Taking Back Control Part 1
(public nudity, spank, mast, humil, nc, multiple FM/BGbg)
by Nialos Leaning

a "Little Boys Shouldn't Be So Modest" Festival story
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* * *

This story is inspired in part by "The Little Boys Shouldn't
Be So Modest" stories by Sir Cum Sizemore available on my
site at www.asstr.org/~nialos/sizemore.html and by
the boy spanking stories of Jeffrey R. Keller found at the
Male-Male Spanking Archive at www.malespank.net

This story uses some concepts from those stories, but also
incorporates many elements not found in those programs in
order to meet the community's desire to "take back control"
and to lessen their boys' excessive false modesty.  The
characters, settings, situations and overall plot of this
story are all vastly different than those in the stories of
Messrs. Sizemore and Keller.

* * *                    

Taking Back Control Part 1
by Nialos Leaning

a "Little Boys Shouldn't Be So Modest" Festival story

"Please, mom," pleaded twelve year old Josh Myers, "can't
you stay in the waiting room like always?"  The preteen was
embarrassed by the thought of his mother being in the exam
room with him, knowing from past experience that Dr.
Chambers would make him remove his gown and drop his
underpants for a genital exam.

"No I can't," said his mother, "the doctors have a new
policy that a parent must be in the room with kids under
fifteen.  Besides, little boys shouldn't be so modest."

"Yes, they should," hotly retorted Josh "and I'm not a
little boy!"

"No, they shouldn't," responded his mom, "and yes you are.
Besides, who's in charge here, who makes the rules?"

"You, and the adults do," meekly replied the already crying
boy, parroting what he'd been repeatedly taught over the
last month.  A month during which parents, teachers,
coaches, aunts, uncles, neighbors, other adults, even the
TV, radio and newspapers, had been constantly warning kids
that starting today, "everything's changed now" and "the
rules aren't the same anymore."

"That's right, I'm in control, not you," Mrs. Myers affirmed
the new community wide effort by parents, teachers and other
adults of "taking back control" from their "out of control"

"Yeah, mom, I know," said the dejected boy.  He could not
help but know.  If the lessons of the last month weren't
enough to impart the message, there was a poster right there
in the waiting room reinforcing that message.  A poster
reminding him that the "rules aren't the same anymore" and
that adults made those rules, rules which had to be obeyed,
or else.  Such posters and flyers were everywhere, schools,
malls, recreation centers, playgrounds, stores, restaurants,
utility poles, even on buses and taxicabs.

Over and over, kids were being warned of the consequences
for defying adult control or breaking the rules.  Josh
blushed, remembering some of the possible penalties for "not
toeing the line" as one of his teachers put it or "not
getting with the program" as his police officer dad put it.
Just his luck, the day of his annual physical was day one of
everything changing and the rules not being the same.  Why
couldn't today be his ten year old sister Julie's
appointment instead of his?  

As a nurse escorted Josh and his mother from the waiting
room, he was startled out of his reverie as he spotted a
naked girl, about ten years old, being led by her father and
another nurse toward the door to the waiting room.

"We'll just measure your height and weight, then we're be
ready for the doctor," said the nurse.  

"Okay," said the blushing girl in a low voice, obviously
reluctant to go through the door, but not resisting her
father's gentle push into the room full of waiting patients
and parents.

Now Josh knew why the scale had been moved to the waiting
area and why the nurse hadn't had him get on it on their way
toward the exam area.  He had a very bad feeling that when
he was finally put on the scale he would be as naked as the
day he was born.  He vowed to himself "no way" was his body
going to be put on show for a bunch of strangers.  No way at
all.  He didn't care what the new rules about modesty said,
he wasn't going to do it, and no one, in control or not, was
going to make him.

His bad feeling grew to near panic when they went by the
open door of an exam room.  In the room stood a furiously
blushing boy of about fourteen, completely naked, boner
pointing toward the ceiling.  A boy he couldn't help
noticing that unlike him had a bush of pubic hair topping
dick and balls much, much bigger than his own.  Sitting near
the boy was his mother and smirking sister, who appeared to
be about twelve years old.

"I don't know what you're smirking about," said the mother
to her daughter, "it's your turn next, and yes, your brother
will be there."

"Oh, no, mom, please, don't make me," pleaded the girl."

"I most certainly will," responded the mother.  "You know
very well that starting today modesty and privacy for kids
your age is a privilege, not a right.  I control your dress,
not you, just like I now control everything in your life.
Besides, being completely undressed for all parts of your
exam is the doctors' rules, not mine"

"Here we are," said the nurse, leading mother and son into a
room, leaving the door open.  A room in which the barely
moving Josh just knew shortly he would be bare for all to

"Josh," said the nurse, "you need to take everything off,
even your underpants."

Josh stood frozen for a few seconds before reacting.
"Where's the curtain, where's my gown?" he finally asked in
a breathless rush, hoping against hope.

"Oh," the nurse offhandedly replied, "we don't use those
things anymore now that everything's changed."

"I can't, I just can't, not with you two here," said the now
sobbing boy.

"Well, you have to," said Dr. Chambers, having stopped at
the open doorway upon hearing the commotion within.  "I
can't do a proper exam if you're dressed."

"Can't I just keep my underpants on and have a gown like
before?" asked Josh.

"No you can't," replied the doctor. "A well child exam, what
you're getting today, is supposed to be from head to toe,
unclothed.  You're not unclothed if you have your underwear
on, or for that matter, a gown.  Besides, little boys
shouldn't be so modest."

