European Vacation - My Second Summer with Aunt Sue and the Girls
By Sir Cum Sizemore
copyright 2005 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY.  It contains
explicit  depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If
you are not of  a legal age in your locality to view such
material or if such  material does not appeal to you, do not
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The phone rang and my mother who was in the kitchen making
cookies or some such thing decided to use the speaker phone.
I was on my way out to play with a few of my friends who had
decided to have a sandlot game in an open area down the
street.  Wearing my now standard short shorts, white socks,
tennis shoes and new shirt which became my play uniform
since my parents relaxed the nudity plan, I stopped out of
my mother's sight to listen to the conversation.

"Hi, it's your sister, Sue. How are things going?"

"Hi Sue, everything's about what it has been all year."

"Is Jack still on display regularly?"

"No, we have been kind of lax about keeping him naked.  I
must admit, I give in to his pleadings much too easily.
Besides, he's rapidly approaching puberty and we have
decided to give him some more control over his modesty when
that event befalls him."

"Well, it's your decision.  The girls and I put in a whole
lot of effort to make him more accepting of his boyhood last
summer.  I just hate to think it was all for naught."

"No, he's really much better about being naked at home.  I
can actually walk in while he's bathing and brush my hair or
put on make-up.  He isn't very shy about walking into the
living room nude to ask us a question, even if the little
ones are in there.  He is timid around strangers though and
sometimes we have to be a little assertive on his backside
to get him to display himself in front of neighbors.  But,
all in all, he's improved somewhat."

"Listen, the reason I'm calling is to offer a refresher
course for him.  The girls and I are taking a two week trip
to Germany and it would be an ideal time to make him more
comfortable with his body.  You know the kids, especially
the little boys, there are often naked in public.  They swim
nude in the public fountains and romp naked in the parks.
It's all expected of children and more importantly perfectly
legal.  I just thought we'd take him with us and reintroduce
him to public exposure."

"You know it might be a good idea.  Let me discuss it with
Bill and I'll call you back.  There is another problem
though.  I told the kids that they would have a chance to
stay with you at the beach this year.  I told them each year
it would be a different child.  That may be a problem."

"Well, whose year is it?"


"How about I offer to take them both and then when we get
back, Jack can come home and Robin can finish out the summer
with us at the beach?   It'd be kind of good for Pam to have
a girl that close to her own age along.  If you and Bill are
concerned about the expense, don't be, I'm picking up the

"Oh we couldn't let you do that.  We can come up with the
money somehow.  You know neither of us has had a chance to
visit anywhere except Canada in our lifetime.  Giving the
kids that opportunity would be worth the expense."

"I know, but I also know you guys are up against a wall
financially.  Let me cover the expense of the trip.  Tom
left me more money than I can use in a lifetime.  Just let
me do this for you."

"I'll talk with Bill.  Tentatively you can count on it.
I'll call you back, tomorrow."

My thoughts were "Oh shit, another summer at the hands of
those nympho females.  I'm not going."

But to make a long story short, my mother and father agreed.
And my eleven year old sister and I were going to Europe.
On the other hand, my prepubescent genitals were a little
more mature this year and maybe they would leave me alone
and treat me like the semi-adult I was becoming.  My penis
was somewhat bigger and my testicles had obviously begun
their descent as my scrotum was looser and hung down below
my penis much more prominently.  Still no hair though.  But
there was something that came out when I played with it, but
I knew it wasn't a 'wad' as my friends called it.  

"Jack, Robin, come in here for a minute.  Daddy and I want
to talk with you."

My mind raced to, "Oh shit, here it comes.  Maybe they'll
offer us the option and I will opt out."

"Your Aunt Sue is taking your cousins to Europe for a few
weeks and she offered to take you two with her as well.  Dad
and I want you to go."

Robin screamed with excitement.  "Europe!  Wow!  I'll bet
the other kids at school haven't gone that far away.  When
are we leaving?"

"You'll be leaving next week," mom quickly responded with a
big smile, appreciating how excited my sister was.

I immediately, without hesitation of any kind, replied, "I
don't want to go. I want to stay here and spend the time
with my friends.  Besides, I have to stay with all girls and
I don't want that kind of boring summer.  I would rather
stay home."  Actually, that was only part of it.  I
remembered vividly the naked antics they put me through the
previous summer at Hampton Beach and I didn't want any part
of a sequel.

"We have never left the country except to go to Canada on a
couple of occasions and we think it would be a good learning
experience for you to see Europe."  My mother had turned to
reasoning with me.

"I don't want to go though.  I can go there when I grow up.
This summer, I just want to hang with Cliff, Alan and Joey."

"They'll be here when you get back, Jack.  We have decided
you will go with your Aunt and the girls to Europe.  That,
my young friend, is final.  Besides we have paid through the
nose to expedite your passport processing and they should be
here in the next few days."  My father had a way of ending
conversations very authoritatively.

I let out a grunt of exasperation and stomped off to my
room.  Robin ran around telling our other siblings before
leaving to tell all her friends.

When the day came to head to Europe, Aunt Sue and my two
bratty cousins arrived.  She was carrying a bag.  All I
could think of was the contents of the bags she brought home
from the screen printer's at the beach and I became very
leery about the whole affair.  She and my cousins hugged and
kissed my parents.  Robin immediately draped her arms around
my younger cousin Pam and they giggled and jumped up and
down.  I sulked.  Aunt Sue said, "Jack, the flight leaves in
three hours and we need to make sure we're out of here in an
hour to go through pre-flight check in.  Here, put these

I felt an immediate lump in my throat as I cautiously opened
the bag.  First out was a long sleeve, fairly ornamental
shirt.  It was kind of 'sissy' looking, but it was a shirt.
Then there was a pair of leather shorts.  They were really
on the short side and had leather suspenders which connected
at the chest with some kind of deer or elk carved on it.
The worst part was the shorts had a front flap rather than a
zipper.  My stare must have been quite telling as my Aunt
took the signal and announced, "Those are lederhosen.
Roughly translated 'leather pants'.  They are traditional
dress for German boys and during Oktoberfest men too.  I
thought it would be a great way of getting us into the
spirit of the culture.  I want you to wear them on the
flight.  Besides they show off those cute legs of yours.
Oh, when you put them on, don't wear underwear.  We want to
keep with the program we started last year, don't we?"

I distinctly remember the phrase, "Oh Shit!" coming to mind
at that.  We weren't over the whole public pubic area
thinking.  I knew objecting to going in the first place
would be countered by my overbearing father and/or mother,
but wearing this costume and subjecting myself to public
humiliation was not in the cards for me.  "Aunt Sue, I don't
want to have to run around naked all the time.  I didn't
like what happened to me last summer and I don't want the
same things this summer.  If you are going to make me be
naked all the time and turn me into public property, I don't
want to go."

"Jack, shame on you.  You apologize right now."

"No, Mom, I mean it."

"And so do I," she responded with an angry tone.

"See, Mary Ann, he's gone and lost the humiliation and his
respect went with it," Sue again interfered.

All of a sudden a large hand grabbed my arm, yanked my
shorts and underwear off.  Angrily my father threw me over
his knee and began pelting my naked butt with his well
toughened hand.  Slap after slap landed.  Each leaving a
stinging reminder I was not beyond control.  After five or
six such swats I was bawling very audibly.  In the distance
my cousins and sister, Robin, were watching.  Pam was
holding her hand over her mouth so as not to giggle and be
heard.  My younger siblings Ted and Amanda were watching
from a much closer vantage both with their mouths agape.  (I
think they had empathy each having been in the same position
on more than one occasion.)  When he had finished slapping
the fire out of my ass, he stood me up in my completely
naked state and said, "Now you do what your mother told you.
And if you ever defy her or your Aunt again, when I'm done
with my hand we'll all take the belt for a second round."
Remembering the drill I kept my hands from in front of my
dick and stood in front of Aunt Sue and apologized.  I was
again reminded of how I was to dress and I immediately

As I put on this dorky costume, I heard my Aunt say, "His
little boy parts are maturing nicely.  His little dicky
isn't so little anymore.  His balls are starting to look
mature too.  But, still no hair."

All I could think was thanks for the commentary.  It was
evident she and the girls were still into examining my male
parts closely and I was sure there was to be a certain
"public" policy at sometime during this ordeal.  I wasn't

My legs were fully exposed with the lederhosen.  They had
what seemed to be two inch inseams.  Without underwear I was
continually afraid my scrotum would hang out one of the
legs.  As I walked I could feel my balls bouncing from side
to side.  I knew my peter was definitely going to be showing
when I sat.  I knew instinctively Aunt Sue would require me
to sit with my legs spread and my hands and arms completely
out of the way.  As we approached the security checkpoint
the lady at the x-ray machine said, "I know where you folks
are headed.  Where in Germany are you going?"

"Munich," my Aunt quickly responded.

"You children have a good time.  Is the boy from Germany?"

"No, he's my nephew.  I just wanted him to get in the spirit
for the trip."

"He sure looks the part.  Nice legs for a young man," the
screener noted.  All I could think of was the embarrassment
I still felt when women commented on my legs.

