?

That night, as I watched TV, my two naked boys graced the family room. Scott was playing with some Hot Wheels on the floor and my big boy, Anthony, sat down next to me and put his head in my lap. Now if you haven't had an extremely good looking, totally nude, eleven year old boy, cuddle up beside you tearfully begging to let him put on some clothes, you haven't lived. It's exhilarating, especially when you get to voice the answer, NO! Down deep you know he will get a great deal of positive psychological growth from losing his modesty, but the time you get to see and handle all the parts of his body is extremely rewarding to you (and others) as well. Shortly after that quaint scene, I announced massage time.

Peter assumed the position immediately. Anthony took a little longer as he wasn't too cooperative, but a short session with the belt changed that. Both boys were on the floor, looking like little frogs, as I made them draw their feet up toward their little crotches with the soles together. I like that pose as it gives access to all the important areas-inside the thighs and especially the penis and testicles and the anus. That night, I had Emily sit with Anthony and I showed her the process using Scott as the model. Anthony had a conniption when his sister grabbed the penis, but I reminded him I had the belt with me. I don't think I'd ever seen Emily so excited. She played with his penis for a long time and I had to remind her there were other parts that needed attention. She was fine when I reassured her she could return to the genital area after doing the rest of his body. Surprisingly, he stopped balking at his sister's semi-erotic touching. It must have been a sight as we completed the formal massage and had the boy's reassume the position so we could massage those stiffies and ball sacks for an additional half hour. Frank came in with the camera and took some photos of Emily playing with Anthony's penis. Now if he had such a "hard time" with accepting these activities why would he do that? Why would he coach his daughter to "squeeze it" or "pull it hard" or "cup his balls". Yeah, it was really uncomfortable for Frank. Sure it was. I must admit a few of the photos from that evening were really good. I e-mailed copies to my mother, Frank's mother, and some of my curious friends. If Anthony knew that he'd die of embarrassment.

Last year, at our family reunion, we brought the boys in their bathing suits. Frank's mother inquired why they were wearing bathing suits and then announced to all in attendance that our boys were usually kept nude. I, of course, just said I didn't want to embarrass anyone. There were some real prudes in the group, especially Georgia, Frank's youngest brother's wife. They had three little girls ranging in age from nine down to three. I reminded my mother-in-law that Georgia and Johnny might have a real problem with my guys parading around nude in the presence of their little cherubs. She reassured me that, as the matriarch, she'd handle their complaints with as much skill as she'd handle my boys' genitals. Imagine my surprise at that response. Anyway, Margaret, that's Frank's mother, called my boys to the picnic pavilion and told them to "lose the suits". Peter almost immediately slipped his down and off. Anthony was not too quick to respond. She told him that if he didn't get his suit off immediately she'd take their grandpa's belt and wear him out. Timidly he lowered his suit. Georgia began to complain. But as promised, Margaret turned toward her and made it clear the boys were to be nude all weekend and she could just learn to deal with it. She also told her if she didn't want her girls feeling their penises she could keep them away from the boys. Frank videoed and photographed the boys as they were forced to disrobe and some of the resultant images showed the irate Georgia with her fake indignity sitting in the background. Johnny surprisingly sided with his mother and me. He told his wife it was healthy for the girls to see the boys parading around nude. It was an opportunity to build attitudes of understanding and tolerance with their daughters. Georgia just huffed and folded her arms as Kristin their seven year old gawked at Anthony's tool while my mother-in-law fondled it. "See honey, this is a boy's penis. See both of them have one. See how hard it gets. Here, you feel it." Darned if the little one didn't latch on to it immediately and giggle as she stroked him. My pleasure was watching Anthony's total resignation and embarrassment as one of his junior female cousins played with his toy. Soon the three year old was feeling it as well. Grandma just watched proudly as they felt every part of his genitalia. The three year old was especially intrigued with his firm ball sack. She was mesmerized as she rubbed the tip of her finger up and down the seam of his scrotum.

My mother then asked an intriguing question. At least it was intriguing to me. "Did you ever wish you could do a circumcision? I mean how much fun would that be? Taking a blade and cutting off that piece of skin from around their little heads. I sure would enjoy doing it. I think it would be better doing it to a boy like the Muslims do, you know after they're ten or eleven rather than as an infant. It'd be fun, watching them squirm in anticipation and then playing with their little dicks in preparation to do the cut." I still imagine that.