"I won't do it and I'm not a little boy!" shouted Josh.
"You're all bitches!" he yelled at the three women.

"You have two minutes to be naked, little boy," his now very
irate mother informed him, "or else. Now that the rules
aren't the same anymore, you're not too old for a bare
bottom spanking, which I'll let these two ladies, and every
lady in this office, take turns giving you."  That was one
of the changes, one of the rules that weren't the same
anymore.  Bare bottom spankings were encouraged as the
preferred punishment for misbehavior or defiance.

"You wouldn't dare," uncertainly replied the crying boy.

"Oh yes I would," answered his mom. "If you're not
completely undressed in two minutes, you'll find out just
how much I'll dare spank you.  Start stripping, right now!"

"Yes, mom," he meekly replied, beginning to hesitantly
remove his shirt.  Seeing that Josh was now complying,
although reluctantly, Dr. Chambers continued on to her
original destination, the room with the naked fourteen year
old boy.

Mrs Myers smiled at her son's submission to her control.  In
addition to helping cure the overly pervasive false modesty
prevalent among the current generation of kids, there was
another reason for giving control over modesty and privacy
to the adults.  It was simply just another way of saying
"I'm in charge here, not you."

"Mom, this is so embarrassing," lamented the blushing boy as
he began removing his shoes and socks.

"Too bad," was her tart reply.  "As to your disrespect and
giving us a hard time about the doctor's rules, we'll let
the Community Support Center people handle that.

As he started unbuckling his belt and unsnapping his jeans,
Josh blanched.  He was in trouble, bad trouble.  CSC was the
new agency, that now that everything's changed, parents,
schools and courts could send kids for punishment.  
Punishment much worse, much more embarrassing, than simply
being naked at the doctor's office.  Punishment much more
painful than any spanking his mom could give.  Josh blushed
deeply red thinking of some of the things CSC could make him
do.  In the last month, he'd had several classes at school
where it was explained in explicit detail, including slide
shows and videos, just what those things were.

When the two minutes elapsed, the shaking Josh was down to
his undies.  No matter how hard he willed himself, he just
wasn't able to pull them down.  Exasperated, his mother
swiftly pulled the last vestige of modesty off of the now
thoroughly crying, thoroughly blushing boy.

"That's going to cost you a spanking, little boy," mother
cooly informed son, deliberately staring directly at his
hairless genitals.  Genitals consisting of a penis a little
under two inches long nestled on a small, but noticeable,
pillow of balls, balls that clearly had began growing.
Mother noted that his penis, while still child sized, was
definitely longer and fatter than when she last saw it when
he was ten.  As were his balls, which, while also still
small, no longer were hidden by his penis.

As Josh feared, he was marched naked to the scale in the
waiting room.  And, as he feared, his dreaded exam was
indeed embarrassing, especially the genital exam that the
doctor seemed to take much longer than usual to do.  And,
then, it got much worse.

"Mrs. Myers, if you come up here," invited Dr. Chambers,
"I'll show you how to do a proper genital exam."

Josh's protests to the contrary, following the doctor's
guidance, his mother was soon feeling up his private parts
for herself.

"You should check them once a week, Julie's too, preferredly
just after they've bathed or showered.  Just have them come
down nude to wherever you are at the time."

"No, no," once more protested Josh.  "I don't want her
touching my privates.  I don't want Julie seeing them."

"Well, your mom has to," replied his pediatrician, "it's for
your own good to make sure everything's all right down

"Couldn't it least be in private?" bargained the boy.

"Josh," snapped the doctor, "you know perfectly well you
have no right to privacy and modesty.  That's for adults to
decide, not you.  And, besides, like I've already told you,
little boys shouldn't be so modest."

"If I want Julie to see you naked, she will," his mom added
insult to injury.  "And, if it makes you feel any better
about it, yes, you'll see her naked sometimes, too."  Under
other circumstances, Josh would have been elated at that bit
of news, but in his present condition, it did nothing to
make him feel any better.

"And I know," added the doctor, "that you were taught in
school why kids no longer have any modesty rights."

"Tell us the reason," demanded his mom.

"Because, because," stammered the blushing Josh, reciting by
rote, "kids today are too shy about their bodies, covering
up when not necessary or sensible."

"It's called false modesty," said Dr. Chambers.

"And," prompted his mother.

"It's not healthy for them to be that way about their
bodies," answered the furiously blushing Josh, knowing that
was precisely the way he was about his own body.

"Exactly," agreed Dr. Chambers, "It's not healthy for your
development.  That's why we changed the rules here at our

Deciding to test her son, Mrs. Myers asked him, "Josh what
other rules about modesty have changed?"

Blushing to even be talking about it, the naked boy
responded, "Parents and adults taking care of us can make us
be naked in private places anytime they like."

"What kind of private places?" prompted his mom.

"At home and at other people's houses, both inside and in
the yard," the boy hesitantly answered, hesitant to voice
what he knew his mom already knew.  He was afraid that by
admitting he knew the rule, she would invoke it on him.

"What about in public?" inquired Dr. Chambers, deciding it
would be good to have Josh acknowledge that indeed she and
her colleagues could make him parade nude all over their

"In places where it makes sense," he recited from rote.

"Like where?" prompted the good doctor.

"Swimming pools, beaches, school showers, trying on new
clothes at the store," came the memorized reply.

What about at the doctor's, like now?" persisted the
persistent pediatrician.

"Yeah, here too," he very reluctantly admitted.