When we sat on the chairs at the gate, my Aunt reminded me,
as predicted, to sit with my legs spread and not to cover
up.  I could feel the air from the air-conditioning as it
encircled my boy parts.  Being in that situation, slowly but
surely, my penis hardened.  There was a young lady sitting
in a seat across from mine.  She was pretending to read a
sex novel, but I could see her glances at my genital area.
It became more apparent as my erect penis peeked out the
left leg of the lederhosen very plainly exposing the head of
my "one eyed worm" for public viewing.

"Aunt Sue, can I go to the bathroom?" I asked across the
aisle to where my aunt was seated.

"Sure, Jack.  You sure you want to go now or do you want to
wait for that hard-on to go down?"  She nodded toward my
exposed dick head. Man, I mean it, she said it loud enough
for the whole section to hear. Hearing this, it would be
impossible for anyone to resist looking.  The all girl
entourage bent forward and looked toward my lap.  All three
burst into laughter bringing more attention to my plight.
People walking past the waiting area glanced over to see
what was causing the laughter and they were treated to a
look at my twelve year old glans.  Most just smiled and kept
walking.  Some took the time to point it out to friends and

I got up and headed toward the men's room.  Even with the
heaviness of the leather material I had an obvious tent in
front of me.  Most people, even if they noticed, were polite
enough not to show visible signs of interest.

I walked to a urinal and instinctively reached for the
zipper.  I was greeted with the feeling of leather and
realized I had to unbutton the front flap to gain access.
Though, in hind sight, I could have just pulled up one leg
of the shorts and peed out the leg.  I stood there,
unbuttoned those damned things, pulled the flap down, and
began to pee.  A man walked in and stood at the urinal next
to mine.  Looking down at my penis and the access flap he
said, "I'll bet that flap's a problem if you have to go
really bad.  Are you from Germany or Austria?"

"No, I'm American.  These are my Aunt's idea of cultural."

"I didn't think so, that little circumcised head kind of
sends a hint you are American. Well, the clothes look nice
on you. But you know most boys in Germany and Austria wear
'westernized' clothing.  They wear shorts like cut offs and
other things the kids over here wear.  About the only time I
see lederhosen over there is during celebrations and the
like.  Oh sometimes, parents dress their boys in them, but
not often.  You'll look a little odd to the kids over there
too, most likely.  But, they still look nice on you."  I
guess that was supposed to make me feel comfortable, but it
just made it worse.  I was going to look like a dork over
there too.  What a wonderful thought.

With that he shook off the final drops, replaced his dick
and zipped up.  After he went to the sink to wash his hands,
I buttoned my flap back into place and followed his routine.
Drying his hands he parted with, "You have fun over there.
There's a lot to see and do."

I returned to the female antagonists.  Taking my seat and
spreading my legs, I felt relieved my erection had subsided
during the men's room visit.

I had an aisle seat during the flight.  There was a flight
attendant who would squat down when she asked me if I wanted
any thing and she would actually rub my bare legs from the
crotch to the knee as she talked to me.  It felt good, but
was definitely awkward.  Of course, because I had to sit
with my legs spread, she had visual access to more than just
my legs.  Only twice did that bad boy harden on me and once
it was during a leg rub from the flight attendant.

"Are you his mother?" she asked my Aunt.

"No, I'm his Aunt."

"He's so cute.  Those lederhosen look great on him.  His
legs are beautiful.  They're well tanned and very shapely
for a kid his age.  I can't keep my hands off of them."

"You just go ahead and touch.  He doesn't care and I
certainly don't."

Then she went off to serve snacks.  After her rounds she
squatted again and began stroking the tops of my legs.  My
penis went hard and stuck out very openly.  Then on one of
her strokes she grabbed the glans and rolled it between her
thumb and forefinger and winked at me.  Knowing I was not to
deny anyone's touch I just succumbed to the incident. Again
and again she twirled it giving it a wiggle and a tug.  The
girls were sitting in the seats across the aisle.  Karen
noticed the action and just smiled with that "this is only
the beginning look".

"Aunt Sue, I'm going to the bathroom."

"Oh, stewardess, could you go with him.  He'll need help
with the lederhosen."

"No I won't."

"Yes, you will and she will help you unbutton and if
necessary aim. Now, get up and go with her."

This young woman who appeared to be in her early twenties
went into the lavatory on the plane.  It was really tight
for two of us to be in there.  She went to unbuttoning my
flap and once it was down she reached over and grabbed my
stiff penis and pointed it toward the toilet.  I couldn't
go.  Nothing was coming out.

"Have you got a shy bladder?" she asked

"I don't know.  What's that?"

"It's when someone is touching or looking at you and you
can't pee."

"I guess that's what it is."

"Here let me rub you a little while.  Maybe you'll relax and
you'll be able to go."

Then she reached around and began giving my penis and
testicles a massage.  I'm not going to lie about it.  I
liked having someone else rubbing and playing with it in a
non abusive way.  The fondling felt good, but it was counter
productive to think it would cause my erection to subside.
It just fed the blood flow.  Eventually, the full bladder
asserted itself over the erect manhandled penis and I began
to urinate.  The flight attendant grabbed it and pointed it
toward the stainless steel toilet.  

Upon returning to my seat, she looked at my Aunt and said,
"Thank you."

Politely, Aunt Sue said, "No, thank you.  It's nice to know
you will help a kid with that kind of thing.  I'll let you
know when he has to go again."

With that my bratty sister, Robin, got up and went into the
bathroom.  Not surprisingly she didn't need help.  It was
very evident I was again being introduced to being public
property again.

We landed in Munich after the ten hour flight with a brief
stop in London.  Customs wasn't like I thought.  The German
official asked my Aunt a few questions, examined our
passports and we were on our way.  It was really interesting
that most of the people we were in contact with - the
customs guy, the cab driver and the hotel employees - were
familiar with English.  I wasn't sure how we were going to
talk to them otherwise, because none of us spoke German.
Anyway, the hotel we stayed in was quite fancy.  We were on
the tenth floor in adjoining rooms.  They were suites each
having a sitting area, a bathroom and a bedroom.  The
bellhop was there with the luggage, Aunt Sue dolled out the
tip, turned to me and said, "Jack, get naked.  You will be
naked whenever we're in the room, is that understood?"

No sense arguing.  Besides, the girls had all seen, touched
and tortured all of my parts for long periods of time.  I
unbuttoned the suspenders and my lederhosen dropped to the
floor.  My shirt came off as well as my shoes and socks.
Pam clapped with glee as she grabbed my penis.  "Hey Mom,
look it's bigger than last year."  

Robin approached and said, "Let me hold it."  Giving way Pam
allowed the sisterly attention.  

"Pam, you and Robin need to bathe him while Karen and I
unpack."  With that I followed the girls to the bathroom.
Robin had never bathed me before and to my recollection
never stuck her fingers up my ass.  That was a new maneuver
to her but she followed Pam's unabashed lead.  My dick was
hard again when we left the bathroom.

My suitcase did have clothing in it.  I distinctly remember
checking.  Though there were only short shorts and both
button type and tee-shirts, these were clothing items.
However, upon opening it, Aunt Sue had put two of those
thong things in there and another set of lederhosen.
Reaching around me she removed the other things my mother
had packed and said, "You probably won't be needing any of
this."  My swimsuit was a Speedo because I wasn't allowed to
wear trunks anymore, here or at home.  I asked if I could at
least have my Speedo of swimming in the hotel pool.  Aunt
Sue held up a thong and said, "That's what this is for."

Now, you'll remember when I described these thong things
from my visit to Hampton Beach.  They weren't thongs like a
jock strap, they were thongs like strings (butt floss) and a
small - extremely small - triangle of cloth to 'cover' my
penis and testicles.  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.  I
was going to be embarrassed again at the hands of these
perverted females.  I had to be nude in the room, thronged
in the pool and who knows what in the city.  Hopefully, the
lederhosen (as skimpy as they were) would play a significant
part of my public time.

The following morning, I donned my lederhosen to accompany
Aunt Sue and the girls to breakfast in the hotel caf‚.
Following the breakfast it was decided by Aunt Sue and Karen
that we spend some time looking at 'local color' and do a
walking tour of the city.  The shops were intriguing to the
girls and I was bored to death.

Mid morning we approached a huge, for better description,
fountain.  It was more like a large shallow swimming pool
with jets that sprayed water straight into the air.  To my
surprise and that of the girls, there were many naked kids
wading and splashing in the fountain.  There were both nude
girls and boys, climbing on the structures in the fountain
and playing on and near the jets that spewed the water.
Around the fountain on benches sat men and women who were
apparently these kids' parents.   No one seemed alarmed.  No
one seemed too interested in the bodies present.  Some were
taking pictures as the kids played unaware of the
photographers' presence.  We walked over for a closer look.

My sister Robin spoke first, "Aunt Sue, why don't we make
Jack take his lederhosen off and go in the fountain naked
too? I want to take some pictures of him and his wiener
being on display in a public park.  I've got my digital
camera all charged up." She then got that bratty look on her
face and pulled her camera out of a shoulder bag she was
carrying. "We can e-mail them to Mom and Dad to show what
we're doing."