Oh, and before I forget, I have to tell you, I distinctly remember a visit to the principal's office at the boys' school. Now she is a no nonsense sort of woman, but she did seem somewhat taken aback by my request for her to strip them naked and whip the living fire out of their asses with a belt at the first sign of problem. I remember her argument that it would be abusive to do so, and especially making them undergo their punishments nude. Her apprehension was dispelled when I handed her a note from their "doctor" informing her they were to be "whipped on their bare buttocks" when punishment was necessary. She said she'd rather call me to come do it when necessary. I told her, "You know you'd love to do it yourself. Don't you?" She admitted it would be arousing, but that she couldn't for fear of her job. Finally, I talked her into it by telling her waiting on punishment would ruin the cause and effect tie in the boys' minds. They needed immediate punishment. I also told her, if she was uncomfortable with it, the teachers might not be and she could let them do it. At any rate, I made it clear their father and I wanted it done and done severely if called for.

Their babysitter, June, is the seventeen year old daughter of one of the teachers at their school. You should have seen her eyes when she showed up at the house and found two naked boys watching TV. The smile and sparkle in her eyes made it clear, she was truly gratified that they were to remain nude, be bathed by her, and massaged (including their private areas) by my daughter and her prior to bedtime. I did finally empower her to use the belt on the boys, but not on Emily. I remember when she asked, "for what?" and the startled face when I replied, "Whatever you think they need it for. But, if you need to whip them, whip them hard and long. I want to see welts when I get home." I don't know why the thought of this young girl whipping Anthony's hide with a belt excited me so much, but it did. I know June was thinking of anything she could to get the opportunity to do that to the boys, but, hey, she needs some excitement in her life too.

The first time I got a call from the school, it was about Anthony's first whipping. Apparently, he wasn't going to strip naked for the ordeal and the principal didn't quite know how to handle that. I told her to give him the phone and I told him if I had to come strip him, he'd feel a whole lot more than one whipping and he'd have other most unpleasant consequences. Then I had the principal put the phone on speaker and place it on her desk for the reminder of the session. She then told Anthony to strip. I could hear him crying as he began to remove all of his clothing. After he was undressed the principal said, "Thank you. He's naked now." I told her to leave the phone connected. I wanted to be 'present' for the spanking. First, call it intuition or call it a hunch, I said, "Anthony you put your hands on your head. Don't you dare cover your boy parts." I know he must have had his hands hiding his genitals as there wasn't a denial. I heard the principal positioning him over her desk and then a whimpy swat that followed. I whined, "Oh come on, you can do better than that. Let him have it. HARD!" God, I remember my arousal as I listened to a woman I hardly knew whip my son's ass. I wanted to play with myself to relieve the eroticism. That belt let out a loud "snap" after "snap" followed by a grunt, whine or plea from my son. He was crying quite audibly and the principal stopped. I told her she hadn't made the point and to give him six more. She did. When she returned to the phone and had Anthony standing in the corner of her office she asked if that was all. I told her to keep him nude for the remainder of the day so we didn't have to wait for him to decide to undress again when ordered to do so. She said he had to return to class shortly and I said, "Exactly." Then we got into the argument about the appropriateness of sending a naked child back to his classroom. She said she wouldn't do that, it was "crossing the line of civility." I remember telling her Anthony's behavior crossed that same line and the punishment needed to fit the crime. She made him stay in her office naked the rest of the day as a compromise. The agreement was he was to stand with his hands on his head and legs spread providing a side view to those who might enter, and anyone who entered her office, adult or child, was to be allowed to inspect her work (Anthony's backside) and Anthony's 'toys' (Anthony's front side) if they wished.

Now June's first time disciplining the boys happened when she took them to a state park. Seems both boys balked at having to go to such a public place without wearing clothes. At least, that's when Em said it started. She told me June grabbed the belt, but they still gave her a hard time. Apparently, she grabbed Peter's peter and pulled him around and he yelled at the discomfort that caused. Em said she always pulled their penises when she wanted them to face her and they hesitated. I thought that was a pretty good idea. I mean "boy handles". Who'd have thought? Anyway, he slapped her hand and she took the belt to him. I was somewhat disappointed the stripes I told her to leave weren't apparent that evening, but I had no question he'd been spanked. Both of my boys have such cute little asses. I have to admit spanking them was a thrill and I think June got off on it too. Anyway, Peter didn't want to discuss it when I asked so I know he felt it justified and it did have an impact on him. As it turned out, both boys got it at the park. June bent them over a picnic table and let loose. Now, again, Peter's little ass was no worse the wear, but Anthony's did have some stripes and scratches. Em said it was because June was so angry with Anthony she whipped him with the buckle end of the belt. Guess, he'll think twice about doing whatever he did to deserve that, huh?