"Where else?" deliberately inquired his mom, noticing how
embarrassing Josh was finding this naked exam of another

"They didn't tell us where else," Josh replied, "only that
there were some other public places where we were also
allowed to be naked."

"And, who can make you be naked in allowed places?" Dr.
Chambers took the inquest back over from Mrs. Myers.

"The adults in charge of those places make the rules,"
answered Josh.

"Like the doctors in this office?" Dr. Chambers pressed her

"Yes," came the meek reply.

"Josh," asked his mother, already knowing the answer, "in
those places, is there anyone who can make you be naked even
if the rules don't require it?"

"Yes," was Josh's very reluctant answer, "parents or
whoever's watching us."

Mrs. Myers smiled, knowing that she and Dr. Chambers had
just very pointedly demonstrated their control over Josh and
his body.  Satisfied with his answers, the women turned back
from testing his knowledge of the new "no modesty" regime to
continuing his medical exam.  Just when Josh thought the
exam couldn't get anymore embarrassing, it did.

"Josh," asked Dr. Chambers, "when you masturbate, play with
your penis, does anything come out?"

Blushing beet red, Josh stammered out an incoherent

"Answer the doctor," demanded his mom.

"No ma'am, I don't make anything yet," the thoroughly
humiliated boy answered in a low voice.

"That's not unusual," reassured the doctor, "for a boy as
early into puberty as you."

"Yeah, I know," muttered Josh, "that's what our sex ed book
says, too."

"Now, Josh," continued his pediatrician, "masturbation is
normal and healthy for young boys like you. Right now, I
need you to face your mom and me and masturbate till you
reach orgasm."

"No way," shouted the flustered flushing boy, "no way I'm
doing that!"      

"Josh," Dr. Chambers patiently explained to her patient,
"it's important that we know that everything down there
works correctly.  The only way for us to know that is to see
you masturbate."

"Do it little boy," loudly ordered his mom.  "You already
have a spanking coming, you don't want me adding another
one.  CSC will have something to say about this, too, I'm

Seeing no other choice, the hapless red faced Josh began
jerking off for his doctor and his mother, the nurse having
long departed to attend to other duties.  Slowly, ever so
reluctantly, his thumb and forefinger rubbed up and down his
small dick.

"Faster," demanded Dr. Chambers.

"Do it right," admonished his mom, "I know you know how."

Josh picked up the pace, putting on a show for the two
women.  Before long, his feet were tapping the floor, his
body shuddering, his throat moaning, as an intense dry cum
overtook him.

"Very good," Dr. Chambers congratulated the crimson faced
boy, a few tears lightly falling from his eyes.

"Josh, from now on, whenever you have an orgasm, a cum as
some of you kids say," said his mom, deciding to exert some
of her newly empowered control, "I want you to loudly
announce that you're cumming.  I don't care who's around or
where you are, if you're not loud enough for others to hear
you, it's a spanking and a trip to CSC."    

"Excellent idea," commented Dr. Chambers.

"No it's not, it's a bad idea!" shouted the crying Josh.

"That's going to cost you young man," his mom responded to
his outburst.  "Start jerking off right now, and when you
cum this time, they better hear you all the way out in the
waiting room."

Once more, the completely humiliated Josh found himself
playing with his little dick for the amusement of the two

"I would suggest," suggested Dr. Chambers, "that once a week
you have him, and for that matter, Julie, masturbate in
front of the family.  That way, you can tell if their sex
parts are functioning normally, or if a problem has

Josh badly wanted to protest this latest doctor's order, but
fearing the consequences, wisely held his tongue.  In any
event, of more immediate concern to him was his rapidly
approaching orgasm, an orgasm which he knew was only seconds
away.  He didn't know if he'd have the courage to announce
his shame to the entire office.

"Oh, I going to do one better than that," said Mrs. Myers,
deciding to use one of the possible "showing who's in
charge" techniques mentioned in the special parents' classes
CSC conducted over the past month.  While the kids were
learning in school that "everything's changed, the rules
aren't the same anymore" the parents had been learning from
CSC about "taking back control" and "showing who's in

"What?" was all Josh could croak out, his orgasm about to
break over him.

"From now on," his mother laid down the new rule, "you, and
your sister, have no privacy for masturbation.  You can only
masturbate in front of others, and only after asking
permission of the adult in charge, like dad, me, a teacher
or a coach.  You no longer have control over that."

"No, no," protested Josh just before his orgasm took hold.

Ignoring her son, mom continued, "if both a man and woman
are in charge, you have to ask the oppositive sex adult.
And, you have to be completely naked when you ask."

"No, no," Josh croaked out again.

Continuing to ignore his protest, she added, "And, since the
new laws permit parents to do so, we'll have one more
masturbation rule.  Anyplace you can be legally naked in
private, like at home or the front yard, either me, dad, or
any other adult taking care of you, like a babysitter, can
order you, or your sister for that matter, to masturbate.
You have to get naked first, if you're not already.  We can
also do this anytime and anyplace you're naked as part of a
punishment, even in public.  Dad and I will sort out later
the limits, if any, on number of times in a day that can

Josh very much wanted to voice his objection, but just as he
opened his mouth, his second dry cum of the day took control
of his body.  Fortunately for him, the only thing to come
out of his mouth was a very loud scream of "I'm cumming!"
Unfortunately for him, a family was at that very instant
going through the door from the waiting room to the exam
area.  His voice very clearly and distinctly carried through
the open door to all the ears waiting in the waiting area,
young and old, male and female.              

"Excellent, Josh" mother brightly complimented son, "you
remembered your rule."