"Hey, I don't think that's a good idea.  I'm fine," came my
quick reply.

"Jack get your clothes off and get in there," Aunt Sue fired
back.  "I think Robin's right, your parents would love some
pictures along the way."

"I'll get in, but the lederhosen stays on."

"No, you'll get in naked and not give me any more grief.
I'll pull them off and spank your bare ass right here in
front of everyone.  Now, get the clothes off.  Look at all
those naked little boys.  They don't seem to mind a bit."

"Yeah, but they're five, six and seven years old, not

"Look at that boy over there.  The one climbing on the
statue.  The one with the long penis.  He must be nine or
ten," Karen entered the fray.

"He can be nine or ten.  I'm twelve.  See those older boys
over there, they aren't naked."  I tried pointing out three
boys who were of similar age.  Two were in shorts and one
was in his underwear (at least he had some protection).

"Jack, get the lederhosen off and get in the fountain now."
Aunt Sue was getting impatient.

I pushed harder, "What about the girls?  Why don't they have
to take off their clothes and get in?  There are naked girls
in there too."

"I'm not going to argue.  Those are little girls and if
these girls go in, and they probably will, they will wear
their shorts and tops.  You, young man, will be nude. Now,
get naked and not another word." Then she raised her index
finger and with fire in her eyes said, "I'm warning you, not
another word."  Aunt Sue's patience with me was obviously at
its end.  Slowly I undid the buttons on the suspenders.
Releasing my hold on the straps the leather attire fell to
my ankles exposing my erect penis.  I stepped out of them
and removed my shoes.  The girls and Aunt Sue were glued
visually to my bobbing member and were delighted I was on
public display.  As I stood up after removing my shoes, a
hand slapped my penis hard.  Then an unfamiliar hand grabbed
the base of the penis and another slap was sharply applied
to my shaft and glans.  Looking at the source, I found a
girl who appeared to be sixteen or seventeen years old.  She
was a complete stranger.  My female entourage were laughing
hysterically that a young girl was forward enough to assault
my boyhood.

"I am Gretchen, and you are from America."

Karen was intrigued.  "How do you know that?"

Without speaking the girl grabbed the head of my penis and
squeezed it and wiggled it.  Then she pointed at some of the
local boys indicating the circumcision was the give away.
"You either had to be from America, Canada or you're Jewish.
I saw the camera and you are dressed like visitors."

Again she slapped my erect penis.  It bobbed up and down at
the force of the blow.

"Why are you hitting his dick?" Pam asked.

"You slap them when they are hard to make them get soft.  We
do this to all the boys.  If they are hard and they aren't
supposed to be, we make them soft like this."  Again, she
slapped it. Those hits were very functional as I was losing
my erection. "Now, you must play," and she pointed to the

Robin had been clicking pictures of me as I disrobed, as
this Gretchen character slapped my dick around and as I went
as I was told to wade in the fountain.  To tell the truth, I
didn't attract much attention as would happen in the States.
No one seemed too put out by a nude twelve year old boy even
if it was the middle of a busy city. Oh sure, they would
look, but then momentarily would return to idle
conversation.  The younger kids paid no attention to me at

Karen, Pam and Robin waded in the fountain still fully
clothed and were sure to let me know they didn't have to
disrobe.  The message was boys need to be nude, girls don't.
As I waded back to the bench, Aunt Sue and Karen were still
talking to Gretchen.

"I watch my brothers for my mother.  That boy over there is
Rolf."  She was pointing toward the boy who appeared nine or
ten.  He was the one Karen pointed out who had the "long
penis" while justifying Aunt Sue's command to me.  "Over
there, the boy sitting on the wall is Johann."

"Oh, how old are they?" Aunt Sue engaged in polite

"Rolf is nine and Johann is seven."

"Do you bring them to the park often?"

"We come two or three times each week. They like to play in
the water."

My erection was coming back.  It was apparent, my 'bad boy'
was not relaxed being on display in public.  Pointing at my
dick, Gretchen made the remark that it was misbehaving
again.  Then Aunt Sue asked, "Why do you call it
misbehaving? Boys' parts do that.  I like to see his penis
sticking out."

"You can get pills to make it do that all day."  Gretchen
replied somewhat quizzically.


"Yes, pills for men."

It dawned on Aunt Sue the girl was talking about erectile
dysfunction stuff.

"Yes, but he's a boy, not a man."

"Mamma says pills will make boys hard all day.  She tried
them on Rolf and he was hard all day."

"How'd she get them?  Did the doctor actually give her a
prescription for a boy?"

"Prescription?  I'm sorry my English is too poor to know

"Actually, Gretchen, your English is quite good.  We
couldn't speak German at all.  A prescription is a note from
the doctor that says you can by that medicine."

"We buy that medicine.  We don't need notes."

Unfortunately, I wasn't paying much attention to what they
were saying.  I did notice Aunt Sue's pondering gaze and
Karen's shit eating grin as she eyeballed my genital area.
The reverie was broken as the two boys, Rolf and Johann
climbed out of the fountain to join their sister.  Pam and
Robin followed closely.  Robin was intrigued with the
foreskin as she'd never seen a penis like that.  She grabbed
her camera and clicked away at the two nude boys who didn't
even flinch at such a permanent invasion of their privacy.
It was a whole different attitude.

Anyway, Gretchen grabbed two towels and dried her brothers
off.  She then placed tee-shirts on each that came to just
above their belly buttons.  That was it.  She started to end
her conversation with Aunt Sue when Karen asked where the
rest of the boys' clothing was.  Gretchen informed them her
brothers were naked most of the summer and were not dressed
unless there was something formal going on.  Her mother felt
the boys should be naked all summer.  The shirts were their
informal and play attire all the time.

Robin, the brat, was still looking at Rolf's rather long
penis.  She was quite interested in the foreskin.  Gretchen
said, "You can touch."  Then she said something to her
brother in German, and the nine year old thrust his hips out
toward Robin to give her unbridled access.  Gretchen
demonstrated how the foreskin on her brother's now erecting
penis could be retracted and invited my sister to do the
same.  Robin didn't need two invitations she was on it.
While she and Pam swapped between Rolf and Johann, Gretchen
continued her talk with Aunt Sue and Karen.  Karen could be
seen casting rather intense gazes at her sister and Robin
manipulating the little boys' penises. I began to put my
lederhosen back on.  Surprisingly, no one objected.

Gretchen wrote down something and walked off down the city
street with her brothers.  Two bare little asses sticking
out as this teenager held their hands and started home.  I
had flashbacks of Pam taking me down the beach the previous
summer to pimp me out on one of Aunt Sue's sick schemes.
Only these guys were peaceful and they weren't being
accosted.  In fact, as I watched even folks passing by them
didn't take a second look.  Guess boy meat is not that
interesting in Germany.

As we walked back to the hotel Aunt Sue stopped to buy some
toiletries.  I just stood there bored and anxious to get
back to the hotel.

When we arrived back at the hotel, I stripped nude as it was
the rule.  I was kind of accustomed to it.  I was lying on
the bed in the room watching television.  I don't know why,
because I couldn't understand a word of what was being said
it was all German.  Aunt Sue came in and patted my bare ass.
"Here I want you to take this pill." She handed me a pill
and a glass of water.

"What is it?"

"It's a vitamin.  I just want to make sure you don't get

"Is everyone taking one?"

"You are.  Now just take it and don't give me a hard time,

I took the damn pill and returned to watching the
television.  A half hour later, for some inexplicable
reason, my penis started to expand.  I wasn't playing with
it or anything.  It just wanted to get hard and it did.

In the other room the phone rang and Aunt Sue had a short
conversation with whoever it was.  When she had hung up she
announced, "Okay, kids let's go to the hotel pool and swim
before dinner.  Gretchen's family is going to join us for
dinner.  I invited them.  Maybe we can learn more about the

I got up and was about to put on my thong.  I was not really
liking the idea of such a skimpy covering and with my boner
about to burst my glans, I was less enthused.  How much of
my erection could that thing cover?  "I want to stay in the
room.  You guys go and swim."

"No, Jack, I want you with us.  Now let's go."  Aunt Sue was

I stood half expecting to manage the erection by the time it
was 'covered' by the thong.  I grabbed that skimpy piece of
cloth and my arm was grabbed from the side.  "You don't need
that, Jack.  Just come as you are."

"Come on Aunt Sue, I'm naked."

"Yes, but you learned today that being a naked boy here is
not as alarming as being a naked boy at home.  People accept
it.  In fact, they expect the little boys to be nude
especially when they swim.  You will come naked and you will
always be naked unless I decide you need some covering."

To make matters worse my dick was still hard as a rock.
Robin, trying to 'help out' started slapping it like
Gretchen did.  It just bounced up and down, but it didn't
retreat to the flaccid state which was more comfortable
especially if you were going to be in a public place.  I
really didn't object to Robin's painful assault on my boy
parts.  She was entertained and I was hoping for a cessation
to the obvious state of arousal.  It didn't work.

