Little Boys Shouldn't Be So Modest
Story Guidelines 

The premise of these stories is that parents, teachers, mental health and medical professionals, and other adults working with youth have become increasingly concerned over the unhealthy and excessively false modesty stubbornly and blindly adhered to by many boys. Adopting the theme of "little boys shouldn't be so modest," the adults devise strategies and policies designed to end this unhealthy trend.  The goal is to replace the boys' extreme modesty with a healthy sense of time and place appropriate modesty and a positive attitude about their bodies and their functions. What constitutes "time and place" appropriate modesty is entirely up to the author.

Other than including a forced public nudity component, how the "little boys shouldn't be so modest" message is implemented among the boys is entirely at the author's discretion.  This can range from being kept completely nude at all times to mandatory nudity in appropriate public places such as beaches, swimming pools and possibly some sports, to public nudity as part of a stepped up use of punishment, to displaying nude photos of the boys at home, school, or elsewhere, to whatever else techniques the author wishes.  Or any combination of methods that the author wants to use, listed above or not.  Also at author discretion, as a means of developing a comfort level and positive body image, touching, fondling, and sexual activity can be included, but is not required.

Stories may focus on one boy, several boys in a family, a group of neighborhood boys, boys in a particular grade or entire school, the entire community, or whatever "scope of universe" the author wishes.  While boys must always be a major part of the story, girls can also be included in the program.  Girls' involvement, however, should be to a much lesser extent and degree than the boys, based on the premise "that girls need to be more modest" in order to foster a sense of respect, mystery and authority.

As is likely in real life, the youngsters must find their initial experiences under the "little boys shouldn't be so modest" regime to be embarrassing and humiliating.  As time goes on, they can slowly grow more accepting and comfortable with the "new" modesty standard.

Other than as modified above, the usual story submission guidelines apply.

Please submit stories to and please note that it is a "Modest Boy" story.

"A red face, a red bottom,
a lesson well learned"