Exam finally finished, despite his ongoing protests, Josh
found himself being propelled still naked out to the waiting
room.  The red faced boy was convinced that everyone in the
room knew it was him who had shouted out he was cumming.  In
the crowded room, a naked eight year old boy was being
weighed.  An equally naked blushing eleven year old girl,
hands held behind her back by her mother, was standing not
so stoically nearby, waiting her turn on the scale.

"I promised you a spanking, and a spanking's what you're
going to get," Josh's mom loudly proclaimed for all to hear.

And, so it was, the straggling boy quickly placed over his
determined mother's lap to receive a furious flurry of fanny
flattening hand spanks on his bare bottom.  When she
released the loudly crying red bottomed boy, he immediately
launched into a vigorous dance of foot hopping and bottom
rubbing, to the amusement of the onlookers, especially the
other children.  While Josh continued his desperate banshee
shrieking performance, his mom made and completed a phone
call to CSC.

"Okay, little boy," she finally said, hand on his shoulder,
firmly walking him toward the front door, "time to go home."

"Mom," he screamed, "my clothes!"

"You were just spanked, you don't need clothes for the next
twenty-four hours," she nonchalantly replied, "except your
shoes and socks."

Putting on his footwear, Josh groaned at his mom imposing
another change.  Kids could be spanked naked, anywhere,
anytime.  And then kept naked for up to twenty-four hours,
anyplace, public or private.  Even in those public places
where they usually weren't allowed to be naked, CSC
permission not required.

"Good thing your doctor's appointment was for after school
or you would be spending the rest of the day there naked."

"What about school tomorrow," he asked, "will I have to be

"I don't know yet," replied his mother, "your CSC
appointment is for nine o'clock tomorrow morning, it depends
on how I feel and what they make you do."

* * *

Josh's naked evening at home was absolutely horrid,
especially when his little penis would grow hard for no
apparent reason.  The only saving grace was that Julie also
spent part of the evening nude, although for much less time
than him.

His mom declared that bath time was now earlier, right
before dinner, unless told otherwise.  After bathing, each
child had to report completely bare, not even wearing a
towel, to a parent for inspection and approval of their

His dad made a rule that whenever bath time, or more
accurately in Josh's case, shower time, was announced, the
kids had to immediately completely undress in whatever room
they were in at the time.  He then called for bath time.
Julie, showing more common sense than Josh had at Dr.
Chamber's office, avoided a spanking and trip to CSC by
complying even as she protested.

Julie went to her bath first, giving Josh only a few minutes
of seeing her naked.  When she returned, after a cursory
inspection by her mother, she was given her next rule.
After bathing and inspection, she had to remain naked until
given permission to put on her nightgown.  Permission which,
upon her request, Mr. Myers immediately granted his
daughter.  While the naked Josh was disappointed to see his
sister covering up so quickly, he smiled anticipating that
once his punishment period was over, he wouldn't be naked at
home as much as he had feared.

When he returned for his inspection, his hopes for future
home modesty were quickly dashed.  He already knew that he
had to remain naked tonight and part of tomorrow, but his
new after bath rule ensured that he would be naked all
night, every night.

"Josh," said his mother, "after you bathe, you're no longer
to wear pajamas or anything else.  You are to remain naked,
including dinner and family time, until Dad or I give you
permission to dress the next morning."

"Of course," added dad, "if we're going someplace with you,
or you have permission from us to go someplace, you can wear
clothes unless under punishment."

Josh's protests to this unequal treatment of the sexes was
quickly dismissed by his mother.  "Girls need more modesty
than boys.  Besides Julie still has to be naked from bath
time till we tell her she can put something on, as well as
whenever she's under punishment, and, of course,  for those
things we discussed with Dr. Chambers."  Julie wasn't happy
about learning what those things were, but again wisely kept
her protests from meriting a spanking and trip to CSC.

* * *

The next morning, a naked blushing Josh found himself
walking with his mom toward the city bus stop for the trip
to CSC.  Spending last evening and this morning naked in
front of his parents and Julie was embarrassing enough, but
this was much more so.
When they were about a half block away, a bus went by.  "I
told you to hurry," snapped his mom, snapping a stinging
slap to his bare bottom.  "Now we're have to wait almost
another fifteen minutes.  Good thing I allowed extra time."

"Sorry mom," Josh mumbled an apology, "this is so hard for
me to do, being out here like this."

"Well," said his mom, brightening, "I know something else
that's going to be hard."

"What's that?" asked the suddenly scared boy.

"Your little dickie," replied Josh's in control mother.  

"What?" Josh started to question.

"From now till the next bus comes," mother interrupted son,
"You're to masturbate.  I don't care how many orgasms you
have, but if you forget to announce even one, you'll be
masturbating on the bus all the way to CSC."

"No way, mom," the crying Josh loudly protested, "I can't do
that here, anyone can see me."

"I didn't ask you," calmly replied his mom, "I told you.
And who's in charge here, you or me?"

"You are," Josh reluctantly acknowledged.

"Well, then, get to it," ordered Mrs. Myers.  "You don't
want me to add a refusal to your CSC list, do you?"

"No mom," the sobbing boy responded, "but won't we get
arrested by the cops?"

"Of course not," answered his mom. "You're on punishment, so
I can make you be naked here. Didn't I tell you yesterday
that the law is that anyplace you're allowed to be naked for
punishment, I, dad,  or whoever's taking care of you can
make you masturbate?"

"Yes, mom," replied Josh, hands making no effort to go
toward his privates.