Aunt Sue took me by the hand and we all walked out the door.
Pam reached down and grabbed my dick and pulled me toward
the elevator.  Karen slapped my ass so hard it split the
silence of the hallway and left a red hand print.  That I
guess was supposed to be a love tap.  It wasn't and it hurt.
"Karen, stop!  Leave me alone."

There must have been twenty or thirty people at the hotel
pool.  Most of the young children were nude.  When I say
young I don't mean twelve year olds.  With that said, I
couldn't help but notice that no one was glued to looking at
my genitals.  Many looked momentarily and went back to their
other pursuits.  Even with my erection, I didn't get much
attention.  But the damn thing wouldn't relax.  I didn't
know what in the hell was going on.

When we returned to the room, Aunt Sue told my sister Robin
to bathe me.  I didn't like the fact my little sister had
the run or my body, but I knew complaining about it would
complicate my situation and I wanted to avoid the conflict.
"And Robin, make sure you wash that boner really well.  Do
it three or four times."

"I will Aunt Sue."

In the bathroom Robin soaped up her hands and told me to
stand facing her with my legs spread and hands on my head.
She reached her soapy hand over and began stroking my erect
boyhood.  With her other hand she rubbed soap on my balls.
It wasn't long until she was rewarded with an orgasm.
Though I wasn't yet shooting cum, I did squirt some clear
pre-cum during such activities.  She just washed that into
the mix of soap and water.  She was entertained with the
throes of my body and my groans of pleasure and giggled.

Robin finished bathing me using her middle finger in my anus
as she had been shown.  She loved to do that to me because
she thought I was really being hurt.  I'm sure she would
love to spank me not just with her hand, but with some
implement she was sure would cause me pain.  Guess I can't
blame her because I used to like watching her get her ass
worn out by Mom or Dad.

As we left the bathroom, the phone in Aunt Sue's room rang.
"Oh hi Gretchen, you're down in the lobby?  I'll send Jack
down to get you.  Okay, we'll see you all in a few minutes.
I can't wait to meet your parents."  After hanging up the
phone, she told me to go down to the lobby to get the

"I'm naked, Aunt Sue."

"Yes, and that's why I'm sending you.  With that penis of
yours at full salute it is a cute way of saying 'we're glad
to see you.'  Now go down and show our guests up."

"Please let me put my lederhosen on.  I don't want to be
riding the elevator and walking around the hotel lobby
naked.  Please, Aunt Sue."

"Go naked and keep those hands away from that woody or I
will wear you out in front of Gretchen's family.  Get your
ass down to the lobby now."

The girls laughed hard as I opened the room door and peeked
out to see who was out there.  "Keep your hands away from
that woody, Jack", Karen teased as she pushed me to the
hallway and shut the door.  Quickly I walked to the elevator
and pushed the call button.  Momentarily there was a gong
sound and the arrow pointing down lit up on the elevator
furthest from the room.  As the door opened I saw a little
girl and her mother.  She was wearing a swimsuit and her
mother also in a swimsuit was holding a couple of hotel
towels.  Both looked at my penis.  The girl's mother smiled
and nodded.  I entered the elevator and pushed the lobby
button.  As the doors closed, I felt a little hand grab my
boy handle.  I couldn't believe it.  This little girl who
was probably four or five years old was pulling on my
erection.  Her mother reached down to loosen her grip and as
she did so made a point of fondling my dick. The look on my
face made the woman smile at me again.  The little girl
again grabbed me as the elevator stopped at the fourth floor
and opened, there we stood a twelve year old nude boy with
his erect penis in the death grip of a four year old girl.
Two teenage girls and a teen boy entered the elevator.  They
giggled at the sight of the little girl's antics.  Speaking
in German the boy made a remark, and, again, they and the
mother laughed out loud as they stared at my situation.

Finally, the bell rang and the light indicated we were at
the lobby.  The kid still hadn't released my dick so I
gently removed her hand.  I tried to find a stealth approach
for moving into the busy hotel lobby unseen, but it was too
open and there weren't any nooks to hide in as I looked for
Gretchen and her family.  I stood there as adults walked by
me like I wasn't there.  Nobody was staring or threatening
to call authorities.  It was like kids walked around naked
all the time.  One man bumped into me and turned and
apologized and continued on his way.  Over on the circular
couch in front of the hotel desk I saw Gretchen, two little
boys naked from the waist down, a rather heavy set older
lady and was surprised to find no man.  Where was her
father?  Anyway, I walked over with my boner still bouncing
with each step.  As I approached, Gretchen stood up,
signaled the others and met me half way.  Rolf and Johann
remembered me from the fountain.  Gretchen introduced me to
her mother who did not speak English.  Immediately, the
older woman began swatting at my dick.  It was weird.  I
mean she didn't even know me.  Did all of the females in
this country think boys "privates" were, in fact, "publics"?
And my coming from a country where even parents spanking
kids' bottoms was considered inappropriate by some, here's a
woman "spanking my monkey" as if it was required behavior on
her part.  Gretchen restrained her mother's fifth or sixth
swat and said something in German to her.  The woman stopped
and smiled at me with a big grin.

"What did you say to her?"  I asked.

"I told her you were probably given a pill."

"What do you mean?  Your aunt gave you a pill, didn't she?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"The pill she gave you was to make you hard for a whole day.
I think its working.  All the slaps we can give you there
will not make it get soft. Mama was just trying to be a
mother to you."

It dawned on me that we were standing in the middle of a
hotel lobby and talking about something we could talk about
in the privacy of the room.  Still there weren't any of the
many people milling around and even sitting in the plush
chairs pointing or staring at me.  It was weird.  Both Rolf
who was now sporting a boner of his own and Johann were
completely at ease with their situations.  Though,
momentarily, Gretchen's mother slapped at Rolf's erection
causing the penis to bounce up and down.  Seeing him react
to the three or four hard slaps - gritting his teeth and
twice yelling "Ouuuuhhhh" - was mildly amusing and that did
get some attention from others in the lobby.  The attention
though was pointing and laughing at his situation not his
penis.  No one was angry, disgusted or upset that I could
see.  It was blowing my mind.

We all headed to the elevator and went up to the room.  Aunt
Sue opened a bottle of wine she had purchased after the
fountain visit and served Gretchen and her mother a glass.
Rolf and Johann asked in German if they might have some.
Gretchen asked Aunt Sue if there were enough glasses for her
brothers to have some wine.  "In our country, children
partake of beer and wine regularly.  It isn't seen as
something sinful or bad like in America.  We don't let them
drink too much, but we let them have some."

Aunt Sue had two more glasses and poured wine into each
giving them to the boys.  Then she did something that blew
my mind.  She offered wine to us too.  "Jack, go down to the
desk and ask them for four more wine glasses."

"Come on Aunt Sue, I went down to get Gretchen and her
family.  I don't like going around in public naked. Can't
you call room service or something?"

Gretchen spoke up, "You are a little boy.  In our culture
little children especially boys are not felt bad about being
naked.  You are supposed to be naked sometimes.  Don't be
afraid to go anywhere naked."

"I'm not a little kid.  I'm twelve."

"You don't have hair yet?" she responded pointing to my
genital area.  "You can be naked until you get hair."  Then
turning to her mother she said something in German.  The
older lady shook her head and her finger and shouted
something at me in an angry tone.

"What did she say?" Aunt Sue asked.

"She said he should be naked and not give arguments.  She
said a good spanking would do him good for even questioning

Aunt Sue then did something very unexpected.  She said,
"Tell her to spank him then."

Before I could speak, Gretchen relayed the translated
message to her mother.  There was a sudden jerk on my arm
and I was across this rather rough looking large lady's lap.
Rolf and Johann got a very startled look on their face.
Little Johann, knowing what was coming, actually put his
hand on his own butt cheeks in a protective posture.  The
girls dropped what they were doing and got mouth gaping
smiles as they waited in anticipation.  Then there was a
painful slap that landed on my ass.  It stung.  I mean this
woman had big old hands that had the consistency of leather.
Then another slap hit.  It, too, stung.  Then another,
followed by another, and another and my ass began to get
warm.  I began to scream for her to stop, but slap after
slap continued to fall.  My backside was really getting warm
and I was crying.  It really hurt.  Finally, the big woman
released me and pointed toward the door.  It was apparent
she expected me to now go on the errand Aunt Sue had told me
to do.  I couldn't go out, ride the elevator and stand in
the busy lobby not only naked as the day I was born, but now
sporting a red bottom and teary eyes.  How much worse could
it get?  The woman continued pointing at the door and
shouting something at me.  Gretchen interpreted.

"Momma, wants you to go do what your Aunt told you to do.
And, I would do it.  She will hurt your bottom again if you

The girls were still giggling and mimicking my crying and
begging.  The boys were quietly sitting and not showing
anything but a little fear in anticipation of my next move.
What the hell could I do, again I peeked through watery eyes
into the hallway.  Again, Karen pushed me out the door and
slammed it shut.  I could still hear the laughing through
that door as I walked slowly to the elevator.  My ass was
very warm so I knew it was red and that made my spanking
apparent to all who viewed it.

