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The Viral Video Stories

- by Alvo Torelli, 2016-17

The Viral Video universe was established on Piper's Domain by the author NoOneInteresting. A certain mind-controlling video sweeps the internet, with different impacts on different people, young and old. Here you will find eleven stories in that universe,


Viral Goes To The Hospital. (Mg, mc, inc, oral, con, humor) Under the influence of the Viral Video, little Alexa Seng saves her grandfather.

Viral Goes to the Dogs (Mg, mc, inc, best) Under the influence of the viral video, 8 year old Nicole Raven is the first to discover how the video affects our canine companions.

Viral Goes Hunting. (M+g, mc, inc, oral, anal, best, gang, preg) Under the influence of the Viral Video, 11 year old Missy goes on a family hunting trip.

Viral Goes To The Beauty Pageant Part 1 (M+g+, mc, ped, best, inc, orgy, humor) A preteen beauty contest is taken over by the Viral Video, leading to massive chaos, humour and endless erotic fun. Part 1 of 2

Viral Goes To The Beauty Pageant Part 2 (M+g+, mc, ped, best, inc, orgy, humor) The preteen beauty contest gets rauchier and raunchier as the contestants and their mothers vie to win. Part 2 of 2.

Viral Visits the Island Paradise.(Mg, M+g, Mf, Ff, mc, oral, bond, con) Two different kinds of mind control interact in this sequel to Viral Goest to the Beauty Pageant. A preteen exchange student, far from home, finds a wonderful place to releive the needs brought on by the Viral Video.

Viral Goes to the Soup Kitchen (M+g, gg+, mc, orgy, preg) Three pretty preteens must do community service work in a homeless shelter. Their work takes on a new twist when everyone watches the viral video.

Viral Goes to Father's Day - Part One (Mg, mc, Fdom, mc, oral, mast, best) Two little girls surprise daddy with a Father's Day breakfast in bed. But the Viral Video turns their fun to other pursuits until they are violently interrupted.

Viral Goes to Father's Day - Part Two (Mg, M+g+, Fdom, mc, best, humor) The two little girls, and many more, need to be rescued! Can mommy and daddy and the family dog pull off the rescue?

Viral Goes To Christmas - Several short unrelated Viral Video stories for Christmas!

Viral At The Mall (mc, Mg, MMf, preg) Janet and her little cousin Rosa Lee are very bored waiting for Santa, until Janet watches the Viral Video.

Viral And The Twins (mc, bg, Mg, M+g, inc, preg) Twelve-year-old twins Mandy and Jake are excited to find new tablets under the Xmas tree. But what happens when they download the viral video?

Viral At Grandpa's (mc, Mg, MF, MFg, inc) Eight-year-old Hailey and her mother are visiting Grandpa for Christmas when the fake fire on his television starts to show strange images. A sequel to Viral Goes to the Hospital.

Viral Xmas Party (mc, Mg, Dg, oral, anal, bond, best, Xmas) Surf-Santa brings his sleigh and five reindeer-dogs to Noah's Malibu Christmas Party, but by the time he gets there the viral video has already enthralled the six little preteens. What will happen?

Viral Goes To Easter (mc, M+f, Mg, Fm, mg, fb, oral, anal, gang, bond, preg, Easter) The parishioners of St Elmore's Catholic Church have a very good time when their Sunday School teacher introduces them to the Viral Video.

Please let me know what you think of the Viral Video Stories! Which was your favorite? Do you have an idea for a new Viral story? For the time being, until ASSTR gets the email server back up, please email me here: or you can use the comment form below, which allows you to remain anonymous (if you prefer). I generally respond to comments if you give me an email address.

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