"What's against the law is your not following orders, so get
on with it," ordered the gloating mother, gloating over the
control she now had legal authority to exert over her errant

Seeing no other option, Josh for the first time ever outside
began publically pounding his little dick for any and all to
see.  By the time the bus arrived, he had dry cum three
times.  Fortunately for him, despite his acute embarrassment
and humiliation, he managed to loudly announce each one.  He
never in his life thought he'd be glad to get on a bus
naked, but that morning he certainly was.

* * *

At the Community Support Center, while his mom was at a
parents' meeting, Josh waited in a room with seven other
kids, five boys and two girls.  Two of the boys, like him,
were naked.

"Hey," said the oldest boy, a naked fourteen year old,
"what's your story?"

Josh quickly relayed his tale of woe and then asked the
naked teen, "What about you?"

"I'm on the swim team at our local pool," the boy started to
explain.  "Yesterday, the pool announced a new rule that
kids under fifteen had to be nude, even for team

"Yeah," chimed in the other naked boy, an eleven year old,
"they've finding lots of places to make us be naked, I hate

"Me, too," continued the naked teen.  "I argued and
protested that I'm almost fifteen and shouldn't have to be
naked, especially with girls around."

"Does no good to argue," ventured Josh, "my mom made me
strip for the doctor anyway."

"So I found out," the teen resumed his tale of his bare
tail.  "When I absolutely refused, the coach called my
parents.  My dad came down with a police officer friend of
his, a Sergeant Myers, Tom Myers."

"Hey, that's my dad," a surprised Josh informed the room.

"No wonder you're naked now," said the older boy.

"I told you," responded Josh, "that this is my mom's doing.
But I know my dad's all for it, too."

"Tell me about it," said the teen.  "Between my dad and your
dad, they had me out of my bathing suit in no time, and both
took turns spanking my butt good."

"My mom's bad enough," said Josh, "sure hope I don't get to
feel my dad's spanks."

"They hurt bad, let me tell you," said the teen.  "After the
spanking, my dad invoked the twenty-four hour naked rule,
your dad suggested CSC."

"Yeah, he would," appraised Josh, "he's real big about
getting with the program, as he calls it."

"Well, anyway, my dad agreed with yours, and here I am, in
all my glory for all the world to see."

"Me, too," agreed Josh.  "Hey," Josh added almost as an
afterthought, "if our dads know each other, than shouldn't
we?  I'm Josh."

"And I'm Ryan," the naked fourteen year old responded.  

"Hey, kid, what did you do to be here?" Josh asked the naked
eleven year old.

"And what's your name?" asked Ryan.

"I'm Cody," answered the youngest of the naked trio.  "I
didn't want to get naked at the store."

"They can't make you do that," said Ryan.

"Yes they can," responded Cody, "if you're trying on

"That's what they told us at my school," commented Josh.
"So, what happened to you, anyway?"

"I was with my mom to buy new school clothes, which she
wanted me to try on, both pants and shirts."

"No big deal, just use the changing room, and ask her to
wait outside," commented Ryan.

"If his mom's like mine, she'd probably say no to waiting
outside," observed Josh.

"Didn't matter if she would or wouldn't," said Cody, "there
were no dressing rooms in the boys department, just a
platform with some benches and a thing for hanging clothes

"Uh oh," said Josh, anticipating what was to come.

"Being in your underpants in public is embarrassing,"
conceded Ryan, "but what does that have to do with getting

"Because," Cody responded, "she also wanted me to try on the
new underwear she was buying."

"Which you wouldn't do," guessed Josh, "so she stripped you,
spanked you, and here you are."

"Exactly what happened," confirmed Cody.

Josh was dying to know if any of the other kids, both the
naked and dressed ones, had been made to jerk off in public
like he had.  Before he could pose his embarrassing inquiry,
the adults, and some accompanying not under punishment
siblings, entered the room.

* * *

"Good morning everyone," said a smartly dressed woman taking
a seat at the desk at the front of the room.  "I'm Mrs.
Durkle, your Discipline Officer this morning."

A distinguished looking gentleman, his sideburns showing
touches of grey, took a seat next to the desk.

"This gentleman is Judge Forbes," the Discipline Officer
introduced the judge.  "He's chief justice of county
juvenile court.  His honor has the honor of signing the
first punishment orders ever to be issued here at CSC."

"They're going to be collector items," joked the judge. "You
parents may want to frame them and hang them up in your
living room."  The laughing parents found this comment
hilarious; the soon to be CSC punished kids didn't, a few
already crying.

"I also suggest," added Mrs. Durkle, "you take lots of
photos of your kids under punishment and put them around
your homes.  Maybe even give their schools some for their
bulletin boards."

"But," asked Cody's father, an avid photographer, "won't we
get in trouble if they show what's between their legs?"

"Not at all," reassured Judge Forbes, "the law's been
changed so that as long as their being naked is legal and
whatever they're doing or having done to them is legal,
photos and videos of that are also legal.  Even if you
decide to put it on a family web site or otherwise share it
on the Internet.  Even if it's published in a newspaper or
magazine, or for that matter, you blow it up large size on a
billboard alongside the highway. Or even if shown at the
local movie theater."

"What about," enquired Josh's mother, "if they're having,
you know, an orgasm at the time?"

"Perfectly acceptable," said the judge. "If making them have
the orgasm is legal, than so are photos and videos of that

Mrs. Myers mind was clicking away at the possibilities.
Both she and Tom were subscribing to the theory that in
order to rid Josh of his extreme unhealthily false modesty
and instill a healthy sense of time and place appropriate
modesty, they had to first completely strip him of all
modesty and body privacy, then slowly build toward an
acceptable "little boys shouldn't be so modest" level.    