As I stood at the elevator waiting for the first car, an
older couple came down the hall and joined me as I waited.
They were American.  The man told the woman, "Looks like
that little guy had a round with his mother or father".  

The woman responded with, "Henry, isn't it just the cutest
thing that the children here aren't shy about being naked.
I think we, in our country, have become too uptight about
child nudity."  

Henry answered back, "Yeah, it's those damned religious
fanatics who think anything to do with bodies is sex and
thus sinful.  We've got the patients running the asylum when
it comes to rule setting as far as I'm concerned.  Anyway,
it's also refreshing to see they still believe in a good ass
warming, too.  We're losing that back home,as well."

"Oh look, Henry, his little penis is standing straight and

They both smiled.  The elevator arrived and as we rode to
the lobby, I didn't say a word.  I wanted them to think I
was German and couldn't understand that little conversation
they had in the hallway of the tenth floor.  I used my palms
to try to dry my eyes so people wouldn't see the tears.
Half heartedly, I expected if I could get my eyes dry casual
observers would attribute the red butt to something else
like sunburn or having been sitting too long.  As I
approached the desk, the young lady asked in German if she
could help me.  I said, "Could I have four wine glasses,
please."  With that her English kicked in.  

"Are you feeling well?"  

I assumed properly so she was commenting on my red eyes.  If
she looked over the counter she could see my erect
appendage, but not my red ass so she probably thought I had
allergies or something. "No, I'm okay."

She handed me the glasses and I began the walk to the
elevator.  As I left the counter I heard her say,
"Oooohhhhh" as she winced as if in empathy with my red ass
but her smile said, "I know what happened".  I got on the
elevator to go up.  It rose to the next floor which was the
pool level.  As the door opened, I backed into the corner to
hide my telltale redness.  Just my luck it was that little
girl and her mother both wet from swimming.  Both smiled and
said something in the way of greeting like we were old
friends.  It wasn't German though.  It was actually French.
The little girl wasted no time in strangling my erection
with her small hand.  Again, her mother pried her loose of
my penis.  But not before "accidently" fondling my balls and
scrotum and sliding her hand down the shaft of my preteen

They got out at the fourth floor.  The door shut and finally
I was alone.  The elevator went from there nonstop to the
tenth floor.  I returned to the room and wine was shared
with all.  Even me.  We American children weren't as fond of
the dry red wine as the adults and German kids were though.
I guessed it was an acquired taste.

It was time to go to dinner.  As with Rolf and Johann, I was
given a tee-shirt that no where near covered my genitals.
We three boys were to go naked from the waist down except
for the sandals we each wore.  My butt was returning to its
natural color and the warmth had subsided.  My eyes had
returned to normal, the redness was gone.

We must have walked ten blocks to get to the restaurant.  We
three boys sporting flopping penises (mine still erect) that
bounced with each step.  Strangely, nobody seemed to notice
our plight.  It was really bizarre that kid nudeness was so
acceptable.  We ate at an outdoor cafe.  I can remember the
feeling of the cold steel seats on my bare ass.  It felt
refreshingly cold, but hard at the same time.  I was
reminded by my Aunt to sit with my legs spread apart to
provide maximum visual access to my hard on.

As I spread, Johann reached over and felt my penis.  His
mother noticing said something and laughed.  Gretchen,
apparently not wanting to appear rude interpreted, "Momma
says Johann is interested in his tip."  With that everyone
laughed.  It was true the little guy was playing with my
glans and examining my pee hole.  I was embarrassed but his
gentle exploration felt very good.  It was refreshing to
have cold steel on my ass and his cold little fingers
playing with my glans.

Gretchen then gave me a directive, "Pull his skin back and
show him his part like yours."

"Oh, I don't think I should touch him."  I was embarrassed
to even think of touching another boy's parts.  It just
didn't seem proper.

"Oh please do, he needs to learn about such things," she

"Jack," was firmly uttered from my Aunt as she nodded toward

Carefully, I took his little boyhood into my hand.  I had
never slid a foreskin back before, but once I pinched the
glans area the skin began to slide back all by itself.
Johann's cute little face was adorned with a big smile and
his twinkling blue eyes watched intently as I manipulated
his penis.  Once the glans was exposed, I touched it and
then touched mine.  After two such maneuvers he excitedly
mumbled something.  Gretchen interpreted, "He wants to know
what happened to your skin part?"

His question even had his mother smiling.  She told him
something and I recognized the word 'doctor' in the slew of
words as she spoke.  

"Momma told him the doctor cut the skin off so you could see
it all the time."

It was obvious the little boy enjoyed that.  He continued to
finger my glans.

"You need to play with his a little more.  Show interest in
his penis like he does yours," Gretchen suggested.

Reaching down I played with his little appendage.  Slowly,
it jumped to a hard posture.  Apparently, it was not
offensive as neither of the women slapped it.  Guess they
were okay with hard ons which were induced by someone else's
hand.  I'm sure self-induced would rate the slaps.  I
unconsciously continued to toy with Johann's penis until the
waiter came to take our orders.  Rolf watched the whole
procedure with a wide smile.

As the waiter wrote Karen's order, Gretchen said, "Now do

"Excuse me?"

"Now you must play with Rolf's penis. He needs to learn

Both the nine year old boy and his mother had no idea what
Gretchen was telling me to do.  Pam said, "Do it, Jack.
Play with his dick."  Robin pitched in, "Yeah Jack, do it

"Why don't one of you do it? You seem to enjoy antagonizing

Robin responded, "Because Gretchen told you to.  But later,
if it's okay I want to feel both of them up.  I've never
seen a dick with covers on it."

Gretchen responded, "You may touch him whenever you want.
Momma would like to see you, or any of you, touch either of
them whenever you want.  She wants to share her boys with
you.  But first, Jack needs to teach him."

Still oblivious to the conversation, Rolf spread his legs as
I reached for his crotch.  Intuitively he knew what I was
about to do and apparently he was okay with it.  As I
fondled his larger than average nine year old penis and
scrotum, he rubbed mine.  It was almost as if reciprocity
was required.  'Momma' just sat there nodding and showing
her approval.  Aunt Sue had Robin photographing the whole
thing for posterity.  "Slide back from the table, I can't
get good pictures with your boy parts under the table."

Gretchen ordered her brother to slide back from the table.
He did exposing his fully erect, immature but lengthy
phallus.  I then followed reluctantly.  I didn't need
pictures of me fondling another boy to get out in public,
but what could I do about it.  

"Pull his skin back and show us his head," Robin demanded.
I did so and flash went the picture.  Flash after flash
exploded as we waited for dinner.  

It was rather embarrassing sitting in a sidewalk cafe
completely open to other diners and passersby and sitting
there playing with another boy's penis.  It did draw
attention from some of the fellow diners who when noticing
either stopped and watched with a smile or continued to eat
while keeping their eyes on our activity.  It was evident we
had crossed the interest threshold of these people so used
to seeing naked little boys.  What kept me somewhat calm in
the situation was remembering the humiliation of the
previous summer with the wagon at Hampton Beach.

Dinner was served.  As we ate Momma kept looking at me and
smiling.  I found it to be a maternal smile of caring.  She
actually was showing me warmth with her expression.  I just
smiled back at her.  She said something to Gretchen and
Gretchen, in turn, shared it with Aunt Sue.  "Momma thinks
Jack needs relief."

"What does that mean?" Aunt Sue asked back.

"His penis has been hard for too long.  He needs [some
unintelligible German word]." Gretchen was having trouble
finding the English she needed to explain.  Then using her
finger she slid her other hand back and forth to mimic
masturbation.  Pam and Robin almost choked as they tried to
swallow when the giggles started.  The older woman just
nodded showing her message was properly interpreted.  I, on
the other hand, was embarrassed to think they were going to
make me jerk off in this public place.  Not now, we weren't
even near finished with dinner.  They couldn't want me to do
that now.

Gretchen stood up and walked behind my chair.  She gently
but firmly placed her hands under my arm pits and pulled me
up.  My erection hit the edge of the table as I stood and
bounced momentarily.  Again, the girls giggled.  All I could
think was this wasn't a good situation.  She lifted the
front of my tee-shirt and made me press it between my chest
and chin.  There I stood advertising my erect penis and
preteen balls. Next, I knew she was going to make me stroke
it. Again, while holding my shirt up with my chin I could
raise my eyes and notice the other diners watching with a
curious look on their faces.  You know that look that says,
"What the hell are they going to do to the boy?"  Anyway,
the old lady flipped a pat of butter onto her youngest boy's
plate with a firm command, "Johann, spiele!"