I remember talking with June one night about how she wanted a tattoo but she wasn't sure her mother would go along with it. I mentioned that I would be willing to talk with her mother about it. As we talked we got silly and then Peter walked past with a rock hard boner, I said "Hey maybe we could get the boy's wieners decorated too." With the same silliness June said, "Yeah, like a couple of eyes on with side of the hole so they look like little worms in the cartoons. Maybe even a little mouth under the peehole, you know a little face." We giggled and I said, "Yeah and a little sweater like the old turtlenecks behind their circumcised heads. Problem with the conversation was, the more I thought about it, the hotter I got. That's when I said, "Let's do it. Imagine how their girl friends will react when they see those stiffies staring back at them." Anyway, when we got to the tattoo shop...

The man in the shop didn't want to do it. He said if I did that to the boys, they'd never be able to reverse it. Or as he put it, "Lady, you do know tattoos are forever". But then his more "hippie" type friend chided him into trying it. Of course the boys were petrified and their little parts were sticking out straight and hard. The man said he'd have to strap them down because he was afraid they'd have a hard time with the pain. I told him to go ahead. He did Anthony first. Anthony wasn't going peaceably, it took both those men to wrestle him onto a table and I had to duct tape him down wrapping his arms to his sides and then underneath the table all the way around. With both legs taped to opposite legs of the table he looked like a mummy with his legs spread. He cried with fear about what was going to happen and then this hulking, biker looking guy with tattoos over every inch of his exposed skin set to work. He'd work with the needle and then dab the blood off Anthony's penis. After about a half hour he held the boy's shaft while I inspected his work. Right there on the bluish-pink pecker head was a face with the peehole serving as the nose. Two cute little crossed eyes and a little mouth with a teeth showing smile. God it was cute. He used blue to make the sweater that went about an inch up the shaft from the cleft behind the glans. The left over skin from the circumcision did look just like a miniature turtleneck. It was soooo cute. Surprisingly, though Anthony was still angry, Peter kind of liked what he saw, but not enough to want to go peaceably for his own. After we had him taped down, Cliff (the tattoo guy) went back to work. On Peter's he put a little tear coming from the right eye and made a frown for his mouth. It was cute too, kind of reminded me of a clown in the circus. After I said that, Cliff made Peter's "sweater" polka dotted. Funny as it might sound, Peter stopped crying and then giggled when he saw the art work. Cliff told me if I wanted their "ball sacks" done he could do something creative, but he recommend piercing various parts for jewelry instead. He even told me about something called a Prince Albert. I didn't know they could do that. I mean a stud right through the penis, aw come on.

All the way home, Peter amused himself constantly flipping his penis up to look at it. Anthony never really got over that ordeal and to this day resents me for having it done. Hey, I can live with it. I know in the next few years whoever sees it will enjoy it. He probably will suffer some good hearted fun in the locker room at middle and high school, but hey, he can talk about the badge of honor of "having the guts to get it done." That'll shut the other boys up.

The only one so far who seemed bothered by their penis art was my husband, Frank. When he saw the boys' dicks, he blew a fuse. For about three days he'd rant about how they were maimed for life and that it might be "cute" to me now but they would grow up to hate me for it. I tried to get him to see the humor of it all and how Peter really liked his. Frank just shouted, "He's only eight for crisake, he doesn't know what he likes." Or, he hollered, "Do you have any idea what the other boys are going to say when they have to swim nude or change and shower in the locker room?" I told him yeah that'd been brought up before. Anyway, things are much calmer now and Frank isn't quite as upset. Guess he got used to it. He even teases the boys about it on occasion, now. He says things like, "Most guys have a one eyed worm with a turtleneck sweater, but you guys have a worm that looks right back at ya' in a turtleneck sweater." Sometimes he even coaxes a hard on with one or the other just to watch the sweater stretch.