Parental cameras now photographing and videoing away, one
after another, the eight misbehavers had to in turn stand in
front of the room, facing the audience, while their cases
were discussed.  The ten year old twins, a boy and a girl,
who objected to their parents new rules that they take their
baths together and afterwards were to only wear short tee
shirts that left their privates exposed.  The thirteen year
old boy who refused to take a naked group shower after gym
class, despite his school's new rule making it mandatory to
do so.  The thirteen year old girl from the same school who
had also refused to shower.  Another ten year old boy who
adamantly refused his mother's orders to strip off his
bathing suit at a local park's lakeside beach, despite there
being a few other naked kids, all boys, on the sand.

Josh, Ryan and Cody all had their turn in the spotlight.
All three naked boys knew better than to try to hide their
privates from the onlookers, they had all learned in school
what the very unpleasant consequences would be for covering
up, or even trying.

As each child's situation was individually, and in the
twins' case, jointly, reviewed, the respective parents told
their side of the story, and for the two thirteen year old
shower resisters, their gym teachers.  After the adults
involved with a particular child had their say, that child
had a chance to offer a rebuttal.  None could come up with a
justifiable reason for their defiance.  The argument that "I
didn't want to be naked" was not considered an acceptable

Josh found the discussion of his transgressions especially
embarrassing.  His mom went into great detail about all her
new masturbation rules, or "jerking off" rules as she now
called them.  And about his initial reluctance and protests
about following them, as well as his hesitation at the bus
stop earlier today.  

"I like your ideas," said Ryan's mother.  Looking her naked
son directly in the eyes, she informed him, "Young man, you
now have the exact same jerking off rules as Josh."

"So do you two," the twins' mother told her two, their
father nodding in approval.

That goes for you, too, Cody," said his father.

In the end, all six boys were put under "Josh's Jerking Off"
rules, including announcing cums, as well as the ten year
old girl twin.  The only one not being subjected, at least
yet, was the thirteen year old girl.

Once all eight cases were presented, Mrs. Durkle began
rendering her decisions.  "It is clear," she declared, "that
all eight of you have defied your parents control over you
and their legitimate orders for you to be naked."

"In every case," chimed in Judge Forbes, "those orders were
perfectly legal and you therefore were required to follow

"Without hesitation or protest," continued the Discipline
Officer.  "Your modesty is under your parents control, and
when appropriate, that of  other adults like teachers and
doctors.  If they want you naked, you get naked, period, end
of the story, no discussion, no debate."

"That's sick, I hate this whole control thing," said the
thirteen year old boy.

"Well," responded Mrs. Durkle, "no one asked you.  Adults
decide, you obey. Got it?"

"Yes, ma'am," the boy replied, a few tears escaping his

"Now," ordered Discipline Officer Durkle, pointing to the
twins and the other ten year old boy, "I want you three to
go to your parents, who are going to undress you.  You will
not resist in any way. You will not remove any of your
clothes yourself.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," the three tens responded.

"You two," she continued, indicating the two thirteens, "are
to go to your teachers to be stripped, same rules as the
others."  Both teens found this process exceedingly
embarrassing, as fate had it that the boy's teacher was
female, and the girl's male.

"While under CSC punishment," Mrs. Durkle concluded this
portion of her sentencing, "you've lost the privilege of
dressing and undressing yourself, someone else has to do it
for you, incluidng putting on and taking off your shoes and

Soon, eight, instead of three, naked kids stood facing their
audience, hands behind heads as instructed.  

"You are to remain naked at all times and all places all the
while you're under CSC punishment," instructed the
Discipline Officer.

"What of it gets cold out?" asked Josh, knowing without a
doubt that even without punishment his parents were certain
to have him going around naked a lot of the time.

"We don't want anyone getting sick just because they're
being punished," answered Mrs. Durkle.  "You can always wear
shoes and socks, unless made to take them off for a
spanking, or you're told to when inside."

"Yeah, but that won't keep us warn," commented Ryan.

"If it gets a little chill, you can always put on a shirt.
Right now, it still warm outside, you shouldn't need to do
that.  But just so you know, in case you find yourself
having to be naked during cooler times of the year, the
colder it gets, the more you can wear outside.  Sweatshirts,
jackets, heavy coats.  You can even wear long socks that
come up no higher than a little over your knees.  But, in
those cases, it all comes off as soon as you're indoors."

"What about pants?" asked a hopeful Cody.

"No, not allowed," replied Officer Durkle.  "If you're
supposed to be naked, no mater how cold it is, everything
from an inch or so above your knees to just below your belly
button has to be uncovered.  Your genitals and bottoms have
to be exposed and on display.  Also, regardless of the
weather, you have no say in what you can or can't wear,
that's for your parents or other adults in charge of you to

"What about possible frostbite?" asked one of the mothers.

"In winter, It usually doesn't get much more than a few
degrees below freezing around here, and that's mostly at
night. More nights than not, it stays above freezing.  Snow
happens, but only once or twice a season.  Frostbite of
their little parts shouldn't be a problem."

"What about that cold snap we had last year?" a curious
father questioned. "Some nights, it got down to single

"I'm sure," replied Mrs. Durkle, "if it gets that cold we
devise ways to keep their 'no cover up' areas both exposed
and protected."        

With all this talk of being naked in the winter, the
thirteen year old boy grew ever more nervous.  "Just how
long do you have to stay naked for this punishment?"