The little boy swallowed his mouthful, opened the butter pat
and rubbed it all over his hands.  Then he grabbed my penis
and began rubbing it back and forth.  At first I could feel
lumps of butter being massaged into my shaft and glans.
Then his little hand picked up speed.  I'm not going to lie,
it felt fantastic.  What didn't was all the attention it
drew from fellow dinner's and passersby.  I, we, had drawn
an audience of smiling (strangely smiling with affectionate
looks) onlookers.  "Aawwww" noises of women followed by,
what I'm sure, was the English equivalent of "Isn't that

Pressure built and I released the shirt from my chin as I
moaned in pleasure.  Soon I was on my tiptoes with my crotch
thrust forward as my body shivered.  Johann fully aware of
what was happening continued to rub mixing my clear precum
with the butter on his hands and my penis.  Once my relief
was evident he slowed his stimulating rubbing eventually
stopping.  When I came down from the orgasmic high I was
greeted by applause and cheering of the onlookers.  Then
they went back to whatever they had been doing - diners
chatting and dining and passersby began walking again.
Johann grabbed a dinner roll and rubbed the excess butter-
precum mix on the roll.  Taking the other half of the same
roll he ran it over my penis.  After cleaning as much as he
could he placed both halves back on a roll plate in front of
my position.  I sat back down and slowly returned to my meal
which had cooled considerably.  

Gretchen looking confused said, "You must eat the roll."

"Excuse me," I said rather indignantly.  She wanted me to
eat the roll that had precum and who knows what else mixed
with the butter.  "I don't want to eat the roll."

Aunt Sue weighed in, "Eat the roll."


"I said eat it."

"Yeah, Jack eat it," Robin chimed in.  "Eat the roll and all
that stuff that came out of your wiener when Johann rubbed

Slowly, I picked the roll up and took a bite.  The little
brat, Robin, scruntched up her face and said, "ooooooo", as
I chewed the roll and swallowed. It wasn't too bad.  All I
really could taste was the butter and bread - the salty
butter and bread.  I ate the roll alternating with pieces of
bratwurst from my dinner plate.  The only consolation I had
was, "Thank God, I wasn't shooting the real stuff.  That
would have been really tough to swallow."

When dinner was over, Gretchen's mother cleaned her little
son's still lubricated hand with a wet wipe and dried it
with a napkin.  She then grabbed my penis and did the same
to it.  She wasn't even hesitant.  She just grabbed it like
I was one of her kids and needed cleaning up.  Then she gave
me a rather powerful love tap on my butt that reverberated
and she laughed loudly as I reached around to rub it.

Following dinner we walked back to the park with the
fountain which was the scene of my public "coming out".  It
was dark but the lights of the park and the lights in the
fountain made for a subtly attractive sight.  There were
naked kids still playing in the fountain.  Gretchen removed
her brother's shirts and patted their asses.  Aunt Sue took
mine off.  There we were naked as the day we were born.
Permission was given to go play.  Johann instead crawled up
in his mother's lap facing the fountain rather than his
mother.  Straddling her legs he took her large hand and
placed it on his genitals.  She began to fondle him, gently
squeezing his balls and rubbing his penis as she looked not
at his seven year old package but at my Aunt and cousins as
she tried to engage her new English speaking friends in

Rolf took my hand and pulled me toward the fountain.  We
played in the mist of the jets and for the first time since
it all began, I forgot where we were and the fact I was nude
and still erect.

After playing for about a half hour we both returned wet to
the bench where our respective families were seated.  Johann
had fallen asleep.  His mother was still kneading his little
boyhood as she spoke through her daughter to my Aunt Sue.
The sight was very pastoral.  This very cute little blond
seven year old well tanned nude boy sound asleep as his
little penis and testicles were gently fondled by a loving

Having used his tee-shirt to dry off, Rolf did the
inexplicable.  He got on Aunt Sue's lap facing outward and
straddled her legs.  He took her hand and placed it on his
crotch.  Sue was kind of dumbfounded.  Gretchen explained,
"He must like you.  He wants you to do what only mothers and
older sisters usually do and rub him."  Aunt Sue was
hesitant.  (Imagine my surprise.  She sure as hell wasn't
hesitant messing with mine.) Slowly she began playing with
the nine year old's testicles making herself intimately
familiar with his package.  She then started stroking and
playing with his foreskin.  All the while 'Mamma' continued
to try to converse about what it was like where we lived.

Gretchen then patted her lap and said, "Jack".  Again, she
patted and said, "come".  It was almost the same tone you'd
use for a dog, but her eyes showed true caring.  This girl
wasn't much older than I was and sitting on her lap might be
uncomfortable for her and surely awkward for me.  "Please",
she said as she patted.  I obliged as I felt she would be
hurt if I turned her down.  She wanted to play big sister to
me.  As I sat in her lap my feet dangled but not far from
the sidewalk.  Her hand began to gently fondle my boy
package. It felt very pleasant.  There was not
aggressiveness just gentle stimulation.  After a few minutes
of her gentle touch my brain signaled the beginning of
another orgasmic event.  My entire body shuddered in
ecstasy.  Self-consciously I was about to apologize for the
reaction, but it was clear Gretchen had completely ignored
it.  She just kept on gently playing with my boy parts.
"Why would any little boy want to ever grow up.  This was
totally relaxing."

Rolf had buried his head between Aunt Sue's breast and
shoulder as he relaxed almost using her as a recliner.  She,
like her new German friends, ignored her subject but
continued to toy with his now erect penis as she conversed.

It was then I first pondered the question of why the rules
were different here than those I was used to back home.  The
best I could surmise was they differentiated between giving
a child pleasure and sexual assault differently than we did
in the United States.  Actually, this and other cultures
differentiated and back home there was no difference to the
self-righteous zealots.  Here sensuality was not the same as
sexuality.  Here stimulating body parts of children
apparently was to give them pleasure, and not meant to
pleasure the stimulator other than through satisfaction.  I
already noticed children's nudity was not only accepted
here, it was expected, and, quite differently than back
home, was for the most part ignored.  Basically, here
children's genitalia, especially boys, were just parts of
the body like the nose, ears and eyes. The sexual function
didn't seem to be an issue for preteens.

(As I reminisced about this particular situation of that
summer, I wondered where the Puritanical differences in the
'Christian' belief broke from the mainline.  I mean these
folks were of the same basic religious thrust as we are.
So, where did it change?  Why such different levels of
modesty?  It was and continues to be perplexing to me how
such differences developed among people who subscribed to
the same religious philosophy.)

The girls returned giggling and horsing around.  They were
silenced as the sight of the three elder women entertaining
us three boys by massaging our boy parts.  Even the brat
Robin found Johann and his mother "precious" as Karen put
it. Robin took many pictures of Johann and his mother.  Back
home to develop such pictures, or even have them, would be
used as evidence of abuse against this loving parent.

Johann was awakened.  The poor kid couldn't keep his head up
so his mother picked him up and carried him as we walked
back to the hotel.  That too was rather amusing, the little
bare ass being scruntched up by his mothers forearm, his
little legs dangling and his head laying on his mother's
shoulder.  Both Rolf and I were not given our shirts back as
they were wet, so we walked stark naked down busy Munich
streets.  He wasn't a bit self-conscious.  I, on the other
hand, was not a bit happy with the situation.  

When we arrived at the hotel, Gretchen and her mother and
brothers left us at the front door. They started their way
home.  It was a rather unusual night - one with some
memorable events.  I never have been able to get over the
fact that woman spanked my ass and she didn't even know me.
Of course, Aunt Sue was quite entertained by it.  Another
thought that remains is no matter how much you are made to
be nude in public when you're twelve it is still
embarrassing.  Oh sure, you have those times when you forget
you're on display as you engage in some activity, but those
times are few and far between.  Here I was on a heavily
trafficked street, about to enter a busy hotel and I was
bare as the day I was born, sporting a boner that for some
reason I'd had almost all day.  At this point my female
friends were apparently acclimating to my nudity as they
weren't pawing at my private areas as much.  Guess, the
thrill of my penis was gone for them.

The next morning, I awoke to find my penis was now more
manageable.  I had the usual morning hard on but it went
away shortly after I got up and peed.  That was a minor
relief as I was beginning to think it was going to be
permanently stuck in high gear.

Aunt Sue told us we'd be going to some kind of museum.
Apparently, Gretchen's family was going to meet us there.
Now, what I said about the girls not pawing my dick as much
anymore didn't apply to their still apparent thrill at
having me publicly exposed.  Sue handed me the lederhosen
for the walk to the museum, but my sister objected.  
She whined, "I want him to stay naked."  So, Sue took the
lederhosen back and just said, "Okay, then we'll keep him

Then my 'health conscious' aunt handed me another pill like
the one I had taken the day before.  She apparently wasn't
aware that I had been informed the night before about the
'vitamin' pills she was giving me. "Here, Jack, take this

"I'm fine, Aunt Sue, I don't need the pill."

"Yes, you do!" She came back with one of those 'I mean it'

"If they are so important why doesn't Robin have to take
them?  Or Pam?  Why's it only me?"

"Just take the pill and don't argue with me."

"Those aren't vitamins, they are pills to make my dick hard,
aren't they?  Gretchen told me about those pills. I don't
want my dick hard like it was yesterday.  It doesn't feel
good after awhile.  It kinda hurts.  I don't want to take
the pill."

"Jack, take this pill, NOW!"

"I don't want to."