Em, on the other hand, has grown fond of those little pecker heads. She often grabs their little wieners and says, "I gotta kiss him on the lips". Then she kisses their little glans and chuckles. Peter laughs too when she does it to him, but Anthony gets postal. Peter even asks her to "kiss him again." Anthony tries to pull away, but he knows his sister will take the belt and blister his ass if he doesn't cooperate. As I write this, the kissing thing is often done by some of Em's friends as well. It's so tender to see the other girls do it, it's like they're a part of our family. They all agree the decorated penises are cute as they can be.

Another fun thing was the night Peter's teacher offered to drop off some assignments he missed because he wasn't feeling well and I kept him home. Like I said, I get real hot exposing their naked bodies to other people mostly because they get so embarrassed and try to beg off showing themselves-especially, Anthony. He is so timid about displaying his genitals to others. I just love make him do it. Anyway, Miss Fields was kind enough to offer to bring Peter's assignments by on her way home. She was a first year teacher, young and cute. When I heard the door bell I told Anthony to answer the door. He did his usual pleading not wanting to have to open the door to visitors who would immediately notice his naked state. I did remind him if he covered he'd get spanked in front of whoever it was. On the way to answer the door, his peter began the hardening process and as he cautiously swung the door opened there stood Miss Fields. He was immediately crushed as well as embarrassed. I could hear it in his voice as he yelled back to me, "Mom, it's Miss Fields, Peter's teacher." I told him to invite her in. After she came in, I heard her remark to excuse her embarrassment at staring at my naked son, "Oh, Anthony, did I come at a bad time, bath time or something?" Anthony told her he had to be naked all the time when he wasn't in school and she just nodded. She did find the penis artwork intriguing as she kept staring at it. "Have you been playing with markers?" I heard him from the kitchen saying sullenly, "No, Ma'am, it's a real tattoo. My Mom thought it was cute."

I hollered from the kitchen trying to hide my enthusiasm, "Anthony let Miss Fields have a look at it. Miss Fields you can touch it, just go ahead and examine him."

She was so sweet and innocent she wouldn't flip that bad boy up to get a good look at it. As I came into the hallway I escorted her into the living room. She handed me Peter's assignments and asked his condition. I said he'd be back in a day or two and asked if she wanted to say hello to him. It was very evident she was still recovering from her meeting with Anthony. I called up the stairs to Peter to come see his visitor. The nude eight year old bounded into the living room completely unconcerned about his teacher seeing him naked. He greeted her with a hug which she returned at the same patting his bare bottom with her free hand. Becoming aware her hand was patting skin, especially buttocks skin, she blushed and said, "Oh, I'm sorry usually there are pants covering their bottoms." Geezzzz, was she a mess. I just told her she could touch his little bare butt anytime she wanted and not to worry about it. I even empowered her to strip him in school anytime she wanted to look at pat or share it with other people. She commented on how she felt that would be inappropriate and then she inquired as to Peter's penis art exhibit. "You let them get tattoos? On their little peepees?" You should have seen the expression on her face, I mean the woman went completely flushed when I said, "No, I didn't let them, I made them get them." Then when I told her I was considering getting their penises and scrotums pierced for rings and studs, she almost passed out. Look at how cute they are. She didn't show the restraint with Peter she did with Anthony. Though his peter wasn't hard at the time, it became so when she stretched it out to get a better view of his worm's little sad face. "I must admit, it is cute. Only it won't ever go away. What happens when he outgrows the cute?" I told her she sounded like my husband and I guessed it would be an interesting lure to their sex partners and help keep them humble as men. She shook her head somewhat in disgust and told me she had to leave. But to this day I remember how proud I was to make my boys present their naked bodies to her.

There was a time when I had to discipline Peter. For fun I took some light cotton cord and whipped his little hard little penis until it had lash stripes down the shaft area not covered by his tattoo. I could see the reddened area where the tattoo was, but I'm sure it was there. Did you know when you whip a little boy's glans real hard with something thin and flexible, they scream in pain. They do. Having their penises whipped got my jollys off, but they weren't too enthusiastic about it. All I can say is I hope I don't get too hot doing that to them, because I'm half tempted to do the same to their jewels. I'm just afraid if I do it too hard or too often I can write off grandbabies. That means no grandsons and that would mean an end to my enjoyment. I'm not sure I could stand that.

I just had to get my feelings out. If you ever have a chance, stop by my place and enjoy my sons.