"Normally for first timers like you, I would give you five
days.  But as the changes are so new and everyone's still
adjusting to them, I'm going to go easy and give you only
two days.  Today's Friday, your punishment ends at this time
Sunday morning."

The kids all moaned at this news, not wanting to be naked on
a Saturday.

"But," continued the officer, "if you are brought back here
for any reason within the next year, you're going to be
naked and punished for at least ten days."

Mrs. Durkle waited a few seconds for this news to sink in,
and then continued imposing punishment.  "I went you six
boys to start playing with your dicks till they're hard. And
then keep playing with them until I say you can stop.  You
girls do the same with your pussies and nipples.  I want
those dicks pointing out and up, and those clits poking out
for all to see."

"What," protested Ryan, "I can't do that in front of these

"Yes you can," replied Mrs Durkle, "and you will or I'll
spank you right here, right now, and then you still will.
Since this is a community effort to improve behavior and
obedience, when under CSC punishment your privates and all
your body for that matter, are no longer private property,
but always community property."

"What does that mean?" asked the twins' father, already
knowing the answer but wanting it made crystal clear to his
two little misbehavers.

"Anyone can either directly do anything they went to that
community property, or order the community property to do
anything," explained the Discipline Officer.  Looking at the
eight naked masturbating kids, she admonished, "that means
that If someone tells you to jerk off, you do so,
immediately.  If they want to jerk you off, you let them.
Whatever they want, you do.  If they want you to jerk off
another community property kid, or give that kid a blow job,
or do anything else to community property, you better do it.
You don't want to find out what happens if you refuse."

"When I punish him, can I also make him community property?"
Asked Josh's mother.

"Sure can," Judge Forbes once more provided the legal
situation.  "Whenever a parent or other adult punishes a
child, they can make that child community property, but
don't have to.  Unlike CSC punishments, they can also set
limits to what can and can't be done to that community

"What if someone wants to cut my wiener off?" the crying
Cody asked, remembering when he was younger something two
older boys threatened to do to him if he didn't stop
pestering them.

"They can't cut anything off, do any permanent damage, or
cause serious injury requiring medical treatment," the judge
interjected the legal aspects.  

"What's considered serious?" asked one of the parents.

"It's serious," clarified the chief justice, "if it actually
requires as a necessity either being in the hospital
overnight or surgery of any kind, stitches, extensive
bandaging, a cast, sling, wound irrigation, or other such
medical treatments.  Key determinate is whether it was
actually medically necessary, not if it was done or not.
That's to keep people from seeking or giving unnecessary
treatment just to claim serious injury and get someone in

"Guess I can't give the canings I was planning for these
two," said the father of the twins.  "That could leave cuts
and welts, maybe even a little bleeding."

"And what about my paddle leaving purple bruises?" asked the
father of the thirteen year old boy.

"None of that's likely to meet the criteria for serious
injury," replied the judge.  "Even if a doctor, or someone
else, gives plaintive treatment for pain, comfort, or to
reduce swelling."

"I was thinking of some genital punishment," said Josh's
mother, to his dismay. "You know, spank his little dick and

"Highly recommended," said Mrs. Durkle, "especially for
trying to cover up, for disobeying any of your masturbation
rules, or not sharing his community property with others."

"Exactly the reasons I have in mind," replied Mrs. Myers.

"Judge, she can't do that, can she?" asked the panicking

"She sure can," Judge Forbes cheerfully replied.  "A few
nicks and cuts, and some swelling doesn't matter.  As long
as you don't need to be in the hospital or have your
genitals operated on, she's going to be within the law."    

The legal limitations established, Mrs. Durkle finished up
imposing her first punishments under the community wide
"taking back control" effort.

"Speaking of spankings," she told the masturbating red faced
naked youngsters, "each morning, today, tomorrow, and
Sunday, you're getting a public spanking, the first one in
twenty minutes, at the little park across the street.

Just as this bombshell was dropped, Josh experienced his
second dry cum since Mrs. Durkle had ordered all dicks hard.
All the boys, except the two teens, who somehow had so far
managed to avoid doing so at all, had now cum at least
twice, both of the tens three times, dry like Josh.  Both
girls had also cum three times.  Before Josh finished his
orgasm, the older girl came again, which finally set off
both Ryan and the thirteen year old boy, each shooting off
strong pent up loads.

"Josh," admonished his mom, "that's the second time in
fifteen minutes you've cum without announcing it."

"Sorry mom," he blushingly apologized, "I didn't think I had
to here.  And no one else announced theirs, either."

"Didn't I tell you yesterday," asked his mother, "that
anytime, anyplace, no matter who's around, you announce your
cums, every time?"

"Yes, mom," the boy abjectly answered.  

"I think a little extra spanking on a little something of
yours is in order when we get to the park," mother told
devastated son.

"That can be arranged," affirmed Mrs. Durkle.

As they left the room, Ryan's mom told him, "I didn't hear
you announce your cum either, so you're also getting a
little something extra down there."

* * *

When they had first arrived at the CSC, Josh had noticed the
workmen in the park across the street.  Now as he and the
others entered the park, he saw what they had been building.
Spanking machines, four of them, arranged in a row.  Each
machine had two parallel vertical poles, supporting a height
adjustable padded horizontal bar.  Set a little in front of
each frame were two shorter vertical poles, also height
adjustable.  Atop these poles sat a small motor.  From each
motor extended a flexible rod.  Attached to the end of each
rod was a four tailed thin leather strap of some kind.  Josh
couldn't help noticing the tight hard looking knot at the
end of each tail.  Set a little behind each frame was a
somewhat strange looking chair, armless and with the seat
and back tilted backwards.