Grabbing me she threw me over her lap and began pelting my
bare ass with her hand.  Slap after slap fell, but they were
no where as devastating as Gretchen's mom's slaps.  I was
determined not to cry, I was determined to stay strong so I
didn't have to take the damn pill.

"Pam, go in my room and get the hair brush on the bureau by
the television - the long flat one."

Pam went through the door that joined the rooms and came
back with a hair brush with a longer handle than most and a
large flat plastic head on it.  "Whack" (that hurt) I could
feel warmth from that one, "Whack" the brush landed again,
it was getting hot.  I was literally biting my lip so as not
to give her the satisfaction of crying.  "Whack" again the
brush crossed me cheeks with a resounding smack.  Still, no

"Aunt Sue, hit him harder, he's not crying.  Really hit him
hard." My dear sister coached.

"Oh he'll cry.  He'll cry if it takes all morning."  Whapppp
the brush hit again.  After she landed ten of her powerful
brush slaps I couldn't hold it any longer.  "Whapppp", it
hurt, it hurt bad.  I screamed with the pain and cut loose
with the dammed up tears.  I bawled like a baby.  "Whapppp"
she kept going.  "Whapppp" again and again she hit me with
that damn brush.  Each time she added about five more
degrees of heat to my radiating backside.  She must have
been very upset with me as the blows continued to fall until
I couldn't make a sound with my cries.  She must have given
me twenty five or thirty whacks with that brush.  

My ass looked kind of like a grape when she stopped.  I was
told to stand in the corner of the room after taking the
damned pill.  After that beating, I wasn't going to
challenge her again.  I'd take a boner all day over the pain
I was feeling from the spanking.  

"That was good, Aunt Sue.  You really whipped him good.  He
needed it too." I swore I'd get that brat.

"Yeah, good job, Mom," Pam added.

"Next time I want to do some of the spanking," a smirking
Karen threw her hat in the ring.

"Hey boner boy, is that thing hard yet?" Karen reached
around to my penis and gave it a tug.  "I'll keep an eye on
it.  After all we don't want to leave until you can show the
crowd how hard little boys sway as they walk."

Robin and Pam responded to that remark with laughter.  Not
to be out done my sister reached around and gave it a tug

"I know what will help him get the wiener hard," Pam added.
Suddenly there was a thrust through my anus.  She had buried
her finger in my ass and had done so, so hard, there was no
resistance.  She just shoved and giggled as I grunted in
pain.  I'm not sure the pain from her handling my bruised
backside wasn't more troublesome that the force of an
unlubricated digit forcing its way through my anal opening.

"Pam, get your finger out of his ass, wash your hands and
get ready to go," Aunt Sue directed.  "Jack you can get out
of the corner now.  Let me see your peter, I may need to
massage it to get it started."

Turning around, she was somewhat disappointed.  I was kind
of half hard.  "I guess its getting there.  I want it hard
before we leave."

I looked in the mirror and my butt was darker than red in
places, it looked like a grape.  I was going to be sporting
bruises from that spanking.  "Aunt Sue, my butt's bruised.
Can't I wear my lederhosen today?  Please, I don't want
people to see my butt like this."

Maybe it was guilt on her part, but she relented and handed
me the lederhosen.  I put them on and was delighted to be
wearing the weird things.  As I went to button the flap,
Aunt Sue's darker angel appeared, "No, Jack leave the flap
down.  We aren't wasting the pill by covering up that cute
little pecker."  If you ask me, I think I looked more
obvious with the flap down than I did when I was completely
nude.  At least, when I was nude it didn't look like I was
purposely advertising my boyhood.

At this point the pill was doing its job.  I could drive
nails with my dick it was so hard.  "Okay, he's finally
ready and presentable.  Let's go everyone, we're late.  That
spanking set us back."

We left the hotel.  My flap was down and it did get more
looks than I did when I was completely nude.  People pointed
and laughed.  One woman made a remark in broken English,
something to the effect that I probably couldn't get them
buttoned over that pole as she laughed and pointed at my
hard on.

When we approached the museum, Gretchen and her family were
waiting on the steps.  Her mother seeing me flap down and
erect penis started laughing a deep boisterous laugh.  She
said something in German and Gretchen said, "Momma wants to
know, why the lederhosen?"

"I had to wear his butt out.  He wanted to hide the
evidence.  He was embarrassed."

Gretchen said something back to her mother.  The woman rose
and walked over to me.  She unbuttoned the suspenders and
slid the shorts down to my knees.  Examining my butt she
laughed and rubbed her big rough hands on my cheeks.  She
turned to my aunt and said, "Sehr Gut!  Sehr Gut!"  Patting
my ass, she pulled the pants up and signaled me to button
the suspenders.  Both Rolf and Johann were wearing their
tee-shirts while their little uncircumcised penises dangled

We toured the museum, each of us boys displaying his wares.
Mine drew more attention due to the partially covered
gimmick.  It, too, was interesting to notice how being
completely exposed didn't seem to draw anyone's attention
here, but when partially clothed (except when wearing those
damned tee-shirts) seemed to make people take note.

We finished the two weeks spending much time with Gretchen
and her family.  We never did see or inquire about her
father.  Aunt Sue probably did, she was the kind to pry.  

When we returned home, Robin began her non-stop talking
about the trip.  She told everything, but especially
commented on all the naked boys.  Mom and Dad listened
intently with one of those fake smiles to suggest they were
enjoying her report.  When she took a breath, I felt it
incumbent to say, "Yeah, well some of the girls were naked,

That apparently went unnoticed, as no one made a comment on

Aunt Sue left later that afternoon and Robin got to finish
the summer with our cousins at the beach.  I bet she didn't
have to do the things I was made to do the previous summer.
What did happen though was to be more deeply troubling to me
than my nude appearances at the front desk of the hotel.

The girls apparently spent the bulk of their time rehashing
the vacation and viewing the more than twelve hundred jpegs
that were generated during those two weeks.  Aunt Sue
suggested, on rainy days, they spend some time to pick out
the best two or three hundred photos to make a slide show
for Robin to take to the middle school for sharing.  (At
this point, you're probably ahead of me, and you aren't too
off base.)  Some of these photos were not going to leave me
very comfortable at all.

School started and it was Robin's first year at the middle
school having moved up from elementary.  She was in the
sixth grade and I was in the seventh.  During her English
class she brought up her visit to Germany and how most of
the kids and adults spoke some English.  Excitedly, in
social studies she talked about German cultural differences,
and as I was told, she made it a point to talk about the
differences in accepting boy nudity between the two
cultures.  This not only intrigued the girls in her class,
but, also, though somewhat embarrassed by the thought, the
boys, and started the teacher questioning possible why's and
wherefor's of the attitude differences between the two

Anyway, the English teacher, Mrs. Jackson, and the social
studies teacher, Mr. Anderson, called Robin to a conference
room in the office.  They asked her to put together a
presentation for the whole school.  She would get to miss
the next three exams in each class and would be awarded an
automatic A or B, depending on the quality of her project.  
That grade would be used to replace the grades for the exams
she missed.

That evening she brought up the project at the dinner table.
Mom and Dad were delighted their little progeny was so well
thought of at the new school.  Both were excited about her
project and offered to give her any help they could.  She
said she wanted to make a slide show of some of the "places
we visited".  Dad said he'd pay for the software to put it
together and let her shop on line for the one she wanted to
use.  Mom then offered something I didn't like.  "Why don't
we have Jack dress in his lederhosen that day and he can
help you present it, dressed in a native costume."

In an effort to get out from under that shitty idea I
responded, "Oh Mom, the kids over there don't wear
lederhosen all the time, like you think.  They wear what we
wear.  You're thinking of the old time pictures you've seen
or the 'Sound of Music.'  It isn't like that."

Then my sister, the conniving little shit, said, "But they
are cultural costumes they wear during festivals and
celebrations.  They are a part of their past.  I think it
would be good for you to be my assistant wearing the
lederhosen.  Daddy, make him do it."

My father spoke up, "Jack, it's just for the day.  You can
help your little sister, just this once, can't you?"

"No, I don't like to wear that stuff."

Again, Dad spoke, but this time reason was gone from his
approach, "When your sister plans this thing, you will go in
lederhosen and help her with it.  Do you understand?"

"Please, Dad, I'll help her, but don't make me wear that

"I said you will wear the lederhosen and you will be
cooperative or you won't be going to ball practice or out to
ride that bike of yours and you probably won't be sitting
too well either.  Get my drift?"

"SHIT!" I threw my napkin down and got up from the table.

"Young man, go and bring me that bottle of dishwashing soap
from the kitchen."  Mom was pissed.

"I won't say it again.  It just came out."

"Get the soap, now!"

When I returned with the bottle, she made me open my mouth
as she squirted about a half teaspoon of that crap into my
mouth.  Used to be she used bar soap, but now the liquid
stuff apparently made things easier.  Like bar soap, it
didn't taste very good though. I ran to the bathroom to spit
and brush my teeth.