Bleachers had been erected, now almost full.  To his utter
distress, he spotted his home room teacher and class among
the spectators.  Immediately his hands flew to cover his
hard dick and balls.

"Hands away, this instant," demanded his mother.

"That's costing you an extra day of CSC punishment," stated
Mrs. Durkle.

"And," added Josh's mom, "for each of your spankings here at
the park, I want that little something extra added."

"Will do," verified the smiling Discipline Officer.

Cody ended up with the same fate as Josh, having also
covered up upon spotting his own class up in the stands.  In
fact, the classmates of all eight of the naked kids had been
bused in for this first public show of the price to be paid
for defying adult control and rules.

When all was sorted out, four boys were due for a "little
something extra" with their spankings.  Ryan, and the
reluctant ten year old beach stripper, named Jesse, for not
announcing their cums.  Josh and Cody for not announcing
their cums and for covering up.  The parents of the three
other kids subject to "Josh's Jerking Off Rules" decided to
go easy this first time, but gave dire warnings that in the
future their would be no reprieves if they forgot to let the
world know each time they were cumming.

"We'll start with the four getting standard spankings," said
Mrs. Durkle.  "Usual dose is twenty lashes."

"But is that fair?" asked the twins concerned mother,
"they're not all the same size."

"The machine adjusts for height and weight," responded the
technician sitting at the control console.

After being weighed and measured, the first batch of four
found themselves positioned over the padded bars, legs
spread wide, anuses wide open and clearly showing.  Their
ankles and wrists were securely attached to moveable rings
set in the ground.  The ten year old twin boy was in the
frame all the way to the left, to his right was the thirteen
year old girl.  To her right the thirteen year old boy was
bent over, and to his right, anchoring the other end from
her brother, was the ten year old twin girl.  Both boys
balls prominently displayed between their legs, the teen's,
of course, much larger than the preteen's.  The top inch or
so of the thirteen year old's prick extended past his ball
sack.  The ten year old's dick was still small enough not to
show at all beyond his balls.

"Let the spankings begin," declared Judge Forbes.  And begin
they did.  The motors hummed, the straps whirled, four sets
of four tails lashed four bare bottoms.  The screams and
cries started with the first strike, and continued nonstop
thereafter.  Stoke after stroke impacted increasingly sore,
increasingly hot, increasingly red bare behinds.  Every
fifth stroke, a knot would land squarely on and a little in
each exposed asshole, eliciting each time ear shattering

Eventually all good things come to an end, and so did the
first ever public CSC spanking.  The four bare bottoms were
bright red, all sporting a few welts and the occasional
purple bruise.  All four kids were desperate to ease the
pain and burning in their bottoms, doing the dance of the
spanked as they furiously rubbed their stinging behinds.
They danced gingerly, finding any movement that caused their
bottom cheeks to rub together to be exceedingly
uncomfortable.  To the amusement of the onlookers, they
quickly discovered that the least painful method of
locomotion was a slow duck like waddle.

Now it was the turn of the four remaining boys, all due for
that little something extra.  The purpose of the strange
chairs quickly became clear as they were positioned under
the frames, the center bars now lowered to ground level.

Josh was the first to be placed, on the leftmost chair.  A
strap was pulled tight across his chest, preventing escape.
Next his legs were spread wide and back toward his head,
until his knees touched the seat back.  His arms were placed
behind the back of his knees.  Quickly his arms and legs
were secured together and to the seat back.  This all left
his bottom, wide open anus, and genitals elevated, exposed,
and in a most vulnerable position.

Before long, Ryan, Cody and Jesse were similarly situation.
"Since their parents," announced Mrs. Durkle, "requested a
little something extra, each boy will get twenty-four solid
smacks, starting now!"

And twenty-four solid smacks is what they each got.  Like
the first group, they loudly carried on from the first
burning stinging taste of the knotted tails.  On the fourth
stroke, what all four dreaded the most happened.  The tails
soundly landed directly on their helpless genitals, several
knotted ends horridly painfully hitting their defenseless
dicks, several agonizingly smashing their helpless balls.
The reactions were intense and immediate, terrible pain
rapidly radiating out from their struck parts, glass
shattering screams emitting from impossible to close
throats, violent shaking literally trying to move the chairs
out of harms way.  Before the boys could even begin to
recover from their agony, the fifth stroke landed.  As with
the first group, a knot solidly invaded their exposed
assholes, eliciting new screams of agony.  Thereafter, every
fourth strike wrecked havoc upon their ever sorer, ever
redder genitals; every fifth ravished their ever sorer, ever
redder back holes.

Once released from their terrible torment, the boys could do
nothing but writhe on the ground, hands firmly gripping
their abused boy parts.

"No covering up," demanded Mrs. Durkle, "you know better
than that."        

"If you don't let go," said a police officer standing
nearby, "we're have to cuff your hands behind your backs."
With a start, Josh realized the officer was his dad.

In the end, the two youngest, Jesse and Cody, crying
profusely, couldn't keep  their hands from soothing their
red and swollen genitals.  Sergeant Myers used plastic
disposable cuffs on both of them.  "When you're ready to
remove these," he told the two boys' parents and teachers,
you simply cut them off with a pair of scissors."

And, so began Josh's very first CSC imposed punishment, but
far from his last.  And, so began Josh's first embarrassing
and painful steps in his journey toward learning that
"little boys shouldn't be so modest."