October 4th will remain my day of infamy.  That was the day
that in the school auditorium Robin would present to the
sixth graders a slide show of her trip to Germany.  The
principal, assistant principal, guidance counselors, every
sixth grader and sixth grade teacher were gathered in the
auditorium.  Mom and Dad came to watch her do her thing.

I, of course, was there in the frilly shirt covered
partially by the straps of my leather short-shorts.  To make
matters worse, my mother remembered Aunt Sue made me wear
them without underwear and assumed that was how they were
supposed to be worn.  I hadn't won that argument either.
Robin was certain to stress boys didn't wear underwear under
them.  She really didn't know that, it wasn't true, she made
it up, but Mom bought the lie. So my balls and dick were
visible when I sat with my legs spread.  To make matters
worse, I was told to sit with my legs spread and arms out of
the way when presenting.  It is evident now both my sister
and my mother wanted my genitals exposed to the other kids
as much of the time as possible.

As I sat facing the student body, I could see both boys and
girls pointing toward me and giggling.  I don't think it was
the lederhosen as much as it was the shots they were getting
of my dick and balls.  I tried to convince myself it was the
lederhosen, though.  Even with this in mind, my obvious
exposure caused my little friend to straighten out and snake
its way out the short inseam of my clothing.  Yep, my glans
was clearly visible as it wrenched its way out like a snake
looking for some air.  Pointing quickly turned to pointing
with boisterous laughter.

In order to "save" her presentation, my sister began with
asking me to stand up.  I knew doing so might result in
'tenting', but it was better than full blown exposure so I

"These are traditional clothes for boys in Germany and
Austria.  They call the pants lederhosen, it means leather
pants.  They are usually much shorter than shorts we wear
today.  Little boys especially wear them short, like my
brother Jack's.  As most of you have noticed, they don't
wear underwear either." (Now that underwear part just wasn't
true, but she said it anyway).

She continued, "I spent two weeks in Munich and have
prepared a slide show of photos I took while I was there.
Jack, start the show."  

Her slide show had been loaded on the laptop which was
connected to the digital projector.  It projected the show
on to a screen about the size of screens in the movie
theaters.  I hit the 'enter' button and the software did its
thing. Unfortunately, I hadn't previewed her show.

It began with photos of the customs ordeal.  There I was in
the lederhosen and Aunt Sue and my cousins as they were
questioned by the German authorities.  Some pictures
followed of the old, old buildings we passed on the way to
the hotel. There were pictures of the hotel and the hotel
lobby.  These were followed by pictures of the hotel room.
Then the shocker, there was a picture of me taking off my
lederhosen because I had to be naked in the hotel room.  It
was a side shot and, wouldn't you know it the leg furthest
from the camera was up as I slid the damn things off and my
other leg was supporting me. This left my erect penis in
clear view and it was a clear view.  "My brother stayed
naked most of the time.  As you will see, boys spend a great
deal of their time naked in Germany."  (Again, this wasn't
true. It was an exaggeration, but what did the viewers know
about it.  I wanted to yell, 'That's not true!' but I knew
what would happen if I did, so I kept shut.)

I was thoroughly embarrassed at the photo and it seemed like
an eternity until it changed. The next was some of the shops
along the way.  Robin rehashed her souvenir purchases, but
there I was in the dorky lederhosen.  But then the pictures
went to the fountain.  It was kind of a panoramic of the
fountain showing all these nude kids, mostly boys, playing
in the water right in the middle of the busy city.  You
could hear the gasp of the crowd.  I'm surprised she wasn't
made to stop the presentation by the principal, but she

Then, a picture of Gretchen slapping my hard-on came up full
screen.  It was literally a head on shot, I mean if it were
3D my peephole would be right in your face. The crowd broke
up into boisterous laughter.  "When little boys have a
problem with their boy parts, their mothers and older
sisters slap them to make that part get softer.  This is
Gretchen, she used to say make that part behave."

The next slide was of Gretchen's brothers.  Particular
attention over the next three slides was on Rolf's lengthy
wiener.  Then, to my surprise there was a picture of Robin
examining Rolf's member.  I was glad to see it.  I was
hoping she'd be arrested on the spot for sex abuse and this
show would stop.  "Boys in Germany aren't shy about being
touched.  They seem to feel this kind of thing isn't sexual.
Nobody gets upset with this kind of thing."

In fact the next slide came up and it was of Momma stroking
Johann's penis and testicles as she, was obviously talking
to Aunt Sue. "This is Johann and his mother, mothers and
sisters can rub those boy parts without being thought of as
perverted.  We just called the lady in this picture Momma.
I'm not sure any of us ever learned her name.  She was
Gretchen, Rolf and Johann's mother and that's what they
called her, so we did too."  The next slide showed Aunt Sue
stroking Rolf and off to the right you could see me being
stroked by Gretchen.  The crowd responded with the ominous
"Ooooooooooooo".  To make matters worse as you will recall I
had a permanent erection during those days and the picture,
especially the million times blow up of the damn thing made
that very evident.

"Here we are at the hotel pool.  Jack had to be naked as
that's how boys were expected to be when they swim.  You'll
see most of the boys at the pool were nude also." (The
evident truth was the other kids were like seven and below.
They weren't twelve. I definitely stood out because of my

Again, there was laughter.  Boys began yelling teasing
remarks at me.  The principal silenced them.  "Let's try and
watch these in a grown up way.  You are all acting very
immature.  Just sit and watch without shouting comments.  Go
ahead Robin."

The next slide made me embarrassed and proud at the same
time.  It was of us sitting in the hotel room with a wine
bottle in the forefront and Rolf and I with glasses of wine.
Yes, naked we were, but we were drinking wine.  In the
background you could see the adults talking with their own
glasses of wine, but we were most prominent.  I was hoping
the eyes were on the wine and not the penises, but whatever.
"In Germany, kids and adults drink wine and beer.  Kids
don't drink a lot of it, but it isn't against the law for
them to have it. I got to have some too.  I liked the wine,
but didn't like the beer.  Jack liked the beer better than
the wine, didn't you?"

I nodded in agreement as this was to be my only live part of
her presentation.

Then a slide picturing me playing with Johann's penis was
projected.  There I was with the foreskin being pinched back
my by thumb and forefinger, displaying his little glans as I
pointed at mine with the other hand.  He was looking
intently at my glans and I was evidently talking to him.
"Here my brother is teaching him about circumcision.  He was
interested in why Jack's looked different from his.  Most of
the boys in Germany, at least the ones I saw, were not
circumcised.  Actually, I had never seen an uncircumcised
penis before so I was curious too.  To tell you the truth, I
didn't even know the word circumcision until this trip.
Anyway, Johann's mother and sister insisted that Jack teach
the boy about the difference and he tried.  The only problem
was Johann didn't speak English and Jack didn't speak
German.  Gretchen had to interpret both ways."

That was embarrassing, but not quite as embarrassing as the
next slide of me teaching Rolf the same lesson.  It made me
out to be a complete "perv."  That thought was reinforced as
some kid yelled "what a pervert" from the back of the
auditorium.  I wanted to know who it was so I could deal
with it after school, but there was no way to know.

The remainder of the presentation was of us boys nude or
partially nude as we walked down the streets of Munich.
There were some of the architecture but mostly nudes of the
three of us were used to describe the sights in the
background. It was evident the background wasn't what was
being "looked at".  

"One of the things that impressed me most was the fact that
kids' bodies in Germany aren't considered bad or nasty.
They learn from early on that their bodies are okay and
their parts are okay.  Sex isn't an issue until they get
older.  Rolf and Johann didn't own pants to my knowledge.
Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we went they only wore
sandals and those short tee-shirts.  But, nobody paid any
attention.  Kids and other adults just walked past them
without giving it a second thought."

Mr. Anderson took the mike, "Thank you for sharing your
slide show with us, Robin.  For the next week, all students
in my classes will be discussing the issue of values
differences between countries.  In particular, I want you to
be thinking about modesty differences in our cultures - the
why's and what if's.  Consider these differences from the
standpoint of "little boys shouldn't be so modest."

Mrs. Jackson then took the mike, "Your first research paper
due in two weeks is on circumcision.  It's a new word for
many of you.  How many in here had never seen an
uncircumcised penis before Robin's presentation?"  Well over
three quarters of the hands went up. "Well, I want you to
discuss it from a pro and con aspect.  Illustrations and
photographs you get on-line or take yourselves may be used
to highlight your arguments. I will have a letter explaining
the assignment for your parents to give you before you leave
today, so they don't think you're exploring pornography."
That brought some nervous laughter.

Now it was the principal, Mrs. Foxboro's, turn. "I want to
thank you for your presentation.  How many photos did we see
today?" She asked looking at Robin.

"About two hundred," she said with an air of pride.

"Well you certainly did capture the spirit of your trip.  I
would like to loop the presentation on the monitor in the
main hallway so other students can get glimpses of it. If
you would give me a disk, I'll take care of that.  We'll
project it for the next couple of weeks."

I remember my thinking, "Holy shit.  My classmates will be
able to see it too.  I'll be the laughing stock.  No
remnants of privacy will be left.  The eight graders will be
relentless on me.  I can't believe they're going to do

